Haters Gonna Hate!

NeNe Leakes - Haters Will Broadcast Your Failures



  1. London brown 

    This is so true NeNe but you getn yo coins that’s why they mad at you! Moe money Mo problems!

    February 13 at 1:04pm  / 
  2. Swee T 

    “Let them talk about you behind your back as God blesses you right in ther faces”

    February 13 at 1:09pm  / 
  3. Lillian 

    .Amen to that.Girlie you can’t please everyone.stay focus ,be thankful and stay prayed up……(team NeNe)!!!!!!

    February 13 at 1:10pm  / 
  4. Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

    We are not getting one penny of your money so that has nothing to do with what we are saying, we are just saying saying a rich women will own what mistake they have made and ask for forgiveness. I think that a good name is more than being right, it is about integrerty.

    February 13 at 1:18pm  / 
  5. Neka_ladybug 

    Let them hate it will keep u motivated ;) God bless!

    February 13 at 1:20pm  / 
  6. Elizabeth Jones Kirk 

    It doesn’t matter how much they hate your name is in their mouths and you are on their minds. Get your money, Hunni and they need to #get their life!!! Bloop, Bloop!!!

    February 13 at 1:23pm  / 
  7. JerzyBrown04@yahoo.com 


    February 13 at 1:23pm  / 
  8. yoyepo 

    If the criticism given is not constructive, it just gets heard as White Noise or Static. Nobody hears it. People who can’t be seen have a lot of negative things to say; things they wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face. No mistake can distroy a persons true character because a person with good character would never make such a mistake. NeNe, I know RHOA is not who you are. I read about all the positive and giving thing that you and all your cast mates do behind the scenes. Keep It Up.

    February 13 at 1:49pm  / 
  9. princesspr 

    NeNe……stop it ….just stop this messiness and MOVE ON!

    February 13 at 1:59pm  / 
  10. Deltricia Williams 

    Nene, let them hate…they are just jealous. Every time I turned on the television, who do I see…not Kenya, not Porsha, or any of the rest of them. Who I see is Nene..walking up the rich ladder. Let them hate, they will want to be your friend on day, and it will not be long. Do your thing and enjoying doing it. Love you. Don’t change a thing…

    February 13 at 2:00pm  / 
  11. Prince Jarvis 

    Let them do what they do best!!! That is some people’s full-time job!!

    February 13 at 2:17pm  / 
  12. purfection62 

    I believe a good name is better than being right. Nene you weren’t right for this one, admit it and apologize. The people that are telling you otherwise just want you to continue making mistakes until you fall. Trust me. Show your old Aunts the clip and see what they tell you if they have some sense. I had hope that Gregg would help you see the light but it seems like you are both blind.

    February 13 at 2:48pm  / 
  13. ms chambers 

    Ok it is obvious that you are ignorant and uneducated. That we all know for a fact. However, knowing that you are ignorant is one thing but acknowledging it is quite another. Trust me the only reason you are posting pictures of you here and there and making these nonsensical “quotations” is because you are guilty and it is bothering you but instead of being humble and saying ok folks, I made a mistake, after looking at the footage I have to agree that I treated Kenya Moore unfairly and having done so I also disrespected my other castmates, you continue to relish in your arrogance. Nene there is nothing wrong with being wrong, youre not perfect and you will never be, neither am I, but when I am wrong I immediately own it so that no one will continue to harp on it. Own it Nene leakes, you will come out smelling like lavender if you do. I wonder why your husband is so silent on your rambunctious behavior? Perhaps it is because you are the one wearing the proverbial pants in the marriage. Look, Nene, at the end of the day you are a grown woman and I am not here to school you but what I can do is delete your sorry ass from my page so that I wont have to see you continue to embarrass yourself along with other women and men who once looked up to you.

    February 13 at 3:33pm  / 
    • ClubQBall 

      Pot calling the kettle black? “Uneducated???? And you can’t even construct a grammatically-correct sentence with proper punctuation and syntax? Really? And you DARE sit in judgment of someone who’s made more money in the past SIX YEARS than you’ll ever make in your entire pathetic and bitter life?

      Yeah, um … what the fuckever, “ms chambers” … YOU are but one to talk, sweet pants. LMGDFAO

      February 13 at 9:02pm  / 
      • GirlBye 

        I’m just wondering what money has to do with it? As fast as money can come to people, it can also disappear as quickly. However, integrity and reputation last a lifetime….IJS

        February 14 at 8:32am  / 
  14. KnapturallyMe 

    What I don’t understand is how people that aren’t rich know how a person that is rich is supposed to act and feel. Is money supposed to change who you are? Does that mean that if you’re a good person before you got money, then you become a bad person after you get money? Or is it that when you get rich you’re supposed to pretend you’re something you’re not? Wouldn’t that be fake? I’m just sayin’… And. one last thing it is not that serious, some of the comments I’ve read here are totally unnecessay and uncalled for. Obviously, ya’ll were feeling some kinda way about some of the folks on the show and if in fact that’s the case, then its something ya’ll gotta work through and maybe find another show to watch that may not upset you to the level this one has. Like the saying goes, haters gonna hate, and ballers gonna ball. I’d rather be a baller!

