Pillow Talk

I created this game called “Pillow Talk” and it all started from Gregg and I basically discussing our day once we got in bed at night! Obviously this party is for adults only with adult topics and content. I was the hostess with the mostess! The guests were invited along with a dress code and everyone knew what they were walking into. My intentions were to build couple unity within the group but as you can see, things got turnt all the way up! You ask why? Everybody in the room were asked questions that were touchy because that was the bases of the game! We all answered, including me and Gregg. We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress “what you thought you saw” because there are always intentions for these parties or group gatherings which is totally out of my control!

Let’s get to the good stuff: Kenya arrived three hours late to the party! I was really aggravated because we can’t really end the scene until all housewives have arrived! Keeping it real is what I do! Some might call it messy, but see it as you may!

Christopher had a question in his hand that he wanted to answer standing up for reasons unbeknownst to me! I walked past Christopher and took my seat! He then began to speak to Kenya about the false accusations Kenya had told his wife. Chris’s wife Natalie started saying “don’t back paddle now” and Kenya got up and charged out of her seat towards Natalie (but you couldn’t see that part) (I wonder why?). Chris stepped in to stop her but not in an aggressive way. Kenya then got all extra saying take your hands off on me! Her girlfriend in the red pajamas jumped up in Chris’s face and that’s when the explosion started. I don’t condone violence! I can’t control adults and it’s not my fault if adults decide to fight on their own!

In my opinion Kenya was the spark that lit the fire. Whenever she’s around, we have the worst times! I’ve been on this show from the very beginning and we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show! I am all about a good read, throwing shade and even getting you together when need be but violence is never okay to me. I think it’s a sad display of behavior and I think it is sad to the black community to be a part of such negative activity! I am bigger, I am better and for that I apologize!

Here’s a few questions I would like to ask you: why do you think they let Kenya narrate the whole fight scene? Why do you think they took the part out when Kenya was charging across the room? All the housewives would say we were having a good time! Why do you think they showed it as if we were not? Thanks for watching!

Stay Fabulous,
Nene Leakes


  1. NewYorkCityGrl 

    NeNe you pretty much started this whole thing…..you asked questions that were hurtful and that you knew people had issues with and they played right into your hands……if anyone of those participants had any sense they would have got up and walked out immediately, but I guess when one wants to be apart of the “in crowd” they subject themselves to that sort of gutter and disrespect. I am glad I am grown……….

    January 27 at 10:07am  / 
    • Carlette Sheppard- Hawthorne 

      I agree.

      January 27 at 10:38am  / 
      • neeky225 

        The Head Nigg* in Charge at Bravo has truly disgraced not only herself, the entire cast of RHOA but the entire black community. She sold out completely. She was the ringmaster of that circus. Samuel L Jackson’s character in DJango-Stephen, couldn’t have done a better job for the master. Well done Nene, now go cash your money.

        January 27 at 8:25pm  / 
        • ClubQBall 

          DAMN, you are just angry and bitter. Why you even bringin’ race into this??? Go sit down, have a Coke and shut the fuck up, mothafucka. You ignant.

          January 27 at 9:40pm  / 
        • MAXDAD 

          WOW! I bet you will watch on 2/9 so what does that say about you?

          January 27 at 10:46pm  / 
        • tracina 

          I agree .

          January 28 at 3:35pm  / 
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

          Neeky you said it, it could not have been said better

          February 6 at 8:26pm  / 
      • johnpauldietz 


        February 9 at 9:53pm  / 
        • Shaylah Bennett-Aeby 

          I swear I must have been watching a different show than the rest of you blaming this whole exchange on Nene. Let’s be clear if anyone were to get up during a verbal exchange in a aggressive manner that person has now ratched up the exchange to the possibility of violence period. Any idiot knows that if someone is approaching a loved one in a Aggressive Manner the objective is to stop them. I would absolutely expect my husband to stop anyone child, man, or woman from coming toward me in that manner period. It is is job to protect me period. The fact that Kenya is a woman dos not in any way excuse get behavior, it was appauling. Chris was not standing over her he was in the middle of the room. She is supposedly a lady. She could have kept her seat and continue to address the comments she made in a calm manner. Everyone knows you cannot combat yelling with yelling. She should have acted as the lady she pretends to be and kept her tone level forcing those with elevated tones to simmer down and listen. Brandon her guest was the other aggressive party . Remember he got up and began the physical altercation pushing and shoving at Chris. Apollo tried to separate them and in doing so Brandon fell on the bean bag. What happened next is what got him a beat down. When Brandon came up he punched Apollo in the face. Accident or not you hit your get hit. You can say Apollo over reacted but I ask you if you got punched in your face after trying to do the right thing with adrenaline pumping would you have reacted calmy, sat Brandon down and asked him not to do that again. I doubt it. Being a woman does not absolve her off her part nor dies being gay absolve him of his. These two were the aggressive elements here. If someone got up man or woman and walked aggressively toward anyone I love what happens next is completely on them. I’m a 6’2″female and I don’t play that.

          February 15 at 6:27am  / 
          • johnpauldietz 

            I think you replied to the wrong post because I did not even mention NeNe in this post, therefore, you need to learn how to comprehend what you read. Shit, read it twice if you have to!!! WTH…

            February 17 at 6:40am
    • victoryou8 

      I agree too

      January 27 at 10:41am  / 
    • WakeBroad 

      The problem is, no one in that room had any sense…

      January 27 at 10:42am  / 
    • Class1 


      January 27 at 10:44am  / 
    • cerika2010 

      agreed. and for someone who says was a VICTIM of DV, last night was a plain ol’ display of how crazy you are to condone this behavior. You should know better.

      January 27 at 10:45am  / 
    • cinnamon40 

      I agree..NeNe started it all…And yes we all grown..NeNe remember the saying WHEN 2 PEOPLE ARE ARGUING YOU CAN’T TELL WHO THE FOOL IS..I shake my head I’m shame..cause I like the show..but after last night..I’m pretty sure I will never watch it again..SAD..

      January 27 at 10:49am  / 
      • Tina Banks 

        I agree with you on that I said the same thing…

        January 27 at 8:42pm  / 
      • tracina 

        I agree with you “C” , but I cant tell that lie I’ll be watching just to see my girl Kandi , address FAKE Cynthia …..

        January 28 at 3:38pm  / 
    • Tometrice Joiner 

      Well said, and I agree completely

      January 27 at 10:49am  / 
    • 2theplippinworl 

      If blame is to be left at anyone’s feet it should be Kenya she is the main cause of it all

      January 27 at 10:52am  / 
      • Cl01 

        Kenya is the blame.

        January 27 at 11:09am  / 
        • shamlin31 

          How is Kenya the blame? Nene started it all

          January 27 at 11:25am  / 
          • riaismaob 

            yes. Nene was the culprit this time..so sad Glamma needs to have several seats!!!!

            January 27 at 11:56am
          • tracina 


            January 28 at 3:42pm
        • klc1969 

          Kenya is truly 3 fries short in a happy meal… but she got up because she always wants to be seen. . Also if u have a grown man STANDING OVER U questioning u what would u do I know I would stand up immediately. .. but my girl Nene knew what those questions would start. I guess this is just a show… raise the ratings

          January 27 at 12:22pm  / 
          • Jay Gee 

            Yes. I agree. Kenya had every right to jump up. Im disappointed in Nene bc im a fan of hers. But nobody I mean nobody is going to stand over me and talk shit, I dont care if its aggressive or nonagressive. And ole dude, shouldnt havr touch kenya especially not in the midst of a confrontation.. Come on nene… u already kno how it go.. Stop acking brand new… I forget what season, bt nene was about to beat Kim ass on tht bus.. I think someone wig was pull or something.. I dont remember but I do remember nene almost fighting.

            January 27 at 1:20pm
        • marolg74 

          Kenya did NOT cause the drama THAT night!! Anyone who thinks she did, is probably as MESSY as NeNe!! Kenya tried to avoid the question and said something like, “We already discussed this topic”. It was ok for Christopher to stand up and disrespect her, and she responded calmly in defense, yet him and his “wife” went on. If NeNe was in the same position she would have been HOT and defended herself as Kenya did, I would have! Kenya did NOT throw a punch. If standing up is a crime, NeNe and Christopher should be charged. NeNe and the producers knew what they were doing. Someone’s was viciously attacked for ratings!!

          January 27 at 11:58pm  / 
          • jenius 

            At this late date I read this thread because this is only my second season i dared to watch this mess of a show. You made the most sense thus far on here. It is funny the way some females love NeNe when there is not enough to love about this two-faced, unattractive, brash, ignorant, uncouthed “leader” of the pack. Nene is not used to anything and the paultry millions she has earned was happenstance and she is not THAT rich according to real Hollywood standards. How did Kenya start the fight when she tried to avoid it and I personally
            would not feel comfortable holding an unpleasant confrontation fro. Chris Wms or any man, woman or child while I sat on the floor. Kenya’s reaction wad non threatening….she only stood. Yet the WHOLE group concurred that Kenya started. Okay, the show does things like that to start a buzz but the viewers should be more reasonable. I agree that women who agree with Nene are trouble makers as well. They consistently root for the bad guy. Truthfully sometimes I feel that women are jealous of Krnya becauuse she has some accomplishments on beauty and a head of hair, other they s ouldn’t constantly bting up her faded Beauty Queen status. Thry are ALL faded someyhing. Nene after all is a faded STRIPPER!

            April 13 at 9:32am
        • AnnAnn 


          January 28 at 1:27pm  / 
      • mistee 

        Yes she is always instigating drama, I guess because she is miserable without Phaedra;s man!!!

        January 27 at 4:52pm  / 
        • Justasportsnut 

          When one considers the fact that “Phaedra’s man” has a propensity for violent rage and is a master thief, I don’t understand why anyone would want that “piece of a man.”

          January 28 at 7:34am  / 
        • tracina 


          January 28 at 3:45pm  / 
        • Justasportsnut 

          From the sounds of it, Phaedra should be miserable with her man!

          February 9 at 1:38am  / 
      • AnnAnn 

        No it is not can you see or you WAS not look at what we look at .NENE I DO NOT CARE TO MUCH FOR KENYA BUT IT WAS NOT KENYA THIS TIME IT WAS NENE BUT IF Chris was sitting down like one of the women told him to in NENE DID NOT SAY WHAT SHE DID EVERYTHING WILL BE OK NENE U PUT THE GUN IN HIS HANDS.

        January 28 at 1:09pm  / 
      • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

        please tell me how Kenya is the blame? Were we watching the same show? Nene is totally responsible.

        February 6 at 8:36pm  / 
      • rosie 


        February 7 at 4:52pm  / 
    • Stephanie Joseph 

      I so agree with this comment, this whole thing was a big setup my NeNe. I personally think these whole season she’s been a bully and a shit starter. And Keyna is right along with her I’ve lost almost all my respect that I had for NeNe.

      January 27 at 11:21am  / 
      • ccleeallaboutpositivity 

        agreed! It seems she’s sacrificing her true class to stay in the lime light, that is so tragic and short sighted. They are doing NOTHING to uplift, encourage or be positive role model for women PERIOD, let alone those of color.

        January 27 at 11:26am  / 
        • Jay Gee 

          I dont look at them for pure entertainment only!!

          January 27 at 1:29pm  / 
      • Jay Gee 

        Yaaaaaaaaaas!! Nene, got over there in Hollywood and lost her rabbit ass mind!! I start having second thoughts whn she made it appear tht she wouldnt work with Kandi!! Like tht wasnt her cup of tea. Yeah I kno u building a brand for yourself… but u still need a lot of exposure u not halle and directors isnt beating down ur door.. If they were u wouldnt still be a housewife on the show.

        January 27 at 1:27pm  / 
        • MzUdeserveit2 

          Is there a “Love it ” Button?

          January 27 at 5:30pm  / 
        • AnnAnn 


          January 28 at 1:38pm  / 
      • Michele 

        The whole thing was set up by Bravo People! The Housewives work for Bravo!!! Bravo took the scenes and edited the tape to get the reaction they got from the narrow sited viewers. Bravo! Bravo!!!! Their plan succeeded. It wasn’t Nene’s fault. Kenya has been trying her best to take Nene down. Remember the first episode when she pulled on Nene’s ear. Kenya was hoping to get a reaction out of Nene then, so she could turn the fans against Nene. Bravo increased Kenya’s salary for her to deliver by taking Nene down. The plan won’t work. In fact, the plan will backfire, because if Bravo is betting on Kenya…the whole Franchise will disband.

        January 28 at 7:50am  / 
        • AnnAnn 


          January 28 at 1:44pm  / 
      • Mandii Kay 

        So what about Kenya in the previous episode talking about the lady’s relationship ?? Dont u think that was fucked up, i mean thats wat started this all. Kenya is a trouble maker and i dont give Nene the wrong to call her out, and when she is confronted by the lady’s husband u wanna get up and charge at the woman????

        January 29 at 7:57am  / 
      • Roni 

        I agree. Nene is an instigator and so is Cynthia. Christopher Williams’ wife or whatever started it at the wine tasting by bringing up Kandi’s relationship and Kenya told her that she what Chris said about her being his wife sometimes and then his girlfriend. He did an interview on “Unsung” and if I remember correctly, they said that he was single so I agree with Kenya. Nene calling the women names, Kenya “big ti**ys” and walking back and forth prancing like a show pony was annoying. Even Greg was looking at her with a confused look on his face. But why did Apollo jump in and began fighting Brandon. Peter just stepped into to break it up but then he held him down while Apollo beat him, Nene is a stripper that became successful. She is little more than a Kim Kardashian and was only cast in a B rated series because she fit the type cast for an “angry, loud, neck rolling, abusive, bullying, Black female”.

        January 29 at 10:59am  / 
    • jayb 

      I totally agree with NewYorkCityGirl and I like Nene but she started it with the silly questions you chose to have the girls and guys answer and she loved it. Did you see the way she was prancing around the room like she had too much caffeine. Don’t put all the blame on Kenya, the questions Nene asked she knew that was going to be the reaction and what the hell was wrong with Apollo fighting like he is still in jail ..

      January 27 at 11:23am  / 
      • klc1969 

        I think Apollo is sexually frustrated. .. something wrong in the home front so he took his frustrations out on dude… he went to far… a jail flashback … u could tell by the way he was acting at the over rated coming out party for their son. ..

        January 27 at 12:15pm  / 
        • ByrdScott 

          Apollo is trash

          January 27 at 4:32pm  / 
          • MzUdeserveit2 

            Yes, He is!!!

            January 27 at 5:17pm
      • klc1969 

        He is most definitely trash…. especially if its true that he has been arrested for identity theft. .. help this man. No wonder he can spend 5k at the strip club… smh

        January 27 at 9:13pm  / 
      • cordevonni 

        I agree. Nene what you wrote explaining what we didn’t see, that was probably edited (however I did see Kenya get up and walk toward Christopher’s wife) doesn’t negate the fact that you cracked the wall to the dam when you started in with questions related to particular situations related to specific people in the room. You can’t tell me with all these egos and hotheaded men and women in one room that this dam was not going to break as a result of those questions.. Past shows on numerous occasions have ended up in physical fights which is why I’m sure you knew this was a possibility. Money and ratings can be your only reason why you condoned this. If you didn’t condone this, I think u being the “star” should have had enough clout with Bravo to speak out against this to them and stress that this may not a good idea nor would it make a safe environment in your home. (look at the destruction it caused). You’re a person that speaks here mind and I know u say u can’t control grown folks and what they do. But you definitely could have prevented this by possibly presenting another scenario to Bravo that would have been heated yes but not end the way it did.. As far as Kenya, she only added fuel to the fire YOU and Bravo started.

        January 30 at 9:17am  / 
    • lucylue65 

      I def agree tht nene started it…. if she didn’t ask the questions tht she did the night would hv went peacefully…

      January 27 at 11:34am  / 
      • Michele 

        Lucylue65, didn’t you hear that Nene asked everyone at the Pajama party tough questions. Most of the sane people swallowed the bitter pill and played game sensibly. Except for Kenya. She really thinks that she is a force to be reckoned with. She will pay for that.

        January 28 at 9:07am  / 
        • AnnAnn 


          January 28 at 1:59pm  / 
          • Mandii Kay 

            Nah i think she realized she was fucked. Obviously the shit she was talking was a lie and when confronted the bitch dont know what to do

            January 29 at 8:02am
    • klc1969 

      Nene I really had grown to respect u as I watched u grow on this show..as u spoke of what u did in ur past and the woman u r today really helped to push me as a African American woman trying and struggling to make my way in this world as a chef… but this episode really gave me a different look on u… Kenya responded as to be expected. .. everyone knows the elevator stopped on the first floor for her… but why stir the fire and make it flame?… the questions u asked were gasoline questions and u went from a camp fire to a barn fire… if u wanted to break the ice with the ladies u should’ve didit in the classy Nene Leeks way… pillow talk with just the ladies first and informed them what this was a chance to clear the air. Then maybe with couples to give the wives a chance to update their husband… I think I understand what u were trying to do u just did it in the (old) Nene way… the Nene Leeks that I’ve grown fond of today would not have done this… I hope coming up has not changed u into something ur not… last season u were the greatest find ur way back to her and dnt let stardom corrupt the beautiful person I know u r…

      January 27 at 11:36am  / 
      • The Truth 

        I totally agree with every word!!!

        January 27 at 1:03pm  / 
      • Jay Gee 

        Yes agreed. Nene last season was classy bc she was working in hollywood on glee and the new normal. Nene this season isn’t working

        January 27 at 1:36pm  / 
        • Cookie1324 

          I Thank your right about Nene, she had her 15 mins. of fame and she cant find a job because everybody is hearing and seeing what she about now. Nene was my girl but I going to have to find someone else to watch.

          February 17 at 2:12pm  / 
    • Boricua_MD 

      To all the cast of RHWOA:
      After last night episode for some reason I feel so sad and embarrassed that my favorite people in the WORLD has to come to this point to make television. What are you guys trying to portrait. From all the RHW shows yours is the most honest and real. But I do believe that you guys needs to realized that out here you guys have fans and people that look up to you because we can see ourselves a little bit in Nene, Phaedra, Portia, Apollo, and all of you guys… I am neither black, neither mixed, neither white… I am Puerto Rican and I every time I see people acting like they belong to the hood but trying to live and upscale life that tells me their lives is well unbalanced. I am not trying to judge… what I am saying is that you guys needs to choose your battles and be way better than that. My friend always asked me why do you watch that show and for some reason I feel identified with your struggles, ups and downs to be someone and better my self everyday. I do hope this can of behavior can turn to something positive and I also hope as Cynthia did last night every one of you apologized to all the viewers including myself for such a tasteless spectacle. On the other hand I do feel that when you guys pushed each others buttons the worst of you comes out and you the ATL wives has so much to offer than this. I hope everyone accept their part in this CIRCUS and be real about it… yes.. the instigator, the liar, the fighter… everyone… Well its time to study and I do hope I can see a sincere apology… with all love… your Fan #1 Boricua_MD

      January 27 at 11:50am  / 
      • shereehart 

        I could not have said it any better. I thought I would enjoy watching the show this season, but after last night’s episode, that was truly it for me. I felt so embarrassed to have even been a viewer after last night. Any NeNe really had the nerves to say Kenya instigated the fight, when she knew the whole thing was started by her. I just believe Bravo picks these peoples head and let them think they are in control…making it a “reality” show, but I am sure this idea for the Pillow Talk episode was Bravo’s idea that they presented to Nene and she just ran with it. In the end, she took the bait and that became the worst night of TV and their ratings went through the roof. Shame on Nene, Apollo, Peter, Cynthia, and Christopher. Phraedra and Kandi kept it classy.

        January 27 at 8:25pm  / 
        • tracina 


          January 28 at 3:57pm  / 
      • AnnAnn 


        January 28 at 2:06pm  / 
    • tinna001 

      I agree Nene started the fight by bringing up a subject that she knew would start a fight. I watch RHOA because of Nene & like her because she is outspoken, will say what’s on her mind and keeps it real. However I did not like the episode last night & do not feel that Kenya was at fault. Last week when Kenya mentioned that Christopher Williams was not married at the time she worked with him, I noticed a lot of online comments stated the same thing. Also his wife made negative comments about Todd. Last night Apollo acted like a thug. BRAVO no more episodes like this please. Andy Cohen is laughing all the way to the bank.

      January 27 at 11:51am  / 
    • Tina Finley 

      I saw it and I did see Kenya charge at Christopher’s wife, it was just quick and you had to rewind.

      January 27 at 11:53am  / 
      • The Truth 

        So true!

        January 27 at 1:02pm  / 
      • tigerlee99 

        So was it alright for Christopher to stand-up after Porsha asked him to sit down? Then Nene walks pass him because she knew what was coming down. Then Nene say’s he has a piece of paper with just 1 question on it ” Kenya are you on medication”? Then his girlfriend/wife butts in, that when Kenya stood up. It was Christopher that put his hand on Kenya arm. rewind that.

        January 27 at 4:50pm  / 
        • AnnAnn 

          TIGERLEE99 u are so right I seen it to no men need to put hand on no woman at all its not right Tina Finley I do not know what u on but no men need to put his hand on a woman .

          January 28 at 2:13pm  / 
        • tracina 

          YOU ARE SO RIGHT , T99…

          January 28 at 3:59pm  / 
    • Cole Heard 

      Amen! Nene this was ALL on you! I can hardly believe your behavior. You were pretty extra in your already “over the top” behavior. I hate this happened. My cohort of friends are planning to boycott the show to express to Bravo that this is inappropriate television. However, it did look like a lot of fun, though. But, all the elements were present to stoke that fire. Blaming Kenya won’t work because it looks like Kandi, Todd, Peter, and Cynthia got into it, as well. And Kandi threatened to cause of violence to whomever she was speaking with.

      Not a proud Housewife moment!

      January 27 at 12:31pm  / 
    • MizzAnn 

      All u idiots agreeing with NewYorkCityGirl r just as stupid. NeNe stated why she was havin the get together. “So everybody cld air their differences.” Everything was goin fine, until messy azz Kenya showed up. All she had 2 do was own up 2 what she said.

      January 27 at 12:32pm  / 
      • joy4life 

        I agree with you @mizzann, and I guess they all missed the point looking at the obvious… smh!

        January 27 at 1:26pm  / 
    • The Truth 

      TOTALLY AGREE! Nene didn’t “pretty much” start it, she ABSOLUTELY started it!

      Yeah, Kenya was late and yeah, she got on the other ladies a few episodes ago about being late, but at least she apologized, which is more than what Khandi or Phaedra did. I would have left when you slammed the door in my face! And, they DID show Kenya get up and go across the room, but that was only after Christopher got up and started approaching her (even after Porsha asked him to please take his seat) AND when his “wifey” started running her mouth. He grabbed Kenya’s arm and that really started the “physical” altercation.

      Nene, I have been a fan of yours from the beginning, but this was orchestrated and intentional on your part . . . and NO WAY can you explain your way out or put the blame on anyone. You have really blown with me . . . it’s going to be real hard for me to defend from now on.

      January 27 at 1:01pm  / 
      • 2theplippinworl 

        Every one of you that say Nene is the cause of what happened you are as CRAZY as Kenya, every one of the ladies keep talking smack. Natalie talked about Todd to Cynthia and Peter. Cynthia told shit starter Kenya etc. Kenya told Natalie that Christopher told her that Natalie his common law wife, then she told Kandi that Natalie also said Todd was a hustler, the same thing she did with Chuck’s wife when she told her that someone in the group had dated Chuck in the past. So any woman would be upset if someone made such an accusation against their husband, so Kandi is upset, Chuck And his wife are upset, Cynthia and Peter are upset because Kandi brought up Peter’s name. So Nene put every thing on the table that was causing an issue with each and everyone so that they can address the problems that is being talked about and move on as friends and adults even with Porsha and cordel. All Nene was trying to do was to pacify issues that the group was having, if you want to blame someone blame that ashy instigating, delusional Kenya.

        January 27 at 3:23pm  / 
        • AnnAnn 


          January 28 at 2:24pm  / 
          • 2theplippinworl 

            Chille shut up! If you had a group of friends that nitpick at everything as some of these ladies do you would as a friend want to put an end to all the bullshit that’s going on around you or in the group, and if calling out individuals on want they say or do then so be it. I applaud Nene for keeping it all the way real. BLOOP!!!

            January 29 at 4:37pm
      • tracina 


        January 28 at 4:07pm  / 
    • Brookstanisha32 

      My opinion about last night episode: l felt NeNe started the whole shebang. To me she throws the rock and hide behind it . Everybody seem to get into what she starts and forget how the situation started. All they remember is who said what. I notice all the questions that were asked were all directed at NeNe guest and nothing feel back on her. I don’t like the fact that everybody business is put out there but nobody had nothing on NeNe. You can tell she gets a kick out of the mess she seem to always be behid. I’m so surprise all the ladies still deal with her. Kandi is the only one that i really seen stand up to NeNe and if you notice she’s not one of NeNe favorites. NeNe is a bully she wants to be in control. That situation was a big mess and NeNe needs to take the blame for what she started. I’m so suprise the men feel for that mess. Anytime you get a group of ladies that had dirt on each other your putting yourself inside a bomb that will definitely explode. Remember NeNe everything you share doesn’t mean you care. What you did last night showed you didn’t. The things you seem to have a problem with when it comes down to you putting the ladies in their place are the same things you do. Sometimes you are what you call out.You tell everybody about themselves, but its time you hear about you.

      January 27 at 4:16pm  / 
      • tracina 


        January 28 at 4:19pm  / 
    • coolazzchick 

      Yasss Ne Ne, you have to take a L on this one..and I don’t blame Kenya onr bit for jumping up, espcially when you got not only Christopher Williams coming for you but the wife/common wife barking in the corner, You ne ne would have done THE SAME DAMN THING! AND THE HELL Apollo had to do with anything, he should have stayed out of that.

      January 27 at 4:22pm  / 
      • cwedding1980 

        that was my question do you that was Apollo jealous Kenya was there with her gay friend

        January 27 at 7:29pm  / 
    • Tia4211 

      I disagree. This is a TV show and high ratings keeps people watching. I’m sure A Lot was edited out. It appears that there were Rules to the game and one of the rules(I’m guessing) was stay in your seat unless it’s your turn. When Christopher got up he did have a card in his hand. Kenya just couldn’t handle the question because she was late and didn’t fit in with the vibe everyone else had already established. She should have stayed in her seat, let Christopher address the question/concern and the party would’ve kept rolling….even if some were uneasy with the questions they were being mature about it and having fun. I think the party was a good idea for couples…mature couples not jealous insecure woman with no man. I feel bad for Brandon though, he didn’t deserve that. He didn’t know what he was getting in the middle of.

      January 27 at 4:39pm  / 
      • Mz.Scorpio 

        I totally agree with you people are so blind to reality kenya is messy and tacky she jealous and envious of the other women…kenya always say dont come for me unless I send for u well I think her word bite her in the ass. This show is edited as we all know kenya dont know nothing about that housewives live she need to go find her serious

        January 28 at 1:43am  / 
      • AnnAnn 


        January 28 at 2:31pm  / 
    • mistee 

      I agree with you all the way, plus why was NeNe prancing back and forth like she IS NOT MARRIED, that was to me tacky. It seems as though her new found fame has gone straight to her head, and that’s sad because I used to watch the show because of her…..smh GET IT TOGETHER NENE!!!

      January 27 at 4:50pm  / 
    • MzUdeserveit2 

      Yes, Nene It was all a set up against Kenya. You could not wait until she arrived, so your mission could be accomplished. You slammed the door in her face once she got there. (Tacky!!) Greg knew exactly what was going to go down, that’s why he sat their like a lil lost puppy. This is the same thing you did to Kim Z. SHAME ON YOU!!! You are a DISGRACE to African American woman. It’s time for you to have SEVERAL SEATS!!!!!

      January 27 at 5:12pm  / 
      • tracina 


        January 28 at 4:39pm  / 
    • tiffiney 

      Well I saw when Kenya got up and walked towards Natalie and Chris grabbed her arm. They didn’t cut it out. The way I see everybody was brought there for a reason and with the questions being asked in the game it was all a step up.

      January 27 at 5:31pm  / 
    • hmb1885 

      Now lets be fair to the ladies, everyone knows who really started all this…it was the mountain of cocaine that Nene had obviously snorted before the party. She was way too turned up and crazy for that not to be the case. Usually she would never have acted like that,I was shocked by her behavior and blaming a female for having a man put hands on her. Last time I checked that is called victim blaming and someone who has had experience with abuse first hand should know that.

      January 27 at 6:34pm  / 
      • tracina 


        January 28 at 4:50pm  / 
    • sheri 

      I say, way to go Nene, and well said, Kenya is hateful, and full of hurt, very obvious for how she has to attack everyone, and try and put everyone down…No OWNERSHIP on her part ever. and she’s a grown ass woman who will never grow up, she will always sponge and live off everyone…..sometimes the sponge needs to be wrung out, or just thrown away or being stinky….
      Keep staying classy and sexy!

      January 27 at 6:43pm  / 
    • MsShorty 

      False Acquisitions NeNe? Really? http://youtu.be/0X9rhyrMgGU

      January 27 at 8:02pm  / 
    • Shankie70 

      NeNe you know you was messy period. Stop it, Stop it, Stop it! I see what your doing.. trying to blame Kenya so she gets kicked off the show… Kenya makes he show, and you know it. She took your spot, and you are hating. Where’s Grady (Peters) blame, and Apollo?? You even made jokes about Brandon. Why not tell Cynthia to keep her big mouth shut? You not about the violence hmmm just like they said you promote it. When do black ppl said someone rushed them?? Did Kenya have sneakers on? Yeah we know its TV and they put the best parts in there but it didn’t take out the parts where you thought you were Queen B, cocking your legs up and acting a FOOL. If Bravo is only airing the make believe stuff why don’t you stand up and leave the show. (you rich!! rt)

      January 27 at 8:22pm  / 
      • tracina 


        January 28 at 4:54pm  / 
    • ClubQBall 

      How is NeNe to blame? Like you said, these are grown-ass people. If they don’t like it, they have that choice to either kick rocks or stay and subject themselves to what comes their way.

      NeNe’s brutal … and she doesn’t hide it. She shoots straight every time. Does that make her messy? NOPE … just as blunt as all fuckin’ hell. My hat’s off to the lady. I think this world needs more like her, to be honest.

      January 27 at 8:27pm  / 
    • Tina Banks 

      I truly agree with you on this. i felt like that mess could of been avoided it. I like the show from the beginning but now it’s starting to have all the drama and fights the name needs to be change to love and hip hop Atlanta housewives. It’s really down rating to us black women…..

      January 27 at 8:40pm  / 
    • MAXDAD 


      January 27 at 10:47pm  / 
    • Roberta Watkins 

      I blame nene about the whole thing how dare she confront kenya like that . Just because u where abuesd dont mean u show it. dont said u shouldnt have stood up how rude, at the end of the day hes a man his wife can fihgt her own battles that a bitch man fight a womans battles . Its time to replace neene off the show

      January 27 at 11:31pm  / 
    • Mz.Scorpio 

      All yall stupid this is a edited show what you see on the show is not all that hapened you dummies who is blaming NeNe was not there did yall see everything that happened before the tapes was edited kenya knew the rules and still participated. I dont remember seeing anybody else jumping up trying to get in people face but Kenya. Kenya is messy and desperate not to mention thirsty she cant handle the heat so she twirled a storm that got her friends ass beat she’s to blame but y’all fools wait for the reunion so y’all can see for yourself…To keep it real they all grown ass adults and NeNe cant make none of them do nothing they are responsible for they own actions all your need to take about 10 seats back and get your life stop trying to make a grown ass woman a victim when she’s not she is a shit startes and thats exactly what she get… she is low key jealous of some of the woman on the show because they are living lives she wishes she could have. She always trying to go in on Porsche but can’t challenge none of the other housewives kenya’s character on the show is poor. Point blank that’s my opinion and with anybody else get to say don’t matter cause the truth shall prevail #Reunion#

      January 28 at 12:34am  / 
    • mmpcookie 

      I do not believe you Nene. You were hyped up from the get go and you had an agenda that was not couples unity as not all there were couples. You were the one who brought up what Kenya said not Christopher. You may be able to fool half your fans but not all of them. Produce the footage of Kenya storming towards Natalie?? I saw Christopher grab Kenya’s arm my eyes do not lie. I taped the whole episode and have replayed those parts several times. I am very disappointed in you. =(

      January 28 at 10:19am  / 
    • mshtown 

      NeNe, the worst part about Sunday night, is that it was the beginning of the end of you hollywood career. Executives across the board were looking to see if you would fall on the sword, or continue to stir that pot, and judging from what’s to come in a few weeks, you continue to blame Kenya, and add as you did here, what the other girls think. Let them speak for themselves, if they have a mind of their own, (I know Kandi does).

