My Thoughts on the Pillow Talk Party

I created this game called “Pillow Talk.” It all started from Gregg and I basically discussing our day or any issues we had with each other at the end of our day once we got in bed at night. Obviously this party is for adults only with adult topics and content that builds unity, starts conversation and debates between couples, friends, and even strangers! All the guests that were invited knew in advance what the dress code was and what my intentions were — to build unity within the group.

Yes, questions were being asked that some were uncomfortable with! I DID NOT write the questions, but I asked them, so blame me for that! I’ll accept that! I’ll even accept you saying I stirred the pot, but I can’t take the blame for uncontrollable adults picking up their fists to fight. Everyone is responsible for their own actions! Well, how do you have a debate without controversy? I guess you don’t! I don’t want to rehash this conversation any more than I already have. I already stated that Kenya charged out of her seat, and whether you could see it or not she did, and I stand by that! I also said Christopher NEVER touched her in an aggressive way. He was only trying to stop her from charging his wife, and I stand by that! I’m the first to tell you that a man should never touch a woman aggressively, and he didn’t! The rest of the ladies on the cast have spoken, so I rest my case.

Thanks to those of you who support me week after week and know that I keep it real and thanks to those of you that can see through the BS. For those of you that CAN’T see through the BS, try Visine, it gets the red out #shade.

Stay Fabulous,

NeNe Leakes

P.S. Did I hear someone say I was “gay bashing” because I called Brandon a queen? Really? Bravo has a show called Fashion Queens with two very out gay men in women’s clothing, makeup, jewelry, and high heels! Are they “gay bashing”? Try something else, boo, because that won’t work! Girl, bye.


  1. syreetalevy 

    That’s right!!! In that order!!!!

    February 10 at 10:11am  / 
    • mzstl1 

      I agree that there was no gay bashing.

      February 10 at 10:16am  / 
  2. icebergslim 

    Christopher Williams did touch Kenya, it was obvious on the show last night which was shown twice. So, I get what Kenya was talking about, Williams should not have put his hands on her period and should have remained in his seat. Kenya should have stayed in her seat, also, in fact EVERYONE should have remained in their seats. We are talking about people who are not familiar with some and frankly, don’t know each other. Apollo was wrong for going after Brandon, because quite frankly no one was addressing him directly. And Kandi’s blow up was over the top and she was woman enough to apologize and extend an olive branch for the spa meeting. Overall, it was ridiculous that grown folk are acting like that. But it is reality tv, that some must have thought that getting “turnt up” or “crunk” will extend some on this television show.

    February 10 at 10:16am  / 
    • stillstandin81 

      Chris touched kenya cuz she was charging at his wife and he didn’t touch her in a hurting way he touched her and said hold on now if a chic charging any woman and they man around they man would have done the same thing if not that’s not the one for u I dont see the issue behind him tellin her to hold on

      February 10 at 10:23am  / 
      • icebergslim 

        Again, everyone should have remained SEATED. And we don’t know specifically if Kenya was charging towards Chris’ “maybe wife”. (Y’all know how these reality shows are). No man should touch any woman without her permission, period. But in this situation, many were at fault. They all should have followed the rules and stayed PUT.

        February 10 at 10:26am  / 
        • Jdewitt 

          i agree with icebergslim everyone should have remained in their seat and not just Kenya… Christopher Williams had no right to put his hand on Kenya at all!!!

          February 10 at 12:34pm  / 
        • cyrus2012 

          i totally agree

          February 10 at 7:15pm  / 
      • loisbvance 

        She was not charging, she was sashaying.

        February 10 at 8:57pm  / 
    • Cleo Brown 

      Christopher williams stood up and The Host NeNe Leakes did not ask him to sit down,first wrong move, Kenya stood up as I would have ,had a man confronted me towering over me.So whatever else happened after that was on Williams, who gave him the right to touch Kenya, and he certainly did grab her arm ,second wrong move, after that it was all wrong moves, but NeNe Leakes as much as I like you, you are so wrong on this one. You did not call Kenya’s friend a “queen” out of respect, it was said as a disrespect to Brandon, and we all know that.As far as you taking responsibility for the melee that happened,it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t, just do not expect all of your fans to go along with the fast talking,shade throwing,sly gay innuendos, that you are now famous for.Own it or not,this time Kenya is not the mess starter you are. Your function ,your responsibility to maintain the rules of the “pillow talk game” and sister you did not do that when you allowed Chris williams to stand and every body else was seated.

      February 10 at 12:13pm  / 
      • Jdewitt 


        February 10 at 12:36pm  / 
      • ddmarm48 

        Totally agree! You are dead on correct! Lost all respect for Nene and Cynthia.

        February 10 at 1:36pm  / 
      • JoyceAnne James 

        Nene you should be ashamed of yourself for not taking full responsibility for this mess you started and I don’t care how much you are trying to put the blame on others, any intelligent person can plainly see it was you from beginning to end. Christopher Williams is a coward, had a more physically intimidating man been with Kenya, CW would have never left his seat and why didn’t the other men check him for putting his hands on a woman instead of attacking Brandon for coming to her defense. There was no reason for Peter (papa antique looking smurff) to hold Brandon down by his neck and Apollo was hitting him, now who really looked like the punks? Brandon was attacked because he appeared to be the weaker man in the group which proved to be wrong, if Kenya was walking toward CW wife, that was a woman’s thing that no man should have gotten into, let the women hash it out. Kenya was not telling a lie, CW in a recent interview told the interviewer when asked if he was married and he replied, no, whether they are married or not Natalie show be confronting CW not Kenya.

        February 10 at 7:28pm  / 
        • goldenlady 

          I agree! Chris was wrong for touching kenya. Nene was wrong for letting him stand. He should have been told to sit his ass down. Nene was prancing around the whole time waiting for some shit to get started. She knew that he was gonna get heated. And, cynthia ass started this shit by gossiping. Peter need to sit his old ass down some where. Its obvious that he is having sexual affairs outside of his marriage. Cynthia cant be that stupid. He somebody sugar daddy with Cynthia’s money. Omg, and Apollo.. the same thang. His ass shoveling out 8 grand at strip clubs. Damn, thats a down payment on a house so you know he having sexual affairs outside of his marriage. He need to get sued for beating on Brandon like that.
          Nene, i am sorry, sweety you dropped tge ball on this one! And, yeah kandi did act a fool. But, i aint mad at her! I am not for violence, but cynthia, Mallory and peter should have got the shit slapped out of them.

          February 10 at 8:25pm  / 
          • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

            Like the Three Stooges!! Line their asses up and SLLLLLAAAPPP!!! I agree!! LOL!!!

            February 10 at 8:29pm
        • NaturalLee 

          I agree to everything you said. And Brandon sure enough held his own, did he not? I bet nobody’ll step to him so quickly in the future, unless they want to gang up on him unfairly, of course.

          February 10 at 9:46pm  / 
      • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 


        February 10 at 8:26pm  / 
      • creniece 


        February 10 at 11:52pm  / 
    • yoyepo 

      I think most family, spouses, friends, or lovers would have reacted in the same manner if they saw someone aggressively approaching their loved one; male or female. I know I would try to halt the exchange. Christopher didn’t try to strike Kenya and she was moving fast. Kenya “seems” to have a volatile nature. We’ve seen it before and out of all the RHOA, I believe she would actually hit someone. Kenya’s friend should have grabbed her the minute he saw her rising to stand. A true friend won’t let you do anything stupid. (I’m not condoning what happened to him.) Maybe Kenya wouldn’t be violent, but she comes off as a little… unhinged, and I don’t trust her to not be violent. I sort of like her; just don’t trust her.
      Cynthia really does need to stop talking up close and with her hands! I can’t stand all that hand movement when in a heated conversation. I makes me nervous and puts me mentally on guard for physical defense. I gained more respect for Kandi because she truly felt sorry and was embarrassed by her own actions. Now that’s a real woman. Own Up!

      February 10 at 4:27pm  / 
    • cutebrunett 

      I am still trying to find out what all this have to do with that air head Apollo. He should have been arrested. I would care less about his children. His wife can take care of them. This was Nene fault. Nene had it in for Kenya as soon as she came in. I believe this is way she was so angry. She was afraid Kenya would not show because she was planning on bring this up. Nene is just straight ghetto. Kenya you are a classy lady. Don’t let that jealous Nene wear you down. I am pulling for you

      February 10 at 5:11pm  / 
      • JoyceAnne James 

        Apollo acted so violent toward Brandon because he is carrying a torch for Kenya and his wife knows it, that’s why every chance she gets, she is speaking about Kenya in a negative way, Apollo came after Brandon with hate in his eyes because he wanted to be with Kenya not his wife, didn’t you see his reaction when she entered the room, he was a bit agitated.

        February 10 at 7:38pm  / 
        • Adele Watkins 

          I agree. I believe he has wanted her since day one.

          February 16 at 1:19pm  / 
      • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

        I 100% agree that Apollo got a thing for Kenya!! I bet when he goes in to do this next prison bid he will have her posters on his wall in his cell.

        February 10 at 8:27pm  / 
    • bigbodygirl2000 

      Clearly from what I seen and the entire world..Christopher did touch Kenya. So I don’t know what Nene was talking about..Since she has selective eyesight I guess she didn’t see a lot of touching..Peter and Apollo touching Brandon..Cynthia touch Todd..Malorie touch Todd and Kandi..First, thing that was wrong was that Christopher was walking over toward Kenya while she was sitting down asking her a question..not once did Nene tell him to sit down..only Porscha asked him to take a sit..No we can not control how people are going to react but putting the entire blame on Kenya is false. Maybe if she would have giving some rules such as say in your sits maybe some things could have been avoided. In my eyes as a woman having a man walk toward me while I’m sitting asking me about my mental status pertaining to the question asked would put me in a intimidating situation..ijs

      February 10 at 7:35pm  / 
      • bigbodygirl2000 

        Correction..Maybe if Nene would have giving rules such as stay in your sits maybe some of this mess could have been avoided..Like Kenya said Greg nor any of the other ladies mates would stand there and let another man put their hands on them..but like Nene said “She is Gangster” Greg would probably be in a corner somewhere because it is clear who wears the pants in that household..Greg would be doing a Chuck and Monique during the first altercation if something broke out around him and…Nene you said you didn’t write the questions to a game “YOU CREATED” who wrote the didn’t proofread them before hand just don’t sound right to me..smh..shame on you Nene..

        February 10 at 7:54pm  / 
      • njwowan40 

        There were rules and one of them was that no was to get out of their seat unless it was their turn to ask a question….. Kenya over reacted and did not even give Chris nor his wife a chance to get their point out. Its funny how they were all having a good time for three hours before Kenya got there, and within five minutes after she arrived, confusion starts!!!!!! Kenya stated that mess at the Winery and was not Woman enough to back up what she said!!!!

        February 10 at 8:19pm  / 
        • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

          NOT TRUE!! She was backing up what she said when Chris grabbed her. She ALSO posted a video of Chris’s interview shortly after that episode aired that he said out his own mouth that he is NOT married and just has a “special lady in his life”. POW. She hasn’t lied ONE time on that show. She is the ONLY one that is keeping it 100% on that show. Only reason Chris is mad is because he propositioned her and she turned his sick looking ass down. LOL. Natalie may have a body but that face is HARD!!

          February 10 at 8:33pm  / 
          • bigbodygirl2000 

            I seen the video of when he was asked the questioned of was he he married or had a special someone in his life..out of his own mouth “NO”..he was fine back in the days but he didn’t age well at all..How can Nene say she created this game called “Pillow Talk” but she didn’t write the questions…really Nene? Since Kenya was 3 hours late why didn’t we see a question regarding “The Big Homie” (Chuck) before she got there…maybe a fight would have broke out then since Todd & Apollo was there hearing him talk about their women. Would Nene have called Pheadra the “Head Doctor” at the game? According to Nene 3 hours had pass before Kenya and her Queen had arrived so why didn’t we see these questions being asked and addressed? Ijs

            February 11 at 12:47pm
    • Dymond_Diva 

      I myself have something to say all I know is nene is my girl
      She was just keeping it real hunny. Kenya needs to learn to keep her
      Got Damn mouth close don’t say shit won’t be shit it all started when they was out for wine Kenya know what the fuck she said I would of slapped her ass than. So when the pillow party came she couldn’t
      Repeat what the he’ll she said so that ass got mad in got up. In Chris
      Didn’t grab the girl he was trying to stop her from going towards his wife she felt guilty so that’s what happened fuck Kenya her ads should of been off the show the 1st Damn time I just can’t deal bunny in far as nene bashing gay peoples I’m a lesbian myself straight up in I didn’t feel no type of way. With her saying queen because she hangs around them you bitches needs to watch every show in I guess yall ass will see what I see in hear what the fuck I hear period point blank

      February 12 at 8:03pm  / 
  3. George Kilpatrick 

    Nene you are messy and think that all the ladies are supposed to bow to you like they are beneath you. You got that mess jumped off at the pillow talk. None of it was any business of yours to put on the floor. If the individuals that were involved didn’t bring it up it wasn’t up to you to bring up any of that mess. And you Cynthia and peter are dillusional as to what happened. All of America knows all of you were in the wrong and trying to put it off on Kandi and Kenya. And yes Christopher did grab her arm to pull her back. You’ve walked up on plenty of the girls to get your point across but, since it was Kenya it was wrong for her to do. Please, ya’ll need to realize who is at fault and own it.

    February 10 at 10:17am  / 
    • mzstl1 


      February 10 at 10:30am  / 
    • Carla White 

      Did you not understand that this get together was to clear up all the crap of he said she said, and yes Kenya gets all dramatic like on the bus going on there trip. She was raising her voice and putting people on blast when once again she should have sat down and shut her mouth. That was something Nene could have handled and she did she walked away and kept it chill. There are many other instances When Kenya acted like an ass, oh what one more? o.k. the get together that Cynthia had and Kenya over heard Porsha talking about moving and telling Nene when she arrived , But no Can you tell me who ran there mouth to create some friction, The hopefully one and only miss thing! She doesn’t do the right thing ever. I see her last season in the near future.

      February 10 at 11:12am  / 
      • MinaMinaMina 


        February 10 at 3:18pm  / 
      • princesspr 

        Stopping the exchange between you and love one becomes a problem when one on the parties is a man. Does not matter if Christopher did not touch Kenya aggressively or not. Men do not touch women.

