Explaining My Relationship With Phaedra

What is Phaedra’s problem? Why is she saying she’s so glad I finally acknowledge that I know her? Please show me where in this episode I acknowledge that I knew her back in my Athens days. I’m still waiting. You haven’t found it yet? It doesn’t exist!

Let me remind you once again, I don’t practice lying, and in this case there’s no need for it. What would I get out of saying I didn’t know her if I did know her? Here’s the story for hopefully the last time. Chuck, Phaedra, and I are all from Athens, Georgia. Did I know Phaedra when I was in high school, NO! I say clearly on this episode that I am the class of ‘85. Chuck says he’s the class of ‘88 and the innocent Phaedra is the class of ‘89. Think about high school! It’s generally 9th grade through 12th grade. When I was a senior in high school that means Chuck was a freshman, right? Phaedra would have been in 8th grade at that time, right? I left Athens at 18-years-old. I have lived in Atlanta longer than I have lived anywhere.

OK, so you tell me how I would have known her in high school? I didn’t even know Chuck. I knew of Chuck by face just like Phaedra only because he was best friends with a friend of mine’s brother. I knew of Phaedra by her face and unusual name because she went to school with my cousin. What senior hangs out with an 8th grader? Being from a small town, after football games and parties we would hang out at The Dairy Queen. I don’t ever recall hanging there with Phaedra. The Dairy Queen was a hangout spot for years and I’m sure she was there like all Athens kids, but we were hanging there at different times in our childhood. I grew up on Dearing and Billups Street in Athens. We played kick ball, baseball, hop scotch, etc. I don’t ever recall seeing Phaedra. My Aunt raised me and I asked her if I was forgetting something. I asked her if she knew Phaedra’s family, her mother, or her father, and my aunt who has raised me since I was 3-years-old said no.

I’m not sure why it means so much to Phaedra for me to say I knew her, but if it helps you to move on, Phaedra, I can truly say I know you now. I still haven’t met your mother or father and I have never been to your home ever, but I know exactly who you are!

Chuck: I got to know Chuck after he entered the NFL and played for the Atlanta Falcons here in Atlanta where I lived. He then got engaged to Mynique. He introduced us, and we have all been friends for over 13 years. I have been to his home numerous times, I have been around his children, his siblings, his teammates, and he was in my wedding. I hope this is crystal clear! Thanks for tuning in and Happy New Year!

Your girl,
NeNe Leakes


  1. Sammi Sam 

    You really have it in for Phaedra. Your entire blog

    January 6 at 11:34am  / 
    • Loretta Fauntleroy 

      I see that also.

      January 6 at 12:14pm  / 
    • scopeoutdj 

      Love NeNe and Phaedra, but I have to agree with you.

      January 6 at 1:16pm  / 
    • Cameraemusic 

      Lawwwd I was gon say the same thing. Sheessh lol

      January 6 at 1:21pm  / 
    • remy 

      Yes she does.

      January 6 at 3:25pm  / 
    • Nina Knight 

      I don’t think so…

      January 6 at 4:35pm  / 
    • noel 

      I think she wanted to settle a score with Phaedra and Kandi and it worked…sad

      January 6 at 4:54pm  / 
      • NancyL 

        she never mentioned Kandi

        January 6 at 10:01pm  / 
    • NancyL 

      She talked about the subject that involved her. The other had nothing to do with her. Plus Phaedra brought it up by still trying to call her a liar

      January 6 at 10:00pm  / 
    • Mdozier 

      I truly believe she got it in for Phaedra and Kandi. The way NeNe is acting is not like the NeNe of past seasons. I believe she knew Chuck was going to make comments about Phaedra and Kandi remember they had already discussed this “Head Dr.”

      January 9 at 1:25pm  / 
  2. Filme 

    You said that you knew of Phaedra from her face and unusual name and the fact that she used to hang out with your cousin. Well then that implies that you were in contact with her at some point and thus “knew of her”. But I can understand where you are coming from. I have people that I come in contact with, friends of friends on Facebook, who know who I am, probably mainly because I was good in sports. And I vaguely or really don’t remember them or really have to have my memory jogged to remember a last name.

    January 6 at 11:37am  / 
    • Shade checker 

      She says she doesn’t practice lying but you CLEARLY doesn’t practice math either….if she “graduated” the class of 85 then Chuck was a sophomore and Phaedra a freshman! I don’t care either way but she won’t be “veeeery rich” for long adding like that. Maybe she should use her fingers next time!! And get a proof reader

      January 6 at 10:07pm  / 
      • jayceyk 

        Actually, You are incorrect. NeNe would have graduated in May or June of 1985 and Phaedra would have entered high school in August of 85. THEY were never in high school together. My brother finished in 85 and I finished in 89… never went to school together. So…

        January 7 at 2:31am  / 
  3. CaliGirl 

    Just because you live in the same small town doesn’t mean you know everybody. I didn’t and still don’t know everyone I graduated with because I didn’t have classes with them. Knowing someone by face and/or by name, doesn’t mean I KNOW you. I believe you and she needs to let it go. It’s not important anyway…LOL!!

    January 6 at 11:40am  / 
  4. Margaret 

    You are jealousy of Phadera & Kandi..it shows.Your friend Chuck, is a dog.

