I Am On Team Right!

I caught up with Extra yesterday to talk about the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion and make it clear what side I am on: the RIGHT one!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Dion Wise 

    i was a fan but not no more u are fake you treat others like shit Kenya More is a cunt you are worse then she is

    April 30 at 1:57pm  / 
    • Corliss V. Holly 

      Real mature of you. I’m sure she’s losing a lot of sleep.

      April 30 at 6:16pm  / 
      • susanz 

        We all lose sleep looking at that picture of your face, Corliss.

        April 30 at 8:12pm  / 
    • dalgal64 

      Dion, it’s ok to not like someone…u went too far with the demeaning comments on an issue we only get some of the information…..wow!

      May 1 at 12:49pm  / 
      • John Nassar 

        I agree. Haters just sound ridiculous . Trust me things are not has they appear!

        May 2 at 7:12am  / 
    • NeNeP 

      You sound like the typical, AVERAGE person who likes people to agree with everything you say and can’t get along with those who will tell the truth. Most people are FAKE in your face and stab you in the back. NeNe tells you exactly what she thinks to your face. That is the type of friend everyone needs. Agree to disagree and move on!

      May 1 at 2:20pm  / 
    • ann 

      Cynthia did Nene like Nene did Marlo- left her without really giving her a responsible answer. If Nene does not have to answer to Marlo- Cynthia should not have to explain why she stopped being friends with Nene. Karma is a _ itch!

      May 1 at 7:18pm  / 
      • Katie 

        Cynthia faking mad 6 months after accepting NeNe’s apology to start drama so she can stay on show cause Peter wants a peach so badly. They have to bring it cause their boring so why not use being mad at NeNe as a storyline. Cynthia weak and Peter controlling.

        May 1 at 7:53pm  / 
        • Muchlove 

          You said it all.

          May 1 at 7:59pm  / 
          • Connie001 


            May 9 at 1:38pm
  2. Imdoingme 

    Stop being messy, rich Bitch buy some class, you are team Porsha because Kenya because team Marlo, you urged Porsha to fight Kenya. You told Kenya she should have stayed seated at the pajamas party.Porsha should have did the same.You bullied Kim and tried to v fight her on the bus, Marlo ran up on you you walked away, but you could not give that advice to Porsha .hypocrite bye Felicia

    April 30 at 5:45pm  / 
    • Marsha Coleman 

      NeNe could care less that Kenya and Marlo are friends. They’re both thirsty for a spot on the show and NeNe saw that so she stop dealing with them. Marlo ran up on NeNe the same way Kenya pointed the scepter and bullhorn in Porsha’s face just to try to get her fired but NeNe is too smart for the BS.

      April 30 at 9:28pm  / 
      • NeNeP 

        You are so right Marsha. I feel the same way. NeNe shuts it down when she can see through the bull ish! Marlo tries to take center stage because she and Kenya will probably NEVER be a wife. So they both need to take their fake, invisible boyfriends and try another show like the bachelor. Bloop!!!!

        May 1 at 2:25pm  / 
        • ann 

          What show are you guys watching? Marlo wanted her friend to tell her what happened. She was not trying to get Nene fired. She simply wanted her to tell her what happened that she is not speaking to her anymore.

          May 1 at 7:17pm  / 
          • Katie 

            Marlo and Kenya are thirsty they know what they are doing. NeNe can see threw their BS.

            May 1 at 7:46pm
          • Muchlove 

            @ Ann, Marlo was definitely trying to get a rise out of Nene, and Kenya coached her to do it. Kenya is a evil person, she did just what she came to do, and that’s destroy friendships.

            May 1 at 8:06pm
    • Knapturally Me 

      WOW, this is certainly a classy comment for sure……….NOT!!