        Now, with that being said, Christopher started the exchange with Kenya, NOT the other way around. Christopher was standing and approached Kenya who was sitting. Now, let me tell you; if a man comes to me and was saying that I need medications and of course he is standing and I am sitting…I am going standing up. You stand then I will stand — Simple…Point Blank!

        Question for you — When you write, “seems” to have a volatile nature,” So, clearly I missed that nature…What examples do you have to say that Kenya is volatile?

        February 10 at 5:42pm  / 
        • JoyceAnne James 

          I agree, Christopher Williams has had a serious drug problems in the past and you don’t know what was on that druggies mind when he was walking towards Kenya, apparently his head was not on straight because he had that question that he was going to ask Kenya written down, is he slow or what?

          February 10 at 7:47pm  / 
    • ddmarm48 


      February 10 at 1:37pm  / 
    • cutebrunett 

      Nene acting like she was drunk. She did Kim the same way.
      She is a Witch with capital B

      February 10 at 5:13pm  / 
    • Bitch2Bitch 

      Yes girl preachhhhhhh

      February 10 at 7:43pm  / 
    • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

      You are on point with this one. She is always walking up on the ladies.

      February 10 at 8:40pm  / 
    • buzzinblk 

      I agree , i think everyone needs to watch the episode 3x to clearly see what really went down. 1. Nene was absolutely wrong stating that the dude was acting like a queen , she use that name calling as a defense mechanism . Kenya’s friend has always carried him self like a masculine man + gay . Queens personality is more extravaganza in speechreading , fashion, defensive and substitute a female version being real . Kenya’s friend is no way like that . Nene is ghetto and the ghetto will never leave .Apollo was stupid and he is bigger and on steroids which makes him moody to be dumb attacking someone that is innocent. Peter garb the dude and push him to hard and Phaedra who is a lawyer knows that Apollo was wrong but they all are trying to cover up Apollo’s error . Not one time Apollo apologize to Kenya ‘s friend nor Peter old ass .

      February 16 at 2:42pm  / 
  4. stillstandin81 

    U are so right kenya ugly body ass should not have acted like chris was killing her and mal should have never put her hands on todd or kandi all u guys are adults if a question makes u go out your body u shouldn’t be on the show much love mrs leaks much love

    February 10 at 10:18am  / 
    • cutebrunett 

      If you were Miss America than you can talk.

      February 10 at 5:16pm  / 
    • JoyceAnne James 

      Apparently you are use to men putting their hands on you if you can make such a stupid comment, I don’t care whether he was “killing her” or not, his hands should have never touched her and the only real man in the room was Brandon who came to her defense.

      February 10 at 7:52pm  / 
      • stillstandin81 

        I dont have to be ms nothing the bitch is ugly beauty title or not and if a female charge me and my man there he will knock her ass out. My man wont let no one touch me or act like there going to touch me so to answer your question no im not use to gettin hit im use to my man having my back and anyone who disagree is lonely and single and never had a man to love them say what u want but I stand by what I say if u dont like it its your opinion your choice

        February 10 at 10:00pm  / 
        • JoyceAnne James 

          So you condone a man hitting a woman, you need a man to help protect you from another woman? If he hits one woman he will hit another including you and you must be delusional to equate love with violence.

          February 11 at 12:18am  / 
        • JoyceAnne James 

          Also, that is a very stupid reply in regard to someone disagreeing with you, that they are lonely and single and never had a man to love them, totally ridiculous comment.

          February 11 at 12:21am  / 
      • GeeDee2012 

        I know that’s right JoyceAnne, I was raised, and told, if “A MAN” puts their hands on you, “Pick up something, and Knock them out”, Honey, “A MAN?, Puhlease,,yes Brandon was the only man in the room , would I have needed Brandon??, don’t think so, because I would have picked up something and “Knocked Christopher “Clean Out!, for putting his hands on ME,,,as For Nene? She “DOES NOT” KEEP IT REAL!, I wouldn’t apologize to her if Hell “froze over, she doesn’t “Own her Shit’” never could respect a person like that, Hell I got a bank account too, on my way to the BANK!, she did “Two Sitcoms that got Cancelled”,she Did the “Apprentice” and got “Eliminated”, ACTRESS?, she should do KANDI”S PLAY, “She could use the practice”,,,An Author?,,LOL, well, there are actually people out there who will “BUY HER BOOK”, and “(Publishers know that),hell they might as well get paid too,,clothing line? (are you kidding me?) Who are these people?,come on now.,She’s an “Instigator”, she instigated, that fight, she should Own It!, And Nene’s little “Puppet” ,Cynthia, while she trying to get information on Todd, she need to check Peter, she probably has an opportunist sleeping next to her every night.

        February 11 at 6:28pm  / 
  5. ClubQBall 

    It boils down to egos. E’rybody gon’ throw shade on e’rybody else … it’s a *scripted* (mostly) reality t.v. show. Wanna blame somebody? Blame BRAVO and the show’s producers..

    bloop! bloop! bloop! BAM!

    February 10 at 10:19am  / 
  6. George Kilpatrick 

    Quite frankly, you’re not cute either. you looka lika man!

    February 10 at 10:20am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      Now is that necessary? Stick to the points and facts, keep personal attacks out of this.

      February 10 at 10:22am  / 
      • Jdewitt 

        agree!! we can debate our own personal views but lets be respectful!!

        February 10 at 12:37pm  / 
    • princesspr 

      F Y I —

      The first sign of immaturity and a lack of a vocabulary — is when one turns to personal attacks when having a disagreement with people.

      February 10 at 4:18pm  / 
  7. Matty J. Harris 

    Firstly, congrats on all your success Nene! I have followed you on all your ventures. From New Normal, I Dream of NeNe, and The Apprentice. Like you I like to keep it 100 real. I was not there so I can only say what I saw as a viewer and respond to what your wrote here. When Bravo uses the term “FASHION QUEEN”, they are saying they are using it to describe the co-hosts as fabulous! I don’t know if it was your intention, but being a gay man, I felt you used it in a way that made him seem less than a man. Your emphasis and tone was VERY negative. I can see people can feel that it was homophobic. I do not feel your are a homophobe in anyway but it came off that way.

    Also, you say that every question your posed was on a card. When you pointed out what Kenya had to say about Natalie, that wasn’t on a card. You put that on the table yourself.

    I love you NeNe, but EVERYONE takes blame in this. Even you. Wish you nothing but the best.

    February 10 at 10:21am  / 
    • Matty J. Harris 

      EDITIED: Firstly, congrats on all your success Nene! I have followed you on all your ventures. From New Normal, I Dream of NeNe, and The Apprentice. Like you I like to keep it 100 real. I was not there so I can only say what I saw as a viewer and respond to what your wrote here. When Bravo uses the term “FASHION QUEEN”, they are using it to describe the co-hosts as fabulous! I don’t know if it was your intention, but being a gay man, I felt you used it in a way that made him seem less than a man. Your emphasis and tone was VERY negative. I can see why people can feel that it was homophobic. I do not feel your are a homophobe in anyway but it came off that way.

      Also, you say that every question your posed was on a card. When you pointed out what Kenya had to say about Natalie, that wasn’t on a card. You put that on the table yourself. I love you NeNe, but EVERYONE takes blame in this. Even you. Wish you nothing but the best.

      February 10 at 10:23am  / 
      • JoyceAnne James 

        Nene verbal attacks were deliberate when talking about Brandon being a queen and talking about his red outfit, also saying that Kenya had on a diaper, because Kandi was lauging at what she said, Nene speaks her mind, right or wrong and what she said in the spirit of meanness was a deliberate, insulting attack to both Kenya and Brandon, she is trying to weasel her way out of the comments she made because she is getting so much backlash from the public and she needs too, maybe in the future she will think about this public “whipping” that she is getting and control that spiteful tongue of hers.

        February 10 at 8:03pm  / 
    • princesspr 

      THANK YOU! 100% Correct. Sad, but, I do not think NeNe will take ownership in her part in the negative events.

      February 10 at 4:21pm  / 
  8. Tasha09 

    Go head Ne Ne stay True to you keep your haters in the shade keep it 100 bloop in your words!!!

    February 10 at 10:22am  / 
  9. born2stunnem 

    I’m glad that you finally decided to own your role in the debacle. You were the host, the initiator, and the instigator of all that had taken place in that situation. While you can’t control the actions of others, you had a major role being the “trigger” or proverbial “straw” that broke the camel’s back. Your ownership is far more weighted than you’re accounting for…but ah well…owning it is owning it I guess. I still stand by that you owe everyone involved…and even those not involved an apology for YOUR role. That still hasn’t happened yet. I struggle with your recollection of what happened. You were there…but you don’t think that Christopher grabbed her aggressively? America saw that differently. Additionally, unless you’re the person being grabbed, you can’t really speak knowledgeably on whether or not it was aggressive. Would you say that Mel’s push to both Todd and Kandi non-aggressive as well? How about Apollo’s initial push to Brandon? Your perception seems a bit skewed. I think that you need a scapegoat…and for you, as well as the others, it’s Kenya. The point that you continually stressed in last night’s episode was that Kenya got up and charged….It’s strange how you, nor the other cast members find it odd that a MAN, got out of HIS seat FIRST and addressed a WOMAN. Was that necessary. Like you said, “nobody had to get out of their seats!” YOUR WORDS. Why was it ok and bypassed when Christopher did that, but it was so wrong when Kenya did it? Mind you, Kenya was addressing a WOMAN and NO MAN needs to butt into a situation with two WOMEN going at it. Kenya has never put her hands on anyone in a heated discussion and she’s had many of them. Why the fear that Kenya would get physical all of a sudden? Him touching her was inappropriate and unwarranted…aggressive or not. As the wise and educated Ivanyla Vanzant so eloquently stated, “Andy Cohen It was all very sad. As adults all had equal responsibility. I give most of it to the host and the hateful gossip.” This happened because of you…just wear that hat and apologize babe.

    February 10 at 10:23am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      This is a good statement.

      February 10 at 10:30am  / 
    • Jdewitt 

      totally agree!!!

      February 10 at 12:55pm  / 
    • lolita954 

      Very well stated. This chick has gotten so full of herself, it’s mind boggling. You can’t win playing dirty Ne Ne, remember?

      February 10 at 1:11pm  / 
    • ddmarm48 

      Absolutely correct on all parts!

      February 10 at 1:41pm  / 
      • mag42 

        The questions were all to start an argument. If you didn’t write them Nene who did? It was all so disgusting.

        February 10 at 4:28pm  / 
    • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

      Agree completely!!

      February 10 at 8:41pm  / 
  10. ArealLady 

    I know no one really likes Kenya because she usually keeps up mess. This time I most say that guy got OUT HIS SEAT FIRST! Then, he grabbed Kenya’s arm. I believe if he never got up she would’ve have. A man has NO right getting in a women’s face. He was dead wrong from the gate then he grabs her arm? Yet, Kenya is the blame for that? He was dead wrong don’t act blind.

    February 10 at 10:25am  / 
    • ArealLady 

      Wouldn’t have*

      February 10 at 10:26am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      You are correct. Christopher Williams got out of his seat first, in fact didn’t someone address him as to what he was doing? And we are also talking about some ppl who are not familiar with other ppl and are caught in a “trap” situation in how all this escalated.

      February 10 at 10:29am  / 
  11. mzstl1 

    While I agree that they were all wrong, Apollo didn’t initially go after Brandon from my vantage point. What I felt like happen was Peter got up to break it up between Brandon and Christopher, Brandon was a bit wild and kinda pushed off Peter that’s when Apollo tried to help out and again Brandon was wild and what I consider a hit just out of the heat of the moment and that’s when Apollo lost it. He was dead wrong for beating him down but all of them need to take responsibility for their own actions especially Cynthia who really got this started by coming back telling the girls what Natalie said. She was not concerned about Kandi. She was being messy. Also not only did her dingy a** sister push Todd but she did push Kandi. Kandi overreacted I believe because she is tired of the drama about her man. I get it but that was ghetto. I respect Kandi for apologizing and cynthia’s raggedy a** apology wasn’t worth hearing because she didn’t apologize for her actions until 2 weeks ago on that show with Andy Cohen. Kandi should have punched her in the throat.

    February 10 at 10:29am  / 
    • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

      Brandon didn’t push off Peter. Peter came over and immediately pushed Brandon with FORCE. That’s not breaking up a fight. That’s asking for an ass kicking.

      February 10 at 8:43pm  / 
  12. Deltricia Williams 

    I feel they both were out of line. I know if someone is coming after me, my husband better step up, whether man or woman. Had Kenya not gotten up, none of this would have happened. And stop blaming Nene, if you have watched the show from the beginning, you know Nene, that is just who she is. I love Nene, she is awesome and she said at the beginning of the show she was going to get rich, and she sure is working at it. This is a reality show and they all are messy.

    February 10 at 10:30am  / 
    • princesspr 

      The reason people are blaming NeNe because she is NOT owning her part in the negative events that took place.

      Kenya got up because Christoper got up FIRST! Let me tell you, when a man gets up and tells me I am on medication because I am telling the TRUTH; now let’s remember I am sitting, so yes you are darn straight I am going to stand up. There is no way you are going to be standing over me. ummmm, no…that’s what you are NOT going to do.

      Then, when his “comman-law” wife chirps in; that is when Kenya turns her attention to Natalie; and began to WALK not charge over to her this is where the grabbing of the arm happen.

      Oh, yes, I LOVE NeNe…I applaud her creating and maintaining her brand. Also, I have watched the show from Season One – Episode One and Yes, NeNe has some culpability in the negative events at her party; and to blame Kenya for getting up; which doesn’t make sense.

      February 10 at 6:47pm  / 
      • NoTeaNoShade 

        Exactly. Tell it.

        February 10 at 8:32pm  / 
    • stillstandin81 

      I agree ms williams

      February 10 at 10:07pm  / 
  13. Karen Wesley Weaver 

    I said last week that the questions were scripted by the producers. It made for good, dramatic, television. Who could predict that Apollo would have a prison flashback? I agree …adults are responsible for their OWN choices and actions!

    February 10 at 10:30am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      And Apollo about to have another “prison flashback” when he is put back in the pen!!!

