I’ve sat through many reunion shows, but this one takes the cake for me! My feelings are simple! You TAUNT, you INVADE people’s personal space, you PUSH, you PROVOKE, you LIE and yet you don’t condone violence! Well, what message are you sending? I feel like I’ve been put in provoking situations all season!

  1. Bringing Marlo to the Bailey Bowl when I was always told that she wasn’t the Bravo brand
  2. Allowing Kenya to pull my ear during the “All White” party in episode 1
  3. Pushing me into a charity event that everyone knew I wasn’t invited to!

If I had reacted in a violent manner in any of these situations I would be considered the bad one, the one that is wrong, the one that is mean. But at the same time is all of THIS really ok? I wanna hear from you! When is it “okay” to BULLY someone, then question retaliation? Should there have been a halt to the foolish antics? Should PROPS be allowed in situations such as this? Speak On It!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Megan Jerai 

    Kenya is one of those people that throws rocks and then runs and hides. She trash talked just about every cast member, provokes, and is just plain ridiculous. I have never disliked a cast member in the history of this franchise. But as you insinuated in your tweet, when folks have nothing to lose (and this probably the most money she’s ever made consistently) they will do anything and everything for limelight and cash. Verbal and mental abuse is just as bad, if not worse, than physical.

    April 21 at 10:35am  / 
    • SadlyMistakenUC 

      That is so true.

      April 21 at 11:11am  / 
      • Toni Jones 

        I think the producers need to be careful how they want to make this franchise look. Basketball wives started out great until they thought they needed a crazy women in its startup. When the fighting started and the heatred for no apparent reason, people stopped watching it. The producers of this show need to be careful how they want this show to continue and it’s perception of what BRAVO puts out around the world. If you want good reality or crazy hyperbole bullshit. which is it BRAVO!

        April 21 at 1:24pm  / 
        • Monique Lewis Bellows 

          Toni Jones, I agree with you 98%. I use to really enjoy watching basketball wives until BFF’s started turning on each other and ratchet Tammy started the fist fight buffet amongst all the girls. Now Bravo offers us the rich doctor’s wives who fights and argue like teenage crack babies :-( Oh, and L.A house wives is an embarrassing joke :-( However, I do love watching the ladies dress up in nice outfits setting positive trends and giving ideals of things to do and places to go on girl trips. Even the cattynish behavior is playfully funny, but all that physical violence is uncalled for. Well, Kenya didn’t deserved to have her hair pulled. What she really deserved was to have her hair pulled down to the ground and both eyes black with an elbow to the lips, then she wouldn’t have been able to say “She’s gone, she’s fired.” Sorry that was a waiting to exhale moment. Kenya is conniving enough to have deliberately provoked Porsha just to have her removed from the set and Porsha was emotionally weak enough to fall into her trap.

          April 21 at 3:00pm  / 
          • HopeLove 

            I agree, and I would like to add that Kenya is very crafty, but she is not going anywhere (unfortunately).
            Nene said it herself, Kenya is “good” for the show.
            My heart is broken for Ms. Porscha, however. That poor girl didn’t see any of this coming.
            What in the heck was “Bravo Andy” and staff thinking,
            allowing Kenya to utilize a BULLHORN and SCEPTER on stage, and yes this audience knows how to spell S-C-E-P-T-E-R.
            I was thoroughly insulted when she remarked to Porscha to spell SCEPTER. Kenya has consistently talked down to Porscha, attached her character, and insulted her intelligence.
            Last night she just snapped, and her attack could have been much worse. Bravo and Andy Cohen take some accountability for this mess.

            April 21 at 5:43pm
          • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

            Hi Monique I don’t see why Porsha could not have held her peace cause everyone is always jumping on Kenya all the girls but yet she did not jump up and pull Porsha hair. It is not easy for Kenya when she carries all the weight and hatefulness from everyone on the show and she just lost her dog velvet!!

            April 21 at 8:36pm
          • mrstriplett 

            I totally agree with you Monique Lewis Bellows, Kenya is nothing but TROUBLE. She’s always writing checks she can’t cash!!!

            April 22 at 8:36am
        • Tracey Coralluzzo 

          I also agree that is one of the reasons that I stopped watching the New Jersey Housewives! The producers should have used their balls to stop Kenya from using props on the reunion. I also could not believed that Porsche was asked to leave and I think that it should have been Kenya. If they fire Porsche I will stop watching because it is too much victimizing with Kenya for me. She is drama to the tenth fold.

          April 21 at 5:19pm  / 
          • mstea1234 

            I was confused as to where to post an original reply so please excuse me for utilizing the reply function. I was an avid watcher and I would have to admit fan of the first 2 seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Mrs. Leakes ask for our comments or thoughts on the reunion debacle. I can only use that word, although some might find it entertaining; I think it is sad. There are numerous black women with accomplishments, beauty, intelligence that looked absolutely gorgeous in beautiful gowns. They looked as though they were dressed appropriately for a White House State Dinner or reception but instead a wrap up discussion about the show’s events it seems as though it turned into a WWF event. I am sure no one wants a diatribe from some nameless face, but does anyone agree that there is a way to keep the ratings high without violence, vicious comments, and all the other negativity. I guess that is a naive question but I think there could be an innovative producers, writers, and/or directors that could come up with some scenarios where the fights get the best ratings. I do vividly recall watching one of the reunion shows, if I recall it was Season 1 or 2 were the ladies must have talked among themselves and although the tension was high, they must have reviewed footage from the season but whatever the case, no one took the bait from that annoying host. He tried his best but everyone held their tongue for the most part and I was delighted. I admire Ne Ne and knew she would be the break out star because she was so real, she was outspoken, brazen, and was very honest about her life experience. So fast forward how ever many years and when I do happen to catch an episode, there is little or no positivity. It just pains me to see such physically attractive, intelligent, and accomplished women out in such a negative light. I am delighted that Ne Ne and her husband are reunited. It is sad to know that the show and its success has caused the dissolution of true friendships. I used to love to watch the loving interaction between Kim’s daughters and Ne Ne…that fondness was definitely not scripted. Well, since I will housebound because of upcoming surgery, I might give the show another try! Maybe we all get a chance to see the glitterati and glam without all the ugliness. Continued success!

            April 21 at 7:06pm
          • mstea1234 

            Excuse the typo in the sixth line, it should read “asked” instead of “ask”.

            April 21 at 7:10pm
          • Chrissie Queen 

            that not true Tracy they have been really nasty to Kenya from the ttime she came to the show I like Kenya and if you want to dish out crap then you must be able to also take it and Porsche reminded me of my daughter lash out when you can handle it The ladies not so much Kandie and Cynthia have been really mean to her since They bully Kenya all the time and when she bullies back they dont like it

            April 21 at 7:19pm
          • torresagov5 

            To chrissie queen. You must not be following the season. If so you would know that Cynthia and kandie are the only ones who haven’t had any major problems with Kenya. In fact towards the end of the season they are the only 2 women from the show she invites to Velvets memorial. It was sad to see that only Cynthia and Kenya’s aunt were there. Kenya is a manipulative person who has nothing else going on in her life and has to desperately fabricate things in her life to remain relevant on the show. Ex. Fake BF walter, wanting to get married to Walter.Fake mysterious Bf from Africa that no one has officially met pursuing an odd, flirtatious, and inapropiate frienship with a married man. She always has something to comment on others peoples marriage and married status. She really did push Portia to her limits. Bravo should have known better than allow Kenya to bring such ridiculous props.

            April 23 at 11:09am
          • marymartell 

            I agree with Chrissie Queen , As far as the fight I blame Andy for not stopping it when he just sat there when the bull horn came out. Just want ratings..

            April 23 at 5:53pm
          • Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 

            I agree Tracey. If Porsha is fired, I am gonna go to DEVIOUS MAIDS on Lifetime. I can’t take any more of KENYA. The fans are telling Bravo that this kind of DRAMA is not the “classy, Koy drama that we like”. THIS FROM KENYA, we do not like. So if BRAVO does not want to listen, “my mom always told me….YOU CAN SHOW THEM BETTER THAN YOU CAN TELL THEM. Get rid of KENYA, otherwise, I’m GONE to LIFETIME for DEVIOUS MAIDS.

            April 24 at 8:02pm
        • cocopuff62 


          April 23 at 10:53am  / 
          • rightway 

            I do agree, Kenya has to go. Portia should file suite against her for bullying. I agree with all those who said that Andy should not have props on the show. What if all the women bring props and talking at each other through a bullhorns??? Kenya is not bringing anything to the show, she is a manipulative person who has nothing else going on in her life and has to desperately fabricate things in her life to remain relevant on the show. Recently, she claimed that she keeps her private life private. what a JOKE!!! She has spent almost two seasons with her paid Fake BF Walter, and now she I hiding this mysterious Bf from Africa, who wants to marry her and shower her with all these expensive gifts….If this “man” really exist, knowing how Kenya likes to show off, she would have those cameras following her all through the car dealership. This transaction/purchase would go on for a few episodes. I think that Kenya leased or even borrowed that car. Portia needs to stay and Kenya should go. NENE is right with this call and the call to drop Cynthia. Cynthia is like a conch, she has no back bone. She takes the side that is closest to her.

            April 23 at 6:23pm
        • Cory.M.Carrillo@gmail.com 

          I think that if Porsha goes on to make a public apology for her behavior they should let her back, Kenya however, just needs to go she is obviously placed there JUST to make Drama. I’d rather see how these ladies would have bonded this season if she wasn’t there to stir the pot.

          April 26 at 7:01pm  / 
          • Ellen 

            I agree with you, Porsha should make a public apology, but she should not apologize to Kenya, if anything she should have whoop Kenya’s both better than she did. Kenya is a gig mouth,
            ugly person–he should be gone. And Cynthia only goes with the flow, she is not a strong person at all. Cynthia is weak.

            April 28 at 8:15pm
      • lupe 

        I agree with nene. She is so right. Andy let this happened. He is looking for ratings but this is not the rught way. U dont do it at the expense of somebody’s emotions. Bullying is against the law and shouldn’t be condoned on tv. Some young ladies and kids r watching. What is the message? Nene I’m with u.

        April 22 at 9:49am  / 
        • jocelynjohnson 

          I agree with you!….It’s Andy and Bravo’s fault…. they should have put a stop it before it escalated.

          April 23 at 11:01am  / 
        • JT1111 

          Don’t agree. You have to look at NeNe’s character that she has displayed publicly. In previous seasons NeNe was very confrontational with Kim and she and Kim used to fight with words but when Kim said something that NeNe didn’t like NeNe would get all up in her face. Who’s the hypocrite? She talks so much now about if someone gets up in your space then basically a person has a right to retaliate because a person can only take so much… Kim should’ve whooped that ass because NeNe sure as hell was getting up in her face. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Kim fan either but basically it’s like this. NeNe can dish it but she cannot take it. oh and let’s not forget some seasons back when NeNe told Peter that if he had a problem with her he needs to address her about it but on this last reunion show she told Cynthia that if he had something to say he needs to tell Cynthia & Cynthia relay the message so he’s not all up in women’s business. Seriously? AND wasn’t she the one that walked up to Peter in the parking lot? Again, what a hypocrite. You all need to get off Nene’s bandwagon and she need to get off her high horse because her 15 minutes of fame is almost over. All that finger snapping, eye rolling, twisted face, high-pitched fake voice trying to sound like she has some class won’t last for long because Hollywood won’t deal with all those antics. Her long list of job opportunities will slowly start to dwindle away. Mark my word.

          April 28 at 12:25am  / 
          • sdw15 


            April 28 at 11:04am
      • ann 

        Nene has been bullying people since RHOA been on TV. She tried to bully Kim and Sheree. Nene tried to bully Peter. Nene is the one who starts arguments and run and hide and act like she is innocent. Nene does not want Marlo on the show because she is No longer friends with her. Nene does not want Cynthia on the show NOW- why? because Cynthia does not have a story line. Nene is the real Bully! It’s time for all new cast members besides Kandi and Cynthia.

        April 22 at 12:58pm  / 
        • NaturalLee 

          Good comment, Ann. But one thing I have to point out that you didn’t say. Nene wants Cynthia off the show because Cynthia is friends with Kenya. Meanwhile, Kenya never did anything to Nene. Now as for Cynthia, Nene just liked the fact that Cynthia was her yes woman, but had no use for her other than that it appears, because all of a sudden Cynthia has no storyline. Hell when DID Cynthia have a storyline? Her only role was being Nene’s sidekick. Period. Nene is so transparent, and to speak on national tv, about Cynthia needing to exit was so petty. SMH

          April 23 at 6:40pm  / 
          • caking1234 

            You are telling the truth. Kenya is doing just what Bravo hired her to do. Kenya has delivered the highest ratings in the Bravo housewives history. Kenya is the Labron James of RHOA. NeNe and Kim Z. and all of their fighting did not bring this high of ratings. Kenya has never been violent. Kenya is articulate, calculating, strategic, and entertaining. Kenya job is to generate debates. Kenya has kept the pot of tea brewing and warm. Kenya is interesting and an intentionally mysterious.

            Kenya is not violent. Kenya did not sign a contract that included violence. Kenya does not have a criminal record. The props were for entertainment. Porsha is mentally fragile. She and others obviously lack intellect debate skills. Kenya has proven to be proficient in these skills.

            People continue blaming Porsha mental break down on the Props, Kenya and now Andy. When the real truth is Porsha has issues outside of the RHOA. Porsha mental issues began long before she married Kordell Stewart or joined RHOA, and before she ever met Kenya. Kenya is being used to cover up what Porsha’s real problems are. A thirty three year old woman does not end up on the floor kicking and screaming after she just criminally assaulted a woman without her having some real mental history issues. And for those that continue to focus on Kenya, you are not helping Porsha resolve her mental real issues. Porsha will continue to believe she was entitled to physically assault Kenya or anyone who says something that offends her or gets in her way.

            Finally, I would like to See Kenya walk away from RHOA. Bravo or perhaps some other network should offer her a spin off! I agree with Wendy Williams she is better than this show. Kenya and Cynthia has been under appreciated. They both bring unique quality to the show. I have always said Kenya will do well with or without RHOA. The other RHOA do not have the title, the total package behind them. Kenya has the entire package, brains, wit and Beauty!

            No need to reply!

            The truth is what it is!

            Carolyn D. King

            April 25 at 5:26am
          • loisbvance 

            NeNe did that because of that “You’re acting like a Bitch” comment to Peter, well wasn’t Greg acting like a BITCH. He waited a couple of weeks later to confront Peter about an argument that his Wife started. Peter was talking to his Wife and a few others and NeNe walked up into their conversation and got in Peter’s face. She knew she was wrong, but everything is always Kenya’s fault. When you behave badly it is a reflection on you and not Kenya, NeNe. You have been behaving badly since the show started. You have also had some redeeming qualities and that’s why we Love you, but for the most part, you try to Bully everyone, and I think it bothers you that Kandi and Kenya are the only ones not afraid of you.

            April 27 at 3:39am
      • Lorraine Hughes 

        nene needs to get a reality check then check again, because she use and abuse her fellow work colleagues and that is not on

        April 23 at 11:40am  / 
      • Suzanne Thomas 

        I totally agree with NENE. I was shocked when Kenya was allowed to pull NENE’s ear earlier in the season. Andy LOVED the drama of the catfight on the reunion. He had to pretend to not condone it. He actually is partly responsible for the whole mess by not setting boundaries and guidelines of behavior for the reunion. The reason they don’t do that is they want the audience to increase in numbers due to the drama. Kenya brought that on herself. She has provoked Porsha the whole season. Kenya is condescending and disrespectful. The best thing they can all do is IGNORE Kenya. She is a neurotic narcissist. Geez, if she is back on the show next year, I am not watching it anymore. I am so over that nut case…

        April 23 at 6:56pm  / 
        • loisbvance 

          Kenya didn’t pull NeNe’s ear, that’s why there was no blow up. Everybody watching made a big thing about it, then NeNe claimed she was going to sue. Kenya took NeNe’s ear and said “Listen NeNe”, the was no grab or pull. And as for Kenya provoking anyone, NeNe, Phaekdra and Porsha have been totally nastly to Kenya. NeNe and Phaedkra started out as Friends and did a complete 360. Phaekdra turned when she realized she couldn’t con Kenya on the Donkey Booty Video and NeNe turned, when someone at the Pajama Party called Kenya the STAR(NeNe lost control of her facultiies and dive bombed Kenya). None of these Ladies are Perfect, but blaming Kenya for everyone else’s bad behavior is crazy, to say the least.

          April 27 at 3:47am  / 
        • hmb 

          Suzanne, in case you are new to the show yes, Nene is the last remaining original and also the originator of the drama and ghetto behavior on the show – every week she was cussing out one of the girls or jumping up from her seat on the bus to fight with Kim, or fighting with Sheree on the street – it is so amazing how Nene is now so appalled at the behavior of the girls on the show when she was the one who started the show down this sick path.

          April 28 at 2:35pm  / 
      • Tawanda Philpart 

        I think Kenya got exactly what she deserved you CAN NOT point things in people face and not feel like you are over stepping your boundaries. Why would RHOA allow her to bring props to the reunion in the first place? Anytime anyone else talk Kenya did not use that scepter or bull horn I am team Porsha all the way and if anybody should be off the couch is the both of them that was truly a provoking situation I’m pissed about Porsha being moved off the reunion I really don’t care about watching this show anymore Andy you guys are WRONG!!!!

        April 27 at 5:25am  / 
        • joeyr 

          I agree. I will no longer be watching the show, because I can’t stand Kenya, Peter the social climber, Nene and Cynthia. It’s plain Nene is bored to death & thinks she is better than everyone else. Kenya has a screw loose and is such a liar she doesn’t know what the truth is. I always recorded then would fast forward through her parts. She just disgusts me. Cynthia is dead from the neck up and as boring as watching paint dry. Peter is just garbage. I am done with the show.

          July 19 at 4:10pm  / 
    • leopardshay 

      So so so true. Kenya needs to go, she needs to be fired.

      April 21 at 11:14am  / 
      • Anna Hill 

        I agree walk Kenya off the set let her go.But Nene need to be careful cause they just maybe trying to get her off after all the s**t that Bravo and Andy have let Kenya spring on Nene:::Nene been on from season 1 how much longer will they let her stay before they decide her time off has come:::Not that she need them anymore,she doing good on her OWN…js

        April 21 at 11:30am  / 
        • Ollie 

          NENE is the show… now that she has blossomed and represent a more mature version of herself yet still being opinionated, outspoken and confident… why would they shoot themselves in the foot. She is the “matriarch” so to speak… they at least need an original cast member… or else it looses it s identity. I think NENE is secure in her spot.

          April 21 at 11:48am  / 
          • @datYogi 

            So agreed!

            April 21 at 5:08pm
          • Maureen O'Connor 

            NeNe is secure in her spot but she really bugged me on Andy Cohen’s show. She acts like she dictates who is hired and fired. I love NeNe, but not in a supervisor role. Also–NeNe looked awful at the reunion. Her makeup was poorly done. I used to think Kenya put her makeup on without a mirror. NeNe looked like she borrowed someone else’s makeup!

            April 22 at 2:07am
          • Smiley99 

            True. Just like on the RHOC they tried to get rid of Vicki. They are the originals.

            April 23 at 12:47pm
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

          Yes I agree all of the girls except Kanndi and Cynthia have been on Kenya since day one I am glad they didn’t fire Kenya and Nene starts more trouble then all

          April 21 at 8:48pm  / 
          • Carolyn Edwards 


            April 21 at 11:07pm
          • msoneal 

            I second, third, fourth that! I started watching RHOA last season I thought Kenya was crazy on the strength! But damn your fifteen minutes been over Couples Pillow Talk, bring up an argument you know will start a fight, Rusputia Leaks “Donald Trump” hair is the biggest trouble maker. (ty Marlo!) ^.^

            April 22 at 3:02pm
          • shybel56 

            What show is u watching….Kenya has been full of it since the day she came to the show,she has talked about all the women on the show with her gay buddies…she is not innocent…and her dog is not dead ….she is just a liar period….

            April 23 at 10:48am
          • shybel56 

            What show u watching …seriously!

            April 23 at 11:10am
      • Rita Moore 

        I agree put Kenya off the show.

        April 21 at 12:56pm  / 
        • Monique Lewis Bellows 

          Even though Kenya is an insecure bitch from hell, her drama is wisely needed for the show. She knows how to ruffle people’s feather, she knows how to make the fans tune in for the next show just to see if someone would have the nerves to kick her ass. Personally, I think that all of the girls are holding on well to their spot on the show, even Porsha who is obviously dingy. Porsha don’t take any shit, she stands up for herself even if she don’t make any sense half of the time..lol But that alone makes her interesting and she brings color to the garden of crazy ……….lady. :-)

          April 21 at 3:14pm  / 
        • Carolyn Edwards 

          I AGREE

          April 21 at 11:13pm  / 
      • libinok 

        Kenya needs to go! She needles everyone then wnts to play victim. She is the worst fake woman on the show!

        April 21 at 3:28pm  / 
        • Chrissie Queen 

          Kenya is the show she makes you want to watch.. I hate boring Kenya did not pull anyones hair Porsche and Nene did why should she get fired all these Kenya haters

          April 21 at 8:28pm  / 
          • quitaj 

            ok i dont know what part of the show youve been watching,but Kenya is the very meaning of “a fake bitch”!Kenya walked on the set as a trouble maker,starting shit and being a liar.Out here in the real world,she would get her ass kicked at will!so lets be for real,the things she has done and said to the other cast members is a request for an ass whoopen.Bravo gave this bitch to much rope and she hung herself with it!When you start offering peoples husbands head and being disrespectful about anothers,then you are the bad ass.Kenya needs to check herself into a mental facility and get her screws checked out.And i dont think shes a bully,I think she thought being on t.v. that no one would snatch that ass up!Oh well bet that hurted!!lmao

            April 22 at 1:34pm
          • Britt Ney 

            Chrissie you are clearly delusional and know nothing about the show. Kenya is the reason I’d rather NOT watch the show, and had Kenya not PROVOKED Porsha, Porsha wouldn’t of acted out of character. Kenya isn’t a WIFE and never has been a WIFE so her place in the show is irrelevant.

            April 22 at 2:04pm
          • robbinwb70 

            I will never understand a Kenya fan but to each his own. Whether you like her or not the thought of someone waving a scepter in someones face and screaming through a bullhorn that they are a stupid ho constitutes immaturity and bullying. you have to admit that

            April 23 at 10:35am
          • shybel56 

            I don’t watch the show for Kenya…when they show her I mute my tv….she is a liar…she even lied about her dog,I have a friend that knows Brandon he has her dog …she lies about everything for attention and that’s sad.

            April 23 at 10:52am
          • littlelola 

            Kenya has taken “reality” to a new level. Everyone watches for the drama, but this grown woman has taken drama to a whole nother level. This biotch has had it out with everyone on the show and even pretended to be friends with some of them (Manlo and Cynthia) to get under Nene’s skin. She is a coward in my opinion. Just because you can scream “dumb ho”, “moose”, and “head doctor” louder than anyone else does not make you classy. I think Kenya Moore has mental problems and seriously needs some dick for her 99 problems. Since she is staying, how much you want to bet that she will never have a true story line without bringing up some past bullshit. Maybe she will keep running to Miss Lawrence for advice that always ends up making her look real crazy. Fishnets, butt pads, fans, scepters and bullhorns anyone? Sheesh. I will definitely fast forward past her scenes. Disgusting crater faced hot ass hating bipolar biotch. Now, twirl!

            April 28 at 2:52pm
      • Dahlia 

        Kenya is a BULLY! America watched front row center someone bullying another person until that person snapped and it wasn’t pretty nor entertaining. Porsha did something that everyone else probably wanted to do, snatch Kenya’sazz! Although I don’t condone violence, if there ever is someone who need a hoodrat azzwhoopin, its lying, fake, hole in the heart Kenya. KM is a pretty girl outside but her inside is poisonous and she is more a liability than an asset to Bravo. She looked like the devils wife in that red dress and scepter with her ugly personality and props. I’m sure the Ms America Pageant cringes every time she says she was Ms. America or whatever indahell she was. I’ve been a faithful fan of RHOA but if they fire Porsha and keep Kenya, my t.v. will not be tuned in to this show ever again!

        April 21 at 7:18pm  / 
        • tinab 

          I agree Dahlia. I am sick of Andy acting so surprised when he allows Kenya to bring the props and let her continually taunt and ridicule Porsha. If Kenya stays I am tuning out. NeNe did not go for the bait. One she is older, two she is wiser and three she is more mature. Kenya is lower than whale poop and we know where that is! These shows are getting boring with the fighting and back stabbing too. Is this the best Bravo can do????

          April 21 at 9:46pm  / 
          • ann 

            Nene is mature? When did that happen? How quickly you guys forget Nene nasty attitude. Nene needs to go along with Kenya and Porsha. Porsha can’t handle this level of responsibility that is why she keeps saying stupid things. Nene’s fame has gone to her big HEAD. I am simply tired of watching Nene. RHOA needs a totally new cast mates and Phaedra needs to go to prison right along with Apollo. I have never heard of a wife NOT knowing what their husbands are doing for a job.

            April 22 at 1:07pm
          • Stephanie Milano 

            IT IS A REALITY SHOW! It is one of the best reality of women shows that is on televison. Clearly everyone has an agenda to play by!

            April 23 at 8:59am
        • Carolyn Edwards 

          I AGREE 100 PERCENT

          April 21 at 11:16pm  / 
          • ann 

            Child please? When has Nene all of a sudden become mature. Look how she is acting on the reunion. Her nose all in the air. If she is tired of the mess -she needs to quit. Nene starts most of it and blames Kenya for everything. Kenya is not innocent- but neither is Nene. Nene wants people to worship her and Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi won’t do it.

            April 22 at 1:09pm
        • mrsaugust 

          I agree.. Kenya has been antagonizing Porsha for two seasons now and I just had enough. Her twirling butt need to be off the show. The other women bring enough drama on their own or replacement her with someone else, because she is far from a wife. All the women are married now so she needs to go. I don’t know Why Bravo allowed her to bring props, clearly she provoked her on purpose. You cannot take jabs at someone’s character or provoke them without expecting a reaction. Porsha is the baby of the group and fragile. She’s just putting her life back together and that was a low blow. I say to Kenya #ByeFelecia

          April 23 at 1:35pm  / 
        • loisbvance 

          Girl Bye. Kenya brings the flavor. Funny how everyone is jumping on Kenya because, NeNe, Phaedra and Porsha can’t handle her. They are always picking on Kenya and calling her names and that has nothing to do with Walter Lying on her or her saying Apollo was cute. Everytime, someone tells a lie on Kenya, it seems to grow, with more and more details added to it. It takes a REALLY INSECURE WOMAN to consistently BELITTLE and DEROGATORILY call another Woman out of there Name over and over and say it is their Fault. Bad behavior is the Fault of the person displaying it. Kenya has owned up to her bad behavior but none NeNe, Phaedra and Porsha seem to think their shit don’t stink. And, they have obviously forgotten that there is an audience watching, who knows who started all this bull and it was not Kenya.

          April 27 at 4:09am  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        Rubbish Nene is fake.. Kenya gives like she gets.. Sticks and Stones and pulling hair will break your bones but violence will not be tolerated at any cost Kenya also needs to earn a living like every one else on this show …Kandi and Cynthia two face they just go where the breeze blows.. I have all the shows taped so if you missed come to Australia to my home and watch hahaha

        April 24 at 5:58am  / 
    • Rhonda77 


      April 21 at 11:24am  / 
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 


          April 21 at 8:53pm  / 
          • ann 

            Fire WEAK _________- Porsha? Yes, she can’t handle this responsibility.

            April 22 at 1:11pm
          • shybel56 

            Stupid stupid stupid …..is all I can say….Team Porsha!

            April 23 at 11:14am
        • meg49 

          I’m FURIOUS at Andy Cohen for how he handled it ! Kenya started it with the “props” that should NEVER have been allowed to begin with ! She bullied Porsha until she cracked! Andy told Porsha she was wrong & told her to apologize to Kenya, BS !!! Kenya should apologize to Porsha ! The whole thing was WRONG ! Bravo needs to get Andy in line & stop with this BS ! Kenya needs to go ! And she needs to drop all the charges she filed against Porsha immediately !

          April 23 at 10:31am  / 
          • Chrissie Queen 

            She did not bully her only when Kenya said she cheated then she got angry Porsche`s a big baby and has been since Kordell left

            April 24 at 6:02am
      • kpngitreal 

        Bravo has to take some responsibility for this mess. Kenya gave them the drama they wanted for TV and awarded her by allowing her to host the reunion. The playing field should have been leveled for everyone. No props should have been allowed especially those props which invade a person’s space. With tension, stress, and the verbal tainting, it was the recipe for disaster. Andy told Porcha she needs to apologize to Kenya…Hell no… Andy & Bravo owes an apology to all the ladies at the reunion for allowing a bully to control the show…Kenya shut Andy down, how does it feel Andy? Kenya made you look bad…

        April 21 at 12:40pm  / 
        • sparkle29 

          I agree, Andy needs to apologize to Porsha . He played a big part in what went down at the reunion for letting Kenya use all her props which invaded her space. When she pulled them out he should have nipped it in the bud and had them taken away.

          April 21 at 1:26pm  / 
          • Cassie Dimetessa 

            I agree, he was laughing at her pointing that thing in her face. Kenya walked out saying that Porsha was crazy? She should have pulled out her mirror and she would have been looking at the real KRA KRA. She looked at Andy and said, she is fired, she is gone. Bitch you are not the boss!

            April 21 at 4:16pm
          • Maureen O'Connor 

            If Porsha gets fired after Andy let Kenya run wild, Andy should go too. He could have prevented that. He is a jerk for apologizing to Kenya. What about how Kenya treated Porsha? Come on Andy–What are you drunk?

            April 22 at 2:13am
          • ann 

            Andy should not have to apologize for “Kenya’s behavior. Andy did not know those props would cause a fight. He thought they were cute and different. Kenya has brought life back to the Housewives. Nene has no story line except for trying to make it in Hollywood. It’s time for Nene, Phadra, Porsha and Kenya to GO. I am tired of Nene throwing herself in people’s faces saying she is “BETTER” THAN all the other girls. Kandi is way better than Nene any day.

            April 22 at 1:01pm
        • Kathy 

          I TOTALLY agree with your response … I was fuming mad when I saw how Kenya provoked first with the wand then with the bull horn .. and for Bravo/Andy to allow her to do this instead of saying something about it …. BEFORE it EXPLODED .. was WRONG on their part … the ONLY time I have felt ANY COMPASSION for Kenya is when she lost her dog … well I felt sorry for the DOG …. otherwise, I have hated watching every scene that she has been in … mocking ALL the ladies about one thing or another during each episode … let her TWIRL her way through this one …. as I really WANT to see how the other ladies are doing … but if they continue to have Kenya on … I don’t think I’ll tune in to this HORROR show …

          April 21 at 1:36pm  / 
          • tinab 

            Amen! Well said.

            April 21 at 9:53pm
          • Maureen O'Connor 

            Exactly how I feel. Well said. I hope Bravo takes this into consideration!!!!

            April 22 at 2:14am
          • meg49 

            I agree 100 %

            April 23 at 10:34am
          • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

            I guess you guys didn’t watch Married to Medicine Quade had all kind of cards an stuff look at all the abuse that Kenya went though with Porsha

            April 23 at 12:24pm
        • Carolyn Edwards 


          April 21 at 11:18pm  / 
      • Stephanie Milano 

        I concur!! Ne Ne throws shade for no reason at all. The last time I checked Kandi and Kenya are the famous one’s. Ne Ne has have a birthday but she was born in the world of televison business for this show. Folks should not forget where they came from Athens Georgia! Phaedra is the truth! Kandi is too and Cynthia may be considered as the weakness link but she keeps quite and it seems that is who she is. Kenya is far from innocent but does deserve the disrespect she gets, she looking for friendship and love. Porsha needs to find Porsha. She does not know who she is! That is living in confusion!

        April 23 at 9:24am  / 
        • HeatherP. 

          How is Kenya famous? no one knew of her before the show. NeNe is more famous having appeared on many sitcoms including Glee.

          April 23 at 8:11pm  / 
    • your neighbor 

      I want to see these whores get their asses beat. They all need a good slapping. Well. Except for Kandi, she is my favorite. Her mother, on the other hand, needs her head slapped. You are welcome!!!!!

      April 21 at 12:00pm  / 
    • Cooter43 

      I watch this last night, I don’t condone physical violence , but what Kenya has been doing for 2 years is Verbal and emotional abuse. She has grabbed Nene’s ear, physical, bad mouthed Nene, Phradea . Kandi, Cynthia , and last but not least, she really bashed , hit with unsoliced words, call this gal a hoe and a beard and has done many many emotional and verbally abused all of them and Portia most of all . She has gone crazy mean on her. If you don’t condone physical violence why do you condone Emotional and verbal abuse!! IT IS ALL CONSIDERED ABUSE!!!!

      April 21 at 12:19pm  / 
      • Monique Lewis Bellows 

        I agreed. However, I believe that verbal abuse is worse than physical abuse. Both are bad, but studies has showed that an infant carries verbal abuse into their adulthood as an horrible scar and on into their old age, then to their grave. Whereas, an ass whippin is often a memory of what happen, but with a “I am over it,” type attitude.