    January 6 at 11:40am  / 
  5. mzz_shanda 

    My biggest issue was w/Chuck this episode. The fact that he had to demean Kandi and Phaedra, to save face w/his wife, shows what type of male he is. I thought that was uncalled for. How are you going to a school to talk to kids about their future etc., and turn around and talk about some crap that happened over 20yrs ago? Does he not think those same kids won’t be watching the show? What a way to go role model.

    I’m sorry, his wife should have left this alone. No one was worried about her husband, however she felt the need to bring up old stuff and got more information that her husband gave.

    While he was sitting there talking about Kandi and Phaedra were “part of the team” …. looks like your “team members” came out better than you, playa.

    It’s real sad when a man has to try to hit a woman below the belt to make himself revelant. What’s his last name again????

    January 6 at 11:41am  / 
    • Miss Fay 

      Thanks MZZ SHANDA, I feel exactly the same. He must be starving for him to take this road od disrespect. Children turn off the TV forget that this monkey ever stood before you. As well as that fake blond amazon.

      January 6 at 12:20pm  / 
    • scopeoutdj 

      yeah, he really showed his @$$!

      January 6 at 1:17pm  / 
    • Robyn Stewart Hansen 

      I agree that Phaedra probably just means she knew of NeNe. At this point, who cares?
      My issue is with Chuck. What an ass! How dare he say such nasty things to and about Phaedra and Kandi. I was humilated for both ladies, and for you too NeNe. Obviously this is a side of old Chuck that you had not seen before. What a creep! And his wife……how absurd and immature of her to bring any of this up to begin with. I sure hope she is not going to be a regular on the show, because I may be forced to stop watching. Chuck should be ashamed of himself for talking about two ladies like they were a couple of whores. In case he may have forgot these women have children! I don’t ever want to see his or his wife’s ugly faces again.

      January 6 at 2:39pm  / 
      • dnice906 

        Totally agree!!! He made himself look awful, & after leaving a mentoring program at the boys & girls club…telling them young boys to respect there mothers, sisters etc. he needs to practice what he preach & show respect to women in general. I was extremely disgusted!!! NeNe I love you girl, but in my opinion your focus should’ve been less on Phaedra & more on the jerk!!!

        January 6 at 4:45pm  / 
      • Tania 

        I will stop watching too, and whole bunch of us if these fools join the show!

        January 6 at 6:29pm  / 
      • doogal 

        You have to watch the episode of last week where Kandi said that she basically had made a fool of chuck and that she had him paying some her bills and buying stuff while all the time she really didn’t care for him. Kandi then said that everyone wanted her in the 90′s and told the WIFE that she didn’t want him. Phaedra was much more dignified but did go on and tell the wife that chuck obviously didn’t tell her everything because she dated him as a child and then dated him in college. Both of these women went out of their way to make a wife feel less important than them when all they had to say was “Oh that was a long time ago” I was so glad Chuck came and told us how it really was instead of allowing himself to look like a court jester who was sprung on these two woman and was dumped by both of them like some poor puppy!

        January 6 at 7:05pm  / 
        • mzz_shanda 

          All of that information was disclosed AFTER his wife brough up some 20yr old mess. Is she really that insecure w/herself that she has to bring up something from that long ago to make herself feel better? No one was even worried about her husband, who lied to her.

          January 7 at 10:36am  / 
        • Kizzy Battley 

          Chuck’s wife got her feelings hurt, after bringing up events that happened before her time. The saying “let sleeping dogs lie” fits here perfectly. I like Phaedra and Kandi and admire all they have accomplished and are accomplishing. It’s clear that Phaedra was under the impression that she was dating Chuck so in actuality she didn’t lie to his wife. She just recenlty found out she was part of some “team”. It’s ok Phaedra he Once you meet someone’s parents you were dating them, especially if Mamma Joyce accepted you. His stupid wife can beleive otherwise, but I think down deep she knows the real. Chuck you are a coward!!!!!

          So I can see how Phaedra thinks she knows you Nene, after all didn’t you try to remind Chuch a couple episodes back about her being called the “head doctor” back in school. But all is well. You have your recollection and Phaedra has hers.

          January 7 at 11:35am  / 
    • Tina Lovingmiamiheat 

      His wife came out looking stupid so he tried to make them look stupid in return. Chuck only played himself because on her best day, his wife doesn’t hold a candle to Phaedra nor Kandi in looks, careers, or money.

      January 6 at 3:28pm  / 
      • noel 

        I agree Tina she’s visibly aging so he had to do something to make her feel better.

        January 6 at 5:02pm  / 
    • noel 

      He showed OUT I mean it was over the top. I have never witnessed a Real Man act in that manner. A man never kisses and tells but all of that was to save face for his wife and let it all hang out for the cameras. I was amazed at the way Phaedra handled that, she was so calm and professional…wow

      January 6 at 4:59pm  / 
    • Tania 

      Well said MZZ SHANDA!

      January 6 at 6:30pm  / 
    • jlth1212 

      That should have been cut out of the episode. How dare he demean those women like that, and ALL women. I think he is LOW down dog how have no respect from women. Did he know his mother? It sound to me that he was raised under a rock.