      February 10 at 10:32am  / 


    February 10 at 10:39am  / 
    • KerriB 

      Agree! That nose job and lipo done went to her head.(Oh I forgot she down plays it and says she just had her nostrils tucked)

      February 10 at 11:57am  / 
    • lolita954 

      Thank you. She must think all our names is Cynthia, lol. Nobody with a thinking brain and a mind of their own is buying you BS sister. Try again.

      February 10 at 1:20pm  / 
      • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 


        February 10 at 8:43pm  / 
  15. Torreyk 

    I agree no man should every put their hands on a woman in an aggressive manner BUT I’m a huge supporter of ALL SEXES keeping they hands to their self or you get what you ask for. Yes Nee you stirred the pot but Kenya started when she felt it was necessary to speak about marriage when she is not even the wife or a wife. And how dare you charge, approach, walk towards (or what ever you claim you did) someone’s spouse and think they not going to stop you. Man or woman. No one is exempt from an ass whooping when they provoke people. And wherr did the gay bashing come from?

    February 10 at 10:43am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      Remember Christopher Williams got out of his seat FIRST. Porsha asked him what he was doing and that he needed to be seated. NeNe should have nipped that in the bud FIRST by addressing Williams to sit back down, but she did not because she was busy throwing time bombs in the kettle to get everyone “CRUNKED” and to get television ratings.

      February 10 at 10:49am  / 
      • Torreyk 

        I understand that. For me the issue was not Kenya getting out of her seat it began when she opened her mouth about a marriage that didn’t involve her. I dont blame him from grabbing her. She went for his wife and he stopped it. Its not like he uppercut her like the bus driver did that girl. I also agree that Nee should take some of the responsibility as being the host and lighting the fire but the wood, match and gasoline came from kenya. My question is what has gotten into Cynthia? Its like she cant own up to her role. And it wad obvious that her sister push kandi

        February 10 at 11:22am  / 
        • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

          Well since you feel Kenya should not have spoken about a marriage that had nothing to do with her. What about Chris and his so called “wife” speaking about Todd and Kandi’s engagement that have nothing to do with them??? And regardless of HOW Chris touched Kenya, NO MAN should touch any woman and he GRABBED her upper arm aggressively. Natalie sitting there talking….her mouth shouldn’t be writing checks her ass can’t cash. Her husband shouldn’t have to be her shield. She gonna talk she has to back her own shit up.

          February 10 at 8:47pm  / 
        • Kwan 

          No one was even talking about that they were talking about strip clubs when LINNETHIA’S big behind brought that up for no reason at all but to stir the pot. That’s why she was mad Kenya was late b/c her goal during that whole event was to start drama between these couples and these people. The way Natalie had to explain it seems like she didn’t even bring it up to Chris. So obviously what Kenya said at the winery didn’t worry her aka Nene started that BS.

          February 11 at 4:48pm  / 
  16. Kayydee 

    You tell them Mrs. Leakes! #girlbye to the negative comments

    February 10 at 10:51am  / 
    • born2stunnem 

      There’s a difference between negative comments and truthful comments. My disagreement with Nene’s actions has nothing to do with my fan status. I’m still a fan of hers….and I still don’t like Kenya. But right is right. My status as a fan will not get in the way of my judgement…I will always call it how I see it.

      February 10 at 11:08am  / 
      • lolita954 

        I applaud your comment, and your pointing out the difference. But for me, I cannot remain a fan of this woman. She is the epitome of low-class, ghetto trash. Her behavior is nothing short of disgraceful. Money can’t buy you class. As much as I admired her ambition and her drive to make things happen in her life, I can’t ignore her awful, hate filled behavior. No woman of her age behaves in this manner if they are truly happy in their life. Something is off. Her actions tell a different story.

        February 10 at 1:33pm  / 
    • NoTeaNoShade 

      Right. Girlbye is what Bravo will be telling Ms. Leakes if she doesn’t get her act together.

      February 10 at 8:06pm  / 
  17. MarcusEk 

    I can’t blame Apollo about the fight because he didn’t even start that. Lady Brandon in the other hand just tried to be a man once in a while trying to bitch slap Christopher and Apollo coming between them with Peter just got him even more pissed.

    Kenya breathing fire out of her mouth got the situation to its edge. My goodness what a shitty case. Brandon talking about the very next day about how he is going to press charges against Apollo..hmm..what is wrong with that grandma Brandon? Apollo didn’t start the fight. what a douche!

    Nene you’ve been the peacekeeper for 2 seasons now and they are just blaming you for all the things, you did this you did that. No, at this point you didn’t do nothing and people in your party can blame themselves.

    Seeing Kandi being grabbed by Cynthia’s sister, I would ask Brandon to go do HER thang and slap her in da face with a purse!

    Keep it real Nene you’re the best housewife with Kandi!

    God bless!

    February 10 at 10:51am  / 
    • princesspr 

      Just a couple of things regarding your post:

      1)Apollo is only responsible for his part; and he did fight; and I do blame him….When you are attempting to break up a fight; you do not get upset because one of he parties hit you by mistake. Lesson: Do not attempt to break-up a fight you do not want to get hit.

      2) Just because Brandon is gay does not make him less of a man. Brandon is man — plain and simple, there was no need to be disrespectful to Brandon.

      3) Yes, Brandon was considering pressing charges, which he has every right to. There was no need for Apollo to even touch Brandon, he could have stayed in his seat and done nothing.

      However, I do find it funny you have made extremely rude comments toward Brandon because he is Gay; then you end your post with “God Bless,” REALLY!

      February 10 at 5:08pm  / 
      • MarcusEk 


        for sure.

        god bless princcesspr

        February 10 at 11:17pm  / 
  18. luvsMeSomeNeNe 

    I think they all shoulda did exactly what Porsha did if they were “So scared” just leave. I fault ONE person. To quote you NeNe “that queen in red gown” lol Brandon had no reason to run across the room like that. One thing for certain you have cameras all over the room Oh and by the way that was not just anybody it was Christopher Williams do you actually think he was gonna go crazy and kill somebody? All yall talkin about he put his hands on her. Please give it a rest. Yes Bravo did script it so that the subject would be brought up or else Chris and his “Wife” wouldnt have been there. But what they didnt count on was Apollos love for Kenya and his jealousy at her relationship with Brandon. After all what other reason is their for him fighting Brandon He should have been doing like Kandi. Sittin back there drinkin while the fight was going on.

    February 10 at 10:56am  / 
    • Kwan 

      Brandon did NOTHING wrong. He did as a man would and should have done. You see a man put his hands on your girlfriend, wife or female friend you step in. Peter pushed him and that’s when he got buck as he had every right to. Folks clearly don’t know how to break up fights. Pushing is a aggressive attacking move.Then Apollo jumped in grabbed him by his throat and threw him down on the bean bag.

      February 11 at 4:53pm  / 
  19. akosuarn 

    After this episode, I think Kenya got my respect. She definitely not fake. I really wish her well.I hope she finds love. I really do feel sorry for her.

    February 10 at 10:57am  / 
    • ddmarm48 

      Team Kenya now for me as well. I agree, she keeps it real when it comes to her comments, she prances like a Queen but she speaks real. She was right in what she did. A man steps to me and I’m sitting and he is standing, Im going to stand. If I’m across the room from someone talking to me I am going to go over to you and make my comment. Kenya should not have been touched. The ghetto attitude started with Chris. Brandon did the right thing. I would want my friend to be there for me, he is a good friend. Kenya is fortunate to have him. Nene just upset that Kenya has such a friend. Kandi got upset over being pushed and hands in her face, as would I. Nene pisses me off with that ‘don’t talk about my man crap’. It’s got nothing to do with her man after you put your hands on her. Duh! Sorry, I don’t go for the fast talking Queen shade you are delivering and hoping we will sign for. And Cynthia, do you know how to tell the truth? Can you understand the truth when you see it? I agree akosuarn…me too.

      February 10 at 1:58pm  / 
      • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

        TEAM KENYA here now. She is the ONLY REAL person on the show and the only one besides Kandi that doesn’t bow down to Ne Ne!!!

        February 10 at 8:49pm  / 
  20. luvsMeSomeNeNe 

    And please dont get me started on Cynthia Bailey trying to turn up. Please!!! I believe Kandi woulda drug her if she coulda got too her, and Peters gold diggin ass… girl bye.

    February 10 at 11:00am  / 
  21. ms chambers 

    Miss Leakes, once again, the masses have confirmed what every one else is saying, and that is, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for what occurred on that fateful night. Now I understand that its a reality show and you are caught up in a situation where you may have to do things which you may or may not condone, however, YOU need to accept responsibility for what happened. If you were to recall, Portia politely asked Christopher to sit down, and you and christophers wife decided that he should stand for this impromptu question since it was not scripted. (I did not see you pull this question out anywhere) YOU were gunning for Kenya, and it was quite obvious from the minute she walked in. If you look at the episode again, watch it carefully, and you will see that Kenya Moore was on her feet, and so was Christopher, Christopher insulted Kenya Moore by stating he aint know what type of meds she is on, then his verbiage, and that’s when his wife butted in, Kenya was quite comfortable sitting down to give her explanation but at the unprovoked response of Natalie who stated that Kenya was back pedaling, did you really really really believe that at this point after knowing Kenya Moore’s temperament that she would be still sitting down? Come one now Nene, we may like the drama but please do not insult our intelligence. The cameras do not lie, Christopher grabbed Kenya’s arm, how aggressive or not should not be the point, the point is he should have NEVER TOUCHED Kenya Moore. (did you see how Kandi Burris reacted to being touched by Mallory) why is it ok for Kandi to have such a reaction but when Kenya Moore did it she got the shitty end of the stick? You berated Kenya for her behavior and her tardiness you even insulted her by slamming the door in her face when she first came in WHY? because you wanted to get a rise out of Kenya knowing her temperament. Nene let me tell you something, so much could have gone wrong that night, YOU, by YOUR actions SCRIPTED or NOT, could have cause someone’s death. Apollo would be in jail now if that “queen” had decided to be mean and vicious. But God doesn’t sleep.
    I said that you were gay bashing, trust me, your sentiments towards BRANDON was derogotary, and mean and vicious. You tried belittling him, as a previous commentator stated you tried your best to make him feel like nothing. YOUR hateful expressions are comparable to someone targeting a gay man or woman and calling them names and creating fear in them. As any gay man and he will tell you that you were propogating a negative stereotype. In conclusion, I doubt that you will ever see the folly of your ways and give those whom you have deliberately hurt an apology, but that’s ok, it seems that you are already on a down ward spiral, and it will begin to continue to snow ball, I am not wishing you bad, but God doesn’t sleep and you will one day wake up and realize that amongst all your worldy possessions you still have nothing. NO RESPECT, NO HONOR, and NO CHARACTER.

    February 10 at 11:00am  / 
    • born2stunnem 

      I agree whole-heartedly!!

      February 10 at 11:11am  / 
    • voice_of_reason 

      Ditto. Nene is DONE.

      February 10 at 11:49am  / 
    • KerriB 

      Agree! And even Andy acts like he’s afraid to address her messy butt when she’s wrong.

      February 10 at 11:59am  / 
    • lovemesomerhwa 

      Couldn’t say it better

      February 10 at 12:10pm  / 
    • ddmarm48 

      Wow, Ms Chambers you are so right! I couldn’t have commented better myself. Thanks for you insight.

      February 10 at 2:02pm  / 
    • lolita954 

      Bravo indeed!!! Bravo, bravo, bravo. Cheers and applause. You got that Ne Ne…………… Bloop!!!

      February 10 at 2:06pm  / 
    • princesspr 

      CLAP….CLAP….and more CLAPPING! I agree with your opinion 100%.

      February 10 at 5:15pm  / 
    • NoTeaNoShade 

      Yep…this is exactly what I said in different words. #righton

      February 10 at 8:11pm  / 
    • Kwan 

      Yaaaas Read. Brandon addressed her on twitter and got her together. I can’t believe I’m saying it but at this moment I’m team Kenya Nene needs a double dose of humbleness.

      February 11 at 5:02pm  / 
    • youdontfoolme 

      Well stated and I co-sign on this post!!!

      “I’ll even accept you saying I stirred the pot, but I can’t take the blame for uncontrollable adults picking up their fists to fight. ”

      Nene, had you thought in advance of WHAT MAY HAPPEN, to which I am sure you wanted the end result, you would not have lit the flame that started the fire. You made the state: “They are not on your level” and you are correct. Those other ladies try to settle issues without being aggressive and being a jump off, but you must always add your fire to set it in your comfort zone—GHETTO without CHARACTER!!!

      February 24 at 7:35pm  / 
  22. robbydigi 

    Dear Nene,

    I hope you or someone in your team reads these comments. I feel Nene you are getting ready to really mess up your brand and all you’ve worked for, depending how this all pans out.

    You nor your castmates are making any statements in regards to the erratic and violent behavior of Christopher (standing up over Kenya to talk to her, then grabbing her arm); Apollo (going berserk on Brandon…more than once, leading to his injuries); MALLORY (for pushing Todd AND Kandi). As a leader in this franchise and the longest ATL housewife, I seriously expected more from the way you handled the situation and just took the opportunity to blame Kenya for everything. The whole situation was sad to see–that night, as well as what happened at the spa afterwards. At least Kandi apologized and owned up to her behavior. Cynthia barely could acknowledge her role in everything and all that gossip and callous behavior came to a boiling point for everyone. I wish you well Nene, but I hope you can see the bigger picture and understand that nearly everyone’s behavior that evening was out of pocket.

    February 10 at 11:02am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      Let’s all agree here, that even though this is called a reality show, it is not. It is suggestions and scripted to a point for what is needed from the cast. YES A CAST. This is all about keeping a 6 year old reality show relevant in the ratings. NeNe’s brand will not be messed up, this is what BRAVO wanted and the CAST complied, simple as that.

      February 10 at 11:12am  / 
      • ericacting 

        Icebergslim: Scripted/Fake whatever you want to call it producers cannot make you say or touch someone if you don’t want to.

        Producers set up the pillow talk game and just told everyone to be there. Nene wasn’t scripted to attacked Kenya ,producers just knew if all these people were in the same room drama would follow.

        I know a producer of the show. He said that he knew he didn’t have control, and was actually concerned that things went down the way they did. Rarely ever does crew have to step in to stop a fight.

        February 10 at 12:08pm  / 
      • ClubQBall 

        My point exactly! Very well said.

