All The Details From Our Wedding!

Nene Leakes - With Gregg Leakes Clinking Glasses at Their Second Wedding

Had fun doing a quick little media tour yesterday, wanted to share answers to burning questions I got about our big day – putting up a taste of the Q&A for you!

When and where did the proposal take place?
Gregg proposed in Miami on New Years Eve just after midnight. We were staying in a beach condo and he lined the halls with rose petals and tea light candles. He had champagne and strawberries on the table along with our initials written out in Hershey Kisses. In the bedroom he had displayed a giant heart of Hershey Kisses as well.

How many guests were at your wedding?
More than 400 people! I had nine bridesmaids and Gregg had 9 groomsmen.

What time did the ceremony begin?

What time did the reception begin and end?
It started at 11:30pm and ended at 4am

Did you plan the look of your wedding around a specific theme or color scheme?
The theme of our wedding was Old Hollywood Glam. We had white satin on the chairs with crystals dangling on the back. Chandeliers graced the ceilings. Candles were glowing. White chiffon covered the walls. We asked our female guests to wear long gowns and we asked the gentleman to wear full suits and/or tuxedos. Everything sparkled! Everything was glamorous! It was everything!

Did you practice and family or cultural traditions at your wedding?
I’m very nontraditional. I had my boys walk me down the aisle. That meant a lot to me to be able to reunite this family. We walked down to Whitney Houston’s “I Believe in You and Me.” We had our beautiful bridesmaids also wear white. We altered the vows “for richer or poorer” to “for richer or richer.”

Describe your floral arrangements and/or your reception centerpieces:
We had three foot long floral centerpieces at the tables and hanging floral chandeliers that had candles.

What was the wedding cake like?
The wedding cake was tall and fabulous like me! It was designed by Sylvia Weinstock. 10 tier cake filled with vanilla cream and topped with flowers made of sugar.

What were your wedding favors?
We were able to gift our guests and bridal party with Greenleaf candles, Beats by Dre, OPI Nail polish and Ellovi skin care products.

What kind of food did you have for your guests?
The guests were served southern foods all night long; foods such as mini chicken & waffles, shrimp and grits, beef and potatoes, chicken and macaroni with cheese, cheese cake, peach cobbler, etc. We also had carving stations with southern ham, roast beef and prime ribs throughout the ball room. As a bonus we shared with our guests some of our favorite fun food around 2 am that consisted of mini grilled cheese sandwiches, mini beef sliders, chicken fingers, flat breads and milk & cookies.

What was your most memorable moment?
I think one of my most memorable moments was when Gregg stopped the wedding ceremony to announce that I was the reason he goes to bed at night so he can see me again in the morning. Having my boys walk me down the aisle was also a great memory.

Is there anything you would do differently?
I wouldn’t do anything different! I absolutely loved everything about my wedding. It was pure fun and a lot of love was in the air.

What is your best advice for brides and grooms planning their own celebration?
The best advice I would give and advice I also used would be to follow your heart. Do exactly what you want to do on your wedding day. Memories are priceless and they last a lifetime.

~ NeNe Leakes


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