      January 7 at 1:17pm  / 
  6. Kelly Williams 

    All this means is that you are so fab that your girl wanted to make it clear that you at least knew she existed. So be flattered. Everyone wants to think that people remembered them. Which brings me to Chuck and what he had to say to Phaedra. OMG! I was mortified for her. No woman wants an ex- “friend” going on national TV to say she was a friend with benefits — and one of many at that! That was just not right. You can’t blame Phaedra for trying to change the subject.
    Much success to you in 2014!
    I think you are amazing and predicted you’d be the star of this show when I first saw you.

    January 6 at 11:46am  / 
    • Tania 

      quit lying to Nene…she’s doing her own self in…and that’s FOR REALLLL, Bloop! Lol

      January 6 at 6:37pm  / 
  7. Gina A. Liccardo 

    Nene, I know that Chuck’s opinion of Phaedra was really not your business but honestly I am surprised you didn’t say anything at all at the unnecessary disrespect he was showing for her and women by his poor behavior. Do you really want to be associated with this person? I love you Nene but it would have been nice for you to step in and say something.

    January 6 at 11:47am  / 
    • meechieswife91 

      Your right Gina, Ne Ne’s face clearly showed how unhappy she was with the things that he said, and.yes, he would have been so told.

      January 6 at 12:03pm  / 
    • scopeoutdj 

      well said…

      January 6 at 1:18pm  / 
    • Nina Knight 

      So Gina what was she suppose say…this on Chuck not Nene

      January 6 at 4:28pm  / 
    • NancyL 

      Why is this HER BUSINESS TO defend Phaedra? That was between Chuck and Phaedra not Nene. He is not her man or her husband so it s not her job to tell him how to behave. In fact I would most likely be in the same space she was in very uncomfortable in during this ride. As for her blog being about Phaedra well this is her forum to respond or speak her mind and here is Phaedra all over the tv still calling her a liar about knowing her. Phaedra seems obsessed to me and needs to get a life and let it go.

      January 6 at 9:57pm  / 
      • leann0978 

        I felt like it was her place to interject bc she has no problem interjecting or inserting her nose in anyone else’s business so why did he let Chuck bash Phaedra like that. Seemed really messy and definitely appeared to be a set up. She looked more AMUSED than bothered by what Chuck was saying if you ask me.

        January 7 at 11:26am  / 
  8. meadow 

    Ne Ne…I think Pheadra means you knew of her….not really knew her personally….Meanwhile Chuck is a trip right.

    January 6 at 11:50am  / 
  9. meadow 

    You said…yup you did have a high booty….which was for her proof that you knew of her…

    I think its just a communication breakdown. There are plenty of people I’ve seen around in various circles…..I know of them…but I don’t know them.

    January 6 at 11:53am  / 
  10. Delandra Londa Boone 

    It just seems that you have it in for Phaedra, If you knew her by face don’t still counts as knowing? It seems that that whole trip was a set up.

    January 6 at 11:54am  / 
  11. meechieswife91 

    Chuck was SOOO out of line last night, and the fact that he was si disrespectful shows what kind of man he is, no one needed to know that he had sex with either of the ladies! Wow, Pheadra handled it better than I would have!!! Bloop

    January 6 at 11:58am  / 
  12. san5gram 

    She knew you and hoped you knew her too that’s all NeNe be flattered…and let it go.
    btw stop making those Girls cry and let them get away from you before you can tell them “I didn’t mean to make you cry” smh on this one NeNe I need to see more heartfelt emotions from you.

    January 6 at 11:59am  / 
  13. Victoria Carter Green 

    gurl plz…get over it….u know to much about her , to” not know” her. why would u talk so much about someone’s past and not know nothing about them… seems to me u know her better than she know herself….gurl u trippin….

    January 6 at 12:00pm  / 
  14. Joselyn77 

    I was really disappointed in Chuck last night. He was completely disrespectful towards his “team of women” I feel like the whole boys and girls club event was a set up so that he could confront her about what he wife obviously went back and told him. He tried to make Phaedra look bad, but he looked like the ass!!!

    January 6 at 12:03pm  / 
  15. Sheila Charles 

    It is interesting that you wrote a whole blog to defend not knowing Phaedra, and at this point Nene no one cares. But you said nothing about your boy chuck disrespect of women. He sat there and talked about women being his play things and how he lied about making them feel special. As a woman you said nothing, why because he’s your friend and phaedra is not? He tried to make these women look promiscuous when in fact he is the whore. The boys and girls club should be more selective about who they pick as role models. I think you and chuck set this up to get at phaedra using this little trip as an excuse.

    January 6 at 12:07pm  / 
    • scopeoutdj 

      Yes. Not to mention, she didn’t address the “WTChuck” matter in her blog…

      January 6 at 1:23pm  / 
    • Tania 


      January 6 at 6:33pm  / 
    • jlth1212 

      I agree, If this so call Chuck whom in the day I wouldn’t give him the time of day in the show next week, click next channel.

      January 7 at 1:24pm  / 
  16. Mary Walkin'Tall Townes 

    Phaedra hate to be wrong and she thinks she is correct about a lot of things. I believe you NeNe, I know of people by name, but don’t actually know them. That’s doesn’t make you generally know someone if you have not hung around them. Phaedra is a mess. That hyprocrit of a church lady/southern fail (belle) need to go sit down somewhere. I am glad Chuck checked her high-booty ass. Love yo NeNe!