        April 21 at 3:33pm  / 
      • Dahlia 

        Kenya verbally, mentally and emotionally abused Porsha and BRAVO allowed it! I feel for Porsha because Kenya got the best of her until she snapped. Bravo should take some ownership to this madness, they should not have allowed Kenya to talk down to someone with a bullhorn and then pointing that scepter all across Cynthia at Porsha. Why is she on this show with her lying azz? She’s not a housewife nor never been one! Snapping that fan at everyone last season was enough already! Kenya MUST GO, she makes us ALL look bad.

        April 21 at 7:25pm  / 
        • Maureen O'Connor 

          And Andy apologized to Kenya!! Give me a break.

          April 22 at 2:16am  / 
        • ann 


          April 22 at 1:12pm  / 
          • Stephanie Milano 

            agreed! I made the comment about Kenya and Kandi being famous, I forgot about Cynthia who has been in the fashion lime light! NeNe became famous from RHOA! Kenya definitely brings to the show and Ne Ne too. They should be working together and not against each other. I see Ne Ne putting Kenya in her place why talk about what she has done, handle it! Kenya and Ne Ne can make it what it is a reality show.

            April 23 at 9:34am
        • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

          She cant make me look bad because she is not me but I think Porsha was abusing Kenya just as much she just had no props but all the name calling was just as bad.

          April 23 at 12:31pm  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        yea no body wants to take responsiblity for their actions I think they judged and bullied Kenya first just like they did Kim they call Kenya a hoe first and if you dont know the story dont be a hater they all not nice to each other they are shameful gossipers included Nene well they certainly keep me intertained hahah

        April 21 at 8:20pm  / 
      • loisbvance 

        Ok so you didn’t see or hear the abuse Kenya received, starting with Porsha first from the very beginning when they first came on the show? Kenya only called these Ladies Bitches which they all do and that cool, but they were calling Kenya nast derogatory names and thought that it was ok and when she fought back, they got mad and called it bullying. We they started it. People in glass housed should not throw stones if they don’t want their windows shatter and broken. The franchise has always thrived on the Drama, that’s what keeps us watching, but when you actually get up with the intent to do harm to someone because they said something you don’t like, especially after you were the one throwing out all the nasty derogatory and negative comments, then you probably don’t need to be on the show, because, your behavior shows that you don’t know how to deal with Adult Women and have to resort to Tantrums.

        April 23 at 1:40pm  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        Where are you when they abuse Kenya I dont take her side.. but fair is fair ..just like they were mean to Kim and Sheree they mean to Kenya accuse her of that nasty thing call her names Apollo… Pheadre is insecure he beat Brandon and got away with it at Nene`s

        April 24 at 6:15am  / 
    • Joanne Hester 

      You said it just right. You hit the nail on the head. It was cruel what Kenya did to Porsha. It sadden me to see Porsha cry and her embarrassment. Kenya walks back and wants her fired. I am not entertained by Kenya she is a disturbing person. Andy needs to face some truth, He is encouraging this kind of behavior. He is rewarding a bully just for ratings. This whole season has been very dark and Kenya is always there, she has been deflecting and blaming Nene mostly or others.This is at her door step.

      April 21 at 12:33pm  / 
      • westej 

        I agree

        April 21 at 7:34pm  / 
      • Carolyn Edwards 


        April 21 at 11:21pm  / 
    • LaTonya Page 

      Well said. I agree!

      April 21 at 12:43pm  / 
    • Thenaturalsouthernbell 

      well stated! and I agree!

      April 21 at 1:23pm  / 
      • Deborah Holden-Johnson 

        Very well stated and I agree as well

        April 21 at 2:21pm  / 
    • Brandy Williams 

      I feel porsha did right whop that trick and they Kenya needs to go because she is not a housewife.

      April 21 at 1:35pm  / 
      • Stephanie Milano 

        Porsha real needs to go! Porsha does not know how to handle herself at all! She is an out cast on the show. She does not know what to say nor does she know how to handle herself as a lady. Those ladies are classy not trashy. Even down to what she wears at times is not appropriate. What lady does the stinky leg? I know of old dirty men who does the stinky leg when they get drunk! Really Porsha! Porsha needs guidance without her sister or one of ladies staring her the right way she goes off to another planet called the world of Porsha, where there are stars and explosions! Meaning she is lala land…………

        April 23 at 7:57am  / 
      • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

        No, what you fail to realize is Kenya did what she was suppose to do and that is not to lay a finger on Porsha, she is smart I believe if KENYA would have fought back she would have bet the dog mess out of Porsha. But she decided to let stupid Porsha hang herself. And keep in mind she only pulled her hair, and that’s was a small price to pay for people to see how weak Porsha is.

        April 23 at 12:39pm  / 
      • shellia 

        you are so correct.she is just messy and evil.they should remove her from the show.she is fake about everything even her boyfriends.

        April 27 at 4:07am  / 

      Kenya needs to go… and why is Andy allowing her to bring props? It’s totally ridiculous; he’s as guilty as Kenya in letting her wave things in peoples faces. People can only take so much..shame on you Andy and Kenya. And my God, get rid of Cynthia..what a wimp sitting there through it twice now and not doing a thing. She’s boring and needs to go too. Get some classier, more interesting ladies Bravo- to interact with the remaining castmates. I’m about done if this franchise doesn’t take out the trash!

      April 21 at 1:43pm  / 
    • Beverley Wilson Bohall 

      Kenya ‘a ass should be fired from the show she is a liar and a bully . This show dosen’t’ need her > Why did Bravo let her bring in her own props to the show .We never saw any ne else have any . Andy she ran the show not you .. Buck uo Bravo …. get rid of her !

      April 21 at 1:59pm  / 
    • yosky 

      If they fire Porsha and keep that lunatic Kenya….I’m done with this show. How do you dangle a steak in a lions face and say you better not touch it….at some point the lion will eat that darn steak. And Kenya got what she asked for. ..finally somebody got tired of her jumping in their face….I just assumed it would be Phedra….cause she been pushing her for a minute too

      April 21 at 2:10pm  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        All Kenya haters why should you keep a person who whats to fight when confronted.. they all have their say.. Porsche only got mad cause Kenya said that she cheated on Cordel and a marriage that lasted a few mths will touch the spot ..Kenya gets and gives just the same sorry and all you people on here take sides how stupid even Kenya needs to work and Porsche needs to apologise to Kenya big time

        April 21 at 9:02pm  / 
        • littlelola 

          Nope. Porscha told that biotch to stop putting that scepter in her face before she even mentioned Kordell. What gives this skank the right to talk shit about everyone’s relationship without repercussion? She would give Apollo some head, butt and pu**y in a heart beat. The only come back she has is “they are jealous because I am pretty and have real hair and I workout” Chile bye! Aint no body jealous of a has been that has to stay on reality TV because she has nothing else going on.

          April 28 at 3:01pm  / 
    • mymi 

      Kenya is a bully/instigator and I hope bravo sees that!!!

      April 21 at 3:00pm  / 
    • Erika Pierson 


      April 21 at 3:32pm  / 
      • Carolyn Edwards 


        April 21 at 11:29pm  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      Now she’s the victim. Poor little thing. NOT!!! She had the nerve to say little girls look up to her KraKra A$$. Are you kidding me. People hide your daughters, hide your wives. Nobody wants to be like that lying crazy woman. I can see her horns.

      April 21 at 3:49pm  / 
    • Karen Jones 

      Well said and so true. Wounds heal maybe they leave a scare but when you wound someones mind that is a hurt that may never heal completely.

      April 21 at 4:01pm  / 
    • Angie Barnes 

      Kenya need to be Fired! She clearly pushed to the limit to provoke so that Porsche whom she does not like would be fired. She clearly said the word Fired before the incident, which would indicate that she did the provoking to ‘get’ a reaction. She is so non-important to the show, and Frankly as a viewer, I am just to damn tied of watching her bullying ass on the show..she cant get along with anyone and really does not have a story to tell other than provoking and pushing!!! ANDY, GET RID OF KENYA!! AND NO PROPS ALLOWED ON REUNION SHOWS!!!!!

      April 21 at 4:38pm  / 
    • fandamom 

      I agree with you totally on this. Kenya is an emotional abuser. She taunted Porsha ALL season. I LOVE Andy, but he dropped the ball with this one. Kenya should have NEVER been allowed to bring in those props. Kenya needs to GO. I may not be watching next season if Kenya is there and Porsha is not.

      April 21 at 4:45pm  / 
    • emitchell 

      I do not condone violence however no one should have let Kenya on set with those props. Knowing how she is they should have known that she was not going to do anything positive with them. I mean a blow horn….really?! I agree with Megan, Kenya is no more than an instigater, and if anyone should be fired it should be her. My hat goes off to the other ladies for standing by Porscha and stating that if she goes so will they. If Bravo makes Proscha apologize then they ought to make Kenya do the same for pushing her to that point. Porscha (and forgive me if I am misspelling your name) keep your head up and learn from this, no matter how hard some pushes just keep your cool. Take a page out of Feadra’s (sure I misspelled this as well) and give them that Southern Belle’s smile that she works so well.

      April 21 at 4:53pm  / 
    • tbetter1 

      I am team Porsha on this issue Kenya taunted Porsha until she finally lost it. My only regret is that Porsha didn’t have enough time to administer the kind of ass whipping that Kenya really deserves. If Kenya is all that, why can’t she get a man? Andy’s shady behind allowed Kenya to bring all those props that could have potential injured someone so he needs has ass whipped, as well. I am too through with Kenya’s drama. If Porsha gets fired, Kenya needs to be fired, as well. Additionally, Kenya’s punk ass had Porsha arrested. I want Porsha to whip her again for calling the Po Po!

      April 21 at 6:06pm  / 
    • Bernadette Thomas-Hewitt 

      She’s not a wife, she should not have been casted. The host was to blame he should’ve never allowed her to bring anything that could potentially invade someone’s space. She’s desperately trying to break up Phaedra & Apollo. They need to fire that bitch. I’ve never disliked someone the way I do her. It’s called REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA out of her own whorish mouth. She do something strange for some change. KUDOS TO PORSHA enough is enough.

      April 21 at 6:20pm  / 
      • Chrissie Queen 

        Rubbish Rubbish its reality TV we all need to earn a living

        April 21 at 9:08pm  / 
    • waynelynch 

      I agree with Megan. Bravo pushed and advertises this crap and then backs up when things get physical ? Really ? I think there needs to be a reassessment of this show. Go back to the positive ……..maybe not as high a ratings, but would give encouragement to many people , especially young women and in particular young black women. Show some of the ladies real life struggles with society as a whole and how they have been able to prevail and help others ……..

      April 22 at 2:05am  / 
    • CathyC 

      Kenya is just as guilty of “assault” as anything Porsha did. Simple as that. I don’t think that I’d have held back if someone was waving a stick in my face or shouting through a bullhorn..
      What is with Andy? He’s a sadistic sob, sitting there laughing and snickering as things escalated. He needs to go. He does nothing but promote violence..It is OK for the whole Gorga/Juidice team to get into a brawl, but when Porsha tries to shut up Kenya it’s assault? There is something rotten here…stinks to high heaven!!!

      April 22 at 4:44am  / 
    • Tia 

      I honestly feel like Andy condone verbal abuse which what Porsha was going thru at the time. Allowing Kenya to pull out a bull horn and wave that wand in ppl face was just as abusive to watch as Porsha pulling hair. Andy chose sides but did not show any remorse for the mental abuse and verbal abuse Kenya bullying antics displayed!!!

      April 22 at 5:21am  / 
    • Lynn Jackson 

      That is for sure, Kenya .is a big flirt, phony, hater, slick. and any other name you can think of,.

      April 22 at 2:14pm  / 
    • stcroixbird 

      you are so right

      April 23 at 10:24am  / 
    • Vivian Wilson 

      I so agree with you 100 and you said it all shame on Andy for letting this girl run this show the entire time she used them and made it the Kenya Whore Moore show Bravo you look so weak can’t you run your own show or it could be that Kenya is sleeping with the producers ( WELL WE KNOW NOT ANDY’S ASS ) BUT THE OTHER ONE’S JUST SAYING THINK ABOUT IT NO ONE WANT’S TO BRING THAT OUT BUT THIS IS MY OPINION AND I SO BELIEVE THIS

      April 23 at 10:24am  / 
    • Axmiami 


      April 23 at 10:29am  / 
    • Anita Johnson 

      The Verbal Abuse that Kenya portrayed to Porsha was no more than a slave master’s mentally. Who does she think she is that she can talk down to people like that, if she uses her “brain” to handle situations that certainly was a poor way to show how intelligent she is.

      I feel that she should be kicked off the show for her verbal abuse why should she get off scot-free?

      April 23 at 10:33am  / 
      • loisbvance 

        But it was ok for Porsha and Phaekdra to call Kenya derogatory names for 2 seasons? Porsha should be able to take whatever she dishes out, that’s how GROWN FOLKS ROLL.

        April 23 at 2:13pm  / 
    • Sweetsis 

      I agree!

      April 23 at 10:35am  / 
    • fuenteskirsten 

      For me, I have always loved this franchise and after watching the reunion, I am so disappointed in Andy. I honestly think that Andy and the producers let this group of women down. Andy should have put an end to the props and speaking over people from the beginning, but he just let it happen. He even instigated the behavior by stating that he was upset about Kenya ‘ s scepter on the floor. I don’t condone violence, but seriously after 2 seasons with this person constantly coming at you, someone was going to snap. Unfortunately, it was Porsha. Kenya should have been made to go home and not have been allowed to finish the reunion. She pushed and pushed Porsha. Kenya knew exactly what she was doing that is why when Porsha confronted her she said “Get fired!” And kept repeating it. After all was said and done and all of the dust settled, who was standing by Kenya ‘ s side…no one, Andy. Phaedra, Nene, and Kandie were with Porsha. This was Kenya ‘ s reunion show. Every other woman one that stage looked miserable and like they would rather have been at home with their families. I can go on and on. Good luck Nene on DWTS! I am rooting and voting for you! So sorry this had to happen to you and the other women.

      April 23 at 10:39am  / 
      • hudsonriches 

        I am also disgusted and disappointed that someone who formerly represented women on a very positive platform as Miss USA has reduced herself to such a negative and repulsive figure. BULLYING IS NOT OKAY! All for rating! All of these women are uniquely talented and beautiful. I hate to see them belittle each other and resort to catfights to boost ratings. I total agree with you. It is interesting to see how every woman on the has shown some real aspect of their lives except Kenya. There are some sensitive issue she obviously stated with her mother. I would love to see some of that brought out. Kenya is obviously a beautiful woman…..and she stated she wants children and wants to be married. So why is it that her age, that it appears that she just can’t find someone to marry her….since she is sooooo fabulous! She says fabulous……I say FAKE, FAUX, FALSE that is what she has shown us on this show. She is not even a housewife, nor has she ever been a wife! You say fabulous….I say FAKE, FAUX, FALSE!

        April 27 at 2:55pm  / 
    • Hjamesmar 

      I think Andy is at fault for allowing Kenya to have all the props. Kenya has been a trouble maker from day one. You can put a bull horn in someone’s face and think that nothing is going to happen. That was so disrespectful.

      April 23 at 10:39am  / 
    • Wanda Harris 

      kenya is a fake; she need to be thrown off the show; not porsha. kenya is messy and she knew she was taunting, and provoking porsha. this female is a mess on the show and bravo and andy let her bring props and start mes. the condone this mess and it’s not cool. she will stop people from watching this show and bravo need to do something about this mess…..

      April 23 at 12:03pm  / 
    • Robin Hanjora Siler 

      Seems like everyone has forgotten all the verbal abuse thrown at Kenya, like…”your a whore” you pay men to be your boyfriend” ” Your dog was your only friend”. ” your broke and don’t have any talents” Your African boyfriend is a lie” just to mention a few.

      April 23 at 12:07pm  / 
    • jahw123 

      this is so true about Kenya she constantly tries to antagonize people, it also seemed like it was the Kenya Moore Show. The reunion show basically was all about Kenya, so as Phaedra put it she got molliwopped and I don’t condone violence eitherbut she got what she deserved. I don’t believe that Cynthia has a voice she set there during the whole altercation
      never once attempting to see if Porsha was okay. While you can see the other ladies concerns for Porsha. Hell, kick Kenya and Cynthia off but keep Peter!!!!

      April 23 at 12:18pm  / 
    • Nanieof6 

      Nene first let me applaud you for being the voice of reason. Last year when there were props it should have been stopped. This year as soon as you ladies saw the props you should have stopped filming until they were removed. As others have said Kenya is the only cast member (I will not call her RHOA since she is not married) That I have disliked. I have never understood how she got cast. I am disappointed in Andy for allowing this to go on.

      April 23 at 1:05pm  / 
    • Lacole Floyd 

      I think Porsha had every right to do what she did I think Andy should never allow any type of props on set and Andy should of step in when Porsha made it clear point that scepter at me again its a problem. I also think Kenya should have not been allowed to stay it takes 2. Anyone that watches the show knows from day one Kenya picked at Porsha always have things to say about her and her marriage so I think it was a build up and to be frank Kenya know who to pick with and who not but now she knows Porsha ain’t that bitch to be messed with.

      April 23 at 1:35pm  / 
    • nana16 

      Kenya is one is most diffidently throws so many rocks, until when someone sends them back she can’t handle it. Even though some of the ladies where mean to her in the beginning, which is the way she carries her self so what does she expect.and if Porsha wasn’t the one, then Kenya shouldn’t have been verbally attacking Porsha. Kenya should not be allowed to come back. I think that Bravo has let Kenya run things and push in a way that is unexceptionable. I wonder who’s bed is she warming on the show. Ooops did I say that.Yes I did. but she should be the one to apologize to all of the ladies especially Porsha and Phaidra.

      April 23 at 2:19pm  / 
    • Milton Stone 

      Yeah Andy wanted to repeat things and he cranked that mess up!!!!! He needs to apologize to both ladies, and I’m no fan of Miss. Kenya Whoremoore.

      April 23 at 2:48pm  / 
    • mildredkinsey 

      I didn’t think Porsha was wrong. I felt Kenya provoke and antagonized her by invading her personal space. Kenya physically threatened Porsha several times in the show. She is not a wife. She befriended Marlo to piss off NeNe. That is not a legitimate friendship. Please take Kenya off

      April 23 at 3:00pm  / 
    • Tfarley1 

      Vey, very True!

      April 23 at 7:57pm  / 
    • Chrissie Queen 

      I totally disagree.. they must get the same as they dish out ..violence wont be tolerated at any cost Sticks and Stones will break your bone and so does pulling hair but Words will never kill you

      April 24 at 5:43am  / 
    • philipb 


      April 24 at 8:46am  / 


      April 24 at 9:48am  / 
    • kirstend.brown37@gmail.com 

      Nene I love you!! Kenya Moore needs to go and Andy should have not ask Porsha to leave the show. Please tell Porsha to press charges on that Kenya. If Porsha goes I will not watch the show!! And for Cnytha and your friendship I agree with you she goes with the wind!! Please stay true Nene love you.

      April 25 at 12:11pm  / 
    • Miosha Daniels 

      I personally feel for Porsha simply because she had to live out her divorce on TV and clearly she really loved him. Do I believe she was right to fight Kenya NO but she had reached her limit. She had so many emotions embedded within until they all spilled out. NOW as far as Kenya goes she is just too extra. She always crying the victim role when clearly she isn’t. So maybe she got exactly what she deserved. Now I LOVE myself from NeNe but the extra attitude is so not necessary. Andy has always called you by your Government name and it was never a problem. You need to eat more HUMBLE pie. Just like God bless you with it he can take it away. However Andy pissed me off suggesting Porsha owe Kenya bad skin self an apology. Then he had the nerve to dismiss her from the show, wth that happens. Anywho Cynthia finally grew a pair and now NeNe can’t take it.

      April 26 at 4:33pm  / 
    • cykidder 

      Kenya came there to start crap. I think she needs to go because all she does is bully people and then she acts like she is the victim.. I work in the real world and if all of this that has been going on that Kenya has been doing would be grounds for termination in my book… Kenya provoked the mishap on the 1st part of the reunion show.. She wont let people talk and that would make anyone mad.. If she can dish it out she should be able to take.. I stopped watching the show for a while because of her starting drama with every one all the time… I wish they would get rid of Kenya and find some one else to take her spot..

      April 26 at 11:38pm  / 
    • rxgardner 

      Nene, I am so happy that you opened this forum to speak on this stupid Ness and I will be even more happy if you truly get to read my reply personally because that idiotic hood rat with a national title has proven nationally that she’s a bona fide lunatic. (Oh, of course I’m speaking about Kenya) I mean really, why does it surprise her that Porsha responded the way that she did once Kenya rudely blasted both her and Cynthia ‘ s ear drums with that premeditated megaphone stunt! It broke my heart to see and hear Porsha pour out her soul talking about how she’s been through too much and how she couldn’t believe that she did what she did. All of that coupled with the fact that she’s been pushed against the wall with the threat of being fired from the show surprised me how that gay host of the reunion show did not do his job to start with when he saw her bring all that shit on the set in the first place! He sat right next to her with all that junk and we all know he saw it! He should be fired for not being proactive and have that crap taken off the set. We know she’s all about drama but your ratings are off the charts already and there was no need to let the botch go there. She makes me sick with her twisted way of thinking in the first place. Why would she ever want to take all of our minds on a scavenger hunt to find her mystery African prince when we all know there is no such person. She seriously is ridiculously attention starved shoe black idiot. I hope the yank that Porsha put on her dirty black neck had an adverse effect to where she can act like she has more sense. As much as I would hate to do it, I will stop watching the show if Porsha gets fired for what happened, Andy should have took the batteries out of his microphone and followed right behind her. His job is to oversee that all are cordial towards each other and to nip in the bud any actions or gestures that would cause messes like the one Kenya caused. People have been known to get their eat drums busted because they were too close to such a thing. I’m so upset that he did not support Porsha better and I am going to further advise that Porsha holds him personally responsible for her termination along with Bravo TV. Ad I see it, you are looked at being possibly the biggest star of show and I really think you would would get major props if you support taking a stance towards support for Porsha. You really should do that, Nene. You KNOW that you could make that happen with one snap of your finger because they absolutely will stand behind you because if they feel you are unhappy they best need to start getting the happy back because the show would be an irrelevant housewife franchise without you. I’m a fan, Nene and all that i would ask from you as a fan from here on out is to show a little kindred to your sister Porsha here. It is warranted much more than anyone else seems to care so show the class that only you can by standing up for your little sister here. Ok love?

      Truly with kindest regard from your biggest fan, Ruthann ♡

      Love you, Nene

      April 27 at 1:22am  / 
    • ke81436 

      I was surprised no one checked Kenya about her responses to Phaedra about Appollo. Most of the ladies are married and would not tolerate her flirting with their husbands. I was real disappointed in the sisterhood! You don’t have to like Phaedra to stand up for what’s not right! It seemed all the ladies were scared of Kenya except Porsha!

      April 27 at 3:50pm  / 
    • candyanoa 

      First of all, why is she on The Real Housewives? SHE IS NOT A WIFE! She is a actress that looks at this show as a acting job. Thats why she acts an ass for $2.50 as Nene would say. She is bad for the show and all women, not just women of color. She hired a guy to “play” her boyfriend on the show. How desperate?! Then she goes to sperm banks looking for a baby daddy. Just pathetic! She needs to seek mental care and also call Proactive about her face.

      May 9 at 10:29am  / 
  2. MonkeyWithaWigOn 

    Shut up, Nene.

    April 21 at 10:37am  / 
    • angclay 

      why come on Nene’s site, sign in just to tell her to shut up. if you don’t agree don’t say anything. smh

      April 21 at 11:33am  / 
      • Mz Lyric 

        Exactly how stupid can u be…u dont like her BUT would put in ur information just to talk ish? Really?! They must work at dummies r us

        April 21 at 12:00pm  / 
      • LaTonya Page 

        Ignorance is bliss! Take a few seats, MonkeyWithaWigOn. Nene…is LOVED HUNNI ;)

        April 21 at 12:46pm  / 
      • Vivian Wilson 


        April 23 at 10:29am  / 
      • sdw15 

        Maybe nene should practice that

        April 28 at 11:07am  / 
    • bosschicinc 

      Kenya we know this your fake account…you do shit like that to stir up confusion, be disrespectful and bully! Stop stalking Nene you can’t be her ok!!!

      April 21 at 12:31pm  / 
      • Antoinette Brownridge Sims 

        Who wants to be that man looking trouble starting Nene

        April 21 at 9:02pm  / 
    • g bear 

      YOU shut up MonkeyButt! Nene is the boss baby and if you can’t handle that, I suggest you seek counseling to help you get over it. Don’t think you’re gonna come on here and talk crap. Get out of here!

      April 22 at 5:43am  / 
      • meamaker51@yahoo.com 

        Kenya “haters”? Get real, K. Moore is far to irrelevant to have haters! There may be a “club” of members who truly feel SORRY for her. After all, such a liar that she is would indicate a heightened level of sickness. It appears to me to be a mental sickness.
        Why hasn’t Andy and BRAVO put a stop to her provocative nature? Everyone has “personal space” and that includes Porsche. As Nene said to Arsenal, sometimes the weak get strong! Think about it.. remember that person in your past who had taken all he/she could and just snapped?
        If BRAVO fires Porsche, then Kenya should have been fired when they vacationed in the Islands and she went off on Porsche. Also, I am sick of the buzz word being “zero tolerance for violence”. While it may sound “good”, America is violent and has always been so! Think not? Just ask the ancestors of our Native Americans! Who tries to commit genocide against the very people who taught you to survive in a foreign land? I said that to say that BRAVO has very dirty hands in this game. Andy needs to stop pretending that this was such a shock! Wave something (any thing) in the average person’s face and see what happens after you have been warned to stop on several occasions. Then the guilty party pulls out a megaphone and verbally assaults you. Come on now! Porsche did good to last 40 minutes. That situation was “fire meeting fire” and the producers should have seen it coming! Give Kenya (the chameleon) walking papers..NOW!

        April 27 at 11:07pm  / 
    • Vivian Wilson 

      why don’t you STFU with your hating ass don’t come on her page with you evil ass ass hoe

      April 23 at 10:30am  / 
  3. Planetdancer 

    Props should NOT be allowed. Physical violence should NEVER be tolerated. Andy should have diffused the situation long before it escallated to where it did. Interrupting abd talking over each other is immature and annoying.

    April 21 at 10:40am  / 
    • revnana 

      Andy, should not have allowed props or put a stop to Kenya’s bullying earlier. Don’t condone violence, but Kenya started the violence with the props in Porshe’s face, almost hitting Cynthia. Cynthia should speak up too. She was also violated!

      April 21 at 11:34am  / 
      • Kiedra McKay 

        I totally agree Andy knew she was bullying Porsha and did nothing to stop it because of ratings

        April 21 at 11:55am  / 
        • Jackie Knight 

          It is obvious that Bravo does not truly care about these women. It all about the ratings. If Bravo does not condom violence why do they keep airing all the fights. This is not the first fight we have seen. Instigators are still there. It’s starting to be a Jerry Springer show.

          April 21 at 12:37pm  / 
        • Lynn Jackson 

          He sure
          did , but he had the nerve to tell Porsha she needed to tell her she was sorry.

          April 26 at 8:50pm  / 
    • yoyepo 

      There are a lot of people who will not agree with me on this but here I go. Saying that violence is not the answer is wishfull thinking. God never said that, people do. The Bible states many times where violence is called upon and necessary to set things on the right course. I’m not preaching here. As a person who has been bullied as a child, teenager, and adult, I’ve HAD to physically react to teach certain people to back the Hell off. They either became finger pokey, pushy, or right in my face; my very personal space. There is only so much running or walking away any person can take. And some States agree because there are laws that will charge the person instigating a situation that results into a physical altercation. Each person I had to knock on their ass or worse, (Someone left without the tip of the finger that they kept poking me with.), never bothered me again. I’ve left permanent scars on all of my tormentors…not too happy about that; my mental scar. A Judge even considered the physical beating that one of my assailants took in her sentencing as, “…part of her punishment…” I’m Hell on fire when I finally get angry and I will try to have your head, not your hair, if it gets physical. I was never the type to be bullied and when I said leave me alone, it was in that persons best interest to do so. Walking away was not because I was SCARED of the bully, but because I was afraid of what I would do physically, and because I didn’t want to shame myself or family, (I can understand Porsha’s embarrassment). For SOME people…people who think that they are above all, it takes getting HIT HARD… knocked on their ass, (mentally or physically), before they wisen up and realize their true place or where they went wrong. Abusive violence is never necessary but “defensive violence” is sometimes needed. That is just a fact of life in the real world.

      April 21 at 2:06pm  / 
      • Dahlia 

        Bravo need to just get rid of Kenya. The national bullying association can use this as a lesson to others, there is a lot to be learned from this episode.
        1) Bullying is wrong
        2) The audience should not condone it by allowing it to happen
        3) There are several effective ways to respond to bullying
        4) Violence is not the answer
        5) Don’t let someone push you to the point of snapping
        6) Don’t internalize someone’s negative comments about you
        7) Know who and who’s you are ~ be strong!

        April 21 at 7:32pm  / 
        • Stephanie Milano 

          I have to disagree. Kenya is no way a bully. Kenya is looking for friendship, love something that someone who is broken in their childhood to adulthood never had. It is seen on the show. Little Velvet made a difference in her life. From a true dog lover that dog was company for her to forget about being alone. I do not condone fighting. Furthermore no one should allow no one to bring them out of their box, it is called mature. Being mature enought to walk away from the situation without adding to the situation. Porsha already knew what she was going to do. The ladies had already had a talk with Porsha, this was premediated for Porsha. That is not a good look or outcome for Porsha. Porsha should have lashed out at Kordell where are anger should have been released.

          April 23 at 7:43am  / 
  4. pennjdp 

    You already spoke on it. You have been provoked many times by actions and words of others but you DID NOT engage in violent retaliation. You used your head. Whether it was because of the enormity of “things” you have to lose or moral standards – you knew better… and as a result…are doing better. Provoked or not, Porsha should’ve never put her hands on that woman! Period dot!

    April 21 at 10:41am  / 
    • realtalk02 

      This season NENE did not touch anyone .I remeber multiple times NENE putting her hands on KIM. Everyone has their limits even those of us who do not condone violence.

      April 21 at 11:11am  / 
      • tHeGaPeAcH 

        I agree… nor was anything done to Sheree when she pt her hands on Kim and pulled her wig.

        April 21 at 11:14am  / 
      • BossChic327 

        Nene has gotten in Kim’s face several times but when has she touched her????????????

        April 21 at 2:19pm  / 
      • Monique Lewis Bellows 

        Yep, and that was funny as hell..lol And Kenya getting her ass kicked was funny too. I do not condone violence, but occasionally a slap across the ass is more effective than being sent to the corner for time out when you have really out done yourself and crossed the line one time too many.

        April 21 at 3:46pm  / 
    • your neighbor 

      Nene put her hands on Kim several times. She didn’t get fired. Porche shouldn’t be fired!!! Btw, is it true that Porsche didn’t get anything from her EX-BEARD? Is she really that damn dumb?????

      April 21 at 11:52am  / 
      • Monique Lewis Bellows 


        April 21 at 3:47pm  / 
      • g bear 

        Please give examples of Nene putting her hands on Kim several times.

        April 22 at 5:47am  / 
    • Chrissie Queen 

      I 100% totally agree with you the person who did the act should be be reprimanded the show is the housewifes of Alanta the women who are on here all do a very good job of this show makes us think too

      April 21 at 9:18pm  / 
  5. Lady Tamara 

    The reunion was tacky and it was a bad look for Black women. I feel that the producers allowed Kenya to bring props to antagonized and demean you and Porsha. I truly do. Why on earth would they allow someone to take props to a reunion! That is so childish and provoking and she could have just as well taken a weapon to harm someone and then what! What if she would have used the scepter to hit Ms. Stewart. The truth is, Bravo is gassing up this drama and you all are made to look like the stereotypes so many women of color have fought to overcome. That pj party was a disaster and again she runs up on someone knowing well enough that she was not ready to rumble. She set Porsha up because upon getting snatched, the first thing she did was yell to Andy: “I want her fired!” Girl bye!
    Bravo is getting trashy. Why did they not allow Teresa to lay out Danielle?

    April 21 at 10:43am  / 
    • FluffyDq 

      I thought the same thing. Bravo needs to remember that although their network thrives on drama they are dealing with people and their lives. What if Porsha had used that scepter on Kenya? She would be in some deep lawsuits now. I concur that the producer as well should be partially blamed for what happened. Why in God’s name would you allow a narcissist to take props to the reunion show? As far as I see they may have well given her a knife.

      April 21 at 11:21am  / 
      • Caroline Horton 

        Bravo needs to take responsibility. This show has become trashy since Kenya joined. I hope Bravo gets the message soon or they will lose a lot of viewers; me for one…

        April 21 at 11:35am  / 
        • sassygoat 

          I agree!

          April 21 at 2:14pm  / 
        • Cassie Dimetessa 

          Caroline you are right! The show has taken another level of crazy. Kenya messing with someones husband and being so hateful to all the girls. She doesn’t have not one friend. Cynthia is not her friend, she is just going alone with it because she no longer have NeNe. Andy should have fired her for pretending she had a man. When Porsha tried to talk about it he wanted to stop her. He is all about ratings and don’t give a dam about these women.

