Wendy Williams

Nene Leakes - Wendy Williams Birkin Bag

Wendy I am sure people think that I’ve done something to you, maybe we had a beef or I slept with your man but none of that is true! I’ve actually only been nice to you! I gave you a beautiful black $3,200 Celine Phantom Bag to celebrate your 500th show but you haven’t spoken of that! But what you have chosen to do is constantly speak negative of me and lie on me! What you need to do is stop spewing hate! When it comes to gossip you are the lowest of the low! I know you hate because I turned down the chance to come on your Talk Show and I am sure you’re scared I will take your place (I know you have heard! Ummhmm wink wink) BE SCARED! I have a clothing line on HSN coming out in a few days and I know it must be hard for a black woman to support another black woman but you should try it sometime. PS: My Birkin is being turned into a work of art to raise money for a worthy charity something you fail to mention on your show! I don’t have one Birkin I have five now run tell that WIG.


  1. Alexa Champion Marks 

    I would buy it for charity… if I could afford it! :)

    July 22 at 9:56am  / 
    • jalexander 


      July 22 at 2:23pm  / 
      • Alexa Champion Marks 

        I would love to see how much it is.

        July 22 at 4:48pm  / 
    • Cutesjg4 

      So Wendy (Mike Tyson) just stepped in the ring with Nene (Laila Ali)- so no contest at all there. Wendy you are WAY out of your league trying to go up against Nene!! You know Nene was going to give you a know out punch-LOL!! I don’t bet, but I bet you will watch what you say about Nene from now on. So Wendy, “How YOU doin?” LOL– “You Go Nene!”

      July 23 at 9:05am  / 
      • Cutesjg4 

        Sorry for the 2 misspellings to all the spelling police, here is the correction-You knew Nene was going to give you a knock out punch!!

        July 23 at 9:09am  / 
  2. Toni Jones 

    WW’s is a nasty old HO! I think she’s jealous of any Black women who is more popular than her. Her crap on QVC didn’t sell. Ignore the Jealous HO AND continue to strive, We Love you. PS because of what she done to you and other housewives, I turned her off!! I used to ride hard for her but no more.Can’t stand what she’s puttin down!

    July 22 at 10:00am  / 
    • Judy Talarico 

      her clothing line hasn’t even aired yet…..cant sell until it airs around the 26th

      July 22 at 12:49pm  / 
      • Judy Talarico 

        ooopss read the post wrong :/

        July 22 at 12:51pm  / 
      • Toni Jones 

        Last year she has several items on QVC. Bags, and other things she would promote on her show. I didn’t know she had a clothing line coming I don’t watch her anymore.

        July 22 at 1:06pm  / 
        • Judy Talarico 

          Sorry Toni, my eyes just came across …no one bought her stuff…..n I thought dang people hating on Nene’s clothing line n its not even out on qvc yet….so I responded with out reading your whole post….then I re-read it n saw you were talking about WW…n then I couldn’t find were to delete it…smh…..oh n lol I never knew WW was trying to sale things…ya I always thought WW takes things way too far, like a kid in school play yard….I will be checking out Nene’s clothing line on qvc on the 26….

          July 22 at 6:28pm  / 
          • Divajo 

            28th Nene Lines come out. WW is trashy as they come. She is too, too, negative. Nothing ever to say about people. But Karma knows where she lives. Evelyn Lozado, got that horse looking woman 2gether, when she told how her husband was buying shoes and boots for another woman. All they dumb bitch could come up with was everybody cheats. Probably bought shoes with WW money, and that’s great. This thang has no filter.

            July 22 at 10:21pm
          • luvlocs 

            HSN not QVC

            July 23 at 3:12pm
    • Cutesjg4 

      Normally I don’t watch The Wendy Show’s style of “entertainment” if you will at all (my personal choice-not into drama/gossip), but was flipping through channels and caught this shocking comment. I initially thought, “Ratings scam!” but I will accurately summarize. Wendy was complaining about Nene being THE highest paid on the RHW of ATL and that she is not worth the money she is asking and then went on to say the network shouldn’t pay Nene a dime more than she is already getting plus fire her. With that being said I agree with Nene for taking well deserved shots at Wendy-”Don’t start none, won’t be none” or “Write checks your bottom can’t cash”. Initially I thought Nene was a horrible example, but I can tell Nene is changing and growing for the better. Coming from nothing to something is a struggle for anybody, but Nene surprised me and is working on making herself and family better one step at a time. Will she slide off course sometimes, well sure, because NO ONE is perfect but Nene is human and humans all make mistakes. Take a look in the mirror before saying something negative. With that being said, this goes to both adults, “STOP being silly-ratings have gone up on both shows and now both Wendy and Nene are getting paid!!” Isn’t the paycheck the bottom line anyway?? Wendy, its is time to apologize to Nene and you know that in your heart of hearts-besides it is the RIGHT thing to do. Good luck to both women in their career paths!!