      I’m not a betting women, but I bet you’ve seen the last of a major contact. No one needs that type of drama, and then to charge BRAVO, was mistake number one. They are put in the position to make changes now.

      You only have something bad to say about Kenya, not Apollo, who has too many issues to name, or Christopher, who was the only person who found the need to stand, even after being asked by Porsha, to take a seat.

      January 28 at 3:24pm  / 
    • Mickeybuts 

      I totally agree with you. It just boggles my mind how NeNe wants to put all the blame on Kenya, when it was because of her careless comments that this whole thing broke out. Take some responsibility for the part you played in that NeNe. It was not Kenya, it was you.

      January 28 at 4:25pm  / 
    • wanda45 


      January 29 at 4:16am  / 
    • Roni 

      NewYorkCityGirl you are right. Nene is guilty and that is why she is
      explaining and placing blame. The stupid thing is, they know that cameras are following them and to say something in one setting and then “change” or lie and say it happened differently is crazy! Like Nene saying that she didn’t know Phadrae before then take a trip with her to her old stomping ground. Kenya should have left as soon as Nene slammed the door in her face. I guess the cast puts with a lot because she is supposed to be “the star” but I am not staying anywhere and letting someone yell, call me out my name and prance around like a show pony in front of my man. She is a peace breaker; she and puppet Cynthia. The questions were rigged and Chris didn’t confront Kenya until after Nene brought it up; the same way that she did at her bridal “spilling tea”. Diane has had Nene’s back the entire time and was brought along when they stayed at Kim’s friends house as a body guard and then turn on her and tell everything that Diane said to her as a concerned friend about Margo and the other “hangers on”. She went to Kenya’s house and called it ghetto, she told Cynthia how to rear her daughter, Kandi how she should handle her career, Kim on her relationships and finance. Nene is the stereotypical “angry Black woman” that they cast on most series (if they have a Black female role at all). She’s come up but she can go back down.

      January 29 at 1:43pm  / 
    • reneefabulous14 

      Agree. Nene started this. This is the most disgraceful event in reality show history. NeNe should have told Chris to sit back down. Its very offensive to the gay community for her to address Brandon as a girlfriend because she is being malicious with the statement. I would never attend a party with my husband that had women and men prancing around in the night clothes. As a couple you never have pillow talk with other couples that for your bedroom only. A bunch of mess.

      January 30 at 8:32am  / 
    • johnpauldietz 


      February 9 at 9:44pm  / 
      • johnpauldietz 


        February 9 at 9:48pm  / 
    • JustTellinTheTruth 

      NeNe knows she’s a hypocritical bully. She has a very strong personality and she’s on a show with many weak minded people. Does anyone realize she gets in everyone’s personal space? She got in Peters face during Kenya’s charity event. The craziest part was she called him out when she was in the wrong. She was wrong and tried to flip the switch because she probably felt stupid. He was not wrong for having a conversation with his wife and Cynthia should have spoke up on his behalf. During her pillow talk everyone was up talking and getting in people’s personal space, but Kenya is targeted when she does it. Then is blamed for a big mess because Apollo and the other men can’t handle their temper. Seriously NeNe you are the source of everything. You are a coward and you are a disappointment to your race and family. Actually everyone on the show are great examples of what not do when get older. Grow up. NeNe stop using your big personality to bully people. Porsha be a woman and stop feeling like you owe people an explanation on your personal life. Kenya you’re beautiful stop trying so hard to make friends and stop messing with a married man. There’s billions out here you don’t need Apollo for a friend (lover). Phaedra smile and know your worth. Stop treating your husband like your child and maybe he will look at you like a wife. Cynthia where’s your backbone? You need to be a voice for your husband and yourself. Speak up and stay sweet.Kandi like Cynthia you’re sweet. You have less drama and more entertainment. Drama doesn’t entertain by the way it stresses the viewers. Influencing drama in their lives. Anyway Kandy be strong for you new man. Do not let your mother be involved in your marriage. Look to God. Let mom be mom. Remember you are now one with Todd. So, don’t hurt Kandy.

      April 13 at 7:59pm  / 
  2. Lorraine Mango 

    Excuse me Nene But i too have watched this show since the beginning and i’m pretty sure there have been physical altercations. Between you and errm Kim ?? when you used to charge at her ? hm Nene please stop.

    January 27 at 10:08am  / 
    • darcell34 

      I totally agree.. When Kim was on the show you were mostly always the aggresser, becoming violent and putting your hands on Kim.

      January 27 at 10:35am  / 
      • MzUdeserveit2 


        January 27 at 5:18pm  / 
      • mmpcookie 

        So very true and always instigating other people to fight as well.

        January 28 at 10:20am  / 
    • 2theplippinworl 

      Yes but not to this magnitude

      January 27 at 10:55am  / 
  3. deimaj93 


    January 27 at 10:08am  / 
    • AntNene 

      Exactly, she tells Kenya she needs her ass beat, but she doesnt condone violence. Nene is a disappointment this season!

      January 27 at 10:23am  / 
      • darcell34 

        I totally agree.. When Kim was on the show you were mostly always the aggresser, becoming violent and putting your hands on Kim.

        January 27 at 10:36am  / 
    • victoryou8 

      Exactly, nene is full of shzt

      January 27 at 11:01am  / 
      • MzUdeserveit2 

        Give a girl and new nose and some new teeth and she forget where she came from. BTW…You are not RICH BITCH!

        January 27 at 5:21pm  / 
    • Jayarais 

      She does not say that. Nene tells her that Kenya is lucky she did not get her “ass beat.”

      January 27 at 3:48pm  / 
  4. Shantel Chase 

    NeNe I always road with you, because I respect a person that can keep it real, but last night I lost a great deal of respect for you! What is your excuse for bringing up the comments Kenya had made? He and his wife were there to speak for themselves!! The way you instigated and stirred things up, was ignorant and childish!! You have accomplished GREAT things during your reality run, please don’t negate it with foolishness!!! That whole thing was contrived and uncalled for and that is keeping it ONE*HUNDRED*PERCENT*REAL—-in your voice

    January 27 at 10:12am  / 
    • Carlette Sheppard- Hawthorne 

      Well said!!

      January 27 at 10:39am  / 
      • victoryou8 

        Bravo, very well said

        January 27 at 11:08am  / 
    • victoryou8 

      Bravo, I couldn’t have said it better, nene is such a disappointment

      January 27 at 11:05am  / 
    • Dessiree BlessedLady Ellison 

      well said and 100% true

      January 27 at 11:09am  / 
    • Louise West 

      NeNe i love you,but i dnt know what happen last nite,it didn’t look good for you girl.Keep it real my friend.Love always.

      January 27 at 11:33am  / 
    • MzUdeserveit2 


      January 27 at 5:22pm  / 
    • lee 

      Agreed! Well said!

      January 27 at 11:19pm  / 
    • tracina 


      January 28 at 5:06pm  / 
  5. Brunice Hollowell 

    you are a shit starter you are wrong

    January 27 at 10:12am  / 
  6. Lorraine Mango 

    Oh and Nene we did see the part when she was charging towards the unknown woman. and rightly so!

    January 27 at 10:12am  / 
    • bnrlife 

      Yeah why is she sayin we didnt see that?? We did and she had every right to. Besides I believe Kenya about that womans husband. He looks like the grimey type thatd say that!

      January 27 at 11:24am  / 
  7. twind83 

    i agree with all the comments that have been given, i think since the show started, NeNe is the one who has changed the most. Since she started acting and making a career, it’s like she has totally changed and forgets where she comes from.I think she thinks that she makes the show, and in my opinion it couldn’t be further from the truth. I used to watch the housewives for NeNe, and now i skip her bits along with Kenya’s. I think Kandi is the realist of them all.

    January 27 at 10:14am  / 
  8. Arron J Ware 

    honestly, Nene I m disgusted with last nights episode and as Faithful viewer I couldn’t believe the actions that had taken places; My thoughts are you knew very well how last nights Episode was going to play out; you were the master mind behind everything that took place, I notice you wrote in your pillow talk blog post that; you didn’t know why Christopher was standing up wanting to ask a question YOU being that it was your should have told him to be seated, and the fact that you think its okay that he was defending his wife when she wasn’t even up defending herself BLOWS me; He had NO business at all putting his hand on KENYA at all; whether he pulled tugged or grabbed her arm, he had no business putting his hand on her ! An you as a VICTIM of physical abuse should know better! I’m disappointed in you but everything is for TV

    January 27 at 10:14am  / 
    • heathersparks 

      I hope the money was worth it! – Great comment Arron!

      January 27 at 10:43am  / 
    • 2theplippinworl 

      Kenya made a statement about the Christopher not being married and that Christopher told her the Natalie was not his wife, so he got up to ADDRESS those allegations that Kenya made against him so I fully understand why Nene let him stand. And if you say that he physically abused her by trying to stop her from what it seemed like she was about to run up on his wife then I guess Kenya physically abused Nene at Peter and Cynthia’s opening when Nene tried to walk away from her and she kept grabbing Nene’s arm. Another thing my momma grabbed my arm last week so I I will tell her she abused me. ABUSE is very serious PLEASE do not mistake it for some petty foolishness.

      January 27 at 11:23am  / 
      • Boricua_MD 

        To all the cast of RHWOA:
        After last night episode for some reason I feel so sad and embarrassed that my favorite people in the WORLD has to come to this point to make television. What are you guys trying to portrait. From all the RHW shows yours is the most honest and real. But I do believe that you guys needs to realized that out here you guys have fans and people that look up to you because we can see ourselves a little bit in Nene, Phaedra, Portia, Apollo, and all of you guys… I am neither black, neither mixed, neither white… I am Puerto Rican and I every time I see people acting like they belong to the hood but trying to live and upscale life that tells me their lives is well unbalanced. I am not trying to judge… what I am saying is that you guys needs to choose your battles and be way better than that. My friend always asked me why do you watch that show and for some reason I feel identified with your struggles, ups and downs to be someone and better my self everyday. I do hope this can of behavior can turn to something positive and I also hope as Cynthia did last night every one of you apologized to all the viewers including myself for such a tasteless spectacle. On the other hand I do feel that when you guys pushed each others buttons the worst of you comes out and you the ATL wives has so much to offer than this. I hope everyone accept their part in this CIRCUS and be real about it… yes.. the instigator, the liar, the fighter… everyone… Well its time to study and I do hope I can see a sincere apology… with all love… your Fan #1 Boricua_MD

        January 27 at 11:46am  / 
        • johnpauldietz 

          make sure you use the word, “HOOD” and “CIRCUS” when you watch the Real Housewives of New York City as Ramona throws a glass and hit someone in the mouth with it!!!

          February 9 at 10:02pm  / 
  9. Boricua_MD 

    To all the cast of RHWOA:
    After last night episode for some reason I feel so sad and embarrassed that my favorite people in the WORLD has to come to this point to make television. What are you guys trying to portrait. From all the RHW shows yours is the most honest and real. But I do believe that you guys needs to realized that out here you guys have fans and people that look up to you because we can see ourselves a little bit in Nene, Phaedra, Portia, Apollo, and all of you guys… I am neither black, neither mixed, neither white… I am Puerto Rican and I every time I see people acting like they belong to the hood but trying to live and upscale life that tells me their lives is well unbalanced. I am not trying to judge… what I am saying is that you guys needs to choose your battles and be way better than that. My friend always asked me why do you watch that show and for some reason I feel identified with your struggles, ups and downs to be someone and better my self everyday. I do hope this can of behavior can turn to something positive and I also hope as Cynthia did last night every one of you apologized to all the viewers including myself for such a tasteless spectacle. On the other hand I do feel that when you guys pushed each others buttons the worst of you comes out and you the ATL wives has so much to offer than this. I hope everyone accept their part in this CIRCUS and be real about it… yes.. the instigator, the liar, the fighter… everyone… Well its time to study and I do hope I can see a sincere apology… with all love… your Fan #1 Boricua_MD

    January 27 at 10:15am  / 
    • Claudette Boss Davis 

      I agree with you to the fullest……

      January 27 at 11:34am  / 
    • cordevonni 

      WELL SAID!

      January 30 at 9:19am  / 
  10. thurman 

    Nene girl you no u started this mess…

    January 27 at 10:16am  / 
    • candyc 

      Nene is a very messy woman. Greg set back and watch

      January 27 at 11:12am  / 
      • Claudette Boss Davis 

        Greg is not going to say anything he wears the panties and she wears the pants. He will not cut his pay check off.

        January 27 at 11:46am  / 
        • MzUdeserveit2 

          LMAO! He wears the Panties (SMDH)!

          January 27 at 5:23pm  / 
  11. born2stunnem 

    Nene, accountability doesn’t suit you well this season. I’ve loved you since the show’s inception, but THIS Nene, THIS season, I have not been a fan of for various reasons. I’ll stick to the issue at hand. The purpose of this “pillow talk” had nothing to do with building anything. The purpose was to start mess and confusion. You put people in the room who clearly have issues with one another and you thought that it would be good for them to air things out in front of everyone? Why is that necessary. If a person or couple has an issue with someone, they should go to them to resolve. You started with the questions that were clearly pointed to embarrass, humiliate, and upset your guests. The question about marrying someone bisexual was meant to hurt Porsha. The question about being uncomfortable that your man has slept with a friend was pointed to your “close” friend My or Monique, Kandi, and Phaedra. Then, it was YOU who brought up the Chris and his wife/girlfriend. You allowed Chris to stand when speaking to a woman who was sitting. That’s both disrespectful and intimidating. After this happened, Kenya stood…but only to address the woman who you again allowed to talk mess to Kenya. Kenya walked toward her and Chris grabbed her. How can you fault Kenya? It appears as though you need a scapegoat to cover for the fact that the blame lies with you. Kenya’s an easy target. I am not, nor have I ever been a Kenya fan by any means, but Nene, you were wrong. You owe Kenya and all of the girls this season an apology because you’ve wronged them all. Nobody’s jealous of your success…all the women are successful. They just don’t like your new ways. Neither do I. #wasafan #onthefencenow #dobetter

    January 27 at 10:18am  / 
    • WakeBroad 

      Perfectly said.

      January 27 at 10:34am  / 
    • spring9628 

      I agree with you. I don’t blame Kenya for standing up. I would have stood up also when a big six foot, etc man is getting ready to verbally abuse me or physically abuse me. Also when Kenya was looking for her male friend, NeNe tells her she is not going anywhere and blocks her way out the room. I would have given NeNe to the count of 3 to move out my way then it would have been on. Then to tell Kenya, she could have got her ass beat. Who is going to do it. Kenya is the most fit out of all the housewives. NeNe is a bully, she really don’t want a piece of Kenya. I think Kenya lets her get away with this because of respect.

      January 27 at 10:39am  / 
    • heathersparks 

      Love this: “You owe Kenya and all of the girls this season an apology because you’ve wronged them all. Nobody’s jealous of your success…all the women are successful. They just don’t like your new ways. Neither do I”. – #Keepit100%

      January 27 at 10:50am  / 
    • soshame 

      I agree with your comment. I am appalled, ashamed, disappointed and everyone that watched should be. Nene, you talk from both sides of your mouth. I also noticed this season your nose going higher and higher in the air. I was trying to be #teamNene, but as usual, with some people who have been afforded the opportunity to move up, somehow, the old person almost always show up. Shame on you Nene. I guess “you can paint a trash can, BUT at the end of the day, it’s still a trash can”.

      January 27 at 11:15am  / 
    • Dessiree BlessedLady Ellison 

      I agree NeNe had this pj party just to start ish..she knew the people invited had issues with each other that they’d previously addressed as Kandi said so why bring it all up again. For some reason NeNe thinks she’s the ish…top dog but the reality is she doesn’t even come close to being as successful or real as some of the other women ie: Kandi. I can’t wait to see someone put you in your place

      January 27 at 11:17am  / 
  12. AntNene 

    Bitch Please!!! You are a walking contradiction. You had an attitude from the time you came out of your bedroom looking like a big peacock on steroids!!! You should of sat Christopher down when he asked Kenya what drugs was she on!! Porscha went over to him and asked him to sit. Your big crusty ass said absolutely nothing!! Why didnt you try and diffuse the situation when you saw how he was approaching Kenya! Oh, and now you want to call Brandon a girl…………hes a gay man, similar to what you can pass for. Your day is coming!! Somebody is going to put their foot in your wide octagon ass!!

    January 27 at 10:19am  / 
    • WakeBroad 

      Lol. Love this post.

      January 27 at 10:34am  / 
      • Michelle416 

        ME TOO

        January 27 at 10:35am  / 
      • MzUdeserveit2 

        Nene is Shady as Hell! and Gregg is wearing the Panties!

        January 27 at 5:31pm  / 
    • Tanya Renee 

      1000 Likes to this post

      January 27 at 10:38am  / 
    • heathersparks 

      This is straight talk… lol– & I love it! You are right! Koudos to Brandon for being a real man.

      January 27 at 10:56am  / 
    • MacMan 

      Ha!!! Agreed!

      January 27 at 10:58am  / 
    • Dessiree BlessedLady Ellison 

      Now that’s how you keep it 100%!!!!

      January 27 at 11:18am  / 
    • Angel Escobar 

      Lol!!! So true! Walking, talking contradiction that Nene is! She needs to kick rocks with a open toe shoe! :)

      January 27 at 11:39am  / 
    • neeky225 

      Nene, you are an absolute liar!!! In addition a messy azz b*! There wasn’t violence on RHOA because they didn’t broadcast it, but you put your hands on Kim. But it was never broadcast. Kim stated you choked her and you made a joke about it and pretty much affirmed it happened. Yes, Miss I don’t condone violence. Hypocritical as always. Big moose ring leader of the circus called RHOA!!

      January 27 at 12:08pm  / 
      • MzUdeserveit2 

        Shady and Fake as the Chicklets in her big mouth!

        January 27 at 5:33pm  / 
      • tracina 

        SO TRUE

        January 28 at 5:16pm  / 
    • Bee. 

      lmao this is hilarious and sooooo true…well said!!!

      January 27 at 4:02pm  / 
    • bj 

      Wonderful and true post! Prancing her crazy looking azz back and forth like some caged animal high on cocaine. Her non-back bone of a husband looking like a Bi*ch watching his wife make a fool out of herself, too scared to pull her to the side to address her behavior like a real man would do. Need them coins badd don’t you Greg, thinking about that pre-nup huh?? Kenya could have given your azz an old fashion Detroit beat down if she wanted to! You don’t know, if you don’t know you better ask somebody. You see Nene she is a real actress and knew better to stoop down to your level in whooping your azz because Hollywood Will be calling her for a project before they make a call again to you, if you continue with your bad behavior. I know this personally, because I use to work in Hollywood on my cousin’s own sitcom. She became to big for her britches like you and they shut her show down even though our ratings were great. Production said that she (my Cousin) is a Bitch the first season, she will be a Bigger Bitch if we give her another season, then Black Balled her azz. Where is she now, AT HOME! I saw the transformation from day one until the end and she really was a Bitch to everyone, production, cast and crew. It got so bad that they couldn’t or wouldn’t even talk to her but through me. Don’t believe me, ask Sherri Shephard, she was on the show way before the View. My cousin mistreated Sherri too, and Sherri would ask me; why don’t your cousin like me? I told her like I told everybody else on the set that she is just a mean spirited Bitch. Now look how great and far Sherri’s career has sky rocketed, movies, the View, Newlywed Game, and so on, because she was very sweet and kind to everyone, when she wasn’t even known around the world to many but to the comedy circuit. Now my cousin is at Home looking at Sherri host a well respected Talk show. No, she’s not watching Sherri you can bet that, hurt too much huh? Nene please take heed to my story, hollywood don’t play when you act a fool, they just won’t mess with you. PS: After they shut down her show, she was advised to call everyone that was involved in the sitcom, from production, crew, wardrobe, and actors to apologize for her antics and unbelievable unfair treatment of these kind people in hopes that the Black Balling would not last forever. I know this first hand because I had to sit there while she did so. I was embarrassed for her. Well, it really didn’t work. Her career basically died. I hope it is not too late for you Mrs. Leakes, that you will not end up like my once famous cousin. Best Wishes!!

      January 27 at 4:54pm  / 
      • tracina 


        January 28 at 5:20pm  / 
      • Roni 

        Amen. Greg was looking at her like she was crazy but he wants to keep that money so he chilled but having a cocktail waitress showing her tail and waiter wearing boxer briefs was tacky. If the other girls had hosted the party, she’d have something to say. Dressing jn designer clothes, wearing blonde weaves and tooth bleaching doesn’t make you rich or atrractive but being a good hearted person does; the rests is paint on an old barn. It may look better but it’s the same old barn.

        January 29 at 2:00pm  / 
    • MzUdeserveit2 

      Well said AntNene!

      January 27 at 5:27pm  / 
    • LCP719 

      Well said, well said..*clapping* She is so full of herself because of minor no count roles. I was glad for her when she got them, I even watched New Normal for a bit. Her “acting” is awful, really bad. But, I was glad she had made something of her fame for HW. Then she started trashing other people and acting like she would decide who would go or stay on the show. And the ladies kissing her huge ass! omg, come on girls get a back bone, she is just a loud mouth! Anyway, love the peacock on steriods. check out blindgossip.com an interesting blind about a certain housewife from Atlanta with a lot of “energy”..

      January 28 at 6:40am  / 
  13. mrscrystalb 

    you don’t condone, violence but on the bus trip with kandi and kim you jumped your @ss up and got in kims face, you don’t condone violence but at a party you jumped your @ss up and got in dwights face, you tried to start a fight with kandi at sheree’s party, nene you are all about the violence and now that you got all Hollywood you want us to think that you have changed…chile please you need to have every seat in the Atl Falcons stadium

    January 27 at 10:19am  / 
    • WakeBroad 

      You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. Her Hollywood image was short-lived. She has no other business to attend to in LA anymore. But you are 100% correct. She is straight up thug trash.

      January 27 at 10:33am  / 
      • victoryou8 

        I couldn’t have said that better so true

        January 27 at 10:38am  / 
  14. Wanda Marie Gavin 

    Nee Nee you had good intentions but that hoe Kenya is a miserable ass mess. She jumped up because she didn’t want to be embarrassed by Christopher. Do us all a favor and get rid of that clueless heffa.

    January 27 at 10:19am  / 
    • MacMan 

      U must be a Nene Dick rider…. I respect it Tho… But just for clarification purposes u am need some Glasses, Because Lanethea Leaks started this!!!! She open the gates for all to take place…

      January 27 at 11:01am  / 
      • MAXDAD 

        WOW! it was pillow talk to clear the air. Just because the gate is open you do not have to walk in…

        January 27 at 10:52pm  / 
    • MzUdeserveit2 


      January 27 at 5:36pm  / 
    • hot_tea79 

      you’re insane….if a man gets in my face while i’m sitting down and he’s talking shit to me you better be damn skippy that i’m going to stand up….nene is ridiculous

      January 28 at 3:15pm  / 
  15. centralperk 

    Anybody who can’t see what Kenya is…needs a big, fat BLOOP in the face! For real. I don’t get why people are sooo blind. But when it comes to the housewives, two people (or more) can watch the same show and walk away with direct opposition of the other’s assessment. Kenya should’ve never been on the show to begin with. She’s nobody’s wife. Any man who would mess with that needs his head examined anyway. People must not have read your blog where you explained what the game was going to be. I get it! This is a show mean’t to be entertaining after all. They don’t make money if someone isn’t stirring the poop…I mean pot. Anyway, love you! Don’t care what anyone says. You’re good…you live with intention. Nothing wrong there. It works…and you’re proof! Thanks, girl.

    January 27 at 10:19am  / 
    • heathersparks 

      hmmmm – -you drank too much Hater-aid

      January 27 at 11:00am  / 
      • centralperk 

        Hater-aid for Kenya? All day everyday! The day BEFORE Kenya’s first appearance on RHOA…was too much of Kenya!

        January 27 at 11:24am  / 
        • hot_tea79 

          stop riding nene’s strap please…it’s look sad to those of us who were blessed with that little thing called common sense

          January 28 at 3:17pm  / 
          • ClubQBall 

            Common sense would be that thing you utilize when remembering that this is a SCRIPTED television show.


            January 29 at 6:12pm
  16. lettley_0117 

    Kenya felt threatened when Christopher stood up. Your rules were that nobody can stand, but yet he was able to take the floor and confront Kenya in front of everyone. And then Natalie got bold and started talking more when he stood up. He had no right to put his hand on that woman and I could not figure out why you were yelling at her like that. You began it, so you gotta end it. And we did see Kenya charge across the room at that lady… she keep talking and got bold because her husband was about to confront someone instead of handling it herself. Sorry, but I am team Kenya on this one.

    January 27 at 10:21am  / 
    • WakeBroad 

      Funny how she didn’t even attempt to settle Chris down. In fact, Cynthia should have spoken up, because Natalie and Chris are her friends who were brought into this.

      January 27 at 10:32am  / 
    • 2theplippinworl 

      What!! if she was threatened by Christopher why in the hell did she moved towards Natalie to pursue an argument with Natalie @wakeboard u need to sit down and watch the episode again

      January 27 at 3:33pm  / 
  17. mrskmac 

    I agree with Nene. These are adults we are talking about, not children. No one made these people tell their personal business. They chose to answer these questions, they chose to fight, and they chose to allow the situation to escalate. Nene indeed was the hostess with the mostess last night, and I too am quite sure there were a lot of missing pieces that would really show how things went down. I wouldn’t judge this situation by an edited version.

    January 27 at 10:21am  / 
    • mrscrystalb 

      if they are all adults Nene has no right to tell Kenya she shouldn’t have gotten, up. why didn’t she tell Chris to sit down, as a matter of fact nene should have sat down instead of prancing around like a lunatic,,,,she has gotten in to fights (physical) with kim, Dwight, and arguments with kandi and sheree are you blind. have you been watching the show…first season reunion when lisa had to pull her back cuz she got her @ss up out of her seat…please

      January 27 at 11:05am  / 
    • joy4life 

      I agree with your statement mrskmac #editedvertion!

      January 27 at 1:32pm  / 
      • mrscrystalb 

        child please both of yall are as delusional as nene and her imaginary Hollywood career, she has way less coins than kandi but want to criticize her play, shell be lookin for a spot in her play next year when bravo give her the axe

        January 28 at 6:58am  / 
  18. Claudette Boss Davis 

    I say you where being messy and will not change that. I will say that you have been being mess lately. I don’t know why you thing you have to feel you are the hbic and start shit like this. I would if me concentrate on my own success instead you are trying to boost your rating. I have seen so many comments of your fans that are really disappointed in your behavior lately. I think you really need to set your ass down and take a reality check. You just don’t know all the people you cross going up the latter you have to face coming down. I think you have been being tacky and need to tone it way down…..I see no need for your behavior and the way you have been crossing your so called friends. I’m not sure what hood you are from and why they allow you to continue the way you are me you are being a damn bully and I would KICK YOUR ASS

    January 27 at 10:22am  / 
    • Claudette Boss Davis 

      I feel that Nene has too much going on for her to present her self to be so tacky ….smh

      January 27 at 10:24am  / 
      • WakeBroad 

        Don’t give her that type of credit – NeNe doesn’t have anything going on.

        January 27 at 10:31am  / 
        • victoryou8 


          January 27 at 10:33am  / 
          • Michelle416 


            January 27 at 10:37am
  19. Mychaeltodd Mtr 

    Apollo: I think he should be charged with assault for acting the way he did last night, I was so turned off by watching a room full grown men and women in a hotel room half way naked on TV fighting, it was low class and embarrassing to watch, they all want to come off as the crème of the la crème of Atlanta, but they all looked like scum, Apollo jumped on that gay boy for defending his female friend (KENYA MOORE- a woman who has climbed to notoriety quickly, and others are trying to stop her before the limelight leaves them) while others sat back and need nothing- hiding behind a wife, and when they did jump in they tried to double team him on the under- Apollo commits identify theft”! some crime most gay thugs make a criminal career of, the fact that he runs around looking so metro sexual in designer belts and Burberry outfits is telling, he’s heading back to jail so he can perfect his CRAFT with the children….Phaedra used him for what she could get and trust me she stayed clear of his extra curricular activities, and if he cracked that gay boy’s ribs, I would find some type of way to hold Nene responsible for putting that DEN of LIONS mess together, Nene has been the instigator of a lot of mess lately and it shows you what type nasty background she came from and lives in. What a disgusting bunch of people, I’m done. I thought Nene had evolved as a person, but being written out of GLEE and the with NEW NORMAL, she snoopd back to gut bucket mess- BLOOP!

    January 27 at 10:23am  / 
    • MzUdeserveit2 

      Well Said Mychaeltodd Mtr!

      January 27 at 5:40pm  / 
    • MAXDAD 

      Apollo came to Peters aid. No on Charges! Brandon was OUT OF CONTROL.

      January 27 at 10:55pm  / 
    • Cynthia 


      January 29 at 12:01am  / 
  20. downchick610 

    Nene….You knew what you were doing by asking those types of questions to get people hyped up!! If Natalie wanted to address the situation she could have like a grown woman she did not need YOU to do it…We all know Kenya can be shady at times (and so can you) but what was said was handled at the table. If Natalie wanted to pop off and defend herself she would have done so at the Winery…You instigated the entire thing. Kenya is doing what YOU did in all of the previous seasons so dont be so quick to judge her. Not to mention, you did not have to attack her just because she came late..everybody hates a late attendee but come on really? It seems like a personal beef you have against her and it comes off as jealous. Even the comment you said to Porsche who is clearly upset about what she is going through was uncalled for! Dont throw stones just because your life is FINALLY together.

    January 27 at 10:23am  / 
  21. downchick610 

    Not to mention you are the SAME chick who let your MALE friend talk down to phaedra like she was a 2 dollar ho!! you shouldve never let chris get up while he was speaking to kenya. period

    January 27 at 10:25am  / 
  22. Jexica 

    Ok, were you people born yesterday or did you just start watching reality shows yesterday? Obviously, the game was the idea of the producers of the show to keep drama going. It went too far when Kenya’s crazy self got up and went all extra like she always does. This was not NeNe’s fault. I have not liked NeNe this season, but last night’s mess was not her fault.

    January 27 at 10:25am  / 
    • Camillia Brown 

      This is exactly what I was about to post we only get 30min to an hr of the show. They chop and screw (edit) scenes to (1) embarrass the black community (2) to show what they think will bring ratings (3) to throw shade at certain individuals. I AM A LENETHIA MONIQUE LEAKES FAN last night was true evidence that reality shows are edited to fit the producers interest. Kenya Moore was the problem then, she is the problem now and therefore needs to begone.

      January 27 at 12:34pm  / 

    if you all are blaming nene for what happen last night your not watching every episode and paying attention Kenya told his wife something she shouldn’t of said who tells someone’s wife that first off that’s for start so the topic came back up Kenya so now Kenya tries to lie Kenya got up towards the wife her husband grabbed her to stop it she’s so over the top she says get your hands of me the queen in the red got up already on 20 by the way I love Greg amf Peter :) so if you have dvr really watch it Kenya mouth was bound to get somebody she loves ass beat some day now u see why Kenya not married!

    January 27 at 10:27am  / 
    • WakeBroad 

      You are obviously not watching the same show. Kenya addressed the issue and it was done and over with. NeNe caused the issue to “resurface” again. If it truly was a “couples building” pillow talk get-to-gether, Porscha and Kenya should have never been there, especially Kenya’s Queen who has no affiliation with anyone, nor has any idea of what these women have been attempting to build on. You’re as delusional as NeNe is crazy.

