Matchin Shoes With Gregg

Nene Leakes - Matching Louboutins with Gregg

Me and Gregg last week in NYC with his and her matching shoes!!

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  1. susanz 

    Dang. Look at those swine hooves! Nene, honey-chile, your feet look ashey!!

    April 15 at 3:38pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      It would be spelled “ASHY”, you dumb-ass, fucked-up, ignorant-ass, dull-witted, feeble-minded, jealous, envious, smelly, nasty cunt.

      Ya can’t even insult someone without fucking it all up, “susanz”. Look at ya, ya fucked-up dumb-ass. Slow-witted and just so special. What happened, baby? Did ya momma “accidentally” drop you on your head when you were a baby? Did ya daddy not pay enough attention to ya? Give us SOMETHIN’, “susanz”.

      April 16 at 4:49pm  / 
  2. Carlotta Balinton 

    The matching shoes are very nice. I love the show also and have never missed a show. I agree that Kenya should not be on the show and that Porsha should have not been let go. Andy should have not allowed it when she pulled it out. He is the blame if you ask me. I want Porsha back and Kenya good bye.

    April 26 at 9:38am  / 
    • pammydoo 

      I completely agree. Porsha should be turned and Kenya should be booted out the show because she’s a troublemaker and isn’t even a housewife.

      April 27 at 8:04pm  /