        February 10 at 1:51pm  / 
  23. Michelle Imdoinme Sparks 


    February 10 at 11:03am  / 
  24. niecynoi 

    Hi NeNe, Niecy from DC here, I don’t have to do a whole book:

    1. You were wrong for the energy you put in the room, all the questions were geared towards controversy, with some flemsy ones. I guess that’s a VH1 stunt
    2. The older version of Benzino Chris did grab my main man Kenya’s arm, lol and she flicked off like she should have. Her friend jumped up as a friend should have
    3. So we have 3 wrongs there, you, Kenya, Chris
    4. Apollo, he was not trying to break nothing up, he was letting off steam, he came at that man from the jump there was no calmness in him ever, wrong
    5. Cynthia, the guilty messy one who dropped that info about what ole girl said about Kandi’s man, she didn’t want to bear the weight in her soul if Kandi had whipped that girl’s ass, so she tried to come for Kandi, you don’t have to be towering over me, with your hands all in my face, wrong
    6. Peter, oh Peter comes in and starts talking about people acting funny, please have several seats, ask your wife what happened, why you all in their face, and he did get too close, wrong
    7. Cynthia’s sister, pushed Todd, when Todd pushed Peter, dead ass wrong, that’s the real reason Kandi wanted to whip her ass, she was dead ass wrong.
    8. All who played a part, need to look back at the episode, and take responsibility. How long will these people who crite the checks be able to control this “reality TV” like puppets. I love you NeNe, and you know you were wrong on some level, VH1 doesn’t control your morals.

    February 10 at 11:09am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      LOL, VH1 stunt!! Yeah, the Love and Hip Hop gang is good at that!!

      February 10 at 11:13am  / 
  25. JustJoshua 

    Let me start by saying that I loathe Kenya but not as much as I loathe males being violent against women. With that said, Kenya is cray cray and she got up out of her seat cuz she isn’t well spoken and she was being put on blast for what she said about Chris and his “wife”. If Kenya was telling the truth about either what Chris said about his wife then why get up out of her seat? Why get loud about it? Why not just address Chris and say “Did you not say that to me Chris”? She knew she was wrong and she got called out and thought if she got loud that she would look better. She triflin. More importantly I did not see what Chris did as violent towards Kenya. He was trying to stop her and keep the cray at bay. Haha. He originally stood up yes, but it was to address the group not to get in Kenya’s face. Yes you brought it up… Good! Finally someone is calling Kenya out on her bs. Apollo and Mel are the only 2 people that took it too far. As a gay man I can agree that Chris “queen end out”. I think he did it for the right reasons as he saw a man put his hands on a woman and he did what he thought was right at the time. Do I think you said it from a homophobic place? Hell no. Not at all. I don’t think you have ever even had a homophobic thought you love us gays. What you said was ALL T NO SHADE. You keep it 100. Which is why I have always loved you. Haters gon hate gurl. Keep doin you boo. Much love.
    PS You and Kandi are my favorites on the show. I am sad that y’all aren’t seeing eye to eye at the moment. Kenya is just plain crazy, and in a really bad not cute way, like she should be medicated kinda way.
    PPS Does it not look super desperate for Mel to come stay with Cynthia for 2 months while shooting is going on? She needs to go, “Girl Bye”

    February 10 at 11:10am  / 
    • ms chambers 

      Put yourself in Kenya’s shoe for a while, lets wear purple 6 inch heels….. you and I both. now lets walk. Do you not think it strange that Mrs Leakes allowed Christopher to stand and speak? Do you not think that, at least that’s confrontational? Did you notice Kenya sitting down and when NENE made the proclamation she deliberately alluded to Kenya, (now stand a little my feet hurting) now, do you remember what Kenya said? after nene said, “you miss Kenya had a lot to say about Christopher and Natalie when we were at the winery” it was at this point Christopher stood up, took out his Oscar thank you note and Kenya remained sitting down and Portia asked him to take a seat and nene and Natalie said, no he has to stand for this….. (wow these heels hurting) then, Kenya mutters under her breath, (oh lord we’ve had this conversation already) then at this juncture, Christopher said, I don’t know what type of meds you are on and Kenya retorts, the same kind of meds you are on chris. as Kenya attempts to reiterate what she said, at this point Natalie said “don’t be back pedaling now” Kenya gets up says this is front pedaling” as she is walking toward Natalie through nene and this point Christopher says”hold up and walks toward her, and grabs her left arm in what appears to be an aggressive manner. now tell me, what did Kenya do wrong, in fact what did Brandon do wrong, was he wrong to rush to his friends assistance? by stating take your hands off her don’t you touch her. Now as a gay man are you saying that you would not do the right thing and help your friend? Now lets take off Kenyas shoes and walk in ours, as gay men….. I am transgendered. I have been impacted all my life, by being called mean and derogotary names, and i know when someone is being nice and when someone is being mean, what nene did is try to belittle Brandon, her statement about calling him a queen was mean and vicious, I felt it, it reminded me of my past and it was not about me. So if you as a gay man, can see no fault with what nene said pertaining to Brandon then i dare say we have not walked the same road in the same shoes. and our paths never collided and good for you… but i know a hater when i see one and i know that ms leakes was hating and its called gay bashing/ homophobia/. wow… thanks for taking the journey with me……

      February 10 at 12:04pm  / 
      • lolita954 

        Well said Ms Chambers. I agree with you 100%.

        February 10 at 3:00pm  / 
      • Kwan 

        Well said it’s no different then older black men calling young gay males sissies or punks. It’s not a derogatory term by it self as it is derived from DragQueen. However she used it in a derogatory manner.

        February 11 at 5:11pm  / 
      • youdontfoolme 

        Bravo and a standing ovation. ANYONE who did not see the above in that episode was watching with blinders on.

        February 24 at 7:43pm  / 
  26. caking1234 

    You are so sick and twisted! Stop blaming Kenya and others. Get of the drugs/alcohol and the show! Go just go! You have lost in every Poll. The show has to make a change! If Bravo does not make a change and remove you. There will be a group of us that will not be watching! And that is FOR REAL! NOW REST YOU BIG ASS ON THAT!

    Oh and take note: Ms. Lyanla Vanzant does not even reference you by your name! All others must take their responsibility in this ghetto mess that began with gossip. However she said it best THE HOST IS RESPONSIBLE!


    Ex Supporter

    February 10 at 11:11am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      LOL, the show make a change? Get real. As long as the ratings are delivered there will be no change. And the cast don’t care what we think, they are using this show as a jump off for other more lucrative dealings. This show only keeps their faces and names in the media. Does anyone expect a show of women keeping nice, cooking, cleaning, shopping, nice get together? Please, this is making fake tv to the utmost.

      February 10 at 11:20am  / 
    • KerriB 

      Agree! She done took all of the fame and plastic surgery to her head. And still can’t see how HEDIOUS she is.

      February 10 at 12:02pm  / 
    • NoTeaNoShade 

      Honestly, this show needs a sprucing up. It’s getting boring and repetitive. The only real DRAMA to happen was that fight and that was just ridiculous. We dont need that type of drama. We watch for arguments and shade, not fights like that one. The problem is that NO ONE wants to STAND UP to Nene because she has clearly got everyone SCURRED, except for Kenya and Kandi. And Kandi really just ignores it because she is a business woman with a BRAND and shes smart. Even Phaedra is scared of the BIG BAD NENE. Porsha is just…she doesn’t count. Porsha is young and dumb. And that’s the cast. Whats the fun in watching everyone side with Nene even when she’s wrong? Oh please. New cast please. Bring back Marlo and add in some other lady who won’t put up with Nene please. #SickofthisMess

      February 10 at 8:15pm  / 
  27. Natasha ami 

    I’M NOT WATCHING ANYMORE. DISGRACEFUL IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!! Nene you are a bully & you’re just jealous that Kenya is dimming your light on the show. Kenya doesn’t let you bully her or let you have the last word. Your 15mins of fame is about over. However everyone knows that you love the Gays, cause you always look like a tranny. Girl bye! #Kenya Runs the show #team Kenya

    February 10 at 11:11am  / 
    • KerriB 

      Totally Agree! Everybody keeps forgetting that queens look more womanly than her. I’m sick of her

      February 10 at 12:06pm  / 
      • caking1234 

        I like this. I agree. Funny!

        February 10 at 1:37pm  / 
  28. Sheana26 

    The pot was initially stirred from Cynthia’s gossip. IJS – Cynthia was quite messy with it playing as if she was protecting Kandi’s best interest. Negative! It was gossip point blank period that stirred the pot. Now as to whether or not your pillow talk was to settle everyone’s differences and unite them…only you know that in your heart. But there was NO excuse for anybody putting hands on anybody. Then as if things were not already heated, Kandi decides to add fuel to the fire. Yes, she was calm asking her question and was trying to be respectful but after what had already taken place it could have waited for a diff time and diff place. However, again, there was no reason for Cynthia getting all crunk and ghetto as she and Peter implied Kandi and Todd were being. Cynthia and Peter were the 2 biggest ghetto birds out of everybody and then had the nerve to be punks….that’s why they bought Mallory hood rat behind. I cant believe either of them had the nerve to call someone ghetto b/c Cynthia got the all so infamous stereo type hand talking and neck rolling down to a tea…..cant wait for the reunion to see if anybody (i.e. Cynthia and Peter) own up to their mess!

    February 10 at 11:15am  / 
  29. Just Wondering 

    Nene, who came up with the questions?

    February 10 at 11:17am  / 
  30. Gail S Leach 

    I agree with almost everything you said except one. Some ones black hand grabbed Kenya by the right elbow to stop her from doing something. It’s natural for us to reach out to try to stop someone from trying to harm someone else, either verbally or physically. I understand why he did it but I must agree with Kenya on this one. Watch the tapes. I DO not agree with hardly anything else she hs done on this show. In my opinion she should be let go after this season even though it draws the crowds.

    February 10 at 11:22am  / 
  31. Brooksie543 

    Nene, if you had taken responsibility for your part in the beginning when all of this happened, people would not be as mad at you. Now, after backlash, you want to say everyone was responsible when just last week it was all Kenya and her negativity. Just as you say you are not responsible for adults actions and fists flying, then how is Kenya? She didn’t swing on anyone. Just as you say she shouldn’t have gotten out her seat, you could have not asked a sensitive question about how Kenya dissed their so called marriage, right in front of them. That could have been asked at a later event. But you chose to do it because I’m guessing you were told to, to create an uncomfortable situation, for TV. Dont get me wrong, I do believe Kenya had her fault. But so did you, Cynthia, Peter, Christopher and his wife, Apollo, and Kandi. You all pinned it on Kenya. It was not her fault by herself. The questions you asked prompted tensions, you were hopping around crazy and you were already mad at and nasty with Kenya for arriving late creating additional tension. You should have taken responsibility for your part from the get go.

    February 10 at 11:22am  / 
  32. Zensista 

    Nene, I like a lot of things about you. But it’s no way you were right in this. Maybe you should look at the footage again. Your cast-mates have a mob mentality. You are the lead character in this reality show with influence. They are not gong to challenge you. Kenya said in the candid segment that she was conflicted about opposing you in this incident, because she is smart and she knows the power you hold. But Nene, you say you are about supporting and lifting ALL women up. But all I see is petty jealousy and degrading people. Please rethink your position in the show. In the long run you are hurting your brand for women of character. These type of women will not align themselves with your kind of image. You are starting to look like a joke and a bad stereotype. Again Brandon, Porsche, Khandi and Kenya have maintain integrity and class. Come on NeNe, clean it up!

    February 10 at 11:33am  / 
  33. voice_of_reason 

    Disgusting. Messy. Juvenile. Ignorant.

    That’s what you are showing us. You need Iyanla ASAP. You are the “boss”, right? You are the “captain”, right? Well your ship is sinking. By the way, “charging” is what football players do right before a tackle. Wrestlers and hood chicks getting ready to throw down do it too. It’s a very obvious movement. Kenya “sauntered” (Google it if you need to be further educated).

    And don’t compare your ignorant condescending language to “Fashion Queens”. Your TONE speaks YOUR TRUE DEGRADATION OF THE CULTURE THAT HELPED BOOST YOUR FAME. BRANDON DOESN’T WEAR HIGH HEELS BI-ATCH. You better watch yourself before you start looking like Kim Zolciak. Your argument is the equivalent of a white guy defending why it’s OK to call a black guy a a “thug” or a “nigga”, when he’s college – educated and never even been in the hood. CHECK YOUR SELF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE AND NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU ANYMORE.

    February 10 at 11:43am  / 
    • ms chambers 

      i could not have said it any better…..

      February 10 at 12:16pm  / 
    • caking1234 

      I agree 100%. She really needs to read this. Bravo / Andy needs to read this! Before they tape the reunion.

      February 10 at 1:49pm  / 
  34. voice_of_reason 


    February 10 at 11:45am  / 
  35. daniterese1 

    No way Kenya should take more blame than Nene. Nenes the one who brought it up. If the people involved WANTED to bring it up, then eventually they would have. Nene knew exactly what she was doing and wanted to cause drama. That being said she of course cannot be responsible for those animals becoming physical. Too many people that night where getting involved where they had no place being, specifically Apollo and Mallory. Nobody hit Apollo come on now we aren’t blind.. he has his own personal demons that he couldn’t control and if it were me I would’ve pressed charges. Neither him or Phaedra were mature enough to own up to it and apologize either. And Mallory pushing Todd AND Kandi when the altercation had NOTHING to do with her. You don’t need to shove somebody in order to “break them up.” And we all know what that trick Natalie meant when she was talking about Todd. Peter used the word “opportunist” in regards to what she was saying at the time and she didn’t deny it then. Only now when she gets called out. The only people capable of talking like adults that whole night were Peter and Todd! And that’s because Peter didnt lose his shit when Todd put his hands up first. They weren’t even fighting! So there was no “breaking up” by MALLORY even necessary!!!