    January 6 at 12:11pm  / 
  17. Loretta Fauntleroy 

    Personally I think you set Phaedra up for Chuck to embarrass her, you are so catty. You are becoming unbearable. This boy in a mans body needed to make his wife feel better about her marriage. It is not that they didn’t get the ring maybe they didn’t want it. Maybe they were to young to even think about marriage. From what he has said they were the lucky ones not to have him as a husband. No one wants to raise a grown ass man.

    January 6 at 12:14pm  / 
  18. Lessah 

    What about Chuck??? He displayed some “Bitch like tendencies”. You don’t have a problem with what he said or his approach to another woman in your presence? He tells the kids at the boys and girls club to respect their moms and sisters and look out for the girls then 20 minutes later he states he was just “just the big home”!!!!! He had a whole team of women……. Really??? You should have been offended as a woman!!! Who says “Big Homie” anyway???

    All you have to talk about is….”you didn’t know Phaedra in high school”. Who cares if you guys knew each other. Wow….its obvious you still hold grudges against her and Kandi. You were my favorite house wife but it seems you “keep it real” when its convenient. For you to not talk about that conversation in the car in your blog shows your true colors.

    January 6 at 12:15pm  / 
  19. Punkyn Taylor 


    we get it you dont have time for the foolery and you keep it real…these are someo f your best qualities and you are my favorite but I cringe at times from all the shade you throw. Even when you are acknowledging is shade! Dont stoop to others low level, just stay above and away from all the drama. Also if Chuck and Mynique permanently join the cast I will not be watching. That whole conversation in the car was highly inappropriate and unnecessary. His wife didnt need to mention the conversation in the first place and she should have flet READ the entire time you’ll were in Savannah. And he made an azz of himself talking to Phaedra like that. No interest at all in seeing them 2 on my TV screen.

    January 6 at 12:17pm  / 
    • noel 

      Agree she is clearly a stand out on the show I don’t understand why she has to be so petty and always ready to get even let it go please.

      January 6 at 5:06pm  / 
  20. Joanne Hester 

    NeNe I don’t think your jealous of Phaedra or Candy. I do think Phaedra would like to think you remember her. I know they all ganged up on you and threw a lot of shade your way, Sheree, Kim, and Phaedra and Candy. I know you supposedly threw some shade on Candy years ago and she has never let it go. I think you should let it go and keep on moving. Try to be a little more tolerant, I can tell things are getting on your last nerve, You need to have some Jesus time he will help you deal with it all. I love you NeNe your my favorite Lad, God bless.

    January 6 at 12:19pm  / 
    • Joanne Hester 

      I met to say your my favorite Lady!

      January 6 at 12:21pm  / 
  21. Karen Wesley Weaver 

    Ladies who have commented …we don’t know if Nene said anything to Chuck or not. Have you heard of editing? I thought it was funny when she said, “I’m not riding with y’all no more.” And who cares if you knew her then or not. What is really funny is how the show tries to portray you all as good friends, when clearly some of you have never even been to each other’s home. This show just a means to an end for Phaedra. I don’t think she really likes any of you. She’s all about the dollars.

    January 6 at 12:33pm  / 
  22. joannfluckes 

    Ily nene but you have changed and your acten eeally shady on this show, i think cause your acten career is on hld your trying to have the spotlight agn on the show but your doing it in a messy way andto pick on cyn/por is a sign of a outdated bully cyn allways had yyour bck and shes an outstanding mother and porsha hvnt did shit to you if anythang your a bad friend and shady af candy was nice to ask you to b n a play but u act like your shit dnt stink girl by it do. And fuck chuck hes outdated an wanted five min of fame for him an his lame wife

    January 6 at 12:36pm  / 
  23. darkgable 

    Phaedra has an unusual name??? Ok Linnethia!!!

    January 6 at 12:38pm  / 
    • Sheila Charles 


      January 6 at 1:14pm  / 
    • meechieswife91 

      lol…Right, and besides I like the name Phaedra.

      January 6 at 1:15pm  / 
  24. honest 

    Chuck should be ashamed of himself. How disrespectful. Real men don’t try to belittle the women they are no longer involved with. Part of the team. I looks to me like they where the lucky ones, I feel sorry for his insecure wife. I suppose over the years he’s given her reason to feel the way she does.

    January 6 at 12:43pm  / 
  25. Diva_Nurse 

    I am interested in your view on your boy’s Chuck disrespect to Phaedra and Kandi. That whole thing was SO unattractive on his part. Mynique was silly and insecure to even bring that up in Savannah, she looked real dumb in the end.

    January 6 at 12:44pm  / 
  26. keepinit100 

    To NeNe,
    You made several comments regarding Pheadra’s early childhood for you not to have even heard of her. You even said she was your cousins friend. How did you know all that if you didn’t know nothing about her. Maybe you still carrying a grudge from way back then. Maybe she was on the other side of the tracks and you were in the bottoms. Athens is not that big. Oh and by the way Chuck was a ninth grader and you a senior if you graduated in 85 and he graduated in 89. So, Phearda graduted one year after Chuck. She probably was the little smart girl in college while you spent your time on the pole. Chuck is only on the show because it’s a setup for next season for him and his wife. Somebody is leaving. Since you say you are the HBIC, you should show more class. Pheadra, Cynthia and Candi and even Phorsha have more class in there little finger. Your come-up is coming down. Back to square one for you. HOUSEWIVES. All the other shows lasted a season and when you got one them they were cancelled. WOW

