The Hardest Thing In Life…

NeNe Leakes - The Hardest Thing In Life

What do you guys think?


  1. te-el-jay 

    I agree. Because it is so hard to let, not only people but things go.

    May 2 at 3:23pm  / 
    • Gospelgirl2354 

      Nene, I luv ya. I don’t care if you like iy or not. I hear Bishop TD Jakes say once when people want to leave ur life, let go. He said that he has a ministry of goodbye. When me hold on to people are things to lone, when their season & reason is up to teach us or we teach them & we hold on to them we can’t recieve the new people that are trying to come in, we have to let them go. Better is coming. Believe that. Folks say with their mouth they are down with you like too flat tires, I got ur back, I’m in it for the long haul, but honey when the next best thing comes alone their like casper the ghost pfoo, gone. You will be ok. Stop, ask urself if you could have done things differently or not, mayne. But sista ur on a show that the folk that talk about you like a dog if you didn’t bring the drama they wouldn’t watch. Its a job. Work! I know that friendship meant something to you, I’m I the only person to see ur pain. Ur right everybody don’t break down like Cynthia that doesn’t mean that you don’t care, you just shoe it differently & thats ok. I don’t necessaryly believe those crocadile tears were real. Who’s the actress, you are Cyn? Really folks don’t appreciate you for who you are. Give the people what they want. Work, do what you do well. I got ya now you can believe that this home is a love NeNe & Gregg zone, speak well or say nothing.

      May 2 at 5:45pm  / 
      • ann 

        Nene let Marlo go! What Nene can’t be let go? Cynthia got tired of Nene bossing her around making her look stupid. Nene totally got all up in Peter’s face when he and Greg were discussing the charity event. Nene can’t talk about Cynthia letting Peter do whatever he wants because Nene runs all over Greg. Greg is the man Nene should have let Greg handle that with Peter-which he was doing until Nene interrupted with her Know it ALL-can’t nobody tell her NOTHING self.

        May 2 at 6:12pm  / 
  2. Str8gal 

    I’m not sure what bridge you want to burn. I would say if it is RH franchise, think hard about changong scenery unless you have scenery to move to. Ypu have an easier time getting a job if you have a job. If it is Cynthia …keep your friends close and your enemies closer…not saying Cynthia is an enemy. Bad blood was spilled on both sides so put yhat situation to bed. Love ya girl. You make Athens proud!

    May 2 at 3:50pm  / 
    • Str8gal 

      Pshew…cant type on this phone.

      May 2 at 3:51pm  / 
  3. carrie36 

    Nene you are burning most of your bridges. Your attitude is overrated but you are a great dancer. I just hope next season of rhoa you are more humble… I did vote for you on dancing with the stars but it seems like you are turning shallow.

    May 2 at 4:08pm  / 
    • ann 

      So true! Nene thinks EVERYONE is against her. No we are not- we the people who watch these shows is the reason she has accomplished what she has so far. Without FANS she can’t sell nothing or promote nothing. I just wished she would get what Cynthia was trying to say- which is- SHE DOES NOT RECEIVE WORDS OF REBUKE FROM OTHERS WITHOUT AN EXCUSE.

      May 2 at 6:14pm  / 
    • Paula Hoyt 

      I think Nene is burning all her bridges and in a year no one is going to want to work with her. I liked her at first she was funny and entertaining. Now she is just mean and arrogant and so full of herself. I won’t watch the show anymore if she’s on

      May 5 at 4:00pm  / 
  4. carrie36 

    My mom says it doesn’t cost anything to be nice to people. You should show people the love you want to receive.

    May 2 at 4:11pm  / 
  5. Belinda Joy 

    Nene, this is a great quote! So true. For me this is a lesson I have come to embrace because I live by the credo “Treat people as you would want to be treated and speak to people as you would want to be spoken to” When the question comes up in life in terms of letting someone go or forgiving and moving on, I would say to you – turn the tables. If you are debating cutting someone from your life, if you were on the receiving end of being let go, would you feel it is fair? If you can honestly say yes, I say burn that bridge and move on. But if your knee jerk reaction is you want that person in your life – and there would be a void without them – I would move heaven and Earth to keep them.

    We as women (and yes I will say it – we as Black women) are SO AFRAID of coming across as vulnerable. Because somewhere in our past we were taught vulnerable = weakness. And we don’t want to be perceived as weak. However, there are friends, family and associates that bring something to our lives that ego be damned – we should beg them to talk out our issues so we can be in each others lives. That’s my take on this quote. Sorry for being so long winded! :-)

    May 2 at 4:35pm  / 
    • Wanda A.D. 

