Marlo and Kenya are the Perfect Match

Here we go again! If you read my blogs then you know I hate long drawn out stuff and I don’t have time to touch on the BS, so let’s jump right in!

The Bailey Bowl: I love a good challenge so when I was told to gather up a team and meet on a field for some fun and competition, I was there! We started off by having some good competitive fun! Then here comes the BS!

Look, there’s a lot I could say, but instead, I’ll just say this.. Kandi, you have never seen me walk away from a fight and you have never seen me physically fight either have you? My son was at this event and as much as I would like to be mama Joyce & take my shoe off and hit somebody or drag someone down the street, I would never stoop so low to the gutter with my son around, so you are right! I know how to respect myself enough to walk away from something that no longer serves me, grows me or make me happy! In life you have to pick ur battles, everything isn’t worth fighting for or worth the emotional investment!

I never need to speak on the Marlo situation because she’s not important and not a part of this cast, but I supported Marlo and helped her unselfishly when nobody wanted her around! I will repeat: NOBODY! Some of these girls felt like because of Marlo’s criminal background, the fact that she slashed a friends face with a knife and disfigured her over a man, they didn’t want her around! I looked past that and really tried to see her heart! I was honest to a fault with her and a true loyal friend. Say what you want but there are rules to friendship! Everyone that knows me knows that I am a loyal friend and I expect the same in return. In friendship you have to give and take! If I give, that doesn’t mean all you get to do is take! So called “friends” that fraternize with the enemy is an opportunist in my opinion. They smile in your face but they’re looking to take your place.

At the Bailey Bowl, Marlo showed me her street side that everyone talks about! Yes you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig! Do I care that Manlow and Krayonce are friends? Absolutely not! I think they are the perfect match! Marlo has officially graduated from hungry to thirsty! I am sure Krayonce promised her a role in one of her multi-million dollar movies she produces! Kenya has nothing but deceitful evil intentions and Marlo fell for them! I want nothing to do with either of them. When I am done with you, I am done with you!

Thanks again for riding hard for me! I know this ride can get bumpy sometimes!

PS: If I had stayed and gotten into a fight, I would be wrong. If I walked away, I would be wrong. If I didnt show up at all, I would be wrong. So you can’t win!

Stay Fabulous,
Nene Leakes


  1. Tonya weaveologist13 onIG 

    I think you were right to walk away….Marlo was salty bc u didn’t invite her and put her on your team…anyone can stand and fight and argue but it takes balls to gather your composure and walk the hell on…BUT Kenya was coming at Marlo for a friend not the other way around so it went too far in my opinion…

    February 24 at 11:24am  / 
    • Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

      I agree tonya I mean what the hell do they look like rolling on the ground grown ass women snatching at hair, and the comment she made about nene’s hair and cloths so tacky.

      February 24 at 11:29am  / 
      • heavenlyangel1981 

        I think Kenya wanted to see that from the very start.. She’s so sickening!!

        February 24 at 11:38am  / 
        • Tonya weaveologist13 onIG 

          KENYA IS ANNOYING AND.ONLY ON THE SHOW FOR RATINGS due to the whole Apollo and phaedra situation… Marlos feelings were hurt clearly and I don’t see that she did anything wrong other than they could have talked in private…but no one is commenting on the fact that Cynthia created this whole.mess and ALL messes she’s a straight shit started then tries to act dumb all the time…that’s that shit I don’t care for

          February 24 at 11:44am  / 
          • Mz.Thang318 

            Kenya is a character. …..that it …she plsys her psr but her only happiness is watching others go through trobles becsuse she is les miserable. With that said kenys will continue to be unhappy and messy….

            February 24 at 6:30pm
          • BeachBaby 

            You said it!! Kenya is a snake in the grass. She only became friends with Marlow to get back at NeNe. Kenya is always the victim ugh sit down girl. I think its strange how she has started trouble with all the cast. Kenya has NO man, No children and No friends ummm i wonder why? Hopefully next season bravo will kick her crazy,psycho uninterested self off the show. Now Marlow im not surprised she seems alittle unstable to me. Her and Kenya are perfect togeather one thing they have in common JAILBIRDS! Kenya will be taking a mugshot soon if she keep pocketing money from charity events. Hopefully she will take that money and get those implants in her behind redone,she just looks yucky back there!!!

            February 24 at 7:26pm
        • Alma Davis 

          NeNe I believe that you will be alright because you have proven to be a good woman that love people. I believe some of the ladies on the show have a hard time dealing with you because you are a strong woman. Stand still and let God fight your battles He can handle them all

          February 24 at 10:27pm  / 
    • Kwan 

      But she threw a bottle hmm yeah that’s real mature. You right Marlo was salty b/c Marlo thought Nene was her friend. Then she called her bitch so Marlo had every right to curse her out. Ya’ll are foolish if you think they were going to physically fight that’s just dumb.

      February 24 at 11:40am  / 
      • Lon/ 

        Nene played herself for starting the whole mess, had she never told mrs williams what kenya said to cynthia, not Nene she would not be in this and she knows how the show go you been playing tuff for so long and never once got at no body but Kim she pinched her in the face so why run from Marlo talking about your son there he no what a talker you are so Kick rocks Ne ne, Marlo Got at you.

        February 24 at 12:08pm  / 
      • dixieann 

        I agree with you , Nene used Marlo

        February 24 at 12:20pm  / 
      • sweeetness 

        Marlo was childish and ghetto. That is not how you respond to being shunned…and she deserved to be shunned. She’s a shitty friend.

        February 24 at 1:50pm  / 
      • peaches2u 

        let me first say, Kwan you are one of MANY that feels Marlo had a right to get her feelings out to NeNe. NeNe who is big on embarrassing people sure didn’t like that one. In response to this sweetness. first of all immature i think is the word she was looking for but may not no what it means, her girl NeNe showed her less than classy ass in front of everyone. She was so damn concerned about how she behaved in front of her son BS. Calling Marlo a BISH in front of him, throwing a water bottle at Marlo’s way ( in front of) the guest ,contestants, and us showed nothing but ghettoness, and what bitchness really is. So what is a friend. Now what goes on off the camera we don’t know but what we see is truthfully not women, being the ladies they claim to be having so called class.

        February 24 at 10:35pm  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        Funny how all this bull….is caused by Nene and Kenya and others get the blame for Nene There will be no program if there is no Kenya I tape these shows and watch then over and over I always see it go right back to Nene I am sorry say what you what to say Nene is taking herself down disgraceful behaviour on her part

        February 27 at 1:48am  / 
        • Pretty 

          Chrissie Queen, I disagree with you. NeNe has grown and continues to evolve into a glamorous, beautiful, and classy woman. She has what Kenya and Marlowe is envious of. I admire NeNe’s style.

          April 28 at 9:14am  / 
    • supertega 

      Nene you’re a Capital G! Always keeping it 100. I NEED an “I’m very rich” shirt!

      February 25 at 1:12pm  / 
    • Cl01 

      You were right! Kenya & Marlo deserve each other. Every time Kenya comments she stabs you in the back! Even with her so called apology at Peter ( the wanna b house wife ) party. Saying you always want to perform. It’s non stop! K has been nothing but trouble since she arrived. The next preview shows continuing back stabbing at your career! So sick of K. I have watched RHOA since day 1 & I support you 100 but it’s really hard to even enjoy the show with her on there. She is evil and after you! Watching her hug Marlo with that fake crying scene was ridiculous!
      We r here NeNe!

      March 9 at 5:12am  / 
  2. Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

    i’m a ride or die woman, I been a fan of your sense day 1 and will continue to be. now your not always right but I still can see were you are coming from.

    February 24 at 11:25am  / 
  3. Denamiddleton 

    Very we’ll said NeNe, you are so real. I personally knew the girl that Marlo slashed in FL we grew up right next door to each other so I’m definitely NOT a fan of Marlo! Keep doing you we love you!!

    February 24 at 11:25am  / 
    • CocoDeGirl 

      How is the woman who got slashed? What does she think of the show-

      February 24 at 1:01pm  / 
      • decorah 

        people change, have you heard? everyone throwing shade at Marlo for something from her past that I am quite sure she regrets. haven’t you ever done something you regret?

        February 24 at 3:54pm  / 
        • AGardner 

          Thanks Decorah,
          Everyone thinks just because you have issues from the past you can’t stand up for something now. I am not a MARLO fan by a long shot but I know MARLO like Nene said is not a member of the dam show so who cares what her ghetto self does. Nene is the one who is getting paid Millions from Bravo, lets concentrate on her ratchet behavior. My only beef with her is that she tries to throw shade on others when she’s doing the EXACT same thing!!! She throwing shade at Cynthia (because of Peter), she throwing shade at Kandi (because of Mama Joyce…I mean who brings someone mama into the fray), she throwing shade at Phaedra (because of Apollo). I am really Miss Nappy Neck. Really. No one talks about your family, no one talks about your Thomas Jefferson looking wig, none of them EXCEPT Sheree and now Marlo throws shade at Nappy Neck Nene. She is a bully. Call it for what it is Nene lovers.

          February 25 at 10:12am  / 
        • Chrissie Queen 

          How come this is being brought up now it was not mentioned when Marlo was asked to be bridesmaid for Nene like I said before past gossip is what Nene bringings up to hurt people she got nothing on Kenya Nene keep yourself off the stripper pole and get real

          February 27 at 1:58am  / 
      • baybiface1 

        She committed suicide a few years later. Sad I know smh. It was believed that she had a lot of other issues going on but one of them came from the self confidence she lost and not feeling pretty anymore after her face was slashed open. I don’t blame Marlo for her suicide but it takes a very evil person to slash someone face open no matter the circumstances.

        February 25 at 7:51am  / 
        • AGardner 

          omg! What? Are you serious. Tell us more. Who was this lady? Marlo has issues and I don’t think anyone is arguing that point. I say ‘who cares what Marlo does’ she’s really not a factor to me. She is just trying to stay on the camera. Not even relevant to me.

          February 25 at 10:15am  / 
        • mamaboogie 

          I hope Marlo felt some measure of guilt…what was the slashing thing about anyway?(a man!!)…smh…I think Marlo knew exactly what she was doing with Kenya…maybe some jealousy for Nene as well played a part…She is no friend(you dont disagree in public with a friend…to get attention)

          February 26 at 5:15am  / 
  4. susu 

    you go nene right on girlfriend,tell them straight,go hard or go home

    February 24 at 11:28am  / 
  5. Chrissi 

    Love you Nene!
    “ Truth is the cry of all, but the game of the few. ”
    — George Berkeley

    February 24 at 11:29am  / 
  6. ClaudiaMichelle 

    Mrs NeNe,
    You did the right thing by walking away. That’s what grown women do. Unlike Kandi who had to apologize after making a fool out of herself. Kenya and Marlow are two HAWT MESSES and don’t even need to be on the show! I need to be….lol

    February 24 at 11:29am  / 
  7. Phee 

    NeNe you handled that real well!!! RUN no you didn’t, its called being a GROWN ASS WOMAN Kandi!!!! #teamfabulous/nene

    February 24 at 11:31am  / 
  8. born2stunnem 

    So many questions that I don’t know where to begin…Regarding Peter’s party…..Why did you come if you were still carrying anger/hurt for Peter? You came in acting as if he wrong you and that he should kiss your behind at HIS event! If you weren’t over it, then you should’ve stayed home. A loyal friend would come for their friend’s husband in that manner. Kenya finally gave you the apology that you were so desperate for. She owned HER part in the debacle. Where was your ownership? Where was your apology. You are not blameless by any stretch of the imagination. At the Bailey Bowl, if you had invited your “bride-maids” to be on your team, why wasn’t Marlo included? Why is that if you felt that she was “fraternizing with the enemy” as you so eloquently stated, why not speak to her about this directly instead of shutting her out? It appeared as though you and Kenya had squashed your beef at Peter’s party. Why pretend to accept the apology, only to continue to bash her in your confessional? What is your definition of a loyal friend? Is it someone who doesn’t associate with someone that you don’t like? Don’t you think that you’re too old to have this type of expectation of grown women. Love or hate Marlo, she’s right in that no one should be able to tell you who you can and cannot speak to. Why does your blog state that you don’t need to speak on the Marlo situation because she’s not important, yet you take this very public forum and opportunity to re-hash dirt on her background that’s already out there. Is that your attempt to keep it fresh in the minds of the public? Is her background a problem for you now? Marlo was brought into the picture (background and all) to piss of Sheree for the Africa trip. You brought her in the group to stir the pot. Now that it doesn’t work for you anymore and you’re not the one pulling her strings, she’s yesterday’s trash? You used Mynique as a storyline to embarass Phaedra and Kandi. This sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black. Now who’s the opportunist? Get it together Nene. You are not the victim…nobody’s buying this!

    February 24 at 11:33am  / 
    • Wafa Dubashi 

      I so agree..

      February 24 at 11:34am  / 
      • bride2be1992 

        Nene is such a drama queen she is 40 sumthin yrs old fighting over who is friends with who…plus she always talk about poor people AS IF SHE WASNT A STRIPER ONCE UPON A TIME!…she need to have a seat n go get that hair fixed like marlo said

        February 25 at 10:38pm  / 
        • OriginalMissTee 

          How is she fighting over who’s friends with who? Did you just come here to jump on any negative comments in order to bash her? You pointed out her age but how old are YOU? You are sitting at home watching her on TV EVERY SINGLE WEEK! RHOA wouldn’t even last this many seasons if Nene wasn’t on it.
          The fact you feel you need to bold that she was a stripper is laughable. She’s said it countless times on the show, so I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten hun. People are so petty and jealous. Ugh

          February 26 at 11:05am  / 
          • Chrissie Queen 

            Well this portrays her image on RHOA this is a so laughable if you want respect then give it dont be 2faced

            February 27 at 2:21am
    • Tonya weaveologist13 onIG 

      I do agree with you on all of this BUT there are a lot of things we don’t know and don’t get to see either….this is.just for entertainment for real…I kinda take none of this too seriously

      February 24 at 11:37am  / 
    • Kwan 

      Yes you better READ! Nene loves to bring in people to stir BS, especially the Chuck/Mynique situation you can’t tell me she didn’t set that up. Just like she invited Natalie and Chris to the pillow talk event. Now that Marlo isn’t kissing her butt and chooses to make her own friends without Nene’s say so she’s mad.