          April 21 at 3:55pm  / 
          • Chrissie Queen 

            Kenya never messed with Apollo Apollo wanted to mess with Kenya get your stories straight please Give Phedera one more year and they would have a divorce you see

            April 21 at 9:24pm
      • revnana 

        well spoken!

        April 21 at 11:35am  / 
    • Ollie 

      I dont think it was a bad look for black women… that how humans act in general… male, female, white, black, yellow, purple or green… it s human nature.

      April 21 at 11:55am  / 
    • mstea1234 

      Well stated!

      April 21 at 7:16pm  / 
    • Kourtney Lynn Kauffmann 

      I totally agree. They knew when Kenya brought those props on stage it was gonna be a problem. For them it’s about ratings and letting Kenya come on set with all her garbage fuels the drama and makes people watch the show. They had to know that something was going to pop off.

      April 22 at 7:19am  / 
  6. Kani Thornton 

    Although i do not condone what Porsha did i think Kenya got what she deserved . Andy was wrong or whoever it was that let Kenya keep shoving the scepter in Porsha’s face & then the bullhorn was just to much . If Kenya can have props why not everyone else ? Are they going to accept someone bringing a bat next time i mean come on it was pretty obvious Kenya brought those on to annoy people to the point of something happening so she could scream im a victim she should be fired . If Porsha cant come back then Kenya should go too ! Shove anything in my face enough and i would have done the same , when Porsha threw the scepter they should have known Kenya was on Porsha’s last nerve & they should havestopped the show & took a break & removed the props and warned Kenya to stop antagonizing and talked to Porsha about if she is able to carry on without any kind violence. Porsha shouldn’t be embarrased for what she did, Kenya should be because she claims to have been worried about what young girls think of her the whole while she is being a bully. Bully’s should not be tolerated, it is not acceptable behavior . You bully then you get what you deserve ! Kenya was right about one thing, Karma’s a bitch !!

    April 21 at 10:43am  / 
    • hgtaylor 

      I agree with all of these comments. If Porsha goes so should Kenya. Kenya lied to get on the show she never had a serious relationship with Walter. And I don’t think she would pass a lie detector test on her African lover either.

      April 21 at 11:12am  / 
      • Jean Wright Moran 

        Porsha needs to go, not Kenya…Porsha brings nothing to show anyway!

        April 21 at 11:14am  / 
        • Kani Thornton 

          Brings more than Kenya all she brings is drama to anyone around her Porsha gets along with everyone who does Kenya get along with ?? NOBODY on the show !

          April 21 at 11:28am  / 
          • Chrissie Queen 

            I rather watch Kenya than watch Porsche what to see is she will have a baby or get married thats real.. not behave like a spoiled brat who does not know what she wants at this stage

            April 21 at 9:31pm
        • dmwilliams1 

          You didn’t have nothing else to say.

          April 21 at 11:59am  / 
      • meamaker51@yahoo.com 

        so true.

        April 27 at 11:33pm  / 
    • doll doll 

      I agree with all said. I think that Andy should have not allowed the bull horn on the set. I think Andy lets things go for rating purposes but I think it is going to backfire on him….HOW DARE he show ANY women is such a state…once again it is all women who suffer. Andy should be showing strong women ~ he is not showing that at all. During this entire season the portrayal of women has gone down hill on all of the housewives series and I am frankly tired of it and will not continue my viewing into next season, otherwise I condone it.
      As far as the reunion – Kenya is a very bad passive-aggressive personality. She pushes, and pushes everyone on the cast then when they go back at her she says how she is a role model and would never act like that….to bad she doesn’t realize she acts like a big fool and does NOTHING to promote a good image of women.

      April 21 at 11:31am  / 
      • Felicia Childs Jackson 

        I agree. I’m over the show. NeNe pack your bags and go. I’m done with all the housewives franchise. They have come to nothing but demeaning women black or white.

        April 21 at 12:10pm  / 
    • FluffyDq 

      I agree completely. They could have done something to defuse the situation from earlier in the show as you said. Kenya should go if they plan to remove Porsha. Bullying is a huge issue in our society today and allowing Kenya to continue with her perverse antics on the show is almost like agreeing with her actions. Bullying has led to death by violence and suicide. Maybe what they are waiting for is some adverse situation as such to take action.

      April 21 at 11:33am  / 
    • Vicky3 

      I agree! The bullying was obvious and blatant. I also agree with the statement of Bravo making these beautiful, successful, professional women look like the stereotypical black women who get ghetto on you in a heartbeat. That is so not the case here. Anyone, who had been bullied, antagonized, and put down as much as Porsha, Nene and Phadera had by Kenya, would have done the same thing, if not worse! Why was Kenya allowed to bring a scepter and a bullhorn into the set? Who knows what else she had in her bag? I really don’t want to think of what could have happened had Kenya been the one to have clicked?
      Having Porsha apologize is not right. If Kenya has any decency about herself, she would apologize for pushing Porsha to the limit like she did. Kenya should apologize for being the bully she has shown herself to be. It’s a shame that it happened, however, now that it has, I think it shines a new light on BRAVO, Andy Cohen and the producers. Keep your head up Porsha. You’ve been through worse! You will over come this as well!
      Mrs. Nene, you’ve done a great job on DWTS! Keep doing what you do!

      April 21 at 12:41pm  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      You never point your finger or any object in someones face. WHo the hell want to watch Fake ass Kenya after what she did. I love the heck out of drama, but I would prefer to watch a turtle cross a 4 lane highway. One problem, if they let her go, the biarch will sue Bravo. She might sue them or beg for more money and tell them they owe her.

      April 21 at 3:58pm  / 
  7. JRoc85 

    I found it funny how NeNe was trying to calm Porsha down, & tell her not to resort to violence when a few season ago she grabbed Kim Zolciak by the throat on a tour bus,
    & Don Juan & Kandi had to pull those 2 apart!! Real Talk: Both Kenya AND Porsha are at fault for this! Every house wife has started trouble, said hateful things, and thrown
    shade (ESPECIALLY NENE) ….but Kenya is ALWAYS being thrown under the bus. Kenya is NO ANGEL but Porsha was emotionally unstable. ALL SEASON LONG, Porsha
    has insinuated things concerning Kordell, but as soon as Kenya mentions it, Kenya is wrong. Now granted, the scepter was a silly gesture (who the hell made Kenya queen?), but the bullhorn was ridiculous (did y’all see how both Kandi & Andy were both laughing?) Phaedra kept saying how she wanted to slap the pi$$ outta Kenya if she sat on that couch with her. Sidenote: Why didn’t Phaedra slap the pi$$ outta both Apollo & Kenya when she saw them sitting together in Mexico??? Kenya did not hit/touch her with that scepter. It was one thing for her to snatch the scepter & throw it on the floor… I would have done the SAME EXACT THING. However, she made a conscious decision to get up and attack Kenya. Porsha is very immature, & some of the other housewives babysit her too much, & given how NeNe has dogged Porsha out for not being a good friend, I would NEVER trust NeNe if I was Porsha, just look at Cynthia now. Porsha was on the chopping block anyway, so if NeNe & Phaedra thought that having Porsha fight Kenya was gonna keep her job, they plan may have backfired.

    April 21 at 10:45am  / 
    • Lady Tamara 

      You have it all figured out, huh!

      April 21 at 10:56am  / 
      • Teresa Galloway 

        I do belive the network set Porshia up so the ratings would go up!!
        Shame on the Network!! Kenya is a Tramp why the —- would she imply that Porshia be fired.
        Kenda flirted with Phedra’s husband she should have beat her behind she disrespected her.
        Ne Ne has enough money to have her own show, for all the haters.
        If it back fired it was thenetwork that allowed Kenya to bring items to the set all this is a refection on how they look to the world.Kenya needs to twirl her ass right down the road.

        April 21 at 11:22am  / 
      • JRoc85 

        Just like you have the right to voice your opinion, I have the right to voice mine!! Plain & Simple!

        April 21 at 8:09pm  / 
    • Tawanda H 

      It’s called growth and being on this show long enough to know that they will use you and allow you to sink into the gutter in order to get ratings.

      April 21 at 11:00am  / 
    • speakingonit2 


      April 21 at 11:00am  / 
    • DMB 

      You are talking about someting the happended serveral seasons ago. It is called growth. Just because Nene did something in the past does not mean that she can not help someone not go down that same road. And as for Kenya, she got exactly what she deserved. She went after Porsha and just wound not stop. You get how you live it. Keyna should know what happens to Shit Starters!!!!

      April 21 at 11:14am  / 
    • Gardenia Ferguson-Gaines 

      Kenya needed the hell knocked out of her, and all Porsha did was pull her hair. As Nene said, Kenya is drama, and it was good for ratings. Everyone tunes in hoping to see her slapped. If Porsha is fired, Keya should be fired!

      April 21 at 11:19am  / 
    • FluffyDq 

      Yes NeNe may have done all that to Kim but that is the main reason why she can give the advice. I am sure growth and maturity does that to someone. People who learn from their experiences are better able to give advice. So i really do not see how NeNe’s actions a couple of seasons ago applies to the sound advice she gave Porsha. The fact that Kenya is a grown woman who hasn’t matured in any way over the seasons say a lot. She is like the big bully on the playground with more insecurities than can count, trying to trample on everyone.

      April 21 at 11:44am  / 
    • ketia7247 

      Jroc85 your comment has been about the fairest one of all. All of the housewives have provoked or insulted someone else on the show.it’s embarrassing as Women they act like they do and then to be black on top of that is really insulting. They all need to take responsibility for what they have said or done rather it was for ratings or not. As for Nene smh, for being the senior on the show she is just Ridiculous!!!! She’s the biggest shitstarter I’ve ever seen!!! Grow up and stop acting like that size 15 red bottom shoe you wear!(not that it matters). Phaedra is another! Shame on you! She sits back as though her shit dont stink. She should have enough bs going on at home dealing with her convict..Apollo who by the way acts like he wants a relationship with Kenya. I know she can’t control him but they need to be on the same page when it comes to their marriage, and they are not. If given the chance Apollo will cheat if he hasn’t already so Phaedra mind your own problems. Porsha is young,dumb and needs counseling she’s very unstable. Get help honey!! Kenya needs counseling as well. And hopefully she’ll find true love. Kandi and Cynthia you both are fighting your demons be true friends to each other.

      April 21 at 12:51pm  / 
      • JRoc85 

        I definitely agree that Kenya needs counselling. The love she NEVER received from her mother has deeply affected her.

        April 21 at 8:16pm  / 
    • naijababe 

      Finally someone has the guts to speak the truth, how come no one is mentioning all the shades thrown by Porsha. She called Kenya equally horrible names, but can’t handle it when called. It is okay for her to say Kenya is a whore from the nineties, her vagina is rotten and that she paid for an invisible boyfriend, but when told she cheated on her husband, she becomes violent.
      There is enough blame to go around but we don’t go around beating up anyone that says something mean to us especially when you have said some mean things back. Whenever a group of mean girls gang up on one person, expect the person to fight back anyway legally permissible. This is the pj party all over, where for Nene and her so called fans think it is ok for a man to put their hands on a woman (kenya). The tape don’t lie, yet Kenya was blamed for that. I really don’t care who comes back, but if Kenya should be fired, it should be for her unbelievable stories not for last night. Nene herself need to watch out because the most valuable asset she got is fast evaporating, which is her relatabilty with we regular folks. Porsha need to get over tv and take care of herself first before she losses it completely. It is a tough thing to go through a divorce while in the public eyes and deal with all it comes with.

      April 21 at 7:14pm  / 
    • Chrissie Queen 

      Well said!!! could not have said it better myself like you said they all talk things behind each other but when it comes to assaulting someone you need to take a good look at yourself you become the bully Porsche is exposed on TV and viewers dont like it never mind how popular you are you should be dismissed Nene was just lucky that Kim was tolerant to her

      April 21 at 9:58pm  / 
  8. Brenae92 

    Kenya has been provoking people all season long and now she wants to start acting like the “victim” You don’t go into someone’s personal life and speak on situations that you know nothing of!! You brung props to the reunion show instead of acting like the lady you claim to be and wave them in other peoples face!! If I was Porsha I would have dragged you across the floor too!! You can dish out others peoples lives but quick to get offended when someone talks about Velvet or discusses your personal lives!! You don’t condone violence but you contribute to it when you are constantly bullying somebody about their personal life!! I believe that Andy and the BravoTv production was wrong for making Porsha leave and allowing Kenya to stay!! Kenya do us all a favor and twirl off the show your presence is not required or needed!!!

    April 21 at 10:45am  / 
    • tHeGaPeAcH 

      Everybody on that show talks about each other. Not just Kenya. It just depends on who presences they are in. Kenya talks about everybody, NeNe talks about everybody, Phaedra talks about everybody, Kandi talks about everybody, Cynthia talks about everybody. They all do it. If Porsha knew exactly what she was doing when she yanked Kenya to the ground.

      April 21 at 11:26am  / 
  9. TDN 

    I am from Detroit and let me be very clear Kenya would have got her behind whip! Why does Bravo allow anyone to bring props that can be deem a weapon. Kenya called Porsha a “dumb hoe” really and you just stated you don’t call anyone out of their name. Why does Bravo allow the only cast member out of the Housewives Brand to have permanent residence in L.A. not Atlanta? Why did Andy tell Porsha to apologize to Kenya? Why did Cynthia just sit on the couch not see about her cast mates?

    April 21 at 10:46am  / 
  10. nichole9171 

    I don’t think Bravo realizes how angry this episode made viewers. I’ve been a fan of RHOA since the start but this last season has been over the top. How do you allow someone to promote bullying to the extent that Kenya has? But then when a situation blows up say how you do not promote violence? Don’t get me wrong Porsha should not of dragged her but when you think about it she has been through ALOT of VERY real and proven situations. While Kenya has been through “situations” (things I believe she made up). Then once she ran out of stories she turned to just being a lowlife instigator. She preyed on Porshas pain and played victim. She knew very well what she was doing. Kenya is evil, manipulating, melodramatic and frankly does nothing but bring the show down.

    April 21 at 10:47am  / 
    • Felicia Childs Jackson 

      I agree 100%. I will not be tuning in next season. And NeNe need to pack her bags and leave!

      April 21 at 12:19pm  / 
    • Jackie Knight 

      yeah when the topic of Walter came up she immediately shut it down. Demon against an Angel. Porsha shall prevail no matter what the outcome on RHOA. That is not the only door for beautiful young, talented female. Smarts is not the only way to make it. Head up Porsha

      April 21 at 1:55pm  / 
  11. NikkiFree 

    When a producer from Love & Hip Hop is brought to RHOA, what else could we expect but a revving up of the ratchetness. Your franchise is being taken to the lowest common denominator with these violent outburst and I commend you for taking the high road when put in these situations. However, Porsha has been taunted and provoked for 2 seasons now by the bully that is Kenya and a person can only take so much until they break. Kenya deserved more than what she received. And Andy Cohen and Carlos King are just as culpable for what happen as Kenya and Porsha. They are throwing the rocks, hiding their hands and collecting checks while the cast looks stupid. I’ve enjoyed RHOA from day one, but with Kenya involved, it has gone to the gutter. Time for a change.

    April 21 at 10:48am  / 
    • Lady Tamara 

      Amen NikkiFree! Kenya has taken them down a notch cuz that chic has noting to lose! Tacky. Praying for you all. They said Marlo was not their brand but yet, they took her on to taunt and disrespect NeNe! Now Kenya is going to use Cynthia! I think they are trying to get NeNe off the show! Also~ Cynthia is weaker than day old faucet water for being all under Kenya after Kenya dug into her! She could not have been sitting any closer to her at the reunion! #ByeFelicias

      April 21 at 10:51am  / 
    • Chrissie Queen 

      Kenya deserved nothing!!! she dishes out just as much as she gets!!! that is very hard in her case the cast does not like her and never has I will defend her for as long as It takes I am a Nene fan but when things are wrong they are wrong

      April 21 at 10:04pm  / 
  12. Lady Tamara 

    The reunion was tacky and it was a bad look for Black women. I feel that the producers allowed Kenya to bring props to antagonize and demean you and Porsha. I truly do. Why on earth would they allow someone to take props to a reunion! That is so childish and provoking and she could have just as well taken a weapon to harm someone and then what! What if she would have used the scepter to hit Ms. Stewart?! The truth is, Bravo is gassing up this drama and you all are made to look like the stereotypes so many women of color have fought to overcome. That pj party was a disaster and again she runs up on someone knowing well enough that she was not ready to rumble. She set Porsha up because upon getting snatched, the first thing she did was yell to Andy: “I want her fired!” Girl bye!
    Bravo is getting trashy. Why did they not allow Teresa to lay out Danielle? They making you all look like animals. People will judge you and say horrible things about you, though you can throw shade, I cannot understand why on earth you would want to stay on a show with women you obviously do not like! It’s time to move on before these antics hinder your progress. You star is shining so bright, Mrs. Leakes. I believe in you and I know that you were not shown in the best light having dealt with sickness and so forth but still, you are better than this!
    I had a typo….I hate a typo hunni!

    April 21 at 10:48am  / 
  13. bnurtured 

    Kenya got exactly what she deserved. You cannot as a 40 some year old woman continuously point a stick at someone then blast a bull horn in their face repeatedly and then think you should not be punched in your face. She was told a several occasions to stop it and she chose not to, so you suffer the consequences. Whether Porsha was right or wrong Kenya suffered the consequences of her actions. Had she not been disrespectful, ignorant, evil and just plain ugly her ass would not have been dragged 50 feet.

    April 21 at 10:54am  / 
  14. Lady Tamara 


    April 21 at 10:58am  / 
    • NikkiFree 

      I agree. Ugh!!! So frustrating!

      April 21 at 11:01am  / 
    • sexxydiva9 

      What’s dumb is someone consumed with typos you did not type. Really!!!! get over it. This isn’t a college course. gee

      April 21 at 11:07am  / 
      • Monique Lewis Bellows 

        Really, really!!! WOW!

        April 21 at 3:56pm  / 
    • Monique Lewis Bellows 

      No worries, everyone knows that you are far from dumb..

      April 21 at 3:53pm  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      GET A LIFE! Typo on that.

      April 21 at 4:00pm  / 
  15. Darla Walker 

    Ths id BRAVO ad ANYS Fault fr alowng thestupid props. thy wanted a fight and they got one

    April 21 at 10:58am  / 
  16. Tracey Culp 

    Kenya provokes people constantly. We’ve seen her do this to Porsha and Phedra for two seasons. She’s incredibly inappropriate most of time. I personally think BRAVO keeps her on the show for the drama factor. They want a character who keeps things stirred up to get better ratings. I don’t like her, haven’t from her first appearance. You are right NeNe. I think she got what she deserved. I would have snapped like Porsha did.

    April 21 at 10:58am  / 
  17. Jenifer Hunt 

    Kenya Whore needs to go back to her corner! She knew exactly what she was doing to Porsha! I’ve never hated a cast member. Till now….

    April 21 at 10:59am  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      Ditto to that Jenifer! That woman is scum and had the nerve to say, “I am the second black to win Miss America, Miss USA, Miss ashy, whatever the heck she won. Who gives a rats ass about that?

      April 21 at 4:03pm  / 
  18. speakingonit2 

    HOLD UP, didnt you bring marlo with you to the vine yard and also have her as one of your bridesmaids on this same bravo tv???? all of a sudden you know and remember she is not the “bravo brand”…. come on now nene, there’s no difference between you and kenya!!!! in my opinion. Stop with the self righteousness, it makes you look very bad…
    talking about taunting, what was the essence of the chaos you started off as “couples night”, it was ok and convenient for you to stirr the water YET you call kenya a bully.
    girl give us a break please, what you need to do is fire you hair stylist and makeup artist and act you age!

    April 21 at 10:59am  / 
    • Gardenia Ferguson-Gaines 

      Nene admitted she considered Marlo a friend. The worm turned and it became clear Marlo was with anyone who get her on the show. Since the blowup, has she been seen with Kenya again? Nene was right Kenya got what se wanted, and Marlo the user got used!

      April 21 at 11:28am  / 
      • Cassie Dimetessa 

        Exactly! Marlo was riding on anyone’s back. She didn’t care about Nene. Actually, she hated all of the woman on the show. What a joke!

        April 21 at 4:04pm  / 
        • tharrell0318 

          Agreed! Marlo first came on the show with Phaedra, but Marlo took advantage of Phaedra and then went on to be friends with Nene. Nene did admit that Marlo and them were friends but that she ended the friendship because she was trying to film with everyone to get on the show. You can clearly see that is an opportunist because Nene’s bridesmaids called out Marlo and even Cynthia said the same thing. Notice how Kim and Kandi never took to Marlo. Marlo knew that she could not do that to Kandi, cuz Kandi was not gonna have that. Now look who Marlo is friends with now, Kenya. Marlo and Kenya are both desperate.

          April 22 at 10:46am  / 
    • Sandra K Arcuri 

      NeNe has her act together and she didn’t wait until she was an old SKANK like Kenya.NeNe can have anything she wants.Kenya can’t get a man and CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST don’t count.I have never cared for Kenya since her twrilling dance.She seems to think she is better than all the others.I can say this Kenya should be glad it wasn’t NeNe that grabbed her.Kenya would still be in the hospital.And if you listen to the 911 call that Kenya made.PLEASEEEEEEE.I hope Porcha sues her for everything she can get.She deserves it.I JUST LOVED THE PART WHERE PORCHIA WAS DRAGGING KENYA ACROSS THE FLOOR.YOU GOOOOOOOOO PORCHA

      April 21 at 1:13pm  / 
  19. Tawanda H 

    Let me just say this…Andy Cohen and Bravo should also take responsibility for allowing one of their employees to poke, provoke, and harass another one and the one that is harassed is asked to leave and apologize. Someone needs to put it in Porsha’s ear that is also AGAINST THE LAW to provoke someone into a fight so she should be pressing charges against Kenya as well. And if Bravo indeed fires her then she needs to bring a lawsuit against them as well because they allowed her to be harassed on her job with a the harasser faces consequences as proof she should show a tape of Andy sniggling and giggling about the things that were being done to her and she will win her lawsuit hands down. The message Andy and Bravo sent last night was that if you stand up for yourself against bullying, you’ll be punished. Don’t we teach our kids differently. And to the ones that are commenting with their hateful comments, why are you on NENE’S blog if you don’t want to hear what she has to say, that’s just downright ignorant!!!

    April 21 at 10:59am  / 
    • Kani Thornton 

      AMEN GIRL !!

      April 21 at 11:13am  / 
    • margesatt 

      Isn’t this country so against BULLY right now and BRAVO allowed it to happen in front of millions of viewers! The little message from Andy at the end was just a little contradicting after what we had just witnessed! I mean come on I hope not to many young people were watching because I am sure they are confused today! I agree with you Tawanda completely!

      April 21 at 11:23am  / 
    • Sandra K Arcuri 

      I agree with you 100%.Why Andy let Kenya bring them is beyond me.Andy could have simply said no to Kenya.Kenya has done this the last 2 seasons to all the girls on the show.She can’t get a man of her own.So she trys to make trouble with all the girl.If anyone leaves the show it should be Kenya and her twrilling self.She has used the I was this and I was that maybe she was.But get a grip Kenya this is 2014 you are nothing and no man wants you.I do feel sorry about her dog.But if you can’t take of the dog then you can’t take care of a baby.This girl need some mental help.She old and skanky and no one wants her.I did hear that Porchia did file charges against her.And Porchia had the video to prove her case.So wake up Bravo and fire the right one.Before you end up paying one and she don’t have to show up.Kenya is just right down SKANKY

      April 21 at 1:04pm  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      Tawanda, think about it. When you are at a game how loud those darn horns are. She was right up in her face and Andy was smiling. That was wrong. If Porsha is fired she should press charges on Bravo for a busted eardrum. LOL! She can’t sue that broke ass Kenya.

      April 21 at 4:05pm  / 
  20. sexxydiva9 

    Kenya should now have been allowed to have any props especially a bull horn to talk over other people. I blame Bravo and Andy for allowing the matter to escalate. I think Andy is wrong for requiring Porsha to apologies after he allowed Kenya to bully her. This is unacceptable and foolishness. Kenya should stop playing the victim and get some professional mental help. She is full of it a liar and a tramp. She should not be on the show because she is not a housewife or a housewife to be. I really dislike Kenya as a person and what she represents. She has $100,000 in cars and doesn’t own her home. she is a loser

    April 21 at 11:00am  / 
  21. mbell 

    I’m offended that Andy seems so concerned about Porsha touching Kenya violently yet seemed very unconcerned about Kenya holding a bullhorn while violating Cynthia’s personal space and that the noise coming from it that close to both their ears could cause damage to their eardrums.
    Cynthia was stupid to even sit their and let Kenya yell with that thing next to her.
    I personally think Kenya has an agreement with Bravo that they are obligated to protect her from getting her ass handed to her if she constantly provokes these women.

    April 21 at 11:00am  / 
    • NikkiFree 

      I’m offended, like so many others, that Andy refuses to even acknowledge his part. He can run his mouth about so much, but has gone unusually silent all of a sudden. I hope Nene and the other ladies stand together to force Bravo and Andy to accept their responsibility in this mess as well.

      April 21 at 11:04am  / 
  22. Pam513 

    I agree w/ you Nene… HOWEVER that Lacefront you had on was HIDEOUS to say the least… Now! Speak on that!!!!!!

    April 21 at 11:01am  / 
  23. Porsche Nicole 

    Kenya deserved what she got. She has soemthing to say about everyone on the show but yet she has no man, she has no life and she is lonely. She bulled the mess out of Porsha and in the end Porsha beat the hell out of her. Porsha might not be the brightest in the group but still. Joking about it every now and then is okay but Kenya went overboard every time. She put her mouth on everyones relationship but she do not have one, What happen between Kordell and Porsha is their business not lonely ass Keyna. She wants repect but do not give it and she wonder why Phaedra calls her a whore. Well if you act like one then thats what you get called. Keyna Moor-whore. I love everyone on the show but Keyna. She wrong the props. There should nto be anything becuse you have dissrepectful people like Kenya who put them in people face. At the end of the day she wrote a check that she could not cash and Porsha cashed for her. So there for I agree with Nene

    April 21 at 11:02am  / 
  24. Jamie Burgess-Bentley 

    One thing about Kenya, if she talks about you she does it to your face. The rest of the cast has just as much to say about Kenya behind her back. All of the you push each others buttons with your snide comments. I think that the whole cast needs to grow up and act like adults. Porsha needs to go because she is not relevant (never was), Kenya needs to move on because she needs to get herself together before she can be any good to others, and sorry but NeNe you need to go also. Your stank attitude, posturing, eye rolling, snide comments clearly shows your frustration and dislike of everyone so I don’t understand why you don’t just move on.

    April 21 at 11:02am  / 
  25. Shelly Wong 

    Andey Cohen should have charges pressed against him and bravo sued.

    April 21 at 11:03am  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      Both women can sue Bravo. You better believe they are getting calls.

      April 21 at 4:07pm  / 
  26. Clash-Herndon Roberta 


    April 21 at 11:04am  / 
  27. tonibarb 

    Props should NOT be allowed. Kenya was poking fun at Porsha all night. Then kept saying crazy stuff to Pheadra. I dont blame Porsha at all. But why does Andy not see anything wrong with this? Why does he allow Kenya to bring props anyway? Maybe he knows that she is going to provoke someone and cause someone to go off on her! But yet he says we dont condone violence! He should have let Porsha stay just like he let Kenya stay with her messy self! She is gonna provoke the wrong person one day….

    April 21 at 11:04am  / 
  28. abirola 

    I wa APPALLLED Andy told Porsha she had to APOLOGIZE to that WITCH. Please tell her to do nothig of the sort, she does not owe Kenya an apology. Kenya is crazy and needs to be off the show and I am not trying to be funny but she has a very warped sense of reality. How can she equate a sreaming african man to a proper introduction??!!! She has some serious issues and needs proper medical care. and There is no Afrircan man she is dating, she is retarded!! and instead of her family pacifyingher and actign like it is ok, they need to get her some help!!

    April 21 at 11:04am  / 
  29. Adrian Evans 

    You Know what, This Bravo fault, they trying to make money in any way possible. Exploiting black women

    April 21 at 11:04am  / 
  30. Roya'le Little 


    April 21 at 11:04am  / 
  31. delikerhoa 

    I think Andy is the type of person who loves to put the rat through the maze to see what it will do. He let Kenya have that bullhorn for too long and was probably hoping to get someone to turn up. He could have taken that bullhorn away before the situation got out of hand. If the RHOA Ladies were the “Bad Girls”, Kenya would have been F – ed up way more than that. I feel bad for Porsha being taken to that point but to be honest a regular chick not on national TV would have kicked that ass. Kenya took it too far. Kudos to you NeNe for not doing it first. I know NayNay wanted to. SHAME on you Andy.

    April 21 at 11:05am  / 
  32. Graciemay102 

    I believe that Kenya deserves what she got and she deserves more than just getting her hair pulled. She has been terrorizing everyone on that show ever since she started appearing on that show. There should be a rule of NO PROPS because Kenya was being a child with them and shoving them in everyone’s face. So Kenya you can “twirl” your butt right out of here. Bye hunni!!(;

    April 21 at 11:06am  / 
  33. risingsun122605 

    I say FINALLY!!!!!! I just wish this was not the first time she got dragged. Phaedra was suppose to drag her a LONG TIME AGO!!! People like her always bring drama because they’re empty inside. She’s miserable and u guys r her company. I may be the only one but I think she should’ve BEEN slapped, kicked and dragged in her first season. U don’t do stuff that she’s done to people and expect NOT to get dat ass blasted eventually. I’m secretly hoping U lose it on her NeNe

    April 21 at 11:06am  / 
    • Cassie Dimetessa 

      If she would have kept bothering Phaedra about her husband, I think Phaedra would have kicked her ass. You can tell she was getting tired. Those cool acting woman like Phaedra are the ones that would blow up on you.

      April 21 at 4:09pm  / 
  34. Dash 

    I don’t see the show as reflecting badly on ‘women of color’, I think it’s just Kenya behaving badly! I would like to see her gone!!! She is one of the most offensive characters in all of the ‘Real Housewives’ shows!!

    April 21 at 11:06am  / 
  35. NYGIRL 

    Kenya was provoking her all during the season AND reunion. I think sending Porsha home for the remaining night is all she should get as punishment. Andy knew it was escalating and did nothing. Most other shows would have took a break or made the ladies change seats.
    What happened at the reunion are the same things that happen with bullies in schools and everywhere else. No one says anything to the bully but as soon as someone slaps the piss out of one, you want to holler Zero Tolerance… Zero Tolerance mean Kenya shouldn’t have been able to kept taunting Porsha…

    April 21 at 11:06am  / 
  36. citycowgrl36 

    I hate to say it but they both needed it. I don’t condone violence by any means but Porsha needed someone to get her anger out on & Kenya needed to be knocked back down to reality. Kenya is going to keep knocking them all down until she’s the focal character of the show.
    Someone that was verbally beat up by their ex-husband sure took a lot of shit from Kenya before she exploded!
    On that note, I used to love Nene & I know she went through her some downs after losing her show but she disappoints me now. She comes off like she’s better than all the girls, and can’t be grown enough to apologize when she’s wrong. Nene you are not bigger than the universe and your Kenya moment is just around the corner if you don’t correct yourself. I know you have it in you!

    April 21 at 11:07am  / 
  37. cinnamon 

    Come on Nene, as much shade as you throw, STOP trying to justify your undesirable behavior. You feel threatened by Kenya because you see Kenya emerging as the “star” on RHOA. Kenya has her faults, but you ladies are always ganging up on Kenya in a sly way
    Get a grip and stop stereotyping black women as “hoodrats.”

    April 21 at 11:07am  / 
  38. Bosslady1 

    Nene I totally agree Kenya loves to throw shade hit below the belt and play victim when someone comes back at her. She kept pushing at porsha kept bringing up her ex husband and that situation and sometimes you push people over the edge and I think that’s what she did

    April 21 at 11:07am  / 
  39. MissMee 

    Andy can act shocked and say things like “this came out of nowhere” but Bravo and Andy have fostered the climate and encouraged this type of behavior for years – all one has to do is look at RHONJ. It was a matter of time before it got out of control, and frankly, I am surprised that to date, no one has been seriously injured.

    These women should not permit themselves to be used like this. At what point does the embarrassment outweigh the paycheck? I am not her biggest fan, but I have a sense Nene has reached that point, and if so, I applaud her.

    Andy and Bravo should take a long hard look at the climate they created, and if Andy, the host, can’t control these women, perhaps it’s time for him to move aside.

    April 21 at 11:07am  / 
    • sexxydiva9 

      Shame on Andy Cohen for allowing Kenya to bully Porsha Williams that statement he made is just bull. Kenya should be fired. Period

      April 21 at 11:23am  / 
  40. abirola 

    BTW, no props should be allowed on the ste and CRA CRA should not be allowed either. Bravo should be ashamed they let Kenya get out of hand! Bravo is ultimately responsible fo rthings getting out of hand.

