This Is So Sad!

As hopeful as I was for us to be life-long friends, I am not surprised our friendship has ended and it truly saddens me! Reality friendships never last anyway so how foolish was I to think I had made something special! It’s amazing what people are willing to do for the love of money, relevancy and to stay on TV! With Cynthia’s sell out personality and blow-with-the-wind persona I knew it was only a matter of time!

It’s always the ones that are the closet to you that will turn on you! I was totally blindsided by all this! Yes I called Peter the B-word in early October of last year and I have apologized numerous times for it! Cynthia and Peter accepted my apology and we simply moved on! Yes moved on to talking, traveling and texting several times a day as we always did! The four of us went to dinner, Cynthia hosted my curvy girl Model Call at Bar One and Peter was there to help us out. They were at the hospital with me, they spent Thanksgiving at my home, we celebrated the New Years together in Vegas, we were hanging out together during fashion week! She attended the Red Dress Heart Truth fashion show with me and Michael Costello’s fashion show, we celebrated her birthday early in NYC with a fun brunch at Lavo!

When the episode aired for all to see and the Twitterverse had their say, I guess she changed her mind and decided she needed to be mad nearly six months later! WOW! Who gets mad six months later? I know you tryin to pull the sympathy card but if you were such a good friend, why didn’t you pull me aside and talk to me about how you were feeling instead of dicing our friendship up in front of a bunch of people who don’t care! Surely I am worthy of that considering I have carried you on my back! I can admit when something hurts the same way I can apologize when I am wrong but hey who cares about a stupid friendship when you need to secure another season on the show! The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from the enemy!

For the record I don’t hate you! I just hate that you turned into everything you said you would never be! Good bye friend!

PS: If you or anyone else thinks the demise of our friendship is your storyline for season 7, think again flip-flopper!


  1. icebergslim 

    Now I agree with everything that NeNe wrote. NOTE: Get mad again 6 months later at an episode YOU KNEW would air? That is called hypocrisy at its highest. Is the pressure that strong to remain on a reality tv show, so you can pump and dump whatever u trying to sell on the side? I did not see last night’s episode and no need to even try. This takes ridiculousness to another level!

    April 28 at 1:37pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 

      Please. Ne Ne went on Watch what happens six months later and tried to get Cynthia fired and now she wants to act like a victim. Change or be changed Ne Ne your money days are over…. You reap what you sow. You sowed dirt and you will reap dirt. Ne Ne is so ugly and her attitude stinks. I have never seen someone so ungrateful. Just like she got Sheree, and Kim fired and now is trying to get Cynthia fired but everyone is seeing her for what she is worth and that is being and acting ugly.she herself will have to answer one day. Ne Ne is not running anything. Maybe she got paid good and more than the next. But that money can be gone with one great wind. Be careful Ne Ne to give God the glory and stop saying you carried someone on your back. Cynthia is a grown woman and she can carry her own weight. God carried you and her. Pray child and ask for forgiveness. I am praying for you.

      April 28 at 2:20pm  / 
      • Sydney K 

        Andy confirmed he does the hiring and firing. Nene didn’t try to get Cynthia fired she simply stated her opinion which many agree with; Cynthia and Peter are boring and don’t have a storyline. It’s up to Andy not NeNe. Cynthia has shown herself to be thirsty by getting mad about something she forgave six months ago. Now her and Peter are having money issues and need a paycheck but NeNe is no fool to be used.

        April 28 at 3:23pm  / 
        • sdw15 

          Yea Ok where this story at

          April 28 at 5:53pm  / 
          • LisaT 

            Inside Edition reported it about a month ago and it’s at RadarOnline…google Cynthia and Peter financial troubles.

            April 28 at 7:23pm
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

          Are you for real even if Nene felt that way about Cynthia and she was her friend she would have not got on national TV and said anything negative about her friend. And if she thought everything was AOK why would she wait six months and say negative things, oh I know, because Cynthia befriended Kenya!! and Nene don’t friend people she own people.

          April 29 at 1:47am  / 
          • LisaT 

            No one can “own” anybody. Whichever girl on the show that
            disagrees with or doesn’t like NeNe’s way of friendship then
            they should stop being friends with her; simple as that.
            NeNe does it all the time and keep it moving!

            April 29 at 7:16am
          • caking1234 

            I agree 1000%

            May 4 at 3:36am
          • caking1234 

            I agree 1000%.

            May 4 at 3:38am
        • ann 

          What story line did Nene have this year besides remarry Greg? Cynthia had several parties at Bar One with her sister, with Kenya and for her modeling agency. Nene only threw the pillar party which was rated R. All of their story lines is about their lives. That was suppose to be the reason we watch the shows-for the Real Housewives Lifestyle!

          May 2 at 7:01am  / 
          • MsPaige 

            Kenya rented a fake boyfriend storyline, flirt with husbands, being
            evicted, thirsty for attention, props at the reunion were wack.
            Cynthia is boring, controlled by her husband, the agency & bar aren’t excited. NeNe, Kandi, Porsha have the most interesting lifestyles and their personalities are sassy. Phaedra and Apolo are suspicious but their kids are adorable.

            May 2 at 7:16am
      • Wanda A.D. 

        UMMM, Kim walked away from the show!! She did not get fired,,

        April 28 at 5:15pm  / 
        • Corliss V. Holly 

          She was fired because she refused to work.

          April 28 at 5:42pm  / 
      • DonthateonNeNe 

        Nene went on watch what happened live after he reunion , it only aired prior to the reunion being aired… I hope Cynthia doesn’t need financial assistance again because her new friend Kenya can’t help her…. Nene helped her broke ass pay for her wedding…

        April 28 at 7:43pm  / 
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

          What kind of friend talk about what they do for you, that means she call herself buying her. But the real deal is she befriended Kenya, As long as you are Nene friend she owns you

          April 29 at 1:51am  / 
          • LisaT 

            You can not “buy” someone. Sounds like NeNe was helping Cynthia. NeNe doesn’t care anything about Kenya and who becomes her friend. NeNe has true friends outside of the tv show. Correction: only Kenya has “bought” a fake boyfriend for the show.

            April 29 at 7:20am
          • TAlston 

            LisaT correction…everything and everyone can be bought!! So naïve of you to think otherwise. They only thing that can not be bought is LOVE but everything else is fair game.

            May 1 at 9:56pm
          • Melissa 

            TAlston – a person can only be bought if they allow themselves to be….for example Bravo bought Kenya for $2.50 lol. Some people won’t do anything for money. So everyone can not be bought, depends on the person and what they’ll accept.

            May 2 at 6:16am
        • QUIRELLE 

          and she helped Peter with Bar one, how much is she suppose to respect you and your husband if is constantly pulling money out of her wallet for you, that is something what a real friend does for a friend, Cynthia you lost that>

          April 29 at 9:49am  / 
        • kimbra 

          You know what annoys me is how everybody talks about what a bad friend NeNe is.Who put Kim and Sheree on RHOA?Who has more of her friends on the show?Who stayed with and remarried her husband.?When she could’ve left him and found a new younger model.Especially since she was rich.Cynthia knew what kind of friend she had.NeNe speaks her mind and she calls it like she sees it.That’s the type of person she is and Cynthia excepted that at the beginning.Listen,NeNe continue to enjoy your real friends.And keep enjoying all the blessings that GOD will continue to send your way.I’m one adult woman that gets you and I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

          April 29 at 11:32am  / 
          • Brenda Hyder 

            NeNe is two faced and a back stabber I used to like her but now I see her for what she truly is. Trust me NeNe got hers coming you can’t treat people like that and think it does not come back to bite you. NeNe is not a friend Cynthia is better off without her in her life.

            May 2 at 12:48am
          • Melissa 

            Cynthia said NeNe was a good friend. Bottom line is Cynthia had start drama to become interesting in order to try to keep her spot
            on the show. If she was really mad at NeNe she should would’ve stopped being her friend before the union and not wait 6 months after accepting NeNe’s apology. Peter wants a peach,need the income and they know their time is up on the show. NeNe tells it
            like it is and many can’t handle the truth; she’s not a fool

            May 2 at 6:24am
      • DonthateonNeNe 

        Are you crazy…. Watch what happen live only aired prior to the reunion but wasn’t filmed until afterwards… Cynthia is stupid…

        April 28 at 7:46pm  / 
        • Waldorf 

          Exactly, Nene was already still upset at Cynthia for throwing her under the bus at the reunion and trying to act like a “victim”. Nene was probably still pissed when Andy Cohen goaded the situation. I hope Peter trying to get exposure for his new show idea, was worth Cynthia destroying her friendship over.

          April 30 at 6:32am  / 
      • spage01 

        THANK YOU!!! Some people have forgotten how Nene got close in Kim’s face and pointed her finger in her face. Also, Nene is supposed to be against violence, especially since she was previously in an abusive relationship. However, on the aftershow (part two) while arguing with Kenya, she said something like “Don’t let me call Porsha”. What???? WHAT A HYPOCRITE! How phony can she be?? To Nene: Nene, please go back and watch how you acted on the reunion shows — rolling your eyes and pursing your lips. Don’t you know you are an embarrassment not only to women of color, but to all women in general? You used to be my favorite. Now, you are my least favorite. You may have made a lot of money (which you are always commenting on) but you have lost a lot of important things – - your heart, soul, and respect! What a mess! But I do, however, wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.

        April 29 at 12:02am  / 
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 


          May 2 at 1:22am  / 
          • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 


            May 2 at 1:40am
          • MsPaige 

            Porsha was fed up with Kenya mess and reacted out of anger and frustration. Not because somebody put something in her head.
            She wasn’t expecting Kenya to point a scepter in her face and yell through a bullhorn.

            May 2 at 7:22am
          • Carolyn A Murray 

            Girl, you need to have a seat, you can’t even spell and probably can’t read that well either.

            May 2 at 8:50am
      • Quijuandra Gay 

        Not saying that it was cool for Nene to do that but her interview with Andy Cohen was after the reunion show. So she reacted off of the hurt she felt by how Cynthia was putting the relationship on blast. When as friends she could have went to Nene house or called her and expressed that. Cynthia showed what everybody thought any how weak she was because she let everybody hype her up for something that her and her friend squashed. Just like she say she can’t disagree with NeNe but it is vice versa because when Nene didn’t not agree with her daughter having a boyfriend so early she damn near had a breakdown. Bottom line they were good friends to each other and Cynthia need to stop playing victim.

        April 29 at 8:52am  / 
        • GOREE 

          exactly… I don’t understand how people don’t get that

          April 29 at 11:11am  / 
          • kimbra 

            Because they’re too busy being in love with hating NeNe.It doesn’t matter if she says something that right.They just know that they don’t like her.So people disagree with whatever she does.

            April 29 at 11:39am
      • GOREE 

        Did you not know that WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE was aired as promotion for the reunion? Did you not know that WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE was showing clips of the reunion when Nene answered Andy’s questions about who, if anybody, needs to go? Did you not know that NENE ONLY RESPONDED THE WAY SHE DID ON WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE because the reunion had already happened where Cynthia through HER under the bus??? smh… Get the order of events right please

        April 29 at 10:59am  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        you are so right ..I like all these Ladies they need to work..and keep us entertained NeNe tries to be a better bully than everyone else.. just stop the cattiness and keep us entertained not by name calling or voilence something like what Kenya does she has an answer for all her mates on the show and never gets angry she has an answer for everything thats a laugh like calling NeNe a mousse hahaha and telling Phadrea off when it comes to Apollo and his roving eyes

        May 2 at 12:05am  / 
      • Carolyn A Murray 

        Why the hell did you bring your dumb ass on her to read her blog if you dislike her so much. You are a hater and you hate to see NeNe prosper the way she has. GTFOH with that stupid ass BS and get yourself some damn business.

        May 2 at 8:48am  / 
      • Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 

        Behind the scenes, Cynthia striked first. Know what you talk. If you follow their TWITTER every day, you would know that Cynthia brought it back up after 6 months. And, before NeNe went on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE. Get the facts.

        May 2 at 10:43am  / 
      • Frances Simpson 

        you are so right nene has change and it is not good . and it seem like a couple of weeks ago she tried to get cynthia fired. WHAT DO SHE THINK CYNTHIA WAS HAPPY FOR THAT. Nene needs to pull back .the public doesn’t like her this way. SHE IS A BIG CLOWN with no class

        May 2 at 11:25am  / 
        • Dunia Azar 

          I agree with you 100%. Nene is playing high class but has none at all… Fame went over her head! Well, soon she will realize that reality bites!!!

          May 2 at 11:53pm  / 
      • caking1234 

        I agree 1000%

        May 4 at 3:32am  / 
    • ann 

      The problem came when Nene would write in her Blog and talk about Cynthia. Cynthia had forgiven Nene, but Nene continue to throw shade in her blogs. Read the old blogs and you will see what Cynthia is talking about.
      Nene was friends with Kim and Sheree before filming the show-she has fallen out with both of them. Nene never owned up to the fact that it was her fault she and Kim fell out. Nene went to Miami and basically took over Kim’s friends house- acted a fool all the way on Kandi’s bus. Nene never see her part in the demise of the relationship. I don’t remember why Sheree and Nene fell out. But I am sure it’s because Nene is NEVER WRONG.

      April 28 at 2:38pm  / 
      • Sydney K 

        Kim and NeNe fell but they’re cool now. Sharee supposedly had lied on NeNe about some money or something but we all have the right to choose who we want as friends. Like any friendship/relationship, if it doesn’t work out it just doesn’t. NeNe is no fool. Cynthia is trying to use her at this point for a storyline because her and Peter are having money problems. The sad thing is she forgave NeNe six months ago and wants to bring it up now. Cynthia is just as thirsty as Kenya.

        April 28 at 3:33pm  / 
        • Knapturally Me 

          So true Sydney. That’s why Cynthia is easing up to Kenya because she thinks that Kenya has an “in” with Andy and that she’ll have some say as to who she wants as a fellow cast member. Cynthia is using the Mexico issue as an excuse for doing what she did. As you said Greg, NeNe, Peter, and Cynthia discussed their issues and resolved them 6 months ago. People just trying to keep their jobs.

          April 28 at 4:04pm  / 
          • Teresa Carmon 


            May 4 at 12:51pm
        • ann 

          Using Nene as a story line not Cynthia’s agenda for season 7. Read the blogs of how Nene talked about Cynthia “AFTER” she had apologized. If you apologize to someone you don’t keep dogging them in your blog about it. Go back and listen to “why” Cynthia decided to stop being Nene’s friend. Nene is NEVER wrong. She NEVER owns up to her mistakes in ANY relationship. She CHOKED Kim the cameras were down-but Kim called 911. Nene is the BIG BULLY to all these women. If they don’t kiss her behind- she NO longers wants them in her life. Why did she stop being friends with Marlo- Because of Kenya. Your friend can be friends with whomever they Please.

          April 28 at 6:38pm  / 
          • LisaT 

            I understand what you’re saying. However it matter if NeNe doesn’t own up to her mistakes. Whomever doesn’t like it or is bothered by should stop being friends with her. The same way if she doesn’t like something that’s said or done, she stops dealing with the person. We have the right to choose who we want as friends. Therefore you’re right Marlo can be friends with whomever she chooses; NeNe doesn’t really care.

            April 28 at 7:33pm
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

          They never said they were having money problems I thought they said the owners of the building where Bar One resides are not paying their rent. I could be wrong and misunderstood.

          April 29 at 2:01am  / 
          • LisaT 

            They may have not said it but it was reported on Inside Edition & RadarOnline. Cynthia’s mom & sister didn’t want them to get married; Peter has 5 or 6 kids and alot of debt.

            April 29 at 7:25am
      • Wanda A.D. 

        NENE and Sheree stop speaking before the show started filming because Sheree was her usual wannabe self. It was over a party that NeNe wanted to go to that Sheree had tickets or influence in. Sheree did not want her there. NeNe showed up anyway !!!

        April 28 at 5:18pm  / 
        • Pam Richards 

          This blog is about NeNe and Cynthia not Sheree; she was gone season 4.

          May 1 at 9:24pm  / 
      • krich320 

        That’s the problem! Nene is NEVER wrong….. everything is about her all the time. She was embarrassing on DWTS, and I’m so happy the MOOSE is gone! I’m tired of her self-centered attitude. SHE is the one who caused the fight at the pillow party. SHE is the one who said Peter was acting like a bitch. SHE is the one who dissed Tony on DWTS….. but with it all, she turns it around to make her look good. She’s delusional. She thinks she is soooo talented! She’s not! SHE needs to go!

        April 28 at 10:36pm  / 
        • Pam Richards 

          Peter does act like a bitch and he wants a peach. NeNe tells it like it is and many can’t take it. She’s the only original cast memeber so she’s doing something right. Kenya and Cynthia need to go.

          May 1 at 9:27pm  / 
        • Chrissie Queen 

          I totally agree with you on this if NeNe is that rich like she says then she does not need to work NeNe has been a battle axe on all the shows she did The Apprentice did not get along with the people there Did Glee was axed there and on RHOA the same thing brawls with all …. Get a grip NeNe ..does not like Kenya cause Kenya is a smart and gives just as much as is given… she is no lap dog… now all the others are learning……. WHO NENE… REALLY IS A BULLY

          May 2 at 12:31am  / 
          • MsPaige 

            Kenya is well spoken other than that she does things for attention. She’s not a good fit for this show, rented a boyfriend flirts with husbands, props, just a mess. All the ladies are grown if they don’t like NeNe or feel bullied then they shouldn’t deal with her. Instead they call her names because she doesn’t take no sh*t.

            May 2 at 7:29am
          • Teresa Carmon 


            May 2 at 12:52pm
      • jmbtoptobottom1 

        So true ANN!

        May 2 at 4:09am  / 
      • Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 

        Follow their Twitter every day and you will see that your facts are just the televised stuff. Cynthia re-ignited it first. Get the facts. Everythng NeNe says is true. NeNe had them Thanksgiving. Flew them to Vegas for New Years. GET THE FACTS. Cynthia brought it back to develop a storyline. Anyone fueding with NeNe is a storyline. Cynthia is desperate for her job. I like Cynthia. She is nice. BUT, the FACTS ARE FACTS. Everythig NeNe says, about fashion week and all is TRUE. They instagrammed pics and everything. They did selfies, Everywhere they went. NeNe is telling the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about it. I know NeNe is smart mouthed sometimes, but I view and judge these ladies on the facts. One week it may seem that I’m all NeNe, another all Kandi, another week, all Cynthia, but that’s the fair way. The TRUTH and THE FACTS. And, NeNe is not the VILLIAN HERE. Cynthia is. She is desperate for her job.

        May 2 at 10:49am  / 
      • Frances Simpson 


        May 2 at 11:27am  / 
    • mymi 

      Exactly right!!! People always want to see Nene as the “rude” girl !! I actually think she made soooo much since last night saying that she would not discussed their friendship in front of everybody! to me it shows how much she cares for their friendship cause real friends work things between them not with everybody else! And she was truly hurt !! Cynthia is the one with no back bones she is so ridiculous she kept talking about respect as far as I know calling Peter a b** was the only incident ever between them. ..talking about Cynthia daughter was not disrespectful it was Nene ‘ s point..get a life Cynthia find another excuse. .

      April 28 at 2:55pm  / 
      • millie 

        well, nene has insulted her ‘friends husband’, shrown shade at cynthia in her blogs and tv interviews. Then she says she wants to respect cynthia and talk to her in ‘private’ really?? No she is bad friend, one I would never want to have. Cynthia was right when she said nene gets to the logs first before she can even talk to cynthia. This is the disrespect cynthia was talking about.

        April 29 at 3:50am  / 
        • GOREE 

          Nene is human Boo. I’m sure Cynthia has been disrespectful to NENE at some point WHILE THE CAMERAS WASN’T ROLLING. Did you NOT read this blog. The insult happened October 2013. The airing happened 6 months later. The period between that time, they all were fine and appeared to had forgiven all offenses. That’s what friends do. If you don’t know how to forgive, you don’t know how to love. However, Cynthia wants to play fiddle faddle with the role of YOU OFFENDED ME AND MY HUSBAND. No Boo, y’all were done with that and as Nene said, “were hanging out and taking trips.” If Nene had been disrespectful throughout their friendship, you really think they Cynthia is that dumb that she would hang on to a disrespectful friend for so long and turn around and AGREE with this disrespectful friend that this disrespectful friend had been AN EQUALLY GREAT FRIEND to her. Save that. Cynthia allowed Peter and social media to influence her on rather or not Nene was someone of value to her.

