Ladies Who Brunch

NeNe Leakes - Brunch at Fashion Week With Marysol Patton and Cynthia Bailey

Clearly we took having brunch to a whole new level #NYFW

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Duenmi 

    NeNe you are a piece of work. Your mother must be rolling over in her grave. You and only you started all that messy ass DRAMA. As for Greg yall are SICK my husband would not allow me to walk around other men with that trash you had on or act like that around other people. You criticized Cynthia on her mothering well what do you think your sons think of you after seeing that. YOU ARE SICK GIRL. YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP. YOU ARE TURNING INTO A DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING . YOU have truely let fame go to your head.

    February 10 at 12:47pm  / 
    • keephopealive 

      wow…totally agree @duenmi

      Nene was seriously trippin….on herself ! Nene started the drama…slutty ways….she was checkin for someone man….yep….

      February 10 at 3:01pm  / 
  2. Toni Jones 

    NeNe don’t believe the hype!! Your Great, and keep doing YOU!!

    February 10 at 2:50pm  / 
    • Beverly 

      Amen Toni

      February 11 at 11:31am  / 
    • lillibird 

      That’s right! These people are mean. They’re comments are SICK and DISGUSTING! Ladies, calm down! She is a woman who has never failed to entertain you or you wouldn’t be watching her and commenting on her blog! She can’t be defined strictly by her appearances on a show! She is a real person!! Nene they are only fair weather fans. Love to you NeNE and keep ShiNe-ing!

      February 11 at 12:17pm  / 
    • hmebelle 

      Toni, perhaps if she would stop believing the hype she would have some sense and see the image she portrays on the show.

      February 12 at 10:54am  / 
  3. keephopealive 

    not a fan anymore…your strippers days are over…HUNNIE! LOL YEP

    February 10 at 3:03pm  / 
  4. Prince Jarvis 

    Always setting the standards!!! Looks like you ladies had fun!!!

    February 10 at 4:28pm  / 
  5. Beverly 

    NeNe you are doing your job as an intertainer. Don’t waste time responding to the haters. I can’t wait til the clothing line comes out. The haters will definitely have them on too.

    February 11 at 11:31am  / 
  6. cazjosjac 

    Marysol always looks in pain, it must be all the surgery she has had.

    February 12 at 2:06am  / 
  7. Cl02 

    I don’t understand all of the horrible comments people are making. You have entertained us for years! I normally don’t comment but decided to try here as I have tried to post on Bravo for days! It’s almost as if it’s rigged. I don’t use foul language, nor have some of the filthy comments as some and I can’t get any of my comments posted on Bravo. You can see the same users that are attacking you posting over and over. It’s like they are blocking people that support you. That’s why I decided to try here. We are out here (your supporters) so don’t think everyone is upset or feeling negative about you. We just can’t get posted on Bravo. So here I go. Yes, the pillow talk may have been stirring the pot BUT RHOA (which I’ve watched from day one) has always been stirring the pot! Each and every lady. Kenya has done nothing but stir and twist since day one. Even back in the day with Kim it wasn’t as mean spirited, vile as since she started. Why is Bravo allowing her to twist / turn and say anything she wants including the commentating of the last two episodes to which she narrates her way? First she should have never gotten involved in Christopher’s marriage of 18 years! Common law or marriage license it’s more than she has ever had. She didn’t even allow him to address her because as usual she has to speak over everyone so that they can never address the pot stirring lies she spreads! She even said we already talked about this. NO, she spoke about it! She did get up and charge toward her and any man would have stepped in. He did NOT attack her aggressively but as usual she starts screaming don’t touch me! Again getting attention off of her redirecting! I think Brandon took things to the next level. He started fighting like a crazy person so yeah then everything went crazy. This Queen statement is again her twisting and trying to make you of all people look bad to the LGBT community! that is ridiculous! He calls himself that name. They are proud to be called a Queen and as you stated there is a freaking show named that. Double standard again? We can say it and if our friends say it it’s oK but no one else can. What is disturbing to me and it makes my stomach turn is when she refers to you and Natalie as a man! When she questions during an episode if you tuck? when she ask if Natalie tucks? Even in her blog today saying you are acting like a man. That is nasty, vulgar and talk about offensive! why doesn’t anyone talk about that? it’s ok for Kenya to say anything offensive? Is there a group you can call about her calling you a man? The tucking comment is vulgar. She is saying it in a mean offensive way! The Queen comment is a name that gays call themselves and are proud of it! You have been one of the biggest LGBT supporters of all of the housewives! Her stating you are jealous of her because you have nothing anymore but RHOA. You are an actress, mother, wife and have entertained us for years. She has ruined RHOA and has nothing else except to get air time by constantly playing victim and announcing she doesn’t back down from anyone! Bravo has really disappointed me by allowing her to spit her venom and spreading lies but mostly for giving her a platform to spread the controversy.
    I hope they wake up and get rid if her before RHOA is changed forever. Always a Fan

    February 12 at 4:47am  /