My Dress For The Reunion!

NeNe Leakes - Marc Bower Reunion Show Dress

I LOVE my dress by Marc Bower that I wore to the reunion show! What do you guys think?


  1. Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

    I think Porsha has done just as much to Kenya as Kenya to her. And as far as you Nene you are just the worst you start more trouble than any of the girls, its just the girls are afraid to stand up to u, and you also try to do it on a sneak tip. But I see though you like u always say your not the one, well neither are a lot of us we see your sneaky self.

    April 21 at 1:48pm  / 

    THOSE PROPS!! NeNe! You got it right!! How much can someone take before they have to strike back??? Kenya should have took Porsha snatching that mess out of her hand the 1st time as a WARNING!!! But instead, she continued until SOMEBODY FINALLY DRUG HER BEHIND!!! I’m with Phadra!!! She went “straight Decatur” on her behind!!! And the “Deck” don’t play!!! Kenya is from Hollywood, La. They talk about it!!! But Porsha is from the ATL!!! We BE ABOUT IT!! Now sit cho behind down “Twirl”!!!

    April 21 at 2:36pm  / 
  3. leojoyce61 

    The way tempers flair and you all like to get up in each others face,why are props allowed.I would fault andy for allowing kenya to keep waving that wand in porsha face and then she puts the bullhorn in porsha face.Kenya has a problem invading peoples space she lucky porsha did’nt not her in the head with her own props.I dont cadone fighting but Kenya has been bulling porsha and phadra for a while’Its a shame to watch woman of color gossiping,cursing,calling each other namesThey need to be a servant of god and spend their time and energy helping children and women in need.NeNe and you are no angel,you instgate and start up unnecessary trouble.Kenya provokes people so she can put an assault charge on you and sue so she can make some money to buy her house and pay for her car.

    April 21 at 3:28pm  / 
  4. Jodyx 

    Nene thank you for supporting Porsha and putting ur hands over her mouth to keep her from saying something that maybe would be regretted at a later date. Porsha was bullied and she

    April 21 at 6:59pm  / 
  5. g bear 

    You look pretty in pink. And I am tired of people saying you start trouble more than the other “girls” and they are afraid to speak up to you. These are adult women; sneaky, 2faced, and always startin’ something. I loved you from the 1st episode, 1st season of RHOA. Keep doing you and I’ll keep watching. Hope you can put up a clip of your cirqui de solei performance. Get down girl; get down!

    April 22 at 5:35am  / 
  6. Johnnie Freeman 

    Kenya is toooo messy, she ochestrated that whole thing, she deliberately sat Porsha up. I like Porsha and she should be given another chance and Kenya should have gotten a beat down from all the RHOA.

    April 22 at 9:25am  / 
  7. LaBrava 

    One of my fav Nene looks

    April 24 at 5:12pm  / 
  8. gracej64 

    Been you are FABULOUS. I HOPE You that you are LOVED by your fans. I am so proud of you and all the wonderful things you have accomplished. You keep doing you. For those people who was supposed to be your friends and now are acting some kind of way, GOOD RIDDANCE….. I am really appauded at the way Cynthia has turned on you. You were a good friend to her. She looked so dumb sitting there on that show like her and Kenya were such GOOD friends. Believe me….. she is regretting that stupid move.
    Hang in there Nene and You are truly Blessed. I hope to meet you some day

    May 4 at 9:02pm  /