      January 27 at 10:30am  / 

        But why leave them out because their not married no it was not done and over with if both parties wasn’t at an agreement so maybe you better think twice!

        January 27 at 10:37am  / 
        • WakeBroad 

          NeNe specifically said in her blog, “My intentions were to build couple unity” – Porscha and Kenya are not a part of a “couple,” get it? NeNe extended the invite to put them on the spot regarding specfic situations in their lives. She’s 100% shady.

          January 27 at 10:42am  / 
    • downchick610 

      what does being married have to do with it? all of the women on that show are in marriages with seriously relationship issues! and this is coming from a married woman…kenya is single because she hasnt found a man to put her with her dumb shit…all of those women are married and hanging on to thin strings because they dont want to come to terms with their marriage…phaedra..cynthia..i wouldnt idolize their marriages period

      January 27 at 10:30am  / 

      and as for Apollo he was just trying to break it up to so the queen in red put his hands on Apollo who’s gonna just take that bitches please yal comments or bullshit because yal will fight to. so stop please lets be real

      January 27 at 10:34am  / 
  24. WakeBroad 

    I agree with all of the above comments. NeNe has displayed more than enough immaturity this season, and like others, I truly believe she has let fame go to her head. Unfortunately, her fame was short lived during prime time television. I personally think her acting skills are absolutely atrocious. Additionally, has anyone else noticed that they have completely copied the women from “Married to Medicine?” Specifically the sayings, “Yaaaaaaas,” “hunni,” etc. They never used to say any of those things until after Married to Medicine was aired on Bravo. There is nothing original about NeNe – she tries entirely too hard to “fit in” with the Hollywood A-list, when she’s just a D list ‘actress’ whom nobody notices, nor cares about. I don’t think NeNe is even capable of admitting fault in this situation. Since the perception of Kenya is that she’s ‘crazy,’ it’s natural for someone like NeNe to place blame because it would be believable, considering Kenya’s history. NeNe started the mess, Kenya escalated the mess and Apollo ended it. Of course, that’s an entirely different story (Apollo). NeNe’s intent has always been to expose the flaws of the other housewives and it has become more apparent now that she’s bored and living back in Atlanta full-time. The only thing she has left is this show – does anyone else believe there’s a vast amount of scripts being delivered to her front door because directors are knocking it down just waiting for her to act in their movies/shows? No. None, whatsoever. “You can’t win when you play dirty, honey.” Words spoken from the horse’s mouth, and she has shown the country how dirty she can truly play. She definitely owes everyone an apology who was in attendance at that stage of a pillow party. Ridiculous.

    January 27 at 10:28am  / 
    • R2diamond 

      Yaaaaaass hunni!!! lol…but you said it perfectly!

      January 27 at 10:40am  / 
    • Tia4211 

      Y’all just hating on Mrs. NeNe..lol…Guess what She wasn’t fighting so she’s not as ghetto as you want her to be. Guess what, She got all y’all watching RHOA and trying to keep up with what’s going on in Her Life, speculating on who’s knocking on Her door to make her richer. Guess what, she going to keep on making money and you’re going to keep on wishing you had a piece of Her American Dream. Tend to your own dreams so the tables can turn and YOU can develop some Haters. Maybe somebody will write a blog about you. I aint mad at her..NeNe make your money and let the haters do what they do…keep up with you!

      January 27 at 5:08pm  / 
    • stela 

      Blame the guy with the Greek name, Nene was just doing her job

      January 28 at 5:00am  / 
  25. tbetter1 

    Nene has stooped to an all time low even for her ghetto ass. It is my opinion that she instigated this entire melee. I question the reasoning of a person who can only find joy in the unhappiness of others. They need to turn Kandi loose to administer the ass kicking that Nene is campaigning for. Kenya needs to get a job at the Post office or as a Meter Maid. Maybe she will be able to find a nice blue collar guy to marry her and give her a child. Her youth and beauty have faded so she needs to go to Plan B!

    January 27 at 10:30am  / 
  26. Emma A Johnson 

    Everyone with an ounce of intelligence knows these “Reality” shows are contrived and scripted by the shows producers, it is all about the ratings, and the dollars. None of this should be taken seriously.

    January 27 at 10:30am  / 
  27. R2diamond 

    I never comment, I don’t really care too but last night I was disgusted. Regardless of what played behind the scenes, the parts that were ‘edited’, you, Ms. Leaks, galloped around one, like you were the queen B, two, I believe you already had premeditated the events that transpired last night. You threw mad darts at Kenya for being late to your event, but when all the women were late for your Savannah trip, you didn’t say two words!! So that shows me that you have something against Kenya. Then you come at Kenya for standing up to address a situation, where Christopher stood up and approached her. I don’t know where you’re from, but where I’m from, that’s an automatic a… whipping. You don’t step to me, unless I send for you(in my Kenya voice). Then for him to put his hands on her!! I don’t care how you slice it, dice it, put some sugar on it, HE WAS WRONG!!! But you didn’t address him! The sad part is we, our people, can’t get together and be grown folks, handle our selves in a mature manner. Society already see us as aggressive, fighters, haters of each other, basically animals and what you did, what you instigated last night was a horrible display of that! You did EXACTLY what they wanted you to do…make African Americans look stupid!

    January 27 at 10:31am  / 
    • tracina 


      January 28 at 5:39pm  / 
  28. victoryou8 

    How dare you tell kenya she needs her butt beat, nene you need your @$$ stomed, I am so a shame of you, you are lower ther dirt, I am an older women, and I would never treat any woman like you treat them, I would love to know you, If it was me you would not be talking about it now, you are a disgrace

    January 27 at 10:32am  / 
  29. spring9628 

    NeNe: I used to really like you but now you are becoming a bully and you are not a friend to Kenya. You didn’t cuss out the other ladies when they were 3 hours late, but Kenya had your back. Last night you got ion Kenya but about 1 hour late. A bully knows who to pick on, are you afraid of Kandy and Phadra? Also you had the nerve to have an issue with Kenya standing up. Everyone else had stood up and voiced their opinions, but you didn’t say anything. I would have stood up also when a big ass man was standing and had an issue with me. Also, when Kenya was trying to find her friend you had the nerve to tell her she ain’t going no where? I would have given you to the count of 3 to move out my way, then it would have been you and me all the way. Then to tell Kenya, she could have had her ass beat???? Who was going to do it (not you). I peeped you all mouth. You are big, that’s all Kenya is all muscle. You really don’t want a piece of Kenya and the only reason she hasn’t kicked your ass yet is out of respect.

    January 27 at 10:33am  / 
  30. AngieJ. 

    I am a Nene fan but girlfriend you need to own your part! I cannot believe that mess! I think it was manipulative to be hurtful towards Kenya because she pissed you off. Kenya said to Christopher’s “wife’s” face what she was told and what she knew….THAT’S REAL! She didn’t say anything behind her back, and what did you think Christopher would say in front of his “wife”? He’s not going to admit on TV if he said anything negative about her and I think we all know that! So what was the point other than being messy? I question now your “realness” because I would think if you really were bringing unity, the questions would be for Christopher’s “wife” who made accusations about Tod behind his back and LIED to Kandi about it, and also to Chuck who confronted Phaedra about their relationship but has kept his mouth shut in front of Kandi…..so why is that? Because Kandi keeps it real?

    January 27 at 10:33am  / 
  31. @DarthVinThaGod 

    Nene probably salty because Kenya gets more confessionals than her and more airtime. And it’s been like that for the past 7 episodes, it’ll prolly stay like that. Congrats Nene, you have now become the reality TV equal to Kelly Price of R&B Divas LA. No keep that foreal, BLOOP!

    January 27 at 10:33am  / 
  32. tialesure 

    Your messy and your a bully! You started it and now your back peddling!

    January 27 at 10:33am  / 
  33. dani8865 

    Here’s the thing. Nothing ever gets solved by being silent about it or sweeping it under a rug. Everyone has there own opinion. Up until now the husband’s have only confronted the rumors and he say she say on the reunion show. Nobody is looking at the overall show. Women are more emotional towards drama. Yes Nene and Kim had their share of confrontation. But what we see is not actually the whole story. This is an hour show and Kenya showed up 3 hours late. We as viewers knew we were not going to be watching this show 4 hours waiting for Kenya so it had to be edited according to what the producers felt the viewers want to see. Now Christopher is a man and if you’ve noticed on this show the men when having to confront rumors and any man for that matter they have to look there accuser in eyes. That’s what Christopher did. He was at least 15ft front Kenya. Instead of Kenya confronting the person that was addressing her she decided to go for the less of the aggressor the wife. No man is going to let anyone including a woman charge towards his help mate. Nene clearly stated the rules Kenya WAS NOT there. Just the same in going to class if your late you miss what just may be the important part of the class which is in the beginning. It was clearly stated the reason for the pillow talk was to hit head on the issues within the circle. The other half was there this time to take up for themselves. Yes conversations that are held privately come out but the bible says what’s done in the dark will come to light. Kenya can not take criticism. Shes obviously a liar for one and she can’t repeat the same thing twice and everyone is at fault but Kenya. Watch the show a little closer. Like the seasoned folk say you go looking for it you will find it and Kenya found it!!!

    January 27 at 10:34am  / 
    • keesha 

      I agree. But just like naysayers have their way of thinking so do the supporters. I guess it was ok for Kenya to try and discredit Chris’ s wife. Like Nene said adult convo to address the beefs. That’s how things get resolved with all parties. Of coarse they are not going to show everything its reality tv. When Kenya was asked by the person she was talking about in his absence she got mad and charged at that women. Her husband stopped her. I can believe it was dramatized by Kenya cuz that is what she does. Now the question is Apollo now what was that about?

      January 27 at 11:30am  / 
  34. Michelle416 

    I see damn near everybody who is posting, is posting the same thing I was getting ready to post, so it’s know need for me to say anything because I see we all feel the same gat damn way!!! When Nene had here so called big time jobs & moved to Hollywood she act much different than she does now. But now that she no longer have those jobs offer coming in she’s back to her old self. The same Nene who use to jump in Kim’s face & try to fight her all the time. But yet she does not condone violence. Yea right! You not only condone it, you start it too. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!

    January 27 at 10:34am  / 
  35. ms_decatur 

    NeNe. Since you say that you were the “hostess” you should have laid out the rules of the game prior to you all getting together. It was your party. You lost control of the situation and yes I blame you for this mess! Kenya disrespected you as the hostess by not calling or texting you to let you know that she was running late. Go back and look ag the footage from last nights show. I am commentingon what
    I saw. I didn’t see that as you say Kenya was walking towards Natalie. In the end you were wrong and I also think that you had had one to many cocktails.

    January 27 at 10:34am  / 
  36. Tiffany Muffie Hamilton 

    Weren’t you the same one who used to jump on Kim all the time?! Ijs

    January 27 at 10:34am  / 
    • Leslie Pettis 

      True.. I forgot that she used to get crazy with Kim..

      January 27 at 10:40am  / 
  37. julie 

    well like NENE said pillow talk for adults, Kenya has always like’s to stir that pot and cause commotion that’s what sells and brings in viewers , and contrary to what others are commenting NENE did not start this she was bringing it all out to clear the air and resolve all the drama that was going on , Plain and simple Kenya has no class .

    January 27 at 10:35am  / 
  38. fedupwRHOA 

    please have several seats. You my dear is “Queen Shit Starter” so don’t even try to explain away that minstrel show your orchestrated. And the fact as a woman you would think its acceptable for Christopher to put his hands on Kenya makes you beyond delusional. But with your blonde hair, fake nose and teeth I see you are so out of touch with reality your dumb pillow talk seems plausible. Girl bye.

    January 27 at 10:35am  / 
    • @DarthVinThaGod 

      You betta read her!

      January 27 at 11:20am  / 
  39. Tanya Renee 

    NeNe…1st I would like to say is I love watching the show but sometimes you have to take the blame and be responsible for your own actions too. I do agree that many scenes are edited…but you were a little aggressive towards Kenya your self. I would of cussed your ass out if you come at me like that in front of a group of people. Like you said….ADULTS. You did not come at Kenya in an adult manner…more of an aggressive way. I was kind of hoping Kenya would have brought out some Detroit on you. ALL the questions you asked was very deep and personal. I am not falling for you or Cynthia pointing fingers at Kenya and Brandon. The mess began with NeNe and it escalated into what everybody saw on national television.

    January 27 at 10:36am  / 
  40. heathersparks 

    OH what a liar you are. I can prove it! “NEVER had a physical altercation on this show” – Kim was assaulted when her wig was grabbed. – - Remember that BOO? If you have a problem with “what you thought you saw”… knowing it left you in a negative light – then get to stepping’ B*. I guess they replayed you walking across the floor, back & forth w/o your permission too?! #BAM – They say – “Believe none of what you hear” especially when it comes out of NeNe’s mouth. Did the Production crew force you to start all this Violence? hmmm? And, I had actually like you. Believe me, I am NOT the only one. Get some class, or you will do anything for money…. Boo

    January 27 at 10:37am  / 
    • Tali 

      Wrong she never put her hands on Kim it was Sheree who pulled her wig

      January 27 at 10:41am  / 
      • heathersparks 

        obviously you didn’t pay attention to what NeNe said…. She said there has never been one….. I did not say that she did it, per say……but, t happened. Pay attention!

        January 27 at 11:13am  / 
        • AnnAnn 


          January 28 at 3:18pm  / 
  41. Leslie Pettis 

    Now I love me some NeNe, and that is for real.. Here’s my take on it. I felt like if the couples knew they were going to be asked certain questions prior to coming, like NeNe just said, then I don’t understand how it got to be this much drama. Everyone was asked questions that pertained to their particular issues in their marriage. However, there are a few things I didn’t like. If Christopher was going to get out of his seat to ask the question, then he should’ve done just that. No but he wanted to stand to address Kenya, and NO STRONG WOMAN is going to allow a man or anybody to stand in front of them and go off like that. He needed to remain seated if he wanted to talk to Kenya. THAT is where it all jumped off, and that is no fault of Nene’s, in my opinion.. And Apollo’s ass needs to be buried under the jail for taking it that far, and for no good reason. Again, no fault of Nene’s.

    January 27 at 10:38am  / 
  42. sweetsandee92@yahoo.co 

    Oh PLEASE!! All of you need to really take a step back and remember that NeNe DID NOT MAKE these GROWN ADULTS fight!! Regards if she so called “started” it or not..they are grown!! You can’t tell me none of you have never been a similar situation where you have the option to stay and throw a punch or just WALK AWAY!!! As adults, I think we have all been there and how YOU handle the situation determines the outcome….fighting just because someone is instigating is soo high school!!

    January 27 at 10:40am  / 
    • Leslie Pettis 

      I’m with you on this one!

      January 27 at 10:40am  / 
    • Tali 

      The people who are blaming her (Nene) are typical finger pointers and people who don’t take responsibility for their on actions.

      January 27 at 10:46am  / 
      • downchick610 

        I think for the most part people are saying that it is NeNe’s very directed questions to target certain couples and their issues definitely started trouble. Especially being Natalies spokesperson when the issue was resolved at the table at the winery. That was woman to woman…not woman to man.and we all know men love to talk ish about their women behind their backs who knows christopher 9/10 did say that about her however it wasnt right for Kenya to bring it up! Nene sat all of those people in the room and brought up touchy subjects knowing there was tension and peoples marriages r involved they were gonna get upset. It was very strategic to start trouble

        January 27 at 11:07am  / 
        • Haha 

          Thank you Downchick610 because Tali couldn’t possibly know anything about the people holding NeNe responsible enough to say they don’t take responsibility for their own (and the word is own Tali, not on) actions. People KNOW that NeNe didn’t make them fight. However, NeNe made the environment ripe for it to occur. So, yes I still blame NeNe for being messy and ghetto.

          January 27 at 12:23pm  / 
      • Judz 

        Just the way Nene said it proved that her intention was to show up Kenya and create drama all becuase she was “late” her tone and approach were wrong, it came from no where good. She set the grounds for trouble if her was trying to make things better and from a genuine place she wouldnt be shouting and acting like she better than them all in fact if you looked at all of them face you could sense it.

        January 27 at 4:07pm  / 
  43. fayeivery 

    Nene the pillow talk should have been for couple only with those type o question!! Kendall ad Porsche did not fit in. I enjoy you, but you began most of the trouble with old news.

    January 27 at 10:41am  / 
  44. Class1 

    WHO is ‘THEY’…BRAVO who’s feeding you? Well b/c they love the drama…thats the basis of the show. AND Kendra is about to be the new NENE to bring the drama….and the questions were OVER the TOP to begin with and VIOLATING! KENDRA w/all of her craziness should’ve checked you and Natalie! However, this is a dramatic show…which all have profit from for quite some time…now Kendra has set the ‘crazy’ bar….HIGH and a few are ‘uncomfortable’ to lose their spotlight! I would like to know WHY did you decide to sit down…clearly you pranced around for awhile. I think the whole thing was a ‘set-up’ for that type of drama…w/no control of emotions or violence level whether you condone it or not! ALL of the players that are not technically ‘houesewives’ were there to up the drama game to gain relevance. Christopher Williams and ‘play’ wife… BOTH broke down…really..lose them both! AND the football player & wife had no reason to be there. AND the questions…down right WRONG even on this shows level. Either way it was HOOD entertainment and you’re feeding into what some already think of our community. But they do know the difference between class, the HOOD and slavery to a check. Last night was the later BOTH! Time to for new housewives or focus on Apollo’s $$ troubles…maybe an answer to why he decided to attack the ‘queen’ last night…he may miss his queen where he was released from.

    January 27 at 10:42am  / 
  45. darcell34 

    Nene I have been very disappointed in you this season for many reasons but I will stick with the topic at hand, the disgusting episode that shed a terrible light on the African American community. There you have a room full of potentailly great people acting like a bunch of backstreet hoods and hoodrats. Nene, girl have a seat, you started that mess and I believe you went into the situation with no good intentions. I lost respect for you when I saw how quickly you took the oppurtunity to put the blame on Kenya because you know that she is a hott mess and it would go along with her already messy behavior. but sweetie this time you have to own this one. You stirred this up and it is ALL YOUR FAULT. I hope your happy !!!! You need to go somewhere and sit down and get your mind correct.

    January 27 at 10:42am  / 
  46. Carlette Sheppard- Hawthorne 

    Straight messy NeNe and that’s all Ican say bout you! Thught you’ve changed, but I see you really can’ teach an old dog new trcks!!!!!

    January 27 at 10:43am  / 
  47. Melissa Relf 

    Well I do not find Nene to blame for the occurance…after all everyone is an ADULT….I think Nene was going for peace within the group…everytime these ladies get together they are going at for some reason or another and it always involves their mates…so I have no problem with the game or questions. Adults need to act like adults and talk accordingly….However also do not feel that it was Kenya fault for getting up…Christopher should have NEVER placed his hands on Kenya forever reason….I don’t think Kenya was walking toward his wife to do anything to her….was she about to get in her face….maybe…..but what man touches a woman that he agruing with unless he wants drama….ijs

    January 27 at 10:44am  / 
  48. Eve M 

    In summary, Kenya’s moves didn’t appear hostile, therefore Chris did not need to stop her and/or defend his wife causing Brandon to need to defend Kenya hence triggering Apollos PTSD.

    Here’s what I saw: NeNe you were utterly upset at Kenya’s tardiness and rightfully so, especially since she made such a stink about other ladies being late to the wine tasting. In your anger, you put the spotlight on Kenya knowing it would be uncomfortable, because you were mad at her, fine. Chris got up at the start of the controversial “conversation” and was visibly agitated and hostile when he began insulting Kenya. Kenya then stood up to tell her side of the story to make clear to Natalie what had actually come out of her mouth; and the so called “charge” was aired, it did not appear to be an aggressive approach anymore than any other argument ya’ll have on a daily basis. Honestly it looked like she wanted to talk to Natalie face to face rather than across the room. Chris made the first really aggressive move towards Kenya, which is not acceptable by any means and Brandon simply came to her defense and told Chris not to put his hands on her. From there Apollo’s jail instincts kicked in and he felt the need to violently assault Brandon. Peter was trying to break it up, though a bit harshly which caused misguided anger in a moment when ration had already left the building but Peter seemed to try to shield Brandon from Apollo who had lost sight of reality.

    January 27 at 10:44am  / 
    • cerika2010 

      When Kenya “charged” at the Nobody Nathally it was after Nathally said: Don’t back pedal now, Kenya” and Kenya got up to show that she wasn’t back pedaling BUT pushing through! This was so crazy all the way and I sooo agree with you.

      January 27 at 10:52am  / 
    • tracina 


      January 28 at 6:04pm  / 
  49. Diana Thompson 

    What’s wrong with you all!!Why blame Nene for everything???She knows how to play the game,and she was looking REALLY good in those red bottom shoes,and that nightie was OH SO CUTE!!!I thought everyone gave a great performance,and I will be front and center for next weeks finale!!!BRAVO does reality television really well!!

    January 27 at 10:45am  / 
    • ccleeallaboutpositivity 

      And make no mistake about it Diana, you are doing just what you’ve been “orchestrated” to do; stay front and center. Nene has sacrified whatever class and dignity she had for the sake of being front and center. She sent those folks to slaughter on purpose, she knew what would happen. She’s messy as hell and she’s lucky those women haven’t figured out her duplicity and manipulating spirit or they would turn on her like a pack of wolves.

      January 27 at 12:13pm  / 
  50. miraraye 

    NeNe, you are INDEED fabulous and a trailblazer, but a life coach and group facilitator, you INDEED are not. Lol! Discussing heavy relationship matters in the bed is bad practice let alone in front of “unsafe” people dressed in lingerie with no communication or group boundaries set. Kenya is not at fault. Apollo clearly escalated the violence…he had some deep rooted aggression he needed to get out, apparently. I think you should own this one and chuck it up. RHOA has definitely had violence in the past wirh wig pulling and the like. But, it got ratings so go figure. Made me sign up to your website. Lol! If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

    January 27 at 10:45am  / 
  51. denna brown 

    It was alot of question ask,porsha was ask how do u well about yur mate bien bisexual she Answer,n sept it moving,another question was towards,kandi,pheadra,n chuck,kandisaid I dont care,nobody jumped out ther seat,kandi called Peter out on a lie,no one got out ther seat,soon as Kenya was called on her shit she jumped up,If u can remember no one ask Kenya to comment on that women marriage,so she got her friend ass kicked!#team NENE

    January 27 at 10:46am  / 
  52. Liz Cecil 

    It was pure entertainment and that’s why we are ultimately tuning it, amiright!?!? I will take more of that and shirtless Apollo all day long! I had to watch that entire scene in super slo-mo. He is one sexy mother. Good gravy! MmmmhhhhmmmmMmmmmmm!

    January 27 at 10:48am  / 
  53. cerika2010 

    This was a disgusting display of animal behavior. Nene, I have loved you since the beginning but that is it! Your little game had questions to hurt and put people ob front street but you didn’t know how ppl could react? From the question to Porsha about her “bi-sexual husband” to the ones about being in the same room with someone who have slept with. Come on now… I know you are blonde now but do not act like a Bimbo! Sad display all orchestrated by you! Won’t be watching anymore…

    January 27 at 10:49am  / 
  54. Giz 

    Everyone is denying the fact that what we see on TV is edited and usually edited the way they are for RATINGS!!! People. Until you see the uncut version whose to judge anyone on this show. Just sit down sick back and enjoy the Media Frenzy! Regardless what anyone thinks of anyone on this show, you dam well know we’re all tuning in! Bloop Bloop! lolllllllll …

    January 27 at 10:50am  / 
  55. Shatona 

    NeNe, usually I am on your team, but not this time. It seemed like you started it all. You seemed to be drinking too much last night, all that pacing and arguing and holding Kenya hostage. Please get it together. The questions were fine, but it appeared you couldn’t wait for Kenya to get there so you could ask that particular question. She had every right to get up since Chris didn’t have no business standing up. I blame Apollo and Peter too. Peter elbowed Kenya’s friend and then both Apollo and Peter ganged up on him. Let the camera view show what Peters hands were doing to that man while he was on the floor. It was sad. NeNe know when to end it. I watched the show because I admire you and all the women for your businesses as an entrepreneur myself. Everyone makes mistakes and I appreciate your apology.

    January 27 at 10:50am  / 
  56. HarlemHeiress 

    NeNe…What would you have done if you was in Kenya’s situation?!..Don’t stir up drama and not expect chaos!..you got what you wanted…but then again I’m sure it all was for entertainment anyway.

    January 27 at 10:50am  / 
  57. sgirl 

    Nene, If what you say holds any water, then there must have been very bad editing. You started the whole night off being super aggressive. You were pacing back and forth like a caged animal, speaking to the others with anger. It was very bizarre. I am not a fan of Kenya’s but that whole thing was taken too far. Why would anyone want to come to a party or gathering where they are treated like crap? I don’t get it. Very shady.

    January 27 at 10:56am  / 
  58. Mzlilybaby 

    NeNe, GURL BYE!!! Didn’t you choke Kim/Wig, talm bout you don’t condone violence? I used to be a fan until you justified a MAN putting his hands on A WOMAN! Aint no excuse for that! The words that come out of your mouth/fingertips have POWER, former victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE… Remember, when you point a finger at someone, there’s THREE pointed back at you… Hypocrite..Soooo disppointed in you… SMDH…

    January 27 at 10:57am  / 
  59. Class1 

    AND fyi…what did Phaedra have to say after Apollo d*near pushed her to the ground when she tried to break it up but did NOTHING to Kendra/kenya when she was on his back? I guess that came out b/c he tired of being kid 3 or Mr. Sparks!

    January 27 at 10:58am  / 
  60. Class1 

    Last comment….NeNe…your blogger or web admin on pst you est. fix it.

    January 27 at 10:59am  / 
  61. Jimia Stokes 

    It is amazing to me that all of the comments are directed negatively towards NeNe. You people don’t listen or know reality TV. NeNe gave her explanation of what happened and what you did not see was the behind the scene footage which you will never see; because if you were able to see the entire filming footage you would see the truth. Without violating her contract NeNe attempted to give you all a glimpse into what happened which she did not have to do but thought enough of her fans and the show to at least try to paint a picture for you. Use your cognitive thinking ability. But you people are too caught up in acting like you know these people personally and trying to slam the “star” of the show (NeNe). If you truly knew reality TV you would know that what NeNe said in her description about what happened has merit. Why do you think these reality shows are popular? They are popular because of the sensationalism of the content. Please people put your thinking caps on. You stop being a part of the Reality show and not getting paid. Bloop!

    January 27 at 11:00am  / 
    • Cl01 

      Thank You! I was starting to think I was the only one supporting her.

      January 27 at 11:08am  / 
  62. the_1 

    i agree with everyone that thinks nene was bein messy. truth be told girlfriend, u were. although u couldnt have anticipated the situations turning out the way it did, u were the blame and i would respect u sooooooo much more if u just accept what it. a sign of true maturity is owning up to ur wrong doings! since ur always blaming someone else, i cant respect that. BTW: i so agree with the fact that since NENE have bn on the “small” screen, she have changed. stop acting like u a Taraji P. Henson, or Paula Patton. the worst thing in the world if for someone to make it, and act like they forget where the come from. plz have several seats and grow up and be HUMBLE!!!!!!! #Goddontblessmess………. and u my friend, are MESS

    January 27 at 11:02am  / 
  63. Haha 

    Ha, you thought you were going to get a bunch of supporters on this blog. Well, ya didn’t nor did you deserve to. I agree with the majority. You are a shit starter, not a shot caller. So like it’s been said many times, take several seats. Hahahahaha you should stupid now.

    January 27 at 11:02am  / 
    • Haha 

      I meant, you should feel stupid now.

      January 27 at 11:03am  / 
  64. Cl01 

    I guess I’m in the minority by reading the comments but I do not think you were at fault! Everyone there are adults & they all knew what they were in for. Kandi called out Peter and they didn’t go nuts. Kenya does what she always does. She loves boasting how she will win every fight. No one should come after her. I’m so sick of hearing that. Whenever she gets caught stirring and telling lies she gets loud, mean & then instead of the issue being addressed they end up addressing the fight they just had. Just like last night. He didn’t even get to speak and yes he should have been speaking because she loved announcing that it was Chris that told her that he wasn’t married. She had no reason to even bring that out and especially the way she did it. Mean Kenya as always. Kenya jumped up as crazy as always charging toward his wife. He was just trying to step in front to protect his wife. Of course she starts screaming as usual. He did not assault Kenya. The entire night was her fault. The entire night was uncomfortable & I didn’t enjoy it but she took it to another level. It’s always ok for Kenya to go crazy or be mean and aggressive but then she loves playing victim.

    January 27 at 11:03am  / 
  65. Zita Alfonso 

    Nene ~ It is sad for adults of any community or race to act the way the group did last night. My thought is, if this is how everyone acts when they know they are being taped for the world to see…why don’t they stop and think about what their children, their children’s friends & how other young people are going to relate to this display of disrespect for others? I have a feeling they may think it is “OK” to behave in this way. Children learn by our example & I am very disappointed by everyone’s behavior last night. It made me very sad.

    January 27 at 11:03am  / 
  66. allbrightstacey 

    lets get real we are all adults…I applaud NeNe for this episode, put the cards out on the table to clear the air. If you cant repeat it then you shouldnt say it. Kenya is DRAMA, HATER, JEALOUS. NeNe has been herself from day one, outspoken, daring, obnoxious, and real. If you cant stand the heat than those women should get off the show….

    January 27 at 11:04am  / 
    • kay410 


      January 27 at 11:13am  / 
    • Cl01 

      Yes Kenya started it as usual. She has been nothing but mean and disrespectful & continually gets away with it.

      January 27 at 1:06pm  / 
  67. Nikiera 

    I am Very disappointed in where you lead that conversation, and just as disappointed that for the most part everyone followed. NENE WRONG IS WRONG IS WRONG!!!!!….Yes give us a Lil drama, but that went too far……I am a from day 1 watcher, and NENE you always say you just keep it real, sometimes you gotta stop giving the world it’s perceptions of “keeping it real” and go within yourself and own up to your part in the whole incident, so many things played a part in that ignorance, You was wrong for not just letting those grown people handle the situation their own way at their own time…..what would you do for #ratings#money#fame# tobenoticed….And I still have love for you NENE, cause we are all human…..

    January 27 at 11:06am  / 
  68. the_1 

    its unfortunate the way the scene played out with all the editing, but had the questions no been asked, or had the old conversation not been brought up, the situation wouldnt have gotten outta hand, bottom line

    January 27 at 11:06am  / 
  69. AlbertWilson1 

    Nene, Be Real. You really revealed your true colors last night. You are a ruthless snake. You instigated the whole incident. Peter and Apollo need someone to bust their heads to the white meat for attacking that guy. I pray he has them both arrested, Their attack on him was very hard for me to watch. So Sad everyone involved stooped to that level and expect People to Support them.

    January 27 at 11:06am  / 
  70. Latangia White 

    Why did Apollo get involved with the fight?

    January 27 at 11:07am  / 
    • Haha 

      Exactly Lantangia. Why??? Is he jealous that Kenya came with a man, though gay? What could’ve been his reason? Nonetheless, NeNe is still a shit starter.

      January 27 at 11:13am  / 
      • blushdavis 

        he was trying to hold him back and the guy flipped and hit him and that is when Apollo went in on him. And if I was in his shoes…I would have done the same thing

        January 27 at 11:47am  / 
    • MAXDAD 

      Chuck and Apollo both were still sitting when the fight broke out and Apollo came to Peters aid. Chuck did the right thing. He stayed out of it! Apollo did the wrong thing getting involved could have sent him to jail for a Parole violation even if he was trying to help…

      January 27 at 11:02pm  / 
  71. kay410 

    I dont think it is fair for us to say NENE started it with obvious spicy questions in an ADULT enviornment. We were not there. So we only were able to capture what bravo wanted us to see. This is a reality SHOW its suppose to keep us talking and watching. I have been a fan of this show since it first aired and I agree Kenya appears to be a very hostile imature vendictive person. She continuously throws shade and has cruel intentions to create negative vibes among the other cast mates. SHE IS A BAD SEED and she is a sh*t starter. ROHA is the ONLY all black female cast on tv and I respect nene for speaking out to remind us that roha is a TV show. Brovo determins what we as veiwers see. I love this show I will continue to support. That is all hunni

    January 27 at 11:11am  / 
  72. Valda De Dieu 

    Nene, you know that Bravo is going to be trying to build up Kenya’s fan base, so they’ll edit out whatever does not make her look good.