          April 29 at 11:28am  / 
      • Quijuandra Gay 

        I so agree

        April 29 at 8:58am  / 
    • DuchessShariM 

      Cynthia needs to learn how to respect her friends opinions and how to control her man. Peter has no business giving his 1 cent opinion to the other women about problems among the women, Peter has a case of B%#€hA#%ness, that Cynthia needs to fix. NeNe called it like it was and they want take offense, real friends keep it 100 all the time. Why get mad all over again because of strangers? You knew the episode would air. Grow up Cynthia and Peter and quit looking for “yes” friends, because real friends call a spade a spade.

      April 28 at 3:08pm  / 
      • millie 

        to be honest the fall out between nene and peter was nenes fault. Peter was not trying to upset her, she flipped out all by herself when Peter was trying to tell her not to act all crazy at a charity event. She walked up into his face and months later claimed he had walked up into her face to upset her. She thinks she is always right, she is becoming delusional.

        April 29 at 3:55am  / 
        • GOREE 

          You can’t go back in time after y’all are back cool to justify why you no longer want to be friends. Cynthia was influenced by social media, and point and the PERIOD.

          April 29 at 11:36am  / 
    • Gospelgirl2354 

      Nene is right if you can rememver a few seasons ago when Marlobwas on & Sheree the ladies all had the same complaint about Cynthia that when she was with them & Nene wasn’t Cynthia would act one way & around Nene she woukd act a different way this is not a first. I too believe this is calculated by Cynthia & Peter to insure they are on another season. They surely need the money so Peter can go through it. I believe that Nene is hurt by the friendship ending everybody handle things differently that doesn’t make one way right or the other way wrong (crying on set). Nene said this season that her relationship with Cynthia was the most important to than the other know that this is Peters idea, Cynthia can’t cone up with any thing on her own. We all know that Cynthia & Peter rode Nene to this point if it was not for Nene Cynthia would have been gone. Niw Andy & Bravo will surely keep her so it won’t appear that they take NeNe’s leed.

      April 28 at 3:25pm  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      I think this is crazy. 6 months ago and we are still talking. This is my take. Poor Cynthia’s money was eaten up by Peter and she really needs money. She want to stay on Housewives so she brought it up again so she can be in the spotlight. She want to be seen. Poor thing married that NO business man Peter. I wish this friendship could mend, but it probably won’t. Andy will probably bring her back out of pity.

      April 28 at 4:51pm  / 
    • Lynn Jackson 

      I agree if she had forgiven her why get angry all over again after they all met up for dinner, but Cynthia know how much Kenya doesn’t like Nene so they can hook up and make Nene’s life miserable ,now I don’t feel like Cynthia really wanted to end the friendship, but with Peter the other house wife lol talking to her making her feel bad for not getting on Nene for calling him out of his name also dirty Kenya putting things in her head she had to show how much women she is..Like when Peter jump UP in Kandi’s face.. I hope they get it together , but Ne Ne did tell Andy in her on way she should leave the show. I think she was hurt and angry when she did that.

      April 28 at 7:50pm  / 
    • Vivian Wilson 

      I agree with you some people don’t like NeNe and no matter what you say they just want to bash this lady and as for Cynthia she is so fake she hides behind that loser husband of hers and now Kenya because she knows Kenya Whore Moore and NeNe don’t like each other Cynthia is a coward and a cry baby she try’s to get bad in front of her her low down husband and that crazy sister of her’s SMH Cynthia go crawl under a rock and have a cry party all by your self loser can’t stand a weak ass women she needs to give Kenya Whore Moore a friendship contract

      April 28 at 8:17pm  / 
    • ann 

      Perhaps Cynthia dumped her before Nene did the dumping. Why did Nene dump Marlo without a reason. Nene is reaping what she has sown by dumping Marlo simply because she was filming with Kenya. Who cares? Nene does not anyone to rise to fame but her. It’s a matter of time before she and Phaedra fall out again. No one can be friends with people like Nene. Nene is too self absorb.

      April 29 at 4:28am  / 
      • QUIRELLE 

        I don’t think that NENE is self absorbing she just recognize opportunist people. she man sheree tried to start drama with Kim marlo Kandi Nene and Pheadra to keep her story line going then she lied about building a home with no money, after all the lies didn’t fly then she left, NeNE is too intelligent to fall for and trap. she carried Cynthia for the past seasons, Kandi;s mother helped her stay on the show and with pheadra her husbands criminal record is keeping her their Kenya’s lies is her contributions and NeNe ‘s talent is her contributions

        April 29 at 10:01am  / 
      • GOREE 

        She is NOT friends with Phaedra. They are CORDIAL. Her friends exist outside of Real Housewives of Atlanta ann. Nene is not threatened by none of these girls, but people think she should be just because most of them had did something admirable before the show. Nene was made from Real Housewives of Atlanta. People can’t stand that. That’s why they throw her past in her face. She kill them with letting them know she’s grand. She is happy with who she is… When she was crying for a season, everybody was cool with it. Now she has her happy back, folks can’t stand it. She’s human.. haves ups and downs… She’s living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it. And just because YOU DON’T KNOW THE REASON behind the fallout of Marlo and Nene doesn’t mean that there is no reason.

        April 29 at 11:42am  / 
    • nicnak 

      I have watched the show from the very beginning and NeNe was always my favorite. But as the seasons went on and she was on apprentice and glee and started making real money she has really changed. She started stating things like “I’m rich B”, and none of the other girls are on her level. I think if I had a friend talking to me like that I would question the type of friendship we have. IF ANY! No matter have much money she has ,she shouldn’t throw it in their face or belittle them like that means she is better than them!
      NeNe always kept it real and was never fake but now she is just , nasty acting, and rude! The show use to show her fun side but now it’s seems as if she is all about how she is too good to clean a house, and how fabulous she is with all her name brand clothes..etc.. I just want her to remember who she is. Make the money but don’t let the money make you. Because as fast as God gave it he can take it. As Kenya would say “Gone with the Wind” but it won’t be fabulous! So with all that said ” I want to see the funny, fun side of NeNe back, keeping it real but classy. She made the show worth watching. If they continue down this path, I honestly don’t know if I will continue to watch the new seasons! #Whathappenedtothefriendcontract #fanfromday1 #NeNedontletmoneychangeyou #GetalifeKenya

      May 2 at 5:23am  / 
    • Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 

      I agree with NeNe. They actually did all those things after taping. SHAME ON YOU, CYNTHIA. You brought all this up to have a storyline for the reunion and for fans to want to see how NeNe and yourself PLAY THIS OUT NEXT SEASON.

      But, with NeNe closing the door SHUT, Bravo may not see a need to keep you!

      May 2 at 10:41am  / 
    • Teresa Carmon 

      icebergslim WELL SAID

      May 2 at 4:36pm  / 
    • Llaloba Solitaria 

      Get over yourself. Nobody likes you. You are ignorant and super stupid. Nice colossal photoshop job on the picture because you don’t, never did look remotely passable. Moose.

      May 6 at 5:10pm  / 
  2. cmiles 

    I think the two of you can overcome this situation if you both step back and look at the others point of view. Nene there is definitely no need for the name calling or belittling comments like “I carried you…”. This is what she means when she says you don’t show your friends the same respect they show you. I get the fact that after this was resolved it should have remained resolved. Old wounds open up and she should have told you how she was feeling. She is not an angel but she has not called you anything other than your name. It is clear that both of you are hurting. Sit down privately and renew what has been a good friendship for some time now.

    April 28 at 1:44pm  / 

      Nene didn’t call her out of her name either. She made a statement and it’s true. She did carry her, and for her to turn on Nene. I know exactly how Nene feels.

      April 28 at 1:53pm  / 
      • Lynn Jackson 

        Yes she did carry her on.

        April 28 at 7:52pm  / 
      • Vivian Wilson 

        Right Cynthia cry’s about NeNe not being a true friend NeNe had her back all the time people forget NeNe has lot’s of other friends she really don’t know these girls they are just working together on a tv show they are not what you call true friends but her and Cynthia were at some point until Peter and Kenya got in her ear .

        April 28 at 8:26pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 

      I agree with you cmiles. No respect. Ne Ne has no respect for anyone! I would not renew my friendship with her – why to go through the same thing ever six months. Ne Ne went on TV six months later and tried to get Cynthia fired. O.K. so what does she expect? Her attitude stinks….

      April 28 at 2:23pm  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        Everything you’re saying about NeNe’s character is being quite obviously shown in yours. How ’bout that? Yet another indication that you’re a hypocrite. =)

        A fool is as a fool does, bottom(feeder). =)

        April 28 at 3:34pm  / 
        • millie 

          nene is a horrible arrogant friend, she insults her friends husbands, throws shade at them in her blogs and tv interviews, talks to them in a condescending manner. tells them who they can and cannot be friends with. I mean we all know nene is not friends with cynthia cause cynthia talks to kenya, just the same way she is not friends with marlo because marlo is now talking to kenya..hmmm.. oh yeah she also insults them on tv and says they should make up in private. Then she has the nerve to start a story about them like saying cynthia just wants a story line for season 7..well from the looks of it nene came up with that story line herself. She i one shady lady, sour lady..

          April 29 at 4:04am  / 
    • Frances Simpson 


      May 2 at 11:42am  / 
  3. Toni Jones 

    Tell it like it is NeNe. Your right, she’s the one that wanted to hook you into a relationship with a contract. Cyn needed you to keep her on the show. She had nothing (like she told us last reunion) when her and Peter came on to the set. The lounge was losing and she wasn’t getting the modeling shows like before so she needed to hang onto a popular personality and it was you. Why not Sheree, or Kim or Kandi, no they weren’t as popular or stable. I Think she’s doing great with her Business for Atlanta and If she wasn’t on this platform as long as she was she wouldn’t have that. You made quite a few people relevant! Now you need to stop and look and see who’s really in your corner and bring them into the fold like Dianna and Lexis ect. your real friends that are not so needy. Shake her off and keep doing you. It’s not your lost.I know she helped you when you needed her and you gave her more than she ever gave back to you! GOD Bless you!! #TEAM NENE!!!Bloop!!!

    April 28 at 1:49pm  / 
    • millie 

      nene, hasn’t made anyone relevant. she is upset, and in a bad mood all the time. Speak for yourself, maybe you like watching her, but the show will continue without her. if she is soo relevant why couldnt she make it in her acting career. If you watched nene in season 6 she has been rude, arrogant, and very condescending, she seems unhappy about her own life and is growing bitter. If she doesnt check herself she will end up as a bitter sour woman.. She needs to get her joy back and stop being proud..

      April 29 at 4:10am  / 

    I totally agree Nene 100%. I hope she doesn’t change for anyone. I really can’t stand Kandi because she thinks her shit smells like strawberries. Every reunion she brings Nene up about something. She has so much to say about what Nene does and she’s too afraid to tell her mother to stay out of her business. Kenya on the other hand is just HOPELESS by all means. Cynthia is boring and Nene was right. She goes wherever the wind blows her.

    April 28 at 1:50pm  / 
    • Team Cynthia 

      Nene is a fool.. Think about all the friends her dumb ass lost on the show.. She think her shit smell like blueberries.. Say what you want about Kandi but she about her checks. All I can say to Nene is Never forget where you come from.. You can be rich today and broke tomorrow.. She need to change her stink attitude.. I dont know why she feel she is GOD.

      April 28 at 2:13pm  / 
      • GetItRight 

        Clearly NeNe is no fool and will not be used as a storyline. She has not lost friends, she let so called friends go. Besides she has true friends outside of the tv show. Cynthia and Kenya are acting like thirsty crabs in a barrell and trying to pull NeNe down but they can’t so they play victim and expect sympathy. NeNe is smarter than that and has no time for it obviously. Let ‘em go and keep it moving!

        April 28 at 3:55pm  / 
      • sdw15 


        April 28 at 5:55pm  / 
    • Toni Jones 

      Kandi thinks that everyone should hide their head in the sand like her instead of being confident,like Nene. She (kandi) has had insecurities most of her life. When she sees someone like NeNe exhuming confidence she’s jealous and not able to handle it. They will never be friends but be respectful of each other’s talent.

      April 28 at 2:33pm  / 
      • hmb 

        Toni, since when did disrespect, shitting all over your friends, back-stabbing your friends, fighting, them in public, demeaning, abusing, being envious, jealous and thinking everyone on the show is beneath you considered confidence – you must be new to the show – please go watch the re-runs and learn of the real Nene Leakes and not the fake one that she has recently been putting out there since she’s been on a couple cancel shows and DWTS.

        April 28 at 2:44pm  / 
        • GetItRight 

          @hmb: you sound like a true hater. NeNe is doing what has kept her the only original member of the show, knocking them out one-by-one! Only the strong survive! Those ladies can’t hang in there then that’s on them. Their fake & weak storylines don’t keep ‘em on the show so they attempt to go for NeNe and everyone knows she’s not the one to be played with! She will play her part; argue, disagree, throw shade but she will dismiss you before you try to play her. It takes a real, strong-minded woman to understand her character and where’s she’s coming from…

          April 28 at 4:02pm  / 
          • Vivian Wilson 

            Right Cynthia cry’s about NeNe not being a true friend NeNe had her back all the time people forget NeNe has lot’s of other friends she really don’t know these girls they are just working together on a tv show they are not what you call true friends but her and Cynthia were at some point until Peter and Kenya got in her ear .

            April 28 at 8:49pm
      • Knapturally Me 

        How did Kandi get in this? I thought we all were talking about the friendship between NeNe and Cynthia coming to an end.

        April 28 at 4:11pm  / 
      • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

        Are you for real Nene knows Kandi is self made and she cant do nothing with Kandi she had hers before the show and will have it after. That is why she don’t like her and is very jealous of Kaandi.

        April 29 at 2:30am  / 
        • LisaT 

          Kandi is self made. Although Kandi is worth 35 million, NeNe is worth 10 million per celebrity net worth, NeNe isn’t jealous of her and they’re both strong-minded woman. Kandi really shouldn’t be in this discussion, this blog is about NeNe & Cynthia.

          April 29 at 7:31am  / 
        • Frances Simpson 


          May 2 at 11:51am  / 
      • jmbtoptobottom1 

        You are silly… Kandi is worth 35 million or more at this time. I would be just like her. Quiet unless I wanted to answer a question. Kandi does not need anything from the rude NeNe. Stay poised Kandi. You are a real LADY.

        May 2 at 4:15am  / 
    • Valda De Dieu 

      Don’t forget how Khandi was kissing Kim Zolciak’s tukkus. That was so disgusting to me. Point blank, everyone on RHOA knows NeNe is the top draw in that group, love her or hate her. So when they want a storyline, they come gunning for her. But she manages to outwit them, everytime. My point is, I’d want NeNe on my side; she is loyal to boot AND she tells you the truth-whether you want to hear it or not. You always know where you stand with NeNe.

      I like NeNe because I admire many of her qualities: However straightforward she is, no pretense, she also knows when and where it is appropriate. I notice she is very respectful and polite to service people i.e. waitresses, bus-boys, valets –that is the mark of a true lady; she’s very charming to professionals i.e. attorneys, business managers, producers, while driving a hard bargain. She’s shrewd.

      She’s a hard worker…. RHOA would not be what it is without NeNe, and I watch it BECAUSE of her.

      April 28 at 4:28pm  / 
      • Wanda A.D. 

        Valda De Dieu, I agree !!!

        April 28 at 5:24pm  / 
      • Rebecca Polk 


        April 30 at 2:04pm  / 
  5. DMB 

    I am in total agreement with Nene. It is ok for her to be mad but not 6 months later when everyone says you should be mad. YOU and Nene had a friendship not you Nene and the rest of the world.

    April 28 at 1:50pm  / 
    • ann 

      Cynthia says it’s because of what Nene wrote in her blog after the fact. Read the blogs and you will see the shade Nene threw even after she apologized.

      April 28 at 2:42pm  / 
      • GetItRight 

        If what Cynthia claims is true, she should have spoken to NeNe about how she felt at the time the blogs were written; they were still friends during that time. Cynthis needs a storyline at this point. I’ve read her and Peter are having money issues so obviously she wants to stay on the show for a paycheck but NeNe is no fool and won’t be used. Cynthia is just as thirsty as Kenya.

        April 28 at 4:11pm  / 
        • LisaT 

          I agree. Cynthia and Kenya are thirsty.

          April 28 at 8:04pm  / 
      • Tawanda H 

        Ok, but she didn’t mention the interview in which her and Peter did after that episode aired and was throwing shade as well. There is no difference in Nene writing in her blog about the episode and Cynthia and Peter doing interviews with Sister 2 Sister magazine.

        April 29 at 6:26am  / 
      • Teresa Carmon 


        May 2 at 3:32pm  / 
    • Teresa Carmon 

      I totally agree

      May 2 at 3:08pm  / 
  6. Quentin W. Buetow 

    Sadly, there exists some people in this world who hold on to past hurts, disappointments, and such … and they grow bitter, jaded, and cynical because they just can’t let go of that anger. They’re scared. They would rather hold on to it than to heal those wounds.

    I learned a long time ago that people like that play the role of the victim. They’re so self-absorbed and narcissistic. Angry. They’re just angry people. I had a girlfriend once who was like that … just a bitter, angry woman.

    Live and learn, NeNe. Hold your head high … and proceed with life. Do you. Never let the likes of people like Kenya, Cynthia, Peter, or Marlo tear you down or bring you to their level. Laugh at ‘em. Nothing shuts a bully down quicker than when his “victim” begins laughing at him.

    Proceed with integrity and honor.

    April 28 at 1:51pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 

      Please. NeNe is not a victim. She started all this mess, and now wants to explain why Cynthia does not want to be her friend. She went on TV and tried, TRIED to get Cynthia fired from the show. See what happens when she loses her contract like she has done so many people. Ne Ne needs to change her ugly ways. NeNe is very big headed and thinks she did this all on her own. God does not like the attitude she has. Very ugly and God is watching. Change of be changed. Money does come and go…

      April 28 at 2:12pm  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        Go re-read Matthew 23. I think you could stand to learn about hypocrisy yourself. You’re sitting in pious judgment of her while proclaiming Christian values, morals, and ethics. Rather hypocritical, ya think?

        April 28 at 2:17pm  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        I would imagine that you’re one of **those** Christians who enjoy pointing out the faults and flaws of others … but never quite seem to be able to look in the mirror and see yourself. Do you realize how ugly YOU look right now? Pious, self-righteous, hypocritical … yeah, go pick up your Bible, turn to Matthew, and re-read “The Seven Woes” (Ch. 23) … because you could stand a dose of humility yourself, jmbtoptobottom1

        Peace be upon you.

        April 28 at 2:20pm  / 
        • jmbtoptobottom1 

          And I imagine you to be white and racist.

          April 28 at 2:35pm  / 
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            I am white, yes … but far, far from racist, bigoted, or even prejudiced. Not even close … as I have two beautiful daughters – the light of my world – who are half-black. Besides, genius, why would I be writing what I’ve said if I was racist?

            No, bottom, I think it’s YOU who would be the racist … only because YOU brought color and race into the equation. How does it feel to be exposed to the world for stupidity? Is that the best you really have? You couldn’t turn to anything else … couldn’t come up with any greater or more insightful insight?

            You lose. Try again. Don’t be mad, bottom … you just look like a fool, that’s all. =)

            April 28 at 2:44pm
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            Fool. I pity you … only because you lack the ability to look in the mirror and see your own ugliness; your own pettiness and vitriolic rhetoric. You hide behind your faith … and tear down others because, really, you’re a coward and a bully.

            Go away, bottom … you chose a great screen name, by the way. You’re a bottom-feeder; jealous of others’ successes; envious of others’ grace, style, compassion, and ability to be more than just average.