    February 10 at 11:46am  / 
  36. Mommy9097 

    So let me see if I understand this foolery Mrs Leakes…You created the game,but not the questions? ?? Your party, your game,but not your questions! Yeah miss me with that bs! !! No matter what you say,Christopher Williams did grab Kenya’s arm,ok you say Kenya should have stayed in her seat, and maybe so,just as you should have during the season when you all traveled to Miami on the bus and you had to be restrained from going HAM on Kim..and don’t even get me started on the first reunion when i thought they were gonna have to taser your ass. ..let me find out them bravo checks got your ass stuck on stupidity! !!! What’s with all this bitchassness with the men on this show lately? Real men don’t get involved with bitch shit! !! If Natalie can bring her thirsty ass on the show talking shit, then she should be able to handle the repercussions from it! !! You say Christopher was trying to keep Kenya from charging his wife, well Brandon had every right to do what he did, to protect his friend! !! Since you claimed to have not written those questions, (yeah right) im sure you read them! !! And as a grown ass woman/grandmother you should have came up with some different questions POINT BLANK PERIOD! !! I called bullshit the moment you came out twirling around, and throwing all that damn shade at Kenya! !!! So Mrs Leakes you might wanna have a side of sit your ass down with that tea hun! !!!Smooches

    February 10 at 11:50am  / 
  37. KerriB 

    Nene I use to be all about your come up, but it’s clear that the money and fame has clearly gotten to your head.Your starting to come off really hypocritical. You feel like you the head and want to be the center of attention. It seems like every since you’ve had the plastic surgery and weight loss you are very mean, but always call the other girls mean. Example season 1 and 2 if people can remember and season 3 your were really self conscious about the way you looked, stayed talking about Kim and her wig( now all you rock is wigs), talked about sharee too because she was the pretty one, it’s just like you don’t want anybody else to out do you or come up on the show but you. And it’s clear you don’t like Kandi, every chance you get you throw shade at her.( Oh she’s the real “Rich Bitch”)she just ain’t country as hell, and throw it around so tacky)People are starting to see your real character. You wanted all the attention at the party flouncing around like a 40 yr old man in that lingerie. Basically come back to earth, because when you fall your not going to know what to do. It’s so embarrassing that you lied about knowing Phadrea, and also your blood sister. Please come out of La la land

    February 10 at 11:53am  / 
  38. icebergslim 

    Everyone, it is not that serious. I like making a statement about this nonsense, but it is not real. Remember, NeNe brought up all the nasty questions because she and the others are MAKING TV. The scene was set for all of this. I am not trippin’ on the fight or any of it, because to an extent it was staged. And that is why the ratings are so high, because everyone has an opinion on a staged, making reality tv, that really is not real. NeNe and the rest won’t dispute this. This is how they keep their name out there, keep a following out there, get lucrative deals because of this, and keep the ratings/advertisement for this show of BRAVO’s lucrative. Don’t get mad, etc., just understand that the bottom line is to have viewers and that will be at any COST.

    February 10 at 11:54am  / 
    • caking1234 

      I agree WE have the choice to not watch this show that rewards black people acting a fool! This is Black History Month Bravo the Slave Master can care less! This is so sad!

      February 10 at 1:56pm  / 
  39. April55 

    Nene you’re a real piece of work. You started all of this!!! I’ll be glad when all of you’re cast mates really stand up to you and call you out…I use to like you,since you started making a little bit of money, you became a ghetto snob….I hope the money last because your fame is dying down…people will eventually get tired of your mess!!!!!!!

    February 10 at 11:55am  / 
  40. voice_of_reason 




    February 10 at 11:55am  / 
    • icebergslim 

      LOL, NeNe ain’t going no where.

      February 10 at 11:57am  / 
      • Carla Anthony Jamison 

        Girl boo…

        February 10 at 11:58am  / 
        • icebergslim 

          OK, NeNe ain’t goin NO WHERE. It will take a real GOLDEN opportunity for her not to be on that show any longer. Right now it keeps her money train coming in with money opportunities. For that, she is very smart to stay put and act like she is the QUEEN BEE of that show.

          February 10 at 11:59am  / 
          • ClubQBall 

            You can’t speak intelligent discourse into narrow-minds that won’t hear. I give you much respect for seeing it how it REALLY is …

            The rest of these folks? They think it’s “real” life.

            February 10 at 1:54pm
      • voice_of_reason 

        Laugh all you want…see what happens…



        February 10 at 12:00pm  / 
        • icebergslim 

          You think TV is the only thing that PAYS?? NeNe is involved in a lot of other opportunities and right now is into a clothing line. I am sure other acting opportunities will come about because she is a trained actress, but NeNe is the one who will leave RHOA when she is good and ready, not the other way around.

          February 10 at 12:02pm  / 
          • voice_of_reason 

            Money isn’t everything baby…especially when you snort it all up your nostrils. Nene isn’t smart enough to make it last. If she was, she would realize that her “handlers” need to be fired and her “stock” is plummeting…

            February 10 at 12:11pm
          • NoTeaNoShade 

            Sure. Nene doesn’t need RHOA. Of course not. Let’s see about that in a few years.

            February 10 at 8:16pm
        • voice_of_reason 

          People might like “messy” for a while, but “messy” gets old REAL QUICK. Just ask them “Flava of Love” girls….#15MinutesAreUp

          February 10 at 12:06pm  / 
          • icebergslim 

            That is why you use your 15 minutes to your advantage and be ready to move on. If anyone on reality tv is not using their limited fame to their advantage, that is on them for not having a good business manager and agent.

            February 10 at 12:09pm
          • KristenN 

            I dont think that Nene should be gotten rid of. Yes, she stirred the pot and based her questions around the drama that was going on, but if Cynthia and Kenya hadn’t made comments about Natalie and Christopher or Kandi and Todd to the other ladies, there wouldn’t have been any dramatic questions for her to create. Point the finger at where it should be. “Dont back peddle now”

            February 10 at 1:11pm
    • Carla White 

      Go drink. Nene is the Grand Dame, how about you stop watchin and do us all a favor. Hush!!!!

      February 10 at 12:04pm  / 
      • voice_of_reason 


        February 10 at 12:07pm  / 
    • princesspr 

      Oh, please…just stop…stop it! Please the other HW series are just the same and to imply that RHOA is the worst is just amusing. Oh, by the way NeNe is going no where; so bye to you not watching Sunday nights.

      February 10 at 1:01pm  / 
    • caking1234 

      I agree 100% with you. The only way we can get Bravo/Andy’s attention is to stop watching this train wreck. However I do not believe NeNe will be dismissed from RHOA. We help create this ungrateful bitch. It is so obvious Bravo/ Andy only cares about rating. As long as she can bring the ratings she will be there. I also believe in the future a list of other opportunities will look the other way. They will not want to associate or align themselves with such ghetto trash! Over time this will fade, but not forgotten. This will always be a part of NeNe resume!

      February 10 at 2:30pm  / 
  41. cway01 

    Nene its easy for you to say he didnt grab her aggressively because it wasnt done to you. As a woman you should put yourself in her situation of the fact that he grabbed her…period and point blank. Its funny how you dont see the energy that you set the whole night off with from the start. Thats what stirred the pot. Chistophers wife was obviously feeling some kind of way about what was said and as adults that you all claim to be should of addressed it as adults one on one… point blank period! #noshade!

    February 10 at 11:55am  / 
  42. Carla Anthony Jamison 

    I believe that we as adults know what will get someone turnt up and what will not. It was too close a confined space for all of the shade being thrown and clearly people being nosy and wanting to see black people come out of character. Everyone should grow up and learn to communicate verbally and not physically.

    February 10 at 11:57am  / 
  43. Carla White 

    This get-together was explained what it was for and everyone would participate, Nene was herself even when Kenya showed up late .If your that late stay home.! Every adult there got heated after Kenya and B. showed there ass. And that was that. Everybody needs to appolagize for something!

    February 10 at 11:58am  / 
    • britt imjustbeinghonest 

      who cares if they were late? shit happens.. Nene was talking to her like that was her daughter or something. Nene needs to be stopped and thats all to it.. Who she think she is??

      February 10 at 12:09pm  / 
      • KristenN 

        The reason why it was a big deal for Kenya to be late is because Kenya jumped crazy with all the ladies who were late for the bus to go to Savannah. Stuff does happen, but when you dont extend that same courtesy to others, its easy for them to highlight your flaws. Nene was the orchestrated the event so the least Kenya (and anyone who is late to any event for that matter) could have done was sent a text to give a heads up. Its just courtesy.

        February 10 at 1:07pm  / 
  44. daniterese1 

    Apollo is no kinda man to be raising two young sons. He still a damn child himself. He needs to have several seats, grab a pen and paper, and take some notes from Peter and Todd.

    February 10 at 12:02pm  / 
    • icebergslim 

      He is about to go back to prison, so it does not matter.

      February 10 at 12:03pm  / 
  45. britt imjustbeinghonest 

    Nene your ugly ass always starting shit.. Thats why i cant stand you or cynthia scary following ass. You try to bully everybody and just cant take when somebody step up to your big ass.. Kenya aint do nothing wrong this time and you need to step up for starting all this shit at your wack ass pillow talk party. Team Kenya all day and fuck Nene.. Finally found someone who aint scared of you huh? Even if Kenya got up, so what. No man should’ve touched her. Period. For you to sit there and lie in her face talking about aint nobody touch her, makes you a lying ass bitch.. Team kandi and Phaedra. The 2 realist on the show.. You know better than to get out of line with them two.. Kandi was not wrong. Cynthia need to sit her skinny ass down somewhere and keep kissing your ass before Kandi kick her ass.. And im just being honest big man…

    February 10 at 12:03pm  / 
    • icebergslim 

      Is name calling necessary? This statement is totally unwarranted. Bad taste.

      February 10 at 12:06pm  / 
      • britt imjustbeinghonest 

        Hell yeah its very much necessary… And it’s bad taste for you to comment on what I say when it’s my opinion.. Do you know Nene ? Is that your fam? Like i said she a big man and im just being honest… next…

        February 10 at 12:11pm  / 
        • icebergslim 

          I don’t know NeNe, but calling someone out of their name is shabby chic and thanks for letting us read how shabby you are. You can make your point by not being ignorant. Have a good day!!! and NEXT…

          February 10 at 12:14pm  / 
          • britt imjustbeinghonest 

            now im calling u out your name dumb bitch… hop off…. like i said before… shabby your ass off my comment

            February 10 at 12:30pm
        • ClubQBall 

          ‘Bout the only “dumb bitch” on here is your garanimal-lookin’, ticvkle-me-Elmo, uneducated ass. Where DID you go to school, heifa???

          February 10 at 1:56pm  / 
          • britt imjustbeinghonest 

            who u talking to? me or the dumb ass girl on my comment? i dont do the internet beef.. get yo life if that was for me

            February 10 at 4:19pm
          • britt imjustbeinghonest 

            you hoes need to find something better to do than argue with me about my opinion and that last comment was corny as hell… lol

            February 10 at 4:21pm
  46. voice_of_reason 


    February 10 at 12:19pm  / 
    • NoTeaNoShade 

      She had that opportunity for weeks. Nene is stuckup and isn’t apologizing anytime soon.

      February 10 at 8:04pm  / 
  47. GirlBye 

    Nene…you set the stage for this drama and it really makes you look bad that you won’t offer ANY type of apology to the ladies/guys at the pillow talk party AND that you expected to receive and apology from anyone else is RIDICULOUS!

    Everyone should offer an apology for their part in the fight:
    Nene- You should apologize bcuz u stirred the pot, you were too crunk (or drunk) as the hostess which added fuel, you didn’t ask Christopher to take his seat, you brought up questions that were still too fresh and raw too discuss, you blamed Kenya for getting up from her seat and we ALL know you would have done the same thing.
    Cynthia – She should apologize for digging up dirt on Todd from Natalie, telling everyone on the bus that same gossip, getting in Kandi’s personal space waving her hands and loud talking when she sees its too emotional for that non-sense.
    Christopher – Should apologize for lying to his wife/girlfriend, getting up from his seat at the Pillow talk party, grabbing Kenya by the arm and for not telling Natalie to shut her mouth when he’s already handling the situation.
    Peter – should apologize for coming up in Todd’s face when he wasn’t there to hear what was going on and for gettin’ buck with Todd and Kandi. (He looked drunk anyway…)
    Apollo – Just needs to go to jail already.
    Mallorie – Should apologize because she pushed Todd and Kandi. (This wasn’t her fight and there were too many ppl involved already). She was just trying to get some camera time and she agitated the situation further. (Never push a man unless you’re prepared to get pushed back.) Someone should beat her ass just because…
    Natalie – Should apologize because she knew all the time she wasn’t married to Chris…yet instigating mess anyway
    Todd – Already man’d up and apologized
    Kandi – Already woman’s up and apologized
    Did I miss anybody?!? Lmao!

    February 10 at 12:21pm  / 
    • icebergslim 

      LOL!!!! A good read.

      February 10 at 12:22pm  / 
  48. princesspr 

    NeNe…first of all I have always liked you and respected the Brand you have created. However, you must own the fact the ENTIRE situation was NOT Kenya fault and for you to say that it was — is sad. You DID NOT address the behavior of the following people:
    1) Apollo
    2) Christopher
    3) Natalie
    4) Peter
    5) Cynthia
    6) Malorie
    7) Kandi

    I am sure you have watched the tape and you were wrong, Christopher did touch Kenya which was wrong…no matter if it was aggressive or not. Also, please do not continue to say that Greg would not have gotten up if Christopher would have touch you…..because Hunti you know good and well that is not true.

    Love you and continue to do you …..and I will continue to be your #1 supporter!

    February 10 at 12:50pm  / 
  49. KristenN 

    I’ve been tweeting my opinions on last night so I’m glad to post them here. 1. The questions that Nene had were pressing the issues BUT, if you make statements about someone’s relationships as Kenya did, be woman enough to repeat them. If they hadn’t given Nene the fuel for the questions, they wouldnt have happened. 2. Christopher Williams did get out of his seat and he did touch Kenya. However, when he stood, he did not bombrush her or anything. He just got up and walked closer to her. Also, when he grabbed her arm, I dont think it was with any malicious intent. He did grab it and because Kenya already felt attacked from Nene not praising her for showing up, she made a scene. 3. As far as Kandi and Natalie go, thats Cynthia’s fault. Cynthia is the one that insinuated that Todd was an opportunist and the one that actually used that term. Natalie did not say that he was and has been honest about that point the whole time, but her “friend” Cynthia just wont own up to her part in it. Cynthia did hop in Kandi’s face and start the hand waving which caused Kandi to “turn up”. 4. Malorie pushed the hell outta Todd and Kandi so I completely understand why an already defensive Kandi took it there. 5. I’m not completely sure why Apollo flew off the handle like he did, but that’s not a reason to instantly start bringing up his past as far as being in prison. Not ok.