      February 24 at 11:44am  / 
      • LovemesomeNeneandGreg 

        Nene ain’t got nothing to do with grown folk acting a fool! We all have to accept and take sole responsibility of OUR own actions.

        February 24 at 5:47pm  / 
        • youdontfoolme 

          Nene knew the situation could turn volatile when she brought the issue up. That topic SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BROACHED at a pillow talk party—get real!! Take note: every action has a reaction and what we do as a person DIRECTLY affects another person. You can’t control them but you should also give thought to what you contribute to escalate a situation.

          February 24 at 7:49pm  / 
        • GeeDee2012 

          Exactly,,Nene, does a good enough job Herself,,”Acting A Fool” that is.,,Classless,,SMDH,,LOL!

          February 25 at 11:45am  / 
    • fb87 

      I totally agree with born2stunnem! i personally think that Nene is on something that impairs her judgement and thinking. She has a nasty attitude. Her weave or wigs are horrible to be a “Rich Bitch”. She started that fight at the pillow talk by asking questions that will start some BS. It’s sad that your kids will be watching you act like a child with no sense. I believe that you’re jealous of Kenya because you body don’t compare to hers.
      Grow the F%#@ up Nene!

      February 24 at 12:06pm  / 
    • DLuv 

      EXACTLY! Wow!

      February 24 at 12:09pm  / 
    • Lon/ 

      she always trying to be the center pf attention but now you look crazy for running from Marlo, you threw a bottle and ran wow Kudos to the King I mean Nene

      February 24 at 12:12pm  / 
    • dixieann 

      I agree.wright tô te point

      February 24 at 12:23pm  / 
    • Mary Savage Burgos 

      Prefect!!!!! She needs to take reponsibly her actions.

      February 24 at 12:26pm  / 
    • Sydney Love Richburg 

      All those words and you haven’t said a thing, Mrs. LEAKS already apologized for pillow talk. She already explained why she doesn’t trust Kenya or Marlo. She went to Peter’s party to wish him well on the strength of Cynthia. Before Chuck and Natalie met everyone, she gave Chuck as chance to come clean in front of his wife but he chose not to.
      Where were you? Did you even watch the show? Better question.. Did you comprehend what you saw and heard?
      And lastly… if my so-called friend befriends someone who stabbed my back, I wouldn’t trust them either, if your my friend than you got my back and I better not feel a knife in it. So it’s obvious that she had to speak about Marlo because of people like you, who can’t follow what they saw and heard.. BLOOP!!!!

      February 24 at 12:31pm  / 
      • born2stunnem 

        Umm…Sydney. My apologies…is your name secretly Nene Leaks and you thought that this message was for you? I can’t imagine why in the world you’d take such personal offense to my response to Nene blog, but ok….let me address you since you want some attention:
        Yes, Nene apologized for Pillow Talk….on her blog, MONTHS after the fact. Did you miss that? Maybe my cable skipped a part last night when she apologized to Kenya for her own role in Pillow Talk. Yea, that’s probably what happened. let’s go with that. Yes, she explained why she doesn’t trust them….but have they changed? They have always been consistently a mess. Why distrust them now? As I stated, when their messiness isn’t working for her anymore, it’s time to be done with them. Oh and Sydney, what does Chuck need to come clean for? His thing with Phaedra was in high school and college. His thing with Kandi was in his early 20s. This was more than 20 years ago. Come clean for what? This was yet another attempt to make Kandi and Phaedra look bad and it was perfectly orchestrated by Mrs. Leakes herself. I’ll end my comments about Mrs. Leakes there. I don’t know you so I won’t stoop to attacking your character. Spread love. #youneedahug

        February 24 at 12:44pm  / 
        • youdontfoolme 

          Let me just add, Sydney, another note. Nene, Marlo and Kenya are not in grade school. When you are in grade school and you have a fallout with a friend you want your other friends in the click to side with you and NOT BE THEIR FRIEND. As an adult you should move away from childish behavior. If I was to un-friend someone I don’t expect all our friends in kind to do the same.

          February 24 at 7:54pm  / 
        • Chrissie Queen 

          we just make comments on each other opinion about the program stop being a Nene Sydney and I have not seen a and episode where Nene apologises for her part in pillow talk every one has to bow before the queen or else she wont speak to you hahaha

          February 27 at 2:34am  / 
      • Lon/ 

        OK SYDNEY she does not trust kenya since when it all happened at the pillow talk chris got up calling her Bipolar and kenya got up in defense, so chris grabbed kenya and her pillow talk buddy grabbed chris that was it Ne ne started it all kenya never told her nothing she told cynthia so once again Nene started the whole thing and if you so mad at kenya why go to the charity event to look manly and stupid with the Donald hair do

        February 24 at 1:35pm  / 
      • GeeDee2012 

        CHILDREN,,act that way, they do “Cliques”,”I’m mad at her,,, so “You” should be mad at her too”,,Are we still in School?? or are we “Mature, and Secure” in Who we are, as an “Individual”?,, Did she “Comprehend” what she saw and heard??,,She is “Always” the VICTIM, she does “No Wrong”, Everybody Else Does,,,Hell, did she watch it,,lol,,She was there!,,,Own Your Shit”,Yea, That’s where the “Respect” comes in,It’s “Extremely hard to “Respect” a person who is “ALWAYS” playing the “Victim”,, it gets TIRED,after a while. This is a woman who “Get’s back at a Person” by “CUTTING DOWN THEIR MOTHER”,,why? because she has “Nothing Else”to use against Kandi,,Kandi Earned” her Wealth from a LOT OF HARD WORK and TALENT,,Not a “BIG MOUTH!, and that’s All Nene has,, so she goes after “Kandi’s Mother”,,What the Hell,, does “Kandi’s Mother” have to do with the “Kenya and Marlo” situation??So Kandi made a comment,, Got A Problem with Kandi?? Be a Woman,,and take it up with “HER”,,Take it Up with Kandi,, Leave her Mother,,Out Of It! Keep it Classy, Keep it Grown Up,, Keep it “Targeted at the Targets”, and that is NOT Kandi’s Mother. I know she don’t want nobody talking about “Her Mother”,, Naw she don’t want that,, besides only a “Classless Chick would Go There,,The Chick is a “Coward”, Then she talks about how “LOW she wouldn’t Stoop,,”Gutterwise?,,When she was “Shaking your ass in front of Strange Men”,,that is one of the “LOWEST” ways you can go,(not hating in Strippers),, just “Quoting” Nene, talking about Kandi’s mother, and Marlo’s past, The Woman needs to Take a Good Look In The Mirror,,before she starts, JUDGING others,, because she “Clearly” Has No Room

        February 25 at 12:24pm  / 
    • Kellie Roundtree 

      I agree 100 percent. And now she dogging Kandi’s mother, that’s a no no

      February 24 at 2:33pm  / 
      • Kellie Roundtree 

        and now Gregg is about to fight Peter, LMAO… these people are hilarious. Yes I believe some of it is for shock value, but NeNe seems to really be bothered by all of this. Bye girl, you need to grow

        February 24 at 2:37pm  / 
    • Rob Johnson 

      I dont understand why you care enough to not only come on this lady website to hate her and even moreso to leave such a long speech.

      February 24 at 3:49pm  / 
      • born2stunnem 

        Rob Johnson, I care about as much as you do. I happen to be a fan of the show. She has a public blog that allows people to offer their opinions. She gave us hers, and as viewers and fans of the show, we are free to give ours. No hate…all love, but TRUTH.

        February 25 at 6:26am  / 
        • Chrissie Queen 

          You 100`s Nene is a public person and she should excerise control

          February 27 at 2:42am  / 
    • mia4u 

      I agree Nene is not the victim! and Nene doesn’t know how to humble herself for any of her wrong doings. I suggest that Nene seeks immediate counseling for her narcissist disorder syndrome before she is friendless.

      February 24 at 5:33pm  / 
    • Selina Perryman 

      I agree too!

      February 24 at 9:33pm  / 
    • AGardner 

      OMG! Thak you Born2Stunnem. I so agree with you.

      February 25 at 10:20am  / 
    • misshaveaseat 

      First let me say this, nene is the highest paid person on the show. Kenya is nobody’s friend because she did not befriend marlow until after her and nene fell out. Kenya knows how nene is about her friends so she used that to get at nene. Everyone says that nene was wrong for bringing up what kenya said about natalie and chris but wasn’t kenya wrong at the venue? Didn’t she blurt out to kandi what cynthia told them in the van what natalie said about todd, which wasn’t told right by cynthia. Then after she told it she had the nerve to make the motion of throwing out a fishing hook and reeling it in. When they went to savannah wasn’t it kenya who was talking cause the other girls were late and was trying to get nene all pumped up. Yea i think kenya has gotten everything she deserves because she has rubbed everyone the wrong way including flirting with anther womans husband. I agree that nene attitude could get better but who doesn’t know nene has a bad attitude. The marlow situation goes like this if you are my friend you can’t be friends with my enemy i mean there is no trust are loyalty in that and that’s what’s wrong with the world today because we don’t value each other like we are suppose to. When kenya approached marlow, she should have told kenya that if you and nene having problems work that out first cause i don’t want to have anything to do with what you two have going on. That would of been what a true friend would of done. As far as peter he need to stay out of everybody business and work on why he can’t keep a business open and he draining all cynthia money.

      February 26 at 5:48am  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        Get you facts straight she never I quote flirting with Apollo it was Apollo who tried

        February 27 at 2:46am  / 
      • peaches2u 

        this the bs i talk about all the time. what you don’t know will make you look foolish. if cynthia hadn’t started in on the kandi, todd’S stuff kenya wouldn’t have said a thing. kandi and kenya may not be friends but at least you can tell she will stand up for a chick that she is at least cool with her. as for marlo who cares about her past that people keep bring up, they sure don’t have a place to talk about a chick wearing $10,000 pairs of shoes. i don’t hate and i hope you don’t either somebody trying to put you on the scene for real. these are grown women that i hope you as well as them have a brain of your own. i could see if kenya did something personal ex: fighting nene but that’s not the case . you know what, i’m done because for you to be NENE FAN YOU SURE DON’T HAVE YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT… REWIND AND PAY ATTENTION. BYE I’M DEAD

        March 1 at 5:53pm  / 
    • Chrissie Queen 

      Nene`s got issues she thinks the program is all about NeNe and no one else as soon as she thinks that someone is going to rain on her parade she bites hahaha

      February 27 at 2:17am  / 
  9. Wafa Dubashi 

    You never explained why Marlo is not your friend . You are a ba wanna-be. Remember the pole you will need it.

    February 24 at 11:33am  / 
    • Sydney Love Richburg 

      AFTER what you heard Marlo say.. you still need proof? She did explain why she didn’t trust Marlo watch the show again, I can’t educate all of y’all smh

      February 24 at 12:36pm  / 
      • Lon/ 

        she called Marlo the @itch then threw the water bottle just to run off Nene you looked stupid no matter how you try to put it YOU WERE WRONG ALL THE WAY WRONG GET IT TOGETHER, YOU married Gregg again and your still not happy because all you do is create havoc everywhere you go and you talk to your flunkies any kind of way. Remember you hit kim why not Marlo she trained to go baby leap frog and you will fall

        February 24 at 1:43pm  / 
    • sweeetness 

      She’s not her friend because she befriended the enemy…Kenya. Are you blind or just slow?

      February 24 at 1:51pm  / 
      • decorah 

        was Marlo aware that Keyna was the enemy

        February 24 at 3:44pm  / 
      • mamaboogie 

        A friend of my enemy is not my friend at least where am from

        February 26 at 5:21am  / 
  10. amc 

    They took out the part about Marlo’s criminal history (the specifics) which I cannot understand as it is a matter of public record. TBH, Nene, you should’ve been more careful with those two crazies. You have more sense than that. Still a fan, but the truth about Marlo finally came out and she bit the hand that fed her.

    February 24 at 11:34am  / 
    • decorah 

      stop acting like just because someone did something in their past means they will do it again, do you know how ridiculous that sounds, people learn hard lessons and go on to live a normal life. If either of them were where dangerous do you think they’d be on the dang show. Marlo quite possibly learned her lesson and doesn’t deserve to be punished for life.

      February 24 at 4:34pm  / 
  11. marcotubman 

    Nene is childish. ….who tells a grown woman if your friends with her me and you are no longer things…..nene is jealous….kenya is extra at tines….but her name bears weight….The housewives made nene or had she forgot that…..kenya is a former miss USA and has been acting for a numerous of years….nene ain’t nobody that’s why she dislikes kenya so much no to mention kandi who is the real Rich bitxh

    February 24 at 11:36am  / 
    • Lon/ 

      Truth all the way i agree, She needs to do anything for a come up she could be a rich @itch but she ugly

      February 24 at 1:46pm  / 
    • LovemesomeNeneandGreg 

      Everybody is something. Kenya Moore is a has been that never was. You know, I know and everyone else knows it so stop the crap. If Kenya was all that, she would have a husband. Yep, she is the only Miss America I know that hasn’t been married. And by the way, Nene is not jealous of Kenya. That is utterly ridiculous. Nene has a career, a man that loves her dearly, a family. Kenya has nothing but a love to scheme. She wants to talk about Nene a stripper, check her picture out on FB with her artificial azz all out. EVerytime you turn around, she is trying to rub her old azz on some man.

      February 24 at 5:52pm  / 
      • youdontfoolme 

        Having a man, career and money does not make you happy and it is evident Nene is unhappy because she creates drama ALL THE TIME.

        February 24 at 7:57pm  / 
      • mamaboogie 

        (HUGS <LovemesomethingNeneand Greg)…exactly!!!Come on now..being Miss America is huge and literally have nothing to show for it…Kenya Moore is unhappy and has no real friends so that is why she tries to break people up,stir drama,manipulate and point out weaknesness in others…Yes everyone has weaknesses and not all relationships are perfect Miss Kenya Moore…but most people have a support system..which most people have but Miss Moore..sad,unhappy middle aged woman…most people see through Kenya

        February 26 at 5:27am  / 
    • Chrissie Queen 

      Well said friend could not have said it better myself

      February 27 at 2:51am  / 
  12. heavenlyangel1981 

    You did the right thing!! Walk away!! It won’t belong before Marlo is knocking at your door.

