Always Up to Something

Nene Leakes Fun Times with Friends and Cocktails

Me and my manager Steven are always up to something #waitforit… Dirty little secrets being spilled in this bottom pictures but it’s good to be yourself and laugh out loud wit good folks @erndukes @shamicka_lawrence @steven_grossman @thejeanniemai #LAnights #thecocktailswerepoppin #filterneeded

Did You Catch My Boo Kitty?

Nene Leakes BFC tamar braxton

@tamarbraxtonher yesterday night on the premiere of a new season of #BFV

An Inspiring Cause to Consider!

Nene Leakes Inspiring Disadvantaged Honor Student Donation

My manager Steven Grossman sent me this story. I lost my mom at a really young age too and this girl really inspired me! Pls donate or help share her story. Johileny, u go girl!

We Just Can’t Get Enough

Nene Leakes Girl Bye Shop

We just can’t get enough of #Girlbye get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM

Little Chilly in Beverly Hills

Nene Leakes The Nene Leakes Collection Blanket Cardigan in Black

It’s a little chilly this morning in Beverly Hills so I’m bouncing around in my meetings today rocking “The Nene Leakes Collection Blanket Cardigan in Black” check out this and my entire collection at HSN.COM & in Canada at TSC.CA

Bathroom Selfie in Girl Bye!

nene leakes - girl bye bathroom selfie with wine

Bathroom selfie wit wine in hand hunni! #Girlbye Get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM!


Nene Leakes Glam Ma Shirt

These are by far my fav pics to get #Glam’Ma Get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM

They Grew Up So Fast!

Nene Leakes - giving son brentt leakes hug

Teenage boys need hugs too! Come on Brentt hug mommy… they grow up too fast!

Working Them Coinz!

Nene Leakes - Coinz neneism t-shirt

Flips hairs hunni #Coinz get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM

Hair and Makeup!

Nene Leakes - daryon haylock hair and makeup

Yassss @daryonhaylock for snatching this hair back and @parrapaints for this beat face!