    All in all, Kandi tried to apologize and Cynthia didn’t seem like she was having it but oh well. Kandi’s not going to bend over and kiss Cynthia’s behind when she (Cynthia) is the author of the whole thing with Todd. Kenya refuses to see how she made a mountain out of the molehill and well, that’s Kenya so who is surprised. Phaedra apologized for her man and thats all good. Porsha was correct when she said that everyone just needs to identify where they are responsible, apologize for it, and move on.

    Love Nene, love the show and all of the cast members… Hope Brandon doesn’t get tainted by Kenya and press charges on Apollo.


    February 10 at 1:00pm  / 
    • TerriH 

      Right! Someone who actually saw it for what it really was!

      February 10 at 1:13pm  / 
    • Torreyk 

      Yes I totally agree with everything you said. This stew been brewing since Kenya and Cynthia decided to open their mouth. I honestly don’t believe that Christopher wife said anything bad about Todd. NeeNee just put it in a bowl and served it to them.

      February 10 at 2:31pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      1. Kenya has repeated it over and over again. She also posted an interview Christopher did just this past summer here he stated he was NOT married. Kenya brought it up because she was bragging on her long term marriage….ummm but she is NOT married…Kenya was setting the record straight! 2.Christopher got out of his seat and began to insult Kenya. She did NOT have to sit there and take it! Nene, Cynthia and others walk up/charge up/run up to people all the time to address them face to face….but when Kenya does it…there is a problem…she should have stayed in her seat…NO! Christopher’s lying ass should have told his wife…Oh yes, I told Kenya were not married. PERIOD!…You can have 3 and 4!

      February 10 at 6:15pm  / 
      • KristenN 

        Addressing someone is not insulting them. When you put your mouth against someone’s relationship, you have to be ready for the backlash. You cant get all defensive and emotional when people call you out on your bull. Kenya had already stated her opinion on Christopher and Natalie’s “marriage”. If she didnt want to set the party off, she should have stayed completely out of it. Whether or not they are married is irrelevant to everything. Kenya is trying to get pregnant by someone she dont know because her “African prince” who no one has ever seen is on the other side of the world. That should be her focus.

        February 10 at 7:40pm  / 
  50. TerriH 

    It is so unbelievable how many are taking up for Kenya when she clearly started this whole mess. May I remind u how disrespectful Kenya was to Christopher’s wife on an earlier episode stating that she wasn’t his real wife and saying things that did not even concern her….very hurtful things. Regardless whether the things she said was true or not she should not have approached his wife that way. Kenya is always behaving this way….putting her nose where it doesnt belong and stirring the pot when it doesnt even benefit her.
    So at the pillow talk gathering, yes it should have been left up
    Christopher and his wife to address Kenya on this nonsense. I don’t believe Nene should be the one to blame for the whole blow up. Chris did get out of his seat but he dis not charge towards Kenya however when Kenya stood she immediately started in his wife’s direction. He had every right to stop her. If my man doesnt stop someone charging towards me then we have a problem. He did grab her arm but I didnt think it was done aggressively. Kenya is a drama queen and blows everything out of proportion. She also feels that its ok for her to do certain things or behave how she wants but when someone else does the same…its an issue! For instance, the trip the girls took to Savannah. Kenya made such a huge deal out of the
    other women being late when she wasn’t even over the trip but its
    ok that she be late to Nene’s party and give a lil sorry excuse about Brandon’s flight. She’s just plain crazy and all about herself. She owes an apology to Chris and his wife and to Nene for ruining her party. Brandon got knocked around all because of his friend’s foolishness so she was right to apologize to him. So in closing Nene should take 10% of the blame and Kenya should take the other 90%. Point blank period!

    February 10 at 1:09pm  / 
  51. dhaniboy 

    I dont know about ya’ll but it sounded like gay bashing to me. Yea words are words but you have to think about the context in which they were used..and it definitely wasn’t used as a term of endearment

    February 10 at 1:10pm  / 
    • KristenN 

      Out of all of the gay guys on the show that Nene herself associates with, all of a sudden she’s gay bashing? No! It was Brandon bashing if anything, not against the whole gay community. The bottom line is that no one initially has an issue with Brandon, he was just an accessory to Kenya’s mess so he is not hated because of his friendship with her. Which I’m not saying that that is right, but hey, it is what it is.

      February 10 at 1:16pm  / 
      • dhaniboy 

        A lot of people try to cover up things by saying “oh i have gay friends” and so on and so forth. But im almost positive when she speaks about Ryan Murphy, she dont refer to him as a Queen..Or even Andy Cohen for that matter.. she made those statements to belittle him, basically trying to decribe him as something less than a man. Theres a lot of things she could have said about Brandon but she attacked his sexually.. sounds like gay bashing to me

        February 10 at 4:59pm  / 
        • KristenN 

          It was out of anger. She wouldnt call those stated queens because they’ve never jumped up in arms to fight and be dramatic in a queenly fashion. I get it, he was defending his friend. Completely honorable, but because he is gay, it looks different on him than it would on say, Apollo. I dont think she was bashing him, Im not saying that she was right. All I’m saying is that there were big issues at the party and this was not one of them.

          February 10 at 7:44pm  / 
  52. LiLi Ro 

    I think we all need to look at the big picture here….Nene initial nastiness to Kenya was for the hold up with shooting the scene….they are all under contract and are to be available for certain scenes…Nene was upset because Kenya’s delay…held them over for taping. The show’s writers, wrote the questions….and as knowledgeable participants im sure they were aware of content of the original questions prior to attending. Like everyone has stated…prior to the altercation…they were having a good time….From what I saw….Christopher…like him or not…stood in front of the whole group…to address the allegations brought forth by Kenya….Not in front of Kenya and did not charge her personal space. Instead of addressing Christopher….who at this point Kenya’s real issue should be with….she wanted to get in Natalie’s face…for what? Christopher…was wrong for grabbing her arm…but let that have been any one of us…we would have wanted to same from our significant others too….Its a double edge sword…I understand Brandon being defensive about Kenya….but I think it was very extra and over the top….Nene was the host (probably the doing of the show) and i guess someone has to take the blame. I think the big picture is how much of this was planted by the show….I believe the reactions where genuine but i do believe the show had more to do with the tone…than the make believe host….Remember the true host of this whole thing…is Bravo!

    February 10 at 1:14pm  / 
    • KristenN 

      Love it! Very true. Look at all of us getting all worked up and spending our valuable time commenting on this blog. Thats what Bravo wants.. Thats how they make their money. I dont mind being a pawn, lol, especially to this show.. At least I’m entertained.

      February 10 at 1:18pm  / 
      • ClubQBall 


        February 10 at 1:57pm  / 
    • CocoDeGirl 

      So well said, I wish more people had the clarity and insight like you.

      February 10 at 5:36pm  / 
    • NoTeaNoShade 

      Nene has been late on numerous occasions so what now? Because you’re Nene Leakes, your time is more important than others. Oh please. Stop making excuses for her. She’s a hypocrite.

      February 10 at 8:03pm  / 
  53. slim 

    As far as I’m concerned concerning yesterday’s show I didn’t like how Nene put all the blame on Kenya. It wasn’t even her fault at all. Chris did the same thing Kenya did by standing up from their sits he even went as far as putting his hand on Kenya but you never blamed him. I feel Brandon should do the right thing sue Apollo probably Pheadra will come to her sense and apologize. Kandi and Kenya keeps me watching the show and sometimes Nene but you are getting so dry now and loosing fans guess you need to check yourself up and correct what you are wrong.

    February 10 at 1:53pm  / 
  54. pinky 

    Fisis: /fi-sis/ (n) tightly rolled hands used for striking queens and “queens.” Ex: “It ain’t about getting all crunk wit no fisis and stuff.” #neneleakes Gotta love her!

    February 10 at 1:58pm  / 
  55. amanda 


    February 10 at 2:55pm  / 
  56. Torreyk 

    What is gay bashing?

    February 10 at 2:57pm  / 
  57. necipearl 

    if Kenya would of just stayed in her seat things wouldn’t have popped off like it did!!nene was the host so she got to ask the questions!!she did not know or think that her “pillow talk”was going to turn out like that.she invited ADULTS not kids!she has every right to be Cynthia-the episode when she was talking to christophers wife-all honesty I think she was looking out for kandi with all of the rumors that was going around about todd.but she should have took another approach when she was explaining herself to kandi-she was definitely wrong.and mel need to have a seat because she was wrong as well,cuz she have done some effed up stuff herself.and Cynthia I did not like how u accepted kandis apology even though u did it was down right for Kenya-she is too messy and I honestly don’t know why she was asked to be on the show when she is not from Atlanta anyway.she don’t know when to shut up.kandi-yea she went off and I would have too if I got people in my face and then to top it off she get pushed by someone who is not on the show-yea I would have done the same dam thing.she apologized for it.poscha-i did hear her tell Christopher not to get out of his seat.and she did right to leave.phedra-she did right to apologize for her husbands actions cause he was dead wrong!and both need to apologize to Brandon as well.everybody was protecting somebody and he got the bad end of it.Nene u still a great host and u still my fav regardless.

    February 10 at 3:20pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      How about starting out your paragraph with if Christopher had just stayed in his seat?

      February 10 at 6:22pm  / 
  58. Knapturally Me 

    Ne Ne, I agree with you and how you saw things. But I think there’s more that needs to be done. I think everyone owes the 6 people that did not get involved in that mess an apology (Mynique, her hubby, your other girlfriend, Porscha, her sister, and Greg). Kenya needs to apologize as well because she got things started by being MESSY and STIRRING the pot on the way to the wine-tasting and again at the wine-tasting. She had to answer for that. Brandon wanted more TV time and got surprised how he got it. If he hadn’t jumped up like he was going to whip someone, he wouldn’t have gotten trashed on national TV. I do think that you calling him a Queen was too nice. You owe Miss Lawrence and Derek J both apologies because they are true Queens and know how to werk it. Brandon is a little bixxx. What he did is what a bixxx would do. One last thing before I go, people need to understand that people can be asked any question under the sun, but its up to the person being asked to decide how to respond. Clearly poor decisions were made at your party.

    February 10 at 3:53pm  / 
  59. Aries777 

    In most of not all forums of adult discussions, debates, team-building etc. etc., there is almost always an appointed Facilitator and Ground Rules established at the beginning. Ok Nene, I totally agree that adults SHOULD know how to behave themselves. However, by default, you were the Facilitator and in hind sight, you should have taken control from the time Christopher stood up — you should have asked him to sit down. It should not be intimidating but it was, knowing the tension that was building and a man standing to make his point in a roomful of women. Likewise, Kenya, should have been also asked to sit down. What’s done is done and you cannot change it but for future reference, maybe you and another cast member could attempt to be proactive rather than reactive. Can’t say it made good TV but there is always room for improvement. Not beating up on you or anyone but just sharing my opinion. Stay Positive! This is a test so that the next time you’ll be prepared. BTW — please also give Cynthia, Peter, & Mallory a reality check — If no one else — you can.

    February 10 at 3:57pm  / 
  60. Prince Jarvis 

    Thanks Nene, for always keeping it real!!! I have no comments because you covered everything.

    February 10 at 4:21pm  / 
  61. angsetgood 

    Please nene do not insult our intelligence with your wack ass stressed blog.YOUR WRONG AND OWE EVERYONE AN took you to watch yourself on tv to apologise! How classy of someone who is always beating off their gums about what is right and wrong. If I recall you was on the wendy william show where she told you to be careful with kenya otherwise she will bring you down, guess what it is happening right now and kenya aint even tried to bring you down, your persistant shade has. Every fan that is saying you did not do wrong is a complete misguided and uneducated DICKHEAD.As for cynthia I do not understand why ppl are suprised. ..this is the same woman that chooses to let her man disrespect her family. #nobehaviour #failyourmother. Infact if anything natalie should be telling cynthia that Peter is an opportunist. Nene has hindered her success simply because what bravo finds as a selling point ( nenes shade ) glee or new normal do not nor other business ventures.

    February 10 at 4:32pm  / 
  62. London brown 

    Christopher did not touch Kenya aggressively although Kenya snatched away and I guarantee if any of you were in that situation you might have done the same thing. NeNe has no control over adults or any situation especially when people are under the influence. What makes their situation so different from any of what most of you been in besides all of them have COINS!!!! Brandon is a QUEEN!!! He run his mouth to much and finally someone taught his ass a lesson so whoever said NeNe was gay bashing save that for the birds and twirl because we all know NeNe love us GAYS!!

    February 10 at 7:21pm  / 
  63. happyjoy 

    Been your behaviour was off. All of you acted like you were children. First of all you started this crap. Secondly Christopher williams approached Kenya first and no matter what is going on never should he have put his hands on her. Apollo needed to go to jail for his assault on that man. Peter was aggressive towards Brandon as well as Kandi and Todd. Cynthia needs to talk less with her hands and respect people personal space. She also needs to stop being messy right along with you and pheadra. I was a huge fan of yours since the first season. I feel like money has changed you and quite frankly I don’t like the person you have become. You put on airs as if everyone is beneath you, let’s not forget where we came from. Humble yourself. Is this really the behaviour you want your glam baby to take part in? I am no longer a NENE FAN…..Kandinsky needs to leave the show, she is better than all that trifling behaviour you housewives have going on.

    February 10 at 7:25pm  / 
  64. doogal 

    Nene unfortunately for you this is the time that the old adage applies that just because you say something over and over doesn’t make it true and this definitely applies to you. Kenya was not at fault for standing up I have seen you when you were divorcing Gregg and he stood up get up and walk across your kitchen to lay him out, holler in his face and give him a piece of your mind. Why is it that everything you do doesn’t count but when someone else does it, you say it was their fault. I have seen you go after Kim like you were going to skin her alive, get in her face, holler move her back, everything but pimp slap her but this was not the case with Kenya. She had a grown man who we all saw put his hands on her and she did nothing wrong. No this time you may as my Mother said win the battle but lose the war if you don’t find it in yourself to own up this being your fault. Stop trying to shove it down Kenya’s fault and apologize to Brandon. I think you will find that if you don’t public opinion is going to dry up your money sources fast. Remember we the public have a very short term memory we love our fabulous people but we are quick to knock them off their pedestal when our fabulous people are wrong. Look at Justin Bieber as an example or Chris Brown. It’s your move now how you want your career to end. Kandi although wrong too can always write behind the scenes and she will have her royalties for her songs long after she is gone but you will need to continue to be in the eyes of the public why not do it loved as you were in the past? Apologize and own it.