            Yeah, you’re a fool, bottom: an ugly, petty, vicious, jealous, mean-spirited, pious, self-righteous, bitter, cynical fool.

            Wise up and educate yourself.

            April 28 at 2:48pm
          • Knapturally Me 

            So what does that have to do with anything?

            April 28 at 3:07pm
      • jmbtoptobottom1 

        quentin you are a very small man to me. However, I bless you In The Name of Jesus Christ that you study more and complain less… how could you suggest a bible scripture and curse like you do on many of your ridiculous comments. just so you know when you give advice it is always directed to you first. get your mind together before you lose it. It does not pay to let your mind wonder so much. read a book read a good book (bible) and get off the blogs. you are taking this way too serious. God love you and so do I. Love Love Love. Study to show thyself apporved by God and do not be a hypocrite. Bye.

        May 2 at 4:28am  / 


    April 28 at 1:52pm  / 
    • ann 

      Girl Bye! Nene’s head has gotten too BIG for her Britches. Can’t nobody tell her NOTHING. As far as her clothing line- she was the worst dress on the reunion show. I guess it will be people like you- to buy her clothes. She has not worn one single thing I would want to buy. Nene has no fashion sense. Sheree mentioned that in the first season.

      April 28 at 2:44pm  / 
      • hmb 


        April 28 at 2:45pm  / 
      • Knapturally Me 

        Dang you must be Team Kenya because you sound just as crazy as she does.

        April 28 at 3:12pm  / 
        • Quentin W. Buetow 

          Quite a few of those folks around here, actually.

          April 28 at 3:28pm  / 
      • Tawanda H 

        And yet you’re commenting on HER blog!

        April 29 at 6:27am  / 

    At least Nene did say, she will talk it over in private and not with the other girls. I give Nene much respect for that

    April 28 at 1:54pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      Agreed, She handled it with grace and dignity.

      April 28 at 1:56pm  / 
      • jmbtoptobottom1 


        May 2 at 4:22am  / 
        • Carolyn A Murray 

          And neither do you. Is it that hard fir you to allow others to have their say without you calling them out of their name. You are the stupid one.

          May 2 at 8:56am  / 
    • hmb 

      Shouldn’t she have talked it over privately before outing Cynthia on Andy’s show – what type of friend is that? Nene is not loyal to anyone especially if she feels threatened by them.

      April 28 at 2:51pm  / 
      • GetItRight 

        @hmb: NeNe posted but deleted the text from Cynthia. She actually tried to help Cynthia with a storyline after she apologized. Cynthia is boring and I’m sure as outspoken NeNe is she has told her this before talking with Andy. As for NeNe being loyal, Cynthia admitted on part 2 of the reunion that NeNe was a good friend. I’m sure with the money problems Cynthia and Peter are having, NeNe probably lent them a helping hand $$

        April 28 at 4:19pm  / 
    • millie 

      no, nene is always putting her isssues with cynthia out there just as cynthia said. Then she calls cynthia after to say sorry I blasted you in my blog..etc..She said that she wants to deal with it in private only cause she doesnt want to look bad. Why didnt she think about that before she insulted peter on tv, threw shade at cynthia in her blogs, tv interviews and on the show. She is a terrible friend. If she was serious about them dealing with it in private she could have spoken with cynthia not written this blog. She is soo delusional.

      April 29 at 4:17am  / 
      • LisaT 

        If Cynthia didn’t like how NeNe was treating her, then she should have stopped being friends with her. We have the right to choose who we have as friends. She insulted Peter in October 2013, we just see it months later but Cynthia is a grown woman can could have stoped being friends with NeNe if she “really” felt disrespected or didn’t like how NeNe treated her and her husband; simple as that.

        April 29 at 7:35am  / 
    • GOREE 

      Exactly… That’s what friends do. Nene knows how this goes.

      April 29 at 11:52am  / 
    • TAlston 

      you bough that??? She talks out of both sides of her mouth!! She announced how she felt about Cynthia every chance she got and every appearance she’s had since that comment! #ByeFelicia

      May 1 at 10:05pm  / 

    I hope your child don’t be the first one to get that. Sad that you would say something like that.

    April 28 at 1:55pm  / 
  10. Quentin W. Buetow 

    Real nice. Wishing death on someone else, eh? How would you feel if I told you I wanted the same thing to happen to your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister … or even your daughter? Bet you’d be pissed off, huh?

    Fuck you. Grow up, asshole …

    April 28 at 1:56pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 

      Is this the same man that was trying to quote scriptures for someone to read. Oh my. The devil is a liar! In Jesus Name be gone…

      April 28 at 2:49pm  / 
      • dalgal64 

        We exhault, not tear down….these blogs could change anyone’s heart….

        April 28 at 2:59pm  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        No, I think I’ll stick around only to see you become more worked up. Your ugliness is now showing. God don’t like ugly, remember? Those WERE your words, right, bottom? You DID say that very thing, right?

        (grins) You lose. Again. You look foolish right now, bottom. Stop … before I REALLY turn it on.

        April 28 at 2:59pm  / 
      • Faith 

        Amen! Lol.

        April 28 at 3:03pm  / 
        • Faith 

          Nene did the right thing by apologizing and as she stated they continued with their friendship. Now six months later, Cynthia needs a storyline to stay on the show. She’s just as thirsty as Kenya.

          April 28 at 3:05pm  / 
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            Exactly. She handled herself with grace and dignity … just like I stated in my very first post. She refused to cater to the messiness.

            April 28 at 3:07pm
          • Pam Richards 

            So true. And Peter wants his peach so Cynthia had to speak up, create some drama or something to stay on the show.

            May 1 at 9:20pm
          • Vincy 

            I agree with you totally….

            May 2 at 6:45am
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        These were you EXACT words in your initial post, bottom:

        God does not like ugly. We all must sow what we reap. You need to be careful. God is watching.

        (grins) Peace be upon you, bottom (feeder)

        April 28 at 3:03pm  / 

    They’re always coming down on Nene so harsh. Of course, Nene is the one always falling out with the girls, and that’s because Nene is not going to allow them to walk all over her and talk to her any kind of way. I don’t blame her. Please get rid of Kenya. #teamNENE

    April 28 at 2:02pm  / 
    • prayerwarrior 

      I agree. And let’s not forget nene was kim friend and a associate to Cynthia. Till CYNTHIA beg nene for friendship wth that friendship contrat..nene had put Cynthia in her plce and she didn’t like it so out come yhe contract. .whoch has in a clause on breaching I wonder if law suite going to apper

      April 28 at 3:19pm  / 
  12. Mary Gonzalez 

    Nene I must say this to you…i felt asthough you were being very childish with all that name calling ..God don’t like ugly ..was it necessary for all the name calling and rolling your it wasnt..I’m praying for you and Cynthia. .God bless

    April 28 at 2:03pm  / 
    • TiffanytheDiva 

      Yes…NeNe has seemed to think she’s ABOVE ALL….LMAOOOOOOO
      quite funny THO The Mrs I’m Rich….SMDH….Her small MONEY… it’s bad because REAL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES ARE LAUGHING AT YOU….AND LAUGHING HARD….

      April 28 at 3:58pm  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        I guess, then, that’s why we – the general viewing public – are seeing MORE of Linnethia Monique Johnson-Leakes than any of the other RHOA cast members, huh? “Small money”, you said? MMMmmmm … alrighty, then.

        April 28 at 6:43pm  / 
  13. Mary Gonzalez 

    I think that was so not nice ..becareful of the words you say dear.God bless..

    April 28 at 2:04pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 

      That is all she could say because she was caught being ugly. She went of Watch What Happens after Cynthia forgave her and TRIED to get Cynthia fired. NeNe is not a friend. When she looses that million dollar contract maybe she will smile more and quit being so UGLY. She has the worst attitude ever seen on a so call Lady! Change it or be changed… God is watching.

      April 28 at 2:09pm  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        jmbtoptobottom1 – Go re-read Matthew 23. I think you could stand to learn about hypocrisy yourself. You’re sitting in pious judgment of her while proclaiming Christian values, morals, and ethics. Rather hypocritical, ya think?

        I would imagine that you’re one of **those** Christians who enjoy pointing out the faults and flaws of others … but never quite seem to be able to look in the mirror and see yourself. Do you realize how ugly YOU look right now? Pious, self-righteous, hypocritical … yeah, go pick up your Bible, turn to Matthew, and re-read “The Seven Woes” (Ch. 23) … because you could stand a dose of humility yourself, jmbtoptobottom1

        Peace be upon you.

        April 28 at 2:23pm  / 
        • jmbtoptobottom1 

          Please forgive me if you were offended by my comments. I am not a hypocrite. That is why I made the comment I made. This whole franchise of reality TV is a circus. And yes I am judging. You are the hypocrite. It seems you are judging me. Wow. Are you a Christian and do you enjoy putting me down. It seems you are self-righteousand RUDE… But I heard a pastor say when people like you try to preach, you are first talking to yourself. That is the truth. Pick up you Bible and get a good understanding, You need to except people where they are in their walk with God. I said what i mean about this ugly and rude person who does not give God any glory for where He has brought her. I give God all the Glory for my life. And I love Jesus. What about You?

          April 28 at 2:30pm  / 
          • dalgal64 

            How do u know she doesn’t give God the Glory in her life….stick to the issue….

            April 28 at 2:57pm
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            You sure are protesting a lot. Did I REALLY get to you that bad, bottom. Truth hurts, doesn’t it. =)

            April 28 at 2:58pm
        • jmbtoptobottom1 

          You need to practice what you preach and read Matthew 23, it applies to you because it came to you!!

          April 28 at 2:36pm  / 
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            Did you run out of breath yet, bottom? You went silent all of a sudden. Why? Because you couldn’t come up with anything better than ugliness and nastiness and bitter speech?

            A fool is as a fool does. =) You got worked, bottom. You started it all … and got shown to be a fool. Congratulations.

            April 28 at 3:10pm
      • LisaT 

        NeNe can’t get Cynthia fired only Cynthia can get herself fired with her boring storylines. Watch when NeNe interviewed Andy; he said he does the hiring and firing.

        April 28 at 8:01pm  / 
  14. jmbtoptobottom1 

    NeNe has a lot of nerves…She was the one trying to get Cynthia kicked off the show. Wow, and when that did not work because she thinks she is running this show, which apparently she is not! Then she wants everyone to feel sorry for her. Well NeNe, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Until you give God the glory for what he has done for you, and how He has carried you, because you can not carry anyone on your back honey. You are not that strong! I think your attitude makes you look real ugly. if that offend you because I am a Christian, then forgive me, but let the truth be told. I am praying that you can be more graceful and thankful for your blessings. Cynthia is hurting, because after you said you were sorry, you went on TV and tried, I said TRIED to get her fired. God does not like ugly. We all must sow what we reap. You need to be careful. God is watching.

    April 28 at 2:05pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      Go re-read Matthew 23. I think you could stand to learn about hypocrisy yourself. You’re sitting in pious judgment of her while proclaiming Christian values, morals, and ethics. Rather hypocritical, ya think?

      April 28 at 2:08pm  / 
      • Adrienne Wilder 

        I’m not sure I’ve ever heard NeNe proclaim Christian morals and ethics, at least not on the show. Not saying she isn’t but you might be in the wrong forum for asking people to read scriptures. Sorry!

        April 28 at 2:26pm  / 
        • jmbtoptobottom1 

          Yes he is wrong Adrienne Wilder. But the scripture is for him! I forgive Quentin W. Buetow instantlt because I am saved and I love the Lord. I will never let Satan have his way not even on a comment. and I bind anything evil. This is just a comment page. Lord help us be more compassionate toward each other In Jesus Name,.

          April 28 at 2:43pm  / 
          • Quentin W. Buetow 

            Why’re you gettin’ so worked up, bottom? You mad? Why you mad /// because I’m holding the mirror back up to you so you can see your own ugliness? You’re sitting in judgment of NeNe … why can’t I do the same to you? After all, bottom, like begats like.

            You introduced Christianity into the equation. I answered. All you’re doing now is resorting to calling me a racist and introducing more chaos into the equation.

            Simple-mided fool. You can’t hold your own … you’re a hypocrite hiding faith. So again, come at me with intelligence and not bruised feelings. Only makes YOU look the fool, not me.

            Learn to read, punkin.

            April 28 at 2:54pm
        • Quentin W. Buetow 

          You mis-read. bottom was the one who initiated the Christian dogma. I merely replied about Matthew 23 simply because … when one espouse hypocrisy and judgmental rhetoric – like bottom – they deserve to have the mirror turned back on them.

          Thank you, though … but try to read more thoroughly in the future.

          April 28 at 2:51pm  / 
  15. mrsarvie 

    NeNe….I agree…why wait until then to want to talk…A real friend would have talked and moved on…smh…I hate to see you guys relationship end but who needs the fake and the restless in their lives….lol..anyway…you take care of yourself and GOD bless…

    P.s. tell Porsha we down here in H-Town got her back….

    April 28 at 2:05pm  / 
    • Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

      i agree

      April 28 at 2:14pm  / 
    • hmb 

      So why didn’t Nene talk to Cynthia before disrespecting her on WWHL & indicated on the show that Cynthia should be fired – is that how friends treat each other – why are you so one-sided – Nene is a bully and has no loyalty to anyone.

      April 28 at 2:47pm  / 
      • GetItRight 

        @hmp: NeNe is outspoken and I’m sure she told Cynthia she’s boring before she stated it on WWHL. Cynthia admitted on part 2 of reunion that NeNe was an equally good friend so you cannot say she has no loyalty. Besides NeNe has true friends outside of the tv show. Cynthia is thirsty for a storyline and a paycheck. Her mom and sister warned her about Peter before she married him. He’s spending up Cynthia’s money.

        April 28 at 4:29pm  / 
      • Tawanda H 

        So I guess you didn’t read all those interviews that Peter and Cynthia were doing after that episode aired throwing Nene under the bus. Nene NEVER mentioned Cynthia’s name, Andy did. Like she said, Cynthia is no angel, If you’re still feeling some type of way about our friendship AFTER I have apologized, then DON’T call me, DON’T visit me in the hospital, DON’T go trips with me, and DON’T sit and break bread with me and my family on THANKSGIVING. Why in the world do you want to rehash as issue that we have already supposedly worked out…ain’t nobody got time to rehash issues every six months.

        April 29 at 6:32am  / 
  16. Team Cynthia 

    Oh shut up NENE.. You think you are the Queen B of everything.. Get your life! You only like friends that would kiss your ass because you think your some high and mighty actress.. All Cynthia wanted was respect and I think she deserve that because she would never call Greg rolly polly ass a BITCH.. Its fine you apologized but your comments after you apologized were rude! YOUR A FAKE FRIEND NENE!! As soon as u got a few checks your attitude change.. To me the real BOSS on that show is KANDI she make shits happen.. Get on Kandi level then we would acknowledge you as a BOSS

    April 28 at 2:06pm  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      If you’re Team Cynthia then why are you on NeNe’s page? Your actions contradict your talk. Instead of wasting your time reading the comments of someone you can’t stand, why don’t you go on Cynthia’s page and ask for donations so she can take some acting lessons and maybe she’ll become some high and might actress and not wanna be trying to walk in somebody elses shoes. If the truth be known, Cynthia wouldn’t be on RHOA or been able to stay on RHOA if it wasn’t for NeNe. You got it twisted boo!.

      April 28 at 3:24pm  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        Possibly because they have nothing better to do aside from trying to tear others down. Like attracts like. We all know Kenya and Cynthia are crazy … it follows that their fans would be just like ‘em in attitude and demeanor.

        I find ‘em amusing. They’re quick to insult others, but can never back it up when push comes to shove … much like that other idiot I was dealing with earlier.

        April 28 at 3:30pm  / 
      • ann 

        I’m on Nene’s page to be the objective because her followers like you keep feeding her EGO and she will NEVER change as long as people keep making her think she is ALWAYS RIGHT. Nene saying she is above these girls is like Mariah telling Quad I made you. SO WHAT?

        April 28 at 6:44pm  / 
        • LisaT 

          Everyone knows NeNe has her own mind and will speak it whether who likes it or not. If the girls don’t like her ego then they should stop dealing with her; just as simple as that. She stops dealing with them with no problem. As for Married to Medicine, Quad has proven to be stronger than Mariah regardless of what Mariah says.

          April 28 at 8:13pm  / 
          • ann 

            So what you are saying is- Nene can speak her mind- Quad can speak her mind- but Cynthia and Kenya just have to take what Nene says. Lisa-PLEASE!

            April 29 at 4:32am
        • Carolyn A Murray 

          You on the page because you do what you do best, hate. Take your hating self on somewhere and sit the hell down. So pathetic. I bet yiu my right breast she is Black.

          May 2 at 8:58am  / 
      • Tawanda H 


        April 29 at 6:33am  / 
  17. Lauren 

    I think all the ladies have need to come together and stop the shade but then wouldn’t no one watch it when the season first started people was saying it’s boring y’all wanted NeNe to give drama as soon as she did y’all turned on her y’all also wanted Cynthia to grow some balls and now she out of line every woman on the show talk about eachother Kandi went to see Pharda have her first baby she couldn’t wait to tell the other ladies Pharda lied about her due date I could go on and on but if y’all watched like I did than y’all know they all bout that paper did y’all forget Kandi did the song for Kim to hurt NeNe but she fucked her self trying to be mean and Sheree running around saying she and Kim look like twins lmao that was to start some bull ijs

    April 28 at 2:06pm  / 
  18. jcrewe 

    I find this to be sad….personal accountability and respect darling…granted she should’ve came to you personally and said what she needed to say but just because your friendship ended doesn’t mean you should go blasting her on your blogs and then on watch what happens live…let’s keep it real hunty..I had a lot of friends that were just like you and later realised that their friendship meant nothing when times got tough for me…I found myself judged for some of the mistakes I made and then talked about in such a negative fashion. All I’m saying is if you ever wanted to salvage your relationship you wouldn’t have handled the situation the way you did, and if you didn’t want to salvage your friendship then you did exactly what was needed to do so…..#sorrynotsorry

    April 28 at 2:08pm  / 
  19. Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

    NeNe i said the same thing i think it started when she was telling you about her daughter and you told her the truth she shouldn’t be dating at 13 i totally agree with you, she shouldn’t and the bad thing is her daughter was sneaking
    behind her back was already dating and what you said about how they be at the malls twerking you were so right i see’s it too.but my thing is you cant be a friend to someone that doesn’t know what a friend is,shes been to business kissing kenya butt for friendship until she cant see who’s a friend and she needs to worry about peter and his bad business decisions before they end up in the poor NeNe i think what the problem is with other’s they cant handle your strength. bloop bam

    April 28 at 2:09pm  / 
  20. Jus AintRite 

    Love this and I agree. You just can’t let your everything down. FOR ANYONE.

    April 28 at 2:12pm  / 
  21. Barbara Odoms 

    Still TeamNeNe.

    April 28 at 2:12pm  / 
  22. Belinda Joy 

    I agree with NeNe 100%. If Cynthia was a true friend,….a real friend (not just a fellow Housewives castmate) she should have pulled NeNe aside away from camera and said “I am hurt by what you said to my husband and you know what NeNe, I can’t shake it but I have moments when I feel like you don’t respect me.” That way they could have resolved their issues “for real” and not in this “It has to be done on TV” business. Unless NeNe someone at Bravo told her to save it until the reunion so it would make better TV…..just sayin’

    And IMO this entire drama over saying Peter was acting like a bitch is silly….HE WAS! Lord Jesus, we live in a society where no one wants to take ownership of the faults. I have watched every episode of RHOA and when Greg sees drama jumping off between the ladies and you are involved, he does two things. 1. Remind you how he has your back and 2. Encourage you to swash/address the issue so it can be resolved. Peter ALWAYS tells Cynthia what to do but then jumps in and adds his two cents! That would be like Greg having an issue with the guys and you stepping in and pushing him back and saying “I’ll take care of this Greg!” No bruh-bruh, that is not how it should work. :-)

    April 28 at 2:17pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 

      Ne Ne did not pull Cynthia to the side, when she went on Watch what happens and tried to get Cynthia fired. Yes Cynthia did forgive her but she keeps digging a hole for herself. I am praying for Television and Reality. It seems that everyone is divorcing, broken friendship etc. We need more Christian Television. God Bless.