    April 21 at 11:08am  / 
  41. Big girl g 

    You need to Go Mrs. NeNe

    April 21 at 11:08am  / 
  42. craigory38 

    Kenya continually plays the victim! I have watched her taunt, ridicule, belittle, and demean several of the housewives. Initially, I enjoyed her on the show, but eventually, I realized that she is shady on so many levels! I absolutely don’t condone violence, especially among beautiful, intelligent black women. However in this instance Porsha was continually provoked until she snapped! In my opinion, Kenya is the type of person that throws rocks and then hides her hands! I hope that Porsha is able to remain on the show if she has the opportunity, but if Porsha goes, then Kenya shouldn’t be asked back either, because she absolutely provoked the altercation with her props!

    April 21 at 11:09am  / 
  43. @datYogi 

    Nene is a true friend. I cried when she covered Porsha’s mouth to keep her from saying the wrong things. That’s a REAL friend. I love NeNe for that! Kenya, Kenya….ridiculous. She’s sought out fellow cast members since she’s been on the show and bullied other woman to solidify her spot. She’s desperate and lacks self esteem. It appears that she knows she’s not good enough to hold anyone’s interest on her own, so she has to hire men and “try” to degrade other woman to be relevant. But the most ridiculous part is her saying that she doesn’t call people derogatory names. What the hell did she think the camera people were carrying around? Wind up toys? They are cameras Kenya they were recording you and everything you’ve said. RHOA was a positive show until Kenya came along. I WILL NOT support a bully winning. #NoPorshaNoBravo

    April 21 at 11:10am  / 
  44. Graciemay102 

    Y’all are some rude women on here she asked your opinions on the show not about her character. So why don’t you just take your negative comments and shoo!!

    April 21 at 11:10am  / 
  45. ksheabrooks25 

    I feel like kenya IS A BULLY.. She comes for everyone but nene. Why didn’t kenya use her props on anybody else? When children are getting tired of being bullied how do they react? They hurt themselves, or they try to commit the same offenses that happened to them. If u ask me kenya should have been gone… & I just wanted kenya to know that her dog is dead because of her karma. God doesn’t like ugly & kenya ways are so very ugly!

    April 21 at 11:12am  / 
  46. tHeGaPeAcH 

    I was always taught the one thing you can not do is control what somebody else says out their mouth. All of the ladies on the show say things to provoke each other. No, I don’t think props should be allowed. And it was not okay nor justified for Porsha to put her hands on Kenya.

    April 21 at 11:12am  / 
  47. sarcoidosis1969 

    KenyaMoore you got what you deserved, keep your mouth shut before somebody buries you with velvet. Porsha sent ya in a TWIRL

    April 21 at 11:13am  / 
    • Jean Wright Moran 

      That “Velvet remark was very ugly!!

      April 21 at 11:17am  / 
      • R1200 

        I agree jean Wright Moran…!!! That was the wrongest of wrong and the ugliest of ugly… She should have kept that in her mind

        April 21 at 11:43am  / 
        • Jackie Knight 

          I don’t think Velvet is dead. It was a lot of FAKE tears.

          April 21 at 2:39pm  / 
  48. leopardshay 

    I honestly feel like Bravo never call Kenya out on her bullying and drama towards all of the cast members. Although what Porsha did was unacceptable, Kenya deserved it. When you push and provoke someone to the point where talking to them is no longer an option and the only way you can get your point across is to be physical then that’s where it has to go. Why does Andy let Kenya get away with using all these stupid props at the reunion all the time? First it was the fan, then the spectra and now the bullhorn. I feel like Andy kisses Kenya’s ass all the time. Porsha does not deserve to get fired because this was the first time that she has acted out of character and displayed herself negatively.

    April 21 at 11:13am  / 
  49. Donn62 

    Utterly ridiculous……Andy sat there and instigated the entire situation. When Kenya kept pointing that septor in Porsha’s face, Andy should have put a stop to it. He didn’t and it escalated to physical violence. Why was Porsha sent home and not Kenya. If he sent one home, both should have gone. Kenya talked about Karma, I would love to see what karma brings her.

    April 21 at 11:13am  / 
  50. Glenda Farrington Sanders 

    All I have to say is KENYA MOORE NEEDS TO GO!!!!

    April 21 at 11:13am  / 
  51. gotladycat 

    Kenya is a bully, she bullies all of you gals. Fighting is not the answer, but I rather see people fighting then killing. So in that , Kenya got what she asked for.

    April 21 at 11:14am  / 
  52. margesatt 

    I will be honest I watch and love the show because of you, Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha! But if Kenya continues to be apart of the cast I along with many of my friends will no longer be fans! I am a divorced Southern woman with a very polished attitude and if I had been talked to with such disrespect through a bull horn like Kenya did I am sorry to say I would have reacted the same way. Porsha had! She had every right to do what she did – you don’t talk about someone’s ex, you don’t accuse someone of cheating on their ex and lastly no Southern woman calls another a “HOE”! First of all, Kenya should not have been allowed to bring a sceptor nor a bull horn on stage and furthermore not allowed to direct at one person! Was Bravo wanting a shock factor? Andy Cohen should have stopped that immediately! Secondly, it has gotten to the point where the show is no longer exciting to watch because Kenya just tries to pick fights with everyone and then runs and hides when she is blamed for her actions and denies them! I don’t know what planet Kenya is from put you do not mess with another’s husband if they text you you don’t respond, you don’t throw a charity event in honor of someone if that person is unaware of the event for their charity and you sure don’t try to control a situation where people are late when the trip was not even you idea…honestly watching Kenya just stresses me out! NeNe I know you and Andy are friends and I am so disappointed in how he handled the situation by sending Porsha home! NeNe you are one of the original cast members left and I know you have millions of supporters so maybe you need to step in and tell Bravo all the comments you have gotten and how the viewers feel about Kenya. I just know a lot of the viewers will change the channel when the series premieres and Kenya is a part of the cast!

    April 21 at 11:15am  / 
  53. PAJI 

    Why was se allowed to bring those props in ? Say something Andy . . .don’t just sit there and look dumb!!!

    April 21 at 11:15am  / 
  54. regineboo 

    I can’t remember a time when I have been this fired up over a tv show! I can’t express enough how angry I am at Andy!! He should have been apologizing to Porsha for allowing Kenya to use those props! He was practically egging Porsha on by laughing at Kenya’s props and repeating Kenya’s accusation about cheating. I am disgusted by bravo and Andy. I won’t even waste my breath (or typing) to express my hatred towards Kenya. I will not watch the rest of the reunion. Disgusting

    April 21 at 11:16am  / 
  55. mmurphy 


    I am so sick of the TWIRL GIRL. Let them give her a TV show and lets watch is sink to the ground. Be gone Kenya!

    April 21 at 11:16am  / 
  56. Tere P 

    Kenya said people mistake her for Beyonce so perhaps that’s why she got “snatched up” like Bey’s hair did by a stage fan during a concert. She provoked her own assault. Unfortunately, Porsha fell into Kenya’s web and lashed out.

    April 21 at 11:16am  / 
  57. kwpprice1 

    hi nene! i am going to be totally honest in telling you that when i first started watching the show i did not like the way you treated people and alot of the things you did to people. with that being said, i have watched you become a better person in many ways. yes, there are times i see the old nene but you have come along way. i have began to like you and enjoy you on the show. keep up the good work. it was clear that kenya was only trying to cause problems with the props. just look at how long she played with one of them when they would not work. i think last nights show was one of the worst reunion shows i have ever watched. not only because of the kenya and porshe situation but because of the immature questions and answers that were discussed. andy likes to provoke and then act innocent when something happens. if porshe was sent home for physical abuse then kenya should have been sent home for mental abuse. it can sometimes have worse effects than the physical. i am surprised she hasn’t been hit before this especially with what she did with phedra and apollo. the more i watch these shows the more i am starting to want to quit watching. the reasons for this the fact that more and more there are things being said about things that make it seem like there is stuff being staged. i don’t like that. if this is true that makes the show a big lie. this show was always my favorite out of all the housewives show but is now my least favorite. i think kim was pushed off as well. kim was good for the show and i enjoyed watching her. especially you and her together! you guys let others ruin your friendship,, you do not look happy right now nene. not sure why or the reasons…but it is showing! you seemed very unhappy the whole season. regardess of how you and the old girls feel now, you guys did have a good chemistry together for the show. i don’t feel any chemistry now on the show between the girls. it is obvious that everything is forced for everyone. sorry, i am rambling now….ABOUT LAST NIGHTS REUNION…KENYA GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED. PORSHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME FOR WHAT HAPPENED!

    April 21 at 11:16am  / 
  58. cutnshoot 

    OK for one KENYA is not CLASSY, she is fake, like her boyfriend,,, she is NOT a HOUSEWIFE, and she needs to go. I will not continue to watch if she stays on. This show is called HOUSEWIVES……. she is NOT!!! NEVER HAS BEEN. She is broke and if not for the show she would have NO MONEY,,

    April 21 at 11:17am  / 
    • Rhonda77 


      April 21 at 11:18am  / 
    • jlm627 

      I agree! I’m OK with having a non married cast member, but Kenya brings nothing to the show. Kandi wasn’t always with Todd and still had plenty going on in her life, Sheree, Kim…there were plenty of unmarried “housewives”, but they all brought something to the table with their lives. Kenya has nothing. Her whole existence is to stir up drama, bully and provoke.

      April 21 at 11:21am  / 
    • Blaque Andproud 

      U said it!!!

      April 21 at 11:40am  / 
  59. Rhonda77 

    Everyone saying physical violence should never be tolerated. Well I say if anyone deserved it it was Kenya. She calls names, makes false statements and pokes and pokes with no fear of anyone doing anything to her azz. I say she should have gotten more. If I were Pherada I would have beat her azz long ago!!! I couldn’t watch the hoe getting dragged by the hair across the floor enough!!! I will NOT watch RHOA again if Kenya is allowed to return. She is not nor will she ever be a housewife. She is the worse housewife in housewife history and that is saying a mouth full. Get rid of her!!!

    April 21 at 11:17am  / 
  60. Roya'le Little 

    Roya’le Little
    April 21 at 11:04am / Reply
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    April 21 at 11:17am  / 
  61. Christine Robinson 

    Kenya Moore should be fired if Porsha is fired. Andy was sitting here laughing at Kenya and her antics, like she was funny . Even when he is acting like he is breaking them up he has this stupid smirk on his face until Porsha reaches around and wrenches Kenya by the hair. I hope they work this out, the blame should be on BravoTv first Kenya and then Porsha , 0nly because the the producers of the show shouldn’t have allowed Kenya to be putting things in Porsha’s face hollering in her ears with a bullhorn. Bravotv and Andy Cohen didn’t have to put any of this on tv first of all, they chose to make this public for ratings. So, being that they profited from this they shouldn’t act like they or Kenya are a victim.

    April 21 at 11:17am  / 
  62. @datYogi 

    The props were ridiculous and should NOT be allowed. As far as I’m concerned Bravo did NOT do their job in protecting Porsha and not allowing her personal space to be violated. They did nothing to defuse the situation until Porsha snapped. Bravo allowed the bully to run the show.

    April 21 at 11:17am  / 
  63. jlm627 

    Andy and the show’s producers are as much to blame as anyone. They allowed Kenya to provoke Porsche and laughed at her antics, but when Kenya finally got the reaction she wanted everyone acted shocked and appalled towards Porsche. People can only be pushed so far until they are pushed past their breaking point.
    Kenya always amazes me. She talks down to the other women and tells them to be ashamed of themselves for putting down another woman, blah blah blah. Yet she turns around and does it twice as bad to the rest of them. Sadly Porsche gave Kenya what she wanted all long.
    I think Kenya is past the point of good dramatic reality TV. Her whole existence is about provoking the others and stirring up trouble, while it should be about her life as a “real housewife” in Atlanta. Seriously, what does she bring to the table about her life? Nothing. Besides her poor puppy passing away I don’t recall anything she actually did. Move into a new house? Is that really worth of keeping her as a cast member?
    But let’s be honest. The real victim here is poor Cynthia who had her boob flashed for everyone to see. HAHA!!!

    April 21 at 11:18am  / 
  64. Rhearn 

    I feel as if Kenya had it in her heart to bring others down because her life is not where she wants it to be. Porsha’s marriage is not Kenya or anybody else’s business. If cordell gay oh well let him be. Kenya doesn’t even have a man to call gay. Porsha went at Kenya knowing that things might escalate. What porsha should have did was beat that ass! And not pull hair, kenya got in porsha’s personal space. An Kenya got what she deserved. REAL WOMEN can get a point across without props. And she wonder why her damn dog died and she can’t get pregnant . Can’t get your blessing worried about other people.

    April 21 at 11:19am  / 
  65. Debra Woods 

    Well, I’ve never been a Kenya Fan, but I do try to give the benefit of the doubt. I do not condone violence; however, Kenya provokes & is hypocritical. I must say when I see her pointing that scepter toward Porsha, I was thinking to myself … somebody needs to take that thing and bop Kenya upside her head. When you point anything in my face especially during a confrontation-that’s a threat to me. Then, I can’t believe Kenya acting as if she is above that type of behavior…she provoked it. The sad part is Porsha fell into the trap. It’s no more o.c. than Kenya calling Porsha all kinds a ‘B’s and yelling in her face. Porsha stood her ground as a lady then; but, for anyone, there is only so much abuse that you are going to take. Should Porsha be fired for it? I don’t think so. She’d had enough of Kenya’s B.S.
    Bravo should be held accountable for allowing Kenya to bring in those “props” to incite others. It’s okay as long as it boosts ratings, but then when they are “downed” for physical confrontations they want to say Porsha was out of line. Not! What did they think Kenya was gonna do with those props? Come on now…even Jesus probably would’ve slapped the piss outta her. LOL

    April 21 at 11:20am  / 
  66. Maria Maio 

    Kenya provoked, verbally assaulted and defamed MANY people throughout the season and on that reunion show. She should be FIRED as well for instigating that entire scenario. Nene you look so far removed from all of them, as if you want nothing to do with the franchise and your appearance was obligatory. Why is it that the men brawl and take shots at each other but don’t get fired? Makes no sense at ALL!! this show is about drama, there would not be a show without it, but no one should be antagonized to the point of violence. So many of the cast forget that they have been given this amazing platform that has launched their brands thus bringing them to levels professionally that they would not have otherwise been able to attain…. Everyone should be THANKFUL, GRACEFUL and RESPECTFUL whether they like it or not BRAVO has paved the way.. Kenya needs to GO and anyone else who does not want to be there should find a way to get out of their contracts because it is really disenchanting to watch people sit there in such disgust as if any of you are better than the other.. GOD doesn’t like ugly and we saw a lot of that!

    April 21 at 11:20am  / 
  67. nweb38 

    I agree with you. Kenya provokes every one. Porsha was 1000% right when she said Kenya plays the victim. If Porsha isn’t allowed to return to the Housewives after this, that will be really unfortunate. I don’t even know why Kenya is on the show. She’s never been married has no kids, what is she doing besides twirling her way into 15 minutes of fame.

    April 21 at 11:20am  / 
  68. Prince_Tonio 

    Kenya is an evil, two-faced “demon”. She is a deceitful “bitch”. She annoys the heck out of me with her ridiculousness. The props should not have been allowed on the reunion show. Furthermore, with the disrespectful manner in which Kenya was utilizing her “should-not-allowed” props on stage, the production crew show have had them confiscated.

    I am not saying violence is acceptable but when pushed to the limit, one will react and sometime that reaction results with a punch in the face or just simply drag a bitch. Enough is enough.

    I love Porsha. She don’t go looking or starting trouble. Trouble been knocking at her door and she has been containing herself. Despicable Kenya provoked her until Porsha had no other choice but to react.

    When one is faced with a situation as Porsha was, either of two will happen: (1) go into flight mode / run away or (2) fight mode> well we all know which mode Porsha went into. I was pissed they had Porsha leave the show. Kenya needs to get a life.

    Bravo please get it together and bring back my girl, Porsha!!!

    April 21 at 11:20am  / 
  69. runningfool 

    Watching last night’s episode was a disgrace to is women!! I love Housewives of Atlanta especially you NeNe but the way women act during the past and the current Reunion some of them are “mean girls”!! Kenya knew exactly what she was doing by taking those props to the Reunion and shame on the Bravo network for allowing this to happen. I know it’s all about ratings but at whose expense and safety. You can’t continue to push someone’s button throughout the past 2 seasons and not expect for someone to finally reach their breaking point…NeNe I commend you for trying to keep Porscha calm and regain her composure after that ordeal. You have become a Lady throughout these years on the series! Much love to you and your family!!

    April 21 at 11:20am  / 
  70. Reka 

    I think Kenya got what she deserve because when u put a weapon in someone face that’s considered a threat porsha ignored her Andy didn’t confront Kenya only laugh at her behavior. Then her second prop Andy didn’t say anything but continue let Kenya disrespect her so she snap and Kenya not innocent because she stood up so I see that as she was welcoming the confrontation and whatever it’s outcome! If Kenya would just stayed seated then I been like ok she just talking an don’t want to fight but after all she did to taunt this lady and she stood up she was ready to box like a boxer when they in the corner and talking bs it’s cool but when they face up then that means both parties are ready to deal with the outcome so porsha wasn’t wrong!! Andy and Kenya was.

    April 21 at 11:21am  / 
    • Jean Wright Moran 

      It was not a weapon!!

      April 21 at 11:25am  / 
  71. DMB 

    I really did not understand Andy. You thought it was okay for Kenya to bring props and to have them all in Porsha’s personal space. You even laughed. But you did not see Porsha getting tired and standing up for herself, Wow! Nobody believes that. If you did not want it to go there, you should have told Kenya ass to learn to control herself and stop that dumb shit.

    April 21 at 11:22am  / 
  72. Jean Wright Moran 

    Everyone is trying to blame Kenya for what happened. I watched the show twice, and Kenya was being Kenya. but also Porsha did her share of talking about the woman…She talked about Her “private parts”, called Her out of Her name. She thought it funny when Phadra and Kenya were exchanging words. Kenya called her “dumb”..Truth hurts. Porsha is a whinny immature person. She brings nothing to the show. I think She needs to go. It is NEVER ok to put your hands on someone, and on National TV, How embarrassing for both of them. Kenya needs to charge Her “DUMB” Ass with assault.

    April 21 at 11:23am  / 
  73. kentuckycollies 

    I believe that you are absolutely right, Props should not be allowed and at some point someone had to shut down Kenya because I would have whooped her ass a long time ago and I don’t condone violence either but there are some people who just continually provoke until the other person snaps and this is a result of that. I love Porsha and I wish they would let her come back, but I do like the drama Kenya adds and I hope she really isn’t the way she acts because she is rather pitiful.

    April 21 at 11:23am  / 
  74. monii19 

    I find it amazing that kenya has put her hands on other women on the show & yet she’s still there causing chaos If porsha goes kenya should go. Kenya has no value outside of choas, no true purpose herself. She has no respect for anyone, not even herself.

    April 21 at 11:23am  / 
  75. Blkfeline69 

    Nene, first, you acted very detached. Have you outgrown RHOA? Or has the fact , that the show has reached a whole new ghetto level causing you concern about its impact on your emerging career? Frankly, Kenya should have been handled last reunion for having that 99 cent beauty supply store fan. You should have tightened her up when she tugged on your ear. Andy Cohen reacted too slowly and incorrectly. No one, let me repeat No one believes for one minute, he cared about what happened. He gets a RH award for “Worst Acting in A Non-Supporting Role”. He needs to have “several seats”. One thing you can bank on if Bravo fires Porsha for this mess, there are MANY of us who will no longer watch.

    April 21 at 11:23am  / 
  76. Kani Thornton 

    OFF TOPIC but i couldnt find a place to post, ABSOLUTELY loved everything you were shown on the one episode about your clothing line except for the hideous black leather dress Cant wait to see more !

    April 21 at 11:24am  / 
  77. Jessica Velasquez 

    Nene, I love ya and the fact that you went over to Porsha and calm her down speaks VOLUMES! the fact that Kenya went to Andy and said “She should be fired” then ran proves she can push and push but as soon as she is about to be called out then she becomes the victim and the fact that she is demading that Porsha leave or she leaves makes me so happy that Porsha pulled her hair! All I know is that Kenya was allowed to bully people and she got away with it. If Kenya doesnt leave I will stop watching the show. Its BS that Bravo has let her get away with so much!

    April 21 at 11:25am  / 
    • Jean Wright Moran 

      Kenya brings drama to the show, without drama there is no show. Porsha is boring.

      April 21 at 11:29am  / 
      • Ollie 

        she doesnt bring the right kind of drama…

        April 21 at 11:41am  / 
    • debs 

      Negative attention, especially when touting “I am a role model for black girls” is BAD and shouldn’t be allowed. You can have drama without Kenya’s BS, an example needs to be set for all the Housewives franchises that pushing someone until they punch you is not allowed and will NOT be tolerated.

      Kenya, a role model?? PLUUEEZZZEEEEEE………… A role model for gangster ghetto hoes.

      April 21 at 11:36am  / 
  78. McLean Jacqueline 

    I understand where Porsha was coming from and I’m team Porsha all day long. It really wasn’t necessary for Kenya to have her props and put them in Porsha’s face. She talked over everyone when they exposed her foolishness and put that bullhorn in Porsha’s face. Truthfully, I don’t like to see black women fighting each other but I was glad that Porsha brought her down to her knees… She asked for it and she got it. Tell Anfy Kenya need to apologize to eveyone and so Bravo for allowing Kenya to Go that far. .

    April 21 at 11:26am  / 
  79. tanzie 

    Bravo and Andy act like they have not watch this season turn into one of the most ugliest seasons every in all the housewives shows but i guess that’s what they wanted. When Porscha pulled that scepter out of Kenya hands and told her she will put that up her ass, then it should have been addressed but no Andy comment was its a shame her stupid wand was on the floor, I think it was childish of Kenya to then pull out a BULLHORN. Does anybody know how loud that can be? Kenya deserves everything she gets its just karma. she talked about porsha, she talked about NeNe, she talked about Kandi, she talked about Phaedra and wanted her husband. Kenya is an attention Whore and she finally got attention when Porsha put hands on her. if these people been watching all seasons of RHOA then they should know you had your moments and was ridiculed for everything you did but now its Kenya everybody wanna cry…FOH..nene do your thang and forget about these people and bravo, if bravo don’t wanna pay you anymore then leave and watch how much that show will be watched.

    April 21 at 11:28am  / 
    • Mz Lyric 

      Exactly! People wana cry “poor Kenya” i got pissed when Andy told Porsha she needed to apologize to that spacemonkey! FOH like really?! But she dont have to apologize for what she did….MIND U KENYA ALWAYS TALKIN SHIT BOUT HOW SHE WOULD WHOOP SOMEONE ASS…..BUT u rand off screen talkin bout “i will not be hit on tv” CTFU WHY? SO SHE CAN LIE & CLAIM SHE GOT THE BEST OF SOMEONE & SHE CAN HOLD HER OWN…..but u couldnt get ya hair out of Porsha hands? *side eye* yea OK!

      April 21 at 11:42am  / 
  80. Kimison 

    Even though I do not condone violence, Kenya deserved a lot more than that hair snatch. Since Kenya came on the show I have not enjoyed it as much. She is a disgrace,her behavior is childish and desperate. Andy Cohen needs to really look at this situation as it really is. Bravo’s quest for ratings and intrigue is bringing this franchise down into the gutter and if Kenya comes back next season and Porsha does not I will not be watching another season.

    April 21 at 11:28am  / 
  81. danabcc1997 

    All of these women provoke each other, so to make Kenya seem like the bad guy is ridiculous. That couples night out…Nene you knew what you were doing and the confusion it would create, but that was ok, right! If Kenya can resist slapping Pharaoh after calling her out of her name and making the very mean comments about “fried eggs…ect” Porsche can control herself as well. Stop making excuses for Porsche…you all are guilty of doing the provoking.

    April 21 at 11:29am  / 
    • Jean Wright Moran 


      April 21 at 11:30am  / 
    • Drew2014 

      Exactly!!!! They all play dirty! Phadera and nene was throwing shots a kenya but did kenya get up and fight them, no! So why was it okay for porsha to fight kenya? Porsha was saying malicious things to kenya but as soon as kenya says something about her marriage, and calling her a hoe, porsha gets mad and wants to pull hair and drag her. Im so confused by people thinking!

      April 21 at 11:43am  / 
    • Dee 

      Absolutely! That’s why we watch the show.
      Porsha should not have put her hands on Kenya. All of these women have dogged Porsha all season long, but Kenya is the only one she seems to go after. I was a Porsha fan, as she was the only housewife on the show and she was quite content to be a trophy wife. Now she done listened to Nene and the other women and lost her hubby. Time for her to go…she is way out of her league.

      April 21 at 3:51pm  / 
  82. MissMolly 

    The episode last night was terrible!!! First off I felt bad for Cynthia and her boob… With that said… Kenya was allowed to bring props that would set a tone to the taping. She was antagonizing everyone the whole show, she is an actress, (not a very good one but none the less) she is good for Bravo ratings.
    My questions after seeing the show are these

    How can Andy sit there and allow someone to treat people in a mean a malicious way?
    Why did Andy make a public announcement about not condoning violence?
    Sure Bravo tolerates violence and encourages it
    Case in Point –Teresa and Danielle Joe vs. Joe that got very violent. Not to mention all the hair pulling on the show with Kim and Nene, Kenya and Nene, Tamara throwing wine in Gina’s face.
    Why weren’t there announcements then?
    Is this a race thing?
    Now, Bravo doesn’t condone violence???
    It looked more to me that Porsha just pulled her hair and was about to lay into her, which I have to say she deserved to get that big ass of hers whopped.
    This whole season was off to me. Nene you used to be my favorite but I think that you need a new show with more challenges. You have been here, done this, and you are working on other jobs. This year everyone can see you are above this, you need to move to Beverly Hills and be on that cast. Bloop!

    April 21 at 11:29am  / 
  83. apple85 

    I enjoy the reunion Im so proud of porsha forgetting at Kenya she runs her mouth too much she play too many games in she is a character I didn’t think it would have been porsha lol but it was bound to happen the way kenya was all OVA Apollo if I was his wife I would have got her and he would have been a step away from getting a divorce because it was so disrespectful in the way he treated his wife so yes I think she got what she deserved and also nee nee my favorite person on the show TEAM NEE NEE

    April 21 at 11:30am  / 
  84. Lipslikecandy 

    Kenya got just what she deserved, Porsha had had enough and lost it…hell I don’t condone violence but that bullying had to be nipped in the bud. I pray they don’t fire Porsha I like her, she has no malice in her, she fights back but she’s not a shit starter…no she ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but her heart is pretty pure from what I see. If she goes so should that delusional ass Kenya…crazy as a soup sandwich.

    April 21 at 11:31am  / 
  85. queenmo23 

    I believe Kenya prive and provokes people to get an reaction. I belive Porsha when she says that Kenya plays victim. Them props Kenya had was hilarous but it would have pissed me off to the max had she would have used them on me. I am glad Porsha got in her ass cause I felt Phadrea should have already went there and beat Apollo’s as well. Oops that another story, it just proves that Kendra bark is bigger than her bite which I knew but I honestly didn’t think Porsha had it in her!

    April 21 at 11:31am  / 
  86. lovesumRHOA33 

    NeNe you are absolutely right. No one should be provoke or provoked. I think Kenya came to that reality reunion with an agenda. Her target was all of the women except Cynthia. Kenya thought that porsha was gonna let everything slide but Kenya went way below the belt. Clearly it is a sensitive subject of Porsha to talk about her marriage to Cordell, Kenya seen this all season long, so for Kenya to go in on Porsha concerning her marriage to a man that she clearly loved was very low and Kenya got what she was asking for.

    April 21 at 11:32am  / 
  87. Mz Lyric 

    I was HAPPY AS HELL! Kenya ALWAYS running her gimp!(mouth for those who dont know what i mean by gimp) She needed to know u can’t keep coming for people when they didnt send u a personal invite! Another thing is….(and i quote) “She not married….nor engaged…. WHY OH WHY is she on HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA….. when she clearly DON’T have a man OR is she a housewife?” Things that make u go…….HMMMMMM….. thats my 10cents…no change…no shade! She (Kenya) wana let the girls (Ms Lawrence ) give her ideas & props when that mess was uncalled for. PERIOD! Everyone laughs when Keyna do stupid shit now she got her ass snatched hunnie Porsha is the problem? I beg to differ. They allowed Kenya to sit tthere and continually go at Porsha about her marriage when this heffa cant even find a man that will knock her up?! Its women who have “unplanned pregnancy all the time.” Maybe if she stop tryna worry about being a woman version of a Drag Queen & focus on her love life she too could have a man like everyone else on the show. And let me close by saying my comment is not a stab a gay men or drag queens cause im a lesbian woman & I LIVE FOR MY LGBT COMMUNITY! But it do piss meoff when a woman takes on too much character & flamboyance of a gay man & cant hold their own…example “Kenya Whore Moore” *in my Phedra voice*.

    (*sidebar* if u dont like NeNe or what or who she is….. why would u sign up for her blogs? O.o ijs)

    April 21 at 11:32am  / 
  88. Donna Lewis 

    Kenya was wrong, point blank and the period, you can’t keep pushing a person, she finally pushed the right one.

    April 21 at 11:33am  / 
  89. debs 

    NeNe, we all know right from wrong and when we are being played; this was not the first reunion that they allowed Kenya a prop, remember last year it was that stupid fan! Bravo is as guilty as anyone in this situation for allowing Kenya to use props to push buttons, especially a friggin bull horn.

    Whoopi Goldberg even said on The View today that she would have done the same thing as Porsha if someone poked her with a scepter and yelled with a bullhorn in her face.

    Andy needs to FIRE KENYA to set a precedent for all the Real Housewives Show. Her behaviour is outrageous and she had some nerve pressing charges against Porsha, Bravo should have put their foot down with her and told Kenya don’t make this worse. But yet, Kenya can’t help herself, she is one sick puppy if you ask me.

    April 21 at 11:33am  / 
    • armymom 

      Absolutely spot on……. totally agree. Shame on Andy he is executive producer I wont be watching anymore as long as they allow bullies (Kenya) to get away and play victim.

      April 21 at 11:43am  / 
  90. Ollie 

    What did Kenya expect !?!? All she does is stir the pot and push peoples buttons it just so happens that Porsha has had enough at that moment… I mean the bully that is Kenya just hit a wall. If “Bravo” doesn’t condone physical abuse it sure does condone psychological abuse. Kenya has been pushing Porsha s buttons since day 1… i mean obviously Kenya is threatened by Porsha on on all levels. Put the incident with Porsha aside Kenya was gonna get it from one person or an other i mean going after people s husbands, stealing peoples ideas, using peoples names to your own benefit. Kenya likes to act like she s the shit but really, she is laughable with her twirls, toys and BS… 2 words HOT MESS! She doesn’t do “villain” good… she s just crazy… it s petty-full.

    April 21 at 11:33am  / 
  91. kristytyme 

    Bullies exist because people give them power. Shame on Bravo, shame on Andy, and shame on Kenya for all playing a key role in the whole episode last night of “LIVE” bullying at its finest. The moment anyone saw her enter the building with props, of any sort, the bullying was enabled. Porsha was justified in her response and Kenya received what was warranted. A bully has to be put in her place. Since Kenya is so into props – she should sit the next round with duck tape over her mouth. Then again, maybe if we all stopped watching RHOA and enabling Kenya’s ignorance to be a part of our day Bravo will see the public has an opinion to the tourment they allowed to be shown in that episode. Bring back the RHOA REAL women – NeNe, Kim, Sheree, Candy – women who had and HAVE substinence and etiquette about them.

    April 21 at 11:33am  / 
  92. R1200 

    NeNe is full of ish!!! Acting like she never got physical with anyone… Kim must be rolling over in her lounge chair!!! NeNe is constantly running up in people’s face (like at that little party she gave where she was the messiest of the messy boots, instigating, talking crazy to people and all up in Kenya’s face like she wanted to fight) I can’t stand anyone who points fingers at someone else but can’t take responsibility for their own actions (NENE)… Also, at the reunion show you sat there the entire time suckin teeth and rollin eyes… How irritating are you???? Hopefully we won’t get to see you next season! If you show up for taping I won’t be tuning in (TRUST)…. Porsha must have been called stupid just one time to many and she snapped… Doesn’t matter what her reason is I think she should be kicked off for actually putting her hands on Kenya. And yes, Kenya was annoying with her props however, that’s why she did it!!!… to be annoying!!! Why catch feelings and react to it Porsha? I think Porsha had a lil point to prove and went about it the wrong way…. Now you need to prove your point from your couch like errrr body else STUPID!!!! NENE!!… You make for BAD RATCHET TV Mrs SquarePants!!! And the next time you decide to speak on somebody’s body…. MAKE SURE YOURS IS ON POINT… or on square in your case!!!!! I’m annoyed by you on sooo many levels…. Poof-BE-GONE

    April 21 at 11:34am  / 
    • ladyc29 

      I totally agree. Nene is the s*!t starter. This season she has been very two faced and just mean to everyone. She started to feel herself a little too much. One thing I can say about Kenya is that she is constant. You know wht your gonna get from her..a little crazy…but genuine. Porsha is immature and dumb and unstable and should not have put her hands on Kenya. In my opinion they are just jealous of Kenya, especially Phedra with her convict husband. Kenya is the realest woman on the show.

