Catch Me On The Chew!

NeNe Leakes - Backstage at The Chew

Tune into The Chew tomorrow & Friday! I will be your co-host! Check out me & Clinton Kelly backstage at #ABC

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Prince Jarvis 

    NeNe, I will be turning in on Friday because I don’t have to go to school or work!!! Excited!!!!

    November 6 at 1:24pm  / 
  2. Toni Jones 


    November 7 at 6:15am  / 
  3. purdythick 

    First off congrats to you and Greg, My question for you is, will this be the only open call for your curvy girls open call???? I live in Mississippi and I would love to audition my pretty face and stellar walk ( that I have practiced since age 3). Please please consider doing one in Mississippi.

    November 7 at 9:59am  / 

    Congrats to u and Greg. How and Where do I Audition for Curvy Girls?

    November 7 at 7:27pm  / 
  5. Roya'le Little 


    November 7 at 9:06pm  / 
  6. Lilman 

    Love ya NeNe from The little town of SYLACAUGA ,ALABAMA

    November 8 at 2:43am  / 
  7. SouthernLady 

    Wow. You totally lack any class or grace. I cannot believe how condescending and rude you were about the food you tasted on the Chew. Please stop bragging about how you are from the South. Because trust me, you most certainly do not act like a well raised, proper Southern lady. You are blessed with your new money, but you are low class to the core. Please don’t insult the grace of the south with your lewd and disgusting behavior. In a word, you epitomize TACKY.

    November 9 at 9:30am  /