Talking Real Housewives With Arsenio

I sat down with Arsenio Hall last night on his show to discuss the Real Housewives franchise and the reunion special that was not so special… watch the clip and comment below. I want to hear what you think!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. TehranNAtl 

    What a great interview! Arsenio asked the right questions and you gave open and honest answers! Thank you for always being real and staying true to yourself!

    April 24 at 2:05pm  / 
    • Larosa 

      You looked amazing in the interview, you have definitely arrived!!!!!

      April 28 at 2:29pm  / 
  2. dara8ders 

    Great interview and as usual NeNe you looked GLAM! Love that you always keep it 100.

    April 24 at 2:13pm  / 
  3. Monica Terron 

    Nene, you look all kinds of gorgeous in this interview. I love the way your beauty radiates when you are joking and having fun rather than the way you looked in the reunion. Love you!!

    April 24 at 2:17pm  / 
  4. regineboo 


    April 24 at 2:18pm  / 
  5. dariece 

    NENE you are absolutely correct I too am Team Porsha and I really don’t understand why kenya was allowed to continue with her antics. She provoked and taunted this woman the entire season. Have you ever heard the saying “pressure will bust a water pipe ” well the water pipe broke lol…….BLOOP!

    April 24 at 2:23pm  / 
  6. Elaine Lemay 

    OMG love the hair Nene, colour and style suits you to a tee. Been watching RHOA since the beginning and really think Kenya needs to go…. she has been trying to stir that pot and just when the steam starts she disappears, I say kick her to the curb!!!

    April 24 at 2:25pm  / 
  7. Jacquie 

    Keepin’ it Real with NeNe Leaks…gurl…you spoke the truth…Thank You…thank you…thank you…

    April 24 at 2:26pm  / 
  8. Nikki101 

    Love that you gave your answers without trying to clean it up to please certain people. Everyone wants to say, “they don’t condone violence”,but what is bullying? Kenya has picked on Porsha from the first time they met, and til this day can’t give a valid reason why. Kenya got what she asked for, and I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Team Porsha!

    April 24 at 2:27pm  / 
  9. ladydiana55 

    I agree with NeNe about Kenya Moore’s actions…..Ms. Moore should be taken off the show, she is the one who is causing all the problems.Kenya Moore thinks that she is so radiant Miss America and has all the right to act as if she is the most important woman on that show. NeNe is a caring and true friend to Porsia….Porsia is young and has not had all the experiences that some of the women have. The show needs to look at how Moore taunts and bullied Porsia from the beginning of their season….shame on you Kenya Moore for what you have done. This only makes you look worst in everyone’s eyes! Go NeNe love watching you and watching you on Dancing with the Stars…..Go all the way Girl!

    April 24 at 2:30pm  / 
    • Nina Joyce Oliver Turner 

      And, if anybody hasn’t heard, Inside Edition interviewed KENYA and she says that she think it was a SET hashed between, NeNe, Phaedre and Porsha because NeNe was holding her mouth to stop her from speaking, Phaedre said to Porsha, we talked about this. KENYA is Cra-cra.

      April 24 at 7:14pm  / 
      • g bear 

        How I see is that Nene and Phaedra had talked with Porsha before the reunion about what Kenya might do and say at the reunion. ‘We talked about this” was a remember not to let Kenya push her buttons. Because it’s what Kenya does to pull folks into her drama. Nene holding Porsha’s mouth was to keep her from saying anything that could be damaging because cameras were rolling. I don’t see a set up here. I think Kenya wants to bring drama to the show and will anything to bring it.

        July 5 at 8:27am  / 
  10. Kaye Kaye 

    Well missy you have provoked many a persons (Kim). Why be such a hypocrite? I still love you but you are in denial and just how do you look without your make-up? Keep it real sweetie and stop being such a bi**h!

    April 24 at 2:35pm  / 
    • wanda3952 

      I agree, but NeNe has definately changed for the better.

      April 24 at 2:48pm  / 
      • sdw15 

        She is a shit starter to the fullest.

        April 28 at 10:11am  / 
        • g bear 

          If Nene is a shit starter, she is no more of a shit starter than the rest of the bunch. As for provoking Kim, Kim was not innocent. She handled that whole Tardy situation terribly with Nene and Kandi.

          July 5 at 8:31am  / 
  11. Kaye Kaye 

    I am pulling for you Nene, you have great potential and you looked really good last night. Try to uplift and not tear down you will get more flys with honey than vinegar. Love You!

    April 24 at 2:38pm  / 
  12. wanda3952 


    April 24 at 2:46pm  / 
  13. deneisehoward 

    Love the old Hollywood Glam look with the hair NeNe. Where can the fans write in to Bravo to fight for Porche?

    April 24 at 2:48pm  / 
    • Toni Jones 

      Go to BRAVO.COM AND THEN GO TO COMMENTS. I made several because I want them to understand It’s my time I take out every Sunday to watch this show, and I don’t have to if I don’t think it’s worth my time or if their not serving the black community with respect.