      April 28 at 2:39pm  / 
      • Pamela Solomon 

        The damage was already done when Nene went on WWH.

        April 28 at 3:13pm  / 
        • GOREE 

          EXACTLY PAMELA… People are getting these order of events wrong for some reason. smh

          April 29 at 11:37am  / 
      • Quentin W. Buetow 

        But … you obviously watch the show, bottom(feeder) … so, um, how hypocritical of you to sit there and still cast down aspersion after aspersion when YOU are also part of the problem.

        Hypocritical much? Yeah, I think we have indeed established you are a bitter, angry, cynical, and foolish hypocrite. Pray for yourself first, bottom(feeder) … because it’s quite obvious you have some anger issues. =)

        April 28 at 3:25pm  / 
      • Tawanda H 

        Cynthia started doing interviews about possibly ending her friendship with Nene in FEBRUARY long before Nene’s appearance on WWHL!!

        April 29 at 6:43am  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      You right! My husband would post up somewhere not too far away, just in case he needed to step in but other than that, its between me and the other females. You got to be a WOMAN to come to your friend to tell them your feelings and how their actions have affected you.

      April 28 at 4:28pm  / 
  23. Adrienne Wilder 

    After awhile of listening to Cynthia speak last night, I think it was clear that someone had been in her ear. She was trying to be tough and it was out of character for her. Almost like someone,(Peter), put her up to it. Also, I really don’t see why the “Bitch” incident is the cause for ending the friendship. I watch RHOA episodes more than once and actually Nene said Peter was acting like a Bitch which to me is totally different from calling him a Bitch, although I do get it could be taken that way. Also,this is what happens when people don’t speak up for themselves like Nene does and they get caught out there, and all that, I wish I could have said stuff explodes inside of them and what could have been a normal argument/disagreement between friends turns into the end of a great friendship. I don’t think Nene and Cynthia can be friends again because Cynthia’s personality is too fragile to stand up and be confident when she does not agree with Nene and it’s too late to start now, and I don’t think Nene would be able to handle Cynthia not allowing her to be the dominant person in the relationship. My personality is similar so I get it. “The Show must go on!”

    April 28 at 2:18pm  / 
  24. Christine Boulware 

    While I agree on the disrespect, I think Cynthia has to handle it in public because it happened in public. They can work it out on the side, but NeNe would have to come forward in public and apologize respectfully to Peter and Cynthia. That said, I too am still Team Nene, Cynthia, Kandi, Phaedra, Kenya, Marlo, Miss Lawrence and Derek J!

    April 28 at 2:20pm  / 
  25. Walkamile 

    Sorry Nene is in the wrong this time. Nenes the one who threw Cynthia under the bus at her WWHL one on one interview. That was foul and not the behavior of a true and genuine friend. I don’t blame Cynthia for feeling how she feels and wanting to severe the friendship. Take accountability for the part you played in destroying the relationship Nene and stop letting ppl blow smoke up your ass. Right is right, wrong is wrong. Be genuine and not fake. You seem to be a reasonable rational level headed individual in most situations. But you are too stubborn when it comes to your ego. I agree with your pov sometimes, but this time your dead wrong. Peace

    April 28 at 2:21pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 

      Yes, finally a person who see the truth. Thank You.

      April 28 at 2:40pm  / 
    • dalgal64 

      Now we see why she thru her under the bus, bc it wasn’t apparent at that time…I have ALWAYS thought that Cynthia was like a catfish out of water…flops everywhere…whoever goes along w/her victim role….I’m not sure how u miss that shade…but baby u missed it….

      April 28 at 2:56pm  / 
    • Buddhi Spirit 

      She threw her under the bus because she knew Cynthia acted like she was mad all over again. The reunion show was filmed before the One on One interview at WWHL so Nene was just reacting to Cynthia’s jumping ship.

      April 28 at 4:45pm  / 
    • Carolyn A Murray 

      Cynthia’s ass was already under the bus. Bravo has been threatening to get rid of Cynthia for the past couple of years. That’s why Peter started acting like a bitch, and he was with his old antique ass.

      May 2 at 9:04am  / 
  26. Team Cynthia 

    Lol.. Nene just wish she looked like Cynthia..

    April 28 at 2:25pm  / 
    • Corella 

      It’s not about looks. I am sure Nene is comfortable in her on skin.

      April 28 at 2:53pm  / 
      • diamondsandpearls 

        I agree. Nene is comfortable in her own skin.

        April 28 at 6:18pm  / 
    • LisaT 

      Cynthia wishes she had a paycheck like NeNe. Not about looks at all.

      April 28 at 8:15pm  / 
    • DonthateonNeNe 

      If Cynthia look so good why isn’t she getting paid… Sit down and don’t be so stupid… Go blog and talk down on Cynthia’s page… Wait you can’t because her broke ass page doesn’t allow anyone to leave comments on blogs… Sit down…

      April 29 at 8:10am  / 
  27. Paulettej Collins 

    WOW, I also agree with everything you said. In real life a normal person would NEVER have a friend li Kenya in their life because she is all about herself, forever starting stuff. Kenya is the evil, she is always causing confusion and then cry those fake tears. This is NOT REALITY because NO ONE WANTS ALL THE STRESS THE COMES ALONG WITH KENYA IN THEIR LIFE. To Andy, there is NO WAY KENYA SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO STAY ON THE REUNION SHOW, IF PORSHA HAD TO LEACE THEN KENYA SHOULD HAVE TOO. YOU GUYS ARE MAKING KENYA THINK SHE IS IMPORTANT – IT SEEMS TO BE TURNING INTO THE KENYA SHOW – SHE GETS TOOOOOO MUSH AIR TIME. YES, KENYA DID INVADE PORSHA’S PRIVATE SPACE. HER POINTER AND THE BULL HORN WWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY TO MUCH. Cynthia is weak and does go which ever way the wind blows, just like you supported she devil with her poor dog knowing all that she had done to Nene and Porsha, (you said you looked at the show) you should be supporting Nene the person that has been in your comer since day ONE. TO NENE, I AM IN YOUR CORNER ALL THE WAYYYYYYY. YOU DO SAY WHEN YOU ARE WRONG AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE RIGHT (that is what people don’t like), #TEAMNENE “BAM”

    April 28 at 2:26pm  / 
    • Paulettej Collins 

      CORRECTIONS: friend like Kenya, Kenya is evil, LEACE=LEAVE

      April 28 at 2:32pm  / 
    • ann 

      NENE’S EGO HAS GOTTEN WAY TOO BIG! Cynthia should have called her on the carpet the way she treated Marlo. Telling Marlo she can’t be friends with Kenya because she don’t like Kenya. You don’t control your friends. Nene is too controlling! I don’t blame Cynthia- She did right to get out NOW.

      April 29 at 4:38am  / 
      • Carolyn A Murray 

        That was a lie that Manlo told. NeNe was avoiding her and she kept trying to kiss NeNe’s ass. The rip between Manlo and NeNe happened during I dream of NeNe. I could tell Manlo was trying to stay in the camera when she refused to wear the dress all the other bridesmaids were wearing, then she goes to NeNe’s dressing room to complain about her dress when she was clearly advised to let the seamstress look at it. NeNe told her off and sent her away. There is no telling what all she did that was edited out with her thirsty jailbird ass. I’m glad they have gottton rid of her permanently.

        May 10 at 4:33am  / 
  28. DeStiny Geethng Glover 

    Team Needed all the way!!! My thought exactly NeeNee she sat there stiff waiting to TRY to make NeeNee appear to be the bad person her delivery may have been strong but shit that’s NeeNee plus we saw her apologize twice the show, out to dinner plus all the other times we didn’t see. I think Kendra most definitely Mario and now maybe a Lil bite Cynthia too, ALL of them are so Green with Jealousy til it’s so plain. Remember the SET UP time when Fake Kendra went over Marlo how they cackle about NeeNee I thought look how jealous they are . NeeNee just keep it moving we all make mistakes but it’s the true Lady that forever owns her shit and says OK I did and I apologize or I don’t but yes that was me!! That’s NeeNee

    April 28 at 2:27pm  / 
  29. Alisha Griffin Billingsley 

    Now from that stand point NeNe I feel you.

    April 28 at 2:28pm  / 
  30. Ida Mclin 

    Nene you so disrespectful I don’t like kenya, but she told the truth that your nasty& nude, you can throw shade but you damn surely can’t receive it, if you think you are above the other ladies you are sadly mistakes, yes you are the highest paid RHOA Wife, you always saying your rich if you’re so rich Why don’t you own your home you been driving that same SUV since the show started, now how many years has been , yeah that what I thought.bye girl

    April 28 at 2:33pm  / 
  31. ann 

    Nene you were friends with Kim and Sheree before filming and fell out with both of them. No honey-the problem is YOU! Can’t nobody tell you anything! Girl Bye

    April 28 at 2:35pm  / 
    • jmbtoptobottom1 


      April 28 at 2:48pm  / 
    • LisaT 

      NeNe fell out with Kim, Sheree, Kenya, Marlo and Cynthia BUT she’s still standing. I’m sure you can tell her something but it’s up to her to accept it or reject it. These girls don’t know how to take her.

      April 28 at 8:18pm  / 
      • ann 

        Lisa T you must be Nene’s twin! There are a few of you on her blog. I liked Nene in the first 3 seasons. But due to her “fame” she says things like I’m above all these girls and go to a charity event and act a fool. Nene’s 15 minutes of fame will be over soon. She is just too PROUD for me. I’m glad she has risen from poverty to being Rich- but her attitude STINKS.

        April 29 at 4:45am  / 
  32. Susan Johnson 

    Women can be very catty I get that but sometimes it seems as if everyone ud watching a different show . If an issue was squashed six months ago nobody else should make u second guess that decision. I also would not want to be friends with someone who as soon as we disagree needs to become allies with my enemy. I watched all the shows Nene never called Cynthias husband a. bitch she told him to quit trying to be one of the bitches with which he was doing. If Cynthia felt some type if way she should have addressed it then. She let Keny a and her husband geek her up. Thats my opinion. That fakeness is something else when she felt Nene was the most popular friendship contract ..bestfriend.. Kenya popularity is on the bestfriend

    April 28 at 2:38pm  / 
  33. Corella 

    Nene you didn’t do anything wrong. Peter is a bitch. He shouldn’t have played the position. He was always in the wives business. Look how he talk to Cynthia. She scared of him. Don’t worry. Make your money boo!

    April 28 at 2:47pm  / 
  34. Pearline Jackson 

    Team NeNe!

    April 28 at 2:50pm  / 
  35. Sheila Gulley 

    I don’t think this should end a friendship. I think you 2 should be associates. I think Nene is misunderstood. Cynthia was totally confused, and had no one to drive her in a direction to get to a point. Cynthia needs a suck up for a friend and Nene is definately not that chick. The situation with Cynthia telling her about her daughter, don’t continue to cry, Nene is not the shoulder to lean on in that case. Know that and move on. Other issues viewers have not seen, try talking about it off the set.

    April 28 at 2:51pm  / 
  36. Knapturally Me 

    NeNe I don’t think that you’ve put anyone on blast with this post. I think that you’re putting your side of the story out there. I know the other folks are talking about it on their websites, the twitterverse, and where ever. I looked at Part 1 of the Reunion several times because I realized Cynthia disappeared. After that I realized that what you said in an earlier show about her going wherever the wind blew was true, that you weren’t saying that because you happened to be upset with her at the moment. I also remember the show when Kenya made her state that she was Kenya’s friend. People put their hands in your friendship. But they couldn’t end it. Peoples need for affirmation make them do strange things, and when people play on those things well you know what happens. Regardless of what are career choices may be, we all have to learn to keep our friends close and our enemies closer.

    April 28 at 3:01pm  / 
  37. Faith 

    NeNe did the right thing by apologizing and as she stated they moved on and contijnued their friendship. Now six months later, Cynthia brings it back up just to have a storyline? She’s just as thirsty as Kenya.

    April 28 at 3:01pm  / 
    • Teresa Carmon 


      May 2 at 4:06pm  / 
  38. dalgal64 

    Nene when that episode first aired, I felt u were out of line….that shud have been a discussion outside the group..bc of the relationship u all have….but I was proud of u wen u apologized and the air was cleared….fast forward 6 months and she still carrying it around like it’s one of those purses, that’s not letting it go….when, it was brought back up she should have stood her ground and say we have moved pass that we good…..she’s a victim w/tears and all….GURL BYE!!

    April 28 at 3:05pm  / 
  39. queenbee 

    So on point agree wit you. Gets mad after six months wow to please who the world who don’t know you and you don’t know.. girl get real. Cynthia needs to check herself. You can’t forgive someone and then “un forgive” them that’s stupid and that’s basically what Cynthia is saying by being mad all over again.

    April 28 at 3:05pm  / 
  40. Sydney K 

    Nene is right. Why would someone get mad about something that was forgiven and moved on from six months ago. Cynthia is thirsty. Her mom and sister warned her about Peter and his finances. They’re having money problems and want to “use” Nene as a storyline to keep a paycheck from the show but Nene’s no fool.

    April 28 at 3:18pm  / 

    YES!!! I hope they get rid of Kenya. I can’t with her!!!!!

    April 28 at 3:19pm  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      I’d be very surprised if Kenya wasn’t on the show for Season 8. She’ll be there because Andy will renew her contract. She may not be as openly ratchet as she’s been this season but she’ll be provocative in a more covert way. Kenya has already planted the story that she may decide not to come back just in case her strategy backfires and Andy lets her go. That way she’ll be able to say that she hadn’t been fired because she had already decided not to come back.

      April 28 at 4:45pm  / 
  42. chocolategirlinyourworld 

    I don’t agree with Cynthia waiting 6 months to not speak to you NeNe she should never have spoken to you at all some lines you just don’t cross and had you called my husband the B word I would have been whooping your but in Mexico just like if some dude call me the B word my husband needs to handle his business you have nerve saying Cynthia should have pulled you to the side did you pull Peter to the side before you put him on blast if you can’t take the heat stay out the kitchen Cynthia got tired of you being a bad friend and moved on friends don’t call friends the B word you need to learn what a friend is and try being one a friend would not have called a so called friend a B word anyway cause friends don’t get down like that -that is what Frenemies do good for Cynthia she finally stood up for her self and I am sure she is not losing sleep over not being friends with you I am sure she has real friends who would never disrespect her husband

    April 28 at 3:22pm  / 

    The show is called Real House Wives! Please tell me why in the hell is Kenya on the show???????
    Nene I totally agree with you calling Peter a “B” all the other cast members wanted too but didn’t have the guts to say it! I know for sure I would have been called him one……. As for Mrs.Thomas in my Tamar Voice” GIRL, GET YO’ LIFE”

    April 28 at 3:25pm  / 
    • diamondsandpearls 

      Exactly my sentiment Berkeley. Why is Kenya even there? Never was even close to being a housewife. No on seems to want her for a wife. Also she needs a bath.

      April 28 at 6:35pm  / 
      • LisaT 

        LOL exactly! Walter didn’t even want her and she paid him to be her boyfriend lol. Kenya needs to go!

        April 28 at 7:39pm  / 
    • ann 

      The same reason Brandi Glanville is on RHOBH and any other single woman on these shows, because the producer picked them.

      April 28 at 6:50pm  / 
  44. Foxy redhead 

    Nene is so ungrateful with her nose up in the air but keep it up and see yourself losing your fan club slowly and rest a sure as easy the money came that turned you so snobbish it’ll go bye bye.

    April 28 at 3:26pm  / 
  45. MrCEO254 

    I Agree With Nene Cynthia Why Wait 6 Months Later TO GEt Mad And Yall Been On Trips And SHit Together !!! Since THen

    April 28 at 3:27pm  / 
  46. esque 

    I saw the reunion show last night. I will say this, NeNe said several times that no one on that stage knows the depth of her and Cynthia’s relationship and she was not about to discuss any part of their relationship in front of them. With that said, if you really wanted to get to the bottom of the situation and rectify it, you would have waited and spoke about off camera. I too like so many other people like NeNe. However, I really don’t like some of the references made, like these girls are not on my level or these girls… and something negatives comes out. I don’t care for that aspect of NeNe at all. On the other hand I will have to disagree with some of you saying that NeNe doesn’t apologize when she is wrong. She has done that in the past and presently. However, I must say that sometimes she is not quick to do so when it seems she is being bombarded. Like anyone of us, no one wants to be backed in a corner when we are wrong. You just see that with NeNe. Oh and as for her and Kenya getting into it. KMSL (killin myself laughin) was anyone paying attention? After NeNe goes into her “meeting” the African boyfriend of Kenya to Andy. Kenya says “she is right, that is exactly what happend” , and then proceeds to say, but he text me to say she was so nasty, she is nasty to her fans. Fans? He didn’t say anything about him being a fan, he was trying to tell her where Kenya was. Kenya is a deflector. She deflects things off of her and try to make you look like you are crazy, with this polite I going to reason all of my situations all the while she is pressing buttons and handing out bounced checks and wanting to call 911 on somebody. TOTALLY UNFAIR HOW BRAVO HANDLED THE SITUATION. The both of them should have been removed from the reunion. Andy gave a little blurb about no tolerance for violence. How come no one addressed being provoked and taunted (please forgive my spelling lol) and constantly bullying. They should have zero tolerance for that as well. OOOPs that right I guess they feel that they would not have any ratings if that were to happen. Well let’s try it and see. What you think about that. My last thought, can someone please tell me if it is true that Kenya dog velvet is still alive. Because if hear that one more time I’m going to scream. If she is, that should speak volumes of the lenght a person would go through to hold a job. I’m just saying. Peace!

    April 28 at 3:28pm  / 
  47. Dezgreene26 

    Nene you went from a pole swinger to a Diva. And I don’t mean that in a good way. You have let that money get to that big ass he’s of yours. First of all you’re the ugliest of the bunch and your features are manly as hell. You got so much work done that you look terrible, furthermore I don’t see how anybody can be friends with you. Ou insult people, you throw shade all the time and then you expect people to kiss your ass. You’re never wrong and you think you’re better than everybody. NewsFlash! You’re not. You’re a dressed up hood rat and that’s all you will ever be. Remember what goes up must come down. You will reap what you sew.

    April 28 at 3:32pm  / 
    • Teresa Carmon 

      are you serious?SHAKING MY DAM HEAD

      May 2 at 3:38pm  / 
  48. Nads 

    I’m sad that you and Cynthia fell out. I hope you guys can handle your issues privately.

    Cynthia needs to grow a backbone though. Now she’s all buddy buddy with KENYA? She looks crazy. Kenya does not care about her. Kenya is Nene’s stan and will do anything to be Nene. From stealing her friends (Marlo and now Cynthia) to following her every move (trying to be Queen B, the Apprentice etc. etc.). It’s a mess it’s like single black female. NeNe needs a restraining order to protect herself from that crazy stan bitch Kenya. People keep saying Kenya is playing chess with these girls. Girl please. She’s a crazy loon looking for fame and riding Nene’s coat tails to do it.

    Hope you and Cynthia can work this out.

    April 28 at 3:35pm  / 
  49. Sydney K 

    I hope they get rid of Kenya (crazy) and Cynthia (boring)!

    April 28 at 3:36pm  / 
  50. Gospelgirl2354 

    Nene should patten “Close your legs to marry men”.
    Great catch phrase.look its in our face Cynthia & Peter almost lost Bar one last year, if they are renting thr building how much are they making, very little, they’re holding on by a thread. They can’t afford to be let go from RHWOA. Porsha ran to Cynthias rescue in Savannah when she was upset durning the reunion Cynthia ran to comfort Kenya really Cynthia, just wait kenya will grill you on the flames watch & see. Please tell me why we’re mentioning Marlo who is she. It’s hard to forget someone that doesn’t exist.

