DO’s And DON’Ts To Being Fabulous!

Nene - Do's and don'ts of being fabulous

I’m gonna be sharing my do’s and dont’s to being fabulous! Each day I’ll be giving you a DO or a DON’T!

Today’s DON’T:

DON’T be anyone but you!

I’m just not into trying to convince people to like me. I always say to myself, It is what it is. I walk into a situation knowing that people form their own opinions! Either they’re going to love me or they’re not, and that’s fine! I’m always gonna be me. You can’t be everything to everyone. DO YOU!


  1. Crystal 

    Right on point!!! Than people will get to know the genuine you and you will attract genuine people in your life as well.

    August 11 at 5:06pm  / 
    • joyalwisa 

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  2. Toni Jones 

    I agree. Be you and work on being the best person you were ment to be.

    August 12 at 8:33am  / 
    • spencer110 

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  3. ToniGirlFLAWDA 

    Ride or Die with NeNe!

    August 12 at 5:18pm  / 
  4. Ginny L Caldwell 

    I just love you Spirit!

    August 12 at 5:25pm  / 
  5. dwill 

    Say it again NeNe with emphasis.

    August 12 at 6:06pm  / 
  6. TeeLee 

    NeNe you stay as wonderful as you are. In this world full of imitation, your Authenticity and 100% is a breath of fesh air.

    August 12 at 6:27pm  / 
  7. kaylou 


    August 12 at 6:35pm  / 
  8. Mary Ann Butler Wallace-Kornegay 

    You will never be able to please everybody, so do you. I am definitely Team Nene. God Bless you.

    August 13 at 1:19pm  /