      April 26 at 4:09pm  / 
      • susanz 

        You think that “Moose face” Leakes serves the black community with respect? She acts angry all the time and fights with everyone and dresses like a whore. I’m going to to complain about Nono, because I don’t want her representing me. I am an African American woman and housewife from Buckhead. I am the real. deal. That HEFFAH is a stripper and has mug shots all over the internet. She skank.

        April 27 at 8:06pm  / 
  14. Alesia Allen 

    Thanx NENE for clarification if Porsia go Kenya should go end of story!!!!!!

    April 24 at 2:49pm  / 
  15. Patricia Moreland-TeTee 

    Speak it girl. Love ya.

    April 24 at 2:57pm  / 
  16. Al Tyc Marshall 

    Seriously representing………Marlo was NEVER IN

    April 24 at 3:36pm  / 
  17. Clivie82 

    “Yesss Hunni” love me some Nene❤️

    April 24 at 3:36pm  / 
  18. Jehromey J. Romi Middleton 


    April 24 at 3:39pm  / 
  19. LJ 


    April 24 at 3:48pm  / 
  20. Lexie 

    Ms. Nene,love ya girl! I missed the episode and I want to see it, not just the video clips. Does anyone know how I can download the whole Arsenio Hall show.

    April 24 at 3:49pm  / 
  21. CeCe Bee 

    Great interview NeNe. I think that BRAVO should have sent both parties home too.

    April 24 at 3:58pm  / 
  22. apple85 

    I love the interview and you are so right:)

    April 24 at 3:59pm  / 
  23. Becky Shepherd 

    I like what you said about the weak…how you can only play with them for so long and they BECOME STRONG! BAM and POW and WATCH OUT NOW! The whole point of the provacative REUNION show that insights folks into bad behavior and makes those who are stressed out or overwhelmed feel under attack…the paradox of these social experiments when we hope to SHOWCASE the very best of OUR SISTERS who have ARRIVED…many times what we get is also their WORST SIDE! Hoping for a better season without Kenya Moore she steals the integrity of the show with her INSINCERITY!

    April 24 at 4:03pm  / 
  24. Leonie Walters 

    More power to you NeNe.By the way, your hair is stunning!
    I have been furious about Andy Cohen as interviewer/moderator.Why? He knows Kenya Moore is malicious,because he too has access to the filming,therefore,he should have stopped Moore from,getting her bullhorn together and then taunt Porsha. The image is one of slavery where whites taunted blacks,and ridiculed them.I am so upset ,because this franchise was one of my favorites.Kenya Moore needs off the show not Porsha.

    April 24 at 4:05pm  / 
  25. @datYogi 

    I’m an even bigger NeNe fan! And has been TeamPorsha since Sunday. I didn’t care for Porsha before, but as a mother I will NEVER promote a bully. And Kenya is a bully. Dig a ditch dig two. Ms. Moore thought she was setting up Porsha, but she fell in herself. Kenya’s just nasty. Just goes to show you can dress a pig up but it’ll still be a pig. I’m just so disgusted by her. I really hate that Bravo added a basic reject in the mix of dignified and successful black women. Get rid of Kenya! Who do we write to?!?

    April 24 at 4:12pm  / 
    • loyalty 

      What about when Porsha keeps telling Kenya your a whore, nobody will ever be your husband, your barren…isn’t she a bully also?

      April 28 at 11:14am  / 
      • Atty Finch 

        she said, to andy, she was trying to get kenya to stop verbally abusing her by giving it back, to let kenya know, it’s about to “go there”.

        she said, short of steam blowing out of her ears or her skin turning green, she could not get kenya to stop,.to get kenya to hear her.

        kenya said porsha cheated on kordell and porsha said something about kenya’s vajay being from, the 90′s.

        neither nene nor porsha have addressed the issue/rule they used on kenya after pillow talk, “you got up out ya seat”. which porsha did.

        May 6 at 12:31pm  / 
  26. ghuff 

    You spoke the truth and you keep it real. Love you in all that you do.

    April 24 at 4:12pm  / 
  27. Dee 

    I missed Arsenio last night can see that you looked fabulous and did a great job in that interview.
    I believe that Andy did the right thing sending Porsha home. She told him that she had black out, and realized she was not prepared to deal with what was going on at the reunion.

    April 24 at 4:18pm  / 
  28. Deltadiva7 

    I cringed when I saw Kenya waving that scepter in Porsha’s face and degrading her. Someone should have stopped Kenya from using those props. Honestly, I probably would have grabbed it too. I wish that Porsha could have walked off of the stage for her own sake. Kenya also needs to be held accountable. If they’ve fired Porsha, Kenya also needs to go. What she did amounts to bullying.