    February 24 at 11:37am  / 
  13. Kwan 

    Lmao All these people kissing your butt and saying your were right are gonna end up getting you fired. You walked away but before that you slapped Kenya’s hand and threw a bottle. That’s not mature behavior. You were wrong point blank Nene and Marlo had every right to confront you, you say she’s not a friend but you said fk her and called her bitch! At that point I’m gonna read your ass till kingdom come. You are mad that Kenya and Marlo were becoming friends and instead of you being mature and calling Marlo after Peter’s party to discuss it you decided to cut her out simply b/c she doesn’t kiss your ass. You aren’t the show anymore you have no story line and you were barely present last season. Now you’re talking about Mama Joyce but you were hush lipped on the view so if Kandi decides to curse your ass out in the reunion I will be here for it.

    February 24 at 11:38am  / 
    • Wanda Telford-Mason 

      Kwan you are so right. Ne Ne is just wrong plain and simple, I started watching the show because all my fb friends were talking about it and became a fan. But lately Ne Ne has been tripping, people can talk too or be friends with whomever they choose and if she were a real friend to anyone on this show she wouldn’t do the bs that she’s doing. (The pillow talk mess)

      February 24 at 11:51am  / 
    • JVANO 

      Kwan, you don’t really believe that Marlo was not trying to start something from the moment she arrived at the event. Even coming knowing that Nene did not invite her and Nene was her friend, was an in your face move. If Marlo wanted to confront Nene about not inviting her-she should have done so privately. Marlo was clearly the instigator and she jumped on Nene once before remember-prior to any of the other stuff happening. And don’t tell me you aren’t smart enough to see that Kenya has instigated a “friendship” with Marlo just to get under Nene’s skin. Gee’s don’t blame Nene for her reaction – BLAME THE PEOPLE WHO STARTED THE ORIGINAL ACTION.

      February 24 at 12:06pm  / 
      • Kwan 

        Girl bye Marlo was coming over there to say hi, as you can see Alexis and her talked and she went back over there to Kenya. Nene dismissed Marlo several times for what? She was simply being nice there was no reason for Nene to act ugly to Marlo and behave the way she did.

        We’re not talking about Kenya we’re talking about how Nene loves to blame everyone for how she acts and behaves. She’s a lousy friend and a bully.

        February 24 at 12:42pm  / 
      • mamaboogie 

        agree with you Jvano

        February 26 at 5:29am  / 
    • Kellie Roundtree 


      February 24 at 2:41pm  / 
  14. stylistrgreat40 are a true lady of class. The “other two” trash, ghetto, etc.
    You have worked hard for what you have and girl you have every reason to do you!!!!
    My momma loves you, she has stage IV Ovarian Cancer for 7 years now but never misses a moment to defend “her” NeNe!!
    Bless you and stay strong!! We love you in Ft. Wayne, IN!!!

    February 24 at 11:41am  / 
    • JVANO 

      We love you in Indianapolis, IN also. God bless your mother and keep your safe and feeling good. Take care Ft. Wayne, IN.

      February 24 at 12:08pm  / 
    • CoconutQueen529 

      God bless your mother.
      I dont see how Nene is a true lady. She hit Marlo and Kenya with a water bottle and called them both bitches. That is what started all of that. Marlo had every right to go up and talk to Nene after all that.

      February 24 at 1:03pm  / 
      • Karen M Gentry-Rilley 

        NeNe you are the ugly duckling on the show, meaning literally in looks and personality. Marlo spoke of helping you with your clothes on how to dress, makeup and hair? You sent for Marlo, and I guess you did not want her on the show, even if she is beneath you, she looks better on tv, dress better than you, in which you even mentioned that in an episode. I question that part (donald trump doo) LOL. Marlo didn’t lie. Stop doing your own hair rich bitch and get a professional to handle that mess. If Cynthia is such a good friend of yours, she need to give you free lessons on how to be a lady and learn the catwalk property when you walk into a room and make an entrance. Bloop. Now your feelings are hurt. Chile please. Hollywood is no longer looking for you. You were just a drive by and drag queens hero.

        February 24 at 5:12pm  / 
        • Karen M Gentry-Rilley 

          Knowing her criminal background which is public, you saying you did her a favor???? really????? Some cases are justify, in a matter of life or death. Now its revelant? to you. As you stated you are a ganster bitch. You would know working in the industry of working a pole. You know the game. Don’t now try to shade others because now you’re jealous. Greg who you met in a stripper club you worked, now you working Greg. What goes around come around. Biting you in the ass Bitch you can’t try to pimp Marlo. Look somewhere else.

          February 24 at 5:20pm  / 
  15. Debra Calhoun 

    I have always had the highest respect and admiration for you (NeNe). However your actions these last few episodes appears to me that you have some displaced anger and is now affecting your cognitive way of thinking. What ever it is it’s making you you jealous, envious, hateful and just plain old stupid!

    February 24 at 11:43am  / 
  16. Debra Calhoun 


    February 24 at 11:46am  / 
  17. necipearl 

    you did right to leave.i think marlo and Kenya are opportunists. im still ur biggest fan!!! u r a lady -a RICH lady I must say- so don’t let them throw u out of character!! the people are not watching Kenya and marlo,they are basically putting more money in ur pocket because the people are watching u>kandi Phaedra Cynthia -they aight-but if u ever decide to leave the show that will be my last time tuning in!!

    February 24 at 11:47am  / 
    • JVANO 

      Me too. If you leave the show a lot of people I know will not bother with it again. And Marlo would just take everything ghetto.

      February 24 at 12:25pm  / 
  18. JVANO 

    Nene you were right to walk away. Marlo has dark karma-she slashed a woman’s face and couldn’t have cared less that she committed suicide due to her subsequent disfigurement. What an A**. Kenya is more devious than Kim was on the show. Kenya is an ugly fighter-divide and conquer. Marlo is stupid to fall for her BS. Confucious say “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” At least until they don’t need you anymore, and Marlo will find that out about Kenya soon enough. Don’t ever trust either of them again. You are a lovely human being. You can be tough and confrontational but I prefer that any day of the week to a back-biter. You are straight up and I have always thought you were fair and very good hearted. You give the show class. You were dead right to walk away. You knew if you confronted Marlo it would go all the way down fast and you didn’t want your child to see you in the light. Good for you. Very mature and classy. If Bravo has Marlo on this show on any regular basis, I will be disgusted with Bravo. It would be as though they are opting for blatant sensationalism that would undermine the representation of African American women in the media. It would not be a positive thing at all. If you leave and Marlo comes on – I will never watch it again. Stay true-stay classy – stay away from darkness-best wishes and success! Team Nene all the way.

    February 24 at 11:49am  / 
    • GirlBye 

      I think this is really Nene lurking under a false name….I don’t blame you girl! I would do the same thing on my blog too! Lol

      February 25 at 11:28am  / 
    • mamaboogie 

      Yesss Jvano

      February 26 at 5:32am  / 
    • mamaboogie 

      Agree with Jvanno

      February 26 at 5:32am  / 
  19. saratoga pixie 

    Nothing but support here. It is pretty obvious that Marlo is looking to secure a more permanent role on RHOA and that she is willing to sacrifice her friendship with you to get there. Your TRUE friend was correct… Marlo is an opportunist!

    February 24 at 11:49am  / 
  20. GirlBye 

    I think Kandi meant she had never seen Nene walk away from a “verbal” fight. Throwing shade about Kandi’s mom is soooo wrong. What’s the difference between having a “verbal” fight in front of your child VS having a “verbal” fight on camera (With your fingers all in folks face) that your child will eventually end up seeing on TV? SAME THING! They are BOTH wrong!

    As far as Marlo…It was only a matter of time before you both turned on each other. You’re both alike…You have to start wondering when you fall out with EVERYONE on the cast, WHO is the common denominator? I think it’s you boo…

    You’ve fought with Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha, Kenya, Peter, Gregg, Marlo (and you’ve thrown shade at Cynthia lately for not defending you against Peter), Kim Z., Sheree and Lisa Wu Hartwell. Did I leave anyone out?? Lol

    February 24 at 11:54am  / 
    • JVANO 

      That is not fair. And in the realm of reality TV, it is in the best interest of other cast mates to fight with the MORE POPULAR CAST MATE THAT GETS THE MOST AIR TIME. So don’t believe that Nene is a trouble maker. I can tell you that Kim Z. treated Nene like S**T-not Nene to her. Marlo is trash and has fought with everyone as well. I haven’t seen Phaedra and Nene really go at it, but I am beginning to see (with Apollo and Phaedra’s legal problems) what Nene meant when she called her “Dirty dealing Phaedra.” Sheree was mess. The thing with Porsha was cleared up really quickly. It is not that Nene is necessarily a problem. She is on top and people want to either be her friend or take her down. Some of the other people on the show are just non-events in relation to Nene. Sorry.

      February 24 at 12:14pm  / 
      • born2stunnem 

        Nah…anytime you have a problem with EVERYONE, it’s you. No way around that. The issue with Kim started because Nene got upset that Kim went to Kandi to record a song without her after she joked about including her. Most people would just say, “No big deal ,” especially if you’re not trying to be a singer. Not buying it.

        February 24 at 1:16pm  / 
      • GirlBye 

        JVANO – I have to call it like I see it. Nene fought with Kim because Kim decided not to let Nene sing with her. That’s on Nene. (Immature)
        Sheree and Nene fell out because Nene was trying to pull a bigger paycheck on a gig that Sheree setup.
        Nene and Lisa Wu Hartwell fell out because Nene was blabbing all of Lisa’s business about her and Keith Sweat.
        Nene and Peter are falling out because Nene won’t allow Peter to have an opinion about her behavior. (You get where I’m going with this right?!?!)o. How are these people coming for her??

        February 24 at 9:12pm  / 
    • AGardner 

      @Girlbye – So, so, so very true!

      February 25 at 10:24am  / 
    • Chrissie Queen 

      Very true there is nobody on the show that Nene has not had a dig at Girlbye

      February 27 at 3:03am  / 
  21. Toni Jones 

    Of course Marlo wanted Kenya, because she can keep her relevant now that she doesn’t have you. Marlo was trying to get back on that show soooo bad, but wasn’t invited any more so when she got the chance to ride Kenya’s shadow she jumped at it. However, dc,dc cancels each other out. Wait and see Kenya will kick her to the curb because she gains nothing form hanging with Marlo. Marlo will wake up and see Kenya was using her to get to you (like Phaedra thought she could, but it back fired) and then we’ll see real fireworks, because Kenya takes care of no one but Kenya!

    February 24 at 11:55am  / 
    • JVANO 

      Right on the money Ms. Jones. You are proven right in last night’s episode when Kenya said “Now Marlo don’t hit below the belt.” Kenya was grasping at any middle ground she could get in ear shot of Nene in case she needs to “kick Marlo to the curb” and grab back at Nene. What a manipulative move. Kenya is trash. Marlo is stupid to fall for it and abandon a real friend Nene.

      February 24 at 12:29pm  / 
  22. renee00 

    Shut up nene I never liked you on the show so I can only imagine how you are in real life I didn’t know God had a sister because you are a mirror image of him no flaws just perfect and never wrong about anything and always there for everyone NOT! !!! U DEFINITELY FALL UNDER THE PIG WITH LIPSTICK comment

    February 24 at 11:56am  / 
  23. Kwan 

    Also you need to stop blaming Bravo for your behavior. This whole “editing” excuse you reality personalities like to use is beyond old and tired. The camera only shows what you give it. You’re not a puppet and no one is controlling your actions. You might want to stop biting the hand that feeds you.

    February 24 at 11:56am  / 
    • JVANO 

      Kwan, who feeds whom. I mean the show and its proceeds are not there for Bravo if the girls don’t bring in the views.

      February 24 at 12:18pm  / 
      • Kwan 

        They feed her, Bravo is a million dollar brand at this point them white folks ain’t leaning on her for sustenance. It’s the other way around they have other shows hunny. The point is without this show she has nothing. I think her lack of calls from Hollywood and Mr. Perry have upset her and she’s taking out her anger on folks. Newsflash if you want to be an actress you have to go to auditions and you’re gonna receive many no’s for one yes. Like I said she needs to stop blaming editing for her BS. The camera on shows what you give it.

        February 24 at 12:47pm  / 
  24. Anthony Alexander Hamilton Druitt 

    Mrs. Leakes, U r a true LADY in ever way, I had no idea that your son was present and to stoop to their level in front of your son would have been wrong, so U did the right thing in my book.. All that negative BS they have surrounding them you have no need for it in your life, keep your head high, continue making your dreams come true and LIVE GIRL I love ya

    February 24 at 12:00pm  / 
    • CoconutQueen529 

      Why should she be concerned with her son now. She has cut the fool on television before. Do you think he has not seen or heard about it. If she was so concerned about her children..she wouldnt be on reality tv at all.

      February 24 at 1:00pm  / 
  25. DLuv 

    NeNe you handled yourself great as far as walking away, but I think you have let fame and fortune make you a rude, unfriendly person. You talk as if people are beneath you now. Granted, I understand MORE MONEY MORE PROBLEMS……I watched you transform into this person that does not seem genuine anymore. I understand that we only get to see a hour of you, but what type of person that says they are real and always doing and saying unreal things. REMEMBER IF YOU DON’T APPRECIATE WHAT GOD HAS BLESSED YOU WITH, IT WILL PERISH!

    February 24 at 12:01pm  / 
    • Shade Queen 

      Ain’t nobody finna read all that shit.

      February 25 at 10:00am  / 
  26. candy05 

    Well said @born2stunnem…NeNe good choice walking away but when else will you put away your other childish acts.Im nowhere near perfect an Im sure nobody else is but your on TV playing a fabulous fool to believe that the other ladies are beneath you.I wanna believe this role is for ratings an your acting is superb but if that’s the case why dont you take on another character besides yourself. I wish all of you ladies the best

    February 24 at 12:01pm  / 
  27. tutifruity1969 

    Mrs Leakes u did the right thing!!!! see u have class baby.. Manlo&Kenugly have no class!!!.. i hope the best for u in all your endevours!!!! #Ploop

    February 24 at 12:02pm  / 
  28. Belinda 

    Last night, I saw Kenya apologize to Nene. So my question is: why did Nene choose not to forgive Kenya and keep her in the “enemy” box? Let’s go back even further – I agree that Kenya should have called you personally to appear at the charity event. But if she didn’t call you, why couldn’t you have called her to hash things out and make everything clear? I guess I don’t understand why it’s so hard to have a rational conversation with someone you disagree with and amicably move forward.

    February 24 at 12:10pm  / 
    • K.T. 