      May 1 at 9:47am  / 
  3. Valda De Dieu 

    GOT YOU, NeNe. I see where you’re going. I too, am on TEAM RIGHT. Kenya Moore had twenty years of being Ms. Black USA and has not accomplished HALF of what NeNe has– Nene who started off as a stripper. So PLEASE! Kenya has no ideas, she copies other people’s, like Phaedra and Apollo’s video– even the name of Kenya’s video was a rip-off. NeNe was on Apprentice, so Kenya has to be on Apprentice. And if her behavior is anything to go by, no wonder Kenya has had so little success. RHOA is the best thing she has ever had– and going the way she is? WILL EVER HAVE. NeNe on the other hand, has CLASS.

    April 30 at 6:13pm  / 
    • Toni Jones 

      Yes, I agree 100% of course your right.

      May 1 at 6:40am  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      And lets not forget that Porsha came out with her hair line and all of a sudden here comes Kenya with hers. Twenty years living off the title Ms USA and she’s still a wanna be, and a leach because all she does is latch on to anything she thinks she can use.

      May 1 at 9:49am  / 
    • jaybird423 

      You are ignorant. Kenya has had dozens of TV and movie roles. At least get some facts before u open your ignorant mouth

      May 1 at 8:03pm  / 
      • Marsha Coleman 

        No one knew Kenya had tv and movie roles until she got on RHOA. Many didn’t even know she used to be Miss USA until the show. I was surprised when she said she was in JayZ video. Let’s talk now, recent, current….Kenya who!

        May 1 at 8:44pm  / 
      • Teresa Carmon 

        dozens? Kenya Iis Evil I hope she leaves the show

        May 2 at 11:18am  / 
    • Nads 

      YAASSS hunni! Kenya is soooo not original even KIM has pointed it out. She copies all of the other housewives’ ideas. And she’s even copying Kim’s storyline….mystery man who buys her a bentley? Please bish! Kenya you know you rented that bentley. She basically watched RHOA and studied it and came on copying everything they did and all of these team Twirl fools don’t see it. She wants to be Nene. Single black female crazy bitch! Have a seat Kenya! Much success Nene.

      May 4 at 9:16am  / 
  4. bikolo 

    i was your fan but since you hurt cynthia feeling i feel so bad that not good at all and i’m not your friend any more

    April 30 at 6:14pm  / 
    • Corliss V. Holly 

      She is right about messy, so-called Cynthia though and so right about Peter/Patricia.

      April 30 at 6:18pm  / 
    • Marsha Coleman 

      Cynthia is grown. If she didn’t like what NeNe said then she should have stopped being friends with her instead of pretending like she was ok with NeNe’s apology and then act hurt 6 months later. Cynthia is faking just to try to stay on the show so Peter can get his peach that he wants so badly. NeNe tells it like it is.

      April 30 at 9:31pm  / 
  5. vagriffin 

    As much as Kenya antagonize Porsha, I wanted to beat her ass. Kenya don’t like any women that got a husband. I bet she won’t mess with Porsha any more. Porsha grabbed Kenya by them tracks in her head and slung Kenya across the room. I would have got up and start fighting Porsha or something. KENYA GOT OFF THE FLOOR AND SAID WHO LET THE DOGS OUT.

    April 30 at 6:53pm  / 
    • Marsha Coleman 

      Right! LOL

      April 30 at 9:33pm  / 
    • Toni Jones 

      Funny as Hell!!!!

      May 1 at 6:41am  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      LOL, she did jump up and she had a look on her face like what just happened, did I just get snatched up. She didn’t believe Porsha would do that for sure..if she thought that it was possible for Porsha to do that, she wouldn’t have taken it to the level she did. I gotta give Kenya her props for being able to think fast though because she definitely played it off to her advantage. Its so sad that she’s jealous of her fellow cast members and especially Porsha and NeNe.

      May 1 at 9:59am  / 
      • jaybird423 

        jealous of a horse mouth beard and an dude in drag? really?