    January 6 at 12:51pm  / 
  27. Denise Lynn Wells 

    I am becoming more and more disappointed in you. You seem to have really started believing your own hype. It’s one thing to “keep it real” but another to do it in a mean-spirited and hurtful way. As far as Phaedra is concerned, you mentioned that you heard she was the “head doctor” back in high school. So you will go so far as to associate that with her and high school. If you didn’t know her, why would you say that? On one hand you want to bring the ladies together and “bond” but you are the first one stirring the pot. I agree with everyone else about Chuck – what a douche! The fact that everyone was “a part of the team” and “friends with benefits”? That would have been great if you would have clued THEM in about it. NeNe, I have always liked you because you did not play into the drama, but you are getting real close to the line these days…

    January 6 at 12:51pm  / 
  28. Karen Jackson 

    Is it that serious if u knew each other. There is far more things to discuss than this. Also for all of you to sit and discuss that woman husband in front of her was disrespectful and if anyone of you had been in her seat all he’ll would have broke loose. Then to instigate about his sex was way over the top. Kenya was the main one. As for Chuck I hope he doesn’t have any daughters because he made himself look like a ho.

    January 6 at 12:58pm  / 
  29. Karen Jackson 

    I prayed you would use your platform to uplift women. Being humble will get you very far. I love Phaedra because no matter what she remains a lady and don’t feed a lot of the nonsense.

    January 6 at 1:01pm  / 
  30. Divajo 

    Do you guys really think we give a flying Buck, who this dude has been with? Mynique should feel real stupid right about now. Don’t worry about the past relationships, worry about whose he’s bedding now. I can’t stand this man or his fake azz wife. You have some bucked up friends. I know you don’t care for Phaedra, but you should have stood up for the sista hood letting this trashy mouth man talk about your associate that way. He’s not shit and neither Mynique stupid old looking azz. Girl Please. I still cut for you but stop this BS with this fake Fitch. Hope their azz’s have had their last episode. We don’t want to see anymore stupid Fitches, we see enough of Kenya Moore’s ignorance.

    January 6 at 1:09pm  / 
  31. Divajo 

    I know Kandi and Phaedra don’t like you, and you them. Neither do I. However, who the hell is Mynique and Chuck I knew that wench was thirsty. They must be broke. No real man pulls this type shit IJS.

    January 6 at 1:13pm  / 
  32. maddmom3 

    Phaedra never said you knew each other personally and I never got that impression. What she said is that she knew who you were and that you knew who she was. Evidently that is true as you just stated in your blog. I’m sure she is aware of the math concerning your age different and class year in school. You need to get over the fact that Phaedra really needs to know you. I mean who does, really? As for your friend Chuck, what a loser. After all this time Phaedra’s net worth is as much as his and he was a “celebrity” at that time playing the NFL. Even you are worth more than he. As for Kandi, she didn’t find him as awesome as he thinks after all he was the one paying bills for HER. Her net worth eclipses his. He needs to have several seats and so do you. Stop the jealousy of Phaedra and Kandi, it makes you look stupid.

    January 6 at 1:14pm  / 
  33. Monica Terron 

    What I can’t get over is how Kandi’s mom thinks Chuck is the one that, “Got away,” and that she use to cook for him??? This is proof of what a bad judge of character momma Joyce has for Kandi’s husband requests. I even had nightmares on how nasty and catty he was to Phaedra. I fell like she was ganged up on.

    January 6 at 1:14pm  / 
  34. LOVELEE2 


    January 6 at 1:14pm  / 
  35. Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 

    When will your arrogance STOP, NeNe. You are such an UGLY person now.

    At the reunion. YOU SAID. ”

    You said that you knew of Phaedra from her face and unusual name and the fact that she used to hang out with your cousin. ”

    NOW you wanna split HAIRS about it.

    I know you can’t see it now, BUT you are COMMITTIN “suicide” for your Career. Women are hating your ATTITUDE. If the public don’t care about you, no matter how well a CELEBRITY you are, YOU ARE GONNA go away.

    You keep talking about your FRIENDS and 13 years and Blah, blah, blah. You need to reconnect with the public and fans. You can hang out with every housewife, go on talk shows and whatever, but when WE put you down. THEY WILL STOP CALLING.

    January 6 at 1:14pm  / 
  36. ldougl2001 

    Forget about Phaedra, Chuck has no class and should be ashamed of demeaning Phaedra and embarrassing his wife with his idiotic comments. So ignorant!!!

    January 6 at 1:17pm  / 
  37. SimplyDarkSin 

    Nene, You threw the rock and hide your hand on this one.
    1st: You was the reason Mynique with a Y (lol) knew anything about Phaedra and Kandie. Mynique must thought she could come in because she was your friend and check them or let them know she had chuck for some reason, but when she got checked 3x,she looked stupid and went home and went off on him for lying and made it seems that they woman came at her. YOU WRONG, Then when Chuck was trying to forc Phaedra to change her story you sat there “WAITING” on her to say I DIDNT SAY WE DATED” so you can say Phaedra you did say that but she stood her ground and that wasn’t what you thought would happen. 2nd You seem to know about Phaedra at their house calling her the head doctor, we all have stuck a dick once in our life it’s not that funny.
    I do believe things are starting to fall apart with you so that’s why you attacking people this season, you have to go back to the mean Nene to keep that check rolling in.