    April 28 at 3:37pm  / 
  51. amylouise 

    I don’t think you should end a friendship FOREVER over things like this. All relationships have ups and downs and misunderstandings. It seems Cynthia is a decent person. I know we only see what Bravo wants us to see, but in life friendships are hard to find and they take work. Cynthia does seem super sensitive and passive at times, but with everyone people ALWAYS have things they can work on. Letting Twitter, social media change your opinion AFTER it’s been squashed does suck, but some people are ultra sensitive. She needs to learn she put herself in the public eye so many opinions will come her way. However, this show will end one day. When the cameras are off, I would hate to think you would throw away a friendship that CAN be mended and maybe stronger through all of this. I see no malicious intent in Cynthia. She just needs to more of a backbone. It’s obvious she does care, don’t let a “reality” show end a possible life long friendship when the camera turns off and real reality sets in.

    April 28 at 3:39pm  / 
    • ann 

      I told a “friend” of mind the truth and she told me I was attacking her character. She gossip about someone else and I told her that was wrong and she didn’t want to receive it from me. In essence, my friend thought of herself more highly than me because she was the one people called on or head the favor on her life like Nene. When some people get used to others singing their praises, it’s hard for them to see their wrong doings.
      I gave great gifts to my friend, paid her bills, for many years and she wanted nothing else to do with me because I told her the truth that she was wrong. That happened over a year ago and I have yet to hear from her-why- because she is Never wrong like Nene. Sad but true story.

      April 28 at 6:54pm  / 
      • LisaT 

        You’re so concerned with NeNe never being wrong. If you don’t like someone or something they’ve done and they’re not willing to change it or apologize for it, then you have the choice to let them go. Same way NeNe does with the girls that she fell out with; she let them go. Besides she has true friends outside of the tv show.

        April 28 at 8:25pm  / 
  52. amylouise 

    I HIGHLY doubt Bravo will get rid of Kenya. She brings in ratings with her drama. She scares me. I truly believe she may be a sociopath. She needs to be diagnosed. Does anyone know if she had a job or career before this show? What does she do?

    April 28 at 3:43pm  / 
    • Valda De Dieu 

      RHOA was the highest rated in the Housewives Franchise BEFORE Kenya. She needs them more than they do her. They can do better. If they keep her, the show will gain a reputation for being trashy. The fallout from Kenya’s antics has only just begun. Sociopaths do not change. Whatever she gets away with, she’ll do worse.

      Right now, Kenya is attempting damage control re. her appearance on The Apprentice. Not only has she already been fired, the firing was due to unsavory antics on her part:

      We’ll know more soon.

      April 28 at 4:19pm  / 
      • GOREE 

        That’s what I keep saying! RHOA don’t need Kenya for the ratings.

        April 29 at 11:50am  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      Kenya was trying to have a career before RHOA and its never taken off. She’s had bit parts in a few shows and I think she’s done a couple of movies neither character put her in contention for an award and they weren’t exactly memorable. I’m mentioning them now because now that she’s been on the show and I”m watching re-runs I’m able to recognize who she is. TMZ or some other media outlet was reporting that she’s almost broke trying to keep up. I also read that the Bentley that her african prince gave her wasn’t a gift from him after all. They said that she made a deal with an area car dealer. The deal was that if they allowed her to drive the car, she’d make sure that it was seen on the show. So she was able to tell a lie, and the dealer was able to get some free publicity. Has the Bentley been seen since then? Kenya can be as crazy as she wants to be, but she needs to stop pretending that all the people who watch the show are stupid.

      April 28 at 5:03pm  / 
      • hudsonriches 

        I totally agree. She has not done anything relevant lately except causing mad chaos on the RHOA. Everything about her says deceptive, manipulative and just phony. She rents a man, a house, a car, and a life…WOW! Just call her rental queen!

        April 28 at 6:21pm  / 
  53. jerabeth913 

    All because her man up in women stuff. Stay in a man place Boop!

    April 28 at 3:55pm  / 
  54. nicky 

    Nene is such a bitch. She can’t hold on to a relationship to save her life. She thinks shes a good friend but I have news for you Nene you’re a horrible person/friend.

    April 28 at 3:55pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      And you know this … how? Are you not intelligent or savvy enough to realize that this is, for the most part, a soap opera … a SCRIPTED show? Do you know Linnethia Monique Johnson-Leakes? Or are just speaking out of your ass?

      (nods) Yeah, I thought so.

      April 28 at 6:47pm  / 
    • ann 

      I told a “friend” of mind the truth and she told me I was attacking her character. She gossip about someone else and I told her that was wrong and she didn’t want to receive it from me. In essence, my friend thought of herself more highly than me because she was the one people called on or has the favor on her life like Nene. When some people get used to others singing their praises, it’s hard for them to see their wrong doings.
      I gave great gifts to my friend, paid her bills, for many years and she wanted nothing else to do with me because I told her the truth that she was wrong. That happened over a year ago and I have yet to hear from her-why- because she is Never wrong like Nene. Sad but true story. I don’t regret giving and doing for her- I regret that it took me almost 10 years to see she was really never my friend.

      April 28 at 6:57pm  / 
  55. Valda De Dieu 

    I’m, sorry about NeNe’s relationship with Cynthia, but time and reality TV can change things. If Cynthia’s so insecure that she’s mugging for the camera now, well, that kinda sends a message about where her priorities are.

    Yet she should remember–NeNe’s friends always prosper, and NeNe’s loyal to a fault. It’s sad how ungrateful people can become: Like I wrote elsewhere in response to Cynthia’s open letter:

    “Cynthia, I think YOU are wrong. If you imagine NeNe’s image damaged, and take satisfaction from that, then YOU ARE the one who’s looking for “image credit” here. Your primary goal should be repairing the friendship.

    I think you betrayed NeNe. You can be hurt on your husband’s behalf, yes. But if, as NeNe has said, you two have patched it up, it seems awfully convenient for you to suddenly feel offended all over again.

    It’s suspect, to say the least.

    A little humility on both sides wouldn’t hurt. However, you would be throwing away gold for dross if you imagine there’s a better friend on RHOA for you than NeNe.”

    This is sad. It’s the “Kenya Moore effect all over again. True sociopath that she is, everything Kenya touches turns to crap. And I don’t believe that dog died.

    April 28 at 4:14pm  / 
  56. Kathy 

    Well here’s a thought:
    Why would Andy/Bravo state that they don’t condone violence and have to let Porsha go … when their other housewife show “married to medicine” …. they allowed BOTH housewives (Mariah and Quad to stay on the show when they had that fight (they were on top of each other pulling hair and what not) at the party by the pool ?
    Just wondering why ONE show is allowed to keep both involved and another show is dismissing one …. only because IMO LOUDMOUTH/BULLHORN/SCEPTOR/FAN FLAPPING / Kenya stated that Porsha should be fired …. just a thought … Hmmmm !

    April 28 at 4:39pm  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      Ummmmm…….thats Mariah and Toya.

      April 28 at 5:05pm  / 
  57. Buddhi Spirit 

    I admit I immediately sided with Cynthia and felt Nene threw her under the bus during the one on one. But, if you look at the timeline I understand now why Nene behaved that way. The RHOA reunion was taped at the end of March, Nene’s WWHL one on one was taped April 13. Nene was already aware on her WWHL appearance that Cynthia was pretending to be outraged again about something they squashed. Why wasn’t Cynthia outraged on her way to Nene’s for Thanksgiving as she tweeted “good friends are a blessing”? Or on New Years that she celebrated with Nene? Or in Feb when she supported Nene during the Heart Truth Red Dress show? So between February and March Cynthia went from supporting her good friend, texting several times a day to being angry again conveniently at the reunion? It’s also very telling that Cynthia doesn’t think Kenya provoked Porsha. Looks like Cynthia isn’t so innocent after all.

    April 28 at 4:49pm  / 
    • musicmichi 

      Exactly! Cynthia is another Brandy from rhwobh this season. Just a bit late. I agree with Nene-a season 7 storyline but I personally wont wait for it…

      April 28 at 4:58pm  / 
    • GOREE 

      Babbbbeeeeyyy! You are on point! And I’m so glad you thought about the timeline. This all of a sudden angry again disposition doesn’t make sense. She’s not her teenage daughter. She’s a grown woman. She didn’t think this thing out or something. Oh you know Mal is looking for a position too? She even retweeted some fans of hers saying she should be on the show. Did Mal get on her ear? IDK.. but Cynthia should answer these questions!

      April 29 at 12:09pm  / 
  58. musicmichi 

    I have noticed a similarly between the storyline of rhobh’s Lisa and Brandy fallout and now Cynthia deciding Nene is a friend who loves her but doesn’t respect her then no longer wanting to bee friends. I also saw Andy manipulate what Nene wrote when he read an excerpt from this blog on the show with Cynthia. She had her time to say she was relevant before, during and will be after the show but I dont really see it that way. Andy instigates and escalates situations between friends as well. Nene, like Lisa will continue to do great things inspite of tv friends who do come and go. Cynthia made no sense to me. What did she want? Nene says “talk to me after the show”. Not good enough. I guess she broke that long time friendshipccontract she gave Nene (lol). When you can’t withstand the test of twitter and tv re-runs you can’t call yourself a friend in the real world. Nene always behaves as a grown woman who has come to know when to just shut it down unlike that crazy twirling girl. She needs to be gone because shes certifiable! Andy, as a producer needs to draw the line between entertainment and BS. The wand twirling nut needed to leave the reunion. And Portia left by choice. She said it was too soon and too much. Then Andy says something different to everyone about the circumstances in which she left? Its a long ways away from what we loved about the show. But for sure Nene is the star. Gotta say as well that it was better when we watched an entire group of successful ladies together rather than the drama its become. Grow up Cynthia.

    April 28 at 4:52pm  / 
  59. Waldorf 

    Yeap, Nene and Cynthia were both foolish thinking a realty friendship would last. They should’ve known Bravo would try to tear that to shred by any means possible (promise of another season for Cynthia). Many talk about all the friends Nene lost, but let’s be real, Sheree, Marlo and Kenya were never friends anyway. It seems to me her true friends made up the majority of her wedding party. Sure Marlo was apart of that, but I believe Nene started to recognize that Marlo wanted to be the center of attention and airtime. In regards to Cynthia, why did she wait so long to let her “friend” know how disrespected she felt when she seemed to have had several opportunities? This is what makes me suspect of Cynthia’s timing, why wait until cameras are rolling at the reunion, but then a rumor started to surface that Peter was trying to peddle a realty show. Cynthia and Peter would need exposure. Why not tell Nene on all those outings and trips they took? What Nene did on WWHL was shady, but I think she did that because of what Peter starting saying on twitter. At that point, everything started going down hill. Nene seems to have no humility whatsoever and seems to be very selfish; but in this situation I don’t think she’s the villain. Peter and Cynthia saw how receptive the viewers had gotten towards Kenya because of her rivalry with Nene, and I think they wanted to follow suit. Can’t believe I’m agreeing with Nene, but her assessment of the situation seems spot on. But she really could’ve did with out the “carry you on my back” and “flip flopper” comment, although it may be true, it kind of distracts from her original well thought out opinion. It will be interesting to see her and Cynthia not be friends….and I hate to break it to Cynthia, Nene didn’t need her for a storyline.

    April 28 at 4:54pm  / 
  60. Cassie Dimetessa 

    Nene loves friendship, when someone is not a true friend she explodes. I too value a good friend and when I see someone not being a true friend, I say bye bye. I’m not talking about not being perfect, I’m talking about not wanting the best for me. Cynthia I believe wanted the best for Nene and NeNe wanted the best for her, but MARLO, please, I was screaming at the TV when she had that hag as her bridesmaid. FakeLO is not nobody’s friend.

    April 28 at 4:55pm  / 
    • diamondsandpearls 

      Marlo is no one’s friend, I agree. She is an opportunist but when Phaedra brought her on to get at Nene she wound up liking Nene. You cannot help but like Nene. Now Kenya on the other hand is NOT likeable. She is delusional.

      April 28 at 6:46pm  / 
  61. M. Laws 

    Nene friendships are greater than reality tv and even this blog. We don’t write off her friends because of mistakes. Cynthia is human and if watching the show brought up negative emotions for her, then let her have her emotions and heal BUT be her friend. The fact that they forgave you speaks volumes about them because I am not certain I could have done that. I really hope that you two can mend the fences and move on. If not, DON’T slander each other in the media, if only for the memories of a friendship, respect that. Blessings to you both.

    April 28 at 4:57pm  / 
    • GOREE 

      Think about this… You use the wrong language with your friend. They get very angry with you. After some time, you two go to dinner and talk about it. It appears everything is forgiven. Everything goes back to normal. You both are sharing private moments with one another again. You trust them to the fullest. Then it happens… the show… the showing of everything you’ve already experienced and OVERCAME (so you thought)… How would you feel? I believe that Nene is being honest and genuine in her approach. She is being careful in how she responds. However, she wants HER truth to also be acknowledged. Nene is also human.

      April 29 at 12:02pm  / 
  62. Barbara Odoms 

    Nene is right, Cynthia just flip-flops from side to side. Anyway the wind blows is fine with her. She has no loyalty, she’ll side with anybody. I guess she was hoping for a story line for Season 7. #StillTeamNene

    April 28 at 5:09pm  / 
    • Frances Simpson 

      DID U WATCH THE SAME RHOA Nene had 3 friends and she don’t have one. she can’t be trusted. #1 kim= kim started to hang with kandi Nene didn’t like that she started picking at kim #2 shree forgot what happen to her. #3 Cynthia, Cynthia felt sorry for kenya when she lost her dog so she went to help .nene got mad and start picking at Cynthia. do u see a pattern Nene is immature, childishness and jealous. if you are Nene friend you can’t be noone else friends WHAT R WE IN HIGH SCHOOL


      May 2 at 11:40am  / 
  63. Knapturally Me 

    People need to really be careful when they decide to be on reality TV. They don’t have a script, so they aren’t judged because they have any real talent (if they do, then its gravy) but are judged by how they affect the ratings. People play themselves and one of the affects of reality shows is that it allows the viewer to have insight in to the casts true personality. Sadly, 2 cast members (Kenya and Cynthia) have been found lacking. Unfortunately for them, neither will be the success they are trying to be.

    April 28 at 5:18pm  / 
  64. susanz 

    Nono, honey-chile, you know what’s sad? That ugly-ass MOOSE FACE of yours. Ain’t no amount of blonde toupe wigs or plastic surgery that will give you class, girl. Class comes from a good upbringing, and a desire to want to help others. You have mug shots and a private dancer history, so, SHUT YO FLAPS when you talk about “this so sad”. Sit down, girl! Just sit down and SHUT UP! Team Cynthia! Team Kenya! I hope they WHUP. YOUR. ASS. next season, you stupid heffah! Someone get me a bowl of popcorn, i wanna watch this one and enjoy every moment of it. U toast, girl! Buh-bye!

    April 28 at 5:24pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      You again? (roll eyes) You really must be a truly bitter, hateful, cynical person in real life. You;re ALWAYS on here spewing vitriolic hatred.

      Don’t you realize that this is a show? Please, seek professional help for your very obvious mental issues.

      April 28 at 5:34pm  / 
      • susanz 

        Sit down, bitch. Look at the hatred you’re spreading. Go ask your shrink about that while you’re at it. I will post what I want, when I want. Why? Because I’m A REAL HOUSEWIFE from Atlanta, as in Buckhead, not some fabricated, pole dancer who pops her ass for $2!

        April 28 at 7:24pm  / 
        • Quentin W. Buetow 

          Really, susanz? Do I need to go through ALL of the posts you’ve written on this site, spewing all sorts of incoherent, vitriolic hatred? Hell, you’ve even been racist, you ignorant, pathetic fool.

          Please … seek professional help for your very obvious mental issues. Seriously … before you hurt yourself. Or someone puts you six feet under. You need help, dearest.

          April 28 at 9:53pm  / 
        • Quentin W. Buetow 

          I can, you know … post up every single you’ve written. I knew you’d eventually respond, so I have them ALL ready to post and show the world. Would you like to test me on that score, snookums?

          Ask nicely and I will. =)

          April 28 at 9:54pm  / 
  65. Tanya Niecey Washington 

    Get over yourself Nene, you have lost every friend you had on the show. It seems like you are the one trying to use the demise of your friendship for a storyline. If its over between you and Cynthia, let it be over and move on…..i’m just saying.

    April 28 at 5:28pm  / 
    • lebonz 

      If a friendship is that easy to bring to an end, then it was never there.Nene is smart enough to see that in advance. The signs were already there.

      April 28 at 8:07pm  / 
  66. j10060 

    Nene is nice but she has a very evil streak running through her veins and it’s not pretty.

    April 28 at 5:28pm  / 
  67. drhall06 

    I would have to say if the reunion shows can be done earlier after filming and address these problems early, none of this would happen. Its like you opening up old wombs that have already been addressed bandaged and healed. I feel if these reunion shows are unable to happen right after the season taping, then they should not happen. I blame Andy Cohen “The Puppeteer” thats orchestrating the majority of the strife and the bickering on all the reunion shows. He needs to cut the crap and ask relevant questions because from what you displayed through social media that you all were friends. Its sad so see the demise of friendships. Is it truly worth it?

    April 28 at 5:56pm  / 
  68. sdw15 

    Kenya smart not thirty period. Nene thirsty she the only one walking around like she is a boss and she not lol

    April 28 at 5:59pm  / 
  69. sdw15 

    Too funny

    April 28 at 6:00pm  / 
  70. Mollym32989 

    I am a bit behind just watched the reunion part 2 that I recorded last night. Personally, I think you accept a friend as well as their positive and negative attributes. I have had a friend for 30 years who I can’t imagine my life without. Is she the most thoughtful person, no but I love her like she was my blood sister. I love her for her and that she is different than I am. If Cynthia truly valued you NeNe, this wouldn’t be an issue. I am truly sorry that it has happened and I hope you two can find some common ground but just because you don’t respond or act the way Cynthia would or the way she wants you to act is not a foundation for friendship. I hope that you have or gain a great friend in your life as I honestly don’t know where I would be without mine

    April 28 at 6:17pm  / 
    • GOREE 

      That’s right. One thing you learn in relationships with anyone is that you always have the two different individuals. They don’t always act the same, but they know each other so well that they almost can finish the other’s sentence. They may come from two different places, but you can bet that anything they do will be together. They may not respond the same, but they love the same. 5 love languages ever read that? I wonder have Cynthia read it. She probably should read that. It speaks volumes.

      April 29 at 12:15pm  / 
  71. nailah33 

    I realize I’m on the outside looking in at a few short hours of their lives, but here’s how I see it. Cynthia is non-confrontational and is naturally drawn to people who are the opposite hence her relationship w/ NeNe and her husband. Having that said people like that tend to bottle stuff up. Now she’s in a situation where Peter is feeling some kinda way and so is NeNe thus leaving her in the middle and now she feels some kinda way after the wound was re-opened. Here’s my thing friends are allowed to make mistakes as long as they try to make it right. NeNe has done this. What irks me the most is that Bravo simply wants drama so just because NeNe isn’t one for showing a lot of emotion they pretend she doesn’t have anything going on… I mean loss of 2 forms of income. A balancing act between working mom in another location and newlywed. Plus medical issues to boot. I’m just saying.

    April 28 at 6:26pm  / 
  72. DonthateonNeNe 

    Ask Cynthia who helped her pay for her wedding? Guess she wasn’t a bad friend at that time!!! BAM, How you Cynthia fans doing now???

    April 28 at 7:36pm  / 
  73. DonthateonNeNe 

    Ask Cynthia who helped her pay for her wedding? Don’t guess she was a bad friend when she was giving your broke azz money

    April 28 at 7:39pm  / 
  74. LisaT 

    Only a strong-minded individuals understand NeNe. Anyone else calls her this and that but after 6 seasons she’s the only original cast member that’s still standing. They try to come for her but she’s no fool and see the BS before they come with it. Cynthia is a sweet person and regardless of what people may think or say, Cynthia did admit on part 2 of the reunion that NeNe was a good friend.

    April 28 at 7:55pm  / 
  75. lebonz 

    Been TEAM NENE since season 1 and will continue. I’m the kind of person people always want to say to me what they think my wrong is but can’t accept their own. For the record, The One on One with Andy, she never tried to get Cynthia fired Andy ask her the what she thought of cast members job, she spoke her opinion but she never point said fire Cynthia. If you don’t want or like my answers don’t ask the question. Nene keep doing you.
    As for Kandi, she may have the most money, but weak as hell when it comes to putting the right person in their place. Kim broke her down and took much money and her babys name so she claim and could not reap the benefit in a lawsuit. Nene would have never let someone take her money and call it a wash.