        May 1 at 8:04pm  / 
        • Marsha Coleman 

          Yes, really. Kenya wishes she had NeNe’s spot and $pay$ on the show. She’s been jealous of Porsha since day 1; her youth, beauty, relationship with her mom, she was a wife these are things Kenya wishes she had so she acts a fool for attention; fake storyline, rented a boyfriend (Walter), flirts with husbands etc just a jealous mess.

          May 1 at 8:39pm  / 
        • Nads 

          Who are you calling horse face? Porsha?! Have you looked at Ms. America’s chin???Porhsa is young and stunning so get over it. And yes Kenya is jealous of Nene’s success. Bloop!

          May 4 at 9:31am  / 
    • Teresa Carmon 


      May 2 at 11:19am  / 
  6. Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

    cynthia is grown not a kid and if cynthia feeling’s were hurt like nene said she should of said something not wait for a full moon to speak your mind and nene said it best she do blows which ever way the wind i said it 2 seasons ago,kenya needs to go as well and if you do like NeNe stay off HER fan page go hit up who you do like.

    April 30 at 6:56pm  / 
  7. Yes Hunny 

    Now, that’s the NeNe I love. Keeping it real… and slaying me with the shade. Also, I was on the fence about her and Cynthia, but I see her point now.

    April 30 at 6:56pm  / 
  8. vagriffin 

    Cynthia with her empty head. Ain’t no way Peter was supposed to be in female business. Why he didn’t get in Phaedra face, Apollo would have waxed his ass. Peter wanted his own show. If he and Cynthia would have a show what will it be about, THEY CAN’T PAY THEIR BILLS. If Cynthia was all that why Leon didn’t marry her.

    April 30 at 6:58pm  / 
    • lebonz 

      Dam, you went there with the Leon line. I thought myself Peter didn’t mind Leon being in the picture cause he needed that child support to keep rolling in. I have no idea where financier and Peter belonged in the same line. He is worst than mama Joyce called Todd, an opportunist, well lets just say LEACH on Cynthia.

      April 30 at 9:00pm  / 
    • Mechanda Brown 

      This is the silliest comment. First you don’t know anything about Cynthia and Leon’s relationship so stop speculating. Many people have kids together and aren’t married. If Cynthia doesn’t have an issue with her husband then it’s nobody’s business. As for their financial situation. Millions of Americans are in the same boat, you think because people are on tv they dont have issues. Cynthia and Peter are not exceptions, they are the norm.

      May 1 at 11:39am  / 
      • Marsha Coleman 

        Cynthia was warned by her mom and sister about Peter, his financial debt; he has displayed on tv he’s controlling. Now Peter wants a peach so badly and Cynthia will fake being mad at NeNe 6 months after accepting her apology just to have a storyline on the show so they can keep that income. Peter thinks he slick.

        May 1 at 8:55pm  / 
  9. sylwinjoh 

    How is it a woman who has never married and probably won’t have a contract on Real housewives of Atlanta and a bully. Tell the producers to explain that.

    April 30 at 7:13pm  / 
  10. Tiara211 

    *sighs* well here goes.. I’m am a huge fan of rhoa since season 1.. I’ve watched EVERY episode.. And will continue too even after this messy shit. And out of every cast member you are the most wishy washy.. Each season you have a wing man ie.. Lisa, Kim,Cynthia and once each one of those women developed relationships with other women on the show EXCLUDING Lisa who was fired after season one you claimed disloyalty. You can point out 50 things them ladies have supposedly done but once your confronted it’s “I’m allowed to feel how I feel” or whatever dumb shit you be talking about. Now as far as “team right” nene cut the shit.. Your on whatever team that gonna bring you publicity. You can careless about porsha or kenya and if you do like porsha that’s only because she’s another person you can add to the “we hate kenya club”. Porsha is way to old to black out over a fucking septor. Idc idc idc.. If she was 17 maybe it would different but that bitch is grown. It’s called self control.. You got a gown on.. Hair laid.. Make up flawless and she claims Kenya’s “weapon” causes her to be rolling around on the ground like 5 year old. Plus she ain’t even do damage.. For all that she should blacked the girl eye. Your old ass sure had enough self control to walk away from marlo when she was coming for you in front of a huge group of people.. So you tried it nene. At the end of the day everyone talks shit on the show..but because kenya hits y’all where it hurts.. She’s a bully? Please. How a grown woman get bullied by another grown woman?! Porsha weak.. Been weak.. And full of excuses. She hopped in kenya face.. That’s being provoked. If it was serious she coulda said something to Andy about the props.. And warned him that if she continues ima pop off. Kenya wanted a reaction.. Porsha gave it to her. You should never let another woman see you sweat.. Case closed.