    April 24 at 4:18pm  / 
    • trucullers 

      “Cringed” is an understatement. As a person whose been bullied, I can’t illustrate enough the true feelings one experiences being on the receiving end of such treatment. And yes, Nene is ABSOLUTELY correct when she says- in essence- that people who’ve been bullied are potentially dangerous. Whether you condone violence or not, anyone in their right mind is going to react in some form or fashion when you make them feel under attack…it’s just human nature…Andy! Apollo made that stupid statement about making her (Kenya) relevant, “made her story line,” hell, she made herself relevant, made her own story line, (and I’ll bet that’s why we’re not hearing much talk about firing her devilish behind) with the bulling and taunting, and preying on the seemingly weak. Twirling her old ass all over the place! She asked for it. She got it. She deserved for Porsha to grab he by the head, and “twirl” her ass all across that stage, exactly the way she did. You want to see the ratings go down? Fire Porsha for this if you want to. The nerve of Andy, telling her to apologize to Kenya. How about Kenya apologizing to Porsha.

      April 29 at 9:19pm  / 
  29. Mokey 

    Wow, great interview and for to cover her mouth (Porsha) showed all of your “big sister, little sister qualites” Great job in being a real friend NeNe. Team Porsha…loved this interview

    April 24 at 4:26pm  / 
  30. Sarah Hudgens 

    First of all Nene let me start by saying I ABSOLUTELY LOVE you! You are classy and fierce! You keep it real all the time. I am also team Porsha!! I grew up in the hood and you do not invade someone’s personal space without expecting something to happen. So I just want to say thank you for keeping it real.

    April 24 at 4:39pm  / 
  31. purplevelvet2014 

    Ne Ne you handled the questions very well. I have been watching you since the first season and I believe you have grown soo much. I appreciate your honesty and also the way you have worded your comments.

    April 24 at 4:50pm  / 
  32. LaBrava 

    Loveyouloveyouloveyouloveyou, Nene!
    You’re looking so GOOD girl. The hair is GREAT! You look best with soft bangs. The “so-called” fight……eh……zzzzzz.

    April 24 at 5:10pm  / 
  33. Thomasina Egan 

    Please tell Porsha ..NOT KEWL but DAME i would help her out any time anywhere ……Kenya(casper) …is a bully

    and she came PREPARED TO BULLY

    she acted classless
    she acted like a playground bully

    she is soo NOT A LADY

    her arrogance is only superseded by her complete and total ignorance

    April 24 at 5:36pm  / 
  34. mocha1969 

    NeNe I agree with you wholeheartedly! You’ll always be my FAVE!! Team Porsha!

    April 24 at 6:18pm  / 
  35. Carolina 

    Hey Nene, Just like you said on Arsenio, if you were wrong, I would be here! and say like, “you know what…..?????”, and let you know. I am with you 100% – I am team Porsha!! She is young, and she was being provoked, prodded, taunted, and pushed by Kenya, the provocateur, and I am shocked and appalled that Andy. Cohen didn’t take those props away from Kenya, and have her “stand down!” I am truly disappointed.

    April 24 at 7:04pm  / 
  36. mikemike100 

    Looking good NeNe. Somebody beat the hell out your face. Lol.

    April 24 at 7:14pm  / 
  37. SweetMelodies 


    You are FAB as always!! Thank you for keeping it real every season! Kenya?? Who is she again?!? Right!! PULEEZE! She needs to get her LIFE! She apparently, has created a perception of herself that isn’t based on any type of REALITY. She needs to be silenced and put away in the mental ward! I mean really, what di she expect to happen? We all reap what we sow honey! When more than one person is saying the same thing about you, then the problem lies with you! Take a good, long, hard look at yourself! What you see ain’t as pretty as you think! Beauty comes from the inside out!

    Yes team PORSHA all the way!


    April 24 at 7:20pm  / 
  38. bellafache68 

    another one for Team Porsha over here! I think you said it perfectly you cannot pick on the weak for ever before they rise up and “twirl ya bootie to the ground” !

    April 24 at 8:30pm  / 
  39. Debra Woods 

    NeNe – Excellent Job! You looked Fabulous and you kept it All the Way Real! I’m so proud of you.

    April 24 at 8:41pm  / 

    Nobody remember how all the girls was hating on Kenya when she first appear all the girls had a problem with Kenya when she tried to should them how much Apollo was loser they can’t take a women who is so free and outspoken as Kenya so haters take a look at your own CHARACTER check you impersonal flaws Porsha so childish she lost it all of y’all was raising
    Your voices Kenya just found her way to use her outspoken
    Bloop that haters

    April 24 at 9:03pm  / 
    • Atty Finch 

      and oddly, towards the end, when phaedra said kenya was banging natalie’s husband christopher, kenya clams up. hahahaha

      May 6 at 12:34pm  / 
  41. renee84al 

    I have to agree with everything she said,great interview

    April 24 at 9:30pm  / 
  42. Jackie Carrington 

    Wow!! what a great interview with Arsenio just keep on doing what you do best which is keeping it real..and as always you looked Absolutely beautiful xx :)

    April 24 at 9:38pm  / 
  43. susanz 

    Oh, PUHLEEEEZE! Listen, you heffah-MOOSE FACE! You know you’ll be signing up for another season, YOU AIN’T GOT NUTTIN’ ELSE GOIN’, BIGFOOT! Honey-chile, don’t tell me your blonde toupe-wig is sproutin roots and making you more stupid than usual? Chile, BEGONE!

