Changing The Law!

Nene Leakes Policewomen Wearing Girl Bye Shirts

I’m changing the Law wit the Po Po #Byewig #Girlbye get the look at SHOP-NENELEAKES.COM

Thank You So Much For Your Support!

Nene Leakes Collection HSN Support Thanks

Thank you all so much for your support of The Nene Leakes Collection at #HSN. I exceeded my goal yesterday and SOLD OUT of several items! It really feels good to be uplifted and supported! Thank you hsn and Tiger J for allowing my vision and helping me to expand. There are still some fabulous things available at HSN.COM and in Canada at TSC.CA PS: a few days off then here I come Canada #hsnfashion #theneneleakescollection #1yearanniversary PSS: I can’t wait for you to see my furniture line

Catch Me Again Tonight!

Nene Leakes HSN Collection Fashion

The Nene Leakes Collection earlier show today! Catch me again TONIGHT at 11pm on #HSN show my entire collection at HSN.COM #hsnfashion #theneneleakescollection #1yearanniversary

My Queens on Deck!

We doing doing the MOST on this #HSN photoshoot today! I can’t wit my life right now. You know my queens on deck right – giving me life chile TUNE IN TONIGHT AT 11pm #HSN #hsnfashion #theneneleakescollection #1yearanniversary #soproud #Bloop

Having Toooo Much Fun

Having tooooo much fun selling The Nene Leakes Collection today at #HSN check out this fun piece and more at HSN.COM and TUNE IN TONIGHT for my live show at 11pm #hsnfashion #theneneleakescollection #1yearanniversary #soproud

Backstage At HSN!

Nene Leakes Collection and Model on HSN

Me and 1 of my fabulous models backstage at #HSN in our Nene Leakes collection! Purchase our looks at HSN.COM tune in for my next live show at 11pm TONIGHT! #hsnfashion #1yearanniversary #theneneleakescollection #soproud

Live On-Air Again at 1pm & 11pm!


Celebrating my 1 year anniversary today with #HSN I will be live on air again at 1pm & 11pm TODAY! Grab this fabulous Twist Front Tunic before it’s all gone! We have already sold out in black and only a few more colors remain & various sizes. HSN.COM #hsnfashion #1yearanniversary #theneneleakescollection #soproud

So Proud!

We r Turning up now! So proud so proud 1 year Anniversary #hsnfashion @parrapaints @aarongray

Celebrating My 1 Year Anniversary with HSN!

Tune in for The Nene Leakes Collection live show on #HSN at 7am, 1pm & 11pm. Celebrating my 1 year Anniversary with HSN! #soproud #hsnfashion HSN.COM

Working Late Tonight…

nene leakes - working late at hsn

Working late tonight in the #HSN studio getting my models ready for our live show TOMORROW at 7am, 1pm & 11pm TUNE IN #hsnfashion #neneleakescollection #1yearanniversary