    April 30 at 7:16pm  / 
    • Tiara211 

      And I’m not saying kenya is not extra as hell but the porsha was provoked and bullied is a lame ass plea. In my opinion Phaedra is one of filthiest and she plays the dirtiest. Porsha needed to heal and deal with her emotions before taping season 6 but she knew she needed that coin.

      April 30 at 7:32pm  / 
    • Marsha Coleman 

      Anyone can be bullied; age doesn’t matter and people react differently. Porsha did say get that thing out her face and Kenya pulled out her bullhorn AFTER Porsha took the scepter and threw it on the floor. She took alot of mess from Kenya since they met. Kenya was wrong for pointing the scepter in her face and using a bullhorn to speak in a closed environment. Porsha had enough not excusing her reaction but it is what it is. Kenya is thristy for attention, flirts with people’s husbands, rented a boyfriend; she’s too messy for the show.

      April 30 at 9:46pm  / 
      • Tiara211 

        But porsha being a woman of god should most definitely know she should not fear anyone but him. I thought porsha called her a hoodrat right? Hoodrats fight over the age of ehh I say 30. Only thing that would get under a grown woman’s skin is messing with her child or her money. Kenya is most definitely messy.. BUT porsha brought herself down right along with her mess. Then to snap back into reality seconds later and claim she was embarrassed..

        May 1 at 10:43am  / 
        • Marsha Coleman 

          You make a good point about child and money. Porsha had enough of Kenya’s mess. Every woman or person would react differently. Porsha has walked away from their arguments a few times. She did ask Kenya to stop pointing that thing in her face and Kenya continued. She was embarrassed because she’s not a fighter and reacted out of anger and frustration. It’s not about fear. At some point a person has to stand up for themselves.

          May 1 at 8:22pm  / 
    • Tiara50 

      Well I have to totally agree with my namesake Tiara211….Nene definitely enjoys the ass-kissing….anyone who disagrees with queen Nene she has a problem with….So let’s see only KENYA & KANDI speak up for themselves to Nene….Phaedra has decided to give the Nene ass-kissing a second try LoL. She’s spend the entire season calling Porsha all kinds of dumbs…and now she’s in her corner, if Porsha was smarter and looked back at the past shows she should know Nene isn’t her friend……I truly don’t condone violence either Porsha shold have maintained her composure….. but that fucking 32 year old temper tantrum she threw was absolutely ridiculous….That was hard to watch. Maybe Bravo should rename the show to Nene’s Bitches!

      May 1 at 5:57am  / 
      • Mechanda Brown 

        You guys have excellent points of views. They all talk crap about each other. Porsha was never bullied by Kenya, they’re all upset because Kenya’s no push over. Phaedra has been dogging Porsha all season because they know she’s far from smart. Nene is someone I wouldn’t want for a friend.

        May 1 at 11:59am  / 
        • Marsha Coleman 

          You’re right they all talk crap. Porsha had enough of Kenya’s mess, they argued since the day they met. Kenya is thirsty for attention, had fake storyline, rented a boyfriend, flirt with husbands she too messy for the show. Cynthia did say on part 2 of reunion that NeNe was a good friend to her. They upset that NeNe isn’t a fool and won’t be used, she can see threw their BS.