      July 23 at 8:36am  / 
  3. Tracey Douglas-Mcleod 


    July 22 at 10:06am  / 
  4. shybel56 

    That’s telling her Nene…luv u girl:-)

    July 22 at 10:08am  / 
  5. Gigibell221 

    NeNe I am so proud of you and your accomplishment against all odds. There will always be some haters regarding you but I don’t want you to feed into their toxic waste. Let them drown in it alone. We all know misery loves company but that’s not the kind of company you want. Hating you gives them purpose. Your purpose is greater than that. No one expected you to rise in the manner in which you have and in a lot of way you took the long but easy road unlike some others. However, stay in the class lane along positive blvd and success street. There’s a special credential you’ve acquired to travel those roads and it’s not offered to everyone. This is why some try to bring you down to their level. Don’t take off your high heels off to stoop to their level that’s what they want. You are Blessed and Highly Favored…… Stay that way. I totally support you. Your heart is in the right place. One Love!!!!! Bloop :-)

    July 22 at 10:11am  / 
    • Jacqueline C Washington 

      NeNe I think you should get your own talk show.

      July 23 at 7:42pm  / 
  6. draye 

    That’s right…don’t like her anyway….she’s always in somebody’s bizness…and git issues of her own . Good for u Nene Leakes….

    July 22 at 10:18am  / 
  7. gigi2195 

    You are too freaking funny. “run and tell the wig”….dying lol
    Blooooooooooop! :)

    July 22 at 10:19am  / 
  8. Alicia Imsoinlove White 

    Bloop! omg love you Nene!! let the haters keep hating on you alllll the way to the bank! holla

    July 22 at 10:25am  / 
  9. Tammela Henry-Thomas 

    So on point with everything you said. Why the hate Wendy? Congrats Nene keep it moving and, what? Never make the same mistake twice Wendy! Bam!

    July 22 at 10:26am  / 
  10. noshow 


    July 22 at 10:40am  / 
    • ykratt 

      you dont like her yet your trying to hate on her page hunni you have some problems up in you cabesa if your gonna waste the time it took you to type that message you haters need to sit your asses down, jealousy is never a good look .

      that my girl nene take her down while staying classy

      July 22 at 11:41am  / 
    • stackzz3003 


      July 22 at 11:48am  / 
    • pam511 

      Aww..looks likes someone needs a diaper change and a little nappy nap. (~_~)

      July 22 at 3:13pm  / 
    • Roblyn Blair Perkins 

      hair PIECE not peace

      July 23 at 6:47am  / 
      • Roblyn Blair Perkins 

        And that’s 4 free

        July 23 at 6:50am  / 
  11. Veronica Williams 

    Wendy is known for one thing–running her damn mouth TOO MUCH. Now, sure “it’s her job” as some people say, but it’s just like sitting with a big-mouthed, bitter person with nothing better to do than sh*t on other people–and once she started coming for Whitney on her show, I stopped watching ASAP. She is awful, and I cringe every time I see someone bring her up on my dash. I CRINGE sharing a last name with her.

    I figured the bag was for charity or something, but everyone including Wendy warbled on and on in the tabloids about how you ruined it without looking at the bigger picture. AND THERE WAS ONE! Surprise, surprise, they never bring that part up…all in a day’s work to make a Black woman look bad.

    But hunni…you take good care of your bags and shoes, and you do wonderful things. The fans already know. LOVE YOU NENE!!

    July 22 at 10:45am  / 
  12. Miks Francis 

    That was not a read…could have checked her harder than that. Then again, both of you have a vicious mouth and can stand to be kinder ro women.

    July 22 at 10:45am  / 
  13. SassySiren 

    Remember, you reap what you sow. This goes both ways. SILENCE IS GOLDEN!! Rise above and keep it moving.