      First- Just because someone apologizes doesn’t mean you become friends. It means they apologized, Nene has obviously seen sides of Kenya she don’t like and if she chooses not to let her in her circle than oh well. Second- if I am already not seeing eye to eye with someone why would I call them. It was Kenya’s event and it was Kenya’s responsibility to reach out to Nene personally and tell her what was the purpose of the event and what would be Nene’s role in the event. I don’t think it’s impossible to have rational conversation but when you are not feeling someone you just are not feeling them.

      February 24 at 1:05pm  / 
      • CocoDeGirl 

        Well said.

        February 24 at 1:21pm  / 
      • JVANO 

        That stuff Kenya pulled with Nene at the charity event was a very contrived and manipulative situation. Kenya wasn’t honoring anyone. She just wanted to take her fight with Nene to the Atlanta circle of friends and then try to look like oh poor Kenya and make Nene look like an A**. Now the Marlo thing. And isn’t Marlo a hooker-I mean isn’t that the way she makes her money. Her business and no harm no foul with two consenting adults, but Marlo WILL be judged for it and she should have known that before she made that ‘career choice”. When I was watching Marlo dog Nene last night, I know that I would have stopped dead in tracks and turned to Marlo and told her to back off and get off my A**. But from experience, I also know that would have just served to escalate the conflict-especially with someone like Marlo. Now, Marlo knows that Kenya and Nene were fighting, so Marlo if wasn’t in it to hurt Nene, WTH did she go to the party with Kenya and why did she go to the Bailey Bowl. You can’t play all sides against the middle and expect to keep a friend-Marlo-so why are you acting so shocked that Nene was pissed off? You even tried to make Nene’s wedding day about you-I don’t know that you do it consciously even-you need therapy and a Karma adjustment-you got some dark karma. Beyond that, Nene you are dealing with the Karmic retribution of the way you treated Dianne on your wedding show. Dianne came to you and opened her heart about how Marlo was sh*tting on her and you had little compassion. So now you are on the receiving end of Marlo. I would apologize to Dianne if I were you. I would never ever deal with Marlo or Kenya again.

        February 24 at 10:12pm  / 
    • CocoDeGirl 

      Yes, she did apologize but if someone apologizes to you and clearly is not sincere you can accept the apology and choose not to fraternize with said person – does that make you horrible? No not at all – Besides the charity fiasco which to me seems like it was orchestrated to make Nene look bad this whole Marlo/Kenya thing is really stupid and at this point I don’t want to watch the show anymore – all these shows featuring women of any race glamorizes horrendous behavior and it’s beyond sad. With that being said I do love Nene – I don’t always agree with her and hopefully this season is not indicative to whom Mrs. Nene Leakes is as a woman which a platform who can reach millions –

      February 24 at 1:20pm  / 
      • youdontfoolme 

        Let’s get real. If Nene was that against the event and believed Kenya was not being sincere she should not have attended. The crap she pulled at the event made NENE look bad, not Kenya. Nene needs to learn some etiquette and stop “pretending” she know class.

        February 24 at 1:43pm  / 
      • Kwan 

        Nene could have looked fabulous had she come to the event and act like she had some damn sense. Then like Cynthia said in her blog on Bravo just check Kenya later on the details.

        February 24 at 6:32pm  / 
  29. wandaarmstrong 

    U r so full of urself u mad cus marlo an kenya r friends just because u don’t like her no one should get over urself

    February 24 at 12:13pm  / 
  30. luvunene 

    Nene rats like to travel in packs give them a sprinkle of ploop!!!!! Take care of yourself and your family.

    February 24 at 12:14pm  / 
  31. engima58g 

    Nene, you really do talk in circles. Please plain and simply state what Marlo did to you and why you had all your “bride Maid” except her. That is what we need to know because from our viewpoint, she simply had a discussion with Kenya. You are not above anyone, you should be ashamed of yourself for speaking those words and have yet to offer an apology. Lexi was there, is she beneath you as well? We know you were referring to Cynthia. And, Peter was speaking with his wife, you interjected your comments into their conversation. And, what is wrong with Greg? Why isn’t he pulling your coat tail while you are having ‘pillow talk.’? You are slowing drowning and will be looking for finanical support in a short period. ‘A’ list celebritites work constantly for fear of being broke yet your turn your nose up to Kandi’s play. Do you see celebrities doing commericals and other not so prestigious jobs. You know why–it is a paycheck!!!!!!!

    February 24 at 12:16pm  / 
    • JVANO 

      I agree with this Nene in respect to work. If you are a working actor/actress, Kandi’s play should not have been beneath you. You need to keep your name in front of the public and keep adding to your body of work to remain relevant in the acting arena. Whatever it is. I mean very famous actors do stage plays because they want to improve their technique or take on a new challenge. It can only improve your resume.

      February 24 at 12:21pm  / 
    • LovemesomeNeneandGreg 

      Please, don’t act like this is a unique situation. You know exactly what Marlo has done.

      February 24 at 5:54pm  / 
  32. engima58g 

    @Girlbye-I agree with your post and it is funny. Kandi was not throwing shade but NeNe is distrustful of everyone. She can say whatever she wants but NOBODY better say one word about Ms. Leakes, aka NayNay!!!

    February 24 at 12:21pm  / 
    • GirlBye 

      I noticed that too enigma! Don’t talk about the “Queen”! Lmao!

      February 24 at 7:22pm  / 
  33. luvunene 

    Give it some time kenya and marlo will end up fighting they are incapable of behaving and both are starving for attention. So you know the saying negative attention is better that none for some people.

    February 24 at 12:21pm  / 
  34. Divine Individual 

    YEEEEEEEESSS Mrs. Leakes! You are the B-Zomb!!!! I Admire your honesty and BOLDNESS TO SAY EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL!!!!

    February 24 at 12:27pm  / 
  35. Dacie Turner 


    February 24 at 12:34pm  / 
    • GeeDee2012 

      Marlo and Kenya are Trouble?, I have seen nothing but “Your Girl” (Nene) causing trouble the “WHOLE SEASON”, from talking “Behind these ladies backs” to ,,”Instigating Fights”,,Trouble??, Somebody Needs to Kick Nene’s Ass,,and Wake her ass up, so she can see the world doesn’t revolve “Around Her”,,,,,Kandi??Been “STACKIN PAPER” (Long Money),,since she was a Young Lady, and she’s HUMBLE”,As for MOTHER”S????,,yea,This is me,,YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME?,,YOU TAKE IT UP WITH ME, MY MAMA DON’T HAVE A DAMN THING TO DO WITH “NOTHING”,,I’M OLDSCHOOL,,(Cheapshot),,,,Typical Nene,,I’m Sure,,she don’t want nobody “TALKING ABOUT HER MAMA”,,yea Right,,No,,,I Don’t Think So,,she don’t want nobody to “Go There”,,,I’m not even gonna go there,,That’s the type of Shit “CLASSLESS” women Do!,, I Don’t Do Mama’s, that’s never been my M.O,,. again,, Petty,,Rude,,and Nasty,,who can support ,,A Woman that Takes Shots at someone’s MOTHER”?,,LOL!!!,,Puhlease.

      February 25 at 6:32am  / 
    • AGardner 

      @Dacie Turner, I Mean Really? Really? You are SO PROUD OF WHO?? and WHAT?? What about Nene are you so proud of is what I’m trying to figure out. Tell us one thing she’s done on National TV to make ‘US’ or YOU for that matter be PROUD OF. By ‘US’ I mean African Americans, Women, African American Women, Mothers, Wife’s, Single moms, Step mothers Female Friends, etc., I mean how does Nene make you proud? You did not say…You just instantly went in on other folks (Kenya and Kandi). Can you state what is it about Nene that makes you so proud.

      February 25 at 10:33am  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        Hahaha …go have a reality check…PROUD of what… you are so right AGardner

        February 27 at 3:24am  / 
  36. haroletta1 

    Stop it!!! You all saw the same thing I saw..She called Marlo out of her name, Now you want to hide behind..My child was there!! Get your life child!!! He was there when you walked past her and called her a B*&^ch. You kill me how you want to be so above everyone else but you are still throwing jabs! This is too much for anyone to take! Marlo was so right! You dressed like a cheap trick until she came and updated you! So really …you need to be thanking Marlo! Also if it wasn’t for her expertise with that Wedding Planning that also would have been a HOTT MESS!!
    Take several seats Nene!!! Please

    February 24 at 12:36pm  / 
    • born2stunnem 


      February 24 at 1:18pm  / 
    • Ida Mclin 

      Damn where did she leave Nae Nae n the car lol Nene know who to pick a battle with

      February 24 at 1:38pm  / 
    • GirlBye 

      Yep! Throwing bottles and hitting people’s hand away and calling them out their name in front of YOUR child is bad enough…smh

      February 24 at 7:25pm  / 
  37. love4lace 

    I don’t normally respond to blogs, but I felt it was necessary to reply to this one. You handled yourself in a very mature manner and regardless if your son was there or not; the mess Marlo & Kenya (instigator) were displaying was not worth your self dignity. Im a fan of the show, but have to admit my interest is declining because of all the cattiness, disrespect, borderline violent behaviors, etc. I think adding both Kenya & Marlo to the show has truly made it classless opposed to classy. Continue standing strong & working on you!

    February 24 at 12:36pm  / 
    • Kellie Roundtree 

      NeNe was acting crazy when that white girl was on the show, so this is nothing new. NeNe gotta stop blaming everybody and start looking in the mirror

      February 24 at 2:49pm  / 
  38. sparkle29 

    If you were acting like an adult in front of your son you would have never threw that water bottle . You will always be Ne Ne
    because that is who you are. You see everyone flaws except your own and when you can do that you will be a better person

    February 24 at 12:43pm  / 
    • Ida Mclin 

      SO TRUE

      February 24 at 1:15pm  / 
      • youdontfoolme 

        I’ll co-sign that. Nene made money being ghetto and now believes she has change. Look in the mirror Nene. You are the one who jumped off the fight at the Pillow Talk party and then placed the blame on Kenya.

        February 24 at 1:38pm  / 
  39. K.T. 

    A lot of people fail to realize the common denominator in much of the mess that has been going on last season and this season “KENYA”. Somehow she manages find herself involved in all situations regarding the ladies. For example: Phaedra & Apollo, the bus ride to Savanna (all about Kenya), the Vineyard (starting mess regarding Christopher and his wife), the pillow talk (got loud and tried to back track from what she said at the Vineyard), the fundraiser (who holds a fundraiser for someone and don’t discuss it with them first), the baily bowl (deliberately inviting Marlo hoping to get a reaction from Nene). On the next episode she is all in Apollo’s face again, if this man lied on you and bad talked you why are you smiling in his face yet AGAIN (just to get a reaction from Phaedra). Kenya is messy pure point blank!!
    Don’t get me wrong I am not saying Nene’s reaction was right. I also agree she should have talked to Marlo after Peter’s party if she had any questions regarding her and Kenya’s new found friendship. Same with Marlo, if she had a problem with Nene inviting the other bridesmaids and not her she could have called her after the Baily Bowl. She knew Nene wasn’t feeling her so why aggravate the situation further.

    February 24 at 12:54pm  / 
    • born2stunnem 

      …but the common denominator of problems over the past several seasons has been Nene. For once, you and everyone else can’t blame that on Kenya!! Every classmate and their husband’s at times have had problems with her. How did we get away from that?

      February 24 at 1:20pm  / 
      • youdontfoolme 

        Born2, the common denominator of the bs has always been Nene.

        February 24 at 1:39pm  / 
        • AGardner 

          And Kenya is NOT on the internet trying to tell folks SHE’S RICH, she is above everyone and hey look at my zillion pair of Red Bottom. Kenya owns up to her foolishness and doesn’t bite her tongue to no one BUT NENE. She never use to talk back to Nene but now she is getting some back to her bone. Hell yeah she’s a snake too but guess what? at least she owns up to being a snake. She is a fool but she knows it and knows how to pick her battles. but Ms. Nay Nay, Nappy Neck Nene is a SNAKE!

          February 25 at 10:40am  / 
  40. CoconutQueen529 

    Nene through a water bottle and called Marlo and Kenya both bitches. It is so funny how she skipped over that part. And if she was really concerned about her son…then she wouldnt be on reality tv at all. No matter if you do it in his face or on television…he still going to see it or hear about it. So how is she really protecting her son.

    February 24 at 12:55pm  / 
  41. Ida Mclin 

    Nene Marlo said if you don’t know her google her Bitch

    February 24 at 12:55pm  / 
    • sweeetness 

      Everybody google…cause no one knows Marlo except for being Nene’s criminal friend. o.o

      February 24 at 2:46pm  / 
  42. Ell-yes 

    I am new to blogs and never had the time to really sit down with my busy schedule and respond. I have been watching RHOA seine day one and I can say that NeeNee you have out grown the show. Marlo and Kenya I do not get that friendship but the are a lot a like. I understand what you did and I think it was the right move, nothing would have gotten fix if you have stayed. Kenya is what we call a Shit -starter the person that get’s things started and then sits back and act like she did nothing. When all along she had her hands all over plotting to get even. Do I like Kenya yes I do cause those are the type of females you need to pay close attention. In saying that I think it is a must that you move on they are going to challenge you, start stuff with you, and I think it is planned out that way. Bravo wants to keep you fired up and it is burning you out.

    February 24 at 12:59pm  / 
    • Ell-yes 

      sorry about the mis typo :)

      February 24 at 1:07pm  / 
  43. CoconutQueen529 

    I must not watch the same show that you guys watch because I clearly remember Nene throwing a water bottle and calling Kenya and Marlo bitches and they are the ghetto ones? They were the ones that picked the fight? I’m confused. Why did Nene need to to throw a water bottle and call them bitches She could have just walked away without doing all that.

    February 24 at 1:05pm  / 
    • realdee 

      u and i saw the same show! Whew!

      February 24 at 10:22pm  / 
  44. Audrey Campbell 

    Dear NeNe,

    Kudos to you for walking away. You showed class and dignity by doing so, especially since your family was there. You must also think that when people act like that, they will find a way to sue you if that’s the only way they can get money.

    Again, Kudos!!!