    April 24 at 9:39pm  / 
  44. Maureen O'Connor 

    I am so glad you called Bravo/Andy out on the decision to send Porsha home. It wasn’t right. Kenya getting away with this isn’t right. I am so happy you are speaking out, Maybe the idiots at Bravo will listen.

    April 25 at 1:03am  / 
  45. joandana 

    Nene, I love what you have accomplished, especially you and Greg. I’m also glad you have emerged as a voice of wisdom and you must have the shows producers confidence and you will outlast everyone, if you want to.
    I think Kenya is there specifically to do what the other women probably would not do and that is go the limit to cause controversy, such that everyone is talking about the show. It’s like a slap in the face to the other women, so disrespectful and humiliating!
    I think anyone could have reacted exactly as Porsha did. Everyone has a limit and Kenya kept at it until Porsha reacted, being less sophisticated, became the woman who took the bait.. I like the show, but I’m getting that dirty feeling, like when She-ray, She broke was on. Same desperation. So, I agree with you Porsha should stay.

    April 25 at 3:33am  / 
    • Gloria Kimble 

      I agree Kenya should go she is a 100 years old and setting a poor example for young black women who watch the show. She is really acting trashy and not classy at all. I am so over MISS USA OR AMERICA whatever she wants to title herself as she is really a JACKASS

      April 28 at 3:04pm  / 
  46. bam929 

    loved this interview. Nene has always been so open and honest with her feelings. I know the world doesn’t like her but I feel that she and Kandi are the most up front and honest. I love Nene. I agree with everything she said. I feel that Porsha shouldn’t be fired because Sheree pulled Kim’s wig, Nene Chocked Kim, there have been several fights this one is no different. Team Nene all the way. Great interview. YES

    April 25 at 8:24am  / 
    • Gloria Kimble 


      April 28 at 3:06pm  / 
  47. Callie Terry 

    Kenya should hav been made to leave also! she’s the bully!

    April 25 at 8:43am  / 
  48. Knapturally Me 

    NeNe I agree with you. They both should have been asked to leave or they both should have been allowed to stay. You are my favorite on the show because of your integrity and your loyalty to those you care about. All you expect in return is for those same people to have integrity and be as loyal to you. Andy asking Porsha to leave without asking Kenya to leave gave Kenya an illusion of having control over what happened on the show. Obviously, the producers wanted Kenya to be the antagonist of the show but they didn’t realize how far she was going to take it. I think they expected Porsha to sit there and continuously let Kenya denegrate her and then everyone would laugh because it was just a show. We all saw that it didn’t work out for them. As far as Bravo having a non-violence policy goes, well if that’s the case, then I guess a couple of the other Housewives shows and Love and Hip Hop won’t be back next season. Hopefully the folks at Bravo will realize that QUALITY is PRICELESS.

    April 25 at 12:25pm  / 
  49. darolynl 

    NeNe… I luv ur spirit!! Ur r right about everything !! Keep telling it like it is!!

    April 25 at 12:26pm  / 
  50. Laurie62 

    Kuddo’s to you NENE,

    Kenya show be removed from the show, she has never been a housewife, and her career is as long as her 3 seconds in the video she was in. She is an attention wanting jealous no body!!!!

    April 25 at 12:40pm  / 
  51. msjamaican1 

    I have LOVED Nene since day one forreal and i am a VERY LOYAL person…However as GROWN WOMEN we should know better to lay hands..props or NOT…Bottom line i will reference the fact that past TRASH have provoked NeNE but she was woman enough NOT to lay hands on them… why defend Porsha’s behavior..friends or not thats why that mouth was covered…There is nothing wrong with good entertainment but when u BRING RATCHET oops Classy…NOPE RATCHET to the table it blows me…so not laughing!!!

    April 25 at 2:24pm  / 
  52. Christine Vallejos 

    Yeah Nene!! You gots this! TeamPorsha!

    April 25 at 3:42pm  / 
  53. tinasc 

    Kenya set Porsha up to try and get her fired. Did anyone realize what Kenya kept saying as soon as Porsha stood in front of her before she even tried to touch Kenya. She kept saying, “Get fired, get fired, get fired. So she knew Porsha was at the end of her rope and she taunted and provoked Porsha until she caved in to Kenya. I think Andy was very wrong also for making Porsha leave. Good interview Nene but that was so immature and disrespectful to say the girls take a long time and still look the same. Everyone on that stage was beautiful. I thought everyone looked so amazing. Most realtiy show reunion women have on all that makeup (including you) and those dresses that really don’t look all that hot, but you women were beautiful. Stop being so mean spirited all the time. Everythings not funny when it’s at the expense of someone else.

