DWTS Trailer Swag!

Check this out! Tony Dovolani got that ATL swag in his trailer and I got the Albanian swag!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. wldflwr1 

    Now THAT’S comedy! LOL!!!!

    March 31 at 4:59pm  / 
  2. Prince Jarvis 

    Tony getting down!!! He got his SWAG all the way up.

    March 31 at 5:14pm  / 
  3. onecameback 

    That is the only way to keep the connection authentic have fun and enjoy each other.

    April 1 at 4:20pm  / 
  4. Quentin W. Buetow 

    That “ATL swag” came originally by way of Dalllas, Texas then California then the ATL … originating courtesy of Dougie E. Fresh, then Lil’ Wil, then C Smoove. Credit where credit is due. LOL

    April 1 at 4:26pm  / 
  5. Toni Jones 

    Funny as hell, I love it!!!!

    April 2 at 8:19am  / 
  6. Lexie 

    Wow! How close is Albania to Africa. Gotta be some connection there. Toni is sooo cool! I will vote for you, Nene!

    April 13 at 9:32pm  /