      April 21 at 4:03pm  / 
  93. Drew2014 

    I seriously believe the producers wanted kenya to bring props because if they didnt want her to bring props then they would have made that clear and took them away! Nene leaks was and still is a bully, she may had changed but not all the way! I like nene but this season made me second guess that because at the pillow talk she was provoking everything with those questions. But yet nene isnt a bully? Porsha has nothing to bring to this show, she is VERY immature and not a smart thinker! Yes i would have snatched the wond myself from kenya, putting it in my face but thats it! I would not had gotten physical with kenya! And if nene and phaedra talked to porsha prior to the reunion about what kenya might do and for porsha to not get physical then why she do it? I think nene wanted porsha to go which is why her and phaedra sent porsha to do the dirty work! ALL the ladies go toe to toe with oneanother exchanging words but they did not get physical at the reunions, so what makes what porsha did okay? Im team kenya on this one! Porsha needs to get fired because an example needs to be set! That is their job and at a job physically fighting can and will get you fired! Kenya plays these reality shows how they should be played, remember porsha its not really reality tv! Both all and all both ladies were wrong but i vote porsha out!

    April 21 at 11:35am  / 
  94. Ms.Texas84 

    Kenya Morewhore, is a attention seeking heffa. She is threatened and jealous of anyone who is prettier, more relivent, and married. How did she even get on the show, she’s not a wife? And I gadded “you are a slut from the ’90s”… Flatlined lmao!!!!

    April 21 at 11:35am  / 
  95. armymom 

    Weirdest reunion show I have EVER watched. Props No Kenya pushes until a person breaks. And ANDY before you make Porsha apologize I did not hear you tell Kenya the same. She is as much to blame waving that childish wand and the megaphone. .. come on what did you think was going to happen. Your ratings mean nothing when you let people step over the lines. You should have not allowed the wand nor megaphone period.

    April 21 at 11:36am  / 
  96. Shena72 

    The bottom line is that props should not have been allowed at the reunion. Let’s not forget that Kenya’s behind brought her fan to the last reunion opening and closing it in dramatic fashion. I thought something was going to pop off at the time. She is really annoying!!

    April 21 at 11:36am  / 
  97. Loveknowsness 

    I think your right NENE. How is it that she was able to bring props and stick thinks in peoples faces and be seen as the victim. NO violence is not the answer but how the hell do you deal with such antics.

    April 21 at 11:37am  / 
  98. crissy 

    Shut up Lady Tamar.. Its a show. Get a life or friend

    April 21 at 11:37am  / 
  99. Sheila Gulley 

    BRAVO, tired of phony people acting like, OH these woman are too old, they are this, they are that. Can I get a high five Porsha? If all the girls leave beside the Rotten coochie girl(nice one Porsha)next channel, cuz it won’t be entertainment. Like all of Kenya’s phantom men, she leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Tell Kenya bye, bye, take her up on her offer. She knows the highway really well.

    April 21 at 11:37am  / 
  100. R1200 

    While reading comments I couldn’t believe the number of N Leaks supporters praising NeNe for her actions and agreeing with her ridiculous opinions and then I realized…. This is a NeNe fan site (BLANK STARE) BEEMING UP OUTTA HUR…. EXITING STAGE RIGHT!!!!!!

    April 21 at 11:37am  / 
  101. Blaque Andproud 

    Kenya is one of those ratchet DRAMA queens who like to talk a lot of game but when the action starts, she running. If she was bold enough to say the things she said & stand in Kenya’s face like she was ready, the she shoulda been woman enough to take what was coming!! Kenya, have several seats!!

    April 21 at 11:38am  / 
    • SheShe2 

      Nene has also been a ratchet drama queen. Porsha flat out isn’t ready for the big leagues.

      April 21 at 1:15pm  / 
  102. trishagirl7 

    Kenya is too much. I happy that Portia defended herself just not at that time. Kenya needs her weave and her tongue ripped out. I was happy that all the girls stood up and went to her aide. I don’t think putting NeNe hands over Portia mouth was necessary but I guess talking while the cameras were on wasn’t good either. Alto of the girls play the part of disrespect this season. You had a lot of pick and choice friends to side with this season. I don’t know why Kenya is still there. Portia should not have been to leave unless Kenya left too. The show should not condone provocative actions either. Portia been thru a lot Kenya lost her dog but look at all the trouble she causes karma is a bitch and has no name on revenge. I wish Kandi luck with tTodd and Cynthia well with Bailey industries and southern bell the best too. Really thou y’all need to represent ALT and HOUSEWIVES. NENE TRIES to tell everybody all season that she wanted to keep NaNa in. Respect that boundary. just because you work together or be friends does not mean kiss my ass. Get Kenya off the show send her ass to Africa to see if she can find her man and if she does custom has it he has 3 more wives waiting to meet her fake ass.

    April 21 at 11:38am  / 
  103. housewifefan1128 

    What I don’t understand is why is Andy all of a sudden not tolerating violence? There have been many fights on all of the housewives franchises and now that it involves Kenya it’s not okay? Shame on Bravo! Be consistent! I think Porsha had every right to stand up for herself after being provoked for two years! Is violence okay? No! However Bravo continues to allow Kenya to provoke all the ladies in order for them to continue to get their ratings. It’s about time someone stood up for themselves! I am sadden and sickened that Bravo has not punished Kenya in anyway for all of her bullying she has done. Guess the bully always wins right? What is that promoting Bravo?

    I also don’t think that props should be allowed. Again, I’m sure Bravo thought it would be good entertainment to watch Kenya the clown use them but look where I led to. One of these days the “props” will turn into weapons amongst the ladies. Then the fights will be a lot more serious than the one on the reunion.

    April 21 at 11:39am  / 
    • shugeedee 

      I agree, 100 percent!

      April 21 at 1:23pm  / 
  104. Stryker Simms 

    Kenya has been bullying and proviking Porsha all season. Then she shows up at the reunion putting that scepter in Porsha’s face and talking all loud on that bullhorn. I would punched her in the face instead of pulling her hair. A woman can only take so much disrespect! Andy shld have sent Kenya home, not Porsha. Kenya should definitely be fired. Be gone with the wind unemployed. If she’s on the show next season, I will not be watching. I’ve already removed Watch What Happens Live from my DVR b/c gay ass Andy was dead wrong for firing Porsha!

    April 21 at 11:39am  / 
  105. Stryker Simms 


    April 21 at 11:40am  / 
  106. vagriffin 


    April 21 at 11:40am  / 
  107. angclay 

    Bravo should have never allowed Kenya to bring props on the show to taunt people. She loves to provoke people and expect nothing to happn to her. she a wanna be. she wanna be a star. she wanna be NENE, she wanna be a wife etc…Making up a fake charity event using NENE’s name, then putting her on the spot and making it look like NENE was the crazy one. Showing up where Apollo is when she knew Phaedra wasn’t there. smh shes underhanded. Porsha should not be fired. All the other people fighting on Bravo has never been fired!!! Kenya should be suspended or something for her role in it and props should no long be allowed. She uses those things because she doesn’t want her lies exposed! SHE IS JUST A BALL OF LIES

    April 21 at 11:42am  / 
  108. Jacquelyn Nicole 

    Great Post NeNe. Kenya has been a Bully for the past 2 seasons and as Porsha said it best, Kenya Plays the victim. I know drama keeps the show running (or does it?) BUT Kenya’s drama is way too much. The only reason she does not come for NeNe is because she is scared. I like Porsha for the show she brings something to it, the only one that is a tad irrelevant is Mrs. Bailey… But I guess in order to keep Petrina (Peter) you need her. LOL IF Kenya is still on the show next season my watch parties will end because I won’t watch, she makes me sick to my stomach. THat is all.

    April 21 at 11:42am  / 
  109. Yolo 

    Kenya thought she knew who to mess with. I’m so glad Porsha got her I just wish she would have left her with a good reminder of who not to mess with…like a black eye or deviated septum. Here’s the deal, she thought Porsha was just going to breakdown and cry. She didn’t know she was going to dragged like a ragdoll. That’s what you call a bully, she instigated a fight and when she got knocked up side the head it’s somebody else’s fault…#GIRL BYE. I don’t think she got what she deserved, I think she got off easy. Everybody’s saying “I don’t condone violence” but what I think is the energy and negativity you put into the world is what you get back. That being said, Kenya is definitely not done getting her bad karma back. I hope she doesn’t have a baby because nobody deserves that for a mother. But now that I think about it…is it really her fault that she is a nutcase because she said she came from a long line of them so maybe she should get a pass….NAAAAAHHH!!! I also think NeNe and Phaedra needs to give her one good JAB to the throat just for GP… OK I’m done…I’m going to repent #teamNeNe #teamPorsha #teamPhaedra

    April 21 at 11:42am  / 
  110. mytwocents 

    Shame on Andy and whomever else responsible for allowing that clown to sit up there with those foolish props! Last year it was that stupid ass fan and this year the Wicked Witch of the dirty south had the nerve to have a wand LLS…and a bullhorn??? I mean come on now! That’s verbal and physical abuse right there and Andy had the nerve to ask Porsha “what happened what went wrong” ummm you sat there and let her point that f****** stick in my face and shout at me through a bullhorn! That’s what went wrong!!! How long do you sit there and allow someone to continuously point a stick in your face before you snatch it from them and stick it up their ass and yell at you through a bullhorn just a couple feet away? It seemed loud to us watching but just imagine how loud it had to be to Porsha and not to mention Cynthia who was sitting right next to Kenya. Its a childish and disrespectful circus act and its no wonder Porsha reacted the way she did! Not the right thing to do but definitely the reaction Kenya was pushing for. I WILL NOT watch next season if this idiot stays and Porsha is fired!

    April 21 at 11:43am  / 
  111. Patsy Collins Hood 

    You know….I love the housewives. All of them. Without Kenya….we wouldn’t have all this excitement. If any of them leave…it won’t be the same. These ladies are entertaining. We wouldn’t watch if there were no drama. It would be boring as hell. Kenya knows how to push buttons and she clearly knows how to keep us entertained. So stop hating and enjoy the show. LOVED last night’ reunion. TOP ratings.

    April 21 at 11:43am  / 
  112. Jennhunter 

    I think last nights display from Kenya was completely out of line and should not go unpunished. Kenya was pushing and provoking the woman all night and was just down right bullying Porsha. I think the use of props, especially props that are used to provoke and dig at people,should not be allowed at the reunion shows. Kenya is the only idiot who ever brings that kind of crap. Andy should have put a stop to Kenya and her props from the moment she brought out her “witches wand” and kept pointing it in Porsha’s face. The minute she grabbed the bull horn Andy should have shut it down and the other women should have spoke up and said they would not continue if Kenya was going to continue to bully people with her toys. I don’t condone violence but I can’t blame Porsha for reacting the way she did…Kenya had it coming. I also feel that if Porsha was going to be sent home then Kenya should have been sent home as well. She is just as much at fault. I think it’s crazy that she pressed charges against Porsha and I think Porsha should do the same to Kenya under the grounds of harassment and bullying. I think RHOA need to do themselves a favor and fire Kenya. She is a liability and bad for business not to mention no one likes her anyway.

    April 21 at 11:44am  / 
  113. fabalous83 

    Nene, I am a true fan of yours. I love your personality and the points you make. After seeing the show I got the true facts from the tabloid reports. Kenya should of not been allowed to bring those two props to the reunion. Those were not acceptable and they were provoking. Kenya got what she deserved and I feel what Porsha did it could of been her or the other housewives because she has bullyed and pushed everyone to the edge. I feel bad for Porsha because she lost it and did not realize that was not the time or place to do that until after the fact. I believe she had no clue to what she did blacking out because of the history she had with Kenya. I worry though if she will return after Andy and her one on one talk. Kenya was dead wrong and knew what she was doing but I know rules are in place for violence behavior and this could be it for Porsha. But it should also be the end for Kenya as well. Nene you are doing big things I used to see you had a passion for the show but have lost interest as its no longer the sane. My opinion is you has fun while it lasted but I think its time for you to pursue other things your doing great and whatever you do and go I will follow you but miss you on the show. Love you Nene Leakes!

    April 21 at 11:45am  / 
  114. Andria McKee 

    I cant watch this show anymore, Kenya has a real social disorder called sociopathic and narcissism personality disorder- she is going to tear everyone down while blaming them and making her self as the victim for the ultimate goal of being center of attention. I would not doubt if she murdered her own dog to get sympathy and be the center. her behavior is deplorable and absolutely breaks other boundaries, etc I cant give Bravo ratings and encourage this wrong behavior. I understand the show can be scripted, etc but Kenya has something really wrong with her and I cannot stomach her abuse to others anymore.

    April 21 at 11:45am  / 
  115. ShugaMumma 

    This is all,so,sad, the producers and Andy should be held accountable for allowing Kenya to taunt and bully Porsha. Porsha should file a workplace lawsuit, she was place in a hostile environment. I believe that Andy and Kenya planned this ,because Kenya stated immediately “hit me and you’re fired”. I have NO respect for Andy whatsoever. I also think that Bravo should be fined a significant amount for this BAFOOLERY.. Then andy had that nerves to tell Porsha she should apologize, WHO APOLOGIZE TO THEIR BULLY?.. Andy wouldn’t tolerate someone pointing a scepter at him or yelling at him with a bullhorn. Andy also did not react to Stassi Schroeder when she slapped fire from Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules..I could guess the reason why, but I digress. What the cast have to remember is Andy and the producers don’t mind making y’all look stupid that’s his motive.

    April 21 at 11:46am  / 
    • MsPammie 

      How was Kenya bullying Porsha? I watched the episode and both ladies were going back and forth. I heard Porsha talking about Kenya’s nonexistent man and that she going to pay a man and all types of thing. Kenya said that it was Karma that kicked in on Porsha, she also said that Porsha cheated on her husband. Arguing is not bullying. A real woman would NEVER put her hand on someone for talking. She showed how weak she really is mentally. Say what you have to say and keep it moving. There must have been some truth to what Kenya was saying for Porsha to get sooo upset. Cordell did not throw Porsha out on the street and not give her any money for nothing. Who assaults someone when the cameras are rolling? That was really dumb, she knows it that is why she started crying. She played herself then, tried to play victim. Not classy at all Porsha. If those words hurt that bad you would have done better catching her in the dressing room or in the parking lot or something. If someone has to go it should be PORSHA

      April 21 at 12:01pm  / 
      • George-Anthony Camacho 

        yes!!! they throw this bully thing around too much! porsha needs to be charged and taken to jail like any normal person in America. And yet to think she has roots to dr. king. smh

        April 21 at 1:28pm  / 
  116. Sue Linear 


    April 21 at 11:47am  / 
  117. Sheila Gomez 

    She is clearly a bully. I have given her chances on the show to try and like her and she is a snake. And for Andy to not stop that whole prop horn from her and tell that in people’s face is his fault as well. I am against violence and live a Christian life but I think even with my beliefs, someone like her could push one too far to smack her. She’s lucky she didn’t get a full beat down from everyone

    April 21 at 11:47am  / 
  118. Lashay01 

    If anyone needs to apologize to anyone it’s Kenya because she had no business bringing those items to the show. She purposely taunted Porsha and I don’t care who you are everyone has their limits and Porsha obviously was fed up. That’s a NORMAL reaction when you’ve been disrespected continuously by someone. Andy said that Porsha owes Kenya an apology but why didn’t he speak up when Kenya was pointing objects in Porsha’s face and yelling in her direction, invading her PERSONAL space. And also why does Bravo allow Kenya to disrupt the reunions the way that she does? If she never brought her “props” she wouldn’t of gotten dragged to the floor. Kenya is very much to blame for her ignorance and classless ways.

    April 21 at 11:48am  / 
  119. paulaD 

    I put all the blame on BRAVO!! They should in no way let Kenya or anyone have props for the reunion show. They are just asking for trouble. BRAVO KNEW what they were doing. Hoping to get a rise out of any of the ladies. Shame on you BRAVO!

    April 21 at 11:49am  / 
  120. Leslieboo 

    Nene, the examples of you being provoked do not count as provocation in the real world. They are mere annoyances, not any reason to react in anger.

    Firstly, Marlo is enough of Bravo’s brand to be on 2 seasons of RHOA and on your spinoff as your brideSmaid. Just because someone behind the scenes told you that she wasn’t their brand doesn’t mean that they can’t change their mind. If you get annoyed by that, well that’s on you.

    Secondly, Kenya touched your ear when she was asking you to listen to her. You were still friends at that time. Don’t pretend that she was trying to start a fight with you because that would just be trifling.

    Thirdly, if you didn’t want to go to the charity event, then you should not have. You’re an adult, no one can force you to do things. If you were soooo annoyed, that’s your choice but don’t act like it was a provocation . You said terrible things to Kenya at the pillow talk party but she kept her cool with you. That’s what adults do.

    April 21 at 11:49am  / 
  121. MsPammie 

    I like all of the ladies collectively as it makes for good tv. They ALL talk about each other all the time. I am not sure why Kenya’s words hurt them more than anyone elses. If anyone had to go. I feel Porsha should go. I like her, she is very pretty and I feel for people who cry a lot, but she is not entertaining to watch. I DVR the show becuase I travel alot and many time can’t watch the show. Most of the time when I watch the show, I fast forward when it comes to scenes with Porsha in them. Most of the scenes are talking to her mom or sister or crying. They are not very entertaining.

    April 21 at 11:50am  / 
  122. RHOMyHouse 

    I will never condone physical violence. Porsche was wrong. Grown women can go word for word without talking over each other and let anyone interested in choosing sides do so. If Porsha was so emotionally vulnerable to Kenya, she should have asked to be moved; if people can’t sit together they should be separated. Kenya would have been waving her sceptre to the air! I commend you for respecting yourself, your family and your brand and realizing what is a good look for you. I love when you walked away from Marlo. Adults show restraint. Children pull hair and have tantrums. If Kenya has been inappropriate or bullied any other cast members, it was their responsibility to address it as adults. Let’s stop using the word “bully” when it doesn’t apply. None of these women are defenseless. Kudos to you for helping Porsha –well, trying to help her keep her mouth shut. Hopefully, future episodes will help viewers see that women can repair relationships, and if not, they can move on and be successful!

    April 21 at 11:50am  / 
  123. debi.mercier 

    Look the whole thing is messed up!! But it is a reality TV show and that is what people like to see, DRAMA!!
    Remember when the Real World came out in the 90′s? People were glued to the TV waiting for the next explosion!!

    April 21 at 11:50am  / 
  124. middlekid 

    Kenya has been picking on Porsha from day one. She thought Porsha was dumb and young and she picked on her. Kenya is from Detroit and she knows good and doggone well that putting your hand/specter and a bullhorn in someone’s face will get you beat…and it did. I know Porsha is upset that Kenya brought her to that level, but everyone has a breaking point and Kenya now knows Porsha’s point! SMH!

    April 21 at 11:53am  / 
  125. Leslieboo 

    Another thing, what is worse, touching someone’s ear or slamming the door in someone’s face because they are late? Then trash talking the person in front of a group of people for the unforgivable sin of being late and not texting? If Kenya had reacted to those provocations, she would have been blamed yet again for causing grown adults to act like children.

    April 21 at 11:54am  / 
  126. Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

    i feel bravo and andy is the blame for this one andy sat back giggling the whole time kenya was showing her ass,all of you lady’s come’s with empty hand and kenya should be made to do the same but andy allows it and for that kenya started it and kenya got served.really bravo and andy owes porsha an apology for allow that girl to taunt and bully her like that there only so much a person can take

    April 21 at 11:54am  / 
  127. plewis1391 

    The situation that happened last night just goes to show that “WORDS” do hurt and are “PROVOKING” because at the end of the day, WOMEN who have been through life experiences good and bad can become overwhelming. We have children who have yet to begun living their lives who go through this on a daily basis. It’s time for BRAVO to stop worrying about the ratings of “ALLOWING” the taunting and bullying and focus on being “HEALER’s” and “MENTOR’S”. What Bravo displays on the screen whether edited or not is that it’s okay to bully someone.

    I would love to see more positive things evolve on the show such as when NeNe, Phaedra and Chuck went back to Athens and spoke to the future at the Boys & Girls club. Is this the type of stuff that is going to make the future doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, homemakers better people by seeing this on tv?

    April 21 at 11:57am  / 
  128. Drew2014 

    Nene you looked very annoyed with andy when he called you by uour real name and also very annoyed with the reunion, almost as if yu didnt want to be there! If thats the case LEAVE!!! And besides this show making a bad name for you! This season you was very mean to everyone! Bullying them and what not! But soon as kenya comes on and start having her own voice you want to stop being friends with her! Your delusional! All imma say is porsha was in the wrong and should be fired!!!!! Your a grown ass women and you cant fight back with words? To get physical with a person is a nono especially on your job!!! Smh porsha you gotta do better! Porsha said malicious things to kenya but when kenya retaliates porsha gets mad and wants to pull hair and drag her across the floor! Now thats a quick way to get fired! Porsha isnt ready for a show like this! Go on bbw!

    April 21 at 11:57am  / 
  129. Tiffany Alicia 

    (1) Was’t Porsha insulting Kenya as well? However, Kenya did not lay hands on her…Why are Nene, Porsha, and Phaedra allowed to dish it out but cannot take it? As soon as someone comes back at them the use their hands or threaten to do so. Point: Phaedra threatened to wrap something around Kenya’s neck after Kenya responded to her calling Kenya a whore…Nene and Kim (enough said) and now Porsha…I don’t think Kenya is the greatest or free of guilt, but you leave reasonable people no choice but to have her back..Porsha was clearly wrong…She basically allowed Kenya to make her look like a pig…Furthermore, I was team Nene from the beginning %100 and am so disappointed w/ her actions :( As a leader which seems to come natural to her she is no longer humble and seemingly uses her pull to persuade the cast .. Cynthia had her back always and to turn on her over Nene instigating a situation w/ Greg? What? C’mon Nene your so much better than this

    April 21 at 11:59am  / 
    • SheShe2 

      Agree 100%. Porsha has been every bit as evil or maybe worse to Kenya, but loses her mind when Kenya serves her right back. I’m not even a fan of Kenya’s but this was NOT one sided.

      April 21 at 1:08pm  / 
  130. coldheartedrea 

    NeNe, Kandi, Porsha, Cynthia, Phaedra i think Kenya deserve it because before she came to the show there wasnt really any drama doing all the shows that i watched. i think Kenya needs to get fired. she dont need to be talking about any body married because she dnt have a boo or anybody to put a ring on now twirl on that .

    Kenya got her ass beat by Porsha she kept comin for Porsha and Phaedra doing every episode that Kenya been on Kenya really deserved it.

    April 21 at 12:01pm  / 
  131. shantell2173 

    1st of all…Kenya Moore was never married, so how did she become a housewife? 2nd, Bravo should have pulled her as soon as the bullying started. Bravo knows this is a major problem in the U.S. 3rd…Kenya Moore at 1 point in her life, long ago represented the U.S, and now she’s making a mockery out of herself as well as the position she held. Whatever happened to respect and dignity? I guess its cool that Kenya act a fool, but poor Porsche is supposed to just deal with it? What type of example are we setting? Bullying is ok?
    Personally, Porsche finally stood up for herself…i would have been beat her. And to top it off she lost her job? Really? Kenya should be dismissed for her foolishness and fake position, smh @ Andy? Apologize to Kenya? Really……NOT!!

    April 21 at 12:01pm  / 
  132. clarice221 

    I think Bravo is the one to blame for this mess. Had Kenya not been allowed to bring props and agitate an already uncomfortable situation—none of this would have happened. Shame on Andy and Bravo!!!!!

    April 21 at 12:01pm  / 
  133. Tiffany Alicia 

    The cast should be allowed to bring props why not it’s good for TV!? Every other show does. RHOA can’t have props b/c the cast is emotionally immature and can’t use words instead of hands? -__-

    April 21 at 12:02pm  / 
    • Emitsu Da Jeweler 

      Exactly and in the words of Nene Leakes. Bloop!

      April 21 at 4:02pm  / 
  134. vhodnett22 

    I have to say Kenya had it coming. She constantly provokes people, hits below the belt, and then cries she was the victim. Just like at NeNe’s couples event, she got out her seat and charged toward someone, then cried when she got stepped to (no, he shouldn’t have pulled at her arm) when he was trying to protect his woman. She runs off at the mouth, then wants to dial 911. She deserved getting her hair pulled. You can take the burn, stop throwing water in grease!

    April 21 at 12:03pm  / 
  135. Dinah SoInlove Williams 

    Kenya pulled on Nene’s ear… Porsha pulled on Kenya’s hair! What’s the difference?! I can’t believe taxpayers have to deal with such foolishness… The court system is for real cases like rape, robbery and drugs!!! Not for hair pulling!!! SMH Grow Up Kenya!

    April 21 at 12:03pm  / 
  136. Tommy Kaivyn 

    In my opinion Kenya needs to be quicker out of the show, since she is there it is always drama and problem between the girls

    April 21 at 12:03pm  / 
  137. JasonA 
    April 21 at 12:03pm  / 
  138. Deena 

    Nene, you are so right! Kenya is a pig and I cannot stand her. She is always trying to start something which is why she is ALONE… As a viewer watching the complete edited season I always wonder what the other girls think when you watch the edited show because she clearly has motives with EVERYTHING she does, plans, or is included in. She is an ugly human and I was sad for Porche but also glad because she knocked that Trick on her a$$…

    Kenya Moore needs to be removed from the franchise… Period

    April 21 at 12:07pm  / 
  139. Deberge 

    Bravo is full of crap. They should have stopped kenya from using that noisy crap, in provoking especially Porsha. Now she got her ass beaten, they want to brand porsha as bad. Please this is crap and bravo is all part of the crap. Porsha I am on tour team, I am also from Nigeria and no Nigerian big boy want that old gag call Kenya. They will hir the p…. bur move on…beleive me, I know my people. Kenya aint fot nothing on rhe plate for any naija dude with swag and style. Dbanj aint messing with her either, he probably got paid ro show up wirh her thats it. If any girl fit a naija guy platform it will be Porsha

    April 21 at 12:07pm  / 
  140. Shelly Monson 

    Unfortunately I missed the show last night!!! I have watched the footage several different times.
    Kenya is encourage by Bravo to keep the shit stirred among the ladies. She’s there to bring the drama! I have disliked her from the moment she appeared on the show! She is a disgrace to the crown she once wore. She gets in the middle of people’s marriage…she just need to go! What Porsha did I probably would have done. Was it right… NO but Porsha is the one who is feeling horrible for what happen and it had only given Kenya more ammo to use against her.
    I’m a NeNe fan. I’ve enjoyed watching her career grow and watching NeNe grow as a person. So I respect her opinion on what happened last night! My heart goes out to Porsha! I know she is regretting her action, she’s humiliated that she reacted the way she did. But lefts face it a person can only take so much and Kenya hit that button and the fight was on. I didn’t see big bad Kenya kick ass as she allows claims she will!!!!

    April 21 at 12:08pm  / 
  141. ElectladyMichelle Johnson 

    the reunion show was bad. Kenya is the reason I SKIPPED the entire season this year. The ONLY reason I wanted to watch the reunion is because I heard Porsha was gonna mop her! The last season I watched, she (Kenya) was provoking people and crying about being treated unfairly seemed like every time she saw a camera. Seriously, please fire her! Now I am not being advocate for violence, but I can’t stand a bully. Porsha was pushed, provoked, and Kenya, with her scepter and her bullhorn, pointed at and talked upon exactly what she ‘doing’ to Porsha. When anyone else does it it’s called assault, t least that’s the charge the police hand out! BOOOOOO to Bravo for saying Porsha has to apologize! When does Kenya have to apologize? I love the rest of the cast, and think it is a true shame it has to be tainted with such foolishness as Kenya Moore! Nene everything you said I agree with. #teamNoMoKenyaMo

    April 21 at 12:10pm  / 
  142. Jakesmom 

    BRAVO is at fault….did they not have metal detectors at the door?? They knew this was going to get ugly….Kenya was a bully!! She provoked and pushed and called Porsha some really harsh names. They all are guilty of that but none more than Kenya… She talks A L O T of crap about all of them when they do those one on one interviews when they are talking about the show while it’s going on….They need to remove the bad seed from the show because it’s just not fun to watch anymore!!!

    April 21 at 12:12pm  / 
  143. jennifertroupe81 

    I personally felt like none of the other housewives should have been there. the reunion should have been called Kenya: Living a lie. It was very very one-sided Andy would ask one of the other housewives a question and before they had a chance to formulate an intelligent response there goes Kenya @ss opening her mouth or pointing something in someone’s face.
    I feel sorry for Porscha I really do because if you have never been the victim of bullying you will never understand being talked about constantly being criticized for every thing you do or have done. I sympathize with Porscha 100%. Most people will say well Kenya never hit her. Bullying does not have to be physical to hurt. I was emotionally and verbally abused for years and like Kenya my bully decided to take it one step further and got physical now he didn’t touch me but he knocked a book out of my hand. I just snapped and just like Porscha I don’t really remember what I did to him but I was told what happened by a friend. The only thing I remember is the book being knocked out of my hand. Everybody loves to say violence isn’t the answer. But I guarantee yall the bully or anybody else for that matter didn’t bother me anymore. I guess Im just saying that sometimes certain people only respond to violence.
    If for instance Kenya was Porscha’s husband would we be judging Porscha so harshly if she fought back against that type of abuse. Nope. I see ads all the time “He doesn’t have to hit you for it to be abuse”
    Basically, all I’m trying to say is that if I were in the same situation I would have done the same thing. Call it condoning violence if you will but it is what it is.

    April 21 at 12:12pm  / 
  144. PhyllisP 

    I am so disgusted with this whole Kenya being… there is something definitely wrong with her very mentally unbalanced & I say this very seriously… I am appalled @ Bravo for allowing her to have props on the show this is one of the reasons why she thinks she can get away with doing the horrible things she does no one puts their foot down with her … well you can BULLY for so long & push buttons & u will eventually come across the wrong person & she did … this girl has since day one has pushed this girl to a breaking point & she has had issues with everyone on the show … something very wrong here Bravo… one thing I do not agree with NeNe when I saw her on WWHL last week that Kenya should stay she offers nothing to this show but toxins… there is a link on one of these comments that is a campaign to get her off the show I am definately going to sign it & I hope lots of others will … we have all watched this show from day one & their is always one & we were kept entertained but this is pure BULLYING from someone who instead of being on this show should be seeking mental help …Bravo you dropped the ball on this one & Andy I always thought you were cool but you are a ratings vulture !!! Ne Ne I wish you all the best !!!

    April 21 at 12:13pm  / 
  145. DJinDiego 

    The Bible says you either speak life or death. Your words can either encourage someone or break someone. Kenya speaks death. There is nothing encouraging about that woman whatsoever. She speaks poison and I don’t know what group of women would want to be around that. I’m not a violent person but I probably would have snapped myself.

    April 21 at 12:13pm  / 
  146. ssanders50 

    My first thought just like everybody else why did BRAVO allow Kenya to bring props? I also didn’t appreciate Andy repeating the question to Porsha about Kordell, he should have just moved on with the rest of the show. I have heard rumblings of Porsha possibly being fired. I sure hope these rumors are false. Kenya has been a bully to everyone on the show from scene one to the moment she got her ass dragged on the floor. Bravo needs to implement a NO PROPS addendum to everyone’s contract. If being a bully is how you keep yourself relevant then Kenya you are doing a great job.#ibetkenyawillneveruseabullhornagain

    April 21 at 12:14pm  / 
  147. KBoss76 

    OMG! Of course Bravo won’t let such a drama queen go, BUT I WISH SHE WOULD DISAPPEAR!!!

    She is only relevant when she is making up fake stories about other peoples husbands. Other than that, all she’s got is her ability to twirk all over house that SOMEONE ELSE owns.

    Next season, I’m sure her African Prince will get attacked by the same dog Velvet succumbed to (did anyone else question the burial site? Looks like Chateau Sheree’s build site is still available!), and she will be digging her venom filled nails into Kandi and Todd’s relationship.

    The girl gots to go!

    April 21 at 12:16pm  / 
  148. BayouBeauty 

    It was really painful to watch, the whole damn thing. Black women, eye-rolling, talking over each other and telling lies. But Miss Kenya Moore was really looking to be mollywhopped. You just don’t point objects in people’s face and THEN scream at them through a bull horn and not expect to get dragged. Sad, but true.

    April 21 at 12:18pm  / 
  149. janeesrfs 

    While I don’t condone violence, Kenya had it coming since day one. She should also be held accountable for taunting and provoking with those dumb ass props! Kenya is desperate for attention. She can dish it out but can’t take it. If Porsha is let go, Kenya should be as well. It’s unfair Porsha is getting the full blame and being charged. Provoke and taunt, that’s going to be the end result. Kenya messed with the wrong person. I say ban props on those shows from now on. It does nothing but incite others.

    April 21 at 12:19pm  / 
  150. babie923 

    Bravo needs to take some responsibility in this. They should have never allowed Kenya to bring anything on the show especially after the previous brawl. I think Kenya needs to go. She starts all this trouble and then wants to play the victim. Porsha is correct enough already Bravo get rid of Queen Drama with her Casper renter boyfriends.

    April 21 at 12:21pm  / 
  151. PhyllisP 
    April 21 at 12:23pm  / 
  152. Christine Vallejos 

    Kenya deserved what she got and probably more. Fire her or check her, but leave Porsha alone…she just did what Kenya was begging for with her provocation.

