Mother and Daughter Style!

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Super cute! Mother & Daughter #Yassssshunni #Girlbye Get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM

Reunion Day Has Arrrived…

Nene Leakes - RHOA Season 7 Reunion

Working On My HSN Collection!

Nene leakes - HSN Clothing Collection

Staying focused with a late nite meeting! Working on my HSN collection with my team. They all flew into the ATL to hold me down! Thank you Steven Grossman and Aaron Gray!

Looking Fab In My Yassss Hunni Tee!

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TBT: Just To Name A Few

nene leakes - throwback Thursday moments

Need Some Reunion Advice…

Nene Leakes - rhoa reunion hair advice from fans

Which way should I wear my hair to the reunion? So confused! U guys always have an opinion so help me out LOL!#immagoodlistner

Looking Cute While The Thirst Is Real!

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#Thethirstisreal and how cute are you hunni! Thanks for supporting a sista! Get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM!

Playing The Game!

Nene Leakes - you have to let a lot of shit slide when you have a lot of shit to lose

Play the game smart because they been losing for years!

Loving Their Girls Weekend Style!

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These ladies had a girl’s weekend and sent me their picture supporting my ISM by Nene T-Shirt Collection. How Amazing is this! Thank you guys so much #Girlbye #Thethirstisreal #Yassssshunni #Heybooboo Get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM

All The Thanks In The World!

Nene Leakes - Some people only hate you because of the way other people love you

Thank you guys for loving me! The feeling is mutual!