      Belinda You hit the nail on the head.I used to have a friend (she passed away) who really was not a friend to me, but I was a true friend to her. I thought about kicking her to the curb but I believed God did not want me to do that. He showed me there were some things in her life that caused her to be “agitated” and she “needed” a friend. There are rewards in being nice to people even when they are not nice to you. All of can be nice when the other person is nice to us. It takes “strength” to care and be nice when walking away is the easiest thing to do. Be vulnerable, Be strong, Be different, Be more like Jesus than the world !! It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice…

      May 2 at 4:56pm  / 
  6. Uniquely Divine 

    It seems the move you progress the more there will be obstacles along the way to “help” you digress.
    I’ve been an admirer of you for many seasons. For many reasons. One mainly because YOU MADE IT,NeNe !! Don’t allow anything nor anyone to let you forget , that your in a place WE ALL ASPIRE TO BE . Instead of trying to put you down , sister I choose to put you up :-)
    God Bless

    May 2 at 4:51pm  / 
  7. Cassie Dimetessa 

    If we open our eyes we would see which bridge to burn. You should have set Marlo on fire a long time ago. She had no business in your wedding. We the viewers saw it but you didn’t . That woman was NEVER your friend. I saw through her. Your best friend also saw through her. I live in Atlanta, and I know a lot of people and none of them had a thing good to say about Miss Marlo. Ask her about the warden, the female warden. ummmummm.

    May 2 at 5:37pm  / 
  8. susanz 

    Honey-chile. SIT DOWN. U skank ho done burnt all dem bridges, now BEGONE to your stripper job!

    May 2 at 7:58pm  / 
    • sweetd0904 

      Now that was a comment you could have kept to yourself.

      May 3 at 4:42am  / 
    • georgette 

      Get off of Nene’s page if you feel like that. You are ignorant anyway. Go to that ignorant jealous hearted, wants what Nene has, but never will, Kenya Moore’s page with that mess.

      May 5 at 8:23pm  / 
  9. jojo59 

    Nene, put away your book of matches, girl!

    May 3 at 6:21am  / 
  10. sexywife 

    Sometimes this is a hard choice to make. Especially when it comes to Family and Friends. I’ve come to realize, when you give a person you all and you don’t get any thing but shade from them. It’s time to let them go. Not everyone will be happy for you. Some are just straight up Jealous, but when around other people you know they act like they are on your team. I don’t have time for fake people in my life. One thing they have to understand is that their path is not your path!!!!!!!!

    May 3 at 7:52am  / 
  11. viviangray71 

    I just saw the latest preview of the “reunion part III”, and I am amazed that Kandi is upset about the comment made about her mother. Maybe Kandi should read some statistics. Stay with me for just a second:

    The BJS had the following information:

    “The nation’s prisons held approximately 744,200 fathers and 65,600 mothers at midyear 2007.” (about 57% of females who were mother’s were in prison for violent offenses)

    Why do I put the information up there. Not everyone who has a child is a “good mother” or even a good person. Some mother’s are horrible human beings. Some mother’s are just people who have no concept of what mother hood is.

    I am not saying that Kandi’s mother is a person worthy of incarceration, but I am saying that she is a horrible mother.

    What kind of mother would go to a wedding shop, a day that is to be beautiful and peaceful for a daughter and behave in the same manner as Kandi’s mother did.

    Did she not have the fortitude of character, the wisdom of a mother, the dignity to have a “dialogue” with her daughter at a proper time and place? Sadly, the answer is documented for the world to see.

    Kandi’s “joy” is forever stolen because of her mother’s actions. This is beyond having “class”, it is a narcissistic and sociopathic way to behave all in the “disguised” name of a “mother’s love”.

    I am a mother, and “my love is free”, “my love does not have “credit”, “my love does not charge interest”, “my love is expressed with unconditional love” even when my children have erred. I too worked menial jobs when my children were first born, sometimes 18 hour days/7 days a week… I ultimately was able to grow financially and raise two wonderful children. I have two boys (one is a doctor and the other is an attorney who are very successful). They are both extremely well off, but I will never say “I made two millionaires”. I will always say I nurtured two wonderful boys, who in turn “made themselves”.

    What do I expect in return: NOTHING, NOT A PENNY. I AM THE RICHEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD, because throughout their journey I have had “love”. Every smile is priceless. Every day that I know they are happy, I am complete and overwhelmed with gratitude. Someone said: A Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.

    I wonder what peace Kandi’s mother has given her? Why does she somehow believe that she is the only single mother who has had extreme struggles and loss to raise a successful child? She claims its about her concern for her daughter, yet, she has cataloged her behavior that conclusively shows that her only concern is: HER UGLY SELF.