    April 21 at 12:23pm  / 
  153. JasonA 
    April 21 at 12:24pm  / 
  154. Dominic 

    Nene I agree with you wholeheartedly. Kenya deserved exactly what Porsha did to her. She antagonized most of the women on the show throughout the entire season, but yet you want to all of a sudden play the victim due to being embarassed about your ass being dragged on set. Chile have several toilet seats and flush with that bullshit and I also blame Andy for not placing a halt on the props which should not be allowed in the first place.He should have stopped her when she had that “weapon” I mean sceptor pointing it at other castmates and the bullhorn was really over the top. Ms. Lawrence’s messy ass probably put her up to all of the foolery and fuckery to begin with. Kenya needs to just grow the hell up be quiet.She has no real storyline. She has proven more than once that she is a liar and a manipulator and that she cannot be trusted. That is how she got on the show in the first place. Last night, she hit way below the belt when it came to Porsha and Kordell’s relationship. How dare you talk about someone elses relationship when you have none of your own. But as someone previously posted, Kenya has absolutely nothing to lose no man, no kids, no future. Yes misery loves company, but if you can dish it then you should also be able to also take it as well boo.

    April 21 at 12:25pm  / 
  155. WebbGirl358 

    I am so angry right now. As I sit here watching this all over again, I am brought to tears for Porsha. I think Andy was wrong for what he did. He should have sent Kenya home as well. Not just Porsha. Porsha was just defending herself. Andy must be sleeping with Kenya for to take her side. I do not condone violence, but when someone does something like that to you, you have to defend yourself. I think what Kenya did was lowdown and dirty. And for Andy to let her bring in those props, he was wrong. Kenya thinks that she is way better than anyone on that stage. She has no class. She does not deserve to have a dog or children as far as I am concerned. They may turn out to be just like her. She is going to come across someone that is not going to let her do what she did. They are going to do way worse than what Porsha did. She is a dirty HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kenya needs to go lay down some where and DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 21 at 12:33pm  / 
  156. purplevelvet2014 

    It is never OK to bully. When you back a person or even an animal against the wall they are going to try to run or fight. You can only push someone soo far before they snap.

    If anyone has to go it should be Kenya. She provoked the situation. She has been a problem the whole season.

    April 21 at 12:37pm  / 
  157. Leslieboo 

    In case anyone needs a refresher on ear-pulling gate here is a link from bravotv.com. And maybe now Nene you can relate to Kenya not wanting Walter around, just like you don’t Marlo around http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-atlanta/season-6/videos/nene-shuts-kenya-down

    April 21 at 12:37pm  / 
  158. MsVee 

    I would like to see what is in Kenya’s contract to allow Andy and Bravo let her get away with the things she say and do on both seasons. After Porsha snatched the scepter, Andy should have intervened; being that Porsha just went through a divorce and she does have feelings. Yet he allows Kenya to continue with her BS to get a rise out of her. It backfired on Bravo, Andy and Kenya, but Kenya is suing Porsha, “REALLY?”. I can see how Nene has evolved from Bravo’s antics and will not allow them to take her back to that place by creating a pseudo friendship between Marlo and Kenya, just to get a rise out of her. Cudos to you Nene but don’t hate Kenya because of what the producers are dong to her. Take her under your wings and nurture her like you are doing Porsha because she is following your footsteps in RHOA and now Celebrity Apprentice. The entire cast should let Kenya know how she is being pimped by Andy and Bravo.

    April 21 at 12:44pm  / 
  159. JoeRachael Kosal 

    Kenya deserved it. You cannot bully someone with your words, your actions, and your remarks, and not think it will come back to you. I love how she got onto the other women for name calling and then turned around and called Kenya a ho and a dumbass. She needs to grow up. She feels better by bringing others down. A COWARD. She can’t own up to anything. Instead she deflects from herself by making up outlandish stories about others.

    April 21 at 12:50pm  / 
  160. Pearl Stillsmiling Goodwin 

    Kenya was warned…. the only thing I wish Porsha wouldn’t have done was give the trick what she wanted which was to get her kicked off the show…. mama always said dont write a check yo ass can’t cash #teamporsha

    April 21 at 12:50pm  / 
  161. Annie Headen 

    First of all, those props should have been consider a weapon. I mean really, why was this woman Kenya allow to bring props and to continue to use them to detour her BS was very sad. Kenya you can’t fool the viewers. And is Andy crazy, I watch the show and Kenya respond is now you are fired as if she plan this. To state if she doesn’t leave then I am….Kenya you are no NENE….NE NE has class and you are a hot mess trying to walk over your peers to get NENE spot…..Girl be Gone……..If Porsha could not return to the sofa, then Kenya should not have either, since she started this stuff….The producer of Bravo should be a shame of themselves to feed into Kenya BS…..No, she not the wild card, she is the nut card…..Between her and Marlo, they both are going to bring this classy show down to trash….NENE and the rest keep it moving, you all are better then this……show, Let Kenya take it down to the level of trash…..I love watching this show because the rest of the cast make black women look good, but removing porsha is not correct and keeping some ghetto women is out of touch…..I rather watch her dog Velvet from the grave, before I watch another show of Kenya performance again…..and where is this African prince, o I guess he couldn’t get a immigration card……anyone can rent a luxury car Kenya……

    April 21 at 12:52pm  / 
  162. Fab Faber 

    Oh Please! You was “Kenya” when RHOA first came on, the way you use to instigate and torment, you need to stop. Didn’t you almost choke Kim in ATL when cameras wasn’t rolling and all that unnecessary attitude you was giving at the reunion. And not to mention calling Peter the B word (now I’m not saying thats not true) but thats disrespectful on all kinds of levels especially being that there your friends. Lets Keep it real we wouldn’t have watched the show back then if it wasn’t for your mean A$$ and we wouldn’t watch it now if it wasn’t for Kendra psychotic A$$. Grow Up and stop this “Holier than Thou” thing you got going on, roll with the flow, entertain us and collect your checks.

    April 21 at 12:54pm  / 
  163. SheShe2 

    I am TEAM NOBODY so I call it exactly like I see it.

    Porsha was NOT bullied — she was ‘frustrated while ignorant’. Porsha gave as good as she got, and delivered some low down and dirty insults to Kenya before the megaphone came out. Who tells a childless woman that she’s that way because she has a ‘rotton VJJ’?

    Nene, you became famous doing the SAME dirt that Kenya is doing now, in fact you were worse. Don’t hate the player, especially since you created the game. I have seen you stick your nose onto other people’s nose and scream full blast in their face…. but now you clutch your pearls and talk about bullying? Chile bye.

    Kenya is VERY messy, and a bit koo koo as well… but y’all are lying when you say that you aren’t doing every bit as dirty to her as she is to you.

    April 21 at 1:03pm  / 
  164. JasonA 
    April 21 at 1:03pm  / 
  165. ask4smiles 

    While I don’t promote viodence, my thoughts are that Porsha didn’t do enough to her. Kenya deserves to be dealt with on so many levels in regards to bullying, provocative behavior, being disrespectful to Phaedra, and causing unwarranted situations. This woman is clearly crazy and emotionally challenged. Kenya is jealous to the point of only hanging out with guys, so that she doesn’t have to compete with another sista. Get her off the show before someone hurts her because of her level of disrespect. And another thing, Andy pissed me off how he handled Porsha! Don’t punish just one, punish the both of them. Kenya is just as much at fault as Porsha. Hell, I’m team NeNE, Porsha, Kandi, and Phaedra. Let Cynitha go on too. She doesn’t have not the first set of balls! She’s a jellyfish!

    April 21 at 1:03pm  / 
    • shugeedee 

      100 percent agree!!!

      April 21 at 1:07pm  / 
      • tharrell0318 

        AGREED!! She says doesn’t condone violence, but last year she threatened to beat Phaedra up, who was 8 months pregnant. She is crazy and very delusional.

        April 21 at 2:56pm  / 
  166. shugeedee 

    Kenya should be kicked off. Props should not have been allowed on the show. Kenya has been asking for IT all season long. She has been allowed to bully others and nothing has been done about it. If Porsha is fired I will not be watching next season. And I will tell all of my social media friends who feel the same way not to watch as well. Kenya is a liar and did not want the truth revealed!

    April 21 at 1:05pm  / 
  167. sataralynn 

    I don’t condone violence…but I also don’t condone blatant disrespect either. Should Porsha have gotten physical with Kenya…No! However Kenya had it coming! I’m not sure any woman could sit there and allow someone to yell at them through a mega phone and not defend themselves. I’m sorry but if you come at me like that we are fighting. Simple. Bravo and Andy should have never allowed Kenya to bring those props to the reunion. If it wasn’t for those props Kenya wouldn’t have gotten dragged all across the damn stage.

    April 21 at 1:08pm  / 
  168. JasonA 
    April 21 at 1:09pm  / 
  169. tracyford 

    I think your 100% right. Kenya tried to bully you. You didn’t put up with it. She has been dogging Porsha for 2 years attacking her character and all the mental abuse. A person can only take so much before snapping. I don’t blame her one bit. I think you should get with Andy and have Kenya removed from the show. She has been trouble from day one.
    Let her twirl her way off the show….

    April 21 at 1:16pm  / 
  170. MsRavishing 

    Mrs. Leakes, how soon we forget all of your antics the first three seasons! If memory serves me correctly, you were the one that wasn’t liked, cared for by any of your castmates. The only good associate you had was Kim and how many times did you hit/threaten her?
    As soon as Kandi got on the show, the two of you had beef, but you quickly left her alone, because you knew who to try it with and Ms. Kandi was not the one.
    That was you that choked Kim wasn’t it?
    Over the years, you have had serious confrontations with Sheree, Kim, Kandi, Phaedra and now Kenya.
    I’m sorry, what’s the beef between you and Kenya, you’re shady to her after she loans you her furniture to put in your house in L.A.?
    You haven’t been pleasant to Porsha, “she’s not a good friend”, any of this ring a bell?
    Kenya provokes; however, you all do, this is the reason we watch the foolisherly! If it weren’t for Kenya, would RHOA have as many viewers as it does??…HMMM, kinda doubt it. This season has been the most watched season, why is that? I’m sure you know the real reason why.
    And with friends like you, I’m not sure if I would want you to be a friend of mine, you have gained this elitist attitude which is disappointing because I believe you originally gained your fan base due to your “realness” so much for that.
    Please be mindful that as you speak of what your co-stars don’t have but you do, know that your fans don’t make that kind of money.
    We look forward to NeNe Leakes becoming grounded once again and being the fun person we originally enjoyed.
    If you can’t control yourself, you need not be in this type of an environment.
    Truth-Porsha is a cute girl that unfortunately obviously was told that she would be able to get through life based on her looks. Don’t pick up a book and attempt to read, for what you may hurt yourself. Porsha has been an embarrassment to herself and all black women since her inception of the show, “265 days a year”, “who drove the train?”, “I mean who was the conductor on the train?”. RHOA can do without her and the true con artists Phakedra!
    And you insinuating for Ms. Cynthia to be released from her obligations with the show, was beyond shady! Cynthia was your “good Judy” when NO ONE else on the show was.

    April 21 at 1:18pm  / 
  171. George-Anthony Camacho 

    NENE : I think Fab Faber you are soo right. And to say u were bullied to go to a charity event! bitch its charity!!! why would you be mad if someone used your name to raise money for charity ??? really?? put ur personal feelings aside. i dont care if someone yells at you and calls you out your name. that does not give you the right to hit someone. #TEAMKENYA all the way! Twirl!!!!

    April 21 at 1:20pm  / 
  172. latin b 

    I really think that Kenia Moore got what she deserved. When you keep pushing people’s bottoms this is what you get!!!….I do not agreed with any psychical violence, yet Kenia is too much to handled…some times kids need to be punish. By the way Andy you knew this will happens by aloud Miss Moore to bring those props…..you gooooooo Porshaaa!!!!!
    Dont let anyone bulling you!!!!

    April 21 at 1:20pm  / 
  173. shugeedee 

    You people who keep making this situation about NeNe… stop. This has All to do with Kenya and her continued display of disrespect on ALL levels. She got what she deserved. No I don’t condone violence but you Will Not talk at me with a Bull horn or point something at me that close. I don’t care if I didn’t know how to spell my first name. I’m a professional, very educated with two masters degrees, with a wonderful family, and beautiful. Kenya and anyone like her will not mistaken my kindness for weakness. (Bravo should not have allowed those props)

    April 21 at 1:21pm  / 
  174. JasonA 

    Bravo TV and Andy Cohen: Keep Porsha, Fire Kenya & Apologize for allowing this to happen. http://www.change.org/petitions/bravo-tv-and-andy-cohen-keep-porsha-fire-kenya-apologize-for-allowing-this-to-happen?recruiter=6694051&utm_campaign=twitter_link&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition via @Change

    Keep them coming we’re approaching the 200 mark, pass the word.

    April 21 at 1:23pm  / 
  175. treetop92 

    No Kenya, no props. Andy is responsible for that fiasco. Porsha was extremely vulnerable to Kenya’s childish shenanigans. Bravo knew this and did nothing to prevent a fight from happening, and even enticed the BS from Kenya. I like that NeNe took control when Porsha needed her the most. Phaedra and NeNe were both instrumental in the end.

    April 21 at 1:24pm  / 
  176. blessed247 

    I totally agree, Kenya has been taunting Porsha for a very long time. I also blame Andy for not telling Kenya to put away the props, he also saw how heated the situation was getting, I feel he had time to intervene. Kenya’s goal was to get Porsha fired, if you really listen close you will hear her tell Porsha when they stand up,
    “Get Fired” right before Porsha pulls her hair. Kenya needs to go, not Porsha!

    April 21 at 1:25pm  / 
  177. Thenaturalsouthernbell 

    Andy thought is was Funny when Kenya pulled out her props! I am pissed about that he enabled Kenya to provoke Porsha…..he needs a reprimand himself, instead of putting him in the position to reprimand someone.

    April 21 at 1:27pm  / 
  178. mimi63 

    Shame on Bravo and shame on Andy. These HOUSEWIFE shows are off the chain crazy compared to what it was like when they started. It used to be about watching these women in their day to day lives and how they lived and how they spent their “riches”. Most of them are wannabes who have gone bankrupt, financially and morally. These shows pit women against women…and Bravo is laughing all the way to the bank exploiting this. Kenya Moore and Tamara Judge are the WORST. Andy-I never would have thought YOU of all people would promote blatant bullying…but you do.

    April 21 at 1:27pm  / 
  179. icebergslim 

    LOL, BRAVO BRAND!! Seriously, if what was on last night a BRAVO BRAND, all of you need to be fired. Please, Andy Cohen sat up there and let that mess happen. Who brings a bullhorn to a show and when anyone speaks shout out at them? Not only tacky, but totally unwarranted. For all of you acting a fool, you need to be paid in the million(s), NOTE the “S” at the end!! Bravo is racking the dough up worldwide for you guys to be acting unintelligent. You not getting paid enough $$$ boo.

    April 21 at 1:28pm  / 
  180. BrandyU 

    Andy was wrong for condoning Kenya’s props. He pissed me off when he mde a comment about the septor being all alone on the floor after Porsha took it from Kenya and threw it. The septor and bullhorn should have never been allowed. Andy and the people from Bravo knew that Kenya would use the props to provoke someone and would create drama and that is what draws people to watch. I also didn’t think it was right that Andy apologized to Kenya for not stepping in before something happened. He should have apologized to Porsha for not taking the damn props away from Kenya. Even though I’m not a big fan of Porsha, I don’t think she is the one that needs to go….Kenya should go. To me verbal abuse (bullying) is just as bad, if not worse than physical abuse and Kenya tried to bully everyone on the show in one way or another.

    April 21 at 1:33pm  / 
  181. megawatt177 

    I honestly do not blame Porsha… Since when is it ok for someone disrespect another person so far as to blow an air horn in their face? I think Kenya provoked the situation in the most audacious way wanting a reaction out of Porsha. Its not ok to hit others, but I do feel it has been a very difficult year for Porsha and to bring up her divorce in that way was just asking for a bold reaction. Kenya is a “POT STIRRER!”

    April 21 at 1:33pm  / 
  182. luckystiff 

    Bravo loves drama, in all shapes & forms! They put these women in these situations hoping for craziness b/c it brings huge ratings. They want to reap the benefits of provoking the drama but not take responsibility when someone snaps. Bottom line, if Bravo really frowns upon their employees getting physical w/ each other, they would have fired Kenya when she put her hands on Nene. If they would have, the Porsha/Kenya situation would have been avoided b/c Kenya would not have been at the reunion. Case closed!!!

    April 21 at 1:35pm  / 
  183. yastars 

    The emotion that Porsha showed was very real and long overdue. Kenya is emotionally disturbed and too crazy to see that Bravo is capitalizing off of her insanity, as the other cast members are falling victim to her.If it had not been Porsha to drag her across the room on this show, it would have probably have been another cast member at another time. I truly feel sorry for Porsha, because she has already gone through a lot with in the last couple of years, and hope that she gets other opportunities, and is able to leave the show if Kenya continues to be a part of the cast. Dealing with a person with that level of UN-treated mental illness is very difficult, and extremely stressful. Kenya’s narcissistic, tactics are only going to get worse, and only the producers can stop her, because clearly she needs her job on the show.

    April 21 at 1:38pm  / 
  184. Mariette Lisa Remy 

    I don’t care what any one says, Kenya you deserved everything that you received from Porsha; and what I find truly funny is that you can say and disrespect everyone else but when someone else gets on your level you’re unable to handle it. Violence isn’t the key but when someone pushes your button on multiple occasions deserves everything that comes their way. Kenya I disliked you from the moment you came on to the show and will continue disliking your non acting ass. You will never have the experience of being a wife, continue being the whore bag that you are……. Please twirl on that sweetie.

    April 21 at 1:38pm  / 
  185. Tarie Nosworthy 

    I think the props were over the top, but allowable since they were not criminal. If your skin is THAT thin that a scepter and a bullhorn bother you, then you aren’t right for the show…..At the endof the day, Kenya’s antics make for FANTASTIC TV and if violence isn’t so CONDONED, why promote the reunion show with it? I think Nene is so busy hating Kenya she forgets that Kenya actually IS sometimes right. Christopher Williams DID violently grab Kenya’s arm…….but she’ll never admit it Had she been the one treated like that, both the girl and CW would be in the hospital. Kenya WAS inappropriate for touching Nene’s ear, yes, but she wasn’t yanking it to fight.

    April 21 at 1:43pm  / 
  186. PattyL 

    Kenya is a bully. She antagonizes everyone and then cries foul! I have read that nobody on the apprentice gets along with her either except Kate Gosselin (nuff said). I don’t understand why BRAVO lets her get away with what she does. I don’t think any other housewife behaves more abhorrent.
    That being said, I wish you and Cynthia could make amends. You’ve been friends it seems for some time. It’s hard to find a good friend so I hope you can put things in the past and keep the friendship.

    April 21 at 1:44pm  / 
  187. Kelly Teninty 

    I just want to ask NeNe, why is Kenya even allowed on the show? Phaedra said it.. She has NEVER been a housewife and the shows title is REAL HOUSEWIVES.. That should be the ultimate decision maker. I feel bad for Porsha. Regardless that she pulled Kenya’s hair, and this it what she did. She is the one who is being called the attacker. She was verbally and mentally attacked by Kenya. That is classic bullying, and I think everyone can sympathize with Porsha, because we all have been in her shoes, at sometime in our lives.

    As for Bravo, this is their first rodeo with violence at Reunions. There was RHNJ with Danielle Staub being the Kenya Moore of New Jersey. Bravo needs to take responsibility that they think that we want to watch this type of behavior.

    Yes we do watch the shows for the drama, but we watch drama shows for the drama. However, there is line that you do not cross, and Bravo seems to think that the line is somewhere else. They knew Kenya was bringing these items in. If it was just the sceptor, well Kenya did have the flapping fan last season, but it wasn’t as provoking at sticking the sceptor into Porsha’s face. But bringing a bull horn, Bravo had to approve that, therefore, they were looking for this type of nonsense and fans are not interested in that at all.

    Finally, who is Kenya sleeping with that she can just look at Porsha and claim “you’re fired?” She gave Bravo the ultimatum, it’s her or me.. Well Bravo needs to realize that everyone sides with Porsha.

    April 21 at 1:52pm  / 
  188. Tracey Rankin McCrain 

    Kenya is not a wife, nor does she own a house. Why is she on this show? I do not condone violence and I often think “What would Jesus do in this situation?” But I think even Jesus may have slapped Kenya after all the horrible things she has done this season. The producers need to take responsibility for allowing Kenya to lie all season long and constantly provoke, bully, and instigate conflict all season long. If she stays on the show, I will not watch it next season.

    April 21 at 1:57pm  / 
  189. JasonA 

    Bravo TV and Andy Cohen: Keep Porsha, Fire Kenya & Apologize for allowing this to happen. http://www.change.org/petitions/bravo-tv-and-andy-cohen-keep-porsha-fire-kenya-apologize-for-allowing-this-to-happen?recruiter=6694051&utm_campaign=twitter_link&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition via @Change

    We’re approaching 300 where y’all at….. Support Porsha

    April 21 at 2:03pm  / 
  190. Melissa Darby 

    Kenya needs to go!!! Never liked her at all!! NeNe is my favorite and always will be!! They need to keep Porsha and she deserves an appology they should have never let Kenya bring the props it was rediculas!! BYE KENYA!!! U GOTS TO GO!!! Bravo porsha for standing up to her she is nothing but a bully!!

    April 21 at 2:07pm  / 
  191. Wanda A.D. 

    I am so angry with Andy. Kenya is more than a BULLY.She sits back and calculates how to get an expected end. The only person it has worked on is Porsha. She is very calculating. That is why she had those props, which should not have been allowed. She blast Phaedra for calling her out of her name & in the nxt breath calls Porsha out of her name. She is so tired. Old & Tired. She should be GONE FROM THE SHOW FABULOUS…She is so obvious in how she performs she is predictable! I am done with her and the show if she is allowed to stay.

    April 21 at 2:07pm  / 
    • K.T. 

      I just said the same thing. When Phaedra called Kenya a whore she said Phaedra was wrong but in the next segment she called Porsha a whore through the megaphone and expected for her not to react. You see she chose very carefully who she pointed that wand to and who she didn’t. She felt as if
      Porsha was a push over and she knew how to get under her skin. Kenya has no respect for marriage and the challenges that comes along with it. She will never understand because she can’t get a man!!! #CRAZY#

      April 21 at 2:14pm  / 
  192. K.T. 

    I think my biggest issue with Kenya is that she feels as if she can repeat everything she has heard & bad mouth the other women whenever it’s okay with her. But when someone says something about her they are wrong or she wants to loud talk them. I am still puzzled why BRAVO/ ANDY allowed her to be on the show. She is not a housewife never have been and probably never will be. She has no respect for marriage and has been nothing but DRAMA since she came onto the show.

    April 21 at 2:10pm  / 
  193. neknek85 

    Take Kenya off of the show she has shown the entire viewing body that she is fake and she does not mind throwing people under the buss and then hiding her hand after doing so! She is played out now and Porsha should be allowed to stay. I have been a fan starting on day one! So my opinion should mean something, right!

    April 21 at 2:11pm  / 
  194. Original_Steel_Magnolia 

    This entire season has been the forum for a FOOL….that fool being Kenya Moore. She has instigated, insisted, and incited negative energy and evil intent throughout every activity. She and only she bears the responsibility for Porsha’s reaction. The failure of Andy Cohen to allow her to take control over last night’s reunion with her so-called props paved the path for what occurred. I am just amazed it took so long for someone to say ENOUGH….we’ve reached the breaking point. Kenya Moore is the one who should apologize to EVERY member of the cast for her behavior this season and needs to be thrown off the series for GOOD. SLAM AND BAM~JUST HANDLE IT!

    April 21 at 2:15pm  / 
  195. Cara Duro Quinones 

    Kenya was wrong, plain and simple. I would’ve snapped, too. How dare you do that with the bullhorn and the “scepter” are you kidding me?!?!? Andy Cohen, who is THE boss, should’ve not allowed that to happen. He should’ve nipped Kenya in her melon butt before it got out of hand. I LOVE Andy Cohen, but he was wrong in this one instance. Why does Porsha get booted, and Kenya doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist?!?! Anyway, that being said, I don’t like Porsha, I think she was a trophy wife and got too cocky with all those dollar signs. She’s useless and personally am glad that she’s gone.

    April 21 at 2:22pm  / 
  196. Margaret Smith 

    Kenya is just a hateful nasty woman. She thinks the world revolves around her. She is always starting something. And she thinks yall should kiss her gigantic ass. She was totally wrong 4 what she did. I no it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t wait 4 someone to kick her fat ugly but. I hated her when she came on the show and I certainly don’t like her now. Someone needs to kick her off the show. I love the rest of yall. But every since she came on has been a nightmare. And I no its 4 the show. But dang how much can a woman take. Especially porsha after what she has just been though. Thanks love the show. I watch a couple more, but Atlanta is my fav. And my first time texting you. Keep going strong nene like I no u will.

    April 21 at 2:31pm  / 
  197. aprylj 

    i think kenya got what she deserves you cant keep taunting someone and not except to get an answer she got the answer she wanted porsha fought back personally i think kenya plays the victim role a lot she needs to go

    April 21 at 2:31pm  / 
  198. tharrell0318 

    I agree with you 100% Nene!! Kenya is CLERLY a person that thrives off the drama and likes to provoke people. She clearly provoked Porsha and she has been doing this since day one of the fifth season. Porsha was provoked and she stood up for herself. Kenya says that she does not condone violence, but she didn’t last year threaten to beat Pheadra who was EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT. She is clearly the problem and clearly very delusional. Based off of the show and the preview for the second part of the reunion, the cast members are on Porsha’s side and feel that she got what she deserved. Bravo is in the wrong for allowing Kenya to bring those props on set. Andy is very wrong for making Porsha leave the reunion just because its Kenya. They should not have put them on the same couch in the first place. Also making Porsha leave was ridiculous. There have been other moments in housewives show that there was violence… take New Jersey… no one was asked to leave the reunion. Just because its Kenya, Andy makes Porsha leave. That is wrong. Kenya is a liar and clearly everyone on the cast knows that she is lying. For example, when Andy asked her bout her man, all the cast members looked away rolled their aways and got fed up, then she got exposed cuz she offered $15,000 to a dude to play her boyfriends. Kenya is a liar and she cant take the heat.

    April 21 at 2:41pm  / 
  199. tharrell0318 

    Porsha should not be fired!!!!! Andy you wrong for cutting off Porsha when she was telling the story about Kenya offering $15,000 to another man to play her boyfriend. Clearly all the of cast members and you know that story to be true but you allow Kenya to take control of the reunion with all of these lies. Everyone in the cast including Cynthia her “friend” knows that she is a liar and was wrong for what she did.

    April 21 at 2:46pm  / 
  200. AJ 

    If they fire Porsha over that ratchet behind Kenya, I will stop watching! You know this girl had to have just had enough. I mean for Porsha to be be throwing hands, come on. Bravo/Andy need to get it together and make that hefer kick rocks!

    April 21 at 2:56pm  / 
  201. TansDestiny 

    I don’t condone violence at all! But that Kenya went to far and to tell the truth she got what she deserved. She is a trouble starter but than she always wants to play the victim role! Porsha acted the way anyone would have in that situation, the props were to much and she asked her to please stop and she kept at it so there you have it. When a person goes the extra mile to just be all out rude and disrespectful you better and should be ready for the outcome because not everyone sees things like that as funny. Porsha should not be fired truthfully I believe Kenya should because honey is just fool of drama ans starts to much mess.

    April 21 at 2:59pm  / 
  202. marcys thoughts 

    Kenya Whoremore does always try to play the victim. A point Poraha was trying to make until her face was blasted with Kenya’s bullhorn! That to me is not only invading someone’s personal space (a move in itself that should get your ass whipped) but it’s also a form of assault! Porsha was absolutely provoked into dragging Kenya across that stage. Respect is everything and needs works both ways @Kenya. Why is it, when someone says something back to her (not nearly as harsh as what she said, then that person is wrong)? Did Kenya not attack Phaedra for calling her a whore and stated that she had never called any of these ladies out of their name? Then with the freaking bullhorn call Porsha a dumb hoe? Girl, go have Miss Lawrence tighten up that hair, get a facial to help that crater skin on your face and jump off a cliff. One less crazy in the world is fine by me!

    April 21 at 3:05pm  / 
  203. AnyanaB 

    1st…let me say that…Kenya has ben wrong in all educated levels since this season started…..She has continuously played the “Victim” role, wen she has ben the instigator….on more than 1 occasion….U cannot continue 2 try n pick on n belittle sum1 (Porsha), cuz u think that person is so weak that they will not do n e thing 2 u or defend themselves…..She (Kenya) got exactly wat she was asking 4…..Kenya can’t b mad cuz Porsha decided 2 stand up 4 herself….lol….Gud 4 u Porsha!….It’s always a woman with no man, children n has never experienced the concept of marriage, that wants 2 hate on sum1 else. ….As 4 those dumb ass props….Shud never ben allowed!….Andy shud hv put a holt 2 that in the beginning! …..He shud hv reprimanded both Kenya n Porsha. …not just Porsha. …Is he that blind n 2 faced? …..Bottom line….Kenya was allowed 2 stay n still spew her bs n hv ppl feel sorry 4 her, while Porsha was sent to her room….SHADY!….I can’t wait 2 c how the rest of this plays out! ….Luv u on DWTS!…I vote 4 u n hope u continue on as long as u can! …Keep up the great work…on n off camera!….:)

    April 21 at 3:07pm  / 
  204. cgait60698 

    Kenya has been trouble since she came on the show. She is a Bully, a hater, a liar, and definitely seems jealous of the rest of the ladies. How she ever was crowned Miss USA or what ever her title was is beyond me. She is just an ugly woman inside. Lacks class and is no good for the show. Andy is responsible for what went on, brining that wand and sticking it in peoples faces, and the megaphone. He allowed it. If he had any b***s he should have taken them away from Kenya from the start. You provoke, you get what you deserve and Kenya got what she deserved an should have gotten more. I doubt she was hurt, just wanting to stretch her 15 long after the reunion with the I’m the victim story. I hope Bravo lets her go sooner than later. The women on the show are grown as women and need to start acting like it.

    April 21 at 3:08pm  / 
  205. tharrell0318 

    Also ANDY, if the majority of the cast members feel that Porsha was provoked then there must be some truths to that. You know that those props should not have been allowed at all. What would you have done if someone for two years has been provoking you and making fun of your marriage and laughing at the fact that you gota divorce,then putting a sceptor in your face and taunting you with a bullhorn… you would have done the same thing. And you know that that is true because Phaedra said the same thing earlier that had Kenya done the same thing to her, she would of knocked Kenya out and Kandi even said that. So clearly Kenya provoked Porsha and all the cast members felt that she did. Porsha should not be fired at all. If Porsha is fired Andy/ Bravo will have a bigger problems on their hands because she will be able to file a lawsuit and that wont be pretty at all because all she would have to do is get all the footage from this season and last season and show how you and Bravo encouraged Kenya and at times laughed at the taunting that Kenya did to Porsha

    April 21 at 3:15pm  / 
  206. tharrell0318 

    I love you Nene on Dancing with the Stars and hope you make it far!!!

    April 21 at 3:17pm  / 
  207. Mychael08 

    I think everyone on this show has said or done something negative to one another. However, I don’t agree with everything that has been done or said on Kenya’s behalf but I do think she’s suppose to stand up for herself!!! It’s like you women can say whatever the hell you like to Kenya and she’s suppose to shut up and not respond?! Please!!!!……If Porsha couldn’t take the heat she should of ran to the underground railroad and catch that “train” honey! I like Kenya Moore it seems like everyone has a personal vendetta against her! DO YOU KENYA….DO YOU!!!!!

    April 21 at 3:23pm  / 
  208. Janell Ferguson 

    Team NeNe!

    April 21 at 3:28pm  / 
  209. JusaintRite 

    PRVOKED indeed! But Kenya knew what she ws doing the whole time, its like when you’re lil an you play the lil pool games who can hold their breath in the pool, and Porsha lost this time. Even though she whooped that Kenya Moore and Kenya was embarrassed over it. she should have stayed calm and let her play her games. Kenya Mooreis a Bully she talkes out the side of her neck, she is NOT a Housewife and needs to leave. Drama or not Leave an find someone that like 10inches of makeup and and fake love and wants to be a part of Crazy Town. Hell Cynthia seems to like you her and Marlo can go paint the town red. I wouldn’t be suprised if you didnt bully Cynthia into pressing charges aswell

    April 21 at 3:29pm  / 
  210. Mychael08 

    The props didn’t provoke Porsha the name Kordell provoked PORSHA! Come on get real people! Kenya got under her skin and she couldn’t handle it. Real women don’t put their hands on each other! I don’t know why everyone is blaming Kenya like Porsha is the victim.

    April 21 at 3:31pm  / 
    • JusaintRite 

      Maybe this was your first reunion or RHOA? Kenya is a provoker and she did exactly what she wanted and got the results what she was poking for. Porsha isnt a victim she is a strong young lady who should have been guided by this Elder Kenya, But instead Kenya showed jealousy and brought out props to help her continue the evilness in her. She is plain evil and Bad things happen to the evil people.