    February 24 at 1:20pm  / 
  45. jan1218 

    Nene you knew marlo would woop that you know what, you are so messy and low class, Kenya needs to replace you. Yoy hate that all rhe ladies are wayyyyy fine and You’re Not! !!!!! LMBO

    February 24 at 1:29pm  / 
  46. jan1218 

    Greg, your son, Greg’s children all know how you are, LOUD AND UN LADY LIKE ALL THE TIME. I BELIEVE YOU ARE A QUEEN, LOL

    February 24 at 1:31pm  / 
  47. youdontfoolme 

    Bitch pls!! You was going all in on Kim in that bus and ready to throw down. Don’t make like you are not that ghetto bitch since you are making money. Money only emphasis what you are —-Ghetto!!

    February 24 at 1:33pm  / 
    • dstewart01 

      Thank u!!!!!! And how about Dwight when her HUSBAND GREG “BORROWED” 10gs she was all up in his face too!

      February 24 at 3:45pm  / 
    • LovemesomeNeneandGreg 

      She SAID she did not want to be loud while her kid was around. When they were on the bus, it was all grown folk. And by the way, why are you so angry calling Nene bitches. You don’t even know her. But then, you want to call her ghetto. What does that make you…GHETTO. Get a life cause Nene don’t even have you up…AT ALL!

      February 24 at 5:57pm  / 
  48. born2stunnem 

    I tell you what. Since you want to constantly complain about all the ladies on the show (you don’t like Kandi, you don’t like Phaedra, you hate Kenya, you tolerate Porsha, but you think she’s dumb, and you’re wishy/washy with Cynthia, you blame Bravo for editing to make you look bad) why don’t you exit gracefully….or as gracefully as you know how. Because you’ve above everyone right? You’re rich right? Nobody else is on your level right? Then this Housewives franchise is also beneath you. Leave. #please

    February 24 at 1:36pm  / 
    • PlushBeauty 

      That Million a season is helping her to be rich…she ain’t going nowhere…no NeNe no show! NeNe has pull on that show…she helped build the original cast. Everyone NeNe wounds up hating leaves…Sheree, Kim and Marlow and Kenya are next….mark My words.

      February 24 at 1:57pm  / 
      • Kwan 

        Ya’ll really think Nene is making executive decisions at Bravo yet her name isn’t listed as a producer and she complains about editing lmao. Last time I checked if it wasn’t for Kenya’s cooky behind last season would have been boring. By the way she is earning the second highest wage this season, trust unless she chooses to leave she ain’t going no where either. She makes for great TV and that makes for rating which equals money.

        February 24 at 8:30pm  / 
      • born2stunnem 

        Nah PlushBeauty…have I have to disagree with you there. I USED to think, No Nene, No Show…..but Nene is losing her fan base by the thousands! People are absolutely disgusted with her ways lately. Bravo can EASILY find another woman to fill that spot because with these reality shows, anyone is replaceable!!

        February 25 at 6:32am  / 
  49. ashley 

    I blame Kenya’s bitch ass! she is so shady and so manipulative she and Marlo have been going to Miss Lawrence for forever but Kenya only wants to try and be Marlo’s friend when nene’s mad at her? Thats such bullshit and poor Marlo fell for it I don’t think she’s an opportunist I think she just likes attention. Kenya is the damn opportunist! and this so said vacation she’s planning to Mexico is going to be an even bigger shit show! nene I don’t know how you do it…

    February 24 at 1:38pm  / 
  50. sweeetness 

    NeNe, you do what makes your heart feel safe and sound and let upset people be upset. As long as you’re not the upset one, fuckum!

    February 24 at 1:48pm  / 
  51. engima58g 

    Just noticed that you are now a blogger and making money off this site. No wonder you try to direct everyone here instead of the Bravo site. Ok, smart move. But, since you are so rich I will skip this page from now on. No need in assisting you in making more money. Would hate for you to get TO RICH B-t-h!!!

    February 24 at 1:50pm  / 
    • Luciana Tshibangu 

      That’s so miserable and devilish of you to live all your life hating on others because they are doing rights, or they have done something rights, and they just living their life. I am sure you do not have peace in your heart or mind; It shows from the things you just wrote in here. How do you feel about yourself when you look at the mirror when you wake up in the morning and decide to be an Ass- hole to some one? And who are you to judge others? You are being used by the devil, and you are the devil’s servant. People like you delight in seeing other people suffer. But reminder that she is in the hands of God. And whatever you do to others just to make their life difficult when in fact they have not done nothing wrong to you, will come back to you some where in life or to your love ones or you relatives. And remember there is a God, and he watches everything. A person who have a spirit of God, would not plan or do devilish things to others. You are hating on Nene because you see something special on her. “Birds pick at a best fruit”

      February 24 at 4:43pm  / 
  52. PlushBeauty 

    Everything could have definitedly been handled beter than what the world say last night. If we had to point the blame on anyone I would say all of you were the blame. No 1 person was the blame. You were clearly mad that Marlo had befriend kenya…calling her names and throwing a bottle the girl in front of your son was immature. Friends talk and hash things out. kenya was wrong…PERIOD…Accross the board! She’s an instegater. Marlow…I agree she’s an opportunist and when your TRUE friend tried to tell you that on I Dream of NENE you shut her down on that so for you to now makes you Slim Shady. Marlow and Kenya are opportunist. Kenya’s career is so 10 years ago.

    Name calling coming from the 40 and over club is very tacky…hell you might as well have fought. words like bitch andthrowing bottles was asking for a fight.

    February 24 at 1:54pm  / 
  53. Ms. Smith 

    At that end of the day we are all responsible for ourselves. It’s easy to have an opinion about how some one should live(especially when one sees cameras following them; scenes being edited). For those of us who don’t have cameras following us it would be amazing to hear what others think of us and our actions…hmmm. But I think it was what it was and you have move on and learn from life experiences. You still my girl NeNe keep it moving.

    February 24 at 1:58pm  / 
  54. beanie1 

    Dear NeNe I fear for u is is very dangerous having that person around . She have bad oral about her b careful

    February 24 at 2:04pm  / 
  55. indo229 

    Girl do you like you’ve always been doing.

    February 24 at 2:08pm  / 
  56. dimples 

    Hey NeNe….. You know what show you’re on it’s called RHOA right? This is not The New Normal nor Glee. Totally different. setup. Those cast members got along with each other before, during and after filming I’m guessing. RHOA cast members do not and this is not that type of show. Remember that always!. First of all, I know you are a real ride-or-die chick with your friends. I’ve seen it on camera. I saw it when Sheree pulled/tugged on Kim’s wig, you was there getting in the mix holding Sheree from what was going to be an unfair fight against Kim. For me that was a ride-or-die for Kim. You was a ride-or-die chick for Cynthia when all the other cast members was ridiculing her for the “friendship contract” when she was first casted on the show and you was telling them “hey give her a chance” in essence. i’ve seen it when you told Kenya to talk to Phaedra about the Apollo mess at the restaurant and again at the B&B in Savannah. In those instances, one could say you had Phaedra’s back. I’ve seen it again on the trip to Aruba, when you pulled Kenya back from tearing into Porsha’s ass. In that instance, one could say you had Porsha’s back and again at Kenya’s costume party when you got on Kenya’s ass about having her thrown out. And you tried to settle any tension you felt Kandi may had had toward you on the Aruba trip as well in her hotel room. You are a ride-or-die chick for Diane, you let all your bridesmaids know that in front of Diane as well behind her back. You was ride-or-die for Sheree when you said Bravo initially thought she was too boring to be casted and you said “no, she’ll be good for the show” papaphrasing of course. But I felt like no one was a ride-or-die chick for you on last night episode. When those 2 bitches ran upon you like they was on a playground or in high school, where was your ride-or-die chicks?! You didn’t need a Secret Service detail to help whisk you away from confrontation but you needed them to stop and confront their asses while you’re being whisked away. Where was Cynthia, Porsha, Phaedra, Kandi, Myonique, Dianne, Lexis, huh? Some was pointing, others was complaining, and some was smiling at Marlo while she was talking about you and not being on Team Rich before she ran up to you. In fairness, I did see Lexis shouting at Marlo after you was trying to go and I saw Dianne at the foot of the stairs (smiling) for a brief moment that’s it after you was on your way to your car. You need some real ride-or-die bitches not them FINOs (Friend in name only). If it was me (like I believe you would had done judging from what you have done for your friends), it would had been ” bitch back the fuck up off NeNe!! and deal with me.

    February 24 at 2:38pm  / 
  57. Jodyx 

    Hi Nene I don’t always agree with some of the things you do
    or say.. You were right to walk away. You are for real and
    a loving mother & wife. I will continue to roll with you no
    matter what!!! Luv you girl :) ))

    February 24 at 2:38pm  / 
  58. sweeetness 

    Sounds like you’re leaving the show, NeNe. You mention walking away when something no longer serves you. I think that’d be a good move. These hookers bring out the worst in you lately, and that’s not good for your brand.

    February 24 at 2:44pm  / 
    • Mr.Green2u 

      No one brings out the worst in NeNe, NeNe thinks that people are suppose to bow down to her. A lot of you on here are saying how much class she has, but she started the whole melee’ at her pillow talk gathering and she did it intentionally. But then to try and blame it on Kenya grow up already. NeNe walked around that pillow talk gathering like she was a boss b…. All I’m saying is that I get mixed signals from her…

      February 24 at 3:02pm  / 
      • decorah 

        why you calling these ladies hookers anyways, Cynthia owns her own model agency, Candy is richer than Nene, Phaedra is a lawyer, what is Nene an ex stripper, who would be nothing without Greg and this show. She is the most obnoxious person I ever seen, to announce she is above everyone else only implies she is delusional.

        February 24 at 4:28pm  / 
      • sweeetness 

        Yes, NeNe had the pillow party and set a weird atmosphere. However, she hit not one, nor fought with anyone. Those ppl are all grown and should take responsibility for their actions, so let go of that fight. Address Apollo and Kandi about that.

        I never said NeNe was the epitome of class…however, she’s always been herself and that’s what I love about her. She’s borderline cocky, hardworking and progressive. That is undeniable and admirable. Like it or not!

        February 24 at 8:34pm  / 
  59. mia4u 

    Nene you are wrong for coming for Kandi’s mother. Have you been waiting for the opportunity for such a low blow? She said nothing about your mother who may not be an example of how to safeguard the custody of her daughter or tell her of her true paternal identity. She spoke on her observed behavior of you. We all know that your sons have not been living in a bubble and are familiar with your past attacks on Kim, both verbal and physical. IF in fact you have grown and want to portray a better image, then cuddles to you. Here’s a few helpful tips on that journey to becoming a better Nene; own your faults, forgive yourself for making them and then ask those you’ve trust passed upon for forgiveness. Don’t expect your friends to hate your enemies, that’s Gregg’s job alone. Don’t ever again show up to an event when there is negative tension from the get go!!! Gracefully decline the invitation or learn how to use your acting skills. Don’t announce that you are on a higher level then anyone. Stop talking about your material possessions. Humble yourself. The same people you see going up are the ones you’ll see coming down. I’m team Nene, but I’ve got to keep it ALL THE WAY REAL. Kenya is the # 1 crazy opportunist.

    February 24 at 3:01pm  / 
  60. Tonya Morris 

    NeNe you did what was best for you. We all know that Kenya is out to get attention and she is using Marlo. I am still on Team NeNe. You have to show your son how a grown person can walk away instead of showing your a$$ in public much respect to you for that.

    February 24 at 3:16pm  / 
  61. Sahavit Mosley 

    Wrong to talk about that woman’s mother like that, I’m sure that’s because you never really had one.

    Wrong to try to tell someone who they can or cannot befriend, when in the beginning of the season you told Kenya “no bitch can tell me who I can be friends with”.

    Wrong for being this old and soooo petty and for that TERRIBLE ATTITUDE

    Wrong for that wig.

    I hope they boot you fromt the show. It will go on with out you.

    February 24 at 3:21pm  / 
    • dstewart01 


      February 24 at 3:39pm  / 
      • mia4u 

        She did say that! Perhaps Nene owes Marlo an apology for treating her badly just because she had befriended Kenya.

        February 24 at 3:56pm  / 
  62. dstewart01 

    I can’t believe u actually went after Kandi’s mom that way. When u say anything u feel out ur mouth about these ladies & right after u and ur side kick Cynthia OVERLY EXAGGERATED how Kandi acted at the party. The same damn way u acted when Greg” borrowed” $10, 000 from Dwight u was all in his face ready to fight! U are NO BETTER Than any of these ladies Kandi was making millions while u was on that stripper pole, Pheadra a lawyer, Cynthia a top model, Kenya Miss USA…..while u was sliding ur hot stink sweaty ass up n down that germ infested stripper pole these ladies ALREADY had careers until Greg scooped u up & made u a low budget housewife! I remember what u looked like in the beginning the eviction………..Everyone wants to upgrade themselves but u need to eat some humble pie & have several seats!!!!

    February 24 at 3:37pm  / 
    • GirlBye 

      Bwahahaha! Dang…you went in!

      February 24 at 7:41pm  / 
    • sweeetness 

      Kandi’s mother is on the show and has shown her ass repeatedly, so why can’t Nene refer to her? STFU!

      February 25 at 1:37pm  / 
  63. decorah 

    You started the fight at the “pillow talk” party asking the uncomfortable questions with the attitude you had, questions that would most assuredly start fights, I do not care who you are, you have no respect for anyone except yourself. Your sense of self entitlement is not anywhere near normal. You believe because you were on a few other shows you’re better than others. I’m sorry to tell you Nene the way you act is hideous to the non ass kissers of America, not everyone gives a shit about who you are, but care more for how you treat others and you are at the bottom of that list on the show for me, it sickens me to see you act like you do. I hope someday you remember where you came from. as for the fight, you straight up forgot what it’s like to be confronted, you’re used to having everyone terrified of you, doing what you tell them to do. What you did to marlo was wrong, you could of at least told her what she did wrong instead of acting like a 5 year old jealous school child, you showed your true colors and was embarrassed. Then proceeded to call the cops, what if Kim called the cops on you after you choked her, you’d freak the hell out on her again. Seen you do it many times Nene. Run scared, or grow the hell up, you’re old enough.

    February 24 at 3:38pm  / 
    • LovemesomeNeneandGreg 

      Nene IS NOT responsible for the actions of GROWN ASS folk. Regardless of what she said, did or whatever, she did not tell them to get up and like fools. I didn’t see her leading Kenya by the dam hand or caused Williams to “gently” touch Kenya. She didn’t tell Kandi, Malorie, Peter or anyone else to react they way they did. Is this some kind of dam blame game folk are playing. Yall need to stop that shit about Nene starting a dam fight. If she started one, then you started one.