    January 6 at 1:22pm  / 
    • Shade checker 

      She says she doesn’t practice lying but you CLEARLY doesn’t practice math either….if she “graduated” the class of 85 then Chuck was a sophomore and Phaedra a freshman! I don’t care either way but she won’t be “veeeery rich” for long, adding like that. Maybe she should use her fingers next time!! And get a proof reader #sadolbird

      January 6 at 10:02pm  / 
  38. Mrs215 

    Damn Nee-Nee you really need to let this go. This is beneath you and very disappointing to your #1 fan. All you girls on the show are better then this …except for Kenya (she is the worst) .
    We love you here out in PHILLY !

    January 6 at 1:23pm  / 
  39. Bren ImStronger NWiser 

    Chuck is whack!!! I can’t believe how disrespectful he was towards the ladies and how he degraded them. Nena your showing your true colors…..Not cool!!!!!!

    January 6 at 1:23pm  / 
  40. Nena 

    Nene, Obviously Monique is insecure. Obviously Chuck still has a team on the side. It was so disrespectful for Chuck to speak with Phaedra in that manner. And you let us women down by not saying something. What about keeping it REAL. Chuck and Duck may be you downfall. We women expect you to always uplift women. Looks like you were a part of this setup and Phaedra handled It like a lady. Most of us would have talked about him and his entire family. SMH.

    January 6 at 1:32pm  / 
  41. cassie54 

    why so mean nene? I know you know what she means when she says that she knows you. It just like some of my older brother’s friends, I have heard their names and seen their faces so I feel like I know them, but they don’t have a clue who I am. But I still lknow them, lol

    January 6 at 1:37pm  / 
  42. Mersaydes Young 

    The fact that you use your influence and platform to continue tearing down other women is crazy and sad. You can acknowledge the rumors about her in high school but not that you knew she existed. I was hoping you would use this time to address the disrespect that Chuck displayed toward Phaedra. Phaedra and Chuck made it clear that they dated and Chuck went on to maliciously hurt and belittle Phaedra in an attempt to make him look like a player, which is pathetic, and you said nothing. You are always willing to call other women on their bullshit but as catty as Chuck was you should him called him on it. You may need to see a therapist because you have some buried self hate that you project onto other women that cause you to act catty, negative and hurtful towards them. Figure out how to use your influence to uplift and not tear down. Chucks last sentence to the boys and girls club was “respect your mother and sister”, well Phaedra is someone’s mother and she deserved respect because she handled that situation with class. Chucks wife shouldn’t have brought it up if she wasn’t ready to deal with it.

    January 6 at 2:04pm  / 
    • remy 

      well said. This women is dirty and she has it out for PHAEDRA AND KANDI…SAD

      January 6 at 3:22pm  / 
      • noel 

        Hurt people… hurt people…and Nene for what ever reason likes to stick it to people. She’s to blessed for that smh

        January 6 at 5:11pm  / 
    • Tania 


      January 6 at 6:54pm  / 
  43. Char 

    Chuck is an ASS!! How about admitting to his wife that he is just a poor excuse for a man. Disgusting!!!!

    January 6 at 2:08pm  / 
    • Tania 

      Could not have said that any better! Lol

      January 6 at 6:25pm  / 
  44. Cynthia Renee Hinson 

    Wow Nene I’m over the fact that you didn’t associate with Phaedra. But she is still your sister, why didn’t interject like you usually do. Very disappointing. I don’t think chuck and home girl fit with hwoa but then again if it keeps us talking and keeps us watching then to Heck with feeling right!!!! I’ll pass

    January 6 at 2:11pm  / 
  45. vonzie47 

    Who cares. I think that Phaedra and Kandi asked for it. The two just had to prove a point to his WIFE that they were not a jump-off. They both have goodlooking men and move it forward. Did they not realize that their men were going to see this and think wth!!!!!! It is not Nene’s place to protect Phaedra she would not do that for Nene!!!

    January 6 at 2:43pm  / 
    • Tania 

      Helloooo…did you not watch the same show we all watched!?
      It was Chucky Wacko Wife that brought up that her husband dated them in a way to throw shade by saying he used them as a jump-off but he wifed her…they had every right to make her take a seat. Only an insecure woman would bring up a 20+yrs flame…she got him so why should she care…oh yeah, because it wasn’t about that with her…she was throwing shade at Kandi and Phaedra, and didn’t let go of Phaedra until she put her good in her place around the table. Also if you noticed, after the Club One gay bar scene, whenever she spoke you could see her mouth moving as if speaking but you could not hear her…it’s obvious that BRAVO blocked whatever she was saying because she’s not relevant and is annoying. And her play on being black and white with the emphasis of being more white, made her look like a genuine 2014 house nigga…she and her friend NeNe needs to grow up and be real women, not little mean H.S. girls!

      January 6 at 6:22pm  / 
  46. 2sexy4u38 

    Damn Chucky!!! That was simply crazy…Who does that??? Phaedra did the right thing.. The whole world is watching……toooooo much tea!!! Someone please call Garywitdatea on the Rickey Smiley show…..

