Who’s The Best Housewife of 2013?

NeNe Leakes - Favorite Housewife of 2013

No surprise, you guys voted for me as your favorite Housewife of 2013! I won with 44% of the votes and Cynthia came in second! Atlanta girls, represent!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. dazylinlin 

    NeNe, of course! Then Cynthia.

    December 28 at 4:06pm  / 
  2. Deltricia Williams 

    Nene Leakes, thought they knew..

    December 28 at 4:33pm  / 
  3. EllinorJoyceGadison 

    NeNe,Cynthia and Kandi.

    December 28 at 4:39pm  / 
  4. Doug Walshe 

    YOU, hands down. Before, it was a toss up between you and Kim (who I think added a little vanilla-flavor to the show).
    Last on the list is Kenya. What a wreck and not as attractive as she thinks. Happy New Year!!

    December 28 at 6:57pm  / 
  5. Yahnise Bivens 

    Cynthia… NeNe take it down a few notches…

    December 28 at 10:33pm  / 
    • Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 


      January 11 at 10:14am  / 
  6. Veronica 

    Phaedra, NeNe, Kandi, Cynthia, then Porsha, Mynique, The Kendra

    December 29 at 12:58am  / 
  7. cendyl7@yahoo.com 

    Lisa of Coarse she is the hard working women that has it all and I love pink just like her .. the is the BEST…..<3

    December 29 at 11:56am  / 
    • cendyl7@yahoo.com 

      She is the BOMB!!!*

      December 29 at 11:57am  / 
  8. katbunny 

    Queen Kenya Moore!
    The two most exciting on Atlanta Housewives are Kenya & Nene.
    This show would be boring as hell if it were not for Kenya & Nene!
    My least favorite are Phaedra & Kandi

    December 29 at 7:17pm  / 
    • Joyce Preston 

      ok Kenya we know you wrote this

      December 30 at 10:40am  / 
    • gem613 

      I Agree 150%

      December 30 at 11:42am  / 
    • thewildflower 

      I agree…Nene and Kenya!!!!!!!!!!! I also like Cynthia …and we need more Laurance! :)

      December 31 at 7:01am  / 
  9. Prince Jarvis 

    Hands down NeNe Leakes is my pick!!!

    December 29 at 8:06pm  / 
  10. Mellowyellow Thomas 

    I vote for Phaedra Parks, she was the only one that was current and remained in a permanent relationship, Nene wasn’t even married during 2013, so I vote Phaedra Parks.

    December 29 at 11:28pm  / 
  11. Erika Seldon Jenkins 

    Kandi, Cynthia, and Phaedra

    December 30 at 5:35am  / 
  12. Erika Seldon Jenkins 

    Last night i just thought NeNe was being so mean and just a little messy

    December 30 at 5:37am  / 
  13. baar123 

    Some of them aren’t housewives….Kenya, brandi, kim……kim just has her dog which are boring episodes….she’s a bit off and boring in my opinion. Best one is Cynthia – most real.

    December 30 at 7:20am  / 
  14. Joyce Preston 

    Phaedra Parks is #1 in my book.

    December 30 at 10:39am  / 
  15. renishat 

    Nene of course.

    December 30 at 10:50am  / 
  16. michelle01 

    Kandi all day

    December 30 at 11:03am  / 
  17. Margaret 


    December 30 at 11:12am  / 
  18. sheilah06 

    I love Nene. I think she’s the only one who never is afraid ti speak her mind. U rock girl and u make me smile.

    December 30 at 12:34pm  / 
  19. Aishah Caesar 

    →→BEST HOUSEWIVES OF 2013←← ★★NeNe Leakes★★
    #HandsDown #We♥YouNeNe

    December 30 at 1:40pm  / 
  20. naynaywalk 

    Without a doubt NeNe Leakes

    December 30 at 2:56pm  / 
  21. tbetter1 

    Kandi Burress

    December 30 at 3:04pm  / 
  22. kay 

    The Gorgeous Kenya Moore. People hate on her because she’s extremely pretty…anyway her and NeNe make the show what it is.

    December 30 at 3:23pm  / 
  23. eljackson 

    My favorite is Kenya Moore but I guess they were to jealous to nominate her!! So i’ll just go with NeNe cause she’s my second choice

    December 30 at 3:51pm  / 
  24. diane856 

    NeNe is my favorite, then Phaedra

    December 30 at 4:34pm  / 
  25. Gladys Hernandez 

    I enjoy your world threw t.v. I like how you are funny And can Not believe how you And Greg do Not have a comdey show. I enjoy everyone On the show. But I think Kindra should let go OF Mom.

    December 30 at 4:42pm  / 
  26. Janell Ferguson 

    NeNe ur NO.1!

    December 30 at 6:33pm  / 
  27. Acano29 

    Nene I love ya, but I have to say Kyle Richardson is AMAZING, beautiful, and one RICH BITCH! Love you Kyle don’t really care what else others post….. The END

    December 30 at 6:34pm  / 
  28. thewildflower 

    Nene and Kenya!!!!!!!!!

    December 31 at 7:02am  / 
  29. 2sexy4u38 

    I would have to say my girl Nene!!! She says what’s on her mind and no sugarcoating…. Messy but well together!!

    January 6 at 2:05pm  / 
  30. morshalee 
    January 6 at 2:46pm  / 
  31. Divajo 

    Nene is the best housewife. But Hunni, please get rid of Kenya, your messy stupid friend Mynquie and her low down dirty D husband and the D is not for dog. Who cares who this man whore slept with. Look at the shit he ended up with.

    January 6 at 3:07pm  / 
  32. Mary Spinelli 

    Nene of course!

    January 6 at 4:48pm  / 
  33. dimples 

    You already know the N to the E to the N to the E! Whoop Whoop!

    January 6 at 7:49pm  / 
  34. leann0978 

    NeNe was but the way her head is swelling..Phaedra, who has always been a close second, is slowly but surely taking her place. Now the prettiest and most humble goes to CYNTHIA hands down.

    January 7 at 2:55pm  / 
  35. Jackie Carrington 

    NeNe is my favorite she keeps it real :)

    January 10 at 4:42pm  / 
  36. LadyG46222 

    Ne Ne is my favorite housewife. Cynthia is a true friend. I can’t stand Phaedra, Kandi or Kenya. Kandi punks the Black Housewives but Bitch up when it came to Kim Zoliack. Porsha needs to go back to school and get educated on Black History that Kindergarten Children knows.

    January 11 at 3:45am  /