      February 24 at 6:04pm  / 
      • kecola 

        I see you’re in as much denial as Nene about what went down. Tell you what. Go to Nene’s pillow talk blog and scroll down until you get to the picture posted in the comments section of Chris and Kenya. You will clearly see that he did not only grab Kenya’s arm, he squeezed it. His fingers are dug in. If you were a true fan of Nene you would be pointing out when she’s wrong instead of agreeing with her wack behavior and basically co-signing her self destructing. Kissing her ass is detrimental to her health.

        February 24 at 10:10pm  / 
        • decorah 

          That man (forget his name) that they were discussing got up and moved toward Kenya first. I cannot Believe people can even stand NeNe considering how much she brings up how rich and better than everyone else she is. She walks around like gods gift to television when in fact I have detested her since that show began, her bullying Kim the way she did. NeNe”s fans are #eyeswideshut

          February 26 at 6:10pm  / 
  64. dstewart01 

    I guess threwin a bottle a someone is better than a shoe!

    February 24 at 3:38pm  / 
  65. Prince Jarvis 

    Nene, I totally agree Marlo and Kenya are perfect together. They love drama and attention. Both are jealous of your amazing career and fabulous lifestyle.

    February 24 at 3:51pm  / 
    • NaturalLee 

      I don’t know about that, Prince. Think about it: when someone is REALLY jealous, they don’t break down and cry the way Marlo did. She was clearly hurt, and I felt it. Nene has become so hardened that she refused to humble herself and try to make peace with someone who was there for her for the majority of the times she’s appeared on the show. This was just a misunderstanding. That Bailey Bowl was an opportunity for her, if she felt that Kenya was such a friend stealer, to tell Marlo what was on her mind. Marlo would have jumped at the chance to talk to Nene because she was paying too much attention to her, so obviously she felt their friendship was important. Nene didn’t even acknowledge her, other than call her out of her name. Marlo reacting with tears shows that although she has a record, she is still someone with a heart. That’s more than I can say for Miss I’m-above-it-all Nene right now. Lastly, when Marlo first arrived to the Bailey bowl, she went straight to Nene’s son and greeted him with a kiss. She wasn’t coming for a fight, but Nene took her there. SMH.

      February 24 at 10:47pm  / 
  66. susanz 

    You STUPID moose! Can’t you go anywhere without creating a scene in public? Dang, heffah, you are embarrassing enough to watch on tv, I can’t imagine what your family and friends (…uh…what friends?) think every time they step out in public with you. Let me guess…they’re thinking: “Oh sheeeaaat. There she go again!”

    Heffah, here’s some honest, sistah (me)-to-moose (you) talk: You don’t have any Hollywood jobs anymore because you too street-ghetto. You always showing your incisor fangs and snarling at everyone you feel threatened by, which at this point, is the entire cast on the show. Now, go to your local dog park, set up a pole and do you dancing thing, they ‘re the only ones who want to see that, sweetie! Arf! Arf!

    A REAL Blacque Buckhead Betty

    February 24 at 3:58pm  / 
  67. kgrillo12 

    NeNe – those two girls bumrushed you! Kenya was looking for trouble (surprise, surprise). You kept it classy and walked away like a true lady. Pure Elegance! Bitches need to watch and learn!

    February 24 at 4:00pm  / 
    • susanz 

      I”m not sure what “classy” means to you, but the Moose was screaming and hurling bottles of water…it’s on the show, do you watch it? Please, heffah-moose )aka NeNe) and “kept it classy” should NEVER be used in the same sentence!

      February 24 at 4:07pm  / 
    • Luciana Tshibangu 

      True. I agree.

      February 24 at 4:10pm  / 
  68. Luciana Tshibangu 

    Nene, that’s what’s up!!! by walking a way you send a message to the bitches, the crazies, and opportunist that you would not lower your standard. They do things like this on purpose to get under other people’s skin and get satisfaction. It’s great that you did not give them the satisfaction. It is also good that you know all of them now because some of them are “frenemies.” and they showed you their real face. People like them always try to pick fights; it’s a trashy behaviour. some of them were nothing and had nothing when they came at the show; you helped them and supported them in all their steps, and today they dare to open their mouth. You gave a great example to your son, your friends and all of us. Your parents raised you really well, and you are raising your son really well too. We love you since day one from the beginning of the show. Xo

    February 24 at 4:08pm  / 
  69. cway01 

    Woman can be catty but once the husbands start getting into altercations and husband and wife not speaking…. when does one say this is going to far…smh! On another note i truly hope that you are not upset because that Marlo and Kenya are friends that would just be so high school, so im going to assume it has to be some other reason. I am sitting and thinking of how people will do anything for money, becuase thats what this show all balls down too. Nene i hope that you realize that this was a platform for you to do other things and take the talent that you have aquired and move on, and maybe just show up on some appearance since you are the drama of the show (which is something you should take a look at) This show used to be alot more classer than this but it has become Love and Hip Hop in a nutshell….. I wish the woman on this show would please stop making up look bad!!!

    February 24 at 4:12pm  / 
  70. Butta 

    Nene, you are my favourite cast of the real housewives of Atlanta. I love you and I love Gregg. However, a word of advice to you. In this world you will have some people that hate you and some that will love you, but when the haters comes your way, just dust them off your back, stump on them and keep walking with your head held high. Just remember in everything you and your family do, always put God first. Love yah! Stay fabulous as always.

    February 24 at 4:15pm  / 
  71. cway01 

    Growth is when you are able to walk away and also keep your mouth close….. food for thought!

    February 24 at 4:17pm  / 
    • mona3172 

      I agree Nene has to much to lose. She did the rite thing. She would have caught a charge and thats what they wanted!

      February 24 at 4:36pm  / 
  72. Nana 

    I have never really agreed with all that Kenya does but she is smart…she has a bachelor in Psychology, she reads your minds Quick!…she will get to u BEWARE.Nene will wake up one day and realise she lost everything-Respect…

    February 24 at 4:23pm  / 
  73. mona3172 

    Nene im riding with you until the end. You did the right thing. I cant stand kenya and now Marlo on her bus! If you leave the show im not watching know more. They need to get rid of kenya n that traitor cause dont nobody want to see them no way!!!!

    February 24 at 4:33pm  / 
  74. GeeDee2012 

    I saw “Marlo” trying to be “Sociable”, with Nene, and Nene, Avoiding her, (Marlo), ignoring her, just downright “ICEY”,,avoiding her” to the point she told “Marlo” “Get the Fuck Away from Me”!, (something to that effect) and then, I heard “Marlo’s Response” (to Nene’s Statement), I didn’t see a fight, .”no punches thrown”,,(BOTTLES WERE THROWN) but,, No fight, I didn’t see “Marlo do anything but TRY to TALK” to Nene, , and Nene trying to “Get Away” from her,,”WHY??” , Marlo, “Carries Herself” ,with Class, “REGARDLESS” of what’s happened in her past, “WE ALL” have a “Past”I mean “shakin your “MONEY MAKER” in front of “Strange Men” we do what we feel we need to do!, for whatever REASON. right??, and later on we may regret it, and we “May Not”, but “It’s the Past”. Criminal Reacord or no Criminal Record, Wedo what we Do!, and don’t want to be JUDGED for it,, Regardless of “What that was”,,Right??In this situation I saw Someone, (Nene), being a “Mean Girl”, and “REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE” a “FRIEND, a FRIEND????!, why?????I would have to think Marlo had to wonder why, and the ONLY LOGICAL REASON” it could possibly be is the fact that “MARLO doesn’t have a problem with Kenya”,,WHY SHOULD SHE?????, Marlo is a “Leader” not a “FOLLOWER”, and Nene, has a Problem with that, the rest of the wives,,Follow,,”Kenya”, and “Marlo”, don’t,,, Why did Nene tell “Marlo to get the Fuck away (or whatever), like that??, What did Marlo do???,,Why was she so Pissed Off” at Marlo?? Why doesn’t she want anything else to do with Marlo????Control!!!! she Has none over “that sitiuation” Kenya and Marlo”, associating, she has no “CONTROL over these women or the situation s she just “throws away”, the “Friendship”, because “She Can’t Control It”,High school!! Petty!! Narcissistic , Immature! !Good for you Marlo<< Girl I don't care what you did "Back in the Day", or what "ANYONE OF US" has done< the "Past is the Past", but sometimes "Other folks will "take you there", You tried to be FRIENDLY to Nene, (real hard) and she "Brushed you Off!", and treated you Nasty",,You Did NOTHING WRONG Marlo,, and you "reacted" (Finally),,by "Saying How you Felt", and that's okay, I'm surprised you lasted that long, I would have "Been Stopped Trying" to "communicate with her",,She feels you have to "Follow" ,,or your a Threat?, Your an "oppurtunist", you,, "Want to take her place", What Place???

    February 24 at 5:36pm  / 
    • misshawaii 

      Exactly. You could see the hurt in Marlos face.there was no reason for NeNe to act like that other than jealousy. It’s crazy how she treat people. She called Marlo a bitch twice and threw a water bottle at her. that moose with a tupae is out of control. If noone on the show is on her level, take your rich self and just do your own thing. Bravo will be letting her go real soon.she has convinced herself that she is bigger than RHOA

      February 24 at 8:38pm  / 
  75. LovemesomeNeneandGreg 

    Nene, you are absolutely right. You are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. If you would have stayed, those they are focused on you always want to zoom in and make their ridiculous comments. Instead of them getting to the root of the issue, they want to remain on the surface and point fingers at you. How the heck is one going to analyze the situation to for the WHY and they don’t want to look at the big picture. Kenya Moore is jealous, she is treacherous, mean and nasty. She is sneaky and a peace breaker. Her problem, she wants to be the center of attention but can’t because YOU are the star. She wants (and has caused) drama with everyone on the show. The only one left she could cling on was Marlo because all the other ladies know she is a hot, nasty mess. Watch what I tell you…it won’t be long before her and Marlo fall out. That relationship will never last. You did the right thing, leave mess where you meet mess…at the park. Regardless of what others may say, you are a wonderful person. You have remained consistent throughout the RHOA seasons. You have zero tolerance for mess and zero tolerance for mess. All these folk on here talking all this crap…never mind them…they would react the same azz way so they need to STOP the BS and stop acting like they are all that. Hell, most of act like straight fools but want to point fingers at you. You the heck are they. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on getting over 1.8 million LIKES on FB. That tells you along you are doing something RIGHT. Love you Nene Leakes!

    February 24 at 5:45pm  / 
    • mia4u 

      It’s great that you’re team Nene, as I am; but it does no one any good to only have friends/fans that endorse their bad behavior. It’s not only necessary for growth, but it’s also respectable to have people in your corner that are real with you. When you truly love someone you correct their errors in a loving way. That makes you apart of their growth and not their demise.

      February 24 at 6:14pm  / 
    • NaturalLee 

      Yes, she IS doing something right, Lovesme. She is making a spectacle of herself. All of those ‘likes’ don’t all have Nene’s back. It’s sheer entertainment, and they don’t care if someone gets seriously ruined or loses their career in the process. Nene is being egged on by spectators who like seeing her slowly but surely go down to obscurity. It’s a joke to them. The devil comes in all forms and can be very deceitful. Unfortunately, Nene doesn’t realize this, and as long as she is being cheered on by fake fans and hatemongers, she will keep on writing her side of things, although she should really disappear for a while to save herself. My belief is that Bravo will put her out of her misery, and cut ties with her by season’s end. And I think they already have, which is probably why she has this private blog, not affiliated with Bravo, and has removed the network and RHOA from her Twitter page. Also, she’s been very quiet about her clothing line, didn’t even mention it on “The View.” Have those folks kicked her to the curb as well?

      February 24 at 11:18pm  / 
  76. kendra 

    Loyalty makes friendship not backstabbing. Your so right Nene! I will forever ride with you… I endorse you 100 percent! When you leave the show I for one leaves as a viewer! Continue to stay fabulous.

    February 24 at 5:51pm  / 
    • mia4u 

      Have you forgotten that earlier Nene said, “Can’t no bitch tell me who I can be friends with.” I absolutely agreed with her then…. However that works both ways. Nene has to allow her friends that exact same level of space to befriend whoever they so chose.

      February 24 at 6:40pm  / 
  77. shareeta01 

    There’s no need to explain yourself Mrs. Leakes you handled yourself like a REAL WOMAN AND BOSS!!!!

    February 24 at 6:10pm  / 
  78. Shebooks 

    Really NeNe it’s time you stop starting shit and then playing victim. You are either too far up your own ass, ignorant as fuck or both if you feel like you have absolutely nothing to do with the way things have went between you and these girls. Let’s start with the fact that you only wanted to be bothered with Marlo to get under the other girls skin. Marlo put your no dressing ass on fashion game because before she came on the show Sheree was slaying you bitches in the fashion and hair world, hands down ! Marlo is this and that since you don’t need her anymore right? The rest of y’all better take heed to this the only snake in the grass is NeNe and there’s no such thing as her being the bigger person. Nene picks her battles, she sure wanted to go toe to toe with keyna? So is she implying that she was worth it? Bitch speak up let the world know you ain’t bout that life. I’m glad Marlo called you out for what you are. No one is hating on you, nobody is shining off you. You can’t act, your show got cancelled and your time is running out. Humble yourself chick, this new attitude you toting around is not cute.

    February 24 at 6:29pm  / 
    • NaturalLee 

      I sooo agree with you, Shebooks. And let me just add this: who did Marlo go after on the show before viewers could bat an eye? Sheree Whitfield! You KNOW Nene filled Marlo in, before bringing her to the show, and told her that she couldn’t stand Sheree! So maybe Nene should rethink Marlo not being loyal. But, sh*t! Even a dog gets tired! Throw me a bone, pat my head, but DON’T EVER think that I won’t bite you, when you are no longer feeding me, and I’m coming to you making an effort to keep the peace, too?! What more did Nene want from Marlo??? Marlo Should have expressed herself the way she did, and I know Nene thanked the good Lord that that’s all she did because she is no match for Marlo!

      February 24 at 10:04pm  / 
      • sparkle29 

        What did Marlo do to Ne Ne? not one dam thing. If Marlo was her friend she should have pulled her aside and discussed it like an adult but to ignore her like she was nothing was totally wrong.
        Ne Ne feel she can say anything she want .

        February 26 at 2:21pm  / 
  79. Shebooks 

    Another thing you wouldn’t know loyalty if it stayed next door to you.