    April 28 at 7:56pm  / 
  76. Prospect Card 

    Now that this heifer has been booted off of DWTS and not a second too soon, her 15 minutes of fame is just about UP. Cynthia has ALWAYS been relevant, even when you were swinging on that HEAVY DUTY pole in Athens, GEORGIA Nene, Cynthia was already relevant modeling in Paris and seeing the world. Anyone can see through your veiled jealousy LENETHIA, too bad Greg didn’t when you divorced him and found a job or two for a minute and made some money then decided to remarry him IF he signed a prenuptial agreement…now that’s a greedy bitch honey.

    April 28 at 8:14pm  / 
  77. Chris Chris 

    Nene, full of double standards~ to throw shade is a gift for her she can’t help it. She is so self centered and full of herself. So glad Cynthia woke up and stopped kissing up to her. Nene, has never meant her well. I feel sorry for her, you can look at her and see how miserable she is to not really have a true friend only because she can’t be a true friend to anyone bless her heart the trap she sets for someone else she will wind up falling into it. With her health issues she needs to have a seat and make a list of people she needs to ask to forgive her, starting with her own family what goes up must come down. God don’t like ugly!

    April 28 at 8:29pm  / 
  78. viviangray71 

    Let me get this straight:
    “they were at the hospital with me” (THEY DID IT FOR PUBLICITY)
    “they spent Thanksgiving at my home”, (THEY DID IT FOR PUBLICITY)
    ” celebrated the New Years together in Vegas”, (THEY DID IT FOR PUBLICITY)
    were hanging out together during fashion week! (THEY DID IT FOR PUBLICITY)
    attended the Red Dress Heart Truth fashion show with me (THEY DID IT FOR PUBLICITY) and
    Michael Costello’s fashion show, ( (THEY DID IT FOR PUBLICITY)
    we celebrated her birthday early in NYC with a fun brunch at Lavo! (AGAIN PUBLICITY)

    Cynthia and her “bitch” disgusting, disrespectful, crocked, shady, abusive husband NOW NEED PUBLICITY (Or in other words $$$$): SO NOW CYNTHIA IS MAD (sure…..this is as believable as her plastic face)……..Seriously, its just “too much fake”. She is so vapid….But hey, as long as she can make a “buck” using Nene’s name why not?!? It is the usual MO for “useless” housewives……Think of the New Jersey “manzos” “gorgas” and whatever the cousin’s name is” who used/use Theresa to make a buck……..same thing here………Nene is not the highest paid housewife by “accident”. Bravo runs a “business”, and the public has spoken: Nene is worth every penny for every franchise…..She is the “standard” for which other franchises have been able to flourish. Now she is being called “aloof”. I think what she means when she says “I am in another league” is this: “look this is not my first season, this is also an important “business” for me, and I refuse to CONTINUE TO CARRY THOSE WHO ARE TRANSPARENT IN THEIR “SHADY” INTENTIONS……..NENE PUTS THE “REAL” IN THE “REAL” housewife franchise. I hope Cynthia gets fired. She has been worthless from day 1. Just on a final note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ATLANTA, do not spend a “dime” on Cynthia’s “agency scam”. She is taking your children’s money just like any other “modeling” scam out there! Please stay away from illegitimate businesses.

    April 28 at 8:34pm  / 
    • GOREE 

      You got it. I never thought about it like that (They did it for publicity).. but it does makes sense. Cause what Cynthia is saying makes no sense at all.

      And as far as the “I am in another league” comment that people keep giving her hell for… they need to take several seats. You are exactly right. She knows the games and will not fall for it.

      April 29 at 12:18pm  / 
  79. Rhonda77 

    The truth behind Cynthia and NeNe fallout is because Cynthia hired a woman named Pam. (I can’t remember the last name) to help her with PR.. trying to promote her business and Peter’s bar one. Thing is Pam had an affair with Greg while NeNe was traveling across the US with that weird guy (John) who wanted to marry her and was shown on the show showering her with gifts. I saw pictures online of Pam with Greg and with NeNe’s oldest son and his baby daughter. I guess that’s a friendship contract breaker!!! LOL I know NeNe is a real B*tch when she wants to be and has done so many people wrong. But I really don’t like the person Cynthia has turned into. UGH! Taking up for Kenya when it came to the fight with Porsha. I suppose she, Peter and her “people” told her to align herself with Kenya to have a story line… But GOSH! Its so easy to see what she’s doing. Some people will do anything for money. All of them.. seem to have no problem with doing whatever it takes… By the way, Pam was once married to Mike Tyson. Google them.

    April 28 at 8:44pm  / 
  80. Manny_bo_banny 

    God don’t like ugly and he ain’t too crazy about pretty neither. Nene’ going to get what’s coming to her for thinking she’s too good. I was all for team Nene when she was given Celebrity Apprentice, Glee, and The New Normal but she let it all get to her head and now she comes off so off-putting. One thing she lost is her humility and now walks around like she’s better than everyone else. (Not noticing that other franchises were attracted to her for her outrageous but funny personality.) We’re they laughing at her or with her? That’s rhetorical. That being said, I hope Cynthia moves on with her life and realize that Nene is nothing more than a person who needs personal growth and let her go do her thing until the public gets tired of her which is clearly inevitable.

    April 28 at 8:46pm  / 
  81. Rhonda77 

    I must say I don’t like the person NeNe has turned into. Its as though someone has instructed her not to go after someone.. be above the fray… Like with Marlo and the water bottle thing. Since when would the old NeNe walk away?
    She assaulted Kim trying to choke her… She wanted to grab her on the tour bus… She barked at Dewayne over money he lent to Greg… she was in his face like a barking dog and she was so close to his face I thought she would bite his nose off. I was truly scared for him! NeNe was as dangerous as a cocked gun. I think the only reason she is trying not to act out like this again is because she wants to become a true Hollywood Star. She may just do that.. I don’t know… but can she really burn so many bridges and still become a “star”?

    April 28 at 8:50pm  / 
    • GOREE 

      Tell me where you saw her CHOKE her! NOWHERE!! You can’t find it. That’s a lie Kim said. Bravo would have aired that don’t you think??? Just like they aired Porsha dragging Kenya.

      April 29 at 12:21pm  / 
  82. viviangray71 

    Ok, I think Hollywood needs to take notice. It’s time to see Nene in something “with substance”. People have underestimated this girl before right? And yet, she has defined a “genre” (we should give credit, where credit is due).

    She is the highest paid housewife for a reason! Its time to see her play a strong woman (i.e Chief of staff, judge, agent, lawyer, corporate tycoon, etc).

    I would love to see Nene in a strong role as in “Gemma” from Sons of Anarchy (who would have thought a “Peggy Bundy” have so much depth and could play such “evil”-she is brilliant)-so a role on any quality new drama on tv would be perfect for Nene. I believe she is the “real deal”.

    I think she could “nail” anything with real substance!

    Anyways, anything that requires strength; Hollywood regularly gives these types of roles to men-try Nene!

    She would nail “strong”. Imagine if people would have judged Jamie Foxx solely on “booty call”…..

    So you might be wondering: Why am I mentioning this on this type of “forum”?

    I am tired of seeing talent squandered on “stupid”. I am a fan! Nene has talent!. Nene has made me smile when I needed a “lift”, and I would like to see her “succeed” in every sense of the word! This is my way of saying: Thank you for the good times Nene!

    (putting good things out in the world for YOU). Wishing you the very best!

    April 28 at 9:41pm  / 
  83. dimples 

    So Nene it looks like another one is using the old catch phrase, “Nene is mean to me as a friend”, when are these FINOS (Friends in name only) going to LEARN!. Leave this Supermodel but WEAK woman to herself! I heard that she and Peter are suppose to be moving to South Carolina or something for whatever reason. Good Cynthia, you let your husband run your storyline or should I say RUIN your storyline. You had so much to offer…being a Supermodel would had been great for your storyline! You could had shown auditions, eye candy and brought in other celebrities! You could had called in some favors with other Supermodels, Naomi and Tyra, etc. There was Kenya and her world of beauty queens. You didn’t work the system or use the platform given to you by TV exposure! All we saw was parties being thrown for Peter! A man that on TV was shown not to respect you…so who wants to see him!. You didn’t think!! All we saw was Peter giving you 1,2,& 3 year CHEAP anniversary parties that in one episode/season he ask could he borrow $1,000 from you! Remember this when a man thinks you a fool, he thinks everybody you are associated with a fool! That’s why he came for Nene, your sister and your mother! And yes, even Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Kenya! You have nobody to blame but yourself when it comes to not renewing your contract! It’s not Nene’s fault but your own! You knew how Nene was as a woman as a person 3 seasons ago but you tried the old weak-ass play of “friendship contract”. On this platform straddling the fence doesn’t work, Nene can’t save you! Jump in there with your 2 feet and get in the mix. Mix it up with your husband, with Nene, with Phaedra, with Kandi, Kenya and Porsha. If you can’t then you have to gooooooooooo! Everybody else including Kenya, Phaedra, even Mama Joyce is getting their hands dirty but you! That foreplay scene with Peter was a JOKE, it was forced even Peter LAUGHED! The viewers knew you was faking and really don’t like sex! You really are just a pretty face but no brains. Truly a disappointment! Do you know how powerful you could had been with a bad body, pretty face and brains! That’s called a TRIPLE THREAT! Now Peter has spent all your money you made as a Supermodel, the restaurant that you loved was lost that you invested in, Bar One and your modeling agency is now in jeopardy! He bought a car that you didn’t know about and no telling what else. And he is so cavalier about it. But you know it’s like what you said, in your confessional “I got your back” Well remember these words as well, “For richer or for poorer.” and right now it appears for you to be the latter!

    April 28 at 11:16pm  / 
  84. Elnora Graham Bowden 

    Nene u have really shown the world what a nasty, mean spirited person you are you came to HWA with a nose as big as Texas, a Bad weave, Bad teeth, Bad Credit and we fell in love with your down home persona all the while you were stabbing everybody on the show to climb over them to stay @ the top. now Cynthia was and is a Model who didn’t need the show to raise her to high level nor to revamp herself to be beautiful, Kandi didn’t need the show to rise to high level nor capping her teeth or changing her nose, Phadra didn’t need the show to rise to top level, and truth be told neither did Coo Coo Kenya or Porsha. Not that making changes is a bad thing but when you did you changed on the inside and we watch you become something UGLY on the outside. you cannot hear any faults about yourself. your FRIENDS MUST kiss your bottom or they’re not friends and you set out to drag their name through the mud. did u not see that YOU walk in Peter face when he said he was ready to go because you was act crazy( and you was, why not just stay home) you asked him and he told you. and Greg getting in Peter face saying next time it would be a problem( Greg can’t bust a grape) girl I see you tumbling back down that ladder Cynthia and Peter is the Best Friends you will ever have because they are not willing to just blow smoke up your tailpipe and if you don’t see that it’s true then you are a FOOL. Now I truly understand your family standoffish behavior towards you now and as sad as it is I also NOW understand Curtis distance with you. anyone that gets close and tell you the TRUTH you set out to smear their name. up to and including your sister. shame on you. you say any and everything to people on the show but feel they need to talk to you OFF the show if the disagree with something you do or say, like a kid that wanna take their marbles and go home if you don’t “Let” them win. #Grownupcrabbygrandmatheglamisgone

    April 29 at 12:29am  / 
    • charnorm 

      FYI – If Nene changed I think she finally realized that Cynthia, Kenya and Marlo wanted more airtime to make themselves releavant on this show. Cynthia was a model, but she really did not have any money. Her net worth (per internet) was $50,000. Kenya has more, but Marlo does not. Nene got tired of these women coming after her. I think she thought these women were her friends, but found out later that they were just using her. So yes, my attitude woud change and you are not going to use a reunion show to throw me under the bus. All of this is orchestrated and planned, and I don’t think Nene is playing the game Andy and Bravo wants her to play anymore. She has goals and aspirations and the Nene that started with the show cannot not be the same one who wants to do televsion and movies. She has to change and show a softer side, not a foolish one though. Make no mistake she may tell it like it is and look like the bad guy, but these three women are trying to get the top spot and appears that Nene does not care if they do are not. But she is not going to let them put her on blast in front of millions. What Cynthia pulled is not what a personal friend does. You pull your friend aside and talk, but not on national television. How many times does Nene have to talke about this. Peter was always in these women’s face about their personal buisiness. Like he was a housewife. Please, he was being a bitch.

      May 2 at 12:28am  / 
  85. ann 

    Nene please stop promoting your clothing line- That will surely fail. You CANNOT dress!

    April 29 at 4:30am  / 
    • LisaT 

      Sound like you’re hating on her for trying to make money. Whether you think she can’t dress or not, she’s making money.

      April 29 at 7:40am  / 
      • GOREE 

        Ann is… She’s probably.. Nevamind…. Make your money Nene! And that Blue shirt you tried on at the viewing…Loved it! :)

        April 29 at 11:09am  / 
  86. KimAg 

    TRUTH BE TOLD… Can anyone do anything to get Cynthia put off the show. I know I will get grief for saying this (and I do like Cynthia)… BUT Cynthia’s storyline has been a bore from the beginning. Cynthia is MESSY as Hell and been starting things on the low for a minute now…she is ALWAYS telling what someone else AND NEVER get the story right. Nonetheless it saddens me to see these two part ways. I respect the fact that NeNe DID NOT have the conversation with Cynthia on the show…I WOULDN’T HAVE EITHER…everyone handles situations differently. Yet, we’ve all seen NeNe in action and I’m proud that she didn’t go into full attack mode on Cynthia.

    April 29 at 5:18am  / 
  87. Jodyx 

    Nene I wish you and Cynthia can sit down privately and resolved
    your issues.

    April 29 at 5:53am  / 
  88. Karen Jones 

    I agree with most of what Nene has stated is very true except the part about carrying her on her back. That was a bit egotistic. I will accept she help with Cynthia’s getting a part but she did not hire Cynthia Andy/BRAVO did. Nene hides her feelings well but if you really watch and listen you can see the pain she feels. No everyone wears their feelings on their sleeve.

    April 29 at 6:43am  / 
  89. WARM- 

    Hello NeNe,
    I’ve watched the RHOA’s Reunion (Ep. 1) four times. Needless to say… I am a loyal viewer. The reunion show was indeed entertaining. However, I was highly disappointed with the apparent liberalism that Kenya was allowed to use as her taunting prompts. With the exception of Andy, it was very clear that Kenya was going to use her bullhorn to over-talk any and everyone seated. Thus, there was absolutely no way for that show to end without unnecessary drama. If Porsha has made a request of ANYONE in charge to address the “Kenya prompts”, only for her concerns to go unanswered… Then Andy and associates should take equal responsibility for what has transpired.

    As far as that short can of “whip ass” Porsha had given to Kenya… BRAVO!!! Maybe now, Kenya will STOP taunting Porsha. Think about it… Kenya would have NEVER disrespected NeNe nor Kandi in that way. Both women have proven that invading their personal space, taunting them, or “putting your hands on them”, will not be tolerated. NOTE TO KENYA: Be very glad that Porsha had snatched that “scepter” from your hand before you were laid out on the floor! #Boop.

    I’m extremely proud of Porsha… not for snapping, but for having a voice. Porsha has clearly endured a lot of ridicule, criticism, unmeasured pain, and negativity, via her marriage. Imagine to have endured all of that bull from her arrogant Ex, only to now be taunted by Kenya. Conniving Kenya wanted to quiet Porsha’s revealing facts of her deceptions regarding “boyfriends for hire“. In order to do so, Kenya then took that very moment to accuse Porsha of being an unfaithful wife. Not to mention all of those innuendoes of Porsha’s lack of intelligence. WOW. Too much!!! How could anyone be expected not defend themselves when faced with a verbal #BULLY who uses a bullhorn to call you horrible names?

    Yes… Porsha did snap. However, unlike Apollo, Porsha was immediately remorseful. It was never her intent to spank Kenya. NEVER! However, it would be a huge mistake for BRAVO to remove Porsha from RHOA. Please do not entertain favoritism, BRAVO. When Apollo attacked Kenya’s friend, Peter held him down (rendering him unable to move), while Apollo threw brutal punches at the guy! Apollo did NOT snap. That was clearly an ATL beat down. Or should I say… “ sudden burst of violent energy, resulting in embarrassment.” LET‘S BE REMINDED THAT APOLLO HAD CRACKED THE MAN‘S RIB! Can we say Federal Assault? Yet, both He and Peter are still on the show. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THE MEN ARE NOT IN A PAID CONTRACT, simply because their images, and storylines help shape the show. Again… they are STILL on the show.

    I’m so glad that NeNe, Kandi, and Phaedra has taken an outwardly stand, by speaking up for Porsha to remain on the #RHOA. We ALL know that it is NOT in Porsha’s character to cause “finger-pointing” embarrassment to anyone. Porsha is good people. Now THAT is an irrefutable fact. Therefore, she will own up to her role in what has transpired with Kenya. However, Kenya SHOULD stand in her truth, by offering Porsha a SINCERE public apology for her cruel, taunting, and unrefined behavior. Besides, being outwardly pretty is rather redundant, if Kenya is infested with ugliness on the inside.

    During the taping of the RHOA, Kenya made a point of bring up “KARMA“ as her talking point. However, Kenya has yet to learn that choosing to be a VILLIAN is like her venomous seeds being showered with acid rain. Perhaps she should examine her acres of offended strangers, broken spirits, and disappointed relationships. Perhaps she should humble herself before her acres of seeds are sewn. Besides, right is right… and wrong was Kenya!
    Let the Church say…


    April 29 at 7:17am  / 
  90. IMJ 

    Sorry but its Peter, not Nene that is the problem. Since the day he has gotten on the show, he has constantly been involved in the other women’s business. Even Kandi, Phaedra, Kenya and Porsha have mentioned this numerous times this season. No other husband or bf have been so involved. Not Apollo, Todd or Gregg have been involved at the level Peter has.
    Nene went about it the wrong way, it was harsh and mean BUT she wasn’t wrong or even being a bad friend to bring it up.
    Cynthia should have put a stop to that a long time ago because it causes problems among the women. She doesnt because she is a doormat and its hard to respect someone who lets everyone walk over them, including their own husband. Its not his place. Last I checked I was watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, not Peter’s Opinion.

    April 29 at 7:26am  / 
  91. Caroline Schoeneman 

    I agree. Cynthia needed a reason to secure her spot on season 7. I truly like Cynthia, she’s a very kind-hearted woman. But what other reason could someone POSSIBLY HAVE for publicly bashing their BEST friend on national television? It doesn’t add up to me. It’s double jeopardy. She should have defended herself when it actually happened to have reason or merit for her behavior towards NeNe, when it would actually make sense. Not 6 months later when it’s roo far “outta sight and outta mind”. Looks really self-centered, did she expect NeNe to get on her knees and beg forgiveness or defend herself like the woman we all know she is? Cynthia clearly waited too long to play the victim card. Apologies had already been made, and accepted and moved on. Signed, sealed. Delivered. Girl, bye!

    April 29 at 8:14am  / 
    • Caroline Schoeneman 

      P.S. #teamnene

      April 29 at 8:20am  / 
  92. Divajo 

    Nene, talks a lot, she’s loud, and all that. But I have to respect the fact that she never got in any1 business, if it didn’t concern her. Andy, asked who she thought should leave and she told her truth. Don’t get me wrong I like CB, although I don’t agree with her allowing a 13 yr., old date. CB gets in where she thinks she fits in. But she is dirty as they come also. She and Peter where in Mexico laughing with Kenya Dirt Moore about Phaedra. She lost me with that move. Regardless of what goes on in a marriage no one should laugh at a wife whose low down dirty dog husband is all up in another woman’s face. Peter is a hustler and hustled CB.
    Nene, changed and no one appreciates her growth. They say she should humble herself. What? Nene is a go getter, and God blessed her. I am not mad. Now the Bravo producers trying to take her down. If Kenya returns, I will not watch. This woman been in the business 20 years and who really knew her .Christopher Williams was gong to call her out instead she wanted to get in his wife face first and shut that down. She is not slick. Some of us can see through this woman BS. I love Nene and if she was on the side walk I’d go see her. Wouldn’t look out the window for Kenya Dirt Moore or Cynthia Side Tree Bailey.