    Nene, you were right to be outraged with Kandi’s mother’s behavior. It is beyond reprehensible in every sense. I think Kandi needs some real counseling to deal with this type of horrific abuse. ABUSE is abuse, and sorry Joyce, you don’t get a “pass” just because you call your self a mother.

    May 3 at 10:35am  / 
    • WARM- 

      To: Ms. VivianGray71

      WOW!!!!! Let the Church say…

      On behalf of Kandi, please allow me to say… THANK YOU. Thank you for eloquently expressing the truth that Kandi has yet to embrace. We all know that Kandi’s love for her Mother is UNWAVERING. However, it seems that only we (the viewers) can clearly see that the “love” Kandi receives from her Mother is rather reserved, pungent. conditional, and callous.

      Just by the sheer content of her successful play, Kandi if fully aware of the embedded flows and horrid behaviors that her Mother possess. Her written play was her own way of screaming. That was her way of painting a 3-D picture for her Mother to reference. That was Kandi’s way of begging her Mother to change her ways for the better. That was her way of tearfully saying to her Mother…”JUST LOVE ME AS I LOVE YOU”.

      So, other than on-going, private, tear-stained counseling to heal herself… What is she to do? Her Mother has to stand in HER truth and admit her wrongs, before she is able to do right with her daughter. So… until then, what is our Kandi to do???? My view is… “A Mother’s Love” shouldn’t hurt nor cause painful tears, unhealing internal wombs, deliberate embarrassments, nor threating goodbyes. A Mother’s Love SHOULD feel good and familiar. A Mother’s love should feel like GOD loves you. UNMEASURED!

      P.S. I am so glad that Kandi’s Father had provided her with uplifting moments after her amazing debut. His words of encouragement and love clearly meant a lot to Kandi. Just having one of her parents to shower her with smiles and warm hugs was encouraging.


      May 4 at 4:22am  / 
  12. HotChocolate 

    Not bad for reflection! I don’t know if this is a rhetorical statement or you want us to answer. For me the statement is saying in life there is always options. What is important and what is not in your life. I guess the ones that are cross that bridge to acquire them or keep them and the ones that aren’t burn that bridge so you want be tempted to cross it or cross it at all. Ow! that hurt my head!

    May 3 at 4:17pm  / 
  13. Jiang Lin 

    Nene, I say this as a supporter and admirer: Let the situation with Cynthia be a bridge to a new chapter for you and your brand. Find a way to talk things out with her, admit where you were wrong (saying she should be fired, for example), and try to rebuild what was once a genuine, sweet friendship.

    I loved watching you on DWTS because you brought a huge smile to everyone’s face – because you clearly were so excited to be there and to be shining. You love to shine and you shine brilliantly! So let the joy back into the relationship with Cynthia, rather than burning yet another bridge. I think you can do it, I think it would be good for you, and I think it would be even better for your brand going forward.

    May 3 at 8:21pm  / 
  14. bfs 

    I have chosen to burn several bridges in my own life. Most of them have been for my own good. With time people change therefore your relationship changes. Because of that it may not be healthy for me to be in your company anymore. It’s hard to let someone go that you love and care for, at the end of the day it’s your life and you must love yourself and do what’s best for you and your family. That’s what really counts is your family and real friends.

    May 3 at 10:31pm  / 
  15. WARM- 

    Good Morning, NeNe…

    Please allow me to start by saying that I get it. I recognize that hard-shelled exterior that you must share with the world, simply because I am the very same way. However, just like you, I too, possess that same loving, venerable internal gush, that’s exposed ONLY to family and intimate, loyal, and unwavering friends. So, again… I truly understand you. With that being said, please do not allow those (who doesn’t get who you are) to under-mind your inner beauty.

    NeNe, the essence of you is simply… breath taking. I am so proud of you! Please continue to sore with the feathered wings you’ve been Blessed with. Although, you MUST remain humble, by not allowing the “slip of your tongue” to block your Blessings.

    Your destiny has already been written. So, it is OK for you to cross that bridge, even if you see that it is swaying. As you continue your journey in life, just don’t forget where you’ve been. If you should EVER need to be forgiven… then YOU must learn to forgive. However, always remember to NEVER SETTLE… for you are worthy.

    Just as one would NEVER burn a read book. You should NEVER BURN a worn-out BRIDGE. That bridge (however unstable) has provided you with memories, a platform, knowledge and know-how that you did not have before. You don’t have to burn your “bridges” NeNe… Just keep it moving! NOW SMILE.


    May 4 at 3:05am  / 
  16. susanz 

    With regards to Nene Leakes using homophobic slurs: I always knew that Moose face b*tch was homophobic. Shame on her. As an African American woman, she should know better than to use hateful words to describe people. No doubt she’s been on the receiving end herself of hate speech, which makes it doubly sad that she was so arrogant and spiteful in her “apology” to Andy. I think this woman needs to be fired from the show for hate speech and for acting like she’s too good for anyone.

