Back at Rehearsal!

NeNe Leakes - Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal Finale

Here I am in rehearsal this morning! Gonna hit the dance floor again #dwts #abc #girlpower

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Nads 

    Go Nene! – Love that you go against the wind! Keep moving girl.

    May 8 at 1:46pm  / 
  2. Toni Jones 


    May 8 at 2:18pm  / 
  3. joy6 

    God bless you nene

    May 8 at 2:27pm  / 
  4. Deltricia Williams 

    Keep doing what you do Nene…you are awesome…

    May 8 at 3:29pm  / 
  5. Joanne Hester 

    Love you nene, i will be looking forward to seeing you again on the dance floor.

    May 8 at 6:16pm  / 
  6. susanz 

    Oooooh, honey-chile! U built like a Mac truck, gurl! Lay off them red beans and rice!

    May 8 at 8:52pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      Hi, there. =) How ya doin’ tonight, Muttley? You just too fuckin’ stupid to stay away, huh? I’m gonnna be on your ass every time you post. Done told ya that.

      Will chat again, I’m quite sure. Bring ya “A” game this time … punkin.

      May 8 at 10:26pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      Oh … and Muttley? We all know you’re a lonely man livin’ in ya Momma’s basement or spare bedroom. Why pretend to be a woman?

      May 8 at 10:27pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      It’s unbecoming. Come on out the closet, runt. You like to spew hate … so spew some my way. =) Just remember, Muttley … you don’t who ** I ** am, either. But I can find out who YOU are quite easily. I have those kind of skills and talents and permissions.

      Go on and get you some sleep, sheepdog. You gon’ need it if you gon’ play your “A” game. Tit for tat, Muttley … remember that.

      May 8 at 10:29pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      And, for the love of God and all that’s holy … if you’re going to insult someone, you simpleminded twit, do it right.

      It’s “MACK TRUCK” … not Mac, you fuckin’ ass-clown. A “Mac” is the shortened abbreviation for an Apple MacIntosh, you ridiculous fucking fool. Quit huffin’ paint, quit smokin’ crack, quit wolfin’ down the pork cracklins … EDUCATE YOURSELF, YOU IDIOT.

      May 8 at 10:32pm  / 
    • Sherri Alton Mills 

      Susanz! you aint never lied! she really think those gays that run the same industry she’s tryna make it are not still mad about her comments. they got her looking real goofy. like some type of freak or something in the pics with the midget especially! lay down Quentin they your kinda people you cant see whats going on? an no I don’t feel like using proper punctuation okay!

      May 9 at 5:11am  / 
    • Janet Jackson 


      May 12 at 9:21am  / 
      • Janet Jackson 

        Susanz you are too funny!

        May 12 at 9:22am  / 
  7. Sherry Jones-Miller 

    God is blessing you in every way NENE.

    May 10 at 10:42am  /