    February 10 at 7:26pm  / 
  65. CAliQueen 

    Nene no one but Kenya can testify to the to grip Christopher Williams had on her arm but if you ask me it looked like a pretty tight aggressive grip. Either way, both Kenya and Christopher misinterpreted each others actions. And you my dear are biased based on the fact that you cannot stand Kenya.

    February 10 at 7:26pm  / 
  66. NoTeaNoShade 

    Nene Leaks, where do I start? What sort of apology was that? Was that even an apology? You were honestly one of my favorite housewives, particularly when you were successful (Glee and The New Normal) and you calmed down and let everyone else shine, but now, you’re just nasty.

    What is your problem with Kenya? She is extra, but so are you! She’s late, but so are you! Were you ever on time to Kandi’s functions? Ever? You don’t like Kenya because she won’t fall in line like the rest of your puppets. I have never seen such a WEAK display as when I watched that last episode. Kandi Buress is probably the only one outside of Kenya who doesn’t put up with your BS and you know better than to come for Kandi: that’s why y’all are not friends. She wasn’t in your wedding and you’ll never be in hers because she doesn’t like you; she tolerates you, and Kandi is probably the realest person on that show.

    Kenya is shady–we all know this–but back to the issue at hand: YOU WERE WRONG. You were wrong on so many levels. You were wrong for being a 1) hater to Kenya 2) nasty to Kenya as soon as she arrived 3) drunk/drugged 4) starting mess by asking shady questions 5)being a hypocrite by not calling out Chris and Apollo and Peter but blaming one woman who got out of her seat to confront the lady yelling accusations from across the room and egging her husband on like he was her shield 6) not taking responsibility 7) calling Brandon and queen and not even mentioning how unfair it was for Apollo to attack him 8) being unapologetic in this blog. I mean, who do you think you are? Invincible? Infallible?

    You’re Nene Leakes, the woman who shouldn’t have been cast on RHOA but got a break because you knew the casting director and they liked your attitude. You were not rich, but your personality made you successful. You were not dirty or nasty and most times, you were right. Even when you were wrong, it was funny so I dismissed it in a way as good TV. But this. Come on, Nene. A blind person could see this is not all on Kenya. And the fact that you are here writing blogs telling your fans to use Visine to get the red out of their eyes: you must me out of your mind. WE made you famous! WE keep your checks coming. And honestly, I’m one of the “WE” who are just about sick of your nasty attitude. This isn’t the first time you’ve done something nasty to a cast mate–let’s remember how shady you were with Kenya’s apartment/new house and with Porsha’s new house too. It’s as if you can no longer be happy over anyone’s successes since you’re no longer on TV. And keep talking about how BRAVO is making it look a certain way for TV. I’m waiting for BRAVO to get sick of your attitude just like the rest of your fans are. Take heed. The nastiness has to stop.

    A Pissed Off RHOA fan

    February 10 at 8:02pm  / 
    • NoTeaNoShade 

      Also, how come you never mentioned Brandon’s cracked rib? I mean, what did Brandon do to you except be a “queen/girlfriend?” Hmm? #Ridiculous If you can’t see that you are mostly at fault despite the majority of people telling you that, something is seriously wrong with you.

      February 10 at 8:09pm  / 
      • NancyL 

        Because he did not tell her about his cracked ribs he told Kenya. Plus Nene never said Apollo was not wrong she just said it would not have gone that far if Kenya had not jumped up to go after that lady.

        February 11 at 12:47am  / 
    • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

      I AGREE 100%!!!

      February 10 at 8:25pm  / 
  67. Simply_Sharon 

    First let me say I have been a fan since day one – I love you tenacity, drive and determination. I find nothing wrong with you being proud of all that you have accomplished – I say you’ve earned it and it’s your to show. You were 100% correct Kenya initiated the entire ordeal – she is very messy and quite frankly doesn’t fit. She’s a liar! However, I would like to add that while it appears that you , Kandi and Phadrea don’t mesh it is my opinion that you all are THE ONLY POWERFUL HOUSES on the show and you all should support on another (without the shade) because I think you all would be amazed at the power moves you all would be able to capitalize on. Continue to stay true to who you are -Continue Blessings ….

    February 10 at 8:14pm  / 
    • Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

      I would like you to name one instance where Kenya lied?

      February 10 at 8:22pm  / 
  68. Spoiledwife Gelzhiser 

    Christopher should have NEVER been allowed to raise up out of his seat and go toward Kenya who was sitting in a relaxed position next to Brandon talking any kind of mess. He should have been made to sit his behind down like everyone else before they continued. Nobody except Portia asked HIM to sit back down. As a woman, if any person is approaching me spewing insults you will NOT do it standing over me, so Kenya was RIGHT to stand up as well. Meanwhile Miss Natalie decided to get some heart from her seat as Christopher was talking and began to taunt Kenya and that is when Kenya began walking toward her and Chris grabbed Kenya’s arm ROUGHLY to stop her advancing toward Natalie, and Ne Ne watch the tape and if you can’t see that then YOU need the damn visine!! Stop here for a minute. First…NO man should EVER put his hands on a woman in ANY sense. Everyone is saying Chris was justified in stopping Kenya from getting to Natalie. I say NOT SO. If Natalie sitting over there with all that damn mouth, she should have enough ass to back it up!! That situation quickly became an issue between Kenya and Natalie and with Chris stepping in he became a bitch in my eyes. Brandon was absolutely correct to step in and tell Chris “don’t put your hands on her!” (AND by the way did you all see the interview Kenya blogged with Chris ADMITTING that he WAS NOT MARRIED???!!!) Anyhoo….Second…Old ass Peter…when you breaking up a fight you don’t go over pushing the hell out of people, you get in between them and separate. You went aggressive and pushed Brandon like you wanted to fight him and when he came at you, here comes criminal ass Apollo like a damn raging bull. All down hill. Brandon got all that mess defending the honor of a woman. Kenya keeps it 100% and NONE of these ladies can dispute it or catch her in a lie or some mess and it KILLS them and that’s why they hate her. She is beautiful, rich, and let their insults roll off like water on a ducks back and they CONSTANTLY try to break her and she WON’T. If she can keep going on after the abandonment from her mother, do you REALLY think losing these FAKE ASS FRIENDS is going to stop her flow. NEVER. She has proven who she is and her work speaks for her. As far as Cynthia short and sweet, she will always be Ne Ne’s cheerleader right or wrong, and her and Peter know how to speak/lie quick to get themselves out of mess. LOL. Kandi had no reason to apologize for how she acted because seems to me Cynthia, Mallory, and Peter were the aggressors in the situation and just got something they weren’t expecting from it. But Kandi did the classy thing and apologized even though she didn’t get the apology she deserved in return. And yet again, the shit starter in that situation was Natalie (fake wife of Christopher Williams…or as he said in his interview, the “special lady” in his life). Phaedra Parks and Apollo…Brandon had enough compassion NOT to put Apollo ass in jail because of your kids so the RIGHT thing to do WOULD be to send him an apology…DON’T you think so MS. QUEEN of CLASS and Mr. Presidents mother???!!!!! I know you got a lot on your mind with Apollo’s Fed cases coming up but it don’t take much to send a card. And last, Ne Ne Leakes…I have watched you from day one, cheered for you, laughed with you, saw you as an inspiration to me as I too am striving to be a success in life. and now I am very disappointed in the woman I see on TV that seems like a conniving, manipulating, heartless, bitch. I can’t believe how much fame has changed you for the worst. Yes you are still getting attention, but negative attention. You even spit out venom toward the gay community by calling Brandon a Queen and NOT as a term of endearment, but as an insult. Just as we women know if we are being called a bitch as in “hey bitch” in greeting, or “you shady bitch!” in insult. You know we are much smarter than that. Come on Bravo….Time for Ne Ne to take a back seat for a little while and humble herself for a little while and bring some of the others to the fore front.

    February 10 at 8:16pm  / 
    • NaturalLee 

      You said a mouthful! Love it! I especially agree with what you said about Kenya. And I’ll even add that look at all she’s accomplished despite her mother not even acknowledging her! She pushed on and made it regardless. No she is not perfect, but she should be applauded for that alone, at least. However, I don’t expect any one of the others to do that, because when you are among people who are out of your league, jealousy always rears its ugly head.

      February 10 at 10:24pm  / 
  69. Hottopics50 

    Every person in that room was an adult.Had that have been me ,and I seen where or what this was leading up to,I would have simply took my man by the hand and said not into this we are gone.Did anyone do that ? NO! So to me the people that is putting the blame on NENE need to really look at the big picture. Every single one wanted to know something about the the whole clan,or what was true and what was not.Think about it.Everyone has there own mind,and I don’t think that they could be told what to do by Mrs. Leakes. Team keep It real!

    February 10 at 8:17pm  / 
  70. Zikeya real Ga. Peach 

    Everyone on here had great comments but the truth is a lot of people watched this show and the cast don’t give a dam what anyone say they got paid checks was cut big time

    February 10 at 8:37pm  / 
  71. lillibird 

    Nene!! You have given me great joy these past few years girl! My mother passed a few months ago. I remember sitting on the couch a few weeks after everything was over- and I just couldn’t wait to catch up on my show! Nene- you just made me laugh laugh laugh! when I needed to. I will stand by you simply because you have been willing to share your life with us- your good times and bad. Thank you. You have been committed to entertaining us all. And You are so refreshing! One of favorite quotes of yours is about Kim- I would rather remove my toenails one by one and walk around in bloody sandals then ever be friends with Kim!!

    I’m Happy for your CONTINUED success. God bless you richly! Always give Him glory! Hugs to you!

    February 10 at 8:49pm  / 
  72. Kenisha 

    Nene, I see that you are a very selfish person. Why are you using Kenya as a scapegoat? If everyone was suppose to remain in their seat like you teaching something, then why didn’t you get mad at Chris for getting up to insult Kenya? You were very nasty towards her that evening. You were yelling all in her face like she was a child! Smh! If a man talked crazy to you like that you wouldn’t just sit there and take it either! You wouldn’t remain classy for sure! Especially with your big loud mouth and bullying ways! You were wrong for putting Porsha on blast too! You say that you didn’t write the questions… however, you had a mouth to tell the producers or whoever that you knew that sick game would stir up trouble! But you’re a real good judge of character huh? Btw, Brandon did not deserve what happen to him.

    February 10 at 9:01pm  / 
  73. Tonya Person 

    NeNe must think we are all stupid. Ok, I actually believe you when you say you didn’t come up with the questions in the game. THOSE questions however weren’t what started the fight. You went away from the questions/game and asked Christopher and Kenya to talk about the drama of his “common law wife”. So, don’t try to divert our attention. YOU brought that up, everyone was FINE with the questions (that someone else wrote). That wasn’t an issue, no one stood up to fight during the actual game! So stop it! 90% of the viewers can’t be wrong! Even your own fans say you are wrong and people that hate Kenya say you are wrong. You are sad!

    February 10 at 9:10pm  / 
  74. NaturalLee 

    One thing I’ve learned in my years on this earth is that when people get all worked up to express/defend themselves in a manner that brings their character into question, they actually look worse than they would have had they just been more humble and willing to see someone else’s side. The more you talked in this last episode, trying to throw the blame on Kenya, the more low class you appeared, and you lost another supporter in me. You had nothing to prove. You were THAT chick on the show. Nobody could touch you because you were there from day 1. But the more you came for Kenya, the more you seemed to come apart at the seams. And think about it: all of these people commenting, including myself, didn’t all talk to one another before we left these comments. How come we’re all saying the same thing? Because it’s obvious that your actions were inappropriate, that’s why.

    And Ms. Leakes, you DO get out of hand with other cast mates on the show. Many people have mentioned the incident with Kim on the bus, but I still haven’t forgotten how you got all up in Dwayne’s face a couple of seasons ago when you addressed him, at a party with other people around, regarding something having to do with borrowing money from your husband. You were totally out of control in that episode. Even my dad, who was visiting me at the time I was watching this episode said, “Damn, he looks like he’s scared of her.” Although you spoke to Dwayne after that, it’s obvious that you guys are no longer friends. I guess if you were in TOTAL control of the show, we wouldn’t see him at all. But he is a talented party planner and is now buddy-buddy with Phaedra. I know you hate seeing the two of them together because you can’t control their relationship. You see how things come back to haunt you?

    I also have not forgotten how you treated Star Jones and LaToya Jackson on “The Apprentice” a couple of years ago. You three were the only black females on the show, and what did you do? You did everything you could to belittle and berate them! I felt especially so sorry for Star.Jones by the way you continued to argue with her and follow behind her to keep the arguing up–all in front of the other cast members. I was truly embarrassed to watch your behavior then, as I am now. You have not changed. No matter where you go, you bring drama, and you help keep the stereotype alive about black women being loud, bossy and obnoxious. Good luck on your next venture. I truly hope it improves your image.

    February 10 at 9:54pm  / 
  75. jasknight 

    I saw that mess of a show but I waited until I was able to see the next episode before commenting. I had hoped that you would have come to your senses and apologized to Kenya and everyone else at your “party”. That was the worst party I have ever seen in my life. YOU were wrong for attacking Kenya from the moment she came to your door. That was rude and trifling. If you were really big and bad and keeping it real then you should have had Kenya leave and go back home. You did not. I guess you were keeping it real. Real dumb with that passive aggressive behavior. Also, the questions asked… whether you made them up or not – YOU should take responsibility for asking them. I can’t believe that you are as old as you are and you do not know how to behave. Furthermore, whether or not you feel as though Kenya should or should not have gotten out of her seat. Everyone else at the party has control over their own behavior. Kenya didn’t make Apollo act a fool. Kenya did not make those men all start arguing and fighting. Kenya did not make Kandi and Cynthia argue. Stop pointing the finger at other folks and turn it around to you. I am ashamed of you.

