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Painting Faces In Her Girl Bye T-Shirt!

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My blog About Miss I Don’t Have A Story Line…

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It always amazes me how these ladies like to point fingers. It’s always somebody else’s fault rather than admitting, “Yeah I was wrong,” or, “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that at that time,” or, “Maybe I wasn’t there for her because I had my own problems going on.” It’s always easy to point the finger at your girl NeNe and hope that no one will see their true colors!

Let’s be clear about a few things: Phaedra and I are not close! We’re not BFFs! One of the great things about NeNe Leakes is that I have a heart. Phaedra is a woman, and woman to woman I felt her pain! Hell, I had been there before! Read more…

These Glammas Have Major Style!

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Happy Tickle Me Tuesday!

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Celebrating My Followers!

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Keeping It Real At The Waffle House!

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I DO NOT post food but when I tell you this sausage egg & cheese on wheat sandwich did not make it home! Bay Bay ain’t nothing like the Waffle House when u haven’t had it in months! #ATL #friedegg #sausagewell #wafflehousewaspacked #noregrets #justkeepingitreal #mychanelbaghungrytoo

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