    Kenya is a shit and has brought nothing good to the series except shit-stirring. I know for the show you have to interact with her, but you’d better have a talk with Andy to make certain that your brand is not damaged by bad editing, and keep Kenya at arm’s length. You should know: when you dine with the devil, use a long spoon.

    Human beings should be able to have a talk, no matter what the subject — or context–without coming to blows.

    January 27 at 11:11am  / 
    • mrscrystalb 

      child please where have you been, when nene got in kim an dwights face did bravo edit that too. have a seat right beside nene

      January 27 at 12:00pm  / 
  73. Jennifer 

    Hi Mrs. NeNe,

    My name is Jennifer and I faithfully watch the show. I dvr the whole series just so i won’t miss out on the juiciness. This last episode was to make sure everything and everyone was on the same page of understanding . I get that…..what was with Apollo he must really have emotional and mental issues he needs to get together smh That was not his problem for him to make a statement like that. Also, Paul what’s up? I seen you too

    January 27 at 11:11am  / 
  74. Girl Please 

    I am so glad to see so many people on the same page and agree that Nene you initiated and started this mess. You put these people in a room together solely to embarrass and humiliate. You asked questions that when put out in the forefront would be a personal jab to the throat. You raise bloodpressures and raised temperatures. Now you was to take the backseat and blame Kenya. Shame on you Nene. Kenya is messy and we all know that but you laid the foundation and created this mess. Furthermore this whole, you don’t condone violence. Let’s take it back to when Lisa Woo had to literally sit on your lap on one of the very first reunion shows to keep you from beating Kim Z. behind. Now you are all Hollywood and putting on this new front. Well your fans and watchers alike know and recognize you for what you are. A stuck-up, two-faced troublemaker who gets a lift off of promoting havoc. You claim you are so real. THEN BE REAL! You wanna blog about your thoughts and cast blame. Call it for what it is and APOLOGIZE. Let your readers know you didn’t intend for it to get out hand and escalate to the level it did. Your fans will respect you so much more for your honesty as opposed to your trying to pull the wool over our eyes by pissing in our face and declaring its rain.

    January 27 at 11:13am  / 
    • frvr22 

      It it obviously you have a problem understanding. It is such a pity how you are quick to cast judgement unto Nene and you can’t understand simple English. SMH

      January 27 at 11:17am  / 
  75. frvr22 

    I wish people would read and understand and don’t leave their ignorant comments. After watching the brawl I told myself that a lot was adding up and immediately i thought that the show was edited to show the worst. And as Nene said, why is it that Kenya is the one that narrated the show, because Bravo knows how messy she is. Nene you should call Bravo out because they are making it seem like you are the one that is wrong. And clearly that Kenya who has been running her mouth from day one with absolutely no respect for anyone. They made sure too to highlight Apollo’s spending and him doing most of the fight – I suppose it is a good excuse to let him go from the show. But let Miss Kenya take pleasure in Apollo’s and Phaedra situation – we all are not perfect and it is very clear Miss Kenya isn’t because the so-called boyfriend can’t get you pregant. Wow. Anyways I am sick of watching Kenya on the show.

    January 27 at 11:16am  / 
    • Nikiera 

      Your saying people aren’t reading right, but who cares who is narrating or for that matter the amount of editing done, when she asked that question did it come from one of them flash cards, or did it come from the two adults sitting across the room? NO! It came from Nene’s mouth… Kenya has been out of control with that mouth the whole season Yes, but that day and that moment was stirred up by Nene {OWN IT}……Every week one of the SHIT starters will start some SHIT, this week was Nene’s turn….I know what my two eyes seen and my two ears heard. If this conversation is about who started this incident on this particular day {My common sense would say Nene} #OWNIT

      January 28 at 1:58am  / 
  76. coopercd224 

    I think you knew where this was going but I don’t think you expected things to get out of hand the way they did. When Kenya was walking toward Natalie, Christopher should not touched her and I applaud Brandon for having Kenya’s back. Where things really got out of hand was when Brandon removed Christopher’s hand from Kenya and Christopher thought he was going to beat Brandon’s butt but no matter how much of a girlfriend Brandon is to Kenya, he is definitely a man when he has her back. Apollo grabs Brandon to break up the fight but Apollo throws Brandon on the ground and starts punching him. Peter even hit Brandon a few times too. What I did not understand is why Apollo and Peter attacked Brandon. They were supposed to be breaking up the fight but instead started beating on Brandon. More Apollo than Peter but Peter got in a few punches too. This was totally uncalled for. Christopher could have addressed Kenya about saying he was not married without trying to get in her face. If a man was getting in your face I do not think you would have sat there and took it. You would have defended yourself like Kenya tried to. We now know that Kenya was telling the truth about his marriage because the video in on YouTube with him saying as clear as day that he is not married but there was a special woman in his life. He might not even be talking about Natalie as the special woman the way he was lying.

    January 27 at 11:17am  / 
    • onlyGodcanjudgeme 

      I think that maybe Apollo initial attempt was to break up the fight, but @ some point Brandon probably assumed Apollo was not actually trying to disfuse the situation, and was actually swinging at him (brandon) directly so at that point he took a jab @ Apollo (due toediting that part could’ve easily, but convinently been edited out) &we all no what happens next now we gonna fight cause you hit me & I was only trying 2 help…ijs wishful thinking

      January 27 at 11:41am  / 
  77. diamondfly76 

    Mrs. Leakes,
    Maybe I was the ONLY one who saw and heard you say that the game was so the people in that room could resolve all lingering conflicts and they can be cool around each other in the future.

    I don’t feel Christopher was wrong at all because he was already standing prior to the question being asked and yes, Kenya was charging towards Natalie and as her husband, legally or common law, he should shield her against all attacks! Kenya starts mess when you all are together and when that person confronts her, she wants to overtalk them and talk slick.

    The show has become MESSIER with Kenya, but that’s what the PTB (Andy) wants.

    January 27 at 11:18am  / 
    • MAXDAD 

      I would love to see how the game went…you know the 3 hours before Kenya and Brandon arrived. all the question were about a problem each person was dealing with. It was going well until the Kenya / Brandon arrival. But to be honest Chris wife said too much. BRAVO CAST control your guest!

      January 27 at 11:08pm  / 
  78. MissL 

    Nene we all saw Kenya approaching Natalie. Why is that problematic but yet when Chris got up and walked over to Kenya’s side of the room (and continued to stand after Porsha told him to sit) that was perfectly ok?
    It wasn’t Kenyas fault at all, Kenya has to defend herself, why should she have a woman AND her husband coming at her and say/do nothing?
    Brandon was trying to be a good friend and Apollo took it way too far for no reason whatsoever.
    If Apollo didn’t jump in, Peter would have been able to keep Brandon calm.

    Nene, love you but you’re wrong on this one x

    January 27 at 11:19am  / 
  79. Karen Wesley Weaver 

    3 words people! Production, editing & ratings. None of us can really judge what went on in that room, except those who were in it.

    January 27 at 11:20am  / 
    • val 

      sure we can. she made this post knowing folks would voice their “opinions”. and it looks like a majority of commenters agree this was all a result of Nenes messiness. next!

      January 27 at 8:53pm  / 
      • MAXDAD 

        Karen’s right VAL Bravo could have edited out the whole fight. They have done it b4

        January 27 at 11:10pm  / 
  80. Suquana Riddick Garvin 

    To be honest we are ONLY able to see what BRAVO allows us to see and I am pretty sure that A LOT was edited just to boost up #RHOA ratings… So with that being said I don’t blame everything on Nene Leakes because I am pretty sure that these ladies and their spouse knew what was the whole “pillow talk” was about and yes Kenya is very messy when it come to other people! now Nene I have seen the episode when Sharee pulled Kim wig that is consider to me as physical violence because she put her hands on her! But it wasn’t as heated as the things that took place last night!!! To make a long comment short, you can put ALL the blame on Nene Leakes their a lot of other Housewives that plays a role in it too!

    January 27 at 11:20am  / 
  81. Christine Jorge Esposito 

    From the scenes for next week – NeNe is yelling at Kenya for getting out of her seat – so I assume that not getting up out of your seat was one of the “rules” of the Pillow Talk game. But wasn’t it Christopher that got up first?? AND I clearly saw him grab Kenya’s arm. Kenya did NOT rush at Christopher’s big mouth wife – she was walking calmly until he grabbed her arm. Kenya did NOT spark all that crazy – Nene YOU are the trouble maker. You started to win me over and had me beliving that you were a decent person but you proved that wrong last night. The only one on that show that has any sense of keeping things real and being a decent person is Kandi. She can buy NeNe out 100 times over and NeNe is incredibly jealous of that fact – that’s why she throws shade at Kandi. Going back to the scene for the next show – Kandi is all heated and yelling – I can only hope she finally blows her top and puts NeNe in check!!!!

    January 27 at 11:20am  / 
  82. Yvonne Bennett 

    NeNe I enjoy watching you, you my girl, but don’t agree with you on this one. Kenya can be a hand-full, but she even mentioned that she thought the conversation was done, when Christ began addressing her. As a hostess, it was your party, when you saw where Chris was going, you should have stopped it. The party was supposed to be for fun and unity like you said, that was anything but. That drama could have been dealt with on a one on one basis at another time. Who wants to go to a party that ends up with grown adults cussing, fighting, and furniture being flipped all over? Bad for everyone. Very sad. Kenya was not the blame for this one. I got the impression she walked into a setup. I hate to see people with money act ugly, especially black folk, because it took us a long time to earn the respect that we have. I know it’s just a show, but it is also a representation of successful African Americans (Ummm… except for Apollo) and how they do it. Show left me very disgusted and disappointed. Being it is a continuation, I guess the next one will be more of the same. Work it out, work it out. Hope you guys get it together.

    January 27 at 11:21am  / 
  83. Kellie Quinton 

    First and foremost, the moment you stood up and said Kenya, you said when we were at the winery….. Everyone knew what was getting ready to go down…

    Ms. NeNe… You were absolutely the fire that lite the fuse in the room….. Don’t try to push that on Kenya.. Yes she should have stayed seated. But you should have stayed quiet and let Christopher Williams’ wife bring it up.

    January 27 at 11:22am  / 
  84. suggbrown 

    Watching last night’s episode, I believe it is NOT nene’s fault. 1. Everyone knows pillow talk is for gossiping 2. Kenya went all extra with Christopher, who seemed to be protecting his wife, whom was sitting down as Kenya tried to run up on her 3. Apollo was dead wrong trying to fight errr what’s his face in the red pjs 4. Peter shouldn’t of been pinning down pj boy while Apollo was bout to lay them paws (lol) I mean come on nene has no control over groan a** people. But on a positive note nene rocked the helll outta her lingerie last night!! Go girl!!! Can’t wait till Feb 9

    January 27 at 11:22am  / 
  85. Mizzohat32 

    All of ya’ll is messy n drama queens even the men. So don’t put it like it’s only Kenya it’s you too NeNe Leaks.

    January 27 at 11:24am  / 
  86. MacMan 

    My opinion on the your post Lanethea Leaks, is that it’s straight Bogus!! You are suppose to be the “Real” one out the bunch.. Take fault in what you brought to the table. All though I do think standing up escalates beef, I don’t think Kenya was going to do anything to the young lady. There wasn’t any storming over or charging of any sort. At least from what I saw it wasn’t Kenya. I don’t know why Christopher Williams, His “Wife”, Chuck & Mynique, and Lexxy big Country ass was at this party… Obviously it was in Nene or the Producers plot to have some sort of chaos erupt… There was no point in bringing what Kenya said about Christopher uo..
    Nene take accountability for what occurred oppose to placing the home elsewhere.. I will admit Kenya is lil messy and mixy, but this time she as in the right. Cynthia ole giraffe neck ass was on Andy Cohen Brown nosing Nene, talking about it was all Kenya fault… Cynthia byeee!!! You and your stale caviar need a room of lounge chairs!!! I like ppl who speak what’s right… And apparently Cynthia is the “Bad friend” when you can’t tell your friend that she is wrong!!!!

    January 27 at 11:30am  / 
  87. choward1 

    Hi NeNe, I’ve been a fan of the show since day 1. You have an outspoken personality, and that’s okay. It takes all kinds to make the word go around. Don’t lose NeNe to ratings… Integrity, morals, I know the $$ is good and most just go along. But, you have to stand for somethings (such as the episode last night) or fall for anything (such as the episode last night). Where do you stand? I’m going to continue to watch, but, I want you all to do better, much than what I watched last night. Be blesses.

    January 27 at 11:30am  / 
  88. yero 

    I haven’t seen the show in a while but I was watchin that mess at the end last night with my wife and I was like, “…what the HELL??”
    Bravo has all of you so-called “housewives” looking really bad. Not sure why you feel it necessary to explain what happened. It’s hard to explain why a turd stinks…it just does,(…and nobody really wants to be around it) So save the explaination…it is what it is. As my mother would say, “…just a bunch of ol’ mess”. Congratualtions by the way…y’all have managed to set back black women about 40 years. I take that back…y’all actually have set a new precedent, (or low…however you want to view it).
    -Low class heffa’s, (smh)

    January 27 at 11:31am  / 
  89. Nbkaq1r 

    I’ve been a big fan of yours since the beginning through your best moments and your worst moments. And even after last nights episode, I remain your fan but you’ve got to quit dodging this bullet and own this one. Their is NOTHING you say that will convince me (and other viewers) that last night wasn’t your fault. Nothing.

    January 27 at 11:32am  / 
  90. sharonsmith214 

    Let me preface this by giving you a quote from my late grandmother, “nothing upsets a person more than the truth.” This is the basis for my entire comment; I find that often with these cast members especially that they are so wrapped up with keeping up their public images that they hide from their truths. The game was ideal to vent everyone’s dirty laundry and you literally saw the cast members cringe when the scenario’s touched a little too close to home. (Loved it NeNe) I feel that Christopher first of all should have never gotten involved with a women’s argument. But since he did, let’s ask ourselves why. If what Kenya said had no basis why give it any of your energy; his wife should have shut it down at the lunch and it should have been done. But instead, she got defensive and tried to argue the point that they were married later getting her “husband” involved in the argument. Honestly, I like most people don’t care is she’s telling the truth but I do know that when people try so hard to sell their version of facts; it’s more than likely a lie. (Just saying Porshe) Next, Apollo getting involved with the conflict was completely out of line. He took the opportunity to lash out against Kenya through Brandon; which was just wrong. When he jumped up, I thought it was to help Peter but instead he attacked a man being restrained. (Cowardly to say the least) I hate violence but was glad to see that Brandon was holding his own against him despite being restrained. But that shows the caliber of man Apollo is and it’s a sad thing because he has 2 sons who are looking up to him while he hits a man while he’s being held down. Lastly, Kenya is one of those people whom you just say “bless her heart” to and move on. She’s an attention seeker who got exactly what she wanted everyone’s full attention. She’s crazy and extra but we have all determined that. That’s even more reason to take whatever she says with a grain of salt; because you all know what type of person she is. (Just get somewhere and twirl, twirl, twirl)

    January 27 at 11:34am  / 
  91. LadyTi88 

    your remark, “we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show!” – I beg to differ. I clearly remember Sheree charging on Kim aggressively in her face and pulling her wig/hair, and the aggression AGAIN to Kim on Kandi’s tour bus. As far as what happened at your “Pillow Talk” game, Chris should have followed your rules too, not just Kenya – he should have stayed seated while asking the question and that was the first mistake. It blew up from there because of him standing in front of Kenya, then the second mistake was his wife Natalie co-signing knowing full well that Kenya would blow up. Of course there are scenes that were cut or cut out to improve the drama of the situation. Your question as why might be directed instead to the producers of the show, ask them! And, ask them (the producers) to show an uncut show of what actually transpired and make another show of the uncut version. It’s all on film, right? Let’s see the uncut version so we can see all of it.

    January 27 at 11:35am  / 
    • boricua 

      That was a set up that back fired in NeNe’s face im not s fan of Kenya but that was wrong!

      January 27 at 11:40am  / 
  92. boricua 

    Wow, NeNe you did instigate this situation , i dont think it was meant with ill intent but being upset with Kenya you went there. Honestly it did show Kenya walking not charging towards Natalie and Christopher did grab her arm up aggressively. Brandon did the right thing to stick up for her as a man. He also held his own while Peter held him down in the seat and Apollo was on top hitting him. Sorry you females have a problem deal with it no man should ever approach another woman to check her that’s what your girl does. Oh in the next part its Kandi, Todd against Peter, Cynthia. NeNe misery loves company, you lost a big part of your audience (fans) last night, hope you get back doing what you love soon!

    January 27 at 11:36am  / 
  93. Mary1979 

    Nene u r so wrong for the shots u took at ppl last nite I’ve been a fan of urs since day one with Lisa,Deshawan , and Kim

    January 27 at 11:38am  / 
  94. Tyra Nabors 


    January 27 at 11:39am  / 
    • hot_tea79 

      how stupid you are….if kenya got there late then perhaps she missed the rules…duh

      January 28 at 2:50pm  / 
  95. It'sKeekee 

    Well well, I actually don’t think Kenya was wrong, while should she stay seated while this lady husband gets up to bash her. Kenya just didn’t bow down and i don’t blame her. Natalie and her husband probably plan something at the house, so hell nol. And wtf was Apolla on smgdh, he need to take his ass back to jail. Apparently he need to compete with some prisoners, lol. Im normally rolling with Nene but hell nol i be damn if i let somebody talk to me any kind of way and bash me. Im standing my ground…

    January 27 at 11:39am  / 
    • stabba35 

      it’s not about bowing down and this is why things get stir up! the point is even though christopher should of remain seated n bearly got any words out before kenya decide to charge at his wife. wrong is wrong plain n simple! kenya is wrong but not entirely wrong.

      January 27 at 12:14pm  / 
  96. Deborah Nelson 

    Nene you are right everyone was on the hot seat with those messy questions but no one got up and went toward the other ,i seen it the way Nene saw it before I even got on the computer Kenya could have read that lady from her seat and not got up.Team Nene this time

    January 27 at 11:39am  / 
  97. Renee Wininger 

    I have watched the show from day one and im a very big fan, i have always loved how real you are Nene but last night I was horrified, you have changed this season and not for the better, never forget where you come from Nene cause no matter how far you climb up, you can always fall back down, now as for last night, I cant stand Kenya but, you Nene you started last night, you are in the wrong for all the questions, you say they wasnt meant for anyone specific, wtf ever you did that out of spite and why I dont understand, no one has been mean to you at all but you are sure doing it to your cast members, so I think the real question is what is wrong with you and what do you have against the other women? Cant wait to hear it.

    January 27 at 11:42am  / 
  98. stabba35 

    i disgree with all the negative comments toward Nene i believe her intent to resolve all the issues within the group was a good thing just turn out badly. i don’t hear anybody talking about cynthia action what was all that gossip about natalie? everytime they all get together its drama so how everyone is blaming Nene for everyone actions ( bad behavior). Natalie had all right to pop shit when her husband was addressing kenya remember guy n i quote “don’t bad paddle now” so what reason did kenya had to charge towards natalie? is Nene wrong for that 2? all u negative people is being bias n a bunch of hypocritical haters. people even commenting on her success like really she didn’t forget where she came from she’s being real bitch n people cant stand it becuz there not real either. i love Nene n which she will continue to be herself n never let bad mine people get u down. I wonder what all of you will have to say when Peter n Todd get into it! would that be Nene faults 2? what wat happens

    January 27 at 11:42am  / 
  99. blushdavis 

    Well, I watched the show last night and was very much entertained. I feel that some of us forget the purpose of reality T.V. If reality TV didn’t have drama…we wouldn’t watch it. With that being said…last night served its purpose. However, I don’t condone violence. If you watched RHOA from the beginning with Lisa Wu, Sheree, Kim…there was always drama. There was never a physical fight, but there have been some episodes where fights almost happened. I feel that NeNe had this “forum” to address the issue within the group that everyone was walking on egg shells to talk about or even address. She made it AWARE to these young ladies of what it was about. And to be honest, if they did not want to participate -they could have stayed home. However, they walked in this “forum” with an opened mind and for whatever was about to take place. Do, I believe NeNe could have taken alternate routes to handle this – yes absolutely. Hell, if she would have invited them to dinner to discuss it, a fight would have broken out. There was a lot of shade thrown, secrets that suppose to have been secrets in the closet pulled out to address. I feel that when Christopher stood up, NeNe should have asked him to sit down. However, when he addressed crazy ass Kenya she decided to charge towards his wife (common law…whatever she is to him). I watched this seen and not once did I see he grabbed her in a harmful way, but everyone else jumped up to hold her back as well. How the hell you come in three hours late and cause this much damn confusion. I can answer that one. Because Kenya is a got damn fool. When your dealing with a person who has family history of mental issues and is battling her own issues..you have to handle them accordingly. She should have never been invited. I have to agree…Kenya crazy ass is trying to stay relevant chile and stay employed so she can still continue to rent her home and the Bently she claim some African man purchased for her. If he so damn rich…he should have offered to buy her a damn house and not a $100,000 car. But those are my opinions. Anywho, Kenya’s girlfriend wanted to make a damn point – that even though he is gay…he can fight – and that point he made very well. Apollo had every right to wax that ass when he tried to hold old boy back and he flipped and hit him. I would have done the same thing. At the end of the day, we have our own opinions…remember this is Television and that is that. We have seen worse shit and have more important issues besides what the hell they do on reality TV. NeNe…keep what you doing girl!

    January 27 at 11:43am  / 
    • stabba35 

      well said clapping clapping clapping!

      January 27 at 12:09pm  / 
  100. MrsAppah 


    You had to know that people would get hot under the collar from the questions. First of all, what Kenya said about Chris’ marriage isn’t your business. Stay in your own lane. If you care, encourage them to discuss it among themselves, not at a pajama party with a whole group of other people dealing with their own situations. True, kenya is a mess. She is menace number one, and I wish she would leave the show. The woman is toxic. But NeNe, time for a mea culpa on this one.

    January 27 at 11:43am  / 
    • stabba35 

      Your wrong and for the record cynthia should of pull her friend aside instead of doing that on the bus did u see that? christopher marriage wasn’t kenya business watch the episode again then comment again. just saying!

      January 27 at 11:52am  / 
  101. MJ3514 

    I agree with you Nene you can not control adults actions, Natalie, Cynthia, and Kenya created that flame before you hosted your ADULT event. I think a lot of people are superficial and shallow and they automatically take sides for the beautiful ones because that’s just simply what they are brain washed to do. There comes a time in life were blame is not the issue, the bottom line is Natalie, Cynthia, and Kenya are just as messy. Honestly I didn’t see Christopher Williams getting VIOLENT with Kenya, I think he was trying to stop her because she was the one interrupting him, I don’t understand how people can’t see that! Kenya should have been an Adult and let Christopher speak his peace. I mean really people, Kenya is the one who brought up the fact that Christopher said him and his wife were married by common law, which had to be twenty years ago, Kenya could have very well kept that to herself! Which is probably why Kenya was late for 3 hours, because she knew what she was getting into. It is not your fault that Cynthia introduced Natalie to the group, and that Natalie started rumors about Kandi’s boyfriend, and Kenya had to bring up dirt about Natalie and Christopher’s past. Yes Nene you are not perfect, but honestly what would other people do if they were in your shoes, I mean it should be simple what people would do if they were in Kenya’s shoes, just sit there and listen to what the man has to say. Simple! Apollo, getting involved, I can’t even go there, it just gets weird!!! Seems like he was showing off in front of Kenya or maybe he just wanted to get close to Brandon lol…I honestly don’t have the mental capacity to figure that out, but I don’t think you had a Dthing to do with that drama…that was just weird! K bye:):):) PEACE BLACK PEOPLE CREATE POSITIVE ENERGY TODAY JAH IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    January 27 at 11:45am  / 
    • stabba35 

      thank god somebody see what im talking about first, if christopher addressing Kenya why she had to get up to charge at his wife becuz she felt the fire she stir up shit n couldn’t handle it so instead of letting chris finish she charge at his wife.

      January 27 at 11:49am  / 
      • Christy Flossy Cohen 

        The wife was over there talking noise. Don’t back paddle now, that’s why Kenya went to address her. She should have left Kenya and the husband explain themselves.

        January 27 at 12:30pm  / 
  102. stabba35 

    People if u feel u don’t want to watch the show anymore don’t! who you think your hurting? Nene will still be Nene. she’s shinning and people cant stand it becuz tthere not walking in her shoes.boommmmm

    January 27 at 11:46am  / 
    • Christy Flossy Cohen 

      She won’t be shining for long. She’s big headed. It’s okay to shine but let others see.You don’t have to act out to be seen. She’s not the only one shining. The sun is bright and big. .beems down on more than just her.

      January 27 at 12:27pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Don’t believe the hype… Nene can be replaced “BOOP”!

      January 27 at 7:57pm  / 
  103. Tarona Guy 

    There have never really been any physical altercations like last night, but this group of messy people (seen from the edited side) was already amped up about confronting one another. Yeah, Kenya is a shit starter, but she not the only one. She had no business at the couples pillow talk event and to bring mr. Bad ass who got whooped. Her and the two new couples were brought in to stir the pot and make shit fly. Yes, Kenya should have stayed in her seat if that was the rules, but so should have Mr. Williams. I could tell she was charging and it looked like he grabbed her aggressively, but I saw it as he was making sure that she didn’t jump at his wife. The other issue was that yeah the questions were funny and messy, but they were not directed at particular people until Christopher Williams tried to address Kenya off the pillow half way across the room(based on camera angle). And clarify why Bravo security wasn’t Johnny on the Spot like when they thought the women were going to fight? Andy Cohn you messy too! See you all on the 9th. Lol!

    January 27 at 11:52am  / 
  104. riaismaob 

    Nene. I know you say “take it as you may”, but you are way to messy. You started the whole confrontation. You are very immature and very disrespectful. Look how you tried to play Porsha, asking her that stupid ass question about her ex husband. I had so much respect for you but you showed a different side of you on lasts night episode. You really need to grow up!!!

    January 27 at 11:53am  / 
  105. Bee. 

    Nene cut it out!! Talking about you don’t support violence…didn’t you attack Kim on Kandi’s tour bus?? I’ll wait… You’re always stirring ish up and then act like those weren’t your intentions! Point, blank, and the period you were being MESSY and if you really were the hostess with the mostest you would’ve asked Chris to sit down! Everything you’re claiming we didn’t see, we saw! We saw Kenya get up and charge towards Natalie but we didn’t even get a chance to see what she was about do because Chris had then put his hands on the girl trying to stop…BIG NO NO…he should’ve kept his hands to himself—matter of fact, he shouldn’t have been out his seat in the first place!! You had no right jumping in Kenya face like that blaming her for what happened, he shouldn’t have touched her!! YOU WERE ALL THE WAY WRONG!!!

    January 27 at 11:54am  / 
  106. dendarah 

    Kenya is mental…She should have to LICK THE SPOON SHE DOES ALL HER SHIT STIRRING WITH…..Ugh or go live with her “African Prince”…..In Africa!!!!! Nene we all know whats up! I do NOT see you as the cause…….

    January 27 at 11:54am  / 
  107. richyrich 

    NeNe, you are awesome. However, i have strong beliefs that Bravo paid you to start that fight. The way you treated Kenya for arriving late was the kick starter. The vibe of that party followed your mood. I actually saw the part when Kenya charged at the wife. I saw it twice as I watched the repeat at 10pm. But Kenya was not at fault because she was already on edge from the way you treated her when she walked in the door. Everybody was on high emotion because the way you were conducting the conversation. So dont judge folks unless you are understanding to what you did first. But dont worry. I have been talking about this on social media and with coworkers since last night episode, and it was AWESOME TV. Dont change a thing.

    January 27 at 11:54am  / 
  108. Tina Finley 

    This statement here, says alot. You REALLY have to read between the lines. – We really had fun with it contrary to what you thought you saw and I stress “what you thought you saw” because there are always intentions for these parties or group gatherings which is totally out of my control!

    I remember when Love & Hip Hop did a episode about the behind the scenes of taping and creating some drama…..so I believe NeNe…..Cause in real life, what couple goes to a couple pillow, pajama party, pillow talk where YOUR girlfriends who are ALL nice looking with nice shapes are dressed in lingerie…….

    January 27 at 11:57am  / 
  109. sherryah 

    Nene to me has changed she drinks all the time and that whole scene was her fault, She knew something bad was going to happen. her guest should have decline her invitation My guy and I are not going any where other couples are dressed in bed clothes. and now one man ribs are cracked and another could get a felony case and Nene should be charged with something as well.

    January 27 at 11:58am  / 
  110. Damon Lamonte Reardon 

    Nene dont feel bad about the blowup all the parties involved are too blame ,am future therapist ,graduate this year in may The issue is the attachment style of the couples and the committment of the relationships. People tend to navigate towards violence cause they lack expressive vocal manners and most of the folks that are in relationships that have unspoken secrets. Tend to act out when they do not want their secrets told by others with big mouth like Kenya she does not mind her own livelyhood so do not feel too bad about the fight their some deep seeded issues that truly cannot be addressed in one night Stay up

    January 27 at 12:00pm  / 
  111. Gwen Logan-Craig 

    Nene, I am glad that you did come forth and explain what happened. I feel that Kenya has always been a whack job, which is why the show prob decided to keep her. In the show, I do see how Chris’ wife said something Kenya and Kenya charged her. I just hate that these producers have taken the top rated show with all brown girls and made it all about drama, he-said’s, and she-saids. Be blessed

    January 27 at 12:01pm  / 
  112. md amethyst 

    Nene, Bravo set you up. They made you and destroyed you. Seems like they were looking for an excuse to stop paying you millions of dollars. They set the stage for you to play yourself out. Take notes from Kenya—as Christopher said best, “Kenya knows how to play the game.”

    January 27 at 12:03pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Could not have said it better. Md… hit the nail on the head.

      January 27 at 7:59pm  / 
  113. shybel56 

    I guess a lot of us was watching what u wanted to watch and see…but remember haters its a TV show and ratings is there goal….Kenya is a shit starter three hrs late that mean they were way into the game…Kenya should not have gotten out of her seat…and she lied got her girlfriend f’d up on a lie if u watched closely he barely touched her arm because gay boy jumped up and rushed Chris…but the most important thing is that its a damn TV show …..Nene dont let the show put u in a bad light…..u better than that.

    January 27 at 12:04pm  / 
  114. fairyLizo 

    Nene is one of my fav. And I cannot stand Kenya I think it was a big mistake for them to even bring her in the first place.. but…Nene you knew what you were doing! .. You were mad that she was so late and started shit.. and wtf happen to apollo!! I can’t stand him.. He looked like a pit bull! So ghetto! Wth is pheadra doing with him? This episode was just disgusting… smh… everyone was acting so ghetto!

    January 27 at 12:05pm  / 
  115. barchie11 

    Nene you started the whole entire thing!!! You were my favorite, but you have really left a bad taste in my mouth. The look on your face after you asked those questions! For example the question about how the ladies would feel if their husbands were bisexual & you called Porsha out!! For one? Why even bring that up!!! Greg ol dusty dick ass!!! You were wrong!!!! I’m starting not to like Cynthia!! Whatever Chris’s wife said to her & Peter about Todd why bring it up in front of them messy bitches!!! Cynthia’s messy too!!! Kenya was wrong for coming at that lady, but shit I feel like she had the right too!!!! And why won’t they call Nene on her shit!!!!! Stop letting that ape walk all over y’all!!! Like porsha crybaby ass!! She’s grown asf & worried about if somebody thinks she’s a good friend or not!! Fuck them bitches!!! Get you a 9-5 & live your fucking life!!! PUT ME ON THE SHOW!!!!!! I LOVE KANDI AND PHAEDRA!!!!!!