    April 25 at 3:52pm  / 
    • susanz 

      Moose-face only knows mean spirited comments, tinasc. Remember, Nono is GHET.TO.Look at that trashy dress she wearing with her heffah boobs hanging all out. The funniest part is her trying to cross her legs like a lady. Gurl, you used to spread those legs at the Gold Room in Atlanta for dollar bills! AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      April 25 at 8:53pm  / 
  54. susanz 

    Nene. honey-chile. You trash. So is your former best friend Marlo. Y’all should have some trash-off where y’all are wrestling in a pit full of malt liquor bottles and Newport cigarette packs. My guess is that Marlo would WHUP YOUR MOOSE-ASS all over Atlanta. Girl, sit down and SHUT YO FLAPS!

    April 25 at 8:48pm  / 
  55. Islandgirl47 

    Kudos to you Nene for covering Portia’s mouth. Very noble of you, good looking out< I have always said for the most par, t that I appreciate you for your honesty, not just during your interviews but on the show also. Keep on , KEEPING T REAL< :)


    April 25 at 11:01pm  / 
  56. Jodyx 

    I forgot to say I’m #TeamPorsha also!!! Luv u Nene. :)

    April 26 at 2:30am  / 
  57. rubymoon 

    NeNe please coin the phrase “THE DRAGGED QUEEN OF THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA” for Kenya Moore since she deemed herself the Queen of The real housewives. Remember she came in addressing her self as the queen of the show in the 1st episode, had her so called sceptor pointing in peoples direction with her bullhorn carrying on with all of this weird entitled illusions of granduer and she left there actually being the Queen that she had spoken of earlier in the day only its a more befitting title and that should be “THE DRAGGED QUEEN OF THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA”

    April 26 at 11:59am  / 
  58. Skaidiver 

    Nene, I love you all the way from here in Honolulu, Hawaii. You looked fabulous at the reunion and at the Arsenio Hall Show as you always do. With that said, i totally agree with you. Although I don’t condone violence in any way, shape, or form, when you taunt, BULLY, belittle, invade, and bare FALSE witness against someone as Kenya has done towards Porsche, something is going to happen sooner or later. I also think that Andy Cohen should take some responsibility for this. He can’t say that he didn’t foresee this, when allowing Kenya to bring props on set. After Porsche asked to stop her and after throwing the scepter, he should have taken away the bullhorn. I have gone back and watched this over and over and I could see that it was leading to on unfortunate situation. As an openly gay male he knows about all the bullying that is happening in the world today and the outcome of that bullying (suicides, mass shootings, stabbings, etc…..) For Andy to allow this and LAUGH when it was happening, was appalling. I have seen my share of bullying in my life, as a gay male myself, and although I have handled things differently, I can’t say that I never thought about doing some of those things or even what Porsche did. It’s really sad how it was funny to Andy and probably the producers of the show, even though you could see how negatively it was affecting Porsche, and now they are taking it out on her. Andy owes Porsche an apology as well for allowing the props, and I hope he would be big enough to do so, but I don’t think it will happen. Porsche you are young and beautiful I support you and love you. I wish you the best in all that you do. God bless you.

    April 26 at 12:31pm  / 
  59. LadySmith18 

    Thanks for keeping 100…Great interview!! Very real…and as far as Kenya..she sent for Porsha and Porsha came for that azz…

    April 26 at 4:13pm  / 
  60. shanelly81 

    Yall are delirious, nene was just lime kenya years ago! Remember ber taunting kim. Come on lets keep it real. And then she started the brawl!!!!

    April 26 at 5:26pm  / 
    • shanelly81 

      At couples night those were mesdy questions, and she started that entire thing by addressing Chris and kenya! Nene is fake she mad at Cynthia about being friends with kenya! I dont like Nene never have and never will!!!! Messy boots

      April 26 at 5:29pm  / 
      • sdw15 

        She did then get mad when Kenya defended her self girl please talking about Kenya had no right to get out of her seat and Chris had no right walking up on her. Better yet why talk about that anyways. Just messy like you said . She the ring leader and weak porsha don’t have no mind of her own I see why her marriage didn’t work she has the mind of an 18 year old he was to advance for her. Honey stay in your own lead lol

        April 28 at 10:28am  / 
        • loyalty 

          How come you let Porsha get out of her seat?