    May 5 at 8:27am  / 
    • georgette 

      Nene has shown more support for the LGTB community than anyone on that show. She even let her son ride in the Gay Parade with her. Calling Brandon a Queen was not a slur, Gay men refer to themselves as Queens all the time. Bravo’s show is called Queens. The problem is Gay people get all self righteous anytime, they feel offended, which they know wasn’t Nene’s intent. But I’ve noticed that about LGBT people, self righteous to the end, but are some of the most foul mouthed people, when angered that you ever want to meet. They should take offense at folks like Kenya Moore and Sheree, who only use them because no women like them. Look how Kenya came on the show and hooked right up with Lawrence, she didn’t know Lawrence from a can of paint. Evidently since Andy is Gay, he wants a gay in the mist. Not to mention Kenya never belonged on that show to began with, she is a wife of nobody. I’ll say this for true, if Kenya Moore or Sheree Whitfield is on that show next season, I will never watch it again. Because all that means is Bravo is looking for foul mouthed, jealous hearted people, to act a fool for rating. Nene is the main character on that show and if she was gone, the rating would plummet . People talking about Nene has changed, well yes she has and for the better. No more of that Angry Black woman foolery, thank goodness. Nene is personable , Hollywood like her as does the world. She is everywhere. From DWTS to Cirque and HSN. Kenya Moore is a has been and Reality Fake TV is all she can claim. Oh she is going to let Donald Trump use her for the Angry, Ignorant Black woman on Celebrity Apprentice this season, again copying Nene. The Miss USA sponsors are ashamed of her, and the ignorance she has projected on the show. Talking about a role model for young girls, please what role model for young girls, sits on stage and say’s how many Dicks she can get, over and over. She is no role model for anyone. Cynthia is a two-faced woman, and threw her friendship with Nene under the bus, to try and keep her job on Bravo, won’t work though because Nene see’s her for what she is and will have nothing else to do with her. The only thing she will be able to do is talk about Nene to Kenya Moore, who treated Cynthia like a dog the last season. She will get just what she deserves nothing, but a broke ass husband and bills. Keep doing your thing Mrs. Leaks you are the Only star on that show.

      May 5 at 8:46pm  / 
  17. Tina Finn 


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  18. Tina Finn 


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  19. Just-Saying 

    Nene, our tough!!!! you are in an industry that only recognizes being tough!!!!, if you were to change from this, while in this industry, you woulnd’t last!!!!, You were born to be tough, so dont try to change just because others misunderstand you!!! many great people were first misunderstood, but, their end result was success, triumphant, and victory!!! You are headed to a great place and many want what you have and where you are headed. Because you are running a race, you lose weight! The allegory of weight is that of old associates, dead beats or anything and/or person that weighs you down. it is evident that you do have a great support system with Gregg, your two children and your special Aunt that raised you. My only advise is not to change from being direct, but do change in the deliverance of the point you are making! Im still team Nene and I am rooting for you. many want to see you fall, but, you have a fan base that is rootign for you so go get em and we’ll see you next RHOA!!!!

    May 5 at 6:52pm  / 
    • Just-Saying 

      We’ll see you Next year on RHOA!!!!!

      May 5 at 6:53pm  / 
  20. creniece 

    Nene you are my favorite RHOA…I’ve stated that many times on my Faebook account…I have watched the show from the very beginning and you have really grown a lot. People don’t think so becasue they tend to carry a judging the book by the cover mentatlity and not a spirit of discerning or observing truth.. Keep going no matter what people say that didn’t make you and the can’t break you love you and Gregg as a team Best of wishes to you both. I do think this was a hard season for you for reason that I want mention but you still manage to not waver and that’s what they want you to do.I realize that they try to define you but they can’t because what God has for you is for you. Kenya wants to be like you, Cynthia is somewhat intimidated by you, Kandi has never been fun of you semi-jealous don’t uderstand why she has been in the business way before you have and Phaedra is starting to see the real Nene is not that bad at all. Continue to saty strong keep the faith we need more stand up women built to last like you Praying for you and your family Be blessed.

    May 5 at 8:09pm  / 
  21. Val Howard 

    Nene continue to be yourself, you know what is going on you called it. One thing I would like for you to do, apologize to Cynthia for saying she should be let go from the show- this is her livelihood. Apologize and go on with your life, now that you can see Cynthia strips let her keep them. This way you will have no regrets and she will have nothing to hold over your head. You have so much going for you, no matter what anyone says you don’t have time for the nonsense. Apologize and leave her alone. She will try to be your friend again- now you will know that she is the friend you keep in front of you. an associate

    May 8 at 2:32pm  /