    February 24 at 6:31pm  / 
  80. Mz.Thang318 

    I love Me some Nene and I have since dsy one you show us girls from urban communites that its is life outside of poverty or being typical….you have grown into a beutigul person….everybody may not get it …but when uou have so many obstacles attempting tovtesr you down. ……how do others expect you to act ….you have earn your wealth your fame and thevright to be proud of yourself…..OWN IT …LOVE you…..

    February 24 at 6:36pm  / 
  81. Mixedmami1128 

    But guess what……. You still rich! At the end if the day you on another level than them hefers and that obviously showed. #stayfabulous

    February 24 at 8:08pm  / 
  82. rnettag 

    NeNe is the original housewife. If you haven’t noticed one housewife is usually singled out to have controvesy with everyone one time or another. It has a lot to do with the editing and the confessional. The confessional is what stir the pot. They don’t get to see it air until the airing of the show. When the reunion starts they get to see the comments and the pot is stirrred. This season is surprising though. It seems that everyone is trying to keep their job stirring the pot. Mel, so wants to be the next housewife as well as lawrence. I have to say Kris’s wife is the best choice. except NeNe, Kandi, and Phaedra. So who do you think is the next housewife and who is out. Peter and NeNe were the best of friends. There is alot of editing to create a storyline and editing. You have to remember that these shows are an opportunity for the cast to sell themselves. Kenya is trying very hard to do that. Speaking of opportunist; two of them has left the show already. I now one of the cast (housewife is leaving … this probably their last season and it ain’t NENE! NeNE is cool. I personally think NENE has grown since the show first aired. Like NENE said, she not gonna wait a second time for you to cross her. Everybody want to say her show is cancelled and write her off. This show was a platform for her, she is smart she will perserve. I really like all the cast rite now, but the show would be boring if everybody got along.

    February 24 at 8:12pm  / 
    • realdee 

      maybe we have different definitions of growth…

      February 24 at 10:20pm  / 
  83. misshawaii 

    NeNe your true colors are showing. You have no clue what a true friend is. You only want friends that kiss your ass. News flash. You are not the big time actress that you thought you were. You have hit everyone on the show below the belt on several occasions.none of the other wives have enough common sense to stand up to you. Thank goodnset your shady fake ass have it. You are the definition of ation whore.yes Marlo is an oppornist, hell who isn’t? If you ser e an opportunity, you go for it. I don’t think for one minute Marlo needed you for anything other than true friendship. Now you want to attack joyce and candi because you got chased out of the park?? You have jumped in everyone’s face and gotten away with it but miss Marlo is not that chick. Your 15min are up. The only reason you are still on RHOA is because noone in Hollywood is calling your ratchet hill billy ass. Your gold digging husband is out here looking your servant. Give him back his balls. Or was that part of the prenup

    February 24 at 8:13pm  / 
    • misshawaii 

      Excuse the typos…typing on new phone.

      February 24 at 8:17pm  / 
    • realdee 

      and she can never see what she does wrong!! She gets on about them being late for stuff when she has a reputation for being tardy and notice the complaints only started when she made it to the “gates of hollywood”… like really?

      February 24 at 10:18pm  / 
  84. marlenadezz 

    As I’ve said before…EAGLES rise above all else to the top and SLUGZ stay slimy on the ground – need I say more? NeNe is an American Eagle…no need to mention the Slugz! Ta

    February 24 at 8:17pm  / 
  85. misshawaii 

    Shebooks…u nailed it. You are absolutely right.

    February 24 at 8:23pm  / 
  86. GeeDee2012 

    STAR??? Are we not speaking about a “Reality Show” How “Unprofessional’, ,,”Amusing”, and Disappointing” to see someone go from “Real to “Fake”, in such a “Short”,, time, Nene should do Kandi’s Play,,because Nene, “NEEDS”, the “Practice”, (constructive criticism) ,,Not A Hater, I go to the Bank “Daily” too. But,, Nene is “Not” an Actress, she has Landed some “Parts on Sitcoms”,,( a few lines here and there),, Actress?? I don’t think so,,Numbers,,,that’s what it’s all about .Ratings,, Money,,NUMBERS!, and if she’s not bringing them in? They don’t want a “Damn thing to do with her”. If she loses the Fans, the Numbers start to decline?, she’s History. They asked her to do, a Clothing Line because she has People who are”FANATICS!, out there..”followers” ,,these people “Will” buy her clothes, they will buy “Her Book”( and whatever else), “As long as she keeps them Happy and Interested” and as long as that is Happening These People that “Surround Her” these days..they,will be around, as long as she can make them some money??,, She’s making “THEM”, money, and that’s the “ONLY”,, use they have for her,,NUMBERS,, Over a Million on Facebook,,Great!,,,Numbers,,Publishers want that money Networks, and Clothing Industries, They “All” want a PIECE” while your getting it ,,so KEEP IT UP,,That’s all your NEW FRIENDS want,.WHATEVER THEY CAN GET,,MONEY,,Keep em Happy, Keep them, Numbers Up, Because you can’t go around treating people like “Crap” because you did 2 “Cancelled Sitcoms’, and got Eliminated from the Apprentice, She should keep a Close Eye on her Accountant, I’ve see People “Richer than “She can only “Dream” of lose it all, It’s all about The MONEY,that’s the only USE They have for her (which is cool), just don’t “Throw Away” all your Friends,,At least Nene shouldn’t Let it be so “OBVIOUS”, to everybody,that she “can’t” handle a “little” Fame, ,,Oan by the way I didn’t realize that “ANYONE” was the “Center of Attention, or Competing for it (Kenya wants to be the center of attention),,It’s Real Housewives of Atlanta not Atlanta High,,,Petty..

    February 24 at 9:05pm  / 
  87. kecola 

    Wow, Nene. Nothing is ever your fault. You’re always the victim these days, huh? You seem to love to call orher people out and shift blame but when it comes to your own low class behavior, you have every excuse in the book. Kenya set me up. The production crew is editing things to make me look bad. So who made you show your ass like that at the charity event? Who should we blame for your snotty comment about how “none of those bitches are on your level?” How about showing up to Peter’s party while you we’re still harboring a childish grudge against him and Kenya? Let’s blame Bravo for your nasty attitude at that event too, right? Marlo was right in what she said. People have to kiss your ass to be your friend. The minute they disagree with you, you go on about how they were never your friend to begin with. In ADULT friendships, there are ups and downs and a true friend will try to at least talk it out instead of tossing their friend aside the minute there’s a disagreement. Your pettiness and jealousy are blinding to your OWN wack ass behavior. If you’re always on a blog trying to explain why it’s not your fault for something then it might be time to consider why that is.

    February 24 at 9:33pm  / 
  88. kecola 

    Oh and one more thing, I laughed ny ass off when you turned down a part in Kandi’s play because you thought it was beneath you. Honey, she was trying to do YOU a favor by putting in her show. Unlike you, Kandi has been in the game and stacking money long before the RHOA. This show is her side money not her main check. You get parts on two cancelled shows and have the nerve to start sticking your altered nose up at people? Lmao! There are REAL stars who have been in dozens of blockbuster movies that are tem times classier and more humble than you will ever be.

    February 24 at 9:49pm  / 
  89. realdee 

    So Miss Nene let me ask you a question… you won’t “fight” in front of your son because you are “respectful and classy” but you will do it when he’s not around because what? He lives in a cave with no access to the internet or the tv sooo he has no idea who you are right? In your words, “Child please”.
    Since you asked for my thoughts here they are: You need to climb down off the high horse you are one before you fall off because pride always and forever goes before a fall. You ALWAYS have an opinion about everything and ALWAYS claim you “keep it real” yet when anybody else tries to do the same with you, you kick and scream as if you are the end all and be all.
    Peter was right, you were tacky as hell to come to the charity event and behave that way. Kenya is WRONG for her approach but if you showed up and took the mic you should have let that “I have arrived” so called classiness take the lead and allow you to speak on the charity and deal with Kenya later. It doesn’t make you him a bitch for speaking the truth but of course anyone who DARES to oppose Ms NeNe Leakes will feel your what? wrath? #soscaredthough #not
    Everybody knows Mama Joyce is crazy but that wasnt necessary for you to blog about this week Ms “I never hit below the belt” or Ms “you never can win when you fight dirty”… Kandi simply said she’s never seen you walk away from a fight…. what’s that to be on the defense about?
    You blame Kenya for your completely innocent… “innocent” pillow talk event that you invite all these extra people to KNOWING there was already drama stirring… you knew what u were doing; inviting the regular cast mates and their significant others I get but the Chris n Chuck people were not necessary and if u r as SMART AS U CLAIM then you already know this.
    Last reunion you were the rich bitch with everything going for you because you had a couple Hollywood jobs… what do you have today? If you never work another day in your life I am sure you cannot live off of ur money for the next 10 years much less so I don’t know if it is that you are rich or that you are comfortable.
    It’s unfortunate that people see you as a role model… you are insecure and I guess you validate yourself by putting others down… The same way you claim to be a good judge of character who can see right through everybody, remember there are those of us out there who can see right through your facade of confidence and air of “I’ve got this”.
    I don’t have all the things money can buy (neither do you I am sure) but if you are what having a little extra change in my pocket looks like? talking about somebody’s fridge being white as opposed to stainless steel; basically saying that you are above a musical written by Kandi; and the many other things you’ve said over the years…. if you are what it looks like then I would turn it down in a heartbeat. Nothing is worth being the ugly duckling (and I am not talking about physical appearance) but what’s on your inside. You have some nice ways (we all do) but it’s harder to see them these days.
    Here’s to keeping it real!

    February 24 at 10:15pm  / 
    • stillstandin81 

      Marlo is not bad sharee was all in her face and all she did wad keep flappin those lips the only reason she would try to put her hands on nene is because nene is a celeb and she know she will be on a lot of talk shows behind it shes a scary ass bitch and sharee been pulled marlo card

      February 25 at 12:33am  / 
  90. 713vizions 

    you’re absolutely right nene, you can’t win. you know exactly what it is. marlo would give you the business. you know exactly whose hoe card to pull, you know exactly who you can and CAN NOT punk. have several seats sweetie ->->-> _/_/_/_/_/_/. your son being there aint got iSH to do with nothing, tell that to someone else. yeah, you have to pick your battles in life, and yeah, i do applaud you for walking away, but you also know who will and will not deliver you a two piece too.

    a piece of advise for you, ….a lady should be seen and not heard. and you my friend, are extremely LOUD.

    you want to talk about being a loyal friend, why are you here, once again, bashing marlo for her past, that is not considered looking at her heart nene & #pump.your.brakes

    marlo replacing you may not be a bad thing, it could mean you are no longer in that same space In your life, you’ve upgraded, you have grown from that area and moved on, stop looking at the negative in a situation, and SEE the positive. each one, teach one MA’AM

    you’ve both had stuggles, you both have a past, quit attempting to give the watered down version of her past or her struggle

    ..and YES..
    YOU ABSOLUTELY DO CARE ABOUT THESE TWO BEING FRIENDS, otherwise you wouldnt be facing this whole situation, and on here ranting ABOUT IT ! turn shining light ON IT !

    p.s. I agree with the comment “friend fratnizing with the enemy”, AND I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING against you, I just felt like going hard in the paint on you here, bcuz you are so xtremely LOUD, and that alone, is a trait about you that I dont like. you dont show all 32′s, it is as though I see 64′s.

    you may be on to something with this whole thing about “there would be no show without nene” …look again bcuz kenya may have sum loose screws, on an elevator with flickering lights and an sum electrical problems, and that never reaches the top, but you are the #1 source for controversy

    we can hear nene coming a mile away, THIS IS how you make your GRAND entrance to EVERYTHING


    February 24 at 10:17pm  / 
  91. Alma Davis 

    Ne Ne remember God got you covered!

    February 24 at 10:30pm  / 
  92. Cherrytop 

    Friends remain loyal. . Friends don’t become friends with your enemies. Plain and simple. . Marlo spoke on clothing. .. did she forget about all the clothing/store tags in her clothing on the Africa trip. .Marlo has to be wiser and not fall for the antics of evildoers such as Kenya. . Kenya grabbed marlo and ran up on NeNe. . If she was really sincere in getting marlo and nene together to communicate. . She should have invited them to dinner minus the audience. . That’s if Kenya was sincere at heart. . I’m glad nene removed herself from the situation.

    February 24 at 10:43pm  / 
  93. mia4u 

    Last week Nene said that she was not Kenya’s friend nor was she her enemy. At Peter’s birthday party Nene and Kenya made peace. At what point did Nene tell Marlo that Kenya was her enemy? It did not happen. Earlier in the season Nene said, “Can’t no bitch tell me who I can be friends with.”…. I agree with that!! However it works both ways. Nene can’t tell her friends who they can befriend either. Greg is the ONLY person who should be that loyal to her. As grown ass women you don’t owe that to your friends as a condition of your loyalty. Although, I do commend Nene for walking away from a fight.

    February 24 at 11:33pm  / 
  94. stillstandin81 

    I feel the same way if one of my friends befriends a person im having a problem with im done with them both Im so glad u walked away from marlo because she wants to be apart of something so bad marlo wants to go for bad but shes really not keep doing you and making money

    February 25 at 12:26am  / 
    • Queenpj 

      Yes, the ultimate betrayal. No friend of mine will be chummy with my enemy. That’s not a friend.

      February 25 at 6:00am  / 
  95. Tamarra Renee Allen 

    Is it just me or did NENE not invite Marlo because she was buddy buddy at Peter’s party. She know what she is doing trying to act as if everybody else is playing games. She was playing games also the difference is Marlo aint having it. Now yes I commend her for walking off but she walked off because she know Marlo would be up in that ass for real. Throw a bottle at me and call me a bitch and see what happens. Hell nah no more TEAMNENE I am #TEAMPETER, #TEAMKENYA and #TEAMMARLO. NENE is a hater with the big GREEN EYED monster for real. Marlo or Kenya want to be NENE OMG for real yall. They may want the paper but do not want to be NENE actually Marlo is pretty than both then Kenya then NENE. The problem is NENE thing nobody is suppose to stand up to her. WRONG Marlo/NENE/KENYA Please chile girl bye

    February 25 at 2:50am  / 
  96. Queenpj 

    Nene, why are you giving these girls attention….STOP TWEETING AND RESPONDING to them. I though you knew how to play the game. Dont go on interviews answering questions about them. At the reunion refuse to engage in any arguments with that slick, oily Kenya. Say, “next question” and don’t even address her by name. That is how you deal with atrention whores…ignore them. I love you so much. My sister and I had the same argument. If you stayed and fught, they’d be saying how ghetto you are. You walk away they complain about that. Keep Dyana, Mynique, and the Blonde Bomb close, everybody else can go.

