RHOA Styled By Nene!

NENE Leakes - Cynthia Claudia kenya with nene hair looks

Yassss hunni these girls have been styled by Nene! Who’s rockin the look the best? Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia #Byewig #LOL

Working The Hey Boo Boo!

Nene leakes - Neneism t-shirt hey boo boo

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Tasting Time With Chef Roblé!

Nene leakes - tasting with chef roble

Time for a tasting with this cutie @chefroble!

Mother and Daughter Style!

nene leakes - mother daughter style shop neneism t-shirts

Super cute! Mother & Daughter #Yassssshunni #Girlbye Get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM

ATL Housewives Reunion!

Nene Leakes - RHOA Season 7 Reunion

So many of you have asked me how was The ATL Housewives Reunion! What did I wear and how was my hair LOL! Obviously I can’t speak on it but I can say these things….(1) I feel like I been in a daze for the past few days! Really mentally drained (2) I went in feeling very at peace and I had mentally accepted things I could not change. (3) I had made my mind up that there were people I would NEVER talk to again in life….but God! Won’t he do it! #RHOAREUNION #WAIT4IT

PS: I don’t think I will be writing anymore blogs. What I wanna do is let you write my blogs! So I’m gonna choose 3 blogs to post each week on my website after the remaining episodes. I’ll let you tell me what you think of my NEW jealous hater & the rest of the girls. I’ll post more information on how to do that. Come on help me out…write my blog & keep it real even if you say something about me, I’ll accept it.

PPS:Because you have money & things, that doesn’t mean you’re not a jealous person! Think people.

Working On My HSN Collection!

Nene leakes - HSN Clothing Collection

Staying focused with a late nite meeting! Working on my HSN collection with my team. They all flew into the ATL to hold me down! Thank you Steven Grossman and Aaron Gray!

Looking Fab In My Yassss Hunni Tee!

Nene Leakes - Neneism t-shirt shop

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TBT: Just To Name A Few

nene leakes - throwback Thursday moments

Need Some Reunion Advice…

Nene Leakes - rhoa reunion hair advice from fans

Which way should I wear my hair to the reunion? So confused! U guys always have an opinion so help me out LOL!#immagoodlistner

Looking Cute While The Thirst Is Real!

Nene Leakes - The Thirst is real neneism t-shirt shop

#Thethirstisreal and how cute are you hunni! Thanks for supporting a sista! Get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM!