Backstage at DWTS!!

NeNe Leakes - Robin Roberts Backstage at Dancing With the Stars

Me and Robin Roberts backstage! Vote for me & Tony Dovolani pleaseeee!! 1-800-868-3401 #VOTE #DWTS18


  1. georgette 

    Hi Nene. You have my votes and everyone else’s in my household. Nene something is terribly wrong with your home page, when I fill out the slot, to receive e-mails from you, after I click subscribe, girl it takes me to Lindsey Lohan’s page. Your people need to fix that and quick. I felt like I had been hi-jacked. Good Luck, on DWTS, You also are the Only reason I watch RHOA, you keep it real. You know when to be professional and when to be one of the girls.

    March 31 at 10:04pm  / 
  2. Toni Jones 

    I loved your dance this week, you looked beautiful and sexy, that dance wasn;t as easy as you made it look! I voted for you and max ( the tall guy) and voted several times for you. Enjoy your time there and continue to look like your having fun!!!!!

    April 1 at 6:32am  / 
  3. Prince Jarvis 

    You and Robin look like y’all were way too much fun.

    April 1 at 5:41pm  /