    January 6 at 3:17pm  / 
  47. remy 

    Ne~Ne whats your beef with Phaedra?? Its very clear that you have some hatred towards this women. rather you knew her from Athens or Not you always speakin on her. its clear that you Blog should have been about your Boy throwing Whack Azz shade towards theses women who is clearly doing better then him. You always try to tear these women down to build yourself up. I remember one reunion you asked Sheree what was her status at the bank! Huh with all your shows being canceled the question is whats yours? You real good with your little sneak disses or as you all say #SHADE by saying yes I have a club house something ladies don’t have. but Kandi has three houses in one her main house, a guest house and a pool house. ….EGG ON YOUR FACE. you need to scale back and have several seats cause I don’t care if you are the highest paid housewife if the ratings stop so will the chacks….BOOP!! AND LASTLY If your boy CHUCK AND HIS INSECURE ASS WIFE is joining the cast I’m done cause I sure don’t want to see they tacky behinds not no more episodes.

    January 6 at 3:17pm  / 
  48. remy 

    QUESTION: WHATS IS Gregg occupation? maybe Kevin Hart is hiring for his show And he could audition to be a cast member. worry about that.

    January 6 at 3:20pm  / 
    • Tina Lovingmiamiheat 

      Owns a barber shop and works as a realtor at least he did in season 1 and 2.

      January 6 at 3:36pm  / 
  49. DC 

    See I think what the problem is is that when Nene say’s she doesn’t know Phadrea means like she said, they never held a conversation, met her parents, etc. Its a cultural thing and some viewers my take the word in the literal sense. Its Ebonics, hell I know a lot of people, but I don’t know them!!!

    January 6 at 3:54pm  / 
  50. Prince Jarvis 

    Nene, I have one word for Phaedra “Messy”!!! As for Mrs. Phaedra she needs to understand that just because you live in the same small town doesn’t mean you know everybody. I didn’t and still don’t know everyone I graduated with because I didn’t have classes with them. Knowing someone by face and/or by name, doesn’t mean I KNOW you. She needs to get over it already and move on. As for Chuck, he was only being a man, I would do the same thing.

    January 6 at 4:00pm  / 
  51. noel 

    I have really enjoyed you Nene this season, and how you have tried to keep the peace amongst the ladies. But honestly, I believe you have a slight evil streak , and when you want to get even with someone you know just the way to do it. What happened last night was sad. I believe that you and your friend set Phaedra and Kandy up. And I don’t understand why. The world does not need to see black women being disrespected like that it was horrible.

    I don’t believe your friend HAD to save face for his wife so there could be peace at home. If you dislike Phaedra and Kandi so much, you guys did not have to use the Boys and Girls club to get even with them. You should not dislike people so much that it takes away from your own beauty.

    I don’t understand why all the hate? You have to let it go. You have a beautiful life, great husband lovely children and grand child your rich as you have confessed yourself. Just let Kandi and Phaedra live their life without you and Chuck dragging them through the mud.

    January 6 at 4:51pm  / 
  52. Tania 

    NeNe, are you jealous of Phaedra because she’s beautiful, educated, a lawyer, made her millions way before you and all on her own, was known by celebs way before you, and has a fine ass husband with beautiful kids…oh yeah, and didn’t have to strip to make money to take care of a kid at a young age, because she did not have one…she was busy building a career and getting educated! And even though her husband may have had a stint with the law as your teenage son did, she did not meet him while stripping, and definitely not got with him while he was still married like you did…to an old grandpa…yes, forgot you needed a father figure and someone to help you pursue your (non) acting career. Girl, all you have is this petty show, that me and the rest of us watch for sheer amusement, so don’t get it twisted and quit acting like you’re so the peace maker when you are not only stabbing all of them in the back but you are twisting the knive too! Grow up NeNe Leakes, although you wear ignorance well, for the good of your family and black women…Get a clue and learn to be a “true” friend!!! You act like the mean girl in H.S. Also, because Phaedra says that she knew you, doesn’t mean she meant you were friends, it just means that she knew of you and you (as you’ve made obvious on the last episode) knew of her! So get over yourself…maybe you need to be taken off the show, because you bring “evil” into the mix! Ashe’

    January 6 at 6:06pm  / 
  53. mzmizzyhatehaters 

    NeNe…get over yourself. You have so much self hatred till you can’t embrace or like anyone else. You are UGLY outside and inside. Be careful how you treat folk you have children and a grandchild. Who cares about chucks (small letters on purpose) wife being bi-racial. You acting like a house negro cause she yo friend. By USA standards she black with her insecure….tacky…doesn’t know how to dress nor impress drunk. I hope Cynthia is done with your very fake former pole dancing big self. Greg won’t be with you much longer and your children are shame. Use your money to get your business straight. You didn’t know Phaedra and some people in Athens didn’t know you and you dtill dont know who they are…….SHADE maybe chuck is your brothet. HURTFUL HUH deal with IT FAKE

    January 6 at 6:15pm  / 
  54. doogal 

    Nene you have to remember Phaedra is a lawyer which means that she wants to win more than she wants to breathe so just give it up. She wants you to say you knew her and you have made it abundantly clear to what extent. Maybe it’s because she wants to be you. Whatever it is your real fans know what the deal is so keep living large and go on with your life. If I were you I’d never speak on this subject again even at Phaedra’s funeral she has it put in the obituary that you two sat across from each other in class. With some people it’s just that way. Take care and much love to your family.