    July 22 at 11:01am  / 
  14. Callie Terry 

    that’s telling her NeNe.!!! keep doing what you do don’t worrie about the rest god got yo back! god bless

    July 22 at 11:17am  / 
  15. loisbvance 

    NeNe. There was no need to spew all of that Venom. It’s doesn’t matter about all of the things you have, because they could be gone in a heartbeat. Sometimes silence is GOLDEN. You ranting about what you did for Wendy and how much you have only seems like you are trying to compete with her. Not sure what the message was here???????

    July 22 at 11:26am  / 
    • Renee Miles 

      The message is Wendy Williams spoke negative and failed to mention the positive. NeNe basically stated her support for Wendy and the reasons why Wendy speaks negatively of her. She’s not ranting or bragging just making a point.

      July 22 at 11:55am  / 
  16. mpume 

    Nene, in terms of you and Wendy… You both the same!! Talk too much and ugly. You should be getting along and Stop complaining about people not being happy for you blah blah blah. You never happy for anybody but very precoucious about who is happy for you or not. Seems like you forget that you really don’t have a career, you a hustler. You work as you go, no body knows really what is it that you do. Knowing you by watching the show (RHOA) you’ve always criticized other women specifically talking about Kandy, who is a very successful young woman.When she first launched her dildo line, you didn’t have anything nice to say, you were nasty about it the entire time. No body cared if you liked the idea or not for you was to support another woman and be happy for her. My point is in times, when the next person do something for themselves you always have your negative opinion!!! Its crazy how you can’t handle these opinions when they shoved back at you.

    July 22 at 11:28am  / 
    • stackzz3003 

      High five on That. Dish but can’t take

      July 22 at 11:46am  / 
  17. missg71 

    Girl you keep on telling it like it is i love your attitude your the main reason why i watch house wives of atlanta and congradulations on you new clothing line god bless you people just want to put bad stuff out there but not the good your doing

    July 22 at 11:32am  / 
  18. Verna Richardson 

    @NL or noshow go away wendy williams this is another one of your messy moment. you are not funny , you are rather sad and if you are not wendy williams the comment still stand youa re very sad . bloop

    July 22 at 11:35am  / 
  19. Itsallbeauty.net 

    I really do like both of ladies! but wow Wendy she just gave you a $3200 handbag! wow!

    July 22 at 11:37am  / 
  20. mommyof9inla 

    WW looks like an overdressed wesley snipes…she has a bad habit of talking down on people…what she need to do is find a better wig for her hairline…nene needs to throw her as back in the drag race where she belongs!

    July 22 at 11:38am  / 
  21. stackzz3003 

    Sorry but you and Wendy are 2 of a kind. You are just as much as a troublemaker talking about folks are starting shit as she is. I do prefer Wendy over you though. If you think you’re taking Wendy William’s crown..think again. You have way too much catching up to do. Bloop

    July 22 at 11:44am  / 
  22. youngin 

    Ms. Nene Leakes- You really don’t have to defend yourself anymore (you are on another level now). Wendy Wms doesn’t need anymore publicity. Nene DO YOU. I can’t wait for your collection, and OH, did I hear you’re getting your own show?! Let me find out. Nene you’ve come so far, unfortunately it’s always our own that tries to pull us down and the “other cultures” that tries to keep us down. You are on top right now, utilize it WELL for a greater purpose. Don’t waste your time on mediocrity! DO GREAT EXPLOITS! I am a black woman and I support you!!

    July 22 at 11:44am  / 
    • divinely_empowered 

      What level is that. she is a damn hustler. She’s just not in the strip club anymore.

      July 23 at 7:29am  / 
  23. Beverly Rhett 

    I will not bad mouth either of you ladies because I have never met either of you in the “real world”… I do not profess to know you. However, I do know you both have agendas which I may or may not agree with. I would advise that grown women should have learned “civility” by their twenties. As the saying goes, “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” BTW, name calling is immature.

    July 22 at 11:51am  / 
  24. sunnyday8 

    Can’t we all get along two strong black women hating on one another . I say keep doing what you are doing because people will continue to talk about you even after you are died and good , It’s really sad

    July 22 at 11:52am  / 
    • Renee Miles 

      So so true! However Nene supported Wendy and gave her a gift but Wendy spoke negative of her failing to mention the positive the bag is for charity. Looks that Wendy is the hater in this situation and Nene felt she had to tell it like it is.