    April 29 at 8:49am  / 
  93. caking1234 

    NeNe you sck Bitch. Good Bye!!!!!

    April 29 at 9:44am  / 
    • DonthateonNeNe 

      @caking1234 i you are the sick one for being on her page… Get da fuck out of here, go on Cynthia’s page with that BULLSHIT

      April 29 at 12:37pm  / 
  94. Maggie Wills 

    I think NeNe said exactly what she needed to say and to be honest she was one of the only ones that I saw on the show Sunday night that made any sense. Kenya was screaming about being a victim of violence but if you were to scream in my friend’s face with a bullhorn and a scepter then I would have taken them from you and placed them firmly where the sun does not shine. Don’t scream victim when the only thing that you are is a bully. Porsha was at her breaking point with Trampzilla and couldn’t take it anymore. Also, Kenya says that she fights with her words because her intellect is her best fighting tool, well admitting that it wouldn’t be hard for you to take someone’s husband was not a very smart move. It implies that you tried. Once again Phaedra was correct. Also, anytime you didn’t like something Phaedra said you would say, oh how Christian of you, to try and make her feel bad. You tried to connect with her husband, you admitted that much on the show. What does that make you and how much do you think she should take before she doesn’t act like a Christian?? We are human and humans are not always Godly, you have proven that over and over and over and over again. Andy should have stopped the use of props long before the fighting broke out. (Shame on you Andy, especially for making Porsha out to be the bad guy and acting like Kenya was the victim when she had your blessing to bully.) NeNe stands up for herself and when all is said and done it is only her and Cynthia that know the truth. It’s hard to lose a friendship.

    April 29 at 9:45am  / 
  95. Roya'le Little 



    April 29 at 10:08am  / 
    • Roya'le Little 


      April 29 at 10:14am  / 
      • gwynnd2013 

        Nene Leakes,, is “Rude”, “, Arrogant,” ,”Nasty” ,”Self-Absorbed”,,”Narrcissistic”,,I can go on,,(and this is only what I observe),, I don’t want to walk in her shoes,,Financially??,,I’m Good.

        April 29 at 10:13pm  / 
    • JrB 

      Nene’s 15mins of fame in Hollywood is over…. She cant carry a show or even contribute to anything except reality. If she could carry a show like she thinks she can, hers would of never got cancelled. Now i do love me some Nene Leakes, but honestly this season she made herself look like a mess and since her other show cancelled she needed to reach to keep her so called status on Real Housewives. You’re on a reality show to let the cameras in your every day life.. so why wouldnt you discuss certain things on camera at the reunion…Thats what the show is for….. I hope the best for her..but..her attitude she is putting out there right now is not going to attract anyone to want to work with that. She is a reality star..not an actress… there two different things!!!!

      April 29 at 10:38am  / 
      • LoLofromNYC 

        Umm, not to be rude but are you on glue? A. The New Normal was NOT “HER” show. She was a supporting cast member (who by the way had her role written especially for her by the hugely influential and successful Ryan Murphy just because he liked her style) so the onus of “carrying” the show was on the two lead characters and at the very least, the oscar nominated Ellen Barkin. B. NeNe reacted the way most people who feel blindsided after having seemingly addressed an issue, made amends only to have it thrown in your face 6 months later would most likely react. She was pissed off! And rightly so because she no doubt recognized Peter’s hand involved yet again in her business while using wishy washy Cynthia as the messenger. NeNe was well within her rights to address Peter the way she did because who is he to chastise her? NeNe has a husband and if Greg was unperturbed then how did a bug crawl up Peter’s ass? Bottom line NeNe has told us who she was from the beginning so why act. surprised now? Further she has come along way from her humble beginnings and I applaud her for not allowing other people to negate her growth. And as for saying that she carried Cynthia I’m not bothered as sometimes people need to be reminded who assisted them when the develop success amnesia! Btdubs, Cynthia is NOT a supermodel, she’s just a marginally successful one, stop gassing her up! Thanks

        May 2 at 12:22am  / 
  96. Lhines 

    I absolutely love Nene Leakes! She says exactly what she feels. However, I wish she and Cynthia could have resolved their issues without the cameras. It saddens me to see their relationship dissolve. I pray they get it together.

    April 29 at 10:09am  / 
  97. JrB 

    I love me some Nene….BUT……her attitude on the reunion show makes her look a little desperate for attention. The sad thing is…Nene is not mad at everyone else..She is mad her so called 15mins of fame in her acting career is over. Her sitcom was cancelled because it sucked. The part she played was more like a onstage get dressed backstage kind of show..and from episode one it was only a matter of time before it cancelled. As much as Nene thinks she is a big name actress and she is in demand, it’s time to come back to reality. Your name is only attached to Real Housewives…. The only reason why you need to act up this season in a pathetic and drag queen kind of because you wanted to make sure you stay relevant since you are no longer relevant everywhere else… Nene is reaching to keep her name out there..even if it is only connected to Real Housewives…

    April 29 at 10:32am  / 
  98. GOREE 

    I wrote a blog before ever reading this… and it is amazing how on point I was! I definitely agree with you Nene!! A copy and paste of my thoughts are below:
    It’s amazing to me how people tend to expect people who are strong to never have a weak moment, never have a moment of failure, and never sweat when they are put in a predicament. We understand the one percieved as the weak one’s flaws, their tears, and their moment when their disposition went from 0-10. I believe this is the case with NeNe and Cynthia on Real Housewives. Many are questioning the authencity of NeNe’s friendship with Cynthia. Many say that Cynthia was the true friend in this case. As usual, I’m not in agreeance with the MANY. My thoughts are simple.

    1. I’ve observed NeNe interact with Cynthia. Their vocabulary is a little different. I’ve never heard Cynthia communicate using the term B*** when she spoke about a friend. I have heard NeNe several times. I don’t agree with the term as a refereance to women, but let’s be honest here, there are many that do refer to their friend as one. However, NeNe took it to another level when she described Peter as acting like one. It is my opinion that if she would have said “You need to quit acting like you are one of the women that’s here.” there would not have been so much comotion about it. But basically, that’s what she was saying. But Cynthia has a right to be offended and address this with her friend. NeNe that was NOT COOL.

    2. In a friendship, as Kandi mention on the reunion, you may do some things that may offend your friend and it was not your intentions. As a friend, you come together and discuss and the one who has offended apologizes. PROBLEM IS: This has happened. NeNe and Greg came together with Cynthia and Peter and discussed the issue. NeNe and Greg apologized sincerely. Everybody seemed to have handled it like adults and was letting by gones be by gones.

    3. There comes a time when we don’t know how deep it hurts until we are tested again. Cynthia’s test came by way of the reality show that she has been a part of for a few years now. Now for me, I can’t understand how a grown woman who has experienced this for a few years will react to the revisit of the situation as she did when they had took the necessary steps to mend the relationship. As NeNe stated, with no objection from Cynthia, they have hung out and went on trips together since the incident and discussion. However, when she saw the show, she became angry all over again. In my opinion, this is no longer NeNe’s problem. This is Cynthia’s baby now. You can’t grant forgiveness and then flip flop like that. NOT COOL.

    People want NeNe to be the villan, but truth is, when she loves, she loves. She sat there and stated, “I will not discuss my friendship with Cynthia with these girls who do not give a *** about our relationship.” That was a mature response. Someone told me long ago when you start allowing everbody in to your SHIP, it will start to sink. It’s no longer protected by mutual understanding. It will be destroyed by the opinions of others that will intrude upon any understanding that you two have. And the way Cynthia mind is set up… you know the rest. #IJS

    Unfortunately, Cynthia had enough information from social media regarding the opinions of others that would conquer any chance of understanding that the two could have gotten any other time. She repeatedly said, “Well everybody else (referring to social Media)….” BUT WHAT DO YOU SAY??? Everytime NeNe stated, “I have been an EQUALLY good friend to you.”, she could not deny it. So how in the world can a world who has no knowledge about your friendship outside of the minutes shown on tv can be so influential?

    When you are close as they are, you know the other’s character and heart. You don’t need anybody else to tell you that your friendship is authentic. When you’re on a television show as such, you already know how the portrayal of your friendship works. You are basically being paid to allow someone to take your moments and turn them into any way they see fit. Leave out the best times and show the worst times.. That’s how ratings are set up… Show the juiciest part of the conversation and leave out the calmest parts…that’s how ratings are set up… This wasn’t Cynthia’s first rodeo, so she already knows how it is all SET UP. And unfortunately, she fell for the SET UP.

    Sometimes people do what is similar to collecting stamps. As in back in the day, you collected so many and could cash them in for something. Cynthia cashed in offenses that she could think of to end her friendship and used those offenses to justify her reason behind her decision. That’s unfair if she never communicated this to NeNe. This is why NeNe was absolutely clueless on yesterday. All NeNe knew is this was her girlfriend and they enjoyed each other’s company.

    But the underlying issue here is Cynthia’s inability to forgive her GREAT FRIEND. Unless someone is truly insignificant to you, something as this should not have destroyed it. Because 1. She knows NeNe. 2. They talked about it and got an understanding. 3. She already knows how this reality tv goes in comparision with reality. So sorry, I’m not with Cynthia on this. She turned it. The way forgiveness operates, you don’t go back and get your problem after you have gotten past it all. A friend can’t trust a friend like that. There will always be uncertaintiy because word is not bond. There will be a lack of trust because how could you trust somebody whom operates in such a way. I forgive you today, but tomorrow we’ve got problems. No mam. No sir. #goodbyefriend #TeamNeNe

    April 29 at 11:04am  / 
  99. Dee 


    I’ve been a Cynthia fan for more than 20 years and I became a Nene fan a few years ago. However, you really need to take a long look in the mirror. Your success has gone to your head.

    With friends like you, who needs enemies. SMH

    April 29 at 11:39am  / 
    • Brenda Hyder 

      I agree with you NeNe is so full of herself!

      May 2 at 12:40am  / 
  100. colibri 

    keep your head up, nene! we can all see what a fraud “messy cynthia” is with her fake tears.

    April 29 at 11:55am  / 
  101. Mogul2Mogul 

    Why are you saddened by a friendship you new wouldn’t last and that you aren’t surprised about? NeNe idk what to say to a grown women that shouts I’m an excellent friend from the rooftops and ten goes and screen shots personal & private text messages of their friends comversation and then eludes to the fact that you may have helped your fronds pay for their wedding pictures all on social media. What are you hoping to gain by showing people that permit you in their life, that share their life with you, that send you a text in confidence, a voice mail in confidence, permit you to help them in confidence? Do you think that you are a “friend” that can be trusted, that is loyal? NeNe you may not be a RAT when your friendship is going great or even when it’s still in the “friend” category but as soon as it’s over for whatever reason you become a RAT.. All the things that they have shared with you are no longer protected under the “friendship code of ethics” by you.. Cynthia says that your friendship was equal with the exception for her, “respect”, but I ask Cynthia to think again, how much did you tell NeNe about you and how much did NeNe share with you, not so you can go and tell others because we already know that’s not who you are, but just think about it? I am willing to say NeNe hasn’t shared as much about herself as you’ve in trusted on her and I can say that because people that take score in friendships about all they have done for you design it that way. NeNe can’t have a friend that she doesn’t believe not to say that these women are this way at all but NeNe has to believe that she is above them on se level.. Now that’s what should truly sadden you NeNe, but you are not prepared to look at this and that’s why it hasn’t changed. You cannot change what you are not willing to acknowledge! Also NeNe you don’t have to tell people you are a good friend, you don’t have to ask others to co-sign whether or not your a good friend as a matter of fact you don’t have to remind anyone if anything that you do naturally, sincerely and authentically, yet you do, you have to remind, defend and justify your “friendships”.. Now they are being called Reality TV Frienships, thst you know won’t last.. Is this just Frienships you have on Reality TV or is it all Reality TV Frienships? Cause this statement can definitely show you that Reality Frienships exist in front of the camera as well as behind the camera and I’m sorry that you aren’t capable of maintaining Frienships no matter when or where they are presented to you..but if you want to open your world up to maintaining Frienships through out the universe all you have to so is not label your short comings but acknowledge them and be willing to accept them and change them then you will be able to sustain any type of relationship in your life because I am sure that your Frienships aren’t the only relationships that suffer in your life..

    The itherthing that I didn’t mention that you have out in the a universe for your friend Cynthia is that she not continue to be on the RHOA and the mention of her lack or luster of a story line. Well let’s all be grateful that this decision is not up to you and I pray Bravo doesn’t even allow your emotional “opinion” In the room because NeNe you are entirely to emotional, entirely to justified and uninformed to make decisions based on someone else’s ability to take care of their family and of themselves. Cynthia knows who has the keys to her life and that power is not you but GOD and so no Blog, Tweet or Shadw you throw her way is gonna stick NeNe. You have got to stop thinking that the GIFT that has been shared with you is POWER because it’s not it’s an illusion NeNe a test to see if you are worthy to receive more or if this is it for you.

    I sincerely hope you take the time you have and will continue to be given to be with yourself and use it for personal growth, spiritual growth as none of us have reached our full potential in this life NeNe and in order to be a friend you have to learn how to be one and in order to know what to say and share about others that have permitted you to be a part of their life you have to learn that too and that’s ok NeNe, there is nothing to be said against anyone who is striving to live in harmony with others.

    Take care of you!

    April 29 at 2:45pm  / 
  102. April Simms 

    Cynthia is looking for sympathy and a way to stay on the show because Peter wants a peach smh. She did admit NeNe was a good friend to her. If Cynthia felt disrespected then she should have been ended their friendship prior to the reunion. NeNe is no fool. Cynthia is trying to create drama with NeNe (a storyline) to remain on the show; she’s nice but boring isn’t for reality tv.

    April 29 at 3:06pm  / 
  103. tightwork 

    I agree with Nene. Cynthia just wants a storyline. It funny how before that episode aired Cynthia was with Nene at all these events, smiling for the camera’s. Then that episode airs and your offended. Her husband was acting like a b****. What real man gets in between woman’s business. If anyone watches the show you would know that anyone who is not getting along with Nene has a storyline that season. Nene is nobody’s fool. Keep doing you Nene. Thirsty people stay Thirsty.

    April 29 at 3:47pm  / 
  104. gwynnd2013 

    I have seen Nene act in no way other than “Rude” to “All” the Girls at some point and time “to some extent”, for some reason or another. Carrying herself like some “”Rockefeller” type female,as if she is somehow, ” Above” them, and to date,, I still can’t figure out why. Kandi, is a “Millioniare”, ,(I’m referring to, if her “income” somehow plays into her “Arrogance”),Kandi, doesn’t act that way,,(at least,I’m “hoping” a few dollars doesn’t make a person act that way),,Well this is a platform for opinions, and mines is,, What’s “Sad” is that a person would allow a little,,”Attention and Money”,, to “Change” them like that,she,,”Can’t Handle”, a little “Fame”,that’s her problem,,She is “SAD”,, this is “Yummy” to watch,, it’s,,just a “Matter of time”,,a matter of “Time”.

    April 29 at 9:52pm  / 
  105. P@meliTay 

    I really think that Nene & Cynthia are just in a bad place right now with their friendship. Nene is very articulate with her words but I swear, sometimes I think her “point” just fly right over ppl heads. And to top it off…ppl can’t see how honest she is whether it’s good or bad (in other words) she’s about the only one on the show who’ll tell u the truth even if it hurts (Very rare these days).

    I respect Nene for holding back as much as she did on the reunion show….Nene, thank u for being the bigger person when it comes to good tv manners.

    Now, don’t get me wrong! Cynthia has a lot of class too. Well, looking in from the outside, she’s a sweet person with a sweet spirit. I just think things are a lil’ too complicated for her right now as so many ppl sitting in the judgement seat regarding her strengths.

    I just pray that Nene & Cynthia find a way to mend their trust in each other. I love all the girls on this show, with the exception of one, Kenya.

    No, I’m not gonna talk bad about Kenya bcauz I was taught “if u can’t say something nice….don’t say it at all. So my nice something is…..

    ……Kenya, plz sit back and take a good look at yourself….ppl see you as fabricated and I hope you’re better then that.

    April 29 at 10:46pm  / 
  106. bfs 

    I’m very frustrated with Cynthia and her crocodile tears! When you forgive then spend holidays and go on trips with the person who you were beefing with, then find out that your days at rhoa are numbered you turn on your so called friend you supposedly forgave. I have never liked you anyway, you kissed Nene’s tail the whole time. I really feel like you used your friendship with her was for a come up. Nene I’m sorry you had to find out that they were not your friends this way. I also am proud of the way you handled her trying to be a victim. I wish you well and if u decide to quit rhoa I will not be watching anymore. These girls ant loyal to themselves much less anyone else. God bless.

    April 30 at 5:43am  / 
  107. ttj215 

    What’s so disturbing about Nene’s behavior is that she is becoming overly arrogant. I don’t have a problem with her disagreeing with people but she is so dismissive of others views. I don’t hate when someone is excelling in what they do, but one has to realize all products have a shelf life. And Nene needs to remember that at her age, a pole is not an option if things turn sour for her. She has burned a lot of bridges with those girls and others will see her for what she is; CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATIVE.

    And to add one last thing, instead of calling Peter a B, Greg is not exactly displaying an entire backbone either. I think the men on this show gives black men a very bad name by letting these women run them

    April 30 at 10:47am  / 
  108. Kenneth 

    I never comment on blogs nor do I watch this crazy show anymore due to the disgusting behavior in previous seasons. However, I did see the reunion and NeNe is a classic bully. What’s said is that she doesn’t see her star fading because of this behavior, but it is. If you talk to a man like that, be thankful you didn’t get punched in the mouth. NeNe has truly turned into a small-time slide-show. SMH

    April 30 at 2:35pm  / 
  109. Pam Richards 

    If at any point Cynthia didn’t like or felt disrespected by what NeNe did or said, then should have stop being friends with NeNe prior to the reunion not six months after she accepted NeNe’s apology. Sounds like Cynthia needs a storyline, Peter wants a peach and they need the income from the show. Cynthia is weak/boring, Peter is controlling, they are not a fit for RHOA.

    May 1 at 9:18pm  / 
  110. Paulette 

    Cynthia said NeNe was a good friend. All of a sudden she’s mad at NeNe after six months; she should have stopped being friends with NeNe before the reunion when she saw WWHL interview. Cynthia is thirsty to keep a spot on the show and Peter wants a peach. They are boring and need to leave the show.

    May 1 at 9:39pm  / 
  111. GetItRiteKeepItRite 

    I have never commented on reality tv SHISH cause well….it’s entertainment! NeNe is simply 1 of the best at entertaining. It’s her personality. Now Kenya is truly extra drama! I don’t for a second believe her story line or that her connection to these women is genuine. Cynthia and NeNe shared a real friendship. You could see that NeNe was trying not expose their dealings and shared confidence. Cynthia saw the show and 6 months later she got in her feelings. More than any of the ladies Cynthia should be off the show…she lives too much of her personal life in front of the camera. She’s a push over…flip flopper for everyone Mel, Peter, and her money. She wants to be liked and that’s cool it’s just not a good look for reality entertainment which is why she will always feel disrespected. Should NeNe have called your husband a Bish….hell no! Should Peter have been all in the ladies mix…hell no! That some BISH SHISH! Should Cynthia have straightened it out in the moment…hell yeah! Now that would have sealed her deal for next season. But that ain’t Cynthia…she’s a sneaky second guessing herself sweetie.

    May 1 at 9:45pm  / 
  112. Wayne 

    Cynthia is a pretty lady but she’s boring and weak. Peter does act like a bitch a real man would not ask for a peach on a housewife show and be all in the middle of ladies business. I think this couple should be replaced. Side note: Gregg and Todd are the realest men on the show.