    January 27 at 12:05pm  / 
  116. neeky225 

    Nene, you are an absolute liar!!! In addition a messy azz b*! There wasn’t violence on RHOA because they didn’t broadcast it, but you put your hands on Kim. But it was never broadcast. Kim stated you choked her and you made a joke about it and pretty much affirmed it happened. Yes, Miss I don’t condone violence. Hypocritical as always. Big moose ring leader of the circus called RHOA!!

    January 27 at 12:07pm  / 
  117. mjk_bravofan1021 

    If you payed any attention to the shows on bravo and the casts they all say the same thing, it looked worse than it was or they edited a lot out. It is difficult to put 100s of hours of taping in a 42 minute show. Also. Everyone knew what they were getting it. The point of the game was to make everyone uncomfortable and put everything out on the table. its a fact that when you have a group of people who work together but dont work well together. Doing team bonding and becomming comfortable being uncomfortable as a group you come together. NeNe is not to blame and I didnt see any of the girls throwing punches just the guys. Shit happens. Get over it

    January 27 at 12:08pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Everyone is going to get over it once the lawsuit starts being filed Ching-Ching$$$$$

      January 27 at 8:01pm  / 
      • MAXDAD 

        Lawsuits? This happened Last year. It takes Bravo a while to see how they want to set the stage…. My question is you have 3 hrs of party footage and u have to include the last 15 mins… the fight.

        January 27 at 11:18pm  / 
  118. MrsBBJones 

    NeNe I thought the concept was a really grown & sexy fun night out for couples! It seemed the questions/topics for the group were intended to spark a potential messy outcome but for TV entertainment purposes…it was expected…not to that extreme…but something was bound to pop off given the content! I did feel Kenya was a bit extra and could clearly tell she was charging in the direction of Christopher’s wife and he intervened as he should have to protect her. Kenya couldn’t handle being the receiving end of the “don’t start backpedaling now” comment that she initiated on the vineyard outing. She loves to throw shade but can’t maintain her composure when it comes back her way. She’s proven to be a very messy drama-queen that creates controversy and never takes no ownership when she’s at fault.

    It seemed with each question/topic discussed, it began to touch a nerve leading to hostility and drama depending on how each person and/or couple responded. NeNe don’t fall back to your old ways just for TV ratings…you were becoming very likable.

    January 27 at 12:09pm  / 
  119. NsjTaylor 

    Child you in there strutting around like Big Bird on a pony, your ass started whether we seen the whole thing or not! What we seen was enough that I was none to Happy…. I like Kenya would not just sit and let no fucking body walk up on ME and I’m sitting down, she was justified in getting up… Apollo was wrong and so was Peter he pushed Brandon down (Peter) and Apollo for reasons unknown jumped Brandon….. It was not the first time these two had a riff with Brandon…. Remember Kenya’s costume party?!!!!! Cynthia with her spineless, I like to throw stones and hide my hands, messy ass just as gullible… She scared to stand up to your Big Bird looking ass so of course she gone say.you didn’t start it! Child honey you ain’t a actor you are a stool nigga who is been strung up and played like a fiddle…. I am sad to see you let them make you look stupid just to get ratings, all of y’all for that matter! NO CLASS, NO CLASS, NO CLASS!!!!

    January 27 at 12:09pm  / 
    • MAXDAD 

      I find this funny. You obviously HATE Nene. So Why are you on her shit then? You are a fan and you hate that she your idol!

      January 27 at 11:23pm  / 
  120. Christy Flossy Cohen 

    Nene..take a poll on this one. .you will win as being the (ish) starter of this one. Did you make the questions up to be asked. .if so, they were intended to start something. You were wrong adding a stupid question about who would accept a bi sexual relationship and then called Porshia out with you knowing all the rumors heard about her ex Cordell. You called her out, that was messy. Kenya stood up but I doubt if she was about to hit the girl. The man had no business touching her as we SAW. I’m assuming BRAVO paid you dearly to stir that PILE of DooDoo up, It was your fault as that is my opinion, along with most of America .get it together twirling around like Kenya honey that was..wayyyyyyy over board. You were my fan but these last episodes is putting a change on me.

    January 27 at 12:11pm  / 
  121. dimples 

    Off topic #RHOA just got a S/O from #Divorce Court with #Judge Lynn Tolyer!

    Answer To Question #1: The producers wanted some drama they knew Kenya wasn’t afraid to create it. They got you amped by having her arrive la-a–a-a-a-a-a-ate! It worked.

    Answer To Question 2: First, we are use to the housewives getting up in each other’s faces. That’s what made you the star you are on reality tv and of RHOA! You broke the mold on that and every housewife franchise has followed your lead ever since in doing that! They know that’s bank and so does the producers. I saw where she got up to confront Natalie. Maybe the word “charge” is a little over the top. But I seen you get up and confront Kim on the tour bus of Kandi, you confront Kandi at Sheree’s party about the Tardy for The Party issue. I saw Sheri confront/charge Kim and pulled her wig on that “she said this about NeNe and ‘No, you was the one that said this about NeNe” out on the sidewalk. So in totality, viewers are not shocked when one of the HWs “confront”, “charge”, or “get up in each other faces.” Last season Kenya got up/charged at Porsha. I don’t believe there was a outcry on that like it is over her simply getting up to talk/charge/confront Natalie about were you the common or legal wife of Christopher Williams.

    Answer To Question #3. For ratings. They edited it for the viewers. That part was on the cutting room floor. We caught a little bit with Cynthia and Kandi laughing with each other about Bedroom Kandi and the lipstick but it’s confusing to the viewers because last time we check Cynthia was singing like a bird on Kandi, throwing her under the bus to Peter about what Kandi said about Peter and his past. So the producers doesn’t need to air that that’s too Kumbaya for ratings, they took it to another level with the guys to see if they can get some bank from a scene like that. I think it backfire……

    January 27 at 12:13pm  / 
  122. ShayDMV 

    Kenya friend deserved that beat down hands down. He/She is always jumping in someone face defending her just like at Kenya’s party when she wanted everyone to dress up. I have been waiting on him to get chin checked for jumping up in the other men on the show face and even Porsha and Kordell in the past. KENYA and her GF need to be off the show ASAP. Nene didn’t instigate the altercation the producers did by putting all of them in one room knowing that there was issues that may lead to extreme drama all made for ratings. Kenya is and always will be a has been and after this show she will go back to making her low budget movies. I know that fight was edited cause I didn’t see Apollo do serious damage and I know we won’t see it. You all are doing exactly what the producers want blaming Nene and not them. As for Peter he got busted in a lie he told in front of his wife and that made Cynthia and Peter embarrassed. LMAO Peter should have just kept his BIG A$$ MOUTH closed. I love Nene, Greg, Kandi and even Porsha but, Phaedra, Ms. Plastic Kenya Moreofawhore and Cynthia *only because of her annoying loud mouth husband Peter* can all go now pretty please. *BLOOP BLOOP* I LOVE YOU Nene!! It is drama for ratings and the producers are in control of all the BS not Nene!!

    January 27 at 12:17pm  / 
    • ccleeallaboutpositivity 

      You’re right the producers are in control and they are controlling Nene … she’s pimping herself out for the publicity.

      January 27 at 1:24pm  / 
    • MAXDAD 

      Sorry…. but I think Kenya and Apollo were humppin and Brandon knows. LOL

      January 27 at 11:30pm  / 
  123. leann0978 

    That’s the only thing about editing they never show it all they show what they want to get ratings. I did find it interesting that no one was allowed to comentate on the fight but Kenya..hmmm and even more interesting that Cynthia said the same thing NeNe said in regards to them all having a really good time until the fight broke out. On TV it did not look as though Kenya charged at Natalie it simply looked as though she tooo got up to express her views which is clearly not the case.

    January 27 at 12:20pm  / 
  124. tigerlee99 

    First of all what happen on RHOA & what Nene started it has nothing to do with her family or kids. This is not that serious to tell a person her whole family should die. That is so ungodly to even mention something like that. All I’m saying is this : Christopher got up to address Kenya, Porsha got up and asked ” Christopher to sit down”. Nene walks pass him and don’t say anything. This show’s me she knew what was coming down. When Christopher asked Kenya was she taking any medication and his girlfriend/wife? said something that’s when Kenya got up. So Nene was wrong yelling and telling Kenya that she started it all. Then Apollo jumps up and start beating on Kenya friend. Complaining “he kicked me in my nuts”. Apollo was trying to get back at Kenya & her friend because of all of the interviews they did talking about him& Phaedra . That’s why he went on attack that was real low down. The most important issue is this Bravo are using ALL of these cast members to act like fools and these people suppose to be “high class & rich” pleaseee !! more ghetto!!

    January 27 at 12:25pm  / 
    • Cole Heard 

      I agree with you, TigerLee99. We need to boycott the Feb 9th show to show Bravo that the black community is Atlanta is not full of fools.

      January 27 at 12:39pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Are we the only ones that seen what you seen?

      January 27 at 8:03pm  / 
  125. betrod 

    Nene you were instrumental in last nights disaster! You were so angry at Kenya for being late that you definitely were going to make a fool out of her one way or another!! You think that because you were on 2 TV shows that you are a star. You never were and you never will be!! You created this disaster last night I will never forget how you and what’s her name chased Kim out of a restaurant to pull her wig off!!That was real CLASSY on your part! I hope you enjoyed your 15 seconds of FAME, because it’ all over for you!!

    January 27 at 12:26pm  / 
  126. 5tees2014 

    love you Nee-Nee keep doing you

    January 27 at 12:26pm  / 
  127. Adrian Evans 

    Kenya is crazy for real. She is going to stir up trouble. And the network like that. That is why she is still there. She is lots of drama with no man.

    January 27 at 12:33pm  / 
  128. Cole Heard 

    You really disappointed me. Whether Bravo edited out the fun-loving parts, you were clearly DOING THE MOST. I think it is quite a sad commentary. The way you were strutting around and asking questions to stir emotions about people’s marriages/relationships was dangerous—especially when you have wild animals on the loose…APOLLO!

    I trust after a few episodes and some community boycotting, you guys will be fine and your behavior will be forgotten and forgiven. Good thing this episode aired during the same time as the “APOLLO GOES TO JAIL” show started.

    January 27 at 12:36pm  / 
  129. justne 

    Ne Ne…you started that ish* girl and it was Messy, Messy, Messy! I believe you knew what you were doing and absolutely did it intentionally. What kind of friend are you to put that girls mess out there like that? That conversation was dead and over you should have left it alone. It was obvious that was the whole point of that no point half a** game you came up with.Don’t get it twisted cuz I love me some you. But that was just straight up wrong! Why were you prancing around like a show pony last night ? What was that all about. you look like a stallion in heat. This with some stuff the old Ne N e would have done, not the new Ne N that I’ve come to love and respect. SMH.what was the point of having a couples retreat but inviting single friends and letting them just bring a friend really? He** them heifers can’t keep a man so what were they doing there.I don’t know any I’m just saying it was Messy. you started it. You orchestrated.and you should stand up and take the blame for that one. I’m just saying. Love you girl

    January 27 at 12:41pm  / 
  130. Nikki101 

    I don’t think it is NeNe’s fault at all. I’m pretty sure she filled them in on how the party was going to go. NeNe had every right to call Kenya out on her BS. If you can’t deal with the repercussions of what comes out of your mouth then maybe you need to shut the hell up. Kenya is delusional if she think Christopher wasn’t going to confront her for attacking his character to his wife. Kenya overly dramatic self decided to get up out her seat and start going after his wife when they could have sat there and handled it like adults. I don’t care where you are from or how you were raised when you see someone come at you in an aggressive manner you already know what time it is. A lot of the fights and drama that goes on in those “group events” is started by Kenya.

    January 27 at 12:54pm  / 
    • Deltricia Williams 

      Totally agree..

      January 27 at 3:08pm  / 
  131. mzstl1 

    Well everyone I do agree with most comments but I also know that the producers don’t show everything to get more people talking and in hopes of getting people watching. You all are blaming Nene but the blame needs to extend to Cynthia as well who I am totally disgusted with this season. She number one should not have brought back the stuff about Todd to the other ladies then she shouldn’t have made it seem like Kandi was throwing shade at Peter because kandi was not. Cynthia is weak and always afraid to say how she feels if it will upset Nene. Kenya is a shut starter and they need to pull the plug on her. Now as far as Apollo goes tall need to go back and look at the show. It started out that Peter and Apollo were only trying to break things up but Brandon Lil punk but was swinging and did hit Apollo so Apollo reacted. Albeit he should have had more self control, he was not totally wrong.
    Get it together lord help yall.

    January 27 at 12:56pm  / 
    • johnsomd 

      I don’t agree, Kandi was throwing shade at Peter, not that I care, I think Peter is a Cadd and user. Both of these Ladies are suffering from Neediness..And I won’t even get into Phaedra being with Apollo that is too sad for words. All goes to show, beauty, brains and education doesn’t gaurantee that you are solid in picking the right person in a Man. Kenya has psychological issues…NeNe is messy, this is twice, the first one this season was Chucky and his clueless wife, who clearly is trying to come up off of NeNe, she knew what was going down when they planned that little excursion to Athens…MESSY and not ready for prime time…Point, Blank Period.

      January 27 at 1:11pm  / 
  132. johnsomd 

    NeNe is to blame plain and simple!!!…First she wants to hide behind Kenya showing up 3 hours late, She was clearly on ten from the moment she pranced in the room, pacing back and forth, no one is suppose to get to you like that..And once Kenya arrived she went in on her…And then the comment NeNe makes “for reasons unbeknownest to me” Christopher stood up and went in on Kenya, that whole statement was a lie and deceptive..No Man or anyone for that matter, is going to stand up and go in on me while I am sitting down, I am automatically going to stand up…This whole scene was sad, pathetic and reaching, and it was orchestrated by NeNe..Based on the couples who were there it was suppose to go south or left, and she made sure of that with the questions being asked.

    January 27 at 1:00pm  / 
  133. tigerlee99 

    Nene you said ” I don’t condone violence” no you just like to start them. You & Cynthia are always throwing shade on people and then sit back and watch the blows. Nene you’re #1 in starting problems specially with Kenya are you jealous because of her beauty? Because you got on her so bad last night calling her all those nasty names. This is what high school girls do when they are jealous of other girls ( notice I mention girls) because you’re not acting like a mother or grandmother. Last you got it twisted Christopher got up with a piece of paper with 1 question” Kenya are you on medication”? Nene you & Bravo knew where this was going that’s why you didn’t tell him to sit down. Kenya got up because his girlfriend/wife? was saying something to her. Chistopher put on Kenya arm that’s when her friend( man) in red pajamas you’re trying to throw shade again by saying” her girlfriend in red pajamas”.JUST KEEPING IT REAL!! Then Apollo jumps in to take his hits because he been mad probably because all of the interviews Kenya been doing against him& his wife. I’m not on team Nene or team Kenya . But to blame Kenya on what happen last night is so WRONG!! Nene your intentions was to bring these couples all together so you can act a fool like you did last night. Preying on people who you wanted to hurt stop drinking grow-up get a job and keep your self busy . Even your own husband didn’t say a thing last night. JUST KEEPING IT REAL 100%

    January 27 at 1:01pm  / 
    • bkisses1124 


      January 27 at 1:11pm  / 
    • ccleeallaboutpositivity 

      I’m shouting over here, you got it 100% right! Nene is doing whatever she has to do to stay in the spotlight …. and you really hit the nail on the head when you said “preying”!! That’s exactly what she’s doing .. preying on others. Pityful. Nene, should you happen to see this, it is my sincere prayer that you think about what happened and your role in it.

      January 27 at 1:17pm  / 
  134. bkisses1124 

    Nene you know you my girl but at the end of the day you wrong and regardless that Kenya got out of her seat he did to and he got up after his “wife” told him what Kenya said even oh girl said sir please take your seat and his “wife” said no he doesn’t he needs to address her so again don’t blame Kenya in this and Kenya was talking to her he ain’t have no business putting his hands on her that was 2 women hashing it out so there was no need for him to touch her and on top of that we know Kenya wasn’t gone touch her buy at the end of the dat that was fucked up Nene you was mad at Kenya for being late I understand but you was going in when she walked in that ain’t cool at all and if I remember you got into with Kim how many times.

    January 27 at 1:08pm  / 
    • johnsomd 

      Right on point…how many times did we witness the fights with Kim, that is why Kim won’t come anywhere near this scene, her Man doesn’t want to be around this mess. So NeNe at the end of the day, you needed this reality check, it has gone too far…..

      January 27 at 1:17pm  / 
      • bkisses1124 

        Yes it has Nene know she wrong smh if half the ppl on here saying you wrong then damn she need to sit and look at this again.

        January 27 at 1:26pm  / 
  135. celee21 

    I agree with Nene & the Ladies. ..its really time for Kenya to go she isa troublemaker…

    January 27 at 1:09pm  / 
  136. MizzAnn 

    All u idiots agreeing that NeNe is the cause 4 this r just as crazy as Kenya. NeNe stated why she was havin the get together. “So everybody cld air their differences.” Everything was goin fine, until messy azz Kenya showed up. All she had 2 do was own up 2 what she said, not go on the defense. Betta yet, dont try n lie yo way out this one. We all no what u said. Where is this African Prince? In HER mind!!!! Yall need 2 back up off NeNe. No argument broke out about the question abt being around someone ur mate has bn with. Everybody who commented said what they had 2 say n kept it movin. Yall no they pay Kenya 2 start shit, cause she aint got nobody. Misery loves company.

    January 27 at 1:11pm  / 
  137. Juana4ev 

    Stop lying. Usually vouch for you but girl come on. Nothing ever got physical on this show? Ahem Sheree pulling on Kim’s wig? You jumping across the van about to hit Kim? People stopped that real quick before it got worse. As for Kenya getting up, it wasn’t right after Natalie speaking nor did it look like she was heading towards her. Kenya was distracting Chris from exposing whatever BS they had planned to do and walked across & probably would have twirled. Chris grabbed her in a “get over here, you’re going to hear this” type of way..NOT a “get away from my wife” thing.

    Nene, you knew what you had set up inviting the 2 other random couples and asking those questions. Kenya dished the gossip, but Natalie didn’t need to go back and run her mouth (though she acted like she wasn’t bothered) nor did we need to address anything again when she’s not even a main housewife. They don’t need to get along. Kenya was late but you were annoyed because you NEEDED Kenya so you can get your show in motion. She was even over the topic but you brought it up. Apollo obviously had a PTSD moment triggered from his time in jail or wanted to get at Brandon all along. There was NO need for all that anger. Peter got hit too but he didn’t spaz. MESSY. Editing or not, you tried it.

    January 27 at 1:16pm  / 
  138. LeuQar 

    Kenya is certifiable.. she is tacky, tactless. she thinks she’s a man.. she is the joy killer of the bunch. She’s mad cause she doesn’t have a man. Who would want that broad. She is deranged, crazy, unpredctable.. smh.. she started this whole mess with that bullshit “don’t touch me”.. she was heading straigt for Kristopher’s Wife of course he was going to stop her but he didn’t push her or get aggressive,she was the one doing the most as always.. She is a hot mes.. .she is a wack job. She is so evil and meanspirited on purpose. Uggghh, better you than me Mrs. Leakes.. I would have to smack that hoe foreal.

    January 27 at 1:19pm  / 
    • justne 

      Totally agree could not have said it better.. That girl is a mess and she’s always up to no good.

      January 27 at 2:21pm  / 
  139. styled4u 

    Ummm ppl its TV, they do hours of shooting, just to get a one hour episode. Why everyone acting like they don’t have a clue about editing, I don’t know?? I was entertained, I love these ladies they are beautiful women and everyone enjoys some excitement. I don’t condone violence especially not in this instance but we are all guilty of losing our cool from time to time. Anyway, NENE much to success to you and yours, Blooop!

    January 27 at 1:22pm  / 
  140. Speaksfree 

    The truth is the MEN started the whole thing. NeNe is an Amazing person and when she said they were getting together to “air their differences” you would think everyone would know whats up.
    Apolo needs to be charged with something over all of this mess.

    January 27 at 1:22pm  / 
  141. Lisa Smith-Bryant 

    NENE this was absolutely HORRIBLE!
    You acted like a big bully from the beginning. I understand shows are edited, but you knew better than this mess. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    This is the last time I will ever watch this show and I was a huge fan of your.
    Now you act like you don’t mind ruining lives as long as you are in in the spotlight.
    Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

    January 27 at 1:23pm  / 
  142. Angieb2303 

    Why is it that Kenya wrong for getting up. I would of did the same thing if Chris got I’m getting up. I will alway protect myself at all times. Kenya not a fan up I’m on her side with this one plus Kenya was not going to hit Natlie this is not her first time getting into it with someone. Nene you should of let Chris or Natlie bring it up. Apollo why he jumped on Brandon and Peter holding him down. I love the show but this was too much…

    January 27 at 1:41pm  / 
  143. jazsyme 

    Nene, I’m sure as with all reality shows editing plays a huge part of television. However, the viewers can only see what is played. And from what I saw, you instigated this ENTIRE disaster. Your temper began to flare due to Kenya being late. Kenya acknowledged that she was late AND that she was wrong for not calling or texting you. But by this time you had already gone from 0 to 100 with your temper and you were on FIRE. It was confirmed by the names you called her.

    In almost EVERY show you control every conversation and action. So if you wanted Chris to sit down you should have simply asked him to. But you didn’t. Why? But when Kenya stood up, you had a problem with that. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because you had to let Kenya know how angry you were and you wanted her to feel it whether the fire came from you or from somebody else. And then you turned around and did what I call the “Nene Twist”—you tried to blame this whole thing on somebody else—Kenya. YOU WERE WRONG!!! And what kind of person creates a game to push peoples buttons?? This was clearly not done out of love and concern for your “friends”. Where was the “unity”? It was evident it was done out of MALICE!! This whole situation was GHETTO at its finest.

    And the questions related to what Bravo did or didn’t do should be directed to your producers of the show. You were still wrong and you owe an apology to those individuals who still consider themselves a fan.

    January 27 at 1:48pm  / 
  144. Jackie Brown 

    nene last time i seen the show u was at a camp talking to kids about not letting no one bring u down and follow ur dream;what if some of those kids was watching last night espiode.nene u are so fake pancing around like a gehhto soldier on crack half naked starting shit .the way you acted u should be shame;

    January 27 at 1:49pm  / 
  145. tigerlee99 

    Nene are you serious all of that talking you’re doing on your Pillow Talk: This ALL fits who you are, messy, disrespectful, throwing shade, negative activity sad display of behavior , Nene you spark that lit the fire when you started on Kenya when she was late ” you started it and Apollo ended it! Fabulous people have class, not ghetto, bully, always aggravated with someone, acting silly, cursing all the time , loud mouth. And I’m staying fabulous as always.

    January 27 at 1:51pm  / 
  146. LCP719 

    Everyone needs to remember Kenya stirring the pot at the winery. She pointed out about what Cynthia was gossiping about and then about Natalie’s hubby not claiming her as his wife. With that said, this blow up was probably bound to happen, Nene however needs the spotlight so badly that she set it all up so she would be sure to in the (probably) most talked about the scene of the season. Nene is so full of herself, she had MINOR role on a cancelled sitcom & another small role on a hit tv show. Yes it was a hit, but she was by no means the star of it. As for the editing, was her asinine prancing up and down, (it was a strange burst of energy she seemed to have, if you know what I mean)., due to editing. Nene telling Kenya she needed her as whipped, was that editing? I mean coming from a VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. As for never any violence on the show, what does she call choking Kim? What does she call her agressiveness towards other cast mates? Sorry Nene, your a jerk with a big mouth, who has lousy broke husband and ticket to the Karma train that’s coming full speed.

    January 27 at 1:55pm  / 
  147. Karen M Gentry-Rilley 

    Did anyone notice how Gregg and NeNe just stood there, while everyone else was up in arms. Chuck and his wife sat by which is understandable because the line of questioning was to get the others stirred up. Also, take noticed NeNe now has no prospects in acting or show business, while everyone else on the show is excelling. Peep that out as well. NeNe is stirring the pot now so she can gain recognition and popularity to her self on the show. NeNe at one time thought RHOA was beneath her while she was doing Glee and New Norrnal. NeNe is now actually jealous of the rest. Especially, Kandi. Kandi stage show was a hit. NeNe thought the play was beneath her. IJS. But start checking NeNe now when it comes to the other ladies and the progress they are making, while NeNe is not making any nor her husband Gregg, which he never did anyway. LOL. Have you noticed now how Gregg is walking behind NeNe is photo shots. He’s starting to look like a servant rather than a husband. He’s looking like a has been (short for husband).

    January 27 at 2:03pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Yes!!! Yesssssssss!!!@

      January 27 at 8:10pm  / 
  148. daniterese1 

    Can we just forget about the whole Nene vs Kenya thing for a sec and address the fact that Apollo is a CRIMINAL. He is a damn mess he came out of NOWHERE and involved himself in a fight that had NOTHING to do with him and grabbed Brandon around the throat while Peter held Brandon down. Apollo is a punk and a bitch and apparently forgets that he is a FATHER who needs to set an example for his kids. He just get hits with lawsuit after lawsuit. Good thing his wife is a damn lawyer. Maybe that’s where he gets all his money to club cuz lord knows it ain’t HIS. He is an animal who is an embarrassment to watch. And are we also gonna ignore that he put his hands on Phaedra during the fight as well?

    January 27 at 2:04pm  / 
  149. morshalee 


    January 27 at 2:06pm  / 
  150. hoosierbaby 

    This show was so overly produced, that its hard to tell what happened with the storyline. If Kenya was 3 hours late, as Nene claims, why was she still stomping around, cursing like fool? I’m disappointed with Bravo, with Andy, I hope this assault on Brandon was worth their integrity. ALL of them should be ashamed of themselves, but, no REAL man would lay hands on a female, go ahead and step in between, but keep your hands to yourself. Only checkin that Chris should have done was with his wife. Every last REAL man should have stepped in FOR Kenya, not just Brandon. Like her or not, its unacceptable, period.

    January 27 at 2:19pm  / 
  151. Keeping It Real Real 

    I totally agree that NeNe should be ashamed of her behavior! But one thing my mother always said, “you can take a person out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of a person!” AND no matter how rich she claims she is and how many “New Normal’s” she gets, SHE IS WHO SHE IS! WHICH is a disrespectful, messy, foul mouthed, example of someone who sold their soul for ratings!!! She instigated the drama with questions that were messy (as usual) and bullied her way around the truth AS USUAL!!! Keep your daughters from reality TV unless you want them to see the kind of women that you don’t want them to be! Cause one thing you can learn from a “fool” is how NOT to be one!

    January 27 at 2:27pm  / 
  152. Sade Creighton 

    Okay so you had to wait 3 hours….I would have been pissed too, I can’t front. However, it’s amazing how you were able to turn up on Kenya so easily yet when the girls were late for the Savannah trip you said nothing. I guess Kenya is easier to turn up on then Khandi or Phadera…just saying.

    I digress…However, let’s be real NeNe you turned up on Kenya as soon as she walked in. If I were her I would have been on the defense as well. Then to add fuel to the fire when the conversation was not as turned up as you liked it to be you threw the Kenya under the bus about the “common law” marriage question. If you wanted the night to be over you could have ignored her and wrapped it up…but you didn’t.

    Chris also turned up by starting off questioning Kenya’s mental health….once again putting a normal person on the defense. I also get why Chris wanted to stand but again that would put anyone on the defense, especially if they are sitting…and especially if they were just chastised in front of the group. Then….his wife jumps in it and turns up like no one has ever seen her turn up…why??? Because she had “backup”. Could Kenya have remained seated??? Yes….but NeNe would you have remained seated??? NO.

    Moving on…..( we are going to skip past Brandon jumping in)…because he should have…he did nothing wrong.
    Peter jumps in to break up the fight and is doing a pretty great job…and Apollo jumps in out of nowhere…WTF Apollo…wifey not making you feel like a man at home so you took it out on poor Brandon. Yes poor Brandon because he was literally only able to fight off Apollo with his feet because Peter was on top of his upper body. In many areas of the world…some would say he got jumped. I hope everyone agrees that Apollo went crazy…I honestly think he wished Brandon was Phadera…just saying.

    NeNe, blame Kenya all you want…but your messiness caused this…and we’ve seen it before #kim #sharee now #kenya…. NeNe we are all disappointed…your so called help was full of Malice…if you really wanted to help perhaps next time bring in a real therapist.


    Sidenote: I really can’t believe you got on here and tried to deny you were messy….#keepitreal #ownit #noonelikesthevictim #justsaying

    January 27 at 2:27pm  / 
  153. Nikki Thomas 

    We all have to remember that this is reality TV and that it is called editing. I am sure there was several scenes that were deleted and these scenes we saw were for ratings. I believe that Christopher Williams never got a chance to speak his mind and Kenya jumped up to attack his wife before he was able to finish the conversation.

    I agree that Nene could have avoided some of this by not asking some of the questions that she knew were hot topics, but everyone in the room is an adult. I believe that if there is something that needs to be addressed that you need to address the issue or it will continue to fester until the point it did last night. You cannot mix single women with married people or even couples because it always turns out bad.

    January 27 at 2:29pm  / 
  154. Trenell 

    Game huh! Well your little game, went too FAR! There needed to an unbiased moderator (someone who could diffuse situations like that before things got out of hand) and unbiased questions. NeNe, the hostess with the mostess!, right, that’s what you called yourself. Why didn’t you stop the situation and take control before it escalated and say NO CHRISTOPHER SIT DOWN! Oh or was that a part of editing?
    While I believe that every individual is responsible for their own actions. It doesn’t matter that Kenya got up? Why was she not allowed to stand, but Christopher was allowed to. If it’s Kenya’s fault for charging his wife, then its Christopher’s fault for standing to address the issue. He created an hostile environment and was standing as an intimidation tactic. There was no need for him to walk and in her direction just as much as there was no need for her to charge toward his wife as you so eloquently put it. As far as Kenya starting mess, Natalie and Cynthia opened up a can of worms and should have kept their mouths closed. It’s funny how they can dish it out, but can’t take it. To be honest, Todd could have gotten up to address Natalie, the same way Christopher got up to address Kenya? Would that have been Kenya’s fault too…
    NeNe you can say you did not intend for that to happen, but what did you really expect given this groups past. Let’s keep it real, did you not get in Kim’s face on that tour bus with Kandi (from the looks of it, it looked like you got physical with her). Did you forget that? If Kenya was the problem as you stated, why invite her?
    Of course you think you run things, but the network really runs things and you did as told, bring the drama. It boils down to your ethics and what you will and will not stand for when it’s about the almighty dollar. You posed these questions knowing that it would cause more tension rather than clearing the air as you stated. If you really believe this was your intention, then all those comments you made towards Porsha regarding her intelligence, you should save for yourself. I think Kenya is a threat because like you, she looks to say things to create chaos for the dollar. You are more shady than real. Like you said, you can’t win when you fight dirty…. All of this comes at a cost. If it don’t get you, it can get your offspring. Karma is — and what goes around comes around…. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to play puppet master!

    January 27 at 2:32pm  / 
  155. susanz 

    Honey-chile, you cray, girl. I’m just being honest with you, what the h*ll were you on stalking back and forth at that stupid party and riling everyone up. So, you can stand up and be ugly (that’s easy for you, girl!) but when Kenya gets up to defend herself you get all mideaval all over her ass. Girl, I think you got some deep issues starting with jealousy of Kandi and Kenya because THEY are the ones everyone is talking about. Oh, and my best friend is gay, and calling branding “girlfriend in the red” was VERY homophobic. Have you ever been spoken to in a bad way for something you have no control over such as your race or gender? Well gay people don’t have a choice either, sweetie, so keep it up, Hollywood is looking farther and farther away for you with eeeevery episode of RHoA, girl! YOU CRRRRRRAY-CRAY!

    January 27 at 2:40pm  / 
  156. pattycakes 

    Everyone in that room is grown and responsible for their own actions. The only thing I fault NeNe for is screaming in Kenya’s face after the fiasco.

