Today’s Do: Staying Fabulous Year Round

Nene Leakes - Do's and Don'ts of being fabulous: timeless purse

DO know that chic is within your reach!

For those ladies that want to staying fabulous looking all year round but you don’t want to break the bank, here’s a way to do it! Purchase two handbags a year. One during the summer and another during the winter! This will keep you looking fabulous all year long! Avoid trendy bags! Search for something timeless and you’ll always be able to reach into the back of the closet and use it time and time again.


  1. Toni Jones 

    I have bags that are timeless, what I need are new bags for fall and summer, and I also love color.

    August 12 at 3:04pm  / 
  2. joyalwisa 

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  3. wanda stubbs 

    Dear Nene Leaks
    I’m so proud to be a fan of yours
    know that I respect your gangster
    I respect your love of Greg its beautiful to watch
    and im inspired by you both
    Haters GONNA HATE
    but they don’t walk in your Loubs
    so screw them

    August 13 at 10:09am  /