Inspiration Boards For My Clothing Line!

NeNe Leakes - Inspiration Boards for My Clothing Line

I am so excited to share a little sneak peek of my clothing line! More details soon but about to help make you all look and feel FABULOUS in 2014, hunni!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Linda Morris-Jackson 

    Please make your fabulous line for the fluffy as well. I am a tall so I need length!! Thanks Nene…Luv you gurl…BLOOP!

    January 15 at 10:27am  / 
  2. Karen Bettis-Davis 

    I’m so excited. I love your sense of style. I’m a tall voluptuous woman (5’9, ^ feet in my heels)and I’m always looking for clothes that fit well as well as style. As a pastor I want to be modest but fierce!!!! You are that to me. Classic Fierce! So please remember us shapely girls in your designs. I know I’ll be the first to buy that black top that’s short in the front and long in the back!!! That’s me!!!

    January 15 at 11:02am  / 
  3. ariesgirl50 

    thank you for being real

    January 15 at 11:04am  / 
  4. Virginia K Ward 

    NeNe you look fabulous in off the shoulder soft fabrics.

    January 15 at 11:24am  / 
  5. Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 

    I’m not excited. Whether it is “this Amazon”, Beyonce or Jessica Simpson, the put their name on “low to average quality clothing, charge a really good sum, so that the celebrity can make a big profit. Their shoes are low quality. Their clothes are low quality, so that they can pocket the money. I wear what they wear. I’d rather wear second hand Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Dior from E-Bay, than buy their CHEAP CLOTHES for high prices.

    January 15 at 1:16pm  / 
  6. Prince Jarvis 

    NeNe, this inspiration board looks great. The clothing and fabrics looks very high-quality and expensive. Excited for her clothing line to debut.

    January 15 at 1:55pm  / 
  7. MrsTone 

    NeNe you are a fashionista…I see the NYC gal all up in you..Hopefully you will not forget about us slim goodies when you are designing your line. I’m a 41yr old who is still trapped in my 18yr old body. So when you are designing that FABULOUS line keep us NYC slimmies in you NeNe

    January 15 at 1:56pm  / 
  8. LA Butler 

    dont forget the SMALLS in ur design planning!! lol im a curvy 5’2″ girl who loves ur fashion sense/style 2!!

    January 16 at 2:52am  / 
  9. Darrynkt 

    Hey Nene
    Love your inspirational boards. I am a fabric RnD director in NYC
    Omg, I would love to work with you, if you’re starting a line. I live in NYC, but my mom. Loves in Atlanta ..
    I can send you some boards that I have done, if you like. 646-208-0433. Darryn taylor

    Ps. You are The truth!!!

    January 23 at 5:18pm  / 
  10. chrunkjuice 

    Love it NENE !!!!!!! U r awesome!!!!!

    January 28 at 10:24pm  / 
  11. Martha Pyles Blackburn 

    I’m glad you came out with a clothing line. I am tall myself and finding clothes to hit you in just the right place is not always easy. You have great fashion sense, I love your style.I thought I would see more animal print,because nothing says Nene Leaks like a animal print. That print is you ! Wild, yet laid back, sexy, but not revealing, the golden colors that compliment your skin tones very well. Are you going to do a Boot line? That would be Killer ! Thank You The forgotten

    August 6 at 3:50pm  /