    February 14 at 3:35pm  / 
  15. WhereIsShe 

    I keep waiting for the old NeNe to show up. I miss the fun, I miss the laughs, I miss the snappy one liners. As much as there are haters in the world I think you see everyone who disagrees with you as a hater. Not everyone is a hater, not everyone is after you. Please take off your rose colored glasses and just be real. A real fan will tell you what they think. Some of us are not “yes wo(men)” some of us want you to succeed but you’re making all the wrong moves. Even angering your fan base. Please humble yourself..don’t let pride take you to a fall. Some of us are really pulling for you…don’t disappoint. Get it together please!

    February 16 at 6:45pm  / 
  16. bunnibear 

    Kenya Moore has been on quite a few shows in the past few week
    and has made it her BUSINESS to discuss the ins and outs of NeNe’s
    employment on Glee and The New Normal ! When you get on a morning show a Business person uses that as an opportunity to promote thier OWN Projects BUT since she has nothing but RHOA well then her agenda becomes to drag down her castmates and create more controversy. Throwing an event together on the fly to “Honor” a woman whose misfortune you have reveled in is the epitome of Disgusting not to mention using a Charity to do it. All that for camera time and to try and “Play” Nene Leakes under the guise of Friendship. If I were Kenya & Marlo I would watch “the weapons” I form against Nene Leakes lest they be turned back upon them. Many other housewives tried it and found themselves lacking in the end and she is STILL RICH BITCH !

    February 17 at 12:14pm  / 
  17. Shaylah Bennett-Aeby 

    I haven’t even watched the episode in question I’ve just watched clips. I must say I’m not only hurt on behalf of Nene, but I’m shocked that women are Lining Up to “stone her”. She was nagged into going to an event she absolutely knew was a set up. Tried to collect herself when she sees an obvious plot to embarrass her, and she failed. Even with the last minute pep talk from Greg. She couldn’t get past an obvious betrayal. Are you honestly saying you cannot empathize with her plight. This has never happened to you, when you before. When a jealous, petty female who although Nene tries over and over to help. IE: Find her a place to stay, bring Her into your group of friends. Be a mentor to someone riddled with female abonment issues that “like a poisonous scorpion, she stings the frog on whose back she is on safely taking her across the river” because of her caustic nature. I understand Nene should have been more gracious, but she’d had enough of Kenya and her BS. I feel so sorry for Ms. Moore and I pray she gets counseling and healing before she decides to bring a child into her mess. For the rest of you Critics, let he/she who is WITHOUT SIN cast the first stone.

    February 17 at 12:57pm  / 
  18. Meashele Copeland 

    Nene I’ve been watching the episode and every since Kenya stepped on board with y’all she has caused nothing but trouble especially with Phaedra Parks she tried to break up their marriage and she was texting Phaedra’s husband and their still together and then she started the whole thing at the winery with Natilie calling her a common law wife and Christ wasn’t even there to defend himself and she also told Kandi that Natilie said some things about Todd and that’s were it originated from and it escalated at the pillow talk, what I’m seeing is she caused all this trouble That Y’all boss won’t get rid of her but she wants your spot and everybody is on Kenya’s side, everybody voted for her but let me tell you this if she takes your place and they fire you, don’t worry because I see where this is going and it doesn’t look good for Kenya everybody that is with Kenya is going to sink honey!, I see God’s hand in this you lost all your acting jobs, could this be that God is trying to tell you something?, when you hit rock bottom, God is that Rock on which we stand, so you see God’s got this He’s got good plans in store for you, maybe or is it just a coincidence that you happened to stumble across Tyler Perry for such a time as this? think about it, and you lost your so-called friend Marlo to Kenya, Kenya is tryining to take your friends and your position from you, let her have it!, because honey that boat and everybody on it is going to sink, now pull your friend Phaedra out to safety!, I can see it something is about to take place and just when you think things look bad for you THEY DON’T!!! things are going to go in your favor!, don’t worry God’s got this and Kenya aint nothing but the devil herself in the flesh!

    February 18 at 5:26am  / 
  19. nenestinks 

    You are a very successful ex stripper And I’ve heard the type of stripping that you’ve done in the past wasn’t just in a bathing suit But the kind where I actually guys will touch you in your private areas for a dollar Disgusting. Kind of tells about the man that you have in your life.

    February 21 at 8:03am  / 
  20. Aimee 

    Wow!! This is supposed to be grandmother. I think this show is an embarrassment to women. Bravo should be ashamed…. exposing these diasters and train wrecks for the world to see.

    February 23 at 8:02pm  /