          May 1 at 8:29pm  / 
  11. DietCoke 

    My love for all things Housewives goes back to the flag-ship debut of RHOC. I live in Marietta (burb of ATL for those outside of Ga.) and yes, its mandatory that I claim RHOA as my favorite …and I do! Even though Im a huge fan of the show Ive never actually read or felt the need to post to any of the blogs…until now. Let Andy and any other Bravo big-wig know we are NOT buying what Kenya Omarosa Moore is selling.
    I get it…her dramatics are good for ratings and ratings make the world go round …but in the process the show is losing and continues to lose its “realness.” For example, you have done things in the past that were cringe worthy to this 40-something year old, white, suburban soccer mom from Marietta…. but I never doubted your “realness.” You have always been authentic and that shines through on the show. The same can not be said for Ms. Moore. Her nonsense week after week is unbelievable, disappointing, exhausting and makes me want to change the channel.
    This is not a bash Kenya Moore post. I mean, really…you got to give it to her as she seemingly is not worried about her public persona. The woman is articulate and knows how to turn it up for the cameras…all of which should be reality TV gold, eh? Maybe so, but not on RHOA. The viewing public loves a train wreck and sadly, so do I…however Kenya has taken her brand of crazy, dysfunction and staged/fake drama to an all new high and quite frankly, its not a good look. I wonder if Bad Girls is hiring?

    LOL…Tell Andy to holla if he wants me to head up his ATL casting department. :) XXXOOO

    April 30 at 7:22pm  / 
    • Marsha Coleman 

      Well said!

      April 30 at 9:51pm  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      Well said and I agree totally. I loved the show BK (before Kenya) because it was about classy, successful, and fabulous housewives and their happening to be Black was icing on the cake. Although I know its one of life’s impossibilities, I would hope that Kenya’s contract wouldn’t be renewed for Season 7. As you said, people like a train wreck and let’s face it; Kenya’s proven that she’s capable of causing more than a few derailments.

      May 1 at 10:10am  / 
    • Gmomma Carla Godfrey 

      WOW you said it best,its like kenya can mess up anywhere she goes and everyone wants to shout out how smart she is, and im like WHAT, thats not how a 40 yr old miss u.s.a. women is suppose to act offering up 3 sums to married couple’s ,going to charity’s in fishnet dresses and with you ass out w/ pads and charging at people at p.j party’s cause so one call you out and sticking septors in people face and let not forget the priceless bullhorn, i know the beauty pageant is hanging there head’s real lowww in shame

      May 1 at 7:51pm  / 
  12. susanz 

    Moose-face, SIT DOWN AND SHUT YO FLAPS, YOU SKANK HO! “Team Right”? Honey-chile, YOU FOUGHT WITH EVERYONE ON THE DAMN SHOW! You ain’t no ‘TEAM RIGHT” U scared of Miss Kenya because she’s WAAAAAAY more interesting AND in a different universe for her beauty than you will EVER BE.


    April 30 at 8:14pm  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      You should try to get in touch with Andy to see if he’ll put you on the show. You’ll fit in well with Kenya and the Ho sisters, you know Dumb Ho and Skank Ho.

      May 1 at 10:13am  / 
      • Gmomma Carla Godfrey 


        May 1 at 7:53pm  / 
      • Geneva Dansby 

        I concur, except I want Kenya off the show and I certainly don’t susanz on it let her and desperate Kenya go hang out kicking rocks together.

        May 2 at 7:14am  / 
  13. Marsha Coleman 

    NeNe tells it like it is. Some can’t take it so they call her names and she could care less. Kenya is mentally & emotionally disturbed. No one in their right mind would point a scepter in someone’s face and use a bullhorn to speak in a closed environment. Plus she hired a fake boyfriend (Walter) and flirts with people husbands. Cynthia is a grown woman. If she didn’t like what NeNe said she should have stopped being friends with her; not accept the apology and pretend like she wasn’t mad for 6 months. Cynthia is faking it to try and get Peter his peach he wants so badly smh.