    January 6 at 6:58pm  / 
  55. Tania 

    Didn’t say my two scents in my comment about chucky and his wacko wife…that was on purpose because they are both irrelevant! Remember that chucky is one of your grandpa husband best friend, maybe he being the “big homie” that he obviously still is, introduced the woman Greg cheated on you with…did you think of that while you were trying your best to bring two great women down!???? Greg maybe a “big homie” himself…don’t “like” people enjoy “like” people’s company?
    NeNe you are making yourself an ASS!!!! It’s good entertaining TV though! Bloop!

    January 6 at 7:06pm  / 
  56. dimples 

    NeNe you and Phedra child! It’s whatever in my book, not important kinda childish somewhat. You are this classy, sassy, truth-talking, be about it, sexy, knowledgeable, street-smart, RICH, personable, likeable, relatable person. STOP IT!!!! Don’t let this woman who lived a life of rigidness, strictness, perhaps fake, book smart, not street smart, wannabe, get to you. You are NENE celebrity reality star. A young motherless girl, who started from the bottom but rose to the TOP of her game and became this very successful woman. YOU beat the odds and your light shines brighter than all the housewives of RHOA and the other housewives franchise. Don’t fall to their level NeNe make them come up to meet yours!

    January 6 at 7:35pm  / 
  57. Tanya Eubanks 

    This some BS!!! Ok..I’m not a fan of Phaedra….not impress with her. But in another episode, you (NeNe) refereed to Phaedra as the Head Doctor back in the day. I’m a little lost somewhere….if you imply she the Head Doctor…well you knew of her?

    January 6 at 7:37pm  / 
    • Shade checker 

      She says she doesn’t practice lying but you CLEARLY doesn’t practice math either….if she “graduated” the class of 85 then Chuck was a sophomore and Phaedra a freshman! I don’t care either way but she won’t be “veeeery rich” for long adding like that. Maybe she should use her fingers next time!! And get a proof reader

      January 6 at 9:57pm  / 
  58. shapress3 

    Did Greg really cheat on NeNe?

    January 6 at 7:39pm  / 
  59. Jeannette Henry 

    Nene is an ass and Chuck is an asshole. The trip was a set up. Nene wants Phaedra off the show /Mynique and the jerk casted.Just lost another faithful watcher.

    January 7 at 1:06am  / 
  60. Miraeo 

    Does anyone think that it may have been the network that set this up….remember they get paid very well for this show which in turn means its a job and some things have to be done like it or not….Im pretty sure NeNe did say something but not allowed on tape….as for knowing Phedrea…heck after 20 yrs of graduating who remembers everyone especially in younger grades…..I sure dont….Heck I dont remember some people in my grade or knew everyone to boot…..I have facebook request and msg from folks that try to insist I know them…..may be senior moments (lol)……Chuck is a joke and trying for the 15mins that everyone has giving him by responding to his stupidity

    January 7 at 10:01am  / 
  61. Mersaydes Young 

    Check out my complete write up at http://www.myfashionweekly.com/not-fierce-or-fabulous-more-like-ridiculous/ , it really sums up how minuscule this subject matter is and what should have been talked about was the man-child that is Chuck!

    January 7 at 11:16am  / 
  62. Da'ni Azeem Russell 

    Exactly. Everyone was getting along finally and Phaedra had to prove a point to make NeNe look like a liar when she was the one getting called to the carpet for being a jump off.

    January 7 at 12:51pm  / 
  63. Chris Cota 

    Check out chuck here 》http://chucksmithnfl.com

    January 7 at 2:37pm  / 
  64. Kimberly Nolen 

    No appreciation for the go to girl…nene!

    January 7 at 5:30pm  / 
  65. Kimberly Nolen 

    I can appreciate been leakes.

    January 7 at 5:31pm  / 
  66. Fuzzybutterfly 

    To know of someone is not to ‘KNOW’ someone.
    It really takes coming from a small town to understand the logic. I grew up in a somewhat small town. (Larger than Athens but small)
    To know of someone is really not to ‘Know’ them at all. You can know someone by their face or just from going to the same mall but never have spoken to that person or ever been introduced to that person at all. I don’t need to reminisce to think of an example. I have current examples one being that I currently live in the suburbs of a large city and I happen to be the only ‘black’ American and my husband is well known. There have been women from different areas quoting me and giving first hand accounts of things I was suppose to have ‘said’ when they have never met me or even been in the same room to have a conversation with me. I don’t think Phaedra was attempting to say they are friends I just think she wanted to make it clear that she knew of Nene and she knows that Nene must have heard about her during her life before moving to the ATL. But they didn’t know each other and that is the point Nene is making. I can’t say there is any love loss between the two of them and Nene tries to keep it real. Phaedra first come off as really snobby and she dropped a few names when she first joined the RHOA. But she has turned a page and seems more down to earth than most of them. I just think Nene is stuck on first impressions and also the smack Phaedra talked about Nene in the beginning was not cool. So move on,you know each other now, so get over it and keep stepping.

    January 8 at 7:55am  / 
  67. Gorunandtellthat 

    Nene, as you may have gathered from the comments NO ONE wants to see Chuckie and his bride next season. They’re trash and we WILL stop watching #bloop

    January 10 at 8:15am  / 
  68. Antonio J. 

    Hello, I just wanted to know if any of the cast members from AHW were professed Christians because this behavior is immoral and down right disrespectful. The boasting, the Egos are out of this world.
    No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devouted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Luke 16:13

    February 23 at 8:41pm  /