    February 10 at 10:14pm  / 
  76. _100 

    Nene you were gay bashing and this is why…

    Instead of pointing out that Brandon shouldn’t have come to Kenya’s defense based in the fact that she probably shouldn’t have walked over to the woman on the other side all you kept bringing attention to was the fact that he was wearing a “bright red gown” and that being a “a queen” he shouldn’t have approached other men…you didn’t ever say anything explicit which was smart on your part, but you attacked and berated him for his feminine qualities implying that of course he got his ass beaten because he’s a queen or whatever…you also disrespectfully referred to him as Kenya’s “girlfriend”, but I’m pretty sure he is a man so…

    The other thing is Apollo like many straight men when fighting gay men get away with it…none of you (at least of what was shown) held apollo accountable for the fact that he beat Brandon for no reason…I also don’t understand why you were so upset at Kenya for walking over to that girl…as crazy as she is she has never our her hands on anyone so he shouldn’t have grabbed her…walking across the room to clarify things isn’t illegal…but grabbing someone is.

    Nene don’t make us (the gay community) upset because it is us who support your career…as quickly as we helped you rise to he thrown, you can fall from it honey. I’d advise you to do better

    February 10 at 10:42pm  / 
    • NaturalLee 

      You mean the gay community isn’t ALREADY done with her? Uhm, if I remember correctly, she referred to Brandon as “Queen,” Kenya’s “girlfriend,” and “the one in the red gown,” in her onscreen direct commentary to the viewers on separate occasions. My point is that she was just spewing hate. She did not come across as emotional, and her negative gay slurs and comments were premeditated and thought out. Gay people have been beaten up and murdered based on the temperament that she displayed.

      Nene feels that she deserves to be where she is, and she doesn’t owe anyone else a thing for helping her get there. Even her blog at the top of this page is shady and disrespectful. It comes across as condescending and chastising toward anyone who doesn’t see things HER WAY. Good luck on waiting for Nene to show a better side. As always, it won’t last.

      February 10 at 11:07pm  / 
  77. NaturalLee 

    Hope no one here is still following her. Check out this link on what she really thinks of the common man and woman.

    February 11 at 12:01am  / 
  78. hd9178 

    Nene. I stand by you 100%. I too must keep it 100. Porsha tried to get Chris to sit down and chill out but, his wife stated that he needed to stand for this. That’s when the line was crossed. It was an attack on Kenya Party. I know you were mad about being late and I can understand that… but she didn’t deserve to be attacked right when she walked through the door. Then by Chris and his wife and so on. Please, Look at this from all side.. not just yours. I had to watch the show three times to make sure I saw what I saw. Again… I love you to death. You are my favorite on the show… but it was still a bit harsh – even if you don’t like Kenya as much any more.

    February 11 at 11:57am  / 
  79. purfection62 

    Nene first of all you were very harsh at Kenya from the beginning. She knocked at the door, you opened it and closed it right back at her face. Trust me a lot of people are very disappointed on you because you make partiality in the group. You showed it clearly that you don’t like Kenya. Let me tell you something Christopher stated on youtube clearly that he wasn’t married. You started the mess you need to apoligize too, you may have organized the pillow night but the show isn’t yours it’s BRAVO’s in case you forgot. Because I heard you told Kenya not to bring Brandon around anymore am pretty sure she never bring him at your house. Nene your conscience is dead and you are the worst unloyal person I have never seen, if you take Kenya responsible for everything. You should have taken the blame on you first for throwing Kenya under the bus. You said Kenya is showing her true colors you made a mistake you are showing your true colors so that people could stop appreciating you and don’t care about the show anymore cause of you. Oh yeah you went to a Therapist, for what? Nene please stop, remember where you were, I know you are very rich, buy yourself some humility and calm down, because it’s a beautiful thing to be humble, being arrogant and bossy is very ugly honey. I used to love you a lot but now …… disgusted.

    February 11 at 11:37pm  / 
  80. purfection62 

    One more thing you should have set your rule and ask everyone to remain seated. Even when Porsha asked Christopher to sit his forever girlfriend took over to say that: “no he’s gonna stand for this one”. Where were you? And now you are blaming on Kenya for standing. It doesn’t go like that girl, things have to be the same for everyone. Kenya was just walking quietly, Christopher grabs her arm. You have the gutts to say that he didn’t touch her. Are you freaking blind a…hole.

    February 11 at 11:43pm  / 
  81. Raven12 


    Hope you reading this. We are the people who made this happen for you, without your fans ….you’d be nothing. What a spunky, down to earth and real character you started out to be…but like all rising stars the fame went straight to your head, nose and stomach as these features changed with you. You’ve become insecure, nasty, bitter, jealous and I guess you playing the whole reality TV “queen” that you are very well. You attack your friends left right and centre…Did someone die and make you THE BOSS who everyone need to bow down too….TRHOA won’t last….neither will you. …keep on going to the bank boo ….. seeing that this makes you VERY happy and boastful.

    February 12 at 9:41am  / 
  82. Cl02 

    I don’t understand all of the horrible comments people are making. You have entertained us for years! I normally don’t comment but decided to try here as I have tried to post on Bravo for days! It’s almost as if it’s rigged. I don’t use foul language, nor have some of the filthy comments as some and I can’t get any of my comments posted on Bravo. You can see the same users that are attacking you posting over and over. It’s like they are blocking people that support you. That’s why I decided to try here. We are out here (your supporters) so don’t think everyone is upset or feeling negative about you. We just can’t get posted on Bravo. So here I go. Yes, the pillow talk may have been stirring the pot BUT RHOA (which I’ve watched from day one) has always been stirring the pot! Each and every lady. Kenya has done nothing but stir and twist since day one. Even back in the day with Kim it wasn’t as mean spirited, vile as since she started. Why is Bravo allowing her to twist / turn and say anything she wants including the commentating of the last two episodes to which she narrates her way? First she should have never gotten involved in Christopher’s marriage of 18 years! Common law or marriage license it’s more than she has ever had. She didn’t even allow him to address her because as usual she has to speak over everyone so that they can never address the pot stirring lies she spreads! She even said we already talked about this. NO, she spoke about it! She did get up and charge toward her and any man would have stepped in. He did NOT attack her aggressively but as usual she starts screaming don’t touch me! Again getting attention off of her redirecting! I think Brandon took things to the next level. He started fighting like a crazy person so yeah then everything went crazy. This Queen statement is again her twisting and trying to make you of all people look bad to the LGBT community! that is ridiculous! He calls himself that name. They are proud to be called a Queen and as you stated there is a freaking show named that. Double standard again? We can say it and if our friends say it it’s oK but no one else can. What is disturbing to me and it makes my stomach turn is when she refers to you and Natalie as a man! When she questions during an episode if you tuck? when she ask if Natalie tucks? Even in her blog today saying you are acting like a man. That is nasty, vulgar and talk about offensive! why doesn’t anyone talk about that? it’s ok for Kenya to say anything offensive? Is there a group you can call about her calling you a man? The tucking comment is vulgar. She is saying it in a mean offensive way! The Queen comment is a name that gays call themselves and are proud of it! You have been one of the biggest LGBT supporters of all of the housewives! Her stating you are jealous of her because you have nothing anymore but RHOA. You are an actress, mother, wife and have entertained us for years. She has ruined RHOA and has nothing else except to get air time by constantly playing victim and announcing she doesn’t back down from anyone! Bravo has really disappointed me by allowing her to spit her venom and spreading lies but mostly for giving her a platform to spread the controversy.
    I hope they wake up and get rid if her before RHOA is changed forever. Always a Fan

    February 12 at 10:08am  / 
    • NaturalLee 

      I read your entire comment and respect your opinion. However, Kenya did not speak over Christopher when he was speaking. It was his girlfriend Natalie that spoke up, moving her fingers all around like she was ready for something and said that he was going to be “standing for this” after Porscha asked him to sit down. When Kenya went to speak, after telling him that she was on the same meds that he was on, Natalie CUT KENYA OFF and started accusing Kenya of back pedaling. Now I don’t know about you, but all of that looks like a gang-up on Kenya. Yes, Christopher SHOULD have addressed Kenya with his wife present, but in private at another time. But I guess he had no choice since Nene insisted on having it discussed. My question is, like someone else said, why wasn’t Chuck addressed about his sexual escapades with Phaedra and Kandi? All of his stuff was swept under the rug. You know why? Because Nene likes his wife, Mynique. That’s my problem. Be fair. And even if the party continued, that would have NOT have been addressed. Remember when she was in the car with Chuck and Phaedra? Nene removed herself so far from that conversation like she knew nothing about what was said at that restaurant when Kenya and Phaedra talked about how they both had him. And who was egging it on at the restaurant? Miss Nene Leakes! Talkin’ ’bout “Okay, one at a time.” I thought she was going to tell them to stop the nonsense! I was gagging, but it WAS funny. Okay, now back to the car scene w/Chuck and Phaedra: Nene’s only comment after Chuck finished reading Phaedra was, “I’m not riding with y’all no more.” Hmmm…Nene didn’t want it with Chuck. Probably because Chuck knows too much about her past and Nene wasn’t trying to have her dirt exposed. And Chuck was driving like he KNEW Nene wasn’t going to say a word! I do think she played her position well. Only a fool speaks when she has something to lose by opening her mouth. The look on Nene’s face said it all! If she could have slid under the passenger seat of that car, she would have. And it made for good TV. I was not mad at her. And she did right by staying neutral since Chuck is her friend and she had nothing to do with that whole mess between him, Phaedra and Kandi. But tell me why she pushed for the whole marriage/common law issue to be put on the table? Pillow talk or no pillow talk, that issue was just as sensitive as the Chuck/Phaedra/Kandi situation, and it should have been treated the same. But since Nene does not like Kenya and appears to have a vendetta against her, she was biased and couldn’t see straight. Kenya couldn’t even get comfortable before Nene started in on her, not to mention how she closed the door in her face. Even when Kenya tried to make light of the situation and told Nene she looked nice, Nene said, “You don’t. Bitch!” That was sooo disrespectful. Kenya could have even cussed her out when she brought up the situation with Christopher and Natalie. All she said was “We discussed this already.” What’s the crime in saying that? Maybe Kenya really didn’t want to go there again. Maybe she felt that enough was enough at the winery and that there was no need to make an already bad situation worse. I also don’t think that Kenya had it in for Chris and Natalie. She just mentioned that at the winery because Natalie was trying to throw rank on Kenya by saying I don’t know too many women that wouldn’t have responded, and since Kenya felt that Natalie wasn’t married either, she let her have it. In a way, Natalie brought that on herself. And Kenya didn’t hold a grudge; she moved on, something that other people have a hard time doing. You might say because she knows she was lying, but I beg to differ. I didn’t see it, but many here are saying that Christopher Williams said in an interview that Natalie was a special lady in his life. And whatever they are, they are still a couple and seem to have a good relationship, and I truly think Kenya couldn’t care less about that to be honest. She has bigger fish to fry. Nene didn’t want it to be over with, and now because of her opening up that can of worms, all eyes are on Christopher and Natalie and whether or not they are married. Nene should have left things alone.

      Furthermore, Nene might be more levelheaded if she didn’t have that a** kissing, flunky, yes-woman Cynthia co-signing on everything she does. Even in next week’s clip, when Peter tells Nene that her behavior is out of line, she gets loud with him. And what does Cynthia the puppet do? She just stands there like a neutral party. And this is her dear hubby, mind you. But when it comes to Nene, even PETER has to take a back seat. It is becoming nauseating to watch Cynthia. She doesn’t have her own mind. But that’s just how Nene likes it. Cynthia disgusts me to no end and is a waste of good airtime that could be used on someone else. Cynthia, please exit RHOA and return to the city you came from before you came to the show a couple of seasons ago to be with Peter. I’m sure he’ll find someone else at his favorite spot: the strip club.

      February 12 at 5:07pm  / 
      • NaturalLee 

        Edit to above post: I also don’t think that Kenya had it in for Christopher and Natalie. She just mentioned that at the winery because Natalie was trying to throw rank on Kenya by saying that anybody who’s not married shouldn’t be talking. I don’t know too many single women that wouldn’t have responded, and since Kenya believed that Natalie wasn’t married either, she let her have it.

        February 13 at 3:27pm  / 
  83. hmebelle 

    The entire mess was instigated by Nene because Nene loves drama despite the show she puts on that it’s beneath her – no she thrives on this type of ghetto mess and she brought all parties involved to the hotel room, structed around the room like a tiger in heat anticipating the drama that was about to go down however, she got more than she had bargained for – Nene Leakes is GHETTO! she is nobody’s friend it’s all about Nene because she is full of herself & those 2 sitcoms that got cancelled obviously went to her head.

    February 12 at 10:31am  / 
  84. Roya'le Little 


    February 12 at 6:56pm  / 
  85. poeslady 

    You have an over inflated sense of self. Your a shit stirring Prima Donna. Please tell us your now so rich and famous your leaving the show. And take that useless castrated lap dog Gregg with you.

    February 16 at 8:55pm  / 
  86. sylvia 

    The show won’t be the same if Nene leaves. I love Nene!!!!!! Fierce !!!!! Kenya is two faced. She used the charity event to make nene look bad when she knew they weren’t on speaking terms. What kind of person does that make Kenya? How could anyone justify her behavior as been pure of heart. She could have done that differently. It is understandable that it was expected of nene to hold back and hold in for the charity but in doing that is like making a deal with the devil just bcos it is for some good. Nene.. stay true to who you are. I dislike the fact that everyone is putting you down instead of seeing the bigger picture. My daughter loves you to death. She loves watching the show just to see you and she is only 13. Lots of love and hugs from amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    February 20 at 5:06pm  / 
  87. delightfully delighted 

    I know this is late, but l’m telling you people are still in awe and riled up from that crazy unbelievably ass backwards episode. I love you Nene, but you were wrong 100% in that episode and every episode there after. I thought you had grown over the years, but you’re still reveling knee deep in ghetto hell.
    Brandon was a gentlemen, Kenya only stood up to equal the playing field. I’m glad in the later episodes you finally stood up and told Peter’s punk bitch ass off for always getting in the girls faces. Somebody should have slapped him and weak ass Cynthia. It is so clear he’s using her. In a nut shell, Kenya and Kandi stood on the side of right and the rest you failed.
    You were immature and wring in the way you handled Marlo as well.

    March 19 at 6:44pm  /