On Access Hollywood This Morning!

If you missed me this morning on Access Hollywood Live with my partner Tony Dovolani, check it out here!!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. candycrush48 

    I would say congrats but I won’t why? Cause you are hateful mean and a trouble maker and you have that green eye monster which is called envy you are jelious of Kenya kandi and pheadra cause they all look better than you!! I can’t stand you!!!

    March 7 at 1:08pm  / 
    • zainab 


      March 10 at 4:03am  / 
    • itgurl2014 

      REALLY?! U can’t stand her but u are all up in her business. Why are u jocking her blog? If u can’t stand somebody… U don’t go looking @ what they’re doing. What u can’t stand is how irrelevant & broke u are & it kills u 2 see a strong black woman who speaks her mind & is appreciated for her REALNESS! & for u to even compare her to that idiot Kenya Moore! Lol. I’ve seen better skin on a dog! Kenya wants to be Nene so bad it’s ridiculous! Kenya is a nobody trying to come up off of being a bitch on rhoa. She is not & never will be Queen B! That title belongs to Nene! & u called her jealous?! Lol! Really?! Of Kenya’s broke azz?! & Phedra… She’s cool and all but I’m sure Nene will take Greg any day over that cheating jailbird of hers. & Kandi?! Yea…she’s rich but money can’t buy happiness! She will never have a happy relationship or marriage because her ignorant greedy monster of a so called Moma will run Todd & any other man away that she thinks will get a penny of Kandi’s money. I don’t even think she loves her daughter. She just wants that $35 million! So from what I can see… None of them have it better than Nene! Case closed! Child please. Get your life cause she definitely already has hers! Now go have a seat cause you’ve been read!

      March 14 at 12:37am  / 
  2. Prince Jarvis 

    Great and fun interview as always. Can’t wait to see you on Dancing With The Stars!!!!

    March 7 at 4:48pm  / 
  3. london276 

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    March 10 at 10:03am  / 
  4. mzaka1908 

    Hey NeNe…I think u r an amazing woman that inspire me to become a better person….I love everything u do…especially like the clothes and shoes u wear and though i was too short to com try out at Bailey’s in ATL…do know Im a think woman originally from MS but reside in TN that will be rocking ur attire….cause I love rocking my 5 and 6 inch heels…hope to meet u one day…

    March 10 at 10:55am  / 
  5. Joncia 

    I get that if your cool with someone you would expect them to congratulate you on when something great happens in your life but, if it wasn’t someone in my circle (BFF or FAM) It wouldn’t be that big of deal! Rock with,who rock with you!!!!

    March 13 at 6:47pm  / 
  6. itgurl2014 

    Congrats Nene! Keep doing your thing girl! Haters gone hate & u just keep on laughing all the way 2 the bank!

    March 14 at 12:41am  /