          April 28 at 11:16am  / 
  61. rubymoon 

    NeNe, has anyone realized the good news yet, that would be the fact that without a shadow of a doubt everyone finally know for sure that Kenya Moore aas NOT the reason for Rhoa boost in ratings. Shes been touting this lie and persona that is her and all of antics, games, maliciousness and extra too much drama that has made the difference for the show and now look what has happened. She over shot, by taunting and pushing and daring and going for Porsha’s juggler vein so hard that Porsha did the unthinkable and retaliated. The retaliation was welcomed and appreciated by onlookers from around the world because they witnessed the bullying and felt bad for Porsha all along and because of that they all seem to be supporting Porsha. Did Kenya think that it would turn out this way. No she didnt, she expected to use Porsha the weakest link in her mind as a punching bag, she expected to exploit her weaknesses by tormenting her by whatever means necessary (sceptors bullhorns whatever) and make her unravel under pressure.she was so much more concerned about exploiting Porsha and doing whatever it took to get Porsha fired that she forgot to think about how evil of a person she made her self look like to the viewers that she depends on to stay relevant. Now look what has happened trying to get Porsha fired has resulted in less job security for heself. She thought that people wanted to see a bitter old bat try to destroy her cast mates marraige, she thought that viewers thought it was deserving or cute to see her maliciously taunt Pkrsha about her failed marraige and weak state of mind during her divorce, but we don’t, its uncomfortable watching bully’s in action, very hard. People in general just dont embrace “home wreckers” either, she and bravo were all wrong about this vipers so called popularity and what she brimgs to the show (rating) NOT, now look what has developed and cant be ignored now that it has been exposed; the real truth, that people dont give a damn about Kenya Moore. IF PPL CARED THEY WOULD BE STANDING UP FOR HER, they are not, tne court of public opinion has weighed in now and the cat is out of the bag, KENYA WAS NEVER THE REASON FOR RATINGS AT ALL! Prior to her being dragged and the attention that it cause one could speculate that she was the new inferesting reason, but now by default we clearly have a definant answer. I have nothing but time to blog nd surf the net and I’m very intrigued by this story so I read EVERY BLOG thats taking pu lic opinion polls and theres many out there and I have yet to see any polls that dont have kenyaz numbers in the very low teens and sometimes sjngle digits. Nobody is feeling this chick. There’s bullying petitions to get Kenya Moore removed, theres planned boycotts, civil rights groups that want Andy to apologize to Porsha, theres SOOOOOOO much negativity surrounding this woman now that nobody can ever say that she brought viewers because most ppl feel that its not interesting and that SHE should go because she’s so extra that its uncomfortable. If she were the powerhouse that she and bravo believed that she was the fiestorm would be in her favor, (remove Porsha we cant stand to see kenya go) type of outcry but its not and she is now finally forced into facing the reality that she just isnt all that she thought she was and on top of everything else just like she sooo wanted to cause Porsha to lose her job, Now the tables have turned and hundreds and thousands of people are begging and boycotting and petitioning the network to kick her off so that she too can lose her job. Karma really is a bitch if thats what you believe in. Lol! I don’t think she thought this all through considering how her plotting and planning Porshas demise was her only focus and clouded her judgement due to her blind fury for Porsha. Now shes immortalized in gifs and videos online for a lifetime getting dragged by a pretty debutant in a gold ballroom gown. Its priceless! She’s also shown everyone even past admirers just how bitter, lowdown, coniving, malicious, manipulating and horrible of a person that she really is. Most ppl don’t adore the villian, not her kind anyway. She goes for ppls weaknesses and ppl are tired of watching it. You would think that the only thing that should have been of most importance to her would have been building a large fan base because God Knows and everyone else, that her career was dead on arrival and her brand was completely non existant when bravo brought her on. To jeopardize a second chance at a career and another chance to rebrand herself so she can secure a future for her waning years, all over the fact that she becomes completely disheveled and cant contain herself and anger when she has to deal with Porsha. So she lost in the end because she allowed her envy and jealousy to ruin her chances and her life yet once again. Good riddance Karma Moore! the rating aren’t because of her, no one knows why exactly but we all do now know that it ISNT KENYA! Bye Ashy!

    April 26 at 6:38pm  / 
    • Jodyx 

      What an awesome Comment :) )) #TeamPorsha

      April 27 at 2:13am  / 
    • susanz 

      You don’t get out much, do you, RubyMoon. This isn’t a question. It’s a statement.

      April 27 at 12:09pm  / 
      • EloiseM 

        And that was a very POOR statement you made. Everything this commenter took the time to express was the absolutely TRUTH as we witnessed on this show. Don’t lower yourself by commenting like that, PLEASE.

