Hanging with Kelly on Kelly and Michael!

Nene Leakes - live with kelly and michael

It’s always a fun time with Kelly Ripa! When we see each other, we cut up LOL! Love her!

Live With Kelly and Michael!

Nene Leakes - Live with Kelly and Michael Strahan

Me and my fine handsome brother Michael Strahan! Always a good time and good laughs. Proud of you Michael!

Big Morning Buzz with Nick Lachey…

Check out my interview with Nick Lachey on Vh1′s Big Morning Buzz. We talk about everything from Cinderella on Broadway, RHOA drama, reality TV and my friendship with Kim Zolciak! Nothing is off limits.
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The Perfect Holiday Present…

Nene Leakes - Bye Wig Neneism T-shirt for retail

It doesn’t get any better than BYE WIG! SHOP-NENELEAKES.com! We offer men sizes as well and they are the perfect holiday gift to give this season! BLOOP!

My Four Best Moments As Madame…

YASSSS HUNNI! Love this post by BroadwayBox.com of the 4 moments they were living for me in Cinderella!

Here are their moments:
1. ‘A Lovely Night’ – “The highlight of the entire musical”
2. The Disowning of Gabrielle – “NeNe is the first actress to make that scene actually heartbreaking”
3. ‘The Prince is Giving a Ball’ Stage Business – “NeNe manages to upstage them all”
4. Her Playing Ridicule at the Ball – “So versed in the art of reading”

Comment below with what your top moments of me in Cinderella on Broadway are!

Fab Gab: My Interview With Rosie O’Donnell

Here is episode 2 of my new online talk show called FAB GAB exclusively on NeneLeakes.com! On the first episode, I met up with Whoopi Goldberg in her shoe closet to talk everything from her obsession with fabulous shoes, being a glam-ma and even some basketball talk! It was EVERYTHING!

On this episode, I sit down with the fabulous Rosie O’Donnell to talk about our first meeting, her five (YES, FIVE) spectacular children, The View, her health and more! Love her! Enjoy…

Check it out and comment with what you think!!

The Best Stocking Stuffers!

These are great and fun stocking stuffers SHOP-NENELEAKES.com

Launched My Neneism T-Shirt Shop!

Nene Leakes - Bye Wig Neneism T-shirt for retail

YASSS Hunni your girl has launch her T-shirt shop! Check out all my fav Neneism’s T-Shirts with saying like #ByeWig #RobotRead #YasssHunni #Bloop and so much more at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM! We offer men sizes as well so get your life hunni because these make awesome Holiday gifts and there fun to wear! BYE WIG!

Chopping It Up With Sway!

Nene Leakes - SiriusXM Radio with Sway

Me and Sway Calloway chopping it up! It’s always a good time when I do his radio show!

Hey Fabulous Nene!

Nene Leakes - SiriusXM Radio Tour

Just me out doing SiriusXM radio tour today!