    Kenya was wrong for charging at Natalie. Natalie made no threats of any kind so I’m trying to figure out why she felt the need to confront Natalie in that manner. Everyone was asked uncomfortable questions and they remained seated. Brandon was merely defending his friend so I don’t think his actions were outrageous. I also don’t see how Christopher’s attempt to hold Kenya’s arm amounted to an abusive or violent encounter. I believe he genuinely felt as if Kenya was going after Natalie but he should’ve found a different way to prevent it.

    After watching last season, I knew this show was headed towards disaster. Bravo had to up the ante for even better ratings and now a show that I’ve loved since season one is now comparable to Love and Hip Hop or Mob Wives. This era of RHOA should have probably ended last season when mostly everyone was in a better place. Now, some of you ladies are so desperate to keep your spot on the show you will do anything it takes, and that most definitely includes Kenya. You stooped to her level and now everyone has their fingers pointed at YOU.

    Regardless of what viewers may say, NeNe you have accomplished what most Housewives haven’t. Why throw it away over some bull? RHOA has always been the favorite and would’ve continued being the favorite without the contrived nonsense. All of you have been really nasty towards each other this season and RHOA is now certified trash and I will not be watching next season.

    January 27 at 2:43pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      Did you see the video Kenya posted on twitter of Christopher saying in a local Atlanta interview that he was NOT married?…
      Kenya was NOT lying and she posted the video to prove it!

      January 27 at 5:07pm  / 
  157. ugmcj 

    NeNe for real??? We all know that Kenya is a trip at time. However, for that comment to out of your mouth, that she should “get a ass beating”. You should be shame of yourself. I like you at time to NeNe; last night you did NOT come correct as ALL. Straight hood, you and Apollo. There was no unity among the sisters hood at all. You should take your money and pay for a commercial to apologize. If I was Brandon I will get a good lawyer; someone will be smack with a serious lawsuit.

    January 27 at 2:53pm  / 
  158. Mario Carroll 

    You were clearly at fault for inviting a room full of people with that much animosity towards each other! Messy moose looking ass. Who cares if you & Greg go jump off bridges with them nappy headed ugly asses sons & that bug eyed grandbaby! You seemed wheeled up on coke last night or high on something & I hope they wreck your ass at the reunion! Your day of reckoning is coming Nene Leakes & the real girls are having a healthy laugh at your expense! Now BOOM that Bullwinkle!!!!!

    January 27 at 3:02pm  / 
  159. Alwayspicready 

    I believe the producers have to set up certain situations just to get conflict going, however this was a very mess event to begin with. It seems that all the Ladies just talk behind each others backs and back peddle. I have watched RHOA since the beginning and there has never been a physical altercation on the show. I think you aren’t taking ownership in your role due to your new career as an actress (I don’t blame you for that protect those future coins honey) I think whenever Kenya arrives she bring all 50 shades of her personality with her. One minute she’s grilling Kandi about arriving late without an explanation and the next she’s doing the something that she’s requesting everyone else not to do.

    Apollo has been on edge all damn season. From the left over mess with Kenya to him not having any authority at his house. Next time he should find a younger less successful women to procreate with and demand his place in the Kingdom. lol <—–Okay that was a little shady honey.

    Brandon Brandon Brandon he was just kicking them little feet honey trying to get apollo off him. It almost looked like peter and apollo were jumping the poor guy. I don't know if I would hire a lawyer because apollo is getting what he deserves honey. No bad deed goes unpunished. Those poor boys might have to grow up with out a dad because of his lack of good judgment.

    January 27 at 3:04pm  / 
  160. Jackie Brown 

    thank margo for not being there u have better things to do love u n i respect u . u would have not follow the dress code anyway. peace

    January 27 at 3:04pm  / 
  161. Deltricia Williams 

    Everyone on here know who Ne Ne is…if you got baggage in your trunk, do not ever go to any of her events. They know this about her, all of the HWOA, yet they still attend her functions. NeNe simply asked a question, what the party was about. Knowing your mate. I do not believe it was her fault. It is just Nene being Nene.

    January 27 at 3:06pm  / 
    • MrsMiller 

      Such a true statement because NeNe act like the other ladies should always attend her events but she won’t do Kandi play!! Something is wrong with this picture. I couldn’t have a shady person like that in my circle of friends.

      January 27 at 3:09pm  / 
    • ShellyB 

      NeNe is a starter & that’s that. Last year she toned it down, because she was tired and dizzy from all the work & travel but. Now she is back & in full affect As you can see & as she has stated she has clout with the producers, so I know she was given this position to create the drama that she feels is good for viewing pleasure. Reality tv is her for sure bread & butter & although it may not be to the viewers approval every episode she still gone get that check.

      January 27 at 4:54pm  / 
  162. MrsMiller 

    NeNe you shouldn’t have never brought up the conversation about what Kenya said. You said that the game was a pillow talk game and you should have kept it that way. Not bring up something that already has been discussed between the ladies. I am most certainly not a fan of Kenya and you need to boot her off the show. Kenya is very messy and she needs to grow up when it comes to people spouses. I really thought the show titled is the RHOA. Kenya isn’t married hell she don’t even have a man so why is she on the show anyway.

    January 27 at 3:06pm  / 
    • ShellyB 

      Kenya May not be married but I think without Kenya & her foolery the show would not have any comic relief cause she is mental in her own way and that provides for good viewing. Kenya is one of the only women on this show that is easy on the eyes other than Porsche. All the other women are not good looks in my opinion and could surely stand to loose & tone up their bodies. Oh and Cynthia is also easy on the eyes. I think they should give looney tunes her own show but she is still good for ratings.

      January 27 at 4:26pm  / 
  163. Prince Jarvis 

    I have two things to say ” Hot Mess and Childish”!!! Adults need to set the example and learn to talk with all the fighting.

    January 27 at 3:11pm  / 
  164. Nonion Buizness 

    Ne Ne, you are the culprit in this whole fiasco. You were mad at Kenya for being late and started crap, the way you did it was very menacing and hateful. How dare you get mad at Kenya for getting up? I am not a Kenya Moore fan but she was very smart by not sitting in a defenseless position as a grown man is hovering over her while his wife is selling out behind him egging him to do only God knows what. I am glad Kenya friend was not a punk behind man and stood up to defend her. That whole setup was for Bull Crap. You just did not think it would get as violent as it did. Afterwards you are talking to Kenya like she is a child screaming and telling her it’s her fault. Woman own up and take it YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THE WHOLE SHENANIGANS and you owe Kenya an apology. You have always been my favorite housewife but after this crap you did, I am looking differently at you because this was childish with mean girl written all over it and I am “KEEP’N IT REAL”.

    January 27 at 3:11pm  / 
  165. Conmcin 

    Nene, I think your intentions were good, but the setting was wrong. At the time there was very strong tension & emotions between these women. So, when you have women who have very different & strong personalities who are filled with strong tension & emotions, putting them in a room to discuss relationships without a professional mediator/counselor was the wrong thing to do. Also, what happened makes good TV ratings, so I’m sure that’s why things were cut out. You ladies can act classy sometimes, but classy doesn’t make ratings.

    January 27 at 3:18pm  / 
  166. Denise71 

    The show is still awesome and I love all the girls!!! I only wish the pillow party could have been more on friends and what to do when relationships have problems and how to work through it. I didn’t want to see servers prance around in a thong and underwear. Not classy at all none whatsoever. The questions should have been more friendly and cozy… This is a pajama party!! Kenya should have stayed seated and not addressed anything to homeboys wife. That was old news discussed last week. Who cares if Christopher is married or shacking.. So what. Kenya’s out trying to buy sperm to get pregnant when she should be sleeping with her man in Africa. (If he’s real). If the man cared anything at all he would fly her there even if its for a short time (weekend) have an intimate moment and come home. Maybe the guy doesn’t want kids. Kenya always wants attention just like she did in the bus screaming at the others about being late. She was late and wanted all eyes on her! Apollo should have stayed seated because he was absolutely wrong for hitting Brandon. Apollo has children (babies) he’s really wanting to ruin it and not see his children grow up. Now that he’s been arrested for theft/fraud he may be a goner. Phaedra deserves much better for her children and herself. Cynthia deserves better than Peter. Porsha, well she’s single and should stay that way. NeNe is married to Gregg for the 2nd time and should be the most classiest lady on the show. Kandi and Todd I just don’t know what to say about him. Kandi can do all good without him to. I’m still gonna watch RHOA. Just because they acted crazy doesn’t make those that watch act the way they did. I just have to wonder if there’s some history between Apollo and Brandon. Why would Apollo come after Brandon like that?? Makes no sense to me. Make sure when you have another party the questions are not about people’s past relationships because that brings heartache and pain. People are trying to live in the present moving toward a future!!! Good Luck Housewives. Hope you ALL find peace and comfort with FORGIVENESS!!! You ALL owe each other APOLOGIES PERIOD!!!!

    January 27 at 3:23pm  / 
  167. ansmcneil 


    Love you Mrs. NeNe ! :)

    January 27 at 3:29pm  / 
  168. manuel 

    Apollo was busted for bank fraud and identity theft last week. The loser belongs in jail. He physically assaulted Brandon for no reason, while Peter held him down to get punched. Both Apollo and Peter are thug criminals who belong in jail. Think about it….they’re both horrible people who married their wives for the money. I can’t believe Cynthia would stand for what Peter did and all the money he has cost her since they’ve been married but she’s clearly stupid. Phaedra is in on the bank fraud and identity theft with her husband. Soon you’ll see Apollo/Phaedra and Peter being sent to jail where they belong.

    January 27 at 3:35pm  / 
  169. ShellyB 

    I personally feel that Television is simply a source of entertainment & every one gets out of it what they want! I am a faithful RHOA viewer and it is only in my opinion that the show is created for drama and the whole cast is fully aware of it. Yes watching adult men duke it out was a bit much and over rated, however I still found it to be a source of entertainment as I have waited all season for this episode! NeNe although I found you to be over the top & instigating its nothing new for your character & the person you have portrayed yourself to be from day one. All though the questions were asked to be antagonizing to the guest every one there were adults and perfectly capable of conducting themselves as such. The bottom line is No one has the right to invade anyone’s personal space so therefore from what I observed and what Bravo broadcasted was Christopher grabbing Kenya’ arm he was wrong for that. I did see Kenya get up & walk (not charge) then Kenya’s friend Brandon came to her defense against Christopher at which should not have constituted him getting jumped on by both Apollo & Christopher. This episode was foolery at its finest and yes I was taken aback that it went down this way but what do you expect, this is ultimately how the producers want to portray us colored folks to the entire world. Mrs. Leaks only allowed herself to be used as the one it would all fall back on. These women want to have class because they have money but one thing is for sure they couldn’t buy it with a billion bucks not one single one of them. XOXO…

    January 27 at 3:40pm  / 
    • georgette 

      It won’t fall back on Nene ,because it is scripted TV. They all had their role’s to paly, knew the type {if not exact} of questions would be asked. Kenya did what Kenya does, try and make herself relevant by any means necessary. She wants to be the Brandi from BH’s Housewives. In hopes that she will take over this season, like she couldn’t last season, the way Brandi has taken over BH’s housewives. But it will never happen. That’s Nene’s show. Nene did nothing wrong. Apollo is the only one who went off script, and Brandon somewhat with Chris. Nene will not suffer for any of this. Bravo has their ratings, and even more coming with the next episode. Nene has been on every talk show there is, and I would bet they are booking her now, to hear about these 2 episodes, and of course Apollo and Phaedra’s sad predicaments. I to see it as entertainment, it has been the same since day one. The people on here who claim they are shocked and appalled, and won’t Ever watch again, well they are telling a Damn Lie.

      January 27 at 6:01pm  / 
  170. absatou 

    that part was specially funny “I’ve been on this show from the very beginning and we have NEVER had a physical altercation on this show! ” REALLY?!
    Nene please! pulling hair and trying to choke your so called best friend (kim) doesn’t count as physical altercation I suppose.

    just admit you wanted to push buttons, but it went too far. and trust me that fight was only one of the many embarrassing moments of this episode -_-

    January 27 at 3:50pm  / 
  171. kat29 

    First of all Christopher or whatever hell his name is got up first when he was asked to seat, he would not,with the encouragement of his wife. I don’t blame Nene for asking the valid question of being real. However, I blame her for angrily charging at Kenya Moore when clearly she was approached first by the man (christopher). It is as if you are saying, a man can get up and approach a woman but a woman cannot – that era is gone Nene. Secondly, whether she was so late at the party, your anger towards her was so unfairly drawn out – you called her names etc. “big boobs” etc. That was disrespectful of you. The other women have been late before but you were never angry – why all a sudden are you angry at Kenya? Don’t get me started on Christopher who eyed Kenya when she walked in. It was as if he saw the light or something. He likes Kenya period and I am sure, he told her that he was in a common law arrangement to get into her. hahhaha. Now Apollo charged on the guy who came in with Kenya as if he is in love with Kenya. He was jealous of the man and wanted to beat him up for being with Kenya. Full stop. What else? There all crazy – but watching crazy is more fun than watching classy. House wives of Atlanta has drama – that is why we like to watch it. Other housewives are boring. No one wants to watch tea parties…hahahah

    January 27 at 3:58pm  / 
  172. susanz 

    One more thing, heffah. Honey-chile, you got yourself some cottage cheese thighs, whatcha doin wearing that slutty outfit at the pajama party? It was Dis.Gust.Ing. Try to get some class, girl. Oh wait…you’re hopelessly ghetto. Forget it.

    January 27 at 3:59pm  / 
  173. Jalexandriaa12 

    I really don’t understand how many of you can fault NeNe for that altercation . First , it’s tv it’s edited chopped & screwed to make it look as entertaining as possible . So there are many things we did not see . Two , everyone there is/was grown they should know how to control themselves , I think Kenya is very messy and she honestly got herself caught up in more than she could handle . Kenya likes the attention trust me , it’s always “about her ” ie on the bus headed on the trip to savannah . I understand where nene comes from about trying to build relationships … Honestly no one wants a pacifier friend that says Any and everything you wanna hear . So frankly some of y’all just need to find your chill and continue to watch for clarification !

    January 27 at 4:03pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      Did you see the video Kenya posted on twitter of Christopher saying in a local Atlanta interview that he was NOT married?…
      Kenya was NOT lying and she posted the video to prove it!

      January 27 at 5:04pm  / 
  174. Vanjie Moore 

    Bravo and NeNe started this mess. don’t point the finger at Kenya. (In your voice Gull Bye!!!) She had every right to stand up and address anything Christopher had to say. When talking to a person you have the right to look them straight in the face. I would have stood up too. For him to grab her arm, he were dead wrong. Why bring this foolery (Chuck&Mynique/Christopher Williams/Natalie) in the mix ha…. to get more ratings. If you really wanted the ladies to bond and become closer this was not the way to do it. I were waiting for NeNe to start some bullshit, and she gave me just what I wanted. and for anybody that think this heifer changed have several seats and never get up! (DEAD) Christopher and Natalie came on the show to get a Bravo check and try to give Peter and Cynthia advice, cause they been maddied 18 years that’s BULLSHIT. When he sung that whack song for them. They went out and bought rings to throw everybody off. He know they are common law, the truth hurt. As you can see when the episode aired and their name pop up on the tv screen. His name showed up as Christopher Williams and her name showed up as Natalie. Every other married couple that visited the show had their spouse last name, so why wouldn’t she. If she supposedly happily married. And to Cynthia everybody that smile in your face aren’t your damn friend. I see you trying to become relevant this seasoning, but you going about the wrong way. can somebody say Messy Messy Messy! No matter what you tell your husband or tell him what somebody say. He still gonna do what he wanna do, that include spend your money. (POW!) NeNe get your life honey cause you messy as hell.

    January 27 at 4:09pm  / 
  175. Sharilynne1234 

    NeNe! Accept the fact that you made this ridiculous mess. You embarrassed Bravo, the cast, your fans, your husband (DID YOU SEE GREG’S FACE)! But most of all NeNe you embarrassed yourself. Cynthia tried to warn you but as usual you did not listen. You can’t blame your behaivor last night on Kenya this time. You have become so cold hearted lately. Don’t get me wrong NeNe. You are the reason I watch RHOA but you have changed in a negative way. Be the strong black woman that your fans love and apologies to everyone before it is too late. #respect

    January 27 at 4:12pm  / 
  176. coolazzchick 

    Hey, did anybody notice Chuck hiding on the side of the fireplace Behind his wife…lmbo

    January 27 at 4:14pm  / 
  177. ByrdScott 

    NeNe you have come so far. It was disappointing to watch the events that unfolded. Kenya is absolutely crazy with no regard for others so I did not expect anything better from her. I am disappointed in you.

    January 27 at 4:19pm  / 
  178. Bee AtPeace NotPieces 

    I LOVE THIS SHOW and all the Cast!

    NeNe you are AWESOME!!!!

    This is just entertainment and that’s what I was ENTERTAINED!!! Thanks NeNe for providing opportunities to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of all the CAST!

    You, NeNe are the only one who has lasted! You know what brings Good TV….That’s why we watch anyway.

    Never mind the critics, we love this kind of stuff that’s why we stop everything to watch, that’s why we have your show programmed in our DVRS! keep it coming!

    January 27 at 4:19pm  / 
  179. amanda 

    Brandon is not Kenya’s “girlfriend”…you illiterate, uneducated fool.
    He is a sweet, handsome, intelligent gay man…and the only gentleman in that room. He was the only decent man in the room that night including that worthless buffoon you are married to. You are an embarrassment. You make a fool of yourself every week. You will lose everything.

    January 27 at 4:19pm  / 
  180. apeters269 

    First of all, thank you for allowing the public to comment on last night’s episode. I’m sure, however, the comments are not what you expected. Since the start of this series, you have been my favorite housewife. You are hilarious, on point, and usually tell it like it is! Kenya, on the other hand, has definitely been at the bottom of my RHOA list. But I have to say…you are slowly slipping down my list, especially doing this season. YOU HAVE BECOME SUCH THE INSTIGATOR!!!! I don’t know if the show is suffering in ratings, so you ladies have been instructed to “turn it up”, but you are out of control. More to the point, last night’s episode…(1) the PJ party was a really cute idea, HOWEVER…prancing around in lingerie in front of your friends’ (and I use that word lightly) husbands/boyfriends?!?! I don’t understand how Gregg was comfortable with that. Not only did you choose to wear that, but you continued to (or so it seemed from the edited version) parade back and forth in front your guests, wearing a lingerie! (2) Now, you knew the sensitive areas of all those in attendance and yet you “created” a game asking not only very personal questions, but questions that YOU KNEW WOULD INVOKE CONFRONTATION!!!! I know I don’t have to explain this to you, but since you asked about my opinion…it’s already an awkward moment to know that your man has slept with one of your friends (obviously BEFORE YOU WERE FRIENDS). So why would you add fuel to that fire!?!?!? That was class-LESS and ghetto!!!! (3) Finally, you go off on Kenya? IT WAS YOUR FAULT THAT THE FIGHT STARTED!!!! NOT KENYA!!!! She reacted as she should have (this time) and Chris had no business putting his hands on her PERIOD!!!!! You asking her why she get up from her seat…why were you prancing around half-nasty time and time again? Why was Chris standing up over Kenya (just about)? Why was Cynthia standing up? You didn’t ask them that question! In this case, Kenya did what she should have!!! You, on the other hand, are despicable! And since I’ve been given this opportunity…tone down the makeup! You are starting to look at a drag-queen!!!!!

    January 27 at 4:25pm  / 
  181. Evelyn Godsholovesme Johnson 

    Cynthia Bailey started all of this when she went back and told what was said the night Peter got Christopher Williams to sing for her. Then she went back and told Peter what Candy had said, which she took all out of content and lied to Peter about what her response was. She has been kicking shit all season and hiding her hands. Yeah, Nene was somewhat the blame for bringing it up at the Pillow Talk, but she wouldn’t have known about it if Cynthia would have left it where she got it>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    January 27 at 4:25pm  / 
  182. TweetMaxine 

    There’s a difference between instigating a fight -vs- instigating violence. Clearly Nene is able to stop/prevent violence when she wants to: 1) In South Africa when she stopped Marlo and Sheree 2) In Anguilla when she stopped Porsha and Kenya. Not sure why she sat back last night with no attempt to stop the violence. Again she didn’t make anyone get violent, but standing by and doing nothing does not help Nene’s case either.

    January 27 at 4:27pm  / 
  183. rcoleman30 

    I totally disagree. Nene conceptualized a party where there would be questions and answers; now that cast with their degrees, businesses, and etc. would have to have been pretty dumb not to have an idea of what questions might be asked (come on this is a SMART group of people!). My issue is with the MEN and how they address or try to resolve issues with this group of women. First off I don’t see why anyone would address something from 5+ years back (the big homie that was in the corner), but if you must address it; please address it like a man. Some of these men act like they should be wearing Ms. Lawrence heels. And secondly I think Brandon over reacted, you have a hot headed Jamaican, a ex-con, a retired football player, and Greg; I can almost guarantee you none of them would have allowed Chris to mis-handle Kenya (although they may not like her ass). Chris and his wife came with intentions of confronting Kenya, which is probably why Kenya became offensive (just a theory). This just makes for great entertainment. Now if you fall prey to any trap you may think Nene or Bravo has set! THAT’S ON YOU. Play the game, and don’t let the game play you. Nene keep doing your thang. TEAM NENE al the way baby. YEAH

    January 27 at 4:29pm  / 
  184. Tamera.Simpson 

    Now I normally don’t do this but leggo!! Nene Leaks I am with you when you are right but you were dead wrong!! You did start this whole situation that transpired on RHOA last night!! You can try to convince yourself that Kenya did but girl you would just br lying to your teeth through your teeth. I only signed up to comment and get you together. That was a hot mess!! You were taking some nasty digs at Kenya when walked even though she apologized…but enough of that!! Back to you and your messy self! You are on drugs if you think for one minute that you are not the Queen of Instigator of that clown show that took place. I dont promote violence but Kenya should have busted your ass in the danm face!!

    January 27 at 4:35pm  / 
    • susanz 

      Holla!!! Kenya should have smacked Nene in the snout a few times! Watch Nene run screaming and crying, she ain’t all that! She a HEFFAAAH!

      January 27 at 6:35pm  / 
  185. anitas 

    When Christopher stood up,Porsha asked him to please take a seat,at that time he stated that he wasnt staying. Like he wanted to address Kenya before he left.But of course Kenya didnt let him get much out before she got up.and she didnt charge christopher,she went to his wife. Kenya complained the entire trip to savannah about the ladies being late and was 3 hours late.she shouldve just stayed at home!!!Kenya is always starting something, this is no way NeNe’s fauult. I am disappointed in the whole scene. I think Apollo got hit in the face trying to help peter so he went off

    January 27 at 4:36pm  / 
  186. Dyanne Ayanna Iniko Brocco 

    I don’t know why everyone is sooo “I’m so disappointed, so shameful, blah blah blah”. I thought it was GREAT!!!!!!! The group had a choice of not answering any of Nene’s questions. They knew what was happening. So they all are to be blamed, not just Nene and Kenya. When Christopher got up and walked towards the table, I knew he wasn’t going over there to get anything to eat. He was working his way towards Kenya. When Kenya got up and was walking towards his common-law wife, he attempted to grab her (not in a threatening way) elbow or arm to stop her. That’s when all hell broke lose. Technically, him touching her is considered an assault. So the action by her friend is understandable. Her friend jumped up as any male (real) friend would do to protect her. Peter and whomever tried to stop the fight and then Apollo grabbed Kenyas friend by the neck and threw back into the chair and then just went in on him. Not sure what that was about. Apollo said the guy hit him after round one ended, I’m thinking in the private area maybe and that’s why he was going at him so ferociously. I think everyone’s anger about whatever issues they had with each other exploded. Now that they have this out of their system, they can go back to the REAL WORLD. Apollo most likely will be going to jail for identify theft and bank fraud, Phaedra is thankful for her second career and will try to figure out a way to rebuild her kingdom. Kandi will produce her play and live happily ever after with Todd and count her money, Peter will search for a business that will not fail, Cynthia will work on giving Peter more sex and look pretty, Porscha will try to find a job cuz Cordells well has dried up. Christopher and Natalie will finally jump the broom,
    the ex-football player (can’t remember his name. is it Forgettable?) will still be delusional about his sexual conquests (which are forgettable), his wife will continue to be just delusional and Nene and Greg will continue to love each other and always KEEP IT REAL!!!!! Unlike everyone else, I don’t look up to these people. They don’t represent anyone but themselves. The show is entertainment and I was thoroughly entertained. lol
    Be kind when you bash me. lol

    January 27 at 4:37pm  / 
    • georgette 

      You are so right on many of your observations. All of it was scripted, until Brandon over-played his role, and Apollo went all the way off script. Nene didn’t start any of this, except playing her scripted role as the hostess and questionnaire, to the questions they all knew were coming. It tickle’s me that Reality TV viewers , have the nerve to act shocked and appalled , about Reality TV actors/actresses. SMH They are going to bash me, { at least the idiots will } when they read my original post, but I don’t care, it’s the truth.

      January 27 at 5:00pm  / 
  187. amanda 

    @rcoleman30…you OVER ESTIMATE the intelligence of his group.

    January 27 at 4:39pm  / 
  188. asouthernflair 

    Kenya is NOT a LIAR! YOU are Nene Leakes! Did you see the video Kenya posted on twitter where he states he is NOT married. Kenya told the truth….all these extra couples that you are bringing around in hopes of replacing RHOA members you do not like are wack and full of it…..just like you…..Remember wasnt too long ago you set up Phadra on your long ride home from Athens! Give it a rest….You are a hater….Kenya is BEAUTIFUL….and has always been and that is something you can not compete with on any level. I am so done with YOU!

    January 27 at 4:41pm  / 
  189. georgette 

    Nene girl if you were as pretty as your photo on here, you would really have it going on. You are gorgeous for real though. For the rest of you living in TV Land Reality TV TOO DAMN MUCH, listen up. Nene didn’t start nothing. These TV hungry adults knew what time it was. Nene just played the hostess. Bravo TV edited and showed your hungry selves just what they knew you wanted to see, and now y’all have the Au-Da-Ci-Ty to claim you all are Shocked and Appalled …..PLEASE. Kenya is doing just what she intends to do, which is copy off of Brandi’s troublemaking ass on the Housewives of Beverly Hills, in the hopes of grabbing the spotlight from Nene, the same way Brandi has done to all of the Housewives of Beverly Hills. She has argued and outed every woman on this show, her most recent victims Chris’s wife/girlfriend and Monique. Can’t y’all READ!! Another thing are y’all blind or do you just have a selected memory ? Chris was all ready standing up, on the way to get some food. Why Porsche made that comment to him is beyond me, I guess she missed her cue. She is Porsche apteral. Kenya’s ass was getting ready to get all in that lady’s face, and devour her with her vulgar mouth. Chris did not jerk her arm, he just tried to get between them. Why Brandon jumped up like a fool, is beyond me, but I’m sure he won’t do that again….at least not if Apollo is in the room ;-) Apollo, Apollo, Apollo..SMH Apollo is the one who flipped the script. Little did we know, that when this episode was filmed Apollo already knew the Feds was onto him, and the brother was just anxious, afraid, worried, hell just scared. So any little thing would piss him off. so when Brandon accidently or on purpose hit him in the eye, he went Bat-Shit Crazy !! Of course Bravo didn’t allow us to see that BIG tidbit of footage. Also Apollo was/is probably so paranoid , that he thinks Kendra and Brandon snitched on him to the Feds. So if you want to be truthful about who is at fault about the Big fight, it’s Apollos nervous ass. Just lay off of Nene, because she played her scripted role, Kendra played her scripted/premeditated role, as well as everyone else. Apollo just messed it up, and anything that happens next week, is because of that. True feelings and words will be spoken on the next episode when the arguing begins in earnest, that will not be scripted. It might be taken out of term, because of Apollo. So the original script for Kandi, Peter, Cynthia, and Todd won’t be shown. What we will see from them will be for real, for real. I say We, cause all of you who are saying that you will never watch the show again…Is Telling A Damn Lie. These women/.men are not doing to much out of the ordinary, They have been acting like this fighting, arguing, lying, backstabbing , all of the Juicy Stuff we like, since The Real Housewives 1st started coming on. So sit down somewhere with all of this self-righteous bull-crap. Reality TV just took a turn for the Real, because of Apollo, and Brandon because he over played his scripted role between him and Chris . Once again lay off of Nene, because she did nothing wrong, they knew the type { if not the exact } questions she would ask . What did you all have for dinner last evening, what ages are your kids, did y’all make woopie today, does not a Reality TV “Pillow Talk” Show make. Be For Real Folks. { I don’t feel like proof-reading, any typo’s, y’all smart enough {maybe} to know what I meant to type } Keeping It Real…..With Nene ;-)

    January 27 at 4:42pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      You must be at Nene’s house kissing her butt and painting her toe nails with Cynthia! Child please, go somewhere with that mess you taking about. The truth will set you free!

      …and you excuse Apollo because of his pending case…he almost caught another one!….

      January 27 at 4:54pm  / 
      • georgette 

        No idiot, I just know the difference between Reality TV and REAL LIFE. You should probably check into the real world, if you can. OAN I’m not defending Apollo, reading comprehension I see is another problem you have. I said Apollo acted the way he did, because he was/is a paranoid, anxious man then and now. We just didn’t know it. In any case he’s the culprit who went off SCRIPT… SCRIPT…not REAL LIFE. and turned it into a REAL life situation for them all. Not Nene she stuck to her original scripted role as well as everybody else…Until Apollo went BAT-SHIT CRAZY…but only after Brandon over-acted. This and what I wrote above is as ELEMENTARY as I can get it for you to Understand. HOTEP

        January 27 at 5:13pm  / 
    • Twabs 

      Well said:)

      January 27 at 6:01pm  / 
      • mrscrystalb 

        georgette clearly has too much time on her hands, you and nene need to get a job

        January 28 at 7:00am  / 
    • tRuthBheard 

      Clearly it shows who the real reality tv hungry, junkie, groupie (whatever you want to call it) is.. You re-wrote the whole darn script over in your own words WOW.. And no I did not read your version of it. You had me SMH at the 1st two sentences. And as it clearly shows you are just a fool as reality “so-called” celebrities are.. LOL.. I might go back and read your whole story.. To get a great laugh.. I must say we can’t be mad at reality fools.. They are the ones getting paid from our cable subscriptions.. ~tBt~

      January 28 at 4:23pm  / 
  190. asouthernflair 

    and….NOW all of a sudden you have a problem with editing when it does not benefit you! Maybe they had her narrate because even the producers of the show know you are messy and started it ALL. ….or maybe they are just tired of your azz and want Kenya to take the lead….and I did not see anything about Apollo and how her jumped in a fight that did not involve him and WHY would you call Kenya’s assistant her GIRLFRIEND….he is clearly a man…no need to be DISRESPECTFUL to the gay community!….TEAM KENYA MOORE!…She IS GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS!

    January 27 at 4:48pm  / 
  191. Jennifromnc 

    Kenya started that fight by trying to step to Christpher’s wife. And like any real man would do, he tried to stop crazo from getting in his wife’s face! Kenya is a MESS with that horrible looking fake ass!!! Her skin looks unclean and ashy, not to mention she looks like she stinks! I swear she looks as if she is carrying around a dump in every outfit, that fake butt is not working! !!!! She is a trouble maker that gets a high out of making people small by insulting them. She really needs to look in the mirror and clean her own life up instead of trying mess up other’s self esteem.
    Nene was only giving good tv And you can’t hold what grown people do against her.
    And Apollo was looking quite delicious with his shirt off!

    January 27 at 4:54pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      Stop smoking crack! Crack is Wack!

      January 27 at 4:56pm  / 
      • georgette 

        My goodness you people really are living in fantasy land. My Goodness !! Get a REAL life. Kenya Moore’s self-important ass would not give you the time of day, wait maybe she would you sound delirious too.

        January 27 at 5:21pm  / 
    • georgette 

      LOL that’s the truth, Kenya is not pretty at all. She has no sense of style either, and quite frankly does look hard and unclean. Even her father said that about her ashy feet.