    April 30 at 9:22pm  / 
  14. bfs 

    I’m really having a hard time believing Kenya has ever been in a beauty pageant! She acts like she’s mentally ill. I would never go on national television and make a complete ass out of myself the way she has. Her twirling and props are crazy plus the fact that she hits too far below the belt when she’s flirting with someone’s husband. I have no respect for a woman that would go after a married man! And to do it on television for the whole world to see girl pls! There is nothing you won’t do for your 15 minutes of so called fame. A former beauty queen should have poised, have class, well spoken and have compassion for others. You display none of these qualities. I find you to be ghetto, a hoodrat, drama filled phoney! Your as fake as your pretend boyfriend, and fake prince! I don’t believe anything you say. I’m willing to bet that your dog didn’t die! You needed a story line so you pretended that she died. Your so ratchet! The only reason I watch rhoa is because of nene. If she leaves there would be no show!

    May 1 at 12:07am  / 
    • Knapturally Me 

      Kenya has said words in affect saying that she’s a role model to young girls. If that’s what she thinks she is, then she’s even nuttier than I thought she was. Kenya definitely has issues, her actions aren’t all acting. As far as her being a role model to young girls goes, I for one am very happy that I don’t have a daughter because I don’t have to explain why she can’t watch the show. Kenya can be used as a model of what not to be and do when you grow up. She has no other redeeming qualities.

      May 1 at 10:21am  / 
  15. Ayesha Hutchingson 

    I agree with NeNe its about being right, Kenya pushed Porsha to the edge. I don’t condone violence in any way, but when someone is pushed to there limit no one can predict the outcome. Everyone will respond differently. Kenya should have thought about that, but she felt Porsha was weak. Some should understand those are the people you really don’t want to mess with Anyone can see Kenya is jealous of Porsha’s beauty and youth, and that’s the core of her meanness towards Porsha. Every action has a reaction. Every decision has consequences. Kenya and Bravo should have thought about that. Bravo and Andy knew what they were doing. Its not having fun to have someone you’re already having trouble getting along with do this. Chile, Cynthia poor thing she’s blowing with the wind again. She had made up with Gregg and NeNe and thar’s all she had to say to anyone when they asked POINT, BLANK, PERIOD She lost her friend all by herself. And now wants to play the victim?!? I don’t understand that. Keep doing great things NeNe love you!!

    May 1 at 4:26am  / 
  16. Janell Ferguson 

    Team Right with U!!!!

    May 1 at 7:20am  / 
  17. bfs 

    Team right! Andy should have not let Kenya have her props, it’s provoked and escalated the situation. No one could ever say how they would react after getting into a hostile verbal discussion with someone and they are pointing things in my face as they embarrass me on tv. The bullhorn and the wand accusing her of cheating on her husband… it was too much! Bravo should take some responsibility for what happened; he knew that Kenya had those props. Right is right.

    May 1 at 7:43pm  / 
  18. Tammy Felder-Edwards 

    Since day one NeNe has always been straight up and holds nothing back and I love her for that. Yes in the past she fought everyone but as time and years past she has grown and matured and she changed her ways for the better. Now this Kenya person has issues and needs to be true to herself. She is a very jealous woman which she says she is not, but your first on screen action you were talking down to Porsha. So think betore you speak lady.

    May 1 at 7:47pm  / 
    • Marsha Coleman 

      I agree. Well said.

      May 1 at 8:58pm  / 
  19. Roya'le Little 

    cynthia sign:
    Libra Horoscope – Thursday, May 01 2014 Like This
    It’s easy to sweep issues under proverbial carpets. It’s also easy to disregard what we should be seeing or hearing. We do all of the above for a quiet life. That doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the need to deal with issues, we just prefer to deal with them in our own time and when we believe time is right to do so.

