Our First Dance!

Watch our first dance on Dancing With the Stars right here and tell me what you think! You can still vote online today up to 12 times, so click here and make sure we make it through to the next round!!

~ NeNe Leakes


  1. Mrsmakugolala 

    Nene I’m one of your biggest fans! Girl you got me watching Dancing with the Stars….I didn’t even watch it when my favorite female rapper Lil Kim was on! Continue all that you’re doing. You’re living a very blessed life. I wish I had an ounce of your confidence. I pray for your continuous success! God bless

    March 18 at 11:17am  / 
    • Lynn Jackson 

      You are wonderful NeNe

      April 22 at 2:45pm  / 
  2. Miss Glo56 

    Killed It!

    March 18 at 11:46am  / 
  3. jenpalmer 

    Loved loved loved it!!! Great job!!

    March 18 at 11:53am  / 
  4. tsummers321 

    Great job NeNe….I was pleasantly surprised!!!!!

    March 18 at 1:20pm  / 
  5. blkscorpio87 

    NENE.. u were awesome… u rocked it while keeping it real. Love u darling… u stay prayed up n everything will be alright… I bring u love frm NC beautiful…

    March 18 at 2:35pm  / 
  6. tinacamp 

    Love it you killed it :)

    March 18 at 2:59pm  / 
  7. Prince Jarvis 

    Awesome Job!!!!! I voted about 10 times last night!!! #TEAMNENE

    March 18 at 3:56pm  / 
  8. big drew23 

    Nene you rocked the house. Glad bless with the continued success!!!!

    March 18 at 4:29pm  / 
  9. bloopbee 

    love it , you go gal , sky is the limit and GOD is by your side .you were born to shine Nene

    March 19 at 5:12am  / 
  10. bhawkins40 

    girl u got moves…u killed it! #LikeABoss #Way2Go…

    March 19 at 5:32am  / 
  11. Aldridge Luther Jack 

    Nene, you and Tony were superb. When one door closes, another one opens. Now, I have a reason to turn on my TV to DWTS to see Team Nene. Bloop…

    March 19 at 6:02am  / 
  12. agreen25 

    Nene girl you did your thing love it; I never watched dance with the Stars until you were apart of the show. You are truly a Star wishing you the best… Good Luck and yes I vote 12 times for you..

    March 19 at 7:48am  / 
  13. Adrian Williams 

    in my Whitney Houston singing voice….I’m saving all my votes for you!!!!!!

    March 19 at 4:14pm  / 
  14. KoaBaby 

    NeNe! That was GlamTastic! You looked and floated beautifully across that stage! Love ya

    March 19 at 5:03pm  / 
  15. PatriciaJones1 

    Hi NeNe, you go women… You looked beautiful on your 1st. night dace with the stars congrats. You and Greg are my favorite people…..

    March 19 at 7:30pm  / 
  16. Joyce Colar 

    Mrs. NeNe Leakes you were fabulous. I’m a big fan. You are the only reason why I’m watching dancing with the stars. Keep up the great wotk. Team NeNe and Tony alll the way .

    March 19 at 8:07pm  / 
  17. yayayoyo 

    Girl you did that I love you keep up the good work let though hater keep hating

    March 19 at 10:34pm  / 
  18. John Campfield 


    March 20 at 5:00am  / 
  19. Veronica Jones 

    you did that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    March 20 at 6:14am  / 
  20. keena 

    Nailed it. The kiss was a bit awkward, though. Youre not on the social scene.

    March 20 at 6:51am  / 
  21. HouseOfTrophyCom 

    I loved it girly.! I love you.
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    google it.

    March 20 at 8:23am  / 
  22. Christine Fry Ranum 

    Love IT!!!

    March 20 at 4:30pm  / 
  23. D W 

    Excellant job NeNe. Perfect hair, costume, make-up and performance. I usually watch DWTS but it has gotten so boring over the years. You have brought back the excitement. Can wait to see you dance next week ;-)

    March 20 at 8:34pm  / 
  24. Jamie LeAnna Redman 

    Great Job Ne Ne!!!!

    March 20 at 9:42pm  / 
  25. luvbnblk 

    Did great loved it!!

    March 24 at 9:44pm  / 
  26. g bear 

    That was a good dance Nene and you looked good too. I’ll be watching.

    March 25 at 7:50am  /