        May 24 at 3:52pm  / 
    • sdw15 

      The only bully here is Nene! When porsha first jumped stupid with Kenya she was going to give her the business and porsha didn’t want none. Now all of a sudden she feeling tough. Lol cut it out. Nene talked about all the cast members in more then 1 way especially kim her so called friend. Nene has issues with sharing friends clearly. She then fall out with everyone including her husband lol how ironic explanation nene fans

      April 28 at 10:22am  / 
    • Sandra K Arcuri 

      Very well said RubyMoon.Kenya has done nothing but BULLY all the RHOA.Starting with Porcha and the trip to vegas I think.Kenya did noting but make Porcha miserable.Then she tried to break Pheadra and Apollo.Kenya had her rachette jaws going to with,Apollo made it clear to Kenya when he said.If I wanted to hit that thang I could have.Then Kenya was whinning around about I never gave you that idea.But really Kenya is a piece of crap.And there is a law now about BULLYING PEOPLE.And I did heard that Porcha Has Kenya sued along with Bravo and Andy Cohen.Because Andy hold as much responsiblity as Kenya.Andy could have stopped it all by not allowing Kenya to use a bull horn and scepter at the reunion.And clearly Porcha will win the case because she has the video of Kenya torchering her.And all andy did was sit and laugh.This is going to be a black mark on RHOA.Unless they bring Porcha back if she wants to.And then get rid of that skanky Kenya.And by the way Kenya only won Miss usa by very little.Kenya has no money she was evicted for not paying her rent.The police went to the house and mad Kenya leave.It was like she only hadn’t for the 1 month she was behind 3 months.She moved into a hotel hoping her casper the freinf boyfriend shows up again.But then he probably won’t because he would have to give Kenya some money.Kenya only took this job because she was broke.I think if I were that broke I wouldn’t have paid walter 15000.00 to pretend he was her boyfreind.I have never seen a women like her that does not have a boyfreind.And always whinning because they should fine her a man.People didn’t like her so they sure weren’t going to do that for her.Kenya was always jealous of NeNe.Because NeNe get the job done.And the next question I have why didn’t her own nother want anything to do with Kenya.Because Kenya is nothing and a want a be.I also think the other girls are jealous of NeNe because NeNe has 3 or 4 things going at one time.All the rest do is sit at home with a wine glass in their hands.

      April 28 at 7:04pm  / 
  62. Ruby L Crawford 

    Team Porsha, Kenya knew what she was doing she wanted Porsha off the show.

    April 26 at 8:06pm  / 
    • sdw15 

      Porsha new what she was doing. Stupidity got her kicked off the show. How silly of her

      April 28 at 10:06am  / 
      • Janet Jackson 


        April 28 at 10:08am  / 
      • EloiseM 

        We don’t know if Porsha IS KICKED OFF THIS SHOW, now do we?

        May 24 at 3:57pm  / 
    • tierrajones88 


      April 28 at 2:05pm  / 
    • Sandra K Arcuri 

      I agree Ruby if you watched the show.As soon as Kenya stood up the first words out of her mouth was GO A HEAD AND GET FIRED.YOU ARE FIRED.I have to say I LOVED seeing Porcha drag her ass across that room.I have also listen to the 911 call that Kenya called to have Porcha fired.The 911 operator thought Kenya was joking.And Kenya didn’t say she was hurt.She just wanted Porcha fired.I would say right is right and wrong is wrong.If Porcha got fired so should Kenya and Andy.

      April 28 at 7:11pm  / 
  63. Jodyx 

    Hi Nene just getting around to watching you and Tony on DWTS. You were so Beautiful and you look so happy. I love seeing you smiling and happy. I will be home Monday and vote for you guys. Luv U Mrs L ♥

    April 27 at 2:05am  / 
  64. Jodyx 

    Mrs “L” stop being ugly I just watched Arsenio again, all of the
    ladies looked beautiful including you. Luv u Nene :)

    April 27 at 3:21am  / 
  65. Ayesha Hutchingson 

    NeNe you looked beautiful. I totally agree with you. Team NeNe, Team Porsha.

    April 27 at 1:39pm  / 
  66. lovelybrownmorrow 

    Very good interview NeNe

    April 27 at 1:44pm  / 
  67. LaTrinner Hamilton 

    That is real talk on the Arsenio Hall show. It was strait with no chaser. Andy and Bravo do need to take accountability for for the role that they played in this, and at the very least, for Andy’s behavior, they owe Porsha, and the rest of the cast members, with the exception of Kenya, and apology. seriously; asking Porsha to leave, and not telling Kenya to go was like saying” Well, as long as punches don’t end up being thrown, or there is no hair pulling as a result, a person can sit on our stage and subject you to any type of harassing, diminishing, low brow behavior that they can think up, and it’s okay with us.”

    April 27 at 4:51pm  / 
    • EloiseM 

      I have been saying for a long time in my comments this year that it looks like Bravo was trying to sabotage this show. So much gutter behavior was being allow, encouraged and HIGHLIGHTED with Kenya Moore. You couldn’t enjoy the other cast members for the cameras showing that delusional woman , her antics and comments most of the time OVER the good and interesting things the other cast member were doing and saying. All that did was make decent people despise her, wondering how could some of the things she said come out of her mouth. Also, I totally agree with your comment.

