Backstage at Dancing With the Stars!

NeNe Leakes - With Tony Dovolani Backstage at Dancing With the Stars

Backstage with the best partner ever!!! We had so much fun out there tonight! Don’t forget to vote for us by calling 1-800-868-3401 and by going here to make sure we get to keep dancing!


  1. Tonya Morris 

    NeNe you and Tony did a great job it was amazing I have voted 5 times tonight. Good luck.

    March 17 at 6:39pm  / 
  2. Nicole0811 

    I have everybody in Dallas voting …. Awesome Job!!!#TEAMRICH##

    March 17 at 6:50pm  / 
  3. Prince Jarvis 

    NeNe, you and Tony did an awesome job. I’ve already voted a half dozen times. Sending positive wishes!!!

    March 17 at 7:03pm  / 
  4. Georgetta 

    NE-NE I admire u dearly, now u gotta good partner Tony, now stay focused& kill Em with the steps

    March 17 at 7:20pm  / 
  5. Acesaver 

    I adore you! I voted by telephone and web the maximum number of votes! Bravo to you and your partner for an awesome performance!

    March 17 at 8:15pm  / 
  6. onikan 

    I voted by phone, online, and text all of them to the max… you NeNe!!!!!

    March 17 at 8:51pm  / 
  7. Spain13 

    I vote for Nene Leakes for Dancing with the Stars Team.

    March 18 at 4:22am  / 
  8. nefertati 

    You were awesome, girl! I agree with the judges comments, I know you opened the show and it was your first dance, but now you’ve got to bring it! Dance big! Practice your facial expressions in the mirror! I love your spirit! Break a leg, honi! Booop….

    March 18 at 10:43am  / 
  9. kgolatt 

    NeNe darling,
    you looked amazing and I was never so proud of you. I am team NeNe always!

    March 18 at 11:40am  / 
  10. Marie Bueno 

    My girl, I voted last night via phone and on your site . I didnt get to see you till now on DVR. You killed it. You guys were awesome. Love you NeNe and Tony!

    March 18 at 3:25pm  /