DWTS Week 4 with Derek Hough

Some footage for you all from last night’s performance. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo! Keep the fun going by voting for yours truly RIGHT NOW.


  1. suzie 

    Had to watch that twice hunnie, that was so AWESOME!!!!!!!

    April 9 at 5:06am  / 
  2. Jodyx 

    Nene u were hot !!! Enjoyed the dance ♥

    April 9 at 3:11pm  / 
  3. Angi Amerson-Alexander 

    Ms. Leakes~
    IT WAS AMAZING!!! Yes, the dance spectacular, but even moreso? Seeing the hours of practice time, increasing technical difficulty, and what, I imagine, would be physically challenging. Yet, week after week, all the hard work and effort culminates into a show stopping inspirational performance. You ARE a living, breathing, walking… DANCING inspirational survivor! I want to say “Thank You” from one PE survivor to another for publicly, openly, and honestly sharing your story!!
    Oh, I also would LOVE to know your secret as to how you’ve able to recover with such lightening speed at less than six months out!!

    April 9 at 7:03pm  / 
  4. Divajo 

    I enjoyed this. Good job Nene.

    April 10 at 7:17pm  / 
  5. Gypsy 

    Nene GORILLA Leakes!!!

    April 11 at 4:41am  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      Go on … keep leavin’ remarks like the above. The more you do, the better the chances the Admin can track down your real name, address, ISP, and then file a harassment complaint.

      You’re a real class act, Gypsy. I bet your Momma is so proud of you.

      April 11 at 10:48am  / 
  6. Gypsy 

    GTFOH, Nene Is a ghetto, uneducated stripper wanna be relevant dancing Monkey slash Potatoe Head.
    You can fuck off in between sucking Nene’s Greg, and I mean that figuratively and literally you dumb Stan

    May 13 at 3:28am  /