Me & Tony Dance the Jive #DWTS

Tony Dovolani and I danced the Jive last night at the second week of Dancing With the Stars!! I think we did amazinggggg, what do you think?

P.S. Rememeber all day today you can vote for us online here!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Divajo 

    Great going Nene. Yes we are voting. Good Luck

    March 25 at 10:44am  / 
  2. Vonda Baker 

    Get it NeNe….loved it…and I know you definitely made Greg very proud…America loves you, and I we want to see you go all the way.
    Make us all proud…..

    March 25 at 10:53am  / 
  3. tanzie 

    Great going Nene….keep showing them haters your not stuck in a box…lol

    March 25 at 11:12am  / 
  4. queentuck 

    Nene you and your partner did a wonderful job!!!! I love your outfits and your energy!!! You got this!!!!

    March 25 at 11:17am  / 
  5. mbrunson77 

    You are truly doing the “Darn” Thang!!!! You look amazing and giving 100% and loving it. Keep on doing your Yhang and let your actions speak for you as for Wendy Williams “Bloop” all in your face for you shall be eating your words!
    Good Job NeNe and Good luck!!!!

    March 25 at 11:46am  / 
  6. Sherri Sneed 

    You and Tony did great!!! The judges had no business arguing with Tony’s choreography. They should have been recycled this season along with Brooke Burke, or instead of Burke. however, I do like Erin. Keep on dancing and I’ll keep voting on you!!!

    March 25 at 12:16pm  / 
  7. suzie 

    OMG Nene you both were awesome!!!! voted my best wishes, shall keep voting!! :-D

    March 25 at 1:56pm  / 
  8. look amazing on that dance floor!!!..heels or no heels…luv ya!

    March 25 at 2:43pm  / 
  9. Jackie Carrington 


    March 25 at 3:11pm  / 
  10. Prince Jarvis 

    NeNe, you guys did an awesome job!!!!

    March 25 at 3:46pm  / 
  11. LadyZ228 

    BEAUTIFUL NENE, your an amazing beautiful black woman! Keep on pushing on, by the way Nene I believe we wear the same size shoe do you mind sending me a few pair?
    I cannot afford any, I shop at goodwill.

    March 25 at 4:07pm  / 
  12. Carolle Charles 


    March 25 at 6:32pm  / 
  13. Kimonique Clemons 

    U was fabulous, im routing 4 u

    March 26 at 1:58am  / 
  14. mrsjwl 

    I am so proud of you, you are doing great

    March 26 at 9:43am  / 
  15. Ms. Sallie 

    Mrs. Leakes, you definitely have the “Midas Touch; ” E-V-E-R-Y-T-HI-N-G YOU TOUCH ALWAYS TURNS TO GOLD!!! You work hard and it pays-off! Couldn’t be more happier for you, Sis..A Star is Born! Mwa

    March 26 at 12:47pm  / 
  16. Tony Landers 

    I want more. It goes too fast. :( )

    March 26 at 4:02pm  / 
  17. Rose 

    NeNe and Tony you two were fabulous

    March 27 at 4:52am  / 
  18. roxy1diver 

    Nene, you did it and wonderful can’t wait to see you and Tony next week, keep giving it your all because you are the best, and such an uplifting person.

    March 28 at 2:43pm  / 
  19. amlove 

    Nene you two were amazing! You go girl. What I don’t understand is, how #DWTS got professional dancers teaching professional dancers how to dance, and competing on the show. I’m team Nene and Tony.

    April 3 at 6:42pm  /