      January 27 at 5:17pm  / 
    • purfection62 

      Jenni if you blame Kenya for starting the fight you have no truth in you or you were watching something different than everybody else.

      January 27 at 9:49pm  / 
    • tRuthBheard 

      Jenni, Jenni, Jenni from North Carolina.. I must say you are a reality tv fool also..Lol.. You proved yourself no better than the ones you bash on the show for saying / doing the same thing you are doing..Shady, Shady, and Shady.. But guess what? They get paid.. Hope you do too.. Reality “So-Called” Celebrity Fools.. Now thats funny.. ~tBt~

      January 28 at 4:34pm  / 
  192. MsChokolite 

    Nene had stated what the topic was about. When the topic came up regarding Kenya’s statement about Christopher and Natalie, Kenya stated that they had already discussed it. Yes, Christopher was told by Porcha to sit down but he was standing reading the card. Then he went to confront Kenya but she was still sitting down. When Natalie told Kenya not to pedal down, that’s when Kenya got up. Christopher grabbed Kenya only to stop her. He didn’t mean any harm. That’s when Kenya took it out of context and that’s when Kenya’s friend jumped in. Kenya was embarrassed because she was going to get caught in another one of her lies.

    January 27 at 4:56pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      Did you see the video Kenya posted on twitter of Christopher saying in a local Atlanta interview that he was NOT married?…
      Kenya was NOT lying and she posted the video to prove it!

      January 27 at 4:59pm  / 
      • MsChokolite 

        No I didn’t see Kenya’s post because I wasn’t following her. Regardless if she did have proof, she had no reason to say anything if she wasn’t going to back up what she said about Christopher to his face in front of Natalie. She stated that her and Natalie talked about it but Christopher wasn’t there. Bring all parties that are involved together. So if she was telling the truth, she could of said it instead of jumping up and try to get at Natalie.

        January 27 at 7:46pm  / 
  193. Anna 

    NeNe Leakes has a pattern of throwing the rock (or in this case throwing the grenade) and hiding her hand. Do you really think we are stupid? Why didn’t you pose any of your nasty and hostile questions to yourself and Greg? Why didn’t you ask him why he got on radio and said nasty things about you? You knew those questions were targeted to the women and men in the room, as in the case with Porsha you asked about homosexuality and then insisted she answer the question. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that was a hostile question that dealt with Porsha and Kordel’s failed marriage. You have to be a mean puppy to go after people’s most fragile and vulnerable experiences. That was downright mean spirited. Then, when the whole thing blew up in your face you point to Kenya as the culprit. Shaking my damn head because you are trying to sell all of us wolf tickets and we aren’t buying. All of these events you organize are loaded with vicious rumormongering and nastiness. How do you sleep at night? Your hands aren’t clean. Your own son has been in and out of jail but you cast aspersion on others instead of trying to clean up your own filthy house.

    January 27 at 4:57pm  / 
    • asouthernflair 

      Well said and true!

      January 27 at 5:01pm  / 
  194. NYCBABY 

    I think Nene was wrong for inciting that fiasco – - I think she knew which button to push to set it off with Kenya who is a little cray cray. However, I think Mr and Mrs. Christopher Williams are at fault. If Chris never stood up and approached Kenya and started talking crap, with his wife chiming in behind him, then things may not have rose to that level. I don’t care what anyone says but if someone is approaching me talking crap and I am sitting on the floor, then I am standing up. Everyone else stayed in their seat, why couldn’t Mr. Williams? He could have said whatever he wanted to say sitting on his ass. Personally, what Kenya said about Chris and his wife, just wasn’t that deep for me. He should’ve just said that’s a lie and I am in love with this lady beside me and kept it moving. Mrs. Williams is also a bit extra for me and seemed to want to get it started. Nene clearly doesn’t like Kenya and probably wants her off the show, but truth is truth – it wasn’t all Kenya’s fault. And Nene is the last person to talk about someone being aggressive (shaking my head).

    January 27 at 5:02pm  / 
    • codypunkin 

      Christopher got up to talk because he knew he was lying and needed to think. He should have stayed seated and all hell would not have broken loose.

      January 27 at 7:55pm  / 
  195. NYCBABY 

    And I think Nene knows good and well that Kenya was not about to attack whatever Chris Williams wife is. Kenya’s mouth is always going but she has never went beserk and attacked anyone (unlike Nene who went crazy on Kim Z). And the reason Kenya’s friend was probably so protective is because, like most people, he probably heard that Chris is a woman beater or aggressive with women. I am so pissed. I can’t stand Chris and his wife – not sure why they are on the show,

    January 27 at 5:07pm  / 
  196. BeautifulGal 

    Let me just say this Nene, I hope this was just ACTING because you have disappointed so many of your fans. If you all wanted to get the ratings up…well great job! Clearly you started the whole mess, there is no way around it. On top of that, you sit up there and talk to Kenya any kind of way…you are so disrespectful. Kenya is a fool to allow you to treat or talk to her that way. But I guess it seems like you know who to try, and who not to try. You so call yourself saying you keep it real…I call it real fake and it shows. That is all!

    January 27 at 5:27pm  / 
  197. Katrina 

    When did it become appropriated for grown people to fight just because they don’t want to talk about the subject?

    January 27 at 5:47pm  / 
  198. Twabs 

    Soooo, everybody throwing stones but at the end of the day every person on the RHOA are grown. Whether NeNe brought up the question or not, at some point it was going to be addressed due to the controversy between Kenya and Natalie beef from the previous episode. Kenya could have answered her question while being seated and Chris. Kenya didn’t get up while Chris was up. She got up once Natalie started addressing the issue and she started charging across the room. Did Chris knock her out or slap her? No! He politely grabbed her to prevent from charging at his wife. Come on now…..if you seen someone getting ready to charge and attack your significant other are you going to stand there like a statue and let them do it? Absolutely not! Should the fighting have taken place? Absolutely not! Should people learn how to control themselves? Absolutely! But for those who have been watching the show since season 1, ya’ll already know what time it is. A lot of things could have been done differently…….unfortunately they didn’t last night. However, its simple if you didn’t like what you saw last night, then don’t support the show. But if you a true fan then keep supporting. It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure it out. And anytime alcohol is involved people are going to show up and show out.
    We do not get see EVERYTHING in detailed about show. Some events the producers will delete out. But the key thing is as I said before EVERYBODY IS GROWN.

    January 27 at 5:57pm  / 
    • lee 

      The problem with your logic is that Kenya, like Nene, wanted to get up and start prancing around. If Chris wanted to protect his wife, all he had to do was address Kenya from where he sat or walk over and stand in front of his wife. When he grabbed Kenya, he actually committed an assault.

      January 27 at 11:26pm  / 
  199. blackamerican 

    Nene was the main trouble maker in all of this. She loves drama and I guess that is what sales that ghetto fabulous show. It is really an insult to the black community that that show represents black people in that fashion, especially black women. If Kenya was 3 hours late, don’t let her ghetto big booty in!! Oh, but then there wouldn’t have been an episode to talk about the next day. Thanks, Bravo!! Old Chris Williams should not have put his hands on Kenya and then Cynthia’s husband/grandfather get in the middle of it. What was that all about? Oh and don’t’ even get me started on that closeted homosexual ex-con Apollo. Nigga, sit your ass down!! Where do you get off jumping into a fight that doesn’t even have anything to do with you?! I guess Phaedra doesn’t keep a tighter leach on you. Kenya’s boyfriend could sue you and Phaedra would have to pay for your dumb ass actions. Can’t wait to see the follow up episode, because everybody was fighting in that episode.

    January 27 at 6:00pm  / 
  200. Debra Moses 


    January 27 at 6:02pm  / 
    • mmpcookie 

      Amen Debra!! Nene is out of Control !

      January 28 at 10:24am  / 
  201. Lindac 

    I truly believe that this is the end of Atlanta Housewives and the end of the “Ne Ne Leakes” persona. Everyone is going back to their real life and the only one on the show winning, is Kandi as she has a real profession to fall back on.

    Ne Ne, bring your nose down, when they stop doing RHWOA, the checks will stop rolling in, the rental house will have to be downsized, Greg will have to get a real job, Save your MONEY now, the little bit you have left.

    Guess you knew what could possibly transpire that’s why you did not have it in your rental home but at a hotel. How you came at Prosha with that Gay question was “mean spirited.” You should have shut up Christopher Williams women from taunting Kenya, and told Christoper to sit down and told everyone to be quiet and let Kenya answer the question. And like everybody else, who said they would have counted to 3 for you to move out of their way….I am with that! How dare you tell somebody they should have whipped her butt… how dare you!

    The reason Hollywood can’t use you is you keep bringing up your past. As they say, “Been there, did that…” Why you have to keep bringing your stripper past up, when you are trying to get into Hollywood? Lower your head slowly Nene … your cash is not long enough for Hollywood just yet.

    It’s time to invite your SISTER on the show and see what skeletons you have in your closet.

    January 27 at 6:10pm  / 
    • MAXDAD 

      That’s funny as far as the TV Business this episode was off the chart…it was great for TV, RHOA, BRAVO, and Nene Leakes. On Grammy Night too…. However I believe Nene Leakes wants better for herself and the cast.

      January 27 at 10:43pm  / 
    • mmpcookie 

      Right on the money Lindac. She has destroyed her own career with this Ganster Stunt of hers. And kenya’s friend has a broken rib because of. Some people are going to jail and some are going back if he presses charges.

      January 28 at 10:26am  / 
  202. Debra Moses 


    January 27 at 6:13pm  / 
    • MAXDAD 

      ? watch it again Chuck and Apollo were BOTH still sitting until Peter was too weak to stop Brandon in his tracks and Apollo came to Peters AID. Chuck is not a cast member. No contract, No check, No fight. Thanks to Editing that book case shot was long after the initial brawl.

      January 27 at 10:37pm  / 
  203. Miko 

    Ok Nene let’s cut the bull you know damn well u started this mess. Stop trying blame Kenya for this. Yo girl Cynthia should have keep her mouth shut.. Then you go and host a get together just to get some mess started. You set each person up like you was the head boss.. You paced your big ass back and forth waiting on Kenya because you knew you had a plan for her and that was to call her out and try to embarrass her..I applaud Kenya for being the person that she is because if it was me I would laid hands on you that night. All you guys ever did was try to make Kenya look like the crazy person but all in all you all were the crazy ones.. Every time y’all tried to play Kenya the truth comes out. As far as Chris Porsha ask Chris to have a seat he refused to do so instead he walks over by Kenya to confront her and his wife who had more to say that night was popping off to Kenya so she stood up and went over to approach her about what she was saying and then Chris in turn grab Kenya arm which we all know he shouldn’t put his hands on her period. So by Brandon being a friend of Kenya he stood his ground to protect his friend because that’s what real friend do for each other. But then u want to tell us viewers that it was Kenya who start it. Get the hell out of here with that shit.. As far as this fool Apollo I guess he had to prove his manhood because he was totally out of order. The MF would have been locked up that night. So when you say you don’t agree to violence yeah right.. You knew what you were doing when u hosted this mess. Get off the show BIGFOOT because your boring and that’s FO-REAL….

    January 27 at 6:21pm  / 
  204. cnicole80 

    Nene YOU started the whole chain of events by being MESSY. If you hadn’t called Kenya out on a situation that had NOTHING to do with you to begin with none of that would have happened. You made Kenya, as well as Natalie and Christopher uncomfortable by being messy. If Natalie wanted to address that I’m sure she would’ve brought it up. You did the same thing when you broadcast what your “friend” Lexis told you about Diana in front of all the girls. Yet again you were being MESSY then wondered why both situations blew up. WTH did you expect to happen. Kenya had every right to stand up cause the person that was addressing her was standing. She walked towards Natalie because Natalie also addressed her. You’ve become very messy this season, but I guess for you to remain “RICH” and keep getting those checks you gotta bring the drama. I like the funny as hell, shade throwing, read you when needed Nene. This messy Nene that seems to have gone Hollywood is wearing me. out.

    January 27 at 6:21pm  / 
  205. Traci Annette Stevens Thomas 


    January 27 at 6:23pm  / 
  206. Shamontiel 

    Nene, you absolutely need to stop. For someone who keeps walking around stunting after two shows that you’re not on anymore (neither of which was that great in the first place and could’ve removed your character without a second glance), that was very Z-list behavior. I normally wouldn’t even log into your page but your actions were so out of hand that I HAD to sign up.

    #1 When Kandi and Phaedra were late, you were much more calm during that trip. And you all were actually GOING ON A REAL TRIP. This party was grown-ups wearing pajamas. It’s not that deep. It’s not like anybody was going to miss out on some super great information sitting in their pajamas talking about someone they were in a relationship with already. If they’ve lasted this long, the adult pajama party isn’t going to suddenly give them mind-blowing information.

    #2 The question YOU asked instigated a beef that they were originally ignoring. You stormed around being rude as hell to Kenya and then played Bambi when she responded in turn.

    #3 Christopher could’ve answered the question in his seat next to his wife. HE was the first one to stand up. And when someone stands up to confront you, an automatic reaction is to stand up to.

    #4 Kenya stood up AFTER his (alleged) wife was talking smack from her seat. Now Christopher’s (alleged) wife could’ve easily told her husband (a man) not to stand up and over Kenya (a woman). What kind of feminine trait is that to stand up on a grown woman?

    #5 Regardless of Kenya walking up to the wife, no one knew whether she was going to pull one of your MANY MANY MANY stunts and just stand there talking in her face. You have breathed in the face of every single cast member there (Kandi comes to mind). Would you have been okay if Kandi’s man had pulled you away from talking to another woman? That’s two WOMEN talking. Christopher had no business putting his hands on Kenya in any kind of form. If Christopher’s (alleged) wife felt so buck from her seat, she could’ve handled it herself.

    #6 Kenya’s male friend had every right to defend Kenya from a man putting his hands on her. Christopher needs to learn how to talk without touching people.

    #7 You were the instigator of that entire fight and 100% responsible for it even getting to that point. You are forever saying you’re “helping” someone but you are almost always the shit starter of the group. Actresses with jobs who are really at the level to be turning Kandi down for a play would never sink to such a low or throw a party with that much shade.

    #8 No physical violence? Sheree yanked on Kim’s wig. You’ve leaned over and gotten all in Kim’s face. Kim has repeatedly accused you of choking her. You’ve done everything but lick Kandi on the face standing all up on her. At one point she even told you to back up. You have gotten into it with everyone on the show, including Cynthia, and made your own friends uncomfortable at events you invited them to. At this rate, the only friend you will have is Gregg. At some point, somebody is going to have to tell you that you need to chill.

    I can’t believe you’re throwing the bat at the window and looking around like “Who did it?”

    January 27 at 6:27pm  / 
  207. GirlWriter 

    No matter how much editing was done you created the space where people who have serious issues with each other could come together and feud. Yes, everyone is there own person & responsible for their own actions but like Don King created the opportunity with charged questions that were beyond what was on the cards and air-out things that people hadn’t even yet aired out to create the potential to fight.. It was disturbing to see you do it. Kenya is drama period but “keeping it real” came at what cost? A let down in a lot of people’s eyes on you. You can’t possible blame it ALL on Kenya? It shows lack of self awareness and care on your part. But then perhaps that was your point. Drama at the end of a charged season almost guarantees a big payoff for all the wives. I suppose it works for Altanta…. I can barely remember the last Tim
    House Wives of NY showed. If that was your point… Unless everyone was in on it… It makes me sad. And you are such a beautiful woman.

    January 27 at 6:29pm  / 
  208. morkiemom 

    Mrs. NL
    I am a big fan and was really disappointed in last nights episode. I thought I was watching basketball wives.
    I don’t believe Kenya was at fault. You started the whole thing when you brought up what was said at the vineyard.
    I would never let someone stand over me chestizing me like a child. Kenya had every right to stand up.

    Kenya was not yelling or cursing when she told Natalie she was not back pedaling. Christopher had no right putring his hands on her or any women.
    I thought you were loud and using profanity for no reason.
    Did you have a little to much to drink?
    Apollo showed his true colors. He acted like an animal released from a cage. He wasn’t even involved.
    I don’t know if I will continue to watch or drop it like basketball wives

    January 27 at 6:32pm  / 
  209. susanz 

    To all you No-no Leakes supporters: are y’all blind and dumb? Nene was the one stomping around the pajama party in her pig hooves and barely dressed INSTIGATING problems and egging everyone on! APOLLO IS A THUG and couldn’t wait to dive in and beat up Kenya’s best friend because he wanted to hurt Kenya for the whole LA text messaging lies that he’s been feeding Phaedra. Cyntha’s SHADY husband (you know, the one that want a ‘man cave apartment’ as far away from Cynthia as he can find in the metro Atlanta area) held down Brandon while Apollo beat him up. Peter and Apollo ARE HEFFAHS!! No, they’re worse then HEFFAHS. They BIOTCH HEFFAHS! After watching this show, I have to admit: I am ashamed to be an African American female living in Atlanta. Everyone outside of Georgia thinks I dress like a ho and throw shade at everyone while crankin my neck back and forth. Why? BECAUSE OF THAT HEFFAH NO-NO LEAKES AND HER GHETTO GIRLFRIENDS!

    January 27 at 6:43pm  / 
  210. eowbreathing 

    Ne ne was not the cause, as adults we r responsible for our actions. I didnt like nothing about the entire episode. Nene is my favorite. I also like Kandi but I didnt like that Kandi said Nene seemed geeked up. That was not cool if she is a friend. Kenya is the fool for getting up. Whether she charged or not, you dont walk to confront a chick and think nothing will happen. The guy Christopher , all he did was touch her arm to stop her, any man would do the same. It all went out of control over nothing. Peter lost his mind cus he was tight Kandi blew up his spot. Apollo did wat he did possibly bcus dude he hit is associated with Kenya and deserved a beat down just on that. Hey where was Kenya’s stun gun last night? lol she is so stupid and phony I cant stand her. She had the nerve to say about the other chicl ” she lookky like a man” Does Kenya have a mirror? her and her pound of makeup.

    January 27 at 6:59pm  / 
  211. HDgirl 

    Let me be VERY clear…I have NOT nor will I EVER look “up” to any of these women on this show. I watch for sheer entertainment. You know, like watching clowns at the circus.

    With that being said…Nene is a royal b*tch. A complete disgrace.

    And after tonight, I will NEVER watch again. Heck I’d much rather have a root canal.

    January 27 at 7:06pm  / 
  212. morkiemom 

    Just watched the video you posted. That doesn’t make you look any better. You were loud and using profanity for no reason. You were all in Kenya’s personal space with your hands in her face. A BIG NO NO. Then you wouldn’t let her leave. MESSY! Apollo and you could be brought up on charges. Apollo for assault for attacking her friend without just cause and you for unlawful imprisonment and menacing behavior. IJS

    January 27 at 7:12pm  / 
  213. ladyv09 

    Let’s rewind and really pay attention last nights episode. From the beginning NENE was already upset at KENYA for being super late anyways. So in NENE defense she slam the door in front of Kenya`s face but she still came in. Then nene told her she could leave she decided to stay. Kenya could have left. #Team NENE

    January 27 at 7:17pm  / 
  214. amanda 

    The men are so gross on RHOA.

    Gregg is a buffoon.
    Apollo is a common criminal…prison trash.
    Peter is a shady loser.
    Todd is looking for a sugar mama.

    What do they have in common?
    They’re all being supported by women.

    January 27 at 7:19pm  / 
  215. MzzTLove 

    Nene from where I sat and watched YOU yes YOU aggravated the entire situation! You are a very MESSY person, and I can honestly say after that stunt you pulled last night I am throwing in the towel on this show. I have never been so disgusted in my LIFE… and for the record I don’t know what the HELL that was you were wearing. You have a UGLY attitude and you really think the show is nothing without you, well here is a reality check for you. I wish they would actually FIRE you. Last night you paraded around in the room like you were on some kind of UPPER and then you were RUDE and the names you were calling people.. smh YOU NEED TO GET YOUR UGLY A** ATTITUDE HAVING DRAG QUEEN LOOKING SELF SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN HONESTLY.. i WISH kENYA HAD of slapped you when you ran up on her talking crap. You always think you can run in somebody face and start popping off, well news flash Mrs. Leakes you may pull that crap on the show ( with all that security ) and you may pull that mess on your wife ( Gregg sure acts like your b*tch ) but you would NEVER try that mess in REAL life and you know it…

    January 27 at 7:32pm  / 
  216. latoyiabanks1 

    Ppl this is all to get ratings, the more drama the better. Nene didnt know the guy would grab Kenya! I feel that she had the gathering to get everything out in the open because everybody is talking behind each others back, and u know nene is straight forward and would say anything she have to. I believe Kenya reacted in a way that any woman wouldve, had a man grabbed them or put his hands on them period!!! Now dont b fooled everyone ask yourself y did they not edit the fight out of the show??? Its all for publicity and ratings!! Nene asked the questions but she couldnt control grown folk…grown folk b grown folk and all that behavior was not classy whatsoever! But u cant blame Nene for the fight, she nor anyone else could control another grown persons actions…they had all the opportunity to get up and leave…they chose to fight, Nene didnt make them!!! She was just being NeNe, wanted to put it all in the air and they shouldve because i for one got tired of everybody saying what they feel when the other person isnt there to defend themselves!

    January 27 at 7:38pm  / 
  217. Omgirdle 

    I’m going to be geriatrically real about this episode. . This is a business. A TV show can only survive on ratings. It’s not a coincidence this aired on Grammy’s night. I’m sure the producers wondered how they were going to keep an audience when you got Beyonce and JayZ staging on another channel. Beyond that they have every right to edit the play as they see fit to entice fan curiosity. If you contract your life for TV you might want to remember the old saying. “Make sure you got clean underwear on in case you’re in an accident.” Cynthia made a good point when she reminded Nene she was bringing together people with unaddressed issues. I find the “he say she say” tattle tales comical. What’s the point? “Well I think my friend/husband should know!” If you think your friend should know what the other person said, tell your friend in front of that person, deal with the situation and get over it. Why care about what others think? The only one you need to worry about is G-O-D. Kenya enjoys creating tension between others. She is the menstrual cramp of the group and can strike at any time. From what I saw, it was Christoper who stood up in a confrontational manner when Nene started talking about what went down at the winery. Nene even asked Christopher,when he stood, if he was leaving. He said no and began to meander his way to the other side of the room. Porshia asked Christopher to sit down but his wife said “No, he’s going to stand for this!” while waving her finger. Christopher slowly crept closer to Kenya’s side of the room. When a man starts creeping up on a woman sitting down below him while making derogatory remarks, she should stand up. From what I saw, Christopher started the aggressive act. He could have stayed seated next to his wife and addressed Kenya from across the room. Why does a strong looking man need to creep up on a woman? I think Nene had good intentions to get things out in the open and get them settled so the group could move on and be comfortable with each other. However, Nene, like most Sagittarians, forget that people don’t think like her. I’m a Sag and I know where she’s coming from. But everyone is not going to have the same rationale and that’s something we Sags have problems with. Another problem with this scene was there was two different types of animals in the room. Men don’t do stress and pain like women. Women are used to stress and pain and we deal with it in a totally different manner than men. When you put men into the mix you got to be careful of the testosterone. The reason the show never got physical like this is because the men usually aren’t involved. Whose fault was it? If Christopher would have stayed seated on his side of the room, would Kenya have gotten up? Everything happens for a reason. There is a plan that none of us are aware of. Something positive will emerge from this.

    January 27 at 7:42pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Yeah a bunch of $$$$ lawsuits

      January 27 at 8:22pm  / 
  218. codypunkin 

    Nene, I’m not sure you will even see this message. I pray you do. I have watched this show mainly because I admire you. Some people have said to me that you were loud, ghetto, no class but I beg to differ with them. However, I have to say, in this instance, you are wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong. The majority of the comments are telling you the same thing, you instigated this whole thing. Now, I assume it’s because you are trying to keep your job after Porsha’s getting fired and the plans for another HW to be fired later this year. I get it. If that’s the reason, ok. But please, hear what your fans are saying. Kendra is messy too and runs her mouth too much but putting all the blame on her is wrong.

    January 27 at 7:43pm  / 
  219. MizzAnn 

    Since people like to tell other people’s business, why haven’t u said anything about the book “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”, by Angela Stanton???????? This is true information about Phaedra & Apollo. This might be why he had so much anger built up, he got caught again. Why haven’t u called them out on it NeNe?????? U & Angela r related!!!!!

    January 27 at 8:02pm  / 
  220. koffee2 

    everyone will watch ,,,,it’s a reality show,,,drama.messy,ratings,mpney….. whatever, do u know these woman on a personal tip,,,,,no,,,,so enjoy or change the channel to Duck Dynasty..u got liars and cheater’s,down low 2 face women and booze strip clubs and sexual
    aids toys and caskets etc,bring me the popcorn because it’s up and popping,Taking it the streets.everybody wants to get paid ask Andy,
    Kandi let the hood out,,,,,It’s a show people,,,some of u need to jus bake a cake.Red pajamas guy going to defend be able too .Nene was Nene,,,,,And!!!!!!

    January 27 at 8:09pm  / 
  221. Cycy Jemann 

    Nene you are one of my favorite housewives!!!but giirrrl,that whole mess that happened last night,u was responsible!u always bring up shit and claim u wanna bring everybody together.There’s no way you’re building couple unity with them kinda questions.u knew deep down it was gonna go left.girl u wrong for this.don’t put it on kenya!!

    January 27 at 8:12pm  / 
  222. ClubQBall 

    Y’all DO realize that this IS a scripted television show, right? Not all of this is on-the-fly, folks. Come on now, let’s use the gray matter between our ears …

    January 27 at 8:20pm  / 
    • ClubQBall 

      Having stated the obvious, though, I will admit to adoring NeNe Leakes like no other. That woman is raw and on-point … goodness. Makes a man sit up straight and take notice. LMAO

      January 27 at 8:22pm  / 
  223. Lei Langston 

    We all saw Kenya get up and walk towards Chris’s wife on TV. That was not cut out. That still does not make what happened afterwards OK.

    January 27 at 8:30pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Chris wife stated taunting her, that is why she walked over to her to let her know, that she was not “back” peddleing, but peddling “forward.” And was walking towards her to let her know “this is what I said….” then he is gonna grab her arm? That is why she was walking towards her.

      January 28 at 2:51pm  / 
  224. val 

    Nene you’re truly FULL IF SHIT. don’t try to save face. I really use to like you. I’m so embarrassed by the show last night. what happened to all the classiness you had when u got married? I just can’t believe what I saw last night. you owe every one of your cast mates an apology. and pray they’ll still wanna be associated with your messy @ss. you started this whole mess! you & only you are to blame. putting all these couples against each other with these dumb ass questions that YOU came up with was messy & you knew it. I don’t even care for Kenya but she was an innocent bystander just like everyone else you talked into coming. I don’t see how you have any friends at all doing people like this! you knew exactly what you were doing. you’re nothing but a shit starter. now that the show is getting bad press because of last night you’re trying to put all the blame on Kenya when she did absolutely nothing wrong. but u know what Nene? what goes around comes back around. can’t wait to see u fall on your big ass. I def won’t be watching the show anymore.

    January 27 at 8:33pm  / 
  225. Leeniznik 

    Nene, you in trouble girl. You orchestrated the whole thing, you were pacing around like a caged animal from the start and were gunning for a fight. There was no need to ask the questions you did. ‘Keeping it real’ is no excuse for sh*t stirring! Natalie’s husband was the first to stand up and was obviously gonna get nasty, classless! Kenya was going to defend her situation, she walked, didn’t charge! Apollo WTF? Why get involved, because of Kenya’s comments/texts and sexual flirtatious or because your frustrated your marriage is falling apart? All in all, a total clust f*ck easily avoided, but then that wouldn’t have made good TV now would it.

    January 27 at 8:34pm  / 
  226. purfection62 

    Nene I am a crazy fan of yourself and I love you to death, but this time my friend you started the whole mess. You can explain yourself, apologize, but you are the one who wrote the questions to be answered. You say you like to keep it real, let’s do Kenya has nothing to do with what happened, as a matter of fact, if you listen to the background all the Housewives were saying that this topic about Natalie and husband was already discussed. Nene you did the same thing with your bridesmaids when you always brought up things they tell you about each other. This is not called “Keeping it real” it’s called instigating trouble. I still love you but I don’t like what you did.

    January 27 at 8:50pm  / 
  227. CAliQueen 

    I don’t care if Nene stirred the pot or if Kenya got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. No one and I mean no one was responsible for Apollo attacking Brandon like a hungry caged animal after it’s prey.

    January 27 at 9:03pm  / 
    • lee 

      I agree. It was like watching one of his prison brawls. Well, I guess he needed the practice because he the news reports are true, his butt is going back to prison.


      January 27 at 11:15pm  / 
    • hot_tea79 

      are you stupid or something?? there is youtube footage of christopher williams saying that he’s single and he said this at the time he’s supposedly married…so kenya didn’t get caught with her hand in anything….perhaps you should know what the hell you’re talking about prior to posting stupid, uninformed comments such as this one.

      January 28 at 4:35pm  / 
  228. Stacy Adams 

    Im so sick of Nealking bout its not her ylt.. She startedtis. Shei the one who opened p the caof whip as!!!! She stated what Kenya said about that ugly Chinese looking woman case she aint cut at all. Thats when Chris got up and asked Kenya that question standing over her like he is was somebody. I dont blame her for getting up. Nene would have gotten up talking shit if it happened to her as well. She knew what Chris was going t say its like it was planned. Apollo was acting lie a prison booty catcher. He was acting he straight fool. They should have said call the police, I bet you he would have sat his punk ass down. Brandon should press charges even though he is abut to do FED time for identity thief. Apollo pushed Phadrea off him so hard it a wander she did not fall. He was a wild maniac.
    Then Peter got his UUUUGGGGLLLYYY gay ass up as well pushing Brandon. Kenya was trying to leave Nene blocks her and TELLS her she wasn’t going anywhere How you gone hold someone against their will?
    Phadrea fat ass so stupid to sit there and listen to her jailbird husband say he spends HIS money at the strip show and how much he spends. Yeah that was other people money who identity he stole.

    January 27 at 9:11pm  / 
  229. purfection62 

    Remember Nene if they close the show like they did “The New Atlanta” it’s gonna b all your fault.

    January 27 at 9:23pm  / 
  230. BeachBaby 

    Its not NeNe fault that Kenya has been in everyones business since this season. When Kenya was on the bus telling everyones business i said taen she was really asking for it. Its so easy to blame NeNe but at the end of the day,Kenya had no business jumping in that lady face. I love how NeNe keeps it 100. Some people dont know how to deal with that. I will say this, most of these reality shows seem so rehearsed,but RHOA keep interesting…Oh NeNe will you please tell Fadra that her parties are alittle over the top. Who are we kidding alot of the top!Its very strange how she acts… lol Get Kenya off the show!!

    January 27 at 10:09pm  / 
    • Torreyk 

      Yasssssss!!!!!!!! Finally somebody said it. Kenya been flapping them gums all season and she got her ass handed to her. Im not a supporter of any man putting their hands on a woman but I have a son and I’ll be damn if I support a woman coming at a man like he wont shake the piss out of her. Kenya you lit that fire when you came at that girl across that table on the previous episode. Nee just poured some gas on it I cant even lie about that. Im trying to see who Kandi trying to trap…….

      January 28 at 12:30am  / 
      • BeachBaby 

        I mean is it me or is Kenya alittle extra? Not to put her down but if she trying to fill NeNe shoes,chile it will never happen. People keep saying Oh its NeNes fault! I know she powerful woman but never knew she controlled someoones actions. Its called choice and Kenya made a fool of herself. I think Cand and Cynthia might have a run into on the next eposide

        January 28 at 7:50pm  / 
    • hot_tea79 

      you’re dumb….at what point did Kenya jump in anyone’s face? and all of those women tell each other’s business, so don’t make it seem like Kenya is the only catty chick on the scene….you’re such a damn follower…yuck!