    February 25 at 5:57am  / 
  97. ogblazian 

    I agree I have a very spunky personality and I agree with Nene if she would have let Nay-Nay out she would have been wrong but I think she did the right thing I have a temper so I know how it is but sometimes people bring it out of you. I know she got mad said some choice words and threw the bottle but she walked away and I feel she did a great job. I would also like to point out I agreed with Dianna from the beginning that Marlo was an opportunist! I wouldn’t know who she was if NENE didn’t give her some air time on the show!

    February 25 at 6:31am  / 
  98. YLRicks 

    Nene…stay classy and don’t let them drag you down…in life you may never get respect from some people. I see a lot of thirsty women on this show…like the bible says “Shake the dust from your sandals.”

    February 25 at 8:38am  / 
  99. BrownConfection 

    This is the 1st time I have EVER responded on a blog… but what fascinates me… is WHY so many NeNe haters are on here… If you don’t like the woman don’t watch the show or complain to BRAVO..(not that would matter… KENYA is still there!!)
    I wonder how many of US would act any different IF we were presented and opportunity to be on a show like THIS… and given a character trait to portray ….IT IS entertainment….why do you think WE all still watch it!!…BESIDES … just what AMERICA likes to see two BLACK women brawlin again in public!!! … and if you think I’m wrong… check out BRAVO’s ratings!! … Have you ever wondered why they NEVER show these women actually getting along?????…IJS…
    NeNe I enjoy watching you. You have gone from no one knowing who you are to a household name(that’s an accomplishment in its on right) and thank you for NOT brawling in the streets!! anyway… thats my 2 cents….

    February 25 at 9:27am  / 
  100. haveasay 

    I have been so “Team Nene” for years. I thought she had made such growth since the whole Kim, Sheree episodes. Yet, she seems to have gone right back to the old Nene. That causes shit to happen and not wanting to own up to her part in the madness. I’m still rooting for a new and improved Nene to appear. She really does have a fabulous future ahead if she can just control herself. Come on, girl….you are the break out star of this show!

    February 25 at 10:04am  / 
  101. Clearview 

    Yes NENE is absolutely right they deserve each other Marlo can teach Kenya how to be a High paid HO who to say she has not taught her how to up her game after all Kenya suppose to have a new car Hummmmm !!! Kenya better not cross her Marlo will CUT her in the face proved that already.

    February 25 at 10:07am  / 
  102. JARDA 


    February 25 at 11:05am  / 
  103. thetruth 

    if you are a loyal friend why did you invite Walter for your wedding after what he did to Kenya who was your friend at the time. Marlo did nothing to you, absolutely nothing. So because she is your friend she can’t be cool with Kenya? whom BTW also did nothing to you. you sound stupid Nene. you arguments are childish and blind sided.

    February 25 at 11:26am  / 
    • Syd Romano 

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speak it sista!

      February 27 at 9:22am  / 
  104. Nev Jones 

    amen nene amen agree 100% … and damn if you do or don’t so really you can’t win

    February 25 at 1:33pm  / 
  105. jjlockett 

    A man and his son were once going with their donkey to market. As they were walking along by his side a countryman passed them and said, “You fools, what is a donkey for but to ride upon?” So the man put the boy on the donkey, and they went on their way.

    But soon they passed a group of men, one of whom said, “See that lazy youngster, he lets his father walk while he rides.”

    So the man ordered his boy to get off, and got on himself. But they hadn’t gone far when they passed two women, one of whom said to the other, “Shame on that lazy lout to let his poor little son trudge along.”

    Well, the man didn’t know what to do, but at last he took his boy up before him on the donkey. By this time they had come to the town, and the passersby began to jeer and point at them. The man stopped and asked what they were scoffing at.

    The men said, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for overloading that poor donkey of yours — you and your hulking son?”

    The man and boy got off and tried to think what to do. They thought and they thought, until at last they cut down a pole, tied the donkey’s feet to it, and raised the pole and the donkey to their shoulders. They went along amid the laughter of all who met them until they came to a bridge, when the donkey, getting one of his feet loose, kicked out and caused the boy to drop his end of the pole. In the struggle the donkey fell over the bridge, and his forefeet being tied together, he was drowned.

    Try to please everyone, and you will please no one

    February 25 at 2:06pm  / 
    • zaemarie 

      Thank you this is nene life sit back and watch

      February 25 at 8:28pm  / 
  106. Danyol Jaye 

    Nene I say this about you all the times on my #JayeSpotTV reviews. You are the MOST consistent, however that often means that you an be a consistent ass when you want to be. I think that in regards to the whole Marlo thing, yes walking away was the best thing to do at THAT particular time. However had you been able to simply communicate with her in a civil way I don’t think you would have NEEDED to walk away and the event could have gone on without a hitch. In regards to Peter’s party I think you suffer from a perception issue. Peter didn’t jump in your face (from what we were able to see). You came to him and he turned around and answered your questions, however brash they came across. So why go to an event of ANY kind and act like someone owes YOU something? I love your dynamic on the show, I think it says something about you that you are the ONLY original cast member left, that’s BOSS! But right is right and wrong is wrong. Although as an audience we don’t get to see ALL of what happens with editing being so a part of reality TV but WHAT we see is what you have put on film for them to edit! You continue to talk about being a Loyal friend but loyalty is not just a notion it’s a characteristic. I think it VERY unloyal of you to take shots at Marlo, Kandi, or Kenya when at ONE point you were friends with these women. (well maybe not kandi lol). If you’re no longer friends then why throw the unnecessary shade about their personal lives? That to me is not loyalty that is called “Tit for Tat” and we all know you have a LOT of TIT to give!!!!

    February 25 at 3:00pm  / 
    • Danyol Jaye 

      excuse my typos, I generally am better at my grammar LOL.

      February 25 at 3:02pm  / 
    • haveasay 

      I totally agree with this assessment. On the past seasons when Nene had more going on with her career, she was much nicer and easier for the viewers to side with. I really thought that she had learned the errors of her ways….and I am still pushing for her. She has way to much to lose by acting like an immature ass.

      February 25 at 3:31pm  / 
    • GeeDee2012 

      Love it!

      February 26 at 3:11pm  / 
  107. Shakeyia Hall 


    February 25 at 8:19pm  / 
  108. zaemarie 

    Again why is Kenya on the show shes worthless she is single abd so over the top dramatic in the sense that she is full of drama. SHE IS TASTELESS SHE HAS NO FLAVOR. even though she is full of drama its aggravating for week sherry week I have to watch this Drab Queen get on tv …and be so not fabulous. EVERYONE on the show isdfabulous …. even sweet senseless in the nicest way possible Portia …except Kenya…. kenya is like pink bottoms payless shoes compared to the red ok huntee….. I mean why why why is she still on the show Im tired of her frantic struggle to be on the show. Please Bravo I’m thirsty we need to replace Kenya with a fun energetic refreshingly cool with a little bit of heat….. not Kenya 1980 Matel first black Barbie ….after years of manic depression drinking popping pills and failed dreams a nd deployed relationships drooppy face ass…..ok we are tired of looking at the sad case its just terribly sad to look at her please hear us out Bravo. Dayumm I would of thought she would of upgraded street she got paid from last season cleary not. Ugh proactive please

    February 25 at 8:20pm  / 
  109. thembi 

    I promise if you don’t put on your black dress, and take your ass to the funeral of those dead ass bitches I am going to hit the floor. How the hell can you move forward while looking back at these nothing ass bitches? I can’t stand how we as women think it’s okay to tear each other down. You did the right thing by walking away. Trust and believe DeKalb County or Fulton County ain’t nothing nice. Nor is having to give up your coins to a dead bitch… Do you, and keep it moving Boo… I know you’d hate to read in the newspaper, “Fan Falls Out, Cause Nene Talks to DEAD BITCHES”…

    February 25 at 8:43pm  / 
  110. mamaboogie 

    curious to see how long this Kenya Marlo friendship lasts

    February 26 at 5:39am  / 
  111. OriginalMissTee 

    Marlo and Kenya wanted a reaction so bad! LMAO. I’m soooo glad you didn’t give them one. Some people are so desperate for fame. It’s quite pathetic.

    February 26 at 11:06am  / 
  112. diamondgirl 

    luv ya! you will always be the real woman on that show. Kenya was only trying to promote herself after “Pillow Gate” lol .How phony was that to have a benefit for one of your charities without consulting you first? its so obvious she was only trying to get HER 15 min of fame.. she is always making fun of everyone’s weight or looks, she really needs to look In the mirror before she judges everyone else. I think Marlo should know better and see Kenya for what she really is.. a shit stirrer, its so obvious that Kenya will only do things that will benefit her.. or piss someone else off… btw where is her so called African millionaire? think he only exist in her warped mind… All the fans know you Rock that show!!!! :)

    February 26 at 11:15am  / 
  113. Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari 

    This season is crazy..fights, and thefts, mamas threatening to beat up girlfriends and set up fiancees…drama drama and more drama

    February 26 at 4:37pm  / 
  114. Cam 

    ((((hugs)))) for u NeNe!!! U still won!!!

    February 26 at 9:41pm  / 
  115. stellsgroove 

    I’m still trying to understand what’s happening this year. This is not the “basketball wives.” Cynthia, I don’t believe the “mess” you’ve been involved in this year. Kenya needs to cone off of the show-not because she is a star because she NEVER does anything. If I hear her say one more time-”all I was saying……” “all I did was……….” “all I tried to do” She is always the victim. Makes you wonder why she is always there when s–t comes up. Please stop mentioning Detroit Kenya. You are not a good representative for Detroit. Detroit women have more sense and don’t go around kissing up to get friends.

    February 27 at 7:06am  / 
  116. Syd Romano 

    Why u gotta throw shade at Kandi and Mama Joyce thou?? *confused* As much as you try to take the HIGH road, you keep pushing your self back with these childish and senseless comments.
    Everyone wants to know what did Marlo do to u? I mean, watching the episode…when Kenya spoke about u..what did she do? She said “Hey NeNe is my girl” she said NOTHING negative about until the “Baily Bowl” incident.
    Are u seriously upset that she is friends with ur “enemy” Kenya. NeNe COME ON NOW! I mean Kenya apologized to u..why u just can’t move on! It’s always a drama with you!
    Anyway..I commend you for walking away and being an example to your son..that was respectable!

    February 27 at 9:21am  / 
    • susanz 

      Please. Heffah only walked away because she knew Marlo would WHUP HER BLACQUE ASS UP AND DOWN THE STREET!

      F*ck that Moose’s son was there, she’s never had a problem doing her scandals and screaming with family members around, Moose is GHET-TO!

      February 27 at 7:35pm  / 
  117. cdjking 


    The show staffer keeps his or her identity anonymous, but starts off the email by saying, “I wanted to clarify for people what was not aired during the brawl.” Feeling that NeNe “has slandered” the show and its editors, the staffer says he or she wishes to set the record straight.

    “For one, Nene’s erratic behavior was simply because she felt Kenya’s tardiness to her event was a devised plan for the producers to make Kenya the new star of the show,” the email reads, “and it was NOT!”

    As for NeNe’s “erratic” behavior, the email details a few more specifics. “Before Kenya arrived Nene was ranting, pacing, and cursing us out about how she is the star of the show, she is the relevant actress, she made The Real Housewives of Atlanta the success it is today, and she should not have to wait for Kenya to
    arrive to her event.”

    But the show needed Kenya there before filming could begin, and when two production assistants explained this to NeNe, the writer says they were “verbally disrespected and threatened” by her.
    The email says that NeNe is threatened by Kenya, and very upset that people seem to think of her as “the new star of the show.” The unnamed production staffer adds that — despite what NeNe has said — none of the fight was edited or manipulated to sabotage her.

    February 28 at 8:34pm  / 
  118. Ninaross 

    I believe that some of these “Rules of friendship” is very highschool. So because NeNe brought her on as a guest to the show means that her n Kenya cant kick it??? Kenya didnt do anything that bad plus she apologized as grown black women we should be embracing each other not become enemies over petty things. If anything is embarrassing and should have rules applied to is how NeNe acted at the fundraiser. You can be classy at an event and deal with everything else after the fact. She made herself look terrible and classless I was shocked myself.

    March 1 at 4:07pm  / 
  119. PatV 

    Which Moron puts together an event for someone else and not even have the decency to call that person…. Kenya is an idiot. As a matter of fact Nene shouldn’t have not shown, then sue Kenya for using her name to draw people to an event without her permission…… And tell Peter to stay out of women’s business; the show is called the real housewives’ not the real PMSing husbands…… M and K is looking for a come up… Don’t be their stepping stool….

    March 1 at 4:42pm  / 
    • decorah 

      peter wasn’t even talking to her, she ran up on him, so kindly f off

      March 2 at 8:58pm  / 
  120. decorah 

    Nene knew about that event, she opened the email, she was being a drama queen, Kenya knew if she called her she would be treated horribly, and also knew Cynthia would make sure she knew how to dress, stop defending a person who in no way whatsoever knows how to be humble and would treat us like servants to order around. she is very ungrateful,and forgets her pole days. who in the world tipped that moose anyway.

    March 2 at 8:56pm  / 
  121. msdonna 

    No matter what happens on this show. Nene Leeks is a true up and coming star. God has so much for her, she hasn’t even hit the tip of the ice berg yet. Eventually, she will outgrown RH of ATL. And they show will just fade into the night. Nene, if you can read this. Stay focused on your career. Shake the dust off from those fools and keep it movin. One thing, Peter and Cynthia are true friends, because only true friends will tell honestly how they feel.

    March 4 at 9:29am  / 
  122. jester 

    Before you begin search the term ,”who is Christopher dean Gregory Thomas.” after you see who I am you might hear my words a bit better.

    Fact is Marlo Thomas is not the person she produces to the public, I should know, I’m her brother.
    If you can handle the truth without a bios thought then please read and
    These facts are supported by unimpeachable court room witness testimony.
    Marlo has committed serious acts of child endangerment and intentionally inflicting harm on a child who at the time had been on life support.

    April 17 at 11:34pm  /