      July 22 at 12:32pm  / 
  25. Jimmy An Debra Taylor 


    July 22 at 11:52am  / 
  26. Sherri Darby 

    I agree with you NeNe. I used to tune in to WW but I erased her off my TiVo. All she does is endorse people to lose their jobs and say this person should be let go and that one. Nothing positive comes out of her mouth. I bet if someone snooped enough or cared enough about her marriage and home life, quite a few skeletons would fall out. Jobs and employment is too hard to come by as it is so why must she continue to bash and display hatred., She claims to be the Hot Topics queen well there is plenty to discuss on a positive note but seems like her show only magnifies the negative. Once again I agree with NeNe.

    July 22 at 11:58am  / 
    • Toni Jones 

      I agree 100% (By the way, love your hair, I just cut mine and wanted a platinium look your hair look beautiful)

      July 22 at 1:36pm  / 
    • divinely_empowered 

      NeNe is the KWEEN of Negativity. On THOA she is never happy for anyone but herself, and is always causing confusion. She is not all that.

      July 23 at 7:31am  / 
    • Candy123 

      I guess you forgot about Nene trying to get Cynthia fired when she appeared on Andy Cohen. As far as I’m concerned they’re both the same. Over sized, wig loving, trash talking. I do know that Wendy is way more accomplished.

      July 23 at 12:59pm  / 
  27. Miss Lizz 

    There is one thing I want Wendy to do…and that is to answer to the allegations that Evelyn Lozada put out there about husband cheating and buying another woman a pair of boots at her shoe boutique..she never addressed that!!…Bloop!!!

    July 22 at 11:59am  / 
    • Miss Lizz 

      Don’t get me wrong I like both women…but Wendy if u r gonna talk about EVERYBODY else..who should leave who and who is sleeping with who and who should be fired and who is doing their job right and who isnt and scrutinizing other people…do the same for yourself..cuz there are rumors out there about ur hubby!!

      July 22 at 12:07pm  / 
  28. ChrisinDallas 

    Nene, you are a trash talker and can’t take it when it’s dished back. The only reason you are “rich” is because of Bravo. You show your true colors every reunion with that UGLY moose face you have. Trash! Why don’t you confront the source instead of blogging about it?! Your weak and scared. Question, don’t you wear a wig, WIG?!?! Quit hating on people wearing hair pieces, because we all know you are a bald-headed scallywag! Run and tell that.

    July 22 at 12:00pm  / 
    • Renee Miles 

      Huh? She’s not hating or talking trash. Obviously, you don’t understand what you read.

      July 22 at 12:06pm  / 
    • Miss Lizz 

      Wow…really name calling?

      July 22 at 12:09pm  / 
  29. Renee Miles 

    That’s how you tell it like it is! Wendy should have mentioned NeNe’s bag is for charity. Wendy must be mad NeNe didn’t come on her show during DWTS. It doesn’t make sense to talk negative about someone who supported you and gave you a gift. Well Wendy did the same thing to Evelyn Lozada after she supported her and gave her a gift and Evelyn told it like it was with Wendy’s husband bought a pair of boots from Evelyn’s store for another woman. Wendy is messy!

    July 22 at 12:02pm  / 
  30. Legsclosed 

    So nasty and so rude! Bahahahahaha NeNe for LIFE!!

    July 22 at 12:03pm  / 
  31. Dominick Ferguson 

    Wendy Williams has been a successful business woman since NeNe was stripping for One Dollar Bills. Wendy is not truly concerned with NeNe’s husband, kids, “threat to take her job”, or her rented home. And, better to wear a wig than flaunt bleached and burned edges.

    July 22 at 12:05pm  / 
    • Renee Miles 

      Wendy Williams was snorting cocaine off of One Dollar Bills while NeNe was stripping for them. Wendy failed to mention the positive that NeNe’s bag is for charity but gladly spoke negativly about it. For those that don’t know Wendy’s hairstylist calls her “WIG” on her after show.

      July 22 at 12:13pm  / 
      • Toni Jones 

        There’s a lot of dirt on WW’s but your right, she was an addict for 10 years while NeNe was on the come up!!