      January 28 at 4:39pm  / 
      • BeachBaby 

        Because we have difference of opinion doesnt make me dumb. You sound immature. If you dont like what i say get off my comment. Poof be gone…Love NeNe

        January 28 at 7:34pm  / 
  231. Bloop 

    NeNe is and always have kept it all the way REAL!!!! Cynthia I can’t stand you because you have no common sense! You start up so much drama!! You act like a friend but find every opportunity in the midst of someone else’s drama to say I’m so glad that’s not me and Peter! Hunny you are boring and yes Peter be in those strip clubs getting plenty of sexing from the ladies!! Apollo I love him. He is a man and I enjoyed watching him act like a man and not a queen. Brandon was acting to aggressive and needed that to show him he is still a queen not a man. NeNe I will tell you that be carful of the company you keep cause there is a snake in the grass. I love Kandi but her mom is right about Todd. Kordell is gay. Kenya I hate to admit it but she is funny!! I wanted to see her go Detroit on the common law wife. I mean Kenya hangs with a lot of queens and hunny they are very very messy. I don’t like it that she can dish but can’t take it and that comment she made about nene she knows nene would drag her all over Atlanta!!! Don’t try it! I love crazy Phaedra and those boys. I love Greg he is what we all want in a man and if you don’t agree your hating he lets her do her and supports everything she does. Nene don’t need nobody but her family. I get the feeling as I stated in the beginning she is all the way real and a Bravo check nor regular TV show check makes her. Nene has worked at a strip club before he’ll so have I in my 20′s being a single mother. That goes to she can’t don’t and won’t fold under pressure can be put in any situation and still come out without a stain on her. I love you Nene keep cashing those checks and being the thought on everyone’s mind. Hell she just posted this yesterday and already almost 500 people have taken the time not to just hit the like button but write a comment….. Bloop Bloop Bloop now twirl on that!!!

    January 27 at 10:16pm  / 
    • caking1234 

      Please read the response 0ver 90% of the PPL find NeNe & others to be at fault. They are embarrassed, and done with this classless thug! Read Read! See this for what it is. Bravo the Slave Master is the only winner in this!

      January 29 at 10:52am  / 
  232. MAXDAD 

    Nene all your haters will ALWAYS be your haters. They will blame u for Vietnam. I think the pillow talk Idea was great. This was a good way for the cast and friends to clear the air. Kenya is messy. Period. I wish she would stop. BRAVOTV seems to like messy TV because the keep paying Kenya to do just that. As far as the episode.. The fight… It’s mostly Kenya and Brandon’s fault with a lil help from Christopher’s wife…she said too much and Kenya reacted.
    BRANDON was out of control! PLEASE TAKE HIM OFF THE SHOW!
    Apollo- I think he wanted a piece of Brandon Long before this. Gregg, Peter, and, Tod all did their best to break up the fight. Chuck being a guest not a part of the cast did the right thing. Ratings are not everything @ BravoTV. If you had 3hrs of filming before Kenya got there you could have edited out the whole 10 – 15 min fight…..

    January 27 at 10:27pm  / 
    • hot_tea79 

      lmao…what an idiot

      January 28 at 4:40pm  / 
  233. marym 

    Nene, you started it and in trying to spin it on Kenya you’re saying that we the audience are stupid. Kenya is eccentric and intelligent enough to fight with the spoken word without touching anyone she was probably going over there to TWIRL in front of Natalie. Christopher had no right to grab her arm and her friend had a right to come to her assistance. You were strutting around the room like a peacock, instigating the drama which led to violence. It was very obvious that it was all done for money and ratings. It shows that you did not plan the pajama party with any forethought or creativity. If you had done your homework you would have seen a recent video online with Christopher being interviewed and admitting that he’s not married and Kenya only slammed Natalie at the wine tasting because she was spreading rumors about Todd. Kenya can at times be over-the-top but she’s not malicious and it seems like you wanted her to get beat down because she’s strong and will not be bullied by you and the other cast members. Or are you saying that the last episode was an act when you said that everything is not as it seems. Please explain because it looked like you are an instigator.

    January 27 at 10:44pm  / 
  234. lee 

    Nene, you are one of my favorites, but you are responsible for that mess. You knew EXACTLY what you were doing, but it blew up in your face. Furthermore, even though I think Kenya is crazy as hell, NO man should put there hand on a woman. You should know better than that, because you are a survivor of spousal abuse. What you should have done is got is that man’s face for putting his hands on Kenya or you should have never invited them in the first place. Those people are not your friends, you wanted to start some sh**!

    Well you got it! That wasn’t your best moment!

    January 27 at 11:08pm  / 
  235. Angie B. 

    Team Kenya & Brandon. Nene is responsible & set Kenya up. It’s obvious she doesn’t like Kenya. It was wrong of Nene to come so hard at Kenya. Then after the fight ended, Nene and Cynthia blamed the whole thing on Kenya. Well the fans were watching and the majority said it was NENE’s fault – Not Kenya’s. Nene also never addressed how seriously Brandon was injured as a result of your fight in your letter. I like Kenya & hope she returns next season. Say what you want about her- she keeps the story interesting. She has been on point this season calling out Phaedra & Apollo.

    January 27 at 11:32pm  / 
  236. lee 

    “Here’s a few questions I would like to ask you: why do you think they let Kenya narrate the whole fight scene? (Because you got that wrong and won’t accept responsibility for what you did)

    …or Why do you think they took the part out when Kenya was charging across the room?(We saw that, but she did not touch anyone)

    …but All the housewives would say we were having a good time! (I’m sure you were, but as the hostess with the mostess you should it “kept it moving about Keyna being late) Why do you think they showed it as if we were not?”

    Why is Brandon Keyna’s girlfriend? Because he is gay? That is offensive!!!!! He was just protecting his friend from a man grabbing on her. He was the only one acting like a man (besides Greg and Todd)!

    January 27 at 11:39pm  / 
  237. mskeys14 

    Many of you are blaming NeNe, why? The theme of the night was “Pillow Talk” what did they think they would be discussing, the weather. If you would have read what NeNe said, it was edited that way, Cynthia said the same thing on “Watch what happens” Of course Bravo is going to edit it a certain way for maximum drama. Keep doing you Mrs Linnethia Monique Leaks. Boop

    January 28 at 12:12am  / 
    • marolg74 

      This was NOT random “pillow talk”!! These were specific, detailed, personal questions asked to provoke and rehash previous DRAMA.

      January 28 at 12:24am  / 
    • lightnlovely 

      I agree mskeys14! It’s REALITY TV! Come on ladies its not that serious!

      January 28 at 8:27am  / 
  238. marolg74 

    NeNe NO-ONE wants to play your MESSY ass game unless they too are MESSY!! I know, looks like a lot of fun when you’re not the one getting your ribs cracked for no reason. Damn, at least working the pole was a more honest living than being pimped out and showing your ass on national tv. I guess that “class” went out the window with your tv role. Grow the hell up, have the same respect for yourself and your fellow women as you would want your granddaughter to have. Wait I forgot, you’re NOT a grandma, you’re a “Glam-ma”. EXACTLY. Hope the child has a mature, unselfish, appreciative, REAL grandmother who’s not ashamed and deserves the respect that comes with the beloved title.

    January 28 at 12:16am  / 
  239. marolg74 

    By the way, since when do you have to scroll down 5 minutes to make a comment?! Normally the comment option is right after the article. Maybe someone who doesn’t want comments. IJS

    January 28 at 12:20am  / 
  240. curiouseyes 

    I fail to understand why the NAACP fought to take Amos and Andy off of TV and yet ARE not heard from when programs such as Flavor Flave, Basketball wives, etc that show us as a people in such a substandard almost animalistic view yet the money flows, the stories are fake but somebody is getting paid to offer these types of scenaries to the public for the coins thrown at them as well as the people who perform for them. Shame on you !. No honor, no diginity no pride…no class….

    January 28 at 1:02am  / 
  241. stela 

    As usual the man is given a pass, I don’t care who stood up first it was Apollo that was violent, he was out of control and a disgrace. He behaved badly. I feel sorry for his wife. Peter is unattractive, I hope he knows.

    January 28 at 4:38am  / 
  242. Andrena 

    My disclaimer: You say you don’t stand for violence but yet entertain it. How? Because you know with a group of strong personalities people are going to let their egos get in the way. Regardless if Kenya got up or not Chris had no business placing his hands on her and because her friend Brandon defend her it makes it wrong? Chris is a man and Kenya is a woman just like Chris was trying to defend his wife, Brandon defended his friend. Chris could had told Kenya that without touching her and I’m quite sure his wife should know how to handle herself, she know how to run her mouth so she should be able to defend herself without her husband but woman to woman. Chris could had read the question he was up there to do than politely spoke with Kenya with his wife present possibly at a different time and the situation would had been resolved like adults. If he didn’t say it to kenya than why defend kenya jabberish? You all can’t blame everything that explodes on kenya if that’s the case why do you all keep her around? #realtalk! If she was late so what? People have lives besides appeasing Nene Leakes. When she without a place to stay you wasn’t a friend offering her to stay? But you want her to show up when you want Now your not being a friend more like a bully do what I want when I want you all too! You like the shade and all the added drama just as much as the next person than you want to comeback and say what you tolerate and don’t tolerate. Actions speaks louder than words and this point your words are not lining up with your actions. It’s about being adults and not acting like children. Since you quoted “I’m rich b@#$%” act like one and have some class. You may went to hollywood did a few shows but obviously you still have the ghetto inside. I guess you can take the girl to Hollywood but you can’t take the ghetto out of her.

    January 28 at 4:40am  / 
    • stillstandin81 

      He didn’t grab her to hurt her he grabbed her wrist and said hold on and she started yelling like he was killin her that’s a shit starter move

      January 28 at 5:57am  / 
      • Lindac 

        I Christopher didn’t say “what kind of medication are you on?” which was the first dig, and then his a;;edgedly wife/girlfriend wife didn’t throw a “dig” in there…”Yeah….what you gotta say to that?” none of this would have gotten out of hand.

        January 28 at 3:08pm  / 
      • hot_tea79 

        you’re another dummy…”He didn’t grab her to hurt her he grabbed her wrist “….he shouldn’t have put his fucking hands on her….you’re a special kind of stupid, i see.

        January 28 at 4:43pm  / 
      • Justasportsnut 

        Christopher grabbed Kenya aggressively. Her’s a close-up for your viewing pleasure:

        January 31 at 12:14am  / 
        • lee 

          If he wanted to protect his wife, he could have stood in front of her. If he had grabbed Nene’s arm like that she and Greg would have completely lost it! I man does not need to grab a woman and manhandle her like Chris did to Kenya.

          February 10 at 5:53am  / 
  243. stillstandin81 

    I don’t feel like nene started it one thing I like about nene is she don. Do the talkin behind your back mess im glad she told chris what kenya said and kenya got so mad that she tried to jump in that girl face and chris wasn’t gon let her charge his girl before he responded to the question that’s why kenya did what she did so she couldn’t get checked I totally feel it was kenya yall quit blaming nene

    January 28 at 5:54am  / 
  244. manuel 

    NeNe was fired from BRAVO after this all went down!
    Why do you think she didn’t post this on her BRAVO BLOG and posted it on her website instead…
    SHE WAS FIRED! HAHA..goodbye to your million dollay paycheck…

    January 28 at 6:00am  / 
  245. manuel 

    APOLLO IS IN JAIL because he’s a steroided up loser.
    Next season it will be all about Phaedra playing the victim as she deals with the fact that her husband is a loser.
    This whole show is too fucking predictable.

    Nene doesn’t have a relevant storyline for the show anymore. She’s done nothing since The New Normal…goodbye NeNe Leakes..perhaps theres a stripper pole in Atlanta for you to go make some money at…

    January 28 at 6:03am  / 
  246. lightnlovely 

    In NeNe’s defense!
    If any of you read what NeNe said she said everyone knew what they were walking into! Ladies it’s REALITY Television. Common sense should tell you that the producers show what THEY want US to see. She clearly stated that they were having a great time until Kenya showed up. And let me clarify Kenya started this WHOLE mess by not keeping her mouth shut about what she says that “Christopher” told her about his marriage. Kenya is a trouble maker. Also if Kenya is “dating” some african, no one seems to know who he is or what he looks like! Kenya is a trouble maker!

    January 28 at 6:27am  / 
  247. MinaMinaMina 

    To be honest I don’t think Nene would have expected that night to escalate thus far… Kenya is no victim in this however, when you hurt so many people you must know that one day things will blow up. Christopher never got to speak his piece, Kenya made sure of that. I don’t think Christopher was the aggressor in that situation. Kenya was the only one in the beginning who looked as if they were going to fight. Yes Nene was a little dramatic the whole night, but it was here event, it’s her prerogative. Kenya cannot keep being rude to people and expect them not to address her for her fowl comments…. Like Nene said she cannot control what adults do. As for her scolding Kenya, it was a little much but I think that was vented aggression of Kenya being 3 hours late to the party thus keeping the cast in the hotel. As the for the responsibility of the first fight, definitely Kenya was the aggressor, had she responded to Natalie from her seat, the fight would not have happened. But Apollo though, I hope the prison yard serves beans in a can.

    January 28 at 7:49am  / 
  248. Yolanda 

    What I would LOVE, is for NeNe to admit that she was wrong…just once. If this “Pillow Talk” Party was truly meant to make couples stronger, NeNe went about it the wrong way. I mean, it could not have been any worse.
    She was an angry and arrogant host.
    The questions were NOT general questions for couples.
    And NeNe started with the instigating.

    In the past, NeNe was the housewife that kept it all the way REAL. But I have no idea what’s going on this season.

    January 28 at 8:08am  / 
  249. Darrynkt 

    I love Nene, but I think being the highest paid housewife in the franchise, Nene feels she has a responsibility to keep the ratings high. My concern is that’s it’s at

    January 28 at 8:21am  / 
  250. Darrynkt 

    The expense of her cast mates
    Nene knows all the skeletons , and she was the puppet master in this night

    January 28 at 8:22am  / 
  251. thatgirl 

    I agree with NeNe, she specifically told you what happened and the part of the show we didn’t see. I stopped watching the show after Kenya came aboard but watched it the other night and saw the altercation. Kenya does not deserve the attention or fame she is getting(the reason I stop watching)”Drama Queen”. She gives black women a bad name. I hope this is the last season for NeNe, Phaedra & Candi because they are better than the show that was displayed the other night. The show made us all look ignorant. But I do understand it is all about the ratings but at what cost?

    January 28 at 8:39am  / 
    • Clearview 

      I agree at what cost

      January 28 at 10:44am  / 
  252. Lena79 

    Nene you are delusional self-loathing lying trash, as unattractive inside as you are on the outside. No, you are NOT a star, you are a shucking & jiving hood rat baffoon who most of the world laughs at, not with. The fight was your fault! You let that plastic surgery and small slice of an ‘acting career’ go to your bald, nappy head. It’s going to be so amusing to see you back in the gutter where you belong, with your ghetto rat criminal son & crusty old chester (the molester!) husband.

    January 28 at 10:10am  / 
    • mmpcookie 

      Say it like it is Lena!! Her piss ant career is over thanks to her own Ego and shady Gangster behavior

      January 28 at 10:30am  / 
    • hot_tea79 

      yaassssss hunny

      January 28 at 4:45pm  / 
  253. deneenj 

    I actually saw Kenya go across the room toward Christopher wife. He did not have to put his on Kenya. That’s what sparked it. Was wrong. He’s messy because he looked shady getting up to answer the question. Further, why address it if you know Kenya doesn’t know the truth. Peter and Apollo tried to break things up but Brandon was kicking and scratching and Apollo went HAM. I believe they let Kenya talk because she is the only one that saw she was getting ready to get best up by Chris if she had not stood up. Chris has Bish qualities.

    January 28 at 10:30am  / 
  254. Clearview 

    Cynthia was the one who stated not a good idea before anyone arrived Kenya got up to go for Natalie but we dont know if she going to hit her are just put her finger in her face Chris clearly thought she was going after her Kenya CLEARLY started this like Nene said never any PHYSICAL TOUCHING before every time Kenya in the room with them its Always Negative she is so unhappy try and go find your mother so u can get closer maybe then you will become a better person and the negative energy will be released

    January 28 at 10:38am  / 
  255. cherlitathomas 

    We don’t have all the details because of editing. Everyone knew what type of party it was going to be because NeNe said it. You also gave them the option to leave but they didn’t. Kenya shouldn’t have gotten up. She lucky she didn’t get her butt whooped.

    January 28 at 10:48am  / 
    • hot_tea79 

      you’re stupid….christopher got up first and was insulting her, but i suppose that was ok, right?

      January 28 at 3:08pm  / 
      • Lindac 

        Kenya is a “kick boxer,” in Sheree Whitfield’s word…” whose gonna do it?”

        January 28 at 3:20pm  / 
  256. iloveit123 

    You really are one of those people who are happy when you feel you are doing better than everyone else, and can feel above them. Now that your show was canceled you are back to being the bitter person you truly always were.

    You also like to instigate arguments between other people and stand back and watch them duke it out after being the who CAUSED it.

    You are transparent, and a truly horrible, bitter, awful human being.

    January 28 at 11:00am  / 
  257. munroe 

    I only signed up to this website to verse my opinion on Sunday’s episode. You and BravoTv orchestrated and set up this whole episode for ratings and it worked. Kenya is a troublemaker but she was only defending herself and I would have done the same thing when someone is approaching me aggressively, in particular a male. I guess Christopher and his wife (or common wife) are trying to get a spot on the show. I wasn’t a huge fan of yours but now I am even more convinced on what type of lady you are. I guess you forgot when you tried to jump Kim on the bus. What a true hypocrite. Who is back peddling now?? Truly disappointed.

    January 28 at 11:26am  / 
  258. JerziG. 

    I say it was Cynthia fault first of all.. She shouldn’t have said anything to nobody point blank period it was a nite for Cynthia & Peter wedding Anniversary and Chris was there to sang to her per requested from Her husband peter anything other then that should have been shut down..No names mentioned ..No Todd, No Kandi, No Ex’s girfriends of anybody like wtf… And to make matter worse Cynthia opened her mouf and said something to the girl on the bus and we already kno Kenya mouf run like water to fill the pot up and put all that shit together…Yes that dayum pot boiled over while nobody watched it until now look drama tv the hottest topic with the SUPER BOWL FESTIVIES….

    January 28 at 11:33am  / 
  259. Matthew Laforest 

    Nene I totally saw Kenya going across the room at her. I dont know what edit you saw but here in southern cal you could see it clearly.

    January 28 at 11:39am  / 
    • Lindac 

      His wife should not have “taunted” her. You would have walked over to her too. It was like “we can do this or we can go there…” type of walk towards her. Check the tape again and listen carefully before she starts walking. Then you will know why she walked over there. Who’s gonna check her Boo!

      January 28 at 3:22pm  / 
  260. mtodd 

    You Ms. Leakes was absolutely wrong. The same toes your stepping on to get to the top maybe the ass you have to kiss coming back down. You are a bully and you deserve all the bad publicity youve gained for acting the way youve acted that night.. Why is it that you never read the other ladies for being late to events but as soon as kenya arrive late its World War 3. You and Cynthia are dirty!

    January 28 at 11:46am  / 
  261. Fash 

    Nene you thought you had gone Hollywood and it didn’t work out for you now you want to be HBIC once again lol. No miss honey you have been bested you don’t ever want to come for miss Kenya she didn’t send for you. You were wrong for that messiness last night. Further more you may need just to take a break from the cameras for a while and check yourself because you WERE coked up last night.

    January 28 at 12:02pm  / 
    • mshtown 

      I keep here she on that coke, so sad

      January 29 at 10:22am  / 
  262. Donovan Taylor 

    Mrs. Leakes: (1) From your introduction into the Pillow Talk session gave sight that you were making way for mess and drama and not a constructive group discussion. (2) This would not constitute the first physical altercation on R.H.O.A. Let us not forget the attempted wig pulling episode between Sheree and Kim. Nene you were present. (3) If you had no problem with Chris standing to his feet to make address to Kenya, then you should not have been upset about Kenya standing to address his “wife”. (4) It is clearly apparent that the group has a problem with Kenya and her male friend. He acted as a man should have, by stepping in to address Chris about grabbing hold of Kenya. By view, it was Peter who actually escalated the situation by pushing Brandon with a sly elbow. Apollo just fell in as an out of control follower and embarrassed he had trouble trying to handle dude.

    January 28 at 12:14pm  / 
  263. Kishawn14 

    Nene after reading your blog, you miss the scene where you initiated the fight by asking those questions provided by the Bravo producers. Are was that suppose to edited out too? Its funny how you can find fault in everyone you work with but yourself. You even blamed your husband for your marriage, let the viewers in on your son’s mistakes, and on and off friendships for trying to be your friend. Then get upset when someone calls you out on it. You need a REALITY check and I hope the reviews after this episode will help you. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. I know this is your job but your reputation is much more valuable. Don’t sell yourself short for short term ratings. But you do owe a sincere apology to your cast mates especially Kenya. We can see how she valued your friendship and even gave you furniture when you first moved to Hollywood. You should be working together and not against each other. Be a good example and represent our sista’s well.

    January 28 at 12:19pm  / 
  264. goddardgirl313 

    NeNe, I don’t think it was edited out Kenya walking towards Christopher’s wife. I seen it… Christopher should had kept his tail in his seat and maybe nothing would have happened the way it did. You were the host and you should had made sure he stayed in his seat. He started everything by insulting Kenya with his first comment “I don’t know what drugs you are on” It was very clear that he was trying to prevent Kenya from walking up on his wife. Maybe, he should had just stepped in front of Kenya instead of non-violently grabbing her arm.
    You was already on 10 with Kenya and I believe you want her to get read (which was not going to happen) by Christopher. He is a punk for wanting to address a woman in a open event like that anyway. Who care what Kenya had to say about his marriage, if it was not true. it was nothing to talk about.
    You are wrong for jumping all in Kenya face because of her girlfriends action. You should have checked Christop(HER) Willams for standing up and disrespecting a woman on female messy drama.

    Just another 313 girl with an opinion

    January 28 at 1:00pm  / 
  265. HerNameIsNevaeh 

    NeNe I would like to start off by saying that I am a big fan of yours….I look up to you and know that I can be successful despite life’s obstacles…..with that being said…..I am going to side with Kenya on this one….so it is totally rude for someone to show up hours late I get that…..but the pillowtalk concept was a BAD idea!!! We all know that reality television is fixed but at the same time everyone has to take accountability for their own actions….Kenya was being attacked for her opinion (which is starting to unravel itself as facts)…..if that was me I would have stood my ground as well…..there is no way I will be attacked by a grown ass man with his “wife” getting crunk in the background…..Christoper should have kept his hands to himself……remember in kindergarten when we were always told to what….keep your HANDS, FEET AND OBJECTS to yourself….poor Brandon tried to defend his friend….and not to be rude….but we all know he isn’t a violent person (from what we have saw I should say)…..and he ended up getting jumped….it was like I was watching a bunch of grown ass men acting like they were auditioning for the Bad Girls Club…..that boy got jumped….I don’t care what anyone says….the bigger issue is why Apollo AND Peter felt the need to jump into a fight that wasn’t his…..I could draw several conclusions but that’s their own demons they have to battle…..I really hope that the next time you try to defuse a situation….you can do it the proper way so it doesn’t represent you in a negative light…..from one Black woman to another….I have to say that the entire episode was a mess….I hope everyone can learn and grow from this because at the end of the day….no one can judge….but we have to call a spade a spade….anything else and we’re not doing justice to anyone


    January 28 at 1:06pm  / 
  266. JenJen1982 

    You know I was really mad how NeNe treated Kenya on last night show…NeNe belittle this grown ass woman by slamming the door in her face and spoke down to her like she was a dam child…NeNe who the hell do you think you are for this messy behavior and try flip the shit on Kenya…you was out of order u walk up and down that floor like you was Queen Bee In her throne and u belittle each and every cast member by being up touchy shit matters…you even through a jab at Apollo saying stop looking at my legs

    January 28 at 1:58pm  / 
  267. hot_tea79 

    Nene, you are pathetic….the producers and editors can only use footage that you give them…so if you act an ass that’s what we will see….kenya didn’t charge at anyone….she stood up because that drugged out looking christopher williams stood up first…then stupid ass apollo and peter escalated the situation by jumping on kenya’s friend who was only trying to defend her…if you don’t see that then something is wrong with you….you are the ghetto bitch that has been making a bad name for sistahs since the show aired….just because you have new veneers that are too big for your mouth and a new ratchet lacefront doesn’t make you better than anyone…white people may adore you and think that your over the top attitude is refreshing, but your community that you’re apologizing to sees right through your ghetto snob bullshit.

    January 28 at 3:02pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Now that is a serious “READ….”

      January 28 at 3:16pm  / 
  268. Lindac 

    For all your Nene and Cynthia fans, I guess when the whole story come out we all know that Kandi doesn’t bother anybody, and for her to get into the fray, Ne Ne is definitely suspect….Now twirl on that….BOOB!!!

    January 28 at 3:14pm  / 
  269. tRuthBheard 

    NeNe, I am saddend to say that you have truely shown your true colors and it is every bit of shady grey.. You certainly got your little side kick (Cynthia) and the queen of shade (Phaedra) beat.. Oh well, gotta make money somehow and what easier way then to throw your so called friends and best of all their mates in the pit of fire.. You really had your horns out that time.. Porsha may be ditsy, but she’s not shady.. Kandi may be a bit dumb founded when it comes to real life situations, but she neither has not proved herself shady like that.. And Kenya, Not sure why people look at her as a really bad person.. But just like she say’ She is gone with the wind fabulous.. Can’t be mad at confidence and the truth.. Kenya has also shown little shade just straight 100 keepin’ it real.. Even when she was flirting with Apolo.. Well, NeNe, job well done.. All of you get your money for playin’ a fool.. Money.. Root of all evil.. If I was propositioned for a reality, I just may have to play a fool too.. NOT.. You are who you are.. I ain’t mad at ya.. ;) ~tBh~

    January 28 at 3:22pm  / 
    • tRuthBheard 

      Will the next season be called “Real Shady Housewives of Atlanta”? All you RHOA Divas and Divos have true potential and great influence on our young folk, out from under all that shade..

      January 28 at 3:37pm  / 
  270. Lindac 

    ” Her girlfriend in the red pajamas” jumped up in Chris’s face and that’s when the explosion started. I don’t condone violence! I can’t control adults and it’s not my fault if adults decide to fight on their own! …. REALLY Nene wait until Andy reads that!!!

    January 28 at 3:25pm  / 
    • susanz 

      Seriously! Would Nene like it if someone made fun of her being African American or a woman? What goes around comes around, Nene. Shame on you. BOYCOTT NENE LEAKES FOR BEING A HOMPHOBIC SWINE!

      January 28 at 4:41pm  / 
      • Justasportsnut 

        I strongly concur. The posted comment that NeNe made about Brandon revealed her homophobia. One of NeNe’s biggest fan base are/were the LGBT community. And in that one statement. I have no doubt that she offended almost every member of the LGBT in her attempt to mock and demean homosexuality.

        I know that as a heterosexual, it offended me.

        January 29 at 12:25pm  / 
  271. MarcelLee 

    Let’s make sure to add editing rights in your next contract, and just let us know when we should start the Bravo Boycott!

    January 28 at 3:40pm  / 
  272. Lamaj101 

    Okay, I’ve watched this episode numerous times just to see exactly what happened. Your’ll do need to put all emotions aside and don’t make a judgement based on preferences and not so preferential ones….@NeNeLeakes is not the one to blame for this whole messed up thing that went down. In the beginning in her confession cam she clearly stated that apart from getting to know your spouse and relationship advises, the get together was to clear up any miss conceived notions that was circulating in the group. She was already agitated that Kenya was late to this get together which she normally isn’t, NeNe wouldn’t listen to Kenya excuse which was pretty legitimate since she can’t control the air line or flights for that matter. thus the flight delay is understandable. if you realized when the game started the questions that were being asked were based on circulating talks that was going on in the group, from: strip club, sexuality as well as past sex life…This brings me to Kenya, she got up to state exactly what she said at the winery but Natalie wouldn’t give her a chance to speak, thus Kenya made herself more noticeable by clearly approaching to Natalie to tell her exactly what she said at the winery just so she wouldn’t get it twisted. Whilst she was doing just that Chris grabbed her and Brandon made it clear not to touch her after Kenya had already made that point. What i wanna know is what was going on through Apollo’s head that made him attack Brandon, because after he pushed Brandon aside to separate the brawl she just went at it…..My conclusion is that what was aired on television isn’t all what that happened before that Pillow Talk because some persons were already agitated before coming and since they couldn’t keep it in any more it resulted in this some what of a “Mas Pillow Fight”

    January 28 at 6:01pm  / 
    • tenishameans 

      clearly you should watch the show a few more times.nene stood up and pranced her tail across the floor and brought the situation up about the winery.not only that when the gaye question was ask she went at porcha.she did have fun question that suppose to build relationship she had question to tear them down.she is a sad case.aslp christopher got up first porcha told him he had to sit down .nene didnt say a word.christopher wife say basically let him stand because shes not secure.who care if kenya said what ever .they all say things.so what its call being humble.nene is so full of herself in a bad way.kandi has money she dont act a fool all the time.micheal jackson went broke.nene better be careful.it can happen to any of usher attitude is terrible and the other part fake.she never have anything good to say.she said porscha wasnt a good friend.smh.went to the guy house asking him infront of his wife did phedra give him head.she just so messy .like i was saying this show is all she have.no one is gonna wanna deal with her being the way she is and know one is gonna watch the crap..nene need to read the bible.do on to other as youd like done to you.iits more to like than being a fool

      January 29 at 7:13pm  / 
  273. midwest11 

    One word! TRASH!! I don’t know who is worse, NeNe or Apollo!?! Get them both off the show BRAVO! We notice she can start this “pillow talk” group but can’t respond, come on NeNe – what’s your rebuttal?
    Irrational behavior and and a sense of entitlement, pretty sure there’s a diagnosis for both of these people! You better enjoy your 15 minutes of fame honey!

    January 28 at 6:14pm  / 
  274. monkeycat123 

    Sorry. You all, are “sell outs”……….
    Keeping it real? None of this is REAL??

    No excuse for violence. :(

    January 28 at 6:31pm  / 
  275. caking1234 

    NeNe, Cynthia, Peter, Apollo, Khandi, Phaedra, Porsha and anyone else who has verbally continued attacking Brandon is a disgrace. Brandon has been referred to as “the girl in red”. “The fag deserved it”. I have no respect for any of these sick people. They have even found some type of sick humor in this violence. They blame victims, Kenya and Brandon. Bravo the Slave Master should take a good look at what monsters they have sold to the viewers. My first concern is for Brandon. These thugs committed a cowardly crime. They ganged up on Kenya and Brandon. They assaulted both of them. This is a disgrace that there has not been an arrest made after this show aired. I am even more concerned that these black people have sold out for a few dollars. They have children that will see this someday. They consider themselves role models. They truly are the fools that have been bought for a few dollars. I am sure Bravo the Slave Master makes a lot of money off of these slaves. Our Aunt Sisters really must be disappointed! Bravo the Slave Master will never replace this show with positive Black families because of the fear it will not sale! I challenge you Bravo to do just that!

    Carolyn D. King

    January 28 at 7:22pm  / 
  276. stjohnson 

    Let me get this straight. Nene has all these fire fueled questions that should not have been asked in this group and she thinks she did nothing wrong. Nene you were completely wrong. Christopher was up ready to ready his question, but side track to her Crazy K’s back pedal about what she stated about him and his wife on the bus. He grabbed Crazy by the arm (which he should not have done) because she started at his wife. So who would not protect their spouse from Crazy K? Nene has always been messy her fans are the ones who could not see it.

    January 28 at 7:27pm  / 
    • Lindac 

      Did you really look at the show. Kenya got up to answer Chris but then his wife said “don’t back peddle now, and then Kenya went from paying attention to Chris and started walking towards his wife, the mouth of the South to let her know “she was not back peddling, she was forward peddling. And then Chris grabs her by the wrist, which he should not have done.

      January 28 at 8:22pm  / 
      • Justasportsnut 

        Christopher grabbed Kenya is an aggressive manne