      April 21 at 3:38pm  / 
  211. JusaintRite 

    Yes, Team NeNE & Porsha

    April 21 at 3:31pm  / 
  212. Tangie Badger 

    Kenya got just what she deserved. She should have never been allowed to come on the reunion show with props nor to taunt Porscha. She is a bully and she’s disrespectful. I’m actually surprised Phadrea didn’t slap her behind silly. After watching several clips of the reunion show, I feel Porscha was definitely provoked by Kenya. My message to Kenya: If you’re gonna have all of that mouth, be prepared for the consequences.

    April 21 at 3:32pm  / 
  213. chelly81 

    I don’t condone violence but I also can’t stand people that feel they can say and do ANYTHING to someone then pull the “but I did’t touch you” card. Kenya needs to understand that even though she did not touch Porsha physically her words and behavior were just as ugly as Porsha’s actions and has been all season. She likes to pull the class card and play the victim when it’s convenient for her. She slings good shade just like everyone else but for some reason everything that’s said to her she claims it’s “below the belt”. If she was that sensitive you wouldn’t be on the show. She knows what she signed up for. It’s never OK to invade someone’s personal space and she was disrespectful to not only Porsha but Cynthia also. She should not have been allowed to carry on like that. Andy thought Kenya’s foolishness was comical until it went left. What did he think would happen in an already tense situation between two women who can’t stand each other? So he and Bravo need to take some responsibility for the situation as well and look at clips of her past behavior. She should have been checked from the jump because shouting and pointing things at people can be threatening to someone and even Cynthia looked uncomfortable. Just like she was flapping the fan last year and one of the ladies told her she needed to do that in another direction. I don’t think either one of them should be fired. I agree with Nene when she says Kenya is good for TV and that’s what she’s there for…entertainment. Porsha shouldn’t be fired because even though I’m sure Bravo doesn’t advocate or condone violence there has been violence on there network and I don’t recall a sudden firing. Sheree wasn’t fired for pulling Kim’s hair, Jaqueline and here daughter weren’t removed from the franchise after Ashley’s incident with Danielle (which included legal issues) so why should it start with Porsha? Now they probably should put everyone on notice for every show on the network that any violence will result in firing…but if they choose to start firing with this incident they both should have to go not just Porsha. They should be made to apologize to each other not just one way. Violence and abuse comes in more than form and it’s not just physical…

    April 21 at 3:32pm  / 
  214. Ashleyanne 

    I felt sorry for Porsha. Kenya is a bully and I can’t see that very many people like her. If they fire Porsha over this….they will lose me as a viewer. Kenya owes all of the ladies an apology!

    April 21 at 3:39pm  / 
  215. Sakinah Hanifa 

    If Porsha is fired from RHOA , I will stop watching. It not okay for Kenya to continually be a bully and provoked people. The Bravo should not have allow the use of props. Kenya should be mindfully of what others are going though.

    April 21 at 3:41pm  / 
  216. LadyBug Kai 

    Seriously, I do not condone violence, however, when you provoke somebody to the point Kenya did – then you get what you get. I don’t understand how she ever got on the show. She’s never been married, she and Walter were not only NOT a couple, they definitely weren’t engaged. She is big time shady boots! If they fire Porsha, they have to fire Kenya. Even if they don’t fire Porsha, they need to fire Kenya. Point blank, period. She started all that mess and will continue unless they shut it down. Put a bullhorn in anybody’s face coupled with calling them a dumb ho (not even whore) – that is verbal, mental and emotional abuse. Kenya is emotionally disturbed and it’s really wrong of them to exploit her like that. Get her some help and some skills so she can stop watching what everybody else is doing and trying to do that. There’s not an original bone in her body and since the buttocks isn’t even real, she’s got no real parts to sit on – credibility is shot!

    April 21 at 3:45pm  / 
  217. sholonda 

    Can someone explain to my jack ass Andy let props on the set Kenya deserve every ass weapon for bringing Marlo on the show who is Marlo she is not a celebrity and does not have a celebrity life the second reason Kenya deserve that ass beaten because she flirts with Apollo I would’ve did the same damming thing and I am very disappointed with Andy and Bravo staff very disappointed. Kenya provoked Porsha and that ass got beat.

    April 21 at 3:53pm  / 
  218. sholonda 

    Stop bringing props on the set and disrespecting prople space dum as Andy Cohen he make me sick and Porsha doesn’t need to apologize

    April 21 at 3:55pm  / 
  219. Karen Jones 

    You have brought out good points. Being a bully is doing something to someone just for the pure pleasure of seeing them hurt. That is just want Kenya did. She starts things by telling half truths and then stands back to see the fall out. But if she get caught she plays the victim role like everyone is coming down on her. I have watched show from the beginning and since she joined the crew the show has become less and less enjoyable. She should not have allowed to bring the props, the fan last year was bad enough but using a wand and a bullhorn was just outrageous. I am sorry that Phorsa was not able to with stand the attacks but she has to take responsibility for her actions. When Kenya pulled your ear you could have gone off but you did the right thing, when Marlo was chasing after you like a mad dog you did the right thing you walked away. Now at the charity I can not agree with how you handled that but I do respect you for following you heart. Porsha should have walked away in doing what she did it only gave a victory to Kenya. What Porsha does now will determine the real women she is and if she does it the right way will make Kenya look like the bulling, vindictive and hateful person she is.

    April 21 at 3:59pm  / 
  220. Dee 

    Nene, you’re my girl but you need to cut the crap.

    There’s a new Sheriff in town and she has all of you shaking in your red bottoms.

    The show would be boring without Kenya!

    April 21 at 4:04pm  / 
  221. MsLP713 

    I blame Bravo for allowing props on the set, and allowing Kenya to give watchers simple aspects of her life throughout the season that only she talks about and knows. I feel like Bravo used Kenya for ratings and in return embarrassed Black women. Shame on you Bravo and Kenya, nothing done was worth it. Get rid of Kenya and Cynthia or this season will be my last one watched. @porsha although I don’t agree with violence, I also don’t agree with antagonizing anyone without expecting an response. Grow up Kenya!!! As far as I’m concerned Porsha stood her ground and Kenya will shout up from now on, or find someone else she feels is weak enough to accept her scripted Bravo antics.

    April 21 at 4:08pm  / 
  222. CTownDiva216 

    Can someone tell me how does a woman without even so much as a legit boyfriend get cast for a show called Housewives of Atlanta in the first place? Bravo brought her in just to cause drama. She has picked on Porsha since she first met her, I’m surprised it took this long for her to reach her breaking point. People can say, oh its never okay to hit someone and you would be correct; but it is okay to make a bully stop bullying you! and if snatching their ass is their much needing wake up call then so be it! Everyone has a breaking point…you know that point where a person takes you out of your normal character. If you say you don’t then you are a LIAR! You can have all the self control you want but let someone cross that line drawn in the sand and you will be surprised what you might do. To all you women that say you don’t….let’s say you come home and find your husband in your bed in the act of having sex with another woman then say you never react without thinking or its never okay to hit someone, or you are suppose to never lose self control….BS Porsha is human

    April 21 at 4:09pm  / 
  223. Emitsu Da Jeweler 

    I don’t think Kenya is a Bully at all..Porcha gave as she got (remember all of Porcha’s “old woman” comments about a 43 y/o woman?)…Kenya isn’t as bad as people say…Just like Nene was misunderstood in her first seasons on the show, I feel the same about Kenya. Like Nene she’s very sensitive when she feels betrayal (right or wrong) from a perceived friend (a common theme with Nene on RHOA before and after Kenya’s appearance) she doesn’t take it well. Nene would never do what Kenya has but they are both interesting to watch and both misunderstood women.

    April 21 at 4:12pm  / 
    • K.T. 

      Kenya misunderstood?? First season she didn’t appear that bad because she had somewhat of a storyline with Walter being in the picture. But this second seasons she was just too messy. She constantly commented on Porsha’s marriage situation without knowing anything. Any interview she had outside of RHOA she still had something to say about Porsha. Same with Apollo and Phaedra, Phaedra clearly expressed to Kenya she didn’t want her talking to Apollo… so out of respect for Phaedra and Phaedra’s marriage stay away from her man. Don’t wait until she is not around to so-call resolve issues. Whatever she had to say to Apollo she should have said it in front of Phaedra therefore Phaedra would know there was no ill will behind it. (Not saying Apollo didn’t play a role in that as well). She wanted to be in NENE circle so bad she went and became friends with Marlo thinking it would bring her closer to NENE…and Marlo is so thirsty for some camera time they basically used each other. Kenya just did a lot of shady things during the season…. but yet she is always the victim.

      April 23 at 10:39am  / 
  224. Jbhurtingyou 

    Andy released that there will be no more props. Kenya planted a bomb that exploded in her face. I’m not excusing Porshas behavior and with that said I believe that Andy and Bravo owes an apology to her and the other women as well as Kenya. I felt as though Andy’s statement about the scepter looking lonely was a prompt for Kenya to pick it up and instead of her picking it up Kenya pulls out the bullhorn smh. Once the poop hits the fan, he runs to the “no violence” contract to cover his butt…not buying it Andy~!

    April 21 at 4:15pm  / 
  225. Emitsu Da Jeweler 

    lastly. If u can’t stay in control when someone is obviously pulling ur strings they are ur puppet master. Provocation is the excuse of many people in prisons and it a bad one. Its human to react but with every action there’s a consequence.

    April 21 at 4:16pm  / 
  226. JasonA 

    Bravo TV and Andy Cohen: Keep Porsha, Fire Kenya & Apologize for allowing this to happen. http://www.change.org/petitions/bravo-tv-and-andy-cohen-keep-porsha-fire-kenya-apologize-for-allowing-this-to-happen?recruiter=6694051&utm_campaign=twitter_link&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition via @Change

    We’re approaching the 500 mark y’all…. Support y’all girl….

    April 21 at 4:16pm  / 
  227. dvaof2 

    I want commend you all for standing with Porsha I mean except Cynthia. But Porsha was pushed and provoked. Kenya bullied her then cried victim. Violence is never the answer and Porsha was sorry you could tell from her out cry after. Kenya needs to be fired yes she gives a rating but bullying should never be allowed on any show.

    April 21 at 4:19pm  / 
  228. Kendra Cheek 

    Nene, I had a talk with my friend about this very same thing & said the exact same words that you said! The violence is not worse, it is the bullying and the provoking, the hidden behavior that has a mask and what Andy loves to stir up! But as soon as someone uses their hands instead of their words to strike back, the finger gets pointed at her or them as to say that they were wrong. It is disgusting that this hidden behavior gets encouraged all the time, like people don’t see that it’s a whole lot more harmful and wrenching. If this world weren’t so greedy Kenya would have been told to leave. Kenya’s behavior and Bravo’s stupidity is immature and disgusting.

    April 21 at 4:21pm  / 
  229. Fela Garner 

    please get rid of Kenya Moore. Nobody likes her. she is a bully and she needs to go Porsha was a victim in this situation we want you to keep porsha and get rid of Kenya

    April 21 at 4:40pm  / 
  230. Quentin W. Buetow 

    See … while I agree with the majority, there is another side that folks seem to be forgetting in all of this. Namely: this is a scripted, contrived show. A soap opera, for all intents and purposes. Do y’all REALLY believe this is real life???

    Sure, egos grow huge. Sure, personalities are going to clash, catty remarks will be made, and sometimes … sometimes, tempers will flare. But mostly, y’all, it’s hype.

    And guess what? Everyone who watches this show – and all the rest of the BRAVO ‘Housewives’ shows are encouraging the writers, producers, directors, and even the actors and actresses to go to the extremes.



    The more we all sit here and talk about Team NeNe or Team Porsha or Team WhoTheFuckEver … the more the spotlight is put on that particular person and the storyline is amped up so far over the top and beyond ridiculous.

    Have any of y’all stopped to realize that NeNe Leakes – and the rest of the ladies on R.H.O.A. – are all businesswomen and **actressess**??? I love NeNe to death … don’t get me wrong. I happen to think she’s got class, style, and presence. I even think she’s pretty.

    BUT … she’s still an actress and a businesswoman. Y’all keep talking about Andy fueling the fire by sitting there giggling, snickering, and allowing Kenya to show her ass in a HUGE way. OF COURSE HE DID!!! It’s his breadwinner. NeNe Leakes is his primary star. Don’t you THINK he would be keeping her in the spotlight? She’s a goldmine. She’s like Larry Hagman was back in the 80′s with his role as J.R. Ewing: the person everyone wants to hate … but loves.

    Man, y’all need a doe of reality, folks. It’s a contrived show that uses controversy to generate viewership.

    April 21 at 4:45pm  / 
    • Quentin W. Buetow 

      Beyond all shadow of a doubt, NeNe Leakes is a VERY shrewd woman. Smart, focused, driven. She may very well be a former stripper, but look where’s she at RIGHT NOW. She’s a household name … and she’s not but a year older than me. Worldwide fame. Glamor. Beverly Hills. Atlanta. New York.

      The woman is beyond smart …

      I applaud her. LOUDLY. She’s gettin’ hers. Know what I mean?

      April 21 at 4:48pm  / 
  231. Sunny 

    Kenya is a snake. Just because you don’t raise your voice does not mean that everything spewing out of your mouth Kenya is honey! She is a vile woman who provokes and pushes people to the corner and taunts and hits below the belt but easily sheds tears when people lash out about her “eggs” or her inability to actually show her so-called fiancé. The very fact that everyone ran to Porsha although Kenya was the one attacked just goes to show what everyone really thinks of her. The worst is going after someone else’s husband….I don’t know why any of you stand for it. She doesn’t even make for good TV and Bravo needs to get rid of her!

    April 21 at 4:48pm  / 
  232. JACKSON 

    it looks to me that Andy help setup Porsha after the fight where did the pops go really Andy you where setting there laughing karma a bitch and the karma came back and bit kenya in the ass I don’t feel sorry and I would go after bravo for letting her do this so it was a setup I call her dirt face meaning she carry dirt where ever she go I cant stand her they got dirt face there for one reson to brake up family and friendship that’s what she was saying about karma everybody fell into dirt face trap she played every body when all the house wife should have kept there distance from her

    April 21 at 4:54pm  / 
  233. Gema_d2 

    I agree with you Nene. Kenya has been immature since she started on the show. Kenya provoked Porsha. She can dish it but she can’t take it. She is a grown woman and should be able to speak for herself. How old is she that she needs props? Kenya was contradiction herself during the whole reunion. Violence is never the answer but how long should someone stand there and take all that verbal abuse? Let us ask this question, don’t you need to be married to be a housewife? Kenya should be taken off the show for the peace of the REAL housewives.

    April 21 at 5:03pm  / 
  234. Kcclark90 


    April 21 at 5:11pm  / 
  235. curiouseyes 

    Andy Cohen stirred the pot on this one ! He repeated what Kenya had said to Porsha. Anyone with a half brain can see that Porsha is a high strung girl. Andy quickly stands between the women after repeating what Kenya had said and the look on his face was priceless when Porsha grabbed Kenya and knocked them both to the ground. I find it interesting that most of Reality TV focuses on the relationships between women and gloifies and somewhat encourage women to turn on each other somewhat like gladiators in the forum. It breaks my heart to see how black women are portrayed on TV these days. We take these scripted reality shows as entertainment because it is cheaper than hiring writers and actors to entertain. I will now go back to TMC or Turner for real entertainment. If I want to see a good fight, I will go into the neighborhoods where they occur for real. Just another form of Amos and Andy but updated for the 21st century….

    April 21 at 5:13pm  / 
  236. Crucial Doinmenow White 

    I am glad she got her ass whooped. She can not sit there shouting in someone’s face with a bull horn. She deserved what she got, just like she said KARMA gets everybody

    April 21 at 5:13pm  / 
  237. Valda De Dieu 

    Kenya Moore is an awful human being. Don’t forget how she donned boxing gloves in her first season, stating that she was ready for whomever. So she can defend herself. So she instigates violence, and now, she pretends to be the helpless victim?

    She taunted Porsha, mocked her, made jokes at her expense, then acts shocked and outraged when Porsha lashes out. She acts so sensitive whenever she’s told off, but then says the most offensive things to the housewives. Kenya’s said plainly to Phaedra that Apollo, Phaedra’s husband, ‘wants’ her, Kenya; yet she’s “offended” about Phaedra’s remarks about her dog…HER DOG. She disrespects Phaedria’s ,marriage, the father of her children, her husband, but then puts on a show about being all offended on behalf of her dog????? IN WHAT WORLD?

    She says she, Kenya is beautiful. I say she’s poison. She can tell us about ALL the men who loved-and-lost-her, boo-hoo-booo…. I say these men run far, far away from her, because the poison leaking out of that pretty package no one wants to deal with!

    She is a wretch. And a liar. Notice whenever anyone discusses her lies, she gets loud and defensive, and talks over them, disrupts the flow of conversation, brings out the props–for distraction.

    Just call Kenya Moore The Law of Diminishing Returns. Because there is no long-term good here. She’ll reap what she sows. #Karma

    April 21 at 5:25pm  / 
    • Beauty007 

      You got that right Valda De Dieu! For some reason Kenya seem to think Karma only works for her advantage but trust me Karma will be visiting her real soon! I think it’s disgusting how her so called intelligent mind works! She honestly think she is going to gain from putting her sister down and demeaning her on national television! Really? I think Kenya should get fired too! Fair is fair! Okay, I’m done, I feel like I’m still doing damn homework and the semester ended already! Lol! Beat it Kenya!

      April 21 at 6:26pm  / 
  238. Beauty007 

    Like I said before Porsha should not take the heat by herself! Kenya, Andy, and Bravo were at fault here as well! I like how Bravo conveniently edited ALL the times Kenya bullied Porsha so as to wash their hands from this ordeal, amazes me! Kenya beware they are sailing your ass up the damn creek without a paddle! The point is if there were NO PROPS, NO BULLYING, there would not have been any FIGHTS!…NO PROPS, NO BULLYING, NO FIGHTS! It’s simple! I honestly don’t know why Bravo/Andy is having a problem with this!

    April 21 at 5:26pm  / 
  239. venus skyy 

    IMO the same thing that Kenya do to everyone is done to her by everyone. Everyone can pick on Kenya all day long then when Kenya throw shade evryone jumps on her. Yes Kenya deserved what she got because she was provoking Porsha but at the same time i hate how everyone over looks what they do to Kenya. I guess its ok for them to trash talk Kenya but not ok for Kenya to trash talk them.

    April 21 at 5:28pm  / 
  240. Mena Henderson-Ambus 

    Bravo should get rid of Kenya Moore! I wanted to address a video of some of Kandi friends dissing Nene! I like Kandi don’t get me wrong but here’s my thing Kandi bought her shape it is not natural so she should not being calling Nene Spongebob Square pants!

    April 21 at 5:34pm  / 
  241. JacquiB 

    I am an avid fan all the way from London and have loved the show until Kenya arrived. She has made my blood boil throughout. She is from another planet and should not of have ever entered this earth. Tears came to my eyes this evening as I really felt it for Porsha. She has been Kenya’s punch bag from the beginning and a human being can only take so many punches. KENYA MUST GO…. PLEASE…AND WHAT’S WITH THE provoking PROPS???

    April 21 at 5:39pm  / 
  242. Erin Harrell 

    I think Andy Cohen and Bravo producers should be held accountable for all the rachetness..Andy thought it was funny when Kenya pulled out the scepter and megaphone and allowed Kenya to constantly use them..You can only push and provoke a person so much..Only after Porsha oh the paws on Kenya does it become a problem…I understand the network has to have a certain amount of drama to keep fans interested, but where do you draw.the line? Then to go to Porsha as if she is totally wrong and keep her from the rest of the reunion? I don’t think so…Kenya should be held accountable for her actions…She acts like she is a bad BITCH, but in the final analysis she is all mouth…I’m not saying Porsha should have put her hands on her but enough is enough…When you write checks with your mouth please let your ass be able to cash them…Kudos Porsha…Kenya got just what she deserved…Long overdue…..

    April 21 at 5:49pm  / 
  243. Tasia48 

    I think NeNe time is up on the show. She is now becoming like a cancer. She throws everyone under the bus who is not on her bus. The episode where she met with Cynthia she said that was the only friendship on the show she valued. Then on wwhl with Andy she goes off and says Cynthia was not loyal to her and she doesn’t bring anything to the show. She reminds me of those mean girls in high school who tried to tell you who to be friends with and who not to be friends with. She is letting this fame thing get to her head. And the bible says when you are powerful be merciful. I don’t like the person she has turned out to be anymore. Only person she has left on the show is Porsha and anyone could bully her into getting on their bus. Kenya may be provoking but if you watch every scene where she is threatned she refrains from violence. Just cause someone puts the gun in your hand doesn’t mean you have the right to shoot. Buddy I have to go with Kenya on this. We all know she is dramatic and has always been that way. NeNe needs to get off and focus on things that are on her level seeing as the show is now beneath her. So bye bye cancer#bloooppp

    April 21 at 5:50pm  / 
  244. dammitheather 

    Kenya needs to go !!!

    April 21 at 5:59pm  / 
  245. MsLisa 

    Lawd where do I begin…Kenya has bullied, taunted, & disrespected Porcha from day one..Porcha was pushed to the limit & she snapped on that ass & I don’t blame her..
    Kenya is rude, thirsty & jealous she plots & schemes with props & insults. .
    I don’t believe that any violence would have occured without those props..let everyone bring a prop in that case.
    Kenya didn’t point that specter or bull horn in NeNe’s or Candy’s face she knows better. .instead she chose to bully Phaedra & Porcha, she likes Cynthia.
    As soon as Porcha snapped on her she said… “she need to be fired” really now? Kenya should have been instructed not point or use her props in a taunting manner…Kenya need to be fired, the props back fired & should be banned from use by her and anyone else in the future. . Porcha defended herself, she was verbally attacked, degraded & provoked. . I was so happy when she dragged her mouthy ass..
    Kenya said spell specter Porcha after saying Kordell put her out & that Porcha cheated on him…then she said in the bull horn at close range “shut up you stupid hoe” .. too much! Not to mention the fact that she insulted Phaedra as well…wow girl please. ..
    Porcha SHOULD NOT APOLOGIZE, Kenya SHOULD she provoked her own attack. .what did she expect~ she went too far!!

    April 21 at 6:01pm  / 
  246. Beauty007 

    I personally could not imagine being verbally abused and antagonized for two years! If it were me Kenya would have been that person missing on a milk carton…you know have you seen.. “Kenya Moore?” Lol! I mean seriously, Kenya has been wrong along with other cast members (you too Nene) for calling Porsha dumb, stupid, ignorant, and whatever else you all would say about her personal life with Kordell. It was ALL WRONG! You can have a reality show without all of this idiocy.

    April 21 at 6:04pm  / 
  247. the_1_n_only_jules 

    Kenya has got to go!!! She’s been nothing but a liar, fraud, and hypocrite since day 1! She provokes everyone, takes her jabs, then plays the victim. She threatened Phaedra last year while she was pregnant and now she doesn’t condone violence? PLEASE! She couldn’t back up that talk. I think most viewers knew that anyway. I think Porsha had EVERY right to handle her biz. Most ppl saying otherwise would’ve snapped a long time ago dealing with Kenya’s BS. I bet she thinks twice before she provokes someone else. And all that drama over this dog! I understand her being upset. I was the same way when my dog died, but calling a meeting and showing up in that black suit with big ass sunglasses? Come on! She is in it for the ratings and that’s it. She wants to be relevant. People saying that this show has changed need to realize that I didn’t go south until Kenya showed up.

    April 21 at 6:09pm  / 
  248. Twanag3 

    If Porsha goes I go! Andy really disappointed me by telling her she needed to apologize to her bully. Really Andy?!? When it’s it ok to make a bully think that they are right and that they didn’t provoke the altercation?!? It’s because of people like you why kids are being bullied in school and nothings being done to the bully or about the bully. Ignoring the bullying is not a solution. Kenya has harassed this lady, ridiculed her, gotten in her personal space, bullied her, but yet she deserves an apology?!? You have to a be a damn idiot!!!!

    April 21 at 6:23pm  / 
  249. tbetter1 

    Kenya got exactly what she deserves. Porsha is the most timid of the girls and Kenya insulted and taunted her until she flipped out. My only regret is that Porsha didn’t have time to administer the kind of whipping that can Kenya really needs. Additionally, Andy was shady for allowing Kenya to bring those props on the show. She could have really injured somebody. If Kenya is so fabulous, Why can’t she get a man? Additionally, Kenya’s ratchet ass had Porsha arrested for this mess. If I was Porsha, I would whip her again and really go medieval on her ugly behind for involving the Po Po. If Porsha gets fired, so should Kenya. If Bravo does not fairly handle this situation, I will stop watching anything that Andy is involved in!

    April 21 at 6:26pm  / 
  250. wanda3952 

    Bravo says they don’t want violence; however, since Kenya’s been on the show, this show has slowly been filled with extreme drama and going down the drain. It’s become ghetto fabulous. Kenya has been bullying both Porscha and Phaedra since day 2. She clearly continued to violate Porscha’s personal space with the Scepter. When PorsCha snatched the Scepter, Andy had a duty/responsibility to diffuse any further negative actions from Kenya. HE DID NOT! BRAVO ALLOWED IT!!!!! How much do they “Bravo” expect a person to take? Kenya has filed charges; let the courts handle it at this point. KENYA NEEDS TO BE FIRED. If Porscha goes, I will no longer watch the show. BRAVO ALLOWED THE NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR FROM KENYA TO ESCALATE! #TEAMPORSCHA

    April 21 at 6:44pm  / 
    • Cheronda76 

      I agree with you 100%. Kenya has been asking for it, and I really feel that last season if Phaedra wasn’t pregnant, she would have beat her last year…..

      April 21 at 7:09pm  / 
  251. Shaniceeeeee 

    I Don’t Feel sorry for Kenya. For EVERY ACTION there’s a REACTION! I’ve been bullied before and I know how Porsha felt. She was pushed to her breaking point. She stood up for herself FINALLY! Now Kenya cries Victim. Kenya basically bullied everybody on the show but she know that since Porsha was emotional and mental damaged from her marriage she felt like she was an easy target. Boy, was she wrong. I hate that Andy told Porsha to apologize when she was the VICTIM! I’m glad that Kandi, Nene and Phaedra went to comfort Porsha when Cynthia was sitting in the corner.

    April 21 at 6:50pm  / 
  252. London Elliott 

    While this season was riveting with the shade, tea, and general stank drank served from the open well, none of it prepared me for the absolute shock of that showdown. IMHO, Kenya TOTALLY asked for it and had it coming. Screaming “you’re a dumb ho” into a megaphone inches from someone’s face is not only bullying but also tyranny. However Kenyonce tries to twirl that mess into a relevant anti-abuse platform, it will fail. One cannot demean and intimidate fellow castmates on the daily and then play the victim card if it leads to a confrontation.

    Bravo, also, needs to hold its own self culpable for the strategic seating arrangements and clearing Kenya’s use of obnoxious props.

    If I am invited into a crowded theater and management does not question me bringing in a damn bullhorn to scream “FIRE!” in someone’s face and that person then tramples me in his or her panic, who is ultimately responsible??? Me for the public harassment, the other moviegoer for the physical response, and the management for allowing me to stash my “props” under my seat. And, at the end of the day, it’s all just a damn mess that hurt people for no good reason.

    If Bravo fires Porsha and keeps Kenya, it’s a biased and unfair decision. If Bravo fires Kenya and keeps Porsha, I will be a happy viewer but it also sends a bad message that reality tv violence is acceptable. If Bravo fires them both, no one side can declare favoritism but the show will require a big revamp and may lose some of the success from this season.

    The worst call though (to me) would be if Bravo did not admit to playing a part into how part 1 of the reunion show debacle occurred. Documenting “reality” drama is good tv. Enabling and instigating a blood feud is irresponsible bullshit.

    Just my 2 cents, Nene :)

    April 21 at 6:55pm  / 
  253. Cheronda76 

    Kenya has been asking for a beating all season. If it wasn’t Porscha, it was going to be Phaedra to do it. I really feel that Andy should’ve stopped Kenya from using the props, she is always doing something and then tries to play the victim, as well as try to act like she’s innocent and that she does no wrong. I don’t think Porscha should be fired, but Kenya should be the one to be fired. Every since Kenya has joined the cast there has been nothing, but drama and foolishness…….bottom line: KENYA NEEDS TO GO!!!!

    April 21 at 7:06pm  / 
  254. Corey Taylor 

    Just wait one minute. Whether you provoke and do stupid antics does not give anyone to put their hands on you. These are GROWN ASS WOMEN and we are stating this is bullying? What so different the way Nene treated Kim in several seasons even to a point where she was in her close personal space. Let’s be clear NENE or should Andy sit you down and rewind the tape. I am not stating what Kenya did is RIGHT but, at the end of the day this is entertainment. Whether you like her or not WE ALL tune in the following Sunday at 8pm (EST) to see what the hell this crazy woman would do next the same as we would if NENE said something in past seasons.

    April 21 at 7:17pm  / 
  255. myowntrophy 

    Nene, first let me say that you hit it on the head, bully. In this day and age I’m shocked that Bravo allows that sort of behavior. Really? “We don’t condone violence”. Seriously? No you just provoke violence. People snap and kill people all over the US for bullying. WTF did they expect would happen allowing Kenya to do that crap? It makes me sick that young women view this show and see Kenya as a prior Miss USA. Who the hell wants their child to see Kenya as a potential role model. Bravo really makes me sick right now.

    April 21 at 7:22pm  / 
  256. brandebomb 

    I feel Kenya knows exactly what she is doing. It was very clear by her comment “she’s fired” what she had PLANNED!!Fudge the producers for not putting the big ‘foot down’ on Kenya….Porsha is a doll everyone likes her & wants to see what she is going to make of herself as a single woman. Kenya is just piddling off of what ever her cray cray mind can make up the night before! She is pathetic as far as our area is concerned…speakin out from Paso Robles, Ca….”were the good wine is”

    April 21 at 7:26pm  / 
  257. brandebomb 

    Oh yea!!NeNe…your the shizzzznic!!We love you

    April 21 at 7:27pm  / 
  258. Gwen Logan-Craig 

    Nene I am on your team…I think that there are some situations throughout the season where you should’ve reacted differently, however we are human as you have said before and we make mistakes and are entitled to forgiveness. I wanted to let you know that after watching you interview Andy Cohen, I think you should become a talk show host or do interviews…. You have great personality and people would love you. I think you would ask the right questions without invading their space.

    April 21 at 7:34pm  / 
  259. mocha1969 

    There’s nothing to learn from Kenya but bitterness and hatred. She is quite irrelevant. I’ve been watching RHOA since day one. But if Bravo keeps Kenya on I will cease watching RHOA. The girls are far more interesting without her!!

    April 21 at 7:36pm  / 
  260. MizGwen Yvonne 

    Kenya is psycho, she’s a liar and a straight up bully clearly she’s dealing with emotional challenges from childhood rejection it seems she puts up these emotional walls and attacks b4 anyone can get at her…her MO is attack and immediately go on the defense SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG and I think her family knows but they go along because they feel sorry for her and don’t want to feel further abandoned which really doesn’t help her…that said
    Kenya should be fired point blank and period for being a bully and heck for the crap she caused at Nene’s pillow talk

    April 21 at 7:40pm  / 
  261. Waterangel69 

    1. Kenya is a low life bully who is desperate for love and attention- she is a very twisted person who finds pleasure in putting others down… Bless her heart… She is a pathetic human being… No wonder she can’t find love….Total abandonment issues..she seriously needs help.
    2. I wish Porsha would have beat the shit out of her!!!! Porsha was provoked, bullied, and pushed to the the limit… I wish she would have pulled the weaves out of her head and giving her more of what she deserves!
    3. Really Andy? I’m so disappointed in you and Bravo- you allowed, encouraged, and promoted Kenya and her bullying…. You allows Kenya to bring her props and laughed at kenya’s tactics…. Really? Porsha was pushed to the limit … You were so wrong to send Porsha home… Send the pathetic bitch home … Oh Andy , Kenya is her name…. I have lost all respect for you… You are no better than Kenya… A bully yourself …. Sad! You rewarded bully behavior…?u should be ashamed !
    4. If Porsha is fired – you are fired Andy and Bravo- no more support of you or your shows…. You perpetuate bullying and reward the offender … I thought Andy and Bravo had more class… Olof Porsha is gone – I’m gone!

    April 21 at 8:42pm  / 
  262. Tazzamaz 


    April 21 at 8:52pm  / 
    • Waterangel69 

      Really Tazz ? I’m sorry , Kenya resorted to violence – emotional, verbal, and just plain bullying… Kenya is the violent one…. Not a Porsha!

      April 21 at 9:24pm  / 
  263. Starry 

    Alright my opinion doesnt matter to many, but the truth hurts doesnt it.. Althought Kenya is the one who twirls on everything and everyone’s else man but her own, she didnt deserve her altercation. Now with this being said…Porsha darling I do feel that you were at your breaking point and your mentality was pushed by Kenya. Unfortantely it caused a very embarassing moment for you, however there is only so much a person can take before someone reacts. I believe BRAVO was partially to blame to allow Kenya to bring props on the stage. As for you Kenya here’s a little shade for you hun…get a life, a man, a paycheck or something besides another ass whoppin because staying in ATL dont write a check your ass cant cash….you cause more trouble than your worth, you my dear are very irrelevant …you got it..Your an extra that BRAVO can certainly do without… as for MRS. NENE LEAKES…Keep rocking hunny and you do you boo-boo !!