        July 22 at 1:40pm  / 
    • cenzie0124 

      Totally agree! I could’ve said it better#

      July 22 at 7:03pm  / 
  32. Meesha 

    NeNe, I don’t agree with some of your ways but I wish you all the best. It must be hard keeping quiet when Wendell is always running that mouth. I can’t think of another black woman who has used such a platform for more negativity than Wendell.

    That being said, try not to focus on the negativity and continue your journey and your growth. Resist the temptation to mention materials things you have given the likes of Wendell. What matters is that you know your own truth. Mentioning the price tag dilutes the message. It is common knowledge that she finds it hard to be truly supportive of other black women, there’s always a clause with her.

    I knew you had turned down the chance to be on her show. She tried to be “nice” when she wanted you to come back, using your words like “bloop” etc. What she really should have done, if she wanted you back, was apologize for the negativity. You turned her down and the hate picked up again.

    Learn from this, Ms Leakes. You probably have one or two people you’d do well apologizing to. As you grow your brand, remember that it is more important to be nice. As you grow spiritually, remember that your words can be hurtful too. You seem to have more of a heart than she ever could, so make sure you never end up as bitter and mean as her. Instead of being threatened by successful black women, as Wendell often is, make them your allies and learn from them.

    Remember to lead with your heart and soul and focus less on material things. You do have a light around you, never allow negativity to make it flicker and dim prematurely. Don’t get drawn into these mindless catfights. Be the change and growth you wish to see in others. Wish you all the best and much more success in the future!!!

    July 22 at 12:15pm  / 
    • behumble47 

      Very well put!! The most sensible comment I’ve read. Lol @ “Wendell”

      July 22 at 12:41pm  / 
  33. lavorist 

    Thank you NeNe….you paid for that bag so you can do whatever you want with it. It makes me mad to see people just talk about negative things to try and make someone look bad. SMH!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your new clothing line.

    NeNe…keep doing you….Love U Much!!!!

    July 22 at 12:25pm  / 
  34. Bosslady31 

    I’m glad you stood up to Wendy Williams because she is evil and rude. She’s a TV bully. What goes around comes around. Good job NeNe!

    July 22 at 12:26pm  / 
  35. YP Kanu 

    I luv u Nene, u so beautiful. Keep doing u gal n stay bless;-)

    July 22 at 12:36pm  / 
  36. saypep 

    Whew Wendy catch that dirt. Love it Mrs Leaks.

    July 22 at 12:44pm  / 
  37. GailB 

    It’s sad you both can’t get along. You need to support one another. Meanwhile…don’t be giving her anymore gifts! What gift has she given you? I know you have a good heart…keep donating to charities.

    July 22 at 12:50pm  / 
  38. Hannibal Alexander 

    NENE has A LOT of nerve for this.
    she’s like the biggest hypocrite ever. and i don’t even like Wendy but lets’ be real…

    July 22 at 12:59pm  / 
    • missyt 

      Let’s be real….Wendy tried to make Nene look bad by talking negative about her bag and not saying it was for charity. Sometimes you have to check & correct a person when they’re wrong and Nene does it so well.

      July 22 at 1:12pm  / 
  39. behumble47 

    Wendy talks negative about those that have supported her. She didn’t mention that Nene’s bag is for charity just to make her look bad. I stopped watching Wendy’s show months ago after she talked about Evelyn Lozada’s baby and baby’s father. If Wendy continues with talking negative about those celebs that support her then no one will want to be on her show.

    July 22 at 1:03pm  / 
  40. missyt 

    Bloop! Blonk! Ookay, Mrs. Nene Leakes! Luv it! Wendy know she was wrong but in case she didn’t know she does now! Lol.

    July 22 at 1:09pm  / 
  41. Hannibal Alexander 

    can we just dissect the hypocrisy of NENE LEAKES for a second.

    ” What you need to do is stop spewing hate! ” < which is what she does on a daily basis – and what she's doing with this very post.

    " I know it must be hard for a black woman to support another black woman but you should try it sometime. " < when has Nene EVER!?

    " run tell that WIG. " < Nene, your hair is fake. your nose is fake.

    THE NERVE!! THE NERVE I tell ya. Nene is the biggest hypocrite ever… and ioneven like Wendy but c'mon!!!