    Nene’s sign : sagittarian person will never “bite their lip” and will say what’s on their mind. They are constantly avoiding most difficult situations under the guise of boredom or over analyzing them until it drives them crazy. This honest bug is not one that will ever go away and it does not help that the sagittarian sign is known for being very blunt and over confident…


    May 1 at 8:06pm  / 
  20. nikkiknowles 

    Unfortunately this show is turning into Basketball Wives…just ridiculous. I have been a fan of you for years but at this point you should bow out gracefully. It’s becoming a ratchet mess. I won’t watch next season…Wish you all luck Nene

    May 1 at 8:14pm  / 
  21. Elsie Enette 

    Andy/BRAVO and Kenya are to blame for the altercation. They should not have let Kenya bring props to the show creating a hostile work environment. Those props could have easily been used as weapons. The Scepter was made of heavy metal. Andy is lying, clearly Kenya is his favorite, he knows that he would never stand for anyone to point an object in his face or yell at him thru a bull horn so he had to know something was going to happen, if anything they both should have been sent home to cool down, Porsha has been Bullied by Kenya for two seasons, abuse is abuse whether it is verbal or physical! Kenya you are always abusive so stop trying to get sympathy by using the Domestic violence issue. Enough was enough!! , and for the record you did not TWIRL out Porsha DRAGGED you across the floor, you got up and ran to your room and SNITCHED !! *** Andy you claim to be so sorry for the way you handled the situation that you are going to have a one on one with Porsha, if you are truly sorry and want to make things right, then you should offer Porsha a contract for season 7 during the one on one show in front of the fans just like you sent her home in front of the fans. ** If you agree that Porsha should be back next season please LIKE this comment and maybe they will listen, Thanks

    May 1 at 8:29pm  / 
  22. April 

    #TeamRight #TeamPorsha…..enough of seeing Kenya be so thirsty; she went too far with the scepter and bullhorn.

    May 1 at 10:07pm  / 
  23. Debbie Tilery 

    Andy & Bravo: Kenya was interesting when started on the show then the fake boyfriend, flirting with husband and the props shows she isn’t right for the show. #Team Porsha ……Cynthia doesn’t have anything to bring to the show, her agency and her husbands bar aren’t exciting and boring to watch. I think this is why Cynthia brought an old argument. #Team NeNe

    May 1 at 10:16pm  / 
    • Brenda Hyder 

      NeNe is the one I would like to leave the show she is annoying and Cynthia was the balance on the show she is too classy to to behave ignorant like NeNe and Kenya I liked that she showed black women in a positive prospective. Cynthia is one that likes to please people and not cause conflict or act an a____

      May 2 at 4:01am  / 
      • Geneva Dansby 

        Girl are you on meds??? If NeNe ever leaves the show I seriously doubt RHOA will last one season without her. Get rid of desperate classless Kenya and bring back Kim, who was woman enough to apologize. I would not want Sheree to come back, but anyone is better than Kenya.

        May 2 at 7:24am  / 
  24. Daisy Duke 

    I am so disappointed by Bravo and Andy Cohen, and feel they did Porsha an injustice and are showing Our Beautiful Black Women what many people think we are to be. Horribly disappointed i Cynthia. You are taking verbal abuse from your husband and it shows, what is your daughter thinking about how he treats you? NeNe doesn’t take any mess from Gregg, when he is wrong she tells him and means it. You should never give up your friendship for money. Where is your pride. Peter has taken your Money before and you said that you would not loan him anymore and now you two are in financial straits. NeNe , please be a friend and help Cynthia out of this mess and maybe she will get some backbone to verbally put Peter in his place, and if he doesn’t like it , tell him to get to stepping. She was doing great until he joined the show. Kenya must go, because , the show is going to have someone on the show to put their foot where the sun don’t shine and law suits are going to be coming out of Bravo and Andy”s rear end and you will be grinning out of the backside of your face. As you can see, I’ve lost Respect for the show and how they are making all of you appear.