    April 21 at 9:36pm  / 
  264. Shy 

    I hope they fire Kenya. And Andy had alot of nerves telling Porshe to apologize….really? And let Kenya bring props again???

    April 21 at 9:48pm  / 
  265. Lynne Edwards Akers 

    KenyaBCrazy has got to go, Bulling is not pretty ever. Please don’t let this woman reproduce, can you imagine that poor child’s life, Bravo should get her help, she is in need of mental care!!!

    April 21 at 10:06pm  / 
  266. Tangella 

    Bravo should be ashamed of themselves because they want to say that they don’t condone nor promote violence but through the last two seasons they have been promoting bullying. Across America we are campaigning for the Bullying to stop and yet they allow Kenya to bully Porsha. They rather think about their ratings than the better good all because they feel Kenya is good for the show. Everything that she does has a motive behind it. I would rather have seen the struggles of Porsha’ s life after her divorce and what a single woman has to do to stand on her own. Yes there are strong successful woman who are intelligent and business savy but there’s women like Porsha across the world who made decision to walk away from everything knowing that they really don’t know how they are going to do it without the financial support from their exhusbands. Bravo is more to blame for the fight than Porsha because week after week they allowed Kenya to taunt, tease,belittle and invade Porsha’s space and instead of putting a stop to it they promoted it all in an effort to boost their ratings. I was so disappointed with Andy when he asked Porsha to gg home because when the men got into a fight they didn’t fire them and Kenya was at the root of that. They were already going to fire Porsha and they used this incident to seal the deal. Shame on yoy Bravo. Nene never used props, she never called anyone dumb or invaded their space. Kenya is a smart woman who wants to be Nene and she wants Nene’s status. She saw that Nene was outspoken and loud in the first couple of seasons and she is doing the same to try to get people to like her. Andy did a piss poor job of being the host of the show, he allowed Kenya to be the host versus himself. She over talked him on a number of occasions and he did nothing. I like Cynthia but what does she and Peter actually bring to the show besides money issues? Porsha’s road forward will be a good idea to have for the show especially now that she’s going to be dating and trying to find work. Cynthia and her storyline is the most boring part of the show that I fast forward through.

    April 21 at 10:08pm  / 
  267. MURPHYLD29 

    Kenya should be fired. She is a bully and the network is just as guilty for allowing her crazy behavior and taunting to continue. A person can only be pushed so far and she pushed Porsha to her breaking point. Props should have never been allowed on the set. I am very disappointed that this network is siding with a bully. I have lost all respect for Cynthia…if she was a friend she would have done like the rest of you ladies and checked on Porsha.

    April 21 at 10:52pm  / 
  268. Carolyn Edwards 

    Kenya got what she deserved only wish she could have got more, she is a rotten to the core back stabbing person that don’t have a man and probably will never have one that could stomach her coniverous ass. she is in everybody elses marriage and will never know what it is to be married unless she rent a husband, ne ne you are so right that andy was in on this i read it all in his face he enjoyed every rotten thing and laughed as kenya did what she did, i feel sorry for portia because she was set up by kenya moore whore and that fake ass andy. i use to like him until i watched him last night let kenya beat portia into the ground with her antaganistic badgerring, andy should be ashamed of how he allowed kenya to bring a box of tricks on stage and treat portia like she was nothing, kenya she witch was very disrespectful and she did what she sat out to do make that poor young woman loose her job, i a’m so pissed about how portia was humiliated last night and for andy to tell her she need to apologise to that trick he never told her once to apologise to portia for all of the hurtful and disrespect that she caused to portia, everbody should really get behind portia and rally for her to get her job back she was unfairly treated and i feel it was so wrong for her to take all of the blame when kenya clearly caused the whole ass dragging incident in the first place, really upset fan of portia i so feel sorry for her.

    April 21 at 10:54pm  / 
  269. Carolyn Edwards 

    andy and kenya should get fired as well if portia got fired.

    April 21 at 10:57pm  / 
  270. Barbara Ann Murray 

    I’ll never actually say violence it okay BUT….too many time people think they are protected by “he/she won’t do or say anything” so they are reckless with their mouth. It’s not okay to push and provoke people. And she shouldn’t have been allowed to have those props. It was asking for trouble!!

    April 22 at 12:28am  / 
  271. jayjay17 

    Kenya was just straight up bullying and there is only so much below the belt consistent bullying and one person can take, Kenya knew exactly what she was doing how disrespectful and provoking her props were. Keep playing these games and expect a reaction.

    And did anyone else notice how much Andy Cohen was enjoying those props…a little too much. Bravo shouldn’t have ever allowed such aggressive props to be brought on stage. We have seen texts, pictures, paper work, emails but Kenya immature props weren’t to prove a point they were simply to provoke, bully and harass the cast members she didn’t like. Its a reunion, for everyone to speak and discuss the session not for you to speak over everyone because you are too scared for the truth to be heard. Bravo and Andy should have known better.

    Porsha should not be fired for this…Kenya should.

    April 22 at 12:34am  / 
  272. Maureen O'Connor 

    Everyone did the wrong thing. Learn from it, give warnings and move on. Porsha should not be fired because Andy allowed props to be used to abuse people. Since Bravo televised Andy’s apology to Kenya, he should also apologize to Porsha. If he was doing a proper job, this would not have happened. Don’t make Porsha your scapegoat…

    April 22 at 2:24am  / 
  273. dancingshadow 

    Here’s what I posted on my Facebook page about it after I saw it last night: RHOA: OK Here is what I’m going to say on this. Not that I condone violence but everyone has a breaking point. When you poke at a person constantly, sooner or later they will snap. For some that snap is grabbing you by your weave and dragging your deserving ass across the stage. Learn a lesson girl. You got off easy tonight. Next time someone may just put a foot up your ass. Just sayin’! I’ll never understand why people don’t just learn how to leave others alone. You get what you get when you push people enough times against a wall.
    I am one of those people that others like to poke and push. They take my kindness for weakness and then I snap their necks and they learn better. People need to just learn to be respectful to others. Kenya thought Porsha was a punk and went after her with a vengeance. She would not let up and then was surprised when she got her beat down and called the cops. That’s a puss move Kenya. Take your beating like a man since you seem to think that you are big and bad like one. Take responsibility for the fact that you were wrong to pick on that girl and you got your ass kicked because you thought you knew and found out you were wrong. How’s your head? Andy and Bravo should have made the decision to make Kenya go home and keep Porsha on the show. He knew well enough that Kenya was in the wrong for creating the situation. Violence or no violence Andy should have stopped Kenya when the scepter got snatched. He under estimated Porsha also and he needs to take responsibility for that. Good TV or not he is just as responsible. Kenya should have been sent home and Porsha should have been given a moment to collect herself and go back on stage. He in a small way told Kenya her behavior was OK by sending Porsha away and then from what I saw in the previews gave Kenya an extra nod by giving the don’t condone speech while Kenya sat like a victim nodding her head. Porsha’s apology that Andy requested should be, “I’m sorry I gave you what you were asking for and beat your ass. I’m sorry that once you received it you regretted it. How’s your weave?” Just sayin’! :D

    April 22 at 2:41am  / 
  274. Erica Moses 

    You can only throw your little jabs at a person for so long before that person snap. Porsha was at the end of her rope with all of Kenya’s antics. Porsha is completely right Kenya likes to throw her jabs then when someone gets with her she wants to play the victim. If you can’t handle the lash back from all of your antics Kenya Moore you need to keep your mouth shut. Kenya needs to watch what she do and say to people because next time she won’t get off so easily.

    April 22 at 2:59am  / 
  275. Ceci2468 

    I agree. You can’t provoke and harrass a person with lies and digs for two years and not expect some kind of reaction. I don’t condone violence but sometimes people are pushed to their limits and can snap. I happens all of the time, check out court records (and not everyone goes to jail). And Bravo has a lot to be blamed for, for allowing this to continue for ratings. Bravo created the monster (Kenya) and it’s growing.

    April 22 at 5:42am  / 
  276. eeparker 

    I don’t care what a person says about you. You have to be the bigger person and walk away. If she wanted to fight someone. She should have fought her husband in court. Your breaking point should have been when he put you behind out in the street. Everyone of them are to blame for talking about each other on the show. They want to talk about a person don’t have a man. Neither one of them have a man. Their men are not worth two cents. They are taking care of them, so what’s the big deal. I don’t care if she had three props she had on the show. That still does not make a person touch another person. We as Black (African American) people needs to learn. HOW TO WALK AWAY FROM BULLSHIT! Especially Black (African American) women.

    April 22 at 6:33am  / 
    • Mrs Bryant 

      what gives the person the right to harass, intimidate, put down, disrespect or bully anyone.. Kenya had no right disrespecting her in that way, point blank period and what kenya did is the type of torture that drives kids to suicide, or worse retaliation. Kenya is OLD enough to know better. and BRAVO should of put her antics to a end especially when she was putting the wand in Porshas face and calling Porsha a Whore.. I cant condone violence but i also i dont condone bullying. but you cant be surprised that a person snapped.

      April 22 at 8:38am  / 
    • eeparker 

      I have read several of these answers and this still does not warrant us to commit to violence. TOO MUCH VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD. WHY? Because someone said something that hurt your feelings? Bad words are said mean to people everyday. Get over it! They want to make Blacks (African Americans) to look like fools and they are doing a good job of it. They need to take all of these shows off the TV. What are they teaching younger people and yes people let their children watch these dumbass shows. I only saw this when I was going through my facebook. I don’t watch stupid shows that make us look bad. We can do that on our own. Not many of you said. Take this bull off the TV. You are takng sides. Really?

      April 22 at 10:30am  / 
  277. Kourtney Lynn Kauffmann 

    I think Porsha was pushed to a point of no return. Kenya says atrocious things and expects no one to react. When you attack someone’s character the way she does I don’t think she realizes how truly offensive that is. As Nene said Kenya doesn’t condone violence, yet she has bullied Porsha profusely. I know Porsha shouldn’t have attacked Kenya but if I was in that same situation I would have done the exact same. A person can only take so much until finally they are pushed to the limit, and Porsha had finally had enough. #teamporsha

    April 22 at 7:11am  / 
  278. JasonA 
    April 22 at 7:40am  / 
  279. walynco 

    I don’t like Kenya. She is always making wise cracks and hitting below the belt. She may not have messed with Apollo but she has flirted with him and she intentionally does this in front of Phaedra. She insinuated that Apollo was after her and now she insinuates that he is stepping out. I don’t know if he is or not but Kenya is just trying to humiliate Phaedra. Kenya brought the Bullhorn to over talk any one that came for her. From the beginning she flirted with Apollo and any other man with two legs. She had to pay Walter to be with her and he didn’t even want her. Kenya is an attractive woman but no man wants to deal with all that drama. She now has an African Prince, which nobody seems to know. Kenya tried to provoke Ne Ne by pulling on her ear. I am glad Ne Ne took the high road. She flirts with Apollo to get under Phaedra skin, but Phaedra read her well. So she goes after Porsha knowing she can push her buttons. Kenya is the only one that is not a wife so she creates drama to keep her relevant. Ladies just read her. She has given you enough to work with. She can’t get a man. She walks around naked in front of men and they don’t want her. She got evicted form her house. He father said she has ugly ashy feet, she said Walter was stocking her (even though he could care less), she goes to witch doctors for fertility advice, she is mentally unstable admittedly, she tried to Bulldoze Ne Ne with the Charity party and with Marlo and none of that worked. Well Cynthia you are next, she will go after Peter, oops that’s right , Cynthia and Peter are leaving. So let it be the new housewife. Porsha can apologize for getting physical and lets keep it moving. Kenya will get hers ladies, don’t worry.

    April 22 at 8:11am  / 
  280. shanelly81 

    Nene, has totally forgotten how she use to do kim. All i. Her face and taunting her. Why are yku acting lije u a saint. I think u r jealous kenya has taken the spot light from u. She may act crazy but she has never put her hands on no one. Why is no sayibg anything aboutappollo, kandi, and mama joyce. U need to get your srlf out the air you are not all tbat. And why would u mistreat Cynthia she has been nothing but a good friebd to you. I hope you read this caude u really need to check yo self. You creayrd that fight on pillow night, u did a bad job of acting. Please i form me of the show u have done cause i havent seen u on anything, u wish u were a Gabrielle Union!! In your words BABY BYE!!!!

    April 22 at 8:12am  / 
  281. jwray81 

    Good Day everyone, something that startled me was at the end of the show Andy stated that “We at Bravo TV do not condone violence of any kind”. I was livid, you throw questions that you know will provoke these beautiful women and then show them footage of them talking about each other in a negative manner, but yet you claim you don’t condone violence-STOP LYING. That is really sad that it finally took for Kenya’s hair to get grabbed for awake call and light bulb to click, Kenya is a bully and then plays victim, I disagree with Nene, I don’t think Kenya is good for the show, I feel that her role brings black women down further. You lie about your relationships, you lie about your possessions and you talk negatively about all the women, Kenya, you are the true meaning of a plastic Barbie, you hid and live behind plastic cause you have such a fake existence

    April 22 at 8:30am  / 
    • Mrs Bryant 

      I agree with you. Andy must not realize that the things that Kenya was doing was just as damaging if not more. What kenya did was take someone who was in a fragile state and totally break her. If they let anyone go from the show it should be not just one person. Anywhere kenya is its destin to be problems. Andy allowed kena to torment Porsha then they are in a tizzy that Porsha broke. They should of removed kenya too.. Kenya is too OLD to be acting like she was acting. This is why Kenya doesnt have a man

      April 22 at 8:54am  / 
  282. hotjava221 

    I have watched this show from day one. There has always been drama. Reality TV thrives on drama. Apparently thats what they think we want to watch, which is why they hired Kenya batshit crazy ass. She has never been married. She has no children. She has no relationship other than the made up ones ( Walter and her unseen African billionaire). She is there to cause problems and confusion. She knows exactly what she is doing. She got just what she deserved. I actually would like to see Phaedra beat that ass. If anyone needs to be fired its Kenya simply because she does not fit the criteria to be on the show other than drama queen. Hell Apollo has been accused of a felony and he is still on the show!!! Fire Porsha for pulling Kenya hair??? Thats ludicrous!!!

    April 22 at 8:43am  / 
  283. Mrs Bryant 

    How can Kenya align herself with Saving our Daughters and turn around and harass and torture and bully someone to the point that they completely break. Kenya everyone on the show was doing something with their lives, NeNe with her sitcom and dancing with the stars, Kandi with her play, Phadra with her schooling, Porsha with her acting and getting out of her bad marriage and trying to pick up the pieces of her live, Cynthia with her modeling agency, what is Kenya doing? Causing trouble. where is Kenya compassion for Porshas situation? Karma is certainly alive and kicking, maybe that’s why she doesn’t have her dog anymore? Maybe that’s why shes struggling with infertility. Porsha shouldn’t apologize to Kenya in my opinion. Porsha was the recipient of abuse and broke under the pressure. If Kenya didnt want to get her hair pulled then Kenya shouldnt of drove Porsha into a mental break

    April 22 at 8:48am  / 
  284. ksj214 

    I Think it was a shame, that Bravo and Andy allowed Kenya to bring those things on set for ratings, but it back fired. I’m glad Porsha stood up to Kenya, Porsha put her on blass about this man that everybody knows she dont have and as fine as she thinks she is she can’t get. And for NeNe to say Marlo is not Bravo brand, she was brand enough to be in your wedding, and be cool with her. NeNe, and Kenya needs to be replaced. NeNe you get on the reuion shows and sit back with your new nose all up in the air like the rest of the cast should be glad you are in there present. smhmfh!!! You need to go get a movie or something just tired of your ole tall, fake ass. I wish Bravo would put me on the show I’d be time enough for your fake phony ass

    April 22 at 9:15am  / 
  285. KOTTON 

    i LOVE ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES.. But to my understand Kenya is neither a wife, mother or girlfriend. She has been a nunance the entire show, showing her ass and making rude comments about people that have good things going for them. She is a ugly person with her attitude and bag of tricks. She needs to take that bullhorn and Scepter and recruit her a life and a man. Her action illustrates a GROWN WOMAN bullying another woman when she is at her weak point. Porsha is beautiful and growing up into her own.. Some people cannot handle stress and it was clearly demonstrated in this episode. Kenya should not push buttons ……

    April 22 at 9:26am  / 
  286. KOTTON 


    April 22 at 9:30am  / 
  287. MrPete 

    Alert! Reality TV shows are meant to be train wrecks. They aren’t driven by character or values, as much as they are driven by ratings. Train wrecks attract ratings. This post thread is an example. Regardless of what anybody says, I would find it hard to believe Bravo isn’t enjoying all of this. They are making ALOT of money, I can promise you that! With that being said, here is my take on the whole reunion thing.

    Bravo is a joke from the perspective that they have this thing that if you put your hands on someone, you are off the show. But you can say anything! First off, why is Kenya even on the show. She has never had a man. It is clear she worked out some deal with this Walter cat to get herself on the show (By the way, Walter was as weak as a piece of day old lettuce that has been sitting out in the sun). So her mere presence on the show is a joke. Her entry onto the show has caused the show to devolve in quality, but probably escalate in ratings. If RHOA is a train wreck, Kenya Moore is the conductor.

    By the way ladies, being pretty is no guarantee of having a man. It is a guarantee that you will have plenty of suitors, BUT IF YO’ A$$ IS CRAZY, you will be a lonely somebody. Plain and simple!

    Ain’t nothing worse than a pretty, crazy woman. It causes mental and physical schizophrenia in brothers. They get split personality between what their brains are telling them is true (YO’ A$$ IS CRAZY) and what their other head is hollering at them to do (YO’ A$$ IS FINE). Kenya has struck that rare balance where she is soooo crazy that brothers go limp after talking to her or observing her for a hot minute.

    Kenya needs to go and RHOA should take a break that revolves around sisterhood in helping Porsha heal, than you can start the fireworks back up with Porsha badmouthing e’erbody that helped her recover…LOL #ITISALLAGAME!

    April 22 at 9:43am  / 
  288. Lishun 

    OMJ… I don’t know where to start. Kenya is dead wrong; plain and simple. She speaks so highly of herself but shows differently, while taking down on everyone else. How in the world does Bravo not condone violence when Kenya provoked the situation? Kenya wanted Porsha to get fired because thats the first thing that she said once she got up off the floor that her butt was dragged on. She is nohing but evil and it seems to me that Bravo like people like her because they felt the need to give her a new contract. Kenya should’ve been fired along with Porsha for the simple fact that she provoked and started the whole situtation. They were both wrong, but Kenya should’ve gotten the boot before anyone!

    April 22 at 9:55am  / 
  289. viviangray71 

    “Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively impose domination over others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets. ”

    I was extremely impressed by your self restraint in the episode where Kenya kept pulling at your ear. Assault is not only the imminent threat of violence, but it is also defined as the imminent threat of offensive touching. Battery involves offensive touching also. That is “without consent”.

    Porsha had every legal right to “stop” the offensive and continuous, attack, after all she has endured it since Kenya came onto the show. She signed up for the “drama”, but Kenya has no filter or restraint. Bravo should have fired her a long time ago. Bravo is ultimately to blame for they encouraged, assisted, and basically are an accomplice to this type of egregious behavior. Unfortunately, this is not good television and I believe Bravo is confused as to what brings viewers to the show. The ratings are generated by those loyal fans of entertainment, not fans of this abhorrent behavior by Kenya .

    Nene, Phaedra, Kandi are “ratings” gold. The others are the reason why the show is made “ugly”.

    Nene, you bring viewers to the show with your humor and talent. Kandi brings viewers to the show because she is relevant and talented. Phaedra brings viewers to the show because she is entertaining and interesting. I am sorry to say that I always found Cynthia to be (favorite Atlanta word) an “opportunist”. She befriended you so that she could stay relevant. But she is not watchable! She turns my stomach with her plastic and vapid personality. There is nothing “real” about her. She can’t pull her “image” off. Kenya is the reason why I had stopped watching and will not watch if she returns. She is vile in every sense: She is morally despicable and abhorrent and physically repulsive. Porsha is interesting, but I am not sure the extent of her relevance (I am afraid she is a younger version of Cynthia-in the sense that there is “not much there). Yet in this case, Porsha was legally and morally justified in her actions.

    Nene, I understand your “attitude” lately. I think you are refusing to “roll in the mud” with certain people. Every time you “interact” with them it gives them relevance and it gets you “dirty”.

    April 22 at 10:01am  / 
  290. DC_Sparkle 

    Kenya pushed & disrespected that young woman the entire show, & called her every name in the book (while Andy sat there laughing). Nothing was done to defuse it. Those props didn’t magically appear behind the pillow. Bravo, Andy, & Kenya set Portia up for televised humiliation & bullying that backfired. The same way they were trying to set you up when she tugged on your ear, and when she disrespects folks marriages… they want to provoke a televised fist fight, & Kenya is part of it. They should be ashamed of themselves. #IamSoDone

    April 22 at 10:03am  / 
  291. grandmaj 


    April 22 at 10:46am  / 
  292. tharrell0318 

    Bravo and Andy should be ashamed of themselves. Andy was borderline laughing when Kenya provoked Porsha and by saying that she cheated on Kordell. Umm Kenya, get your ears checked, Andy did not ask you that question. He was talking to Porsha and like always when someone is talking you interrupt them and get loud and continue to provoke with the bullhorn. Those props should not have been allowed at all.

    April 22 at 10:50am  / 
    • Keylock317 

      He was laughing, smh!

      April 22 at 11:09am  / 
  293. Keylock317 

    Kenya was no victim she was a volunteer. Her mouth and bullying volunteered her for that ass whooping. It could have been much worse. You can’t keep pushing people, eventually they are gonna push back. Porsha had what I like a call and Blackout moment.

    April 22 at 11:08am  / 
  294. tonyaut 

    Kenya should definitely go!!! It’s hilarious to me that she tries to give advice on marriage and she’s never been married. She gives advice on raising kids and yet she has none. She has something to say AT ALL TIMES and 99% of the time, it’s unsolicited and unnecessary. She is fighting hard to keep her spot on the show but in truth, she should have never had a spot. Who really remembers her anyway. Porsha should have done a whole lot more to Kenya. Kenya has belittled and disrespected Porsha since they began on the show. The fact that Porsha held it together for as long as she did is remarkable. Then to talk a mouthful of s#$t and then call the police when you get drug across the floor. Take your beating like a woman. Next time, shut up and speak when spoken to. Don’t come for Porsha unless she sends for ya, Kenya!

    April 22 at 11:10am  / 
  295. amandarpate 

    really nene!!! You are the last person to say someone is bulling someone you bully everyone. You made porsha cry, you’ve gotten in kim face more than once, you even bullied a grown man (peter). The one person who should be fired is YOU!!!!

    April 22 at 11:22am  / 
  296. shanelly81 

    Im seeing so many comments taking up for nene, and really nene was the same way as kenya and loom at how she treating cynthia. She had no reason to b mad at marlow. She is a fake and a wanna b actress. Please she started the mess at the pillow fight. Nene is sneaky coni ing and no good! Come on guys see her for what she is!! Yeah kenya is dtamatic, but thats ehat the show is about, why u think tgey g ok t rid of sheree and deshawn, they were boring!!!

    April 22 at 11:29am  / 
  297. jubilee124 

    I think this is a clear case of Kenya being a bully, and trying to turn the tables on the people she’s bullied. Because that’s what bullies do. I think that she recognized from the beginning that Porsha was a little more vulnerable than the rest of the group and she pounced on that to try to make herself look like a bigger deal than she really is in front of the cameras. She keeps talking about her intelligence being her weapon, but it seems to me that if she was that intelligent she would have played the game a little smarter than she has. Because all I’ve ever seen in her the past two seasons is that she is mean spirited and rude. She can’t even pay a man to pretend to be interested in her on camera, so she keeps looking for ways to involve herself in other peoples marriages? That’s just pathetic. I don’t know what Bravo plans to do with Porsha, and while I think she should be held accountable for her actions, I don’t think she should be held as accountable as the bully who finally managed to push her to it. I would like to see her find a situation that might help her grow and mature, because she clearly needs it. But at least she isn’t just mean for the sake of being mean like Kenya is. I sincerely hope that Kenya will be removed from the show though, because she brings nothing positive to the group at all.

    April 22 at 12:36pm  / 
  298. Kani Thornton 

    Watching the show for the second time and i have come to the conclusion if i was Porsha i would have shoved that scepter down Kenya’s throat and the bull horn up her ass !!

    April 22 at 1:55pm  / 
  299. Storminator 

    Hello Nene, I find it interesting that your asking anyone’s opinion on any subject. Since you’ve on more than one occasion you could give a rats what the fans have to say. You sit there with your nose so high up in the air. I am wondering if your a producer or something. I am wondering why Andy values the opinion of a person that treats him so rude. Maybe, you feel you should be sitting in his seat. Maybe it’s you that needs to get off the show so you can get on with being a “rich bitch” and Andy could get some fresh blood and we can get on with watching the show.

    April 22 at 2:00pm  / 
  300. CAPRICE77 


    April 22 at 2:27pm  / 
  301. RHWRants 

    If Andy made the executive decision to ask Porsha to leave, the day of the filming, then he should have also made the decision to remove all props the same

    To make this decision after backlash from viewers looks suspicious. I mean, I’m glad the decision was MADE, however, what if the viewers did not react at all?

    April 22 at 2:33pm  / 
    • RHWRants 

      I meant to say props should have been removed the same day. Also, Andy thought it was cute to see the scepter laying on the ground. I was waiting for him to have someone remove it. Noooo, he said it looked “sad” or something to that effect.

      April 22 at 2:41pm  / 
  302. JasonA 

    Bravo TV and Andy Cohen: Keep Porsha, Fire Kenya & Apologize for allowing this to happen. http://www.change.org/petitions/bravo-tv-and-andy-cohen-keep-porsha-fire-kenya-apologize-for-allowing-this-to-happen?recruiter=6694051&utm_campaign=twitter_link&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition via @Change

    Where yall at, help it get to 1,000

    April 22 at 2:58pm  / 
  303. Gail 

    I’m team Porsha. Kenya needs to go. Who wouldn’t lose it after being pushed around and taunted the way Porsha was. NeNe thinks Kenya needs to stay. I find that confusing. Her hair was pulled, so what? I would have done a lot worse. Don’t underestimate the power of Southern women. The charges against Porsha will be dropped. Deal with it.

    April 22 at 3:20pm  / 
  304. MissCoCoaBrown 

    I will not be watching if Porsha’s contract is now renewed. According to Media Takeout ( I know their not the best source, but they are reporting that neither Porsha or Cynthia will be returning to the show, they were not given contracts for next season. Go figure! The link to the story is below.

    April 22 at 4:25pm  / 
  305. MissCoCoaBrown 

    *not* typo..

    April 22 at 4:26pm  / 
  306. Tracy Rochelle 


    April 22 at 4:29pm  / 
  307. Donita Brown 

    Thank you NeNe I agree with all of your points….Kenya should have been stopped at the door with all of those crazy props that she had. Andy shouldn’t have made her feel like the victim because she got whopped she brought that on herself. I don’t condone violence to solve problems but I do feel bad for Porsha I could just see the tension in her face when Kenya kept taunting and pushing her, people can only take so much and Kenya got what she deserved, Keyna should be fired and I hope if there is another season she’s not on it.

    April 22 at 4:41pm  / 
  308. Aden Thomas 

    I love Kenya, you guys need to grow up and realize, NO ONE can make you do anything you don’t want to do. If you don’t like being around Kenya, then quit the show. I am so tired of people throwing out excuses and no one wanting to take ownership of their behavior. I love Porsha, however, that kind of behavior is inappropriate. Kenya did not make Porsha attack her, that was all on her.

    So move own people, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. You control your own behavior, so it is not Bravo, Kenya or whomever else you people want to fault!

    April 22 at 4:43pm  / 
    • aprilcain 

      Anytime a person is continually disrespecting you and bullying you they also deserve to be put in their place. No, I wish Porsha would not have beat Kenya Tail, but she certainly asked for it. Kenya better learn to be more respectful toward others or something worst can happen to an idiot such as this. She should have learned when she was in an abusive relationship with her ex that this behavior is unacceptable. Everyone has a boiling point before exploding, I’m sure even you . Kenya went as far as to talk about that woman’s marriage and even tried to cause an end to Phadrea’s marriage. Know let her answer to God for that, or should we disregard his rules as well. All parties involved have a responsibility for what took place, yet remember how it all really began; with sticking things in people faces, and personally degrading them. You get what you got coming eventually.!!!!!!!!!!!

      April 23 at 11:15am  / 
  309. dimples 

    Yall Kenya is like a little kid! She is saying since yall don’t like me I don’t like yall and I’m going to fuck with all of you. Is she winning only the cast members will determine that. Round 1 when it comes to who was wrong appears to go to Kenya. Since props were allowed at the last reunion (the fan) it was allowed this time. Porsha fell for the-rope-a-dope unfortunately. Phaedra calling her a whore or homewrecker doesn’t even phase Kenya because there’s no proof of that. In America a woman yes, even a single one can have a conversation with a married man and flirt too with him. Round 2 goes to Kenya on that. On the pillow fight since everybody comes late to everybody’s functions no biggie on that. Since the rules of the pillow fight was not to get out of your seat, Christopher broke the rules when he wouldn’t allow himself to be seated by Porsha and when no one told him themselves that “yes, you must be seated when answering a question that is put to you”. Natalie his “wife” even told Porsha ‘no he can stand to answer the question concerning Kenya’s allegations that she was his common-law wife not legal wife or to that fact. Round 3 goes to Kenya it appears on that. The problem it seems we want to cast her the villain but we don’t know how to because we are in a rush to judgment and its tripping us up. Kenya is slick with her moves so when you look at it in whole its”I’m innocent I just brought props because I was overtalked last season by everyone on the reunion.” “I just brought a scepter because after all I am Miss USA and that’s associated with my title.” “Everyone should know that I wasn’t going to hit anyone with my scepter.” “Everyone should know that the bullhorn was used as a joke to get laughs.” But secretly “I am using the bullhorn to fuck with yall and the scepter to fuck with NeNe specifically to get under her skin to let her know that I’m the queen–small q–. Yall laugh at this bitch please RHOA castmembers. Or another one of yall is going to be gone. Because she is going to do or say something for one of you to swing at her or throw something at her to get you fired! She’s playing the game until she do capture the Queen (NeNe) and checkmate her. NeNe let this bitch know I’m the Queen for a reason and that many have tried and failed! But you going to have to be smart because this bitch is smart!

    April 22 at 6:08pm  / 
  310. Carolina 

    I absolutely have to speak on this!!! Kenya is a provocateur!!! She is constantly doing little devilish things to stir shit up, then when someone reacts to her, she gets all self righteous, and all I don’t condone violence, etc. she is constantly taunting Phaedra about Apollo, and I just think that she is absolutely in the wrong for provoking, and pushing, pushing, pushing, until something breaks!

    I don’t understand the great Andy Cohen at all! How can h sit there trying to conduct a reunion show, with Kenya and all df her ridiculous props, and then basically side with her and dismiss Porsha!?!.! .? I really don’t understand!!!!! I really think that Andy Cohen bears some blame in all of this!

    April 22 at 7:54pm  / 
  311. pro804 

    Kenya is deliberate, desperate and classless! She wants what she doesn’t have and lashes out at anyone who has what she wants, case in point: Porsha is Atlanta Royalty, good family, great mother and is loved by most everyone, Porsha has had a nurturing upbringing…Kenya wish she could have that and hates Porsha for that…Kenya wants to be the “star” of the show but she’s not, she wants what Nee Nee has earned…but she can’t wait or earn it, she’d rather try to throw shade on a rising star…but the last time I checked, shade won’t ever cover a star….Kenya desperately wants a husband and babies, Phaedra has both, so she tried to get in the middle of that but it backed fired on her…she has no boundaries, therefore being inappropriate with someone’s husband is par for the course for her, this isn’t the first time she was too friendly with a married man….Kenya wants to think that she is knows all about beauty and fashion and she tried to dog Cynthia out because Cynthia is the epitome of beauty and class, unlike the washed-up, has-been, couldn’tkeepherclothesonlongenoughtodoanythingwithherMissAmericacareer….unlike Kenya, Cynthia turned her pageant days into real star power and a wonderful career…instead of aligning with Kenya, Cynthia best watch her back because the only friend Kenya has is Kenya.

    April 22 at 7:55pm  / 
  312. pro804 

    oh and I forgot, fake but since everyone is unintelligent and she is the only one with a brain or a dictionary she would understand: pseudo, simulated, artificial, concocted, invented, spurious, counterfeit, fabricated, fictitious and simply bogus!!!
    Take many seats, don’t forget your medication and while you are on break decide which of the 5 personalities you are going to have! #BOOM!

    April 22 at 8:06pm  / 
  313. pro804 

    and bye Kenya, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye..good riddance, get lost, hasta never, go find a life since you hate the one you have, return the rented Bentley, return the borrowed Range Rover, are the clothes even yours?

    April 22 at 8:10pm  /