      May 24 at 4:07pm  / 
  68. bossplayerette 

    Love you NeNe….Great interview! F*** the haters just like that….If you don’t like NeNe keep it moving and stay off her page with the b.s!

    April 28 at 9:22am  / 
    • EloiseM 

      I totally agree with that. Why don’t they just stay off her page. But then you know it is probably Kenya Moore posing as the negative commenters. Most real negative commenters don’t even know about this OFFICIAL website for Nene. Only people with a REAL interest in her success who follow her like that would search for more material on her.

      May 24 at 4:12pm  / 
  69. sdw15 

    Prorsha had not right to hit her period! No matter what happen. Nene said Peter was acting like a bitch so should nene get her ass beat? I’m just saying talking about provoking.

    April 28 at 10:00am  / 
    • Janet Jackson 


      April 28 at 10:04am  / 
  70. Janet Jackson 

    Nene you make me SICK. You are full of SHIT. You are one of the most defensive people I’ve ever laid eyes on & you are very arrogant. You sit up there talking about “the pay is ok” – your humility SUCKS – you act like you forgot where you came from & your head is WAYYYY too big, your attitude STINKS & you don’t want a friend you want someone you can CONTROL & who will suck up to you like your husband GREGG. The way you did Cynthia is MORE than fcuked up, if I were Cynthia I would blast you all over the damn place. You are one sickening broad & if I were a Bravo honcho I’d FIRE YOUR MOOSE AZZ WITH THE QUICKNESS, since the pay is only “ok”. You have alotta nerve & you should DIG YOURSELF.

    April 28 at 10:04am  / 
  71. Janet Jackson 

    You can talk alotta CRAP but when someone pulls your card you get CRAZY DEFENSIVE & then ALL OF A SUDDEN you wanna discuss your friendship with Cynthia “in private” – AT THE REUNION!!! <—– where everybody discusses everything. You were just BOTHERED at Cynthia exposing your fcuked up & disrespectful ways & you tried to play it off by "reading" & "dismissing" her. Your self esteem & level of consideration, humility & respect is lower than pond scum.

    April 28 at 10:08am  / 
  72. sdw15 

    Right! Now we keeping it 100 lol

    April 28 at 10:12am  / 
  73. sdw15 

    I don’t know who the man in the relationship Gregg or her lol

    April 28 at 10:13am  / 
  74. tierrajones88 

    I have to agree with you Nene. You cant provoke someone and taunt and tease them especially since porshia and Kenya has an ugly history. I don’t understand why they thought using the props was going to be funny when the two ladies dont like each other Tv has a way of wanting the action and when they get it it’s ZERO TOLERANCE. They knew eventually Porshia was going to explode and if sge was asjed to leave Kenya Morewhore should’of left too

    April 28 at 2:04pm  / 
  75. Gloria Kimble 

    Hello NeNe I feel that you are right about the Porshia and Kenya situation and Kenya needs to be off the show. She is a grown woman talking about sisterhood and is the first to get on television and disrespect Porshia. Porshia is a younger than she is you would think she would want to set an example not act like a fool. Money could not make me play my people out like that. Is Kenya doing that bad financially that she has to drop to a low down dirty level to make herself look good? She does not do much for black power or black women. How do you get on national television take black folks back to the uncle tom era? KENYA GROW UP YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER HOOD RAT!!!!!!

    April 28 at 3:00pm  / 
  76. aza 

    Nene Leave this show…let them MISS you…it’s time to shake things up. I bet when you leave Bravo will NEVER be the same. trust. This show is getting out of hand and I really am over it. If Porsha is fired and Not Kenya I will NOT be watching

    April 29 at 10:28pm  / 
  77. Adasle 

    Loved the interview, Loved your blog & I agree with you 100% Kenya was very provoking and she shouldn’t have been allowed to have props. It was annoying to me as a viewer and It also seemed like Kenya was in control of who could speak when and about what. Andy had very little if any control in the early part of the reunion.

    May 1 at 10:21pm  / 
  78. marknflorida 

    I am behind you 100% Nene!
    As one who has been bullied for much of my life, Kenya just wouldn’t stop with Porsha. I myself would have thrown that scepter and for Kenya to continue I think I may have done the same.
    I appreciate you Nene….continue to be the grain of sanity for the show!!!

    hugz to ya!!

    May 3 at 5:32pm  / 
  79. alura5 

    Violence isn’t the answer BUT u can only throw stones at someone’s house before they react and they might not respond the same as u. Kenya knows everything Porshia has been through and was aware of her fragile state yet she chose to not only b insensitive to her situation, but use inappropriate body language invading someone’s personal space so in return hers was violated as well.There’s no robbery in a fair exchange. Lesson to be learned, be careful who u push to the edge because on the way down they might grab your hair and take you with them!!!!

    May 4 at 4:41am  /