    May 1 at 10:49pm  / 
  25. Brenda Hyder 

    I can see Cynthia point it would have upset me too again 6 months later to see it air it’s one thing to be in the moment but once it has been edited and you see NeNe confessional she still dogged out Peter so NeNe needs to sit down I can’t get with this new ego NeNe I liked that down to earth NeNe. The blessings you are receiving can be taken away in the blink of an eye stop the bashing and I think Cynthia is classy she not putting NeNe business out there I truly believe Cynthia was a good friend to NeNe and NeNe treated her like dirt during the season and on the reunion then she post on social media personal things about Cynthia that was uncalled for. If I were Cynthia I would have cut NeNe loose when she dogged A her out about her daughter dating NeNe is rude and when Cynthia finally said enough is enough now NeNe mad. Learn how to be a friend if the show was named the Real Friends of Atlanta NeNe would be on the show she has no friends.

    May 2 at 3:56am  / 
  26. Geneva Dansby 

    Here is some else that look at their talking box at home and think they have the whole story. They said what happened between NeNe and Peter was squashed then resurfaced 6 months later. Colleges are now offering reading comprehension courses because so many student don’t comprehend what they read. Comprehension and reading are two different and separate necessities to understanding and having the ability to come to a well in formed conclusion.

    May 2 at 7:43am  / 
  27. Julie West 

    No one should bring Marlo into the Cynthia / NeNe issue – Personally, I think NeNe gave Marlo a chance when others might not have. Marlo took advantage of that and then turned in an effort to gain filming time. I don’t see Marlo as fitting in on this show. Maybe Cynthia’s issue with NeNe is tied into the rumor that she is being let go. I can see that viewing the show 6 months later can create some feelings but if you have supposedly squashed your beef – let it go. Nothing “new” came out about it- so I think Cynthia is wrong.

    May 2 at 10:45am  / 
  28. MandyG 

    Nene is my absolute favorite on the show but her behavior has been very disappointing as of late. Nene shouldnt give the press too much… What you say will be used against you. Nene lighten up … use your sense of human instead of trying to retaliate w/ harsh comments.

    You have to realize when the media is trying to vilify you. Some people like to build you up to the highest peak and the same numbers are elated when you start to crumble. “Check yourself before you reck yourself!”

    I’m still a fan I just would like for Nene do some minor adjustments and correct the error of her ways. No one is above reproach. She doesnt need to go in on her cast mates to be noticed, that is what someone does when they lack in personality. Nene has a very dynamic personality and people like it when she is jovial not resentful or vindictive . You can keep it “real” but keep it cute or keep you mouth closed when you are feeling real nasty about a person or situation. Trust and believe Bravo will try to let you go just like Jill Zarin – it may not be today but that day will come.

    May 4 at 8:43am  / 
  29. susanz 

    Dang. Moose-face is built like a linebacker, look at how small the two people next to her look….

    May 4 at 8:44pm  / 
  30. Just-Saying 

    I’ve said this at work to many co-workers and I’ll say it again, There is something wrong with Kenya!! Ms. Marlo best to watch out!!!, Kenya is ambitious and she’s looking for success by any means necesssary! Many of you dont get NeNe because she’s tough and in the industry she’s in, you have to be tough. Being a person who is direct, eliminates room for misunderstanings and this is exactly how Nene Operates. She’s tough and many people mistake NeNe being direct and to the point as being rude, when its not. I beleive that Marlo and Kenya both are opportunists and that Kenya was using Marlo to frustrate Nene. But KARMA, played success on Sunday Night. Kenya got shut down by both, Phaedra and Apollo!!! She couldn’t utter a word! She looked pretty frighten, as if Apollo was going to say something she would not have been able to recoupe from!!, Im just saying!!! in any event, Team Nene all the way. I’ve liked her from the beginning of AHW. Was a little disappointed in how Nene handled the fund raising event, Kenya (supposingly) had planned. I do agreement with Nene on the manner in which Kenya handle the event. You dont e-mail a person about a special occasion, especially to this magnitude. You speak face to face. In any even, Nene Leaks still has my support!!! Im rooting for you Nene!

    May 5 at 6:33pm  /