    July 22 at 1:10pm  / 
    • missyt 

      *Nene isn’t on tv daily – Wendy spews hate & negativty on her “daily” talk show during “hot topics’
      *Nene has supported black women – even abused women google it #get the facts
      * WIG is a name that Wendy’s hairstylist calls her on her after show youtube it
      Call her what you want, she told it like it is the same way Evelyn Lozada did when Wendy talked negative about her child…

      July 22 at 1:21pm  / 
      • Christin Wright RPht 

        Who didn’t talk about Evelyn she is a high priced well you know. Evelyn cant be mad at what people say when she put her self on t.v. talking about all the NBA.NFL etc. Ballers she had. she goes after men for money. Example you divorce Chad in a year and in the same year you end up pregnant with another rich man baby. If it walks like a duck quacks like a duck well then its a duck. I respect women who get there on money with there brain and not there crouch and that is what she showed us (the world). Wendy is a married women and has been for sometime so to speak on another women’s marriage is just plain tacky. That baby is cute but it is still her Golden egg 18yrs of getting paid

        July 22 at 2:46pm  / 
    • Vondi Miller 

      My sentiments exactly!! Bloop!

      July 22 at 1:58pm  / 
      • Vondi Miller 

        My sentiments to Hannibal, not the comment beneath his.

        July 22 at 1:59pm  / 
    • cenzie0124 

      Right on! Hannibal Alexander, Christin & Vondi :-)

      July 22 at 7:08pm  / 
  42. Latasha McDaniel 





    July 22 at 1:17pm  / 
  43. Unlesssentdonotcome 

    Both of yall shady as a eclipse so not sure why you mad? WW is not the only one to report what you did with YOUR bag and not one outlet mentioned it was for charity even though its really none of our concern anyway.

    Do you Ms.Leakes, I love both of yall messy heffas!

    July 22 at 1:23pm  / 
  44. claudia 

    Come on Nene grow up, it is not necessary to talk about what you gave Wendy sound like you buying friendship. Remember that is Wendy’s job, you got real low when you talk about sleeping with someone’s man; when you say things like that is to do things like that. Nene put on your big girl panties, the celebrity world is tuff, you are reacting because of a purse! Please please my sisters, don’t be so sensitive. Why can’t we just get along. Love both my sister’s.

    July 22 at 1:27pm  / 
  45. Jada44 

    I’ve been reading through the comments, I don’t care for either one of them but who the HELL is renee miles… she seem to be on NL penis…. who cares about a bag sit yo azz down and shut up.. gurl boom!!!

    July 22 at 1:27pm  / 
    • jalexander 

      HI HATER!

      July 22 at 2:25pm  / 
    • cenzie0124 

      Jada44…I was thinking the same thing!! And the bag look like somebody’s kids wrote all over it…a waste of 3,200! Not only that it’s filled with rude as NeNe comments!
      No hater here JAlexander…I’m just speaking the Truth! :-)

      July 22 at 7:00pm  / 
      • Stacy Richards 

        cenzie0124 – Your comment shows you didn’t understand what Nene wrote. The 3,200 bag was a gift to Wendy from Nene. She did not write all over the 3,200 bag. Know what you’re talking about before you claim to speak truth.

        July 23 at 8:01pm  / 
  46. caterina 

    You and Wendy need to put what ever it is away this world is BIG enough for us all.

    July 22 at 1:42pm  / 
  47. Vondi Miller 

    “I said what I said” RIGHT? What’s makes you more worthy to free speech than Wendy?? I don’t like either of you because you’re both rude, nasty, and mean spirited!! Stop whining about what people say about you… And stand firm in your shit!! You have some nerve to complain about what ANYONE says about anyone… When you say what you want, when you want, about who you want, and do not apologize for how you feel (which I respect). You need to respect Wendy for doing the same!! The only difference is UNTIL you get your talk show, she has a larger platform than you!! Karma is a bitch!! Try being nicer to others, and maybe Wendy will stop dragging you through the mud!! If you really wanna make some money, and settle this once and for all, why don’t you challenge wendy to a celebrity boxing match, and donate all the proceeds to charity. Make it pay per view… I’d definitely pay to watch both y’all fight!! Lol… The only clause should be the loser can’t say anything negative about the winner for a year!!

