Sneak Peek!!

NeNe Leakes - The NeNe Leakes Collection Sketches Preview

The Nene Leakes Collection is coming soon!! So excited!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Prince Jarvis 

    Wow these sketches look great!!!! This designs will be selling-out everywhere. Happy to see you following your dreams and being successful at everything you go after.

    February 10 at 4:27pm  / 
  2. Elizabeth Jones Kirk 

    Can’t wait. I’m a big girl, glad you will have my size.

    February 10 at 5:45pm  / 
  3. LaD├ána 

    Very excited for you, Nene! I have a fashion showcase in Washington, DC this April that wants to feature you and your curvy women’s collection. If interested, please email me directly. Wishing you continued success!

    February 10 at 6:08pm  / 
  4. jlat22 

    I hope you have a size 20 and while you at can you have some bras that don’t cost $125.00 for a size 40h. Thanks Jackie

    February 10 at 6:14pm  / 
  5. YayaM 

    Hello Mrs. Nene
    I first want to start off by saying Thank you for looking out for the plus size ladies. I am very excited for you and what you are doing.
    I can’t wait for your clothing line because I am a plus size lady and there are no cute clothes out there without a lot of flowers on them. I am in love with your sketches above especially the one on the left.
    Again thank you!!!

    February 10 at 6:29pm  / 
    • Suusan 

      I agree! Everything for curvy ladies has god awful prints on them. It’s not flattering. And the materials always seem cheap.

      February 12 at 2:13pm  / 
  6. mrbadboy 

    That’s how u use your opportunity and grow…love watching Nene journey…she a inspiration for men and women…#luvNene

    February 10 at 9:37pm  / 
  7. Suusan 

    Please Please NeNe make some good clothes for curvy women. None of that cheap lycra stuff that has the shoulders cut out. Something that flatters an hourglass shape and doesn’t just look like big animal print tents. I like how you dress so I’m hoping you will come through for us!

    February 12 at 2:11pm  / 
  8. SamE 

    Congratulations Nene, Show the haters what we are made of. Number one fan. # askthemwherethehatersgo?

    February 14 at 1:47pm  / 
  9. Susan Johnson 

    I love your style on the RHOA! I hope you stay true to it! Please make some pants with a 36″ length! Tall is not 34″!

    March 11 at 3:03pm  / 
  10. mcallister7374 

    What date is your clothing line coming out? Looked it up on HSN and not there yet. Looking forward to shopping your line.

    April 7 at 8:07am  / 
  11. ronjohn 

    Why would you make a clothing line for Kmart? And besides that you can’t even find them anymore! And you know you would not step foot into a Kmart, let alone go in there and buy clothes. So why would you expect classy business minded women to go in there and shop ? If the line is so “fabulous” like you, why is it not in Nordstrom where you buy your clothes?? Really?

    April 17 at 12:36pm  / 
  12. Sharee 

    NeNe…unlike ronjohn, I hope you are still planning to make a clothing line for Kmart. I don’t think that person understands there are classy business minded women, and career women who can’t afford to shop in Nordstrom. I really wish a lot of these actresses and actors would do the same instead of always putting things out on the market for “high-end” individuals. That’s okay, but why not do it for the “low-end” as well? I love your designs so I hope and pray this comes through for you and ME! LOL

    October 6 at 7:19am  /