    May 1 at 9:46pm  / 
  113. CrystalD 

    Why would Cynthia accept NeNe’s apology and be mad six months later? Why didn’t Cynthia stop dealing with NeNe when she saw the interview on WWHL (if this is what she’s really mad about)? I’ll tell you why, she needs to keep her spot on the show for the income, had to start drama with NeNe to seem like she isn’t ole’ boring Cynthia and Peter wants a peach. NeNe is no fool and saw right threw Cynthia. She is boring and doesn’t have what it takes to be on RHOA.

    May 1 at 9:56pm  / 
  114. TAlston 

    I usually don’t like to comment because I can really care less about this woman’s life but she fails to ever see her part in any of the mess she created. She is so self righteous and never at fault and it’s getting annoying. Who is the woman that fights with every other housewife or stabs them in the back??? Yup, Ms. Leakes. as the saying goes “You can put lipstick on a pig…”

    May 1 at 10:01pm  / 
  115. April 

    Andy should replace Cynthia and Peter. Rumor is they’re broke and no they’re trying to be slick to stay on the show. BarOne and Bailey Agency is wack for rhoa….Next!!

    May 1 at 10:03pm  / 
  116. Ollie 

    Its obvious that Miss Moore is projecting on to Nene… she is obessed with Nene and since she hasnt gotten the attention she wanted from her she is now going batshit on her and is doing playing divide and conquer… etc… Classic in obsessive behaviors…

    May 1 at 10:38pm  / 
  117. charnorm 

    Nene, I agree with you, and I just read your blog. If Cynthia felt disrespected then why did she not come to you personally. If anyone has your contact info its her. It was sad to see how she distanced herself from what happened with Porsha. Whether you agree or not, we witness someone coming to a breaking point. Andy did nothing to stop Kenya. He thought it was funny. I liked how you and Kandi shut him down and did not let him control what you were going to say. Noone would know BarOne if it was not mentioned on the show and you attending events. Cynthia has joined Kenya and Marlo and their intent is to take you down. You have been the same person on this show from the beginning. The rest of these women have boring lives without interacting with you. So whether people like you are not, you are Nene Leakes: ” Straight No Chaser” You, Kandi and Phaedra are the only ones on this show who has something going for themselves. The rest just wanted to use you. It is strange that the only two women on the show who did not need anything from you is Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha. Yes, Porsha needed your kind of guidance. Cynthia has no backbone. When stuff hits the fan she steps back away from it. She could have stopped Porsha but she is on Kenya’s team. Make no mistake the goal is to replace you with Kenya, and these fools believe that Kandi and Phaedra are going to join them. You are still the same Nene from the first episode of RHOA.

    May 2 at 12:18am  / 
  118. Brenda Hyder 

    NeNe you used to be my favorite housewife but now you’ve changed so until you are not likeable. Cynthia was your true friend she would have done anything for you and you treated her like dirt. So when she stands up to you and calls you out on your behavior you take to social media and dog her but the final thing was when you suggested she gets fired. You should never play with anyone’s lively hood! Remember what goes around comes around. Do you ever wonder why you cannot keep any friends it’s not them it’s you!. You need to have a seat, no have several seats!!!! I am team Cynthia

    May 2 at 12:31am  / 
  119. plussizebarbie 

    nene is a real bitch she is making her money at the same time cynthia and that bitch Kenya r broke and mad kenya may be miss usa but she will never be nene leaks cynthia let peter take all of her money nene helped them alot we dont no how much money nene have giving to them we really dont no shit because nene wont talk about it to much

    May 2 at 1:01am  / 
  120. lupe 

    Nene, u r the only one in that group that is the real deal. Nene you should of have told ur tv audience the truth. We shouldn’t of have to look for ur blog to read about it. Cynthia was so fake!!! I said to myself wowww! What is wrong with her??? You should of defended yourself with the truth. She was fake crying lol. She is not a good actress that is for sure. One advise Don’t act like a diva, it doesn’t suit u. u just started. Don’t burn britches, build them instead. Remember, your fans will make but they can always break you. Stay relevant without the nonsense. That is what your are a no non sense kind of girl. Keep it that way. Stay true to yourself. Keep it real with your fans that adore you.

    May 2 at 1:40am  / 
  121. lakishaj 

    I was really shocked that NeNe is the only one that sees a problem with a man getting in a woman’s face being vulgar as Peter has so many times on the show. I had a problem when Cynthia kept saying that NeNe didn’t show any respect for their friendship. She didn’t call Peter a bitch she said to stop acting like one. According to Cynthia I guess its ok for a man to get in a woman’s face yelling and cursing like Peter does. I don’t see any of the other husbands doing that. I ask again, Is it ok for a man to do this?

    May 2 at 3:51am  / 
  122. Lacey Lawrence 

    Think about it, Cynthia has been oh so cunningly sliding under the radar…until again, financial troubles reared its ugly head. She’s not modeling anymore (and really isn’t that well known in modeling circles) and Bar One may jeopardize her and Peter’s finances. All of a sudden she’s got a ‘hard core’ problem with Nene. That’s because she needs to look relevant in order to keep her boring self employed. Of course Greg and Nene didn’t offer to finance the acquisition of Bar One nor The Bailey Agency (would you blame them, the way Cynthia lets Peter walk over their finances.) That’s Cynthia’s problem in a nutshell. Hell, she gets no respect from her Mother, Sister, nor Peter, but all of a sudden she’s claiming no respect from Nene when Nene been there for her when her own family and husband failed her.

    Keep doing you Nene! It’s true, when you walking in your greatness, others then hate that you are not ‘normal’ anymore, and that pisses them off. Boop! Period.

    May 2 at 4:02am  / 
  123. Malaishalove 

    judge not unless ye be judged this show is for entertainment we don’t know these women on a one on one level at the end of the day all of them are there for them coins and will make it do what it do for them coins! so remember options are just like a$$holes everybody got one! so unless anyone knows nene or Cynthia or anyone of the cast PERSONALY pls have a seat and keep the hate to your self! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!

    May 2 at 4:16am  / 
  124. Shannon Rhem 

    oved Nene until I watched the WWHL after the season finale. Cythia was never my favorite but I understand why she would feel she isn’t being respected. Half the crap Nene said or did to Cynthia, she would not stand for herself. So if you wouldn’t want someone talking to you that way then you definitely shouldn’t speak to a friend that way, or treat a friend in that manner. She made her little jabs, from what I’ve seen on camera Cynthia never made jabs at Nene. Instead of talking about her and cackling behind her back, say how tou feel.

    May 2 at 4:58am  / 
    • Melissa 

      Cynthia is a grown woman if she didn’t like how NeNe talked to her, treater her, disrespected her she should have stopped talking to her way before the reunion. Or, even after NeNe’s interview on WWHL which aired a couple weeks before the reunion. Peter wants a peach, they need the income so Cynthia brought up old drama for a storyline to try to keep her spot on the show. NeNe is not a fool and won’t be used. Cynthia is boring and her time is up on the show.

      May 2 at 7:03am  / 
      • Teresa Carmon 

        why did cynthia sit there like a child during the reunion and llet Kenya go off on NENE GROW UP CYNTHIA

        May 2 at 3:54pm  / 
  125. Elizabeth Garcia 

    I love both ladies and I think “people” seriously need to stop attacking both ladies! I hate how all these comments are so darn negative. No one is perfect and there is NO such thing as a perfect FRIENDSHIP they both done mistakes to one another and I’m sure not all has been caught on camera. They reality stars are always being judged but you all fail to forget the only person that can judge them is GOD! Stop hating and when you can make half the money they make then just maybe they would care what you have to say! NOT. I hope they can repair their friendship and without them hearing the devil’s mouth. The best of luck to both my girls!

    May 2 at 5:00am  / 
    • Melissa 

      It’s not about hating, being perfect or judging. This is a blog and viewers/fans are stating their opinion about what they’ve seen and heard. Obviously the ladies, Andy, Bravo want to hear the viewers thoughts and comments. I understand you love both ladies but its just a tv show. Positive, peaceful friendships/relationships don’t bring rating$ to reality tv and they won’t make the money that they make if it was that way. It’s about the drama, viewers and rating$.

      May 2 at 6:42am  / 
  126. Sessa1 

    Will miss watching your friendship but if she is not over it 6 months after it happened and you apologised, then it is her problem. Did she miss the episode where the 4 of you had dinner and patched things up? There is only so many times a person can apologise if it is still coming up then it is her issue to sort out not yours. I think she owes you an apology to drag this up all over again when you were lead to believe it was done with!

    May 2 at 5:08am  / 
    • Melissa 

      EXACTLY! I think she brought it up 6 months later because she had to start drama to seem interesting in order to keep her spot on the show. She knows her time is up but Peter wants a peach and they need the income. She said NeNe apologized and was good friend so like you said it is her problem.

      May 2 at 6:48am  / 
  127. Melissa 

    Peter is Cynthia’s downfall. He wants a peach and become a housewife like a b*tch. Cynthia knows her time is up on the show so she started drama with NeNe for a storyline. If she was really mad at NeNe she would have stopped being friends with her prior to the reunion and not six months after accepting her apology. Cynthia is trying to be interesting to keep her spot on the show and to help Peter get his peach smh. NeNe tells it like it is, call her what you want but she’s not a full and can see the BS a mile away.

    May 2 at 6:31am  / 
  128. Vincy 

    Did anyone of you saw or read the text Cynthia sent Nene when they were in mexico before they had the conversation about the bitch comment? If you have you will understand why Nene says cynthia is a flip flop… why get angry 6 months later?. Nene has done a lot for Cynthia and Nene too is hurt. I think alot of people see nene as this tough person without emotions but in private i really do think she is hurting over the lost relationshipe with Cynthia. If you watch over the pass Seasons of the show with cynthia the story line is the same damn thing with her and peter nd i think if she wasn’t a friend with Nene she would have been fired from the show. Sometimes I put off by Nene, but i think her assessment most of the time is right. If she and kim can be friends again, then her relationship with Cynthia can too.

    May 2 at 6:41am  / 
  129. Vincy 

    People you must remember you are only seeing a small fraction of what goes on these reality shows… stop passing judgement on these people….

    May 2 at 6:44am  / 
    • Melissa 

      People aren’t passing judgement, only commenting on the small fraction of what is seen and heard on tv. Obviously the ladies, Andy, Bravo want to know the viewers thoughts and comments. The drama and the people bring the rating$$.

      May 2 at 6:53am  / 
  130. MsPaige 

    NeNe has a fiesty personality, tells it like it is, the original highest paid member, and takes no sh*t. A few ladies can’t handle that so they don’t like her and start drama but the same way she stops being friends is the same way they can stop being friends with her if she’s such a bully, mean, disrespectful, so nasty and so rude. Everyone needs income and will fight to keep their spot and throw NeNe under the bus to try to steal her spot. Kenya and Cynthia are the two that are the thirstiest and more in need of money so they start and create drama to save their spot, well Kenya wishes she could have NeNe spot for the pay.

    May 2 at 7:43am  / 
  131. Kim Chenault 

    I think the both of you should forget about twitter, television, any kind of media and work this out because at the end of the day after all the fame and fortune is gone what do you have a friendship that should have meant more than that I think some things don’t need to be aired or even told to the media you both are real people with real feelings and you should deal with it as if you weren’t in the public eye. Life is too short to be upset talk it out and forget what ppl say on twitter, facebook or any other social media the media is not going to have a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, or just be there just because the media will lift you up and tear you down all in the same few mins if a story is needed to be told this is just my opinion

    May 2 at 7:44am  / 
  132. talkloudifyouwant 

    Ne-Ne, you are queen an that is all that matters… at first I didn’t understand the fall but thanks for that valid explanation to your fans hunty! Cynthia just needs time to recuperate , while she is in recovery Please stay on top! And take her friendship back when she is healed Bloop-Bloop! Do it like a boss

    May 2 at 7:52am  / 
  133. te-el-jay 

    Personally, I think each and ever cast memember threw a fair amount of shade towards who ever was the topic of discussion. I do think that Ms. Cynthia does not have a back bone and blows with the wind. One day she is with the talls the next she is with the smalls. One day she is smiling in your face and talking to you about the issues you are having with your mother and your fiance’ the next day she is telling a whole bus of women you don’t talk to about a convo she had with some one who says your man is an “OPPORTUNIST.” Look, NeNe is NeNe all day all night. Her shade doesn’t change and does not discrimminate. It just is what it is. I’m sorry to see that the two reality stars (minus Gloria) u did have in you wedding turn out not to be the friends you wanted them to be. But on to the next. In the words of Drake #NoNewFriends

    May 2 at 8:16am  / 
  134. ABUELA65 

    Six months later…..must have really been building up inside of her….doesn’t make any sense but THEY both will try and justify it……its sad but LIFE GOES ON …… with your bestfriend….GREG!!!!!
    Hope you get to Vegas soon!!!!

    May 2 at 10:41am  / 
  135. Cicely J. Philpot 

    Girl PLEASE. You are the most self centered, big headed self righteous person on that show second only to Kenya. What the hell kind of FRIEND goes on a show (WWHL) and indicates that they feel their “friend” should be FIRED??? If you call THAT being a friend, I’d hate to be your enemy!!! You need to get down off that high horse before that big head of yours makes you topple over girl.

    May 2 at 11:04am  / 
  136. Ladyk Ka 

    Why is Cynthia still holding a grudge after you apologized, you all socialized and squashed it! Is Cynthia really that desperate to sign a friend contract with kenya?

    May 2 at 11:45am  / 
  137. Frances Simpson 


    May 2 at 11:54am  / 
  138. Michele Richards 

    Why isn’t Andy challenging Cynthia when she plays the victim around the disrespect issue ?

    Cynthia’s obsessive theme with Nene is Nene’s disrespect for her and her loser husband Peter.

    Isn’t Cynthia the one who is disrespecting her friends when she stays silent as her husband aggressively confronts and disrespects her friends by challenging them on issues that have nothing to do with him. Cynthia continues to play the victim when she supports her husband fully, when he says he’ll continue what he calls “expressing his opinion.”

    May 2 at 12:14pm  / 
  139. Gmommi 

    It’s NEVER “I was wrong and out of order period.” om line is @neneleakes you are NEVER wrong, unapproachable and know EVERYTHING! Your expectation of your friends is constant kissing of your ass, having your views and only associating themselves with people you approve of. @kandiburruss couldn’t have said it any better. You are just plain selfish and might I add arrogant as well. You are a mean girl my dear. Money has turned you into a cold monster and it’s time for you to examine the girl in the mirror. If everyone has a problem with you, then maybe you ARE the problem. Greg and your other flunkies are just too weak and hen pecked to tell you the truth about yourself. But then again if they do you wouldn’t listen anyway because the only person’s feelings that matter is yours. It’s amazing that through it all, you still don’t get it. It’s not whether you and @cynthiabailey10 has squashed the Bitch comment. It’s the fact that you have no respect for her or anyone for that matter. This was evident the way you brushed off her feelings after she attempted to talk with you about her Bailey Bowl being ruined. Which by the way you did share some responsibility for. But of course you had nothing to do with that either. You were VERY shady towards Cynthia during your 1 on 1 interview with Andy, yet you have a problem with Cynthia’s rebuttal. Wow, that’s amazing. And for the record, seems like your apologies are not genuine. They always come with a “But”. “Sorry I called Peter a Bitch, but… Sorry for saying I heard these rumors about being a head doc, but… I’m sorry for whatever people may feel I had a part in during the pillow talk, BUT…” It’s NEVER “I was wrong and out of order and I’m sorry” Period. I think you may need to be checked for bipolarism. IJS

    May 2 at 12:14pm  / 
  140. LJ 


    May 2 at 1:59pm  / 
  141. sexxydiva9 

    I think Nene is 100% great Cynthia is a flake.

    May 2 at 2:56pm  / 
  142. Rosahg 

    I think true friends no matter where the friendship began will work through anything and things will happen. But we have to give each other time to grow up and possible Cynthia has to grow into who she is as opposed to what she thinks people expect of her to for them. Whether it is a relationship between husband and wife, mother and daughter, or a sisterhood, a woman has to stand in who she really is and if she can’t she will get swooped up in the strength of others characters. I think Nene found her strength and who is through her survival in all she went through and there is a no nonsense yet sensitive side to her. Nene is a strong women and Cynthia is more sensitive than she is strong and to balance the friendship she has to walk in her own strength…I have friends who speak stronger than i do but I discovered that they are not stronger than I am.. I just had to learn to find and release my strength…and let the chips fall where they may. True friendships survive all the storms and come back stronger than before. .

    May 2 at 4:22pm  / 
  143. Joanne Hester 

    This season i didn’t like it. It was full of silliness. When things were not silly, then needless stupid drama. I am tired of hearing about you Nene having a big head. I have watched and I am sad too. You said your friendship with Cynthia was very Important to you. I believe that you always talked about Cynthia was a tremendous amount of respect. You were impressed with her grace and class. You said she was the real deal, I will pray little sister, because I know this hurt you.I see you Nene you have a hard exterior but you are a warm and loving person. I am sorry that Cynthia fell for Kenya,. I didn’t think Cynthia was a fool I thought she knew you I mean really Knew you. Hold your head up Nene but Keep your thoughts to yourself Don’t waste them on people who just want drama. I don’t care for this new brand of crazy Kenya is just too much.

    May 2 at 9:20pm  / 
  144. mzlady98 


    May 2 at 11:39pm  / 
  145. Merrie Stipsky Reid 

    NENE, You are The ONe aND oNLy Queen of HOUSEWIVES! Bloop. Funk Box Kenya Moore Whore, is so Ratchet.. I look forward to seeing you get your own pilot!!!!

    May 5 at 11:32am  / 
  146. dcgirl 

    Nene, obviously still has a lot of fans. However, she also has lost MANY! Needless to say, DWTS conveniently got rid of her after she walked out on Tony during his rehearsal. They probably didn’t want someone of her caliber on the show anymore. (Poor Tony probably dropped to his knees and thanked the heavens above after she was voted off.) Not to mention how disrespectful she was to Andy on the last reunion show. Producers now are not even hiring seasoned actors who have been in the industry for years if they are displaying diva attitudes. (There are too many young and upcoming attractive ones waiting in the wings.) It will be interesting to see if she gets any big Hollywood offers in the future. Sadly, I think she has done herself in. Sorry, Nene.

    May 6 at 3:30am  / 
  147. Jacquetta Sands
    What’s up with this Nene? I know that Kenya didn’t do her part however if you still want to donate you should. DPS really needs that money. I am a product of DPS and I know that it would be appreciated.

    May 6 at 11:30am  / 
  148. Janell Ferguson 

    NeNe, everytime U get a gig, Cyn puts on her cry me a river review. Hollywood only calls U!!!!!!!! Namaste to that!!!

    May 6 at 11:38am  / 
  149. jfvalentine 

    NeNe doesn’t hide behind false pretenses like Kenya and Cynthia do. I see exactly what NeNe means and she is right. Peter does stick his mouth in the womens business where it doesn’t belong. I think he is discusting. Cynthia definately married a man who is beneath her. And Kenya good luck on anyone wanting your ugly venomus ass. NeNe kept it real and you couldn’t handle real cause most fake as ratchet hoes can’t. NeNe never tried to undermine you and when it came time you sure weren’t a friend at all. If it ain’t about you your causing trouble. Go Away with your nasty ass kenya NeNe is way out of your league #TrashyRatchetHoe. I agree with NeNe and I don’t see you doing Dancing With The Stars or Being on The Apprentice or puting yourself out there to be on Prime time TV shows. Get real you will NEVER be anything more that what NeNe has introduced you to and you couldn’t even do that right. SMH Love ya NeNe a true fan! I know miss nosey bitch reads your blogs LOLSo I had to get that off my chest. LOL

    May 6 at 4:29pm  / 
  150. totsymae1011 

    Carried Cynthia on your back? Was that your way of thinking throughout the friendship? I do, however, see Cynthia as weak and wavering, not speaking her mind. I believe she’s intimidated by you or any strong personality, which is why she never addressed Peter inserting his nose where it doesn’t belong. When it comes down to it though, it really is sad and on the silly side the friendship dissolved over a word. Y’all both need Jesus.

    May 18 at 2:31pm  /