Killin It

NeNe Leakes - Fixing Her Hair in the Camera

Working this hair out in the mirror hunni so I can kill it today on camera #getyourlife

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Beverly Rhett 

    Love that blouse!

    January 7 at 1:21pm  / 
  2. fatou 

    Love it gal

    January 7 at 1:46pm  / 
  3. Prince Jarvis 

    Beautiful NeNe!!! This picture is going so much LIFE right now. Love you so much!!! xoxo

    January 7 at 3:46pm  / 
  4. boggse 

    Hi NeNe, Thank you for keeping it real, so will I ! Seriously I have been researching the net for over 2 hours trying to find out who is the designer of this blouse. Hopefully someone from team NeNe can respond so I “can get glam” Looking forward to your curvy fashion line. XOXO

    January 30 at 1:46pm  /