    July 22 at 1:55pm  / 
    • Cutesjg4 

      @Vondi Mille. Nene is not holding you hostage and making you watch. If you don’t like Nene then here is a simple solution with two options-change the channel or turn your TV off! Nene WAS rough around the edges, but now is growing and maturing so let her do her THANG/THING!!.

      July 23 at 8:47am  / 
      • Stacy Richards 

        @Cutesjg4 – RIGHT

        July 23 at 8:02pm  / 
  48. jsimmons487 

    Wendy Williams is so unoriginal and so is her show. I mean really she stole “Hot Topics” from the View..couldn’t her team come up with anything. Watched her show a hand full of times and didn’t care for it, she is so fake. Would love some NeNe daytime talk.

    July 22 at 2:14pm  / 
  49. Vondi Miller 

    http://youtu.be/Cx1J2CzNnS8 lol… Nene & Wendy… Y’all wanna talk some shit??

    July 22 at 2:19pm  / 
  50. jalexander 


    July 22 at 2:28pm  / 
  51. Janet Glenn-Erwin 

    I will be happy when she gets on her broom and flies off into the sunset. The Land of Oz didn’t want her and we certainly don’t want her either.

    July 22 at 2:36pm  / 
  52. Christin Wright RPht 

    It was not that serious Wendy didn’t even say anything bad about Nene or her Burkin Bag. The name calling for all of you to be grown women is very childish. How can you make a statement about a black women supporting another black women and then you do the same thing and call her names and if I’m not mistaken you didn’t support Kim when she wanted to be a country singer, Sheree when she wanted to be a designer or Kandi on her toy line and lets not forget when she asked you to be apart of her play you basically said you were to good for her play which by the way turned out to be a success. So you have to give support sometimes in order to get support practice what you preach or don’t preach at all. BTW I still like you and Wendy good luck on you line

    July 22 at 2:38pm  / 
  53. BlacDon 

    Nene I think u handled this on a very mature manner. I am enjoying all the things u have ur hands in. Continue to do u boo. I hope to meet u when me and my kids visit the Atl the first weekend in August.

    The Blac Don.

    July 22 at 3:01pm  / 
  54. deyanned 

    Nene! In the Bahamas we say “dog don’t bark at park car”
    Only when your progressing in life people start barking. Get use to it, I watch you mature well i life. and I admire you for that. Dont worry about the haiters you can handle your stuff.

    July 22 at 3:26pm  / 
    • Divajo 

      People act as if they don’t see the growth and change in Nene, on the other hand, WW talks bad about all black women. Name 1 black lady that she gives props to. She puts blacks down every time she gets. That’s why I stop watching that joke of a show.

      July 22 at 10:41pm  / 
  55. Mas Smi 

    Hello Nene, look, I am so tired of Wendy Williams and her gossip. You are NOT to let her or anyone else rain on your sunshine. Keep doing what you are doing, you will continue to get your blessings. I cant afford a lot of items you have, BUT you have ALL MY SUPPORT.
    Enjoy your life with family and true friends

    July 22 at 3:50pm  / 
  56. Iamjustcandace 

    You know…I’m just confused at WHY ppl get upset when Wendy does her Job…she is paid to gossip!! She is paid to give her opinion! She is paid to do what she does! And is DAMN good at it. Everything that she says on the show is basically what has already been reported in Magazines and/or on Social Media. Before Wendy mentioned it on the show I knew about the situation. Crazy thing is most of you are on here bashing Wendy but guess what SHE DOESNT CARE…WHY??…BC SHES MAKING MONEY REGARDLESS…

    NeNe is doing the damn thing too! Got a clothing line, been on TV, doing charity work, along with other stuff. I’m in awe of how she has changed her appearance. But one thing you can not do is call out what you have done as well. REGARDLESS you are doing what you gotta do to make money…so don’t worry about what ppl say, JUST KEEP IT MOVIN


    July 22 at 3:52pm  / 
  57. mbrunson77 

    Yes Gunning
    You Most definitely needed to go there with her!!! Enough of bashing of another African American Princess by one of our own! Competition and Jealousy are playing a big role in the LIFE of Wendy Williams(let the chips fall where they may). Seeing you on previous shows of hers seems you two had a friendship. Ratings and bad mouthing another Black Female is intolerable! Wendy needs to uplift and support(As the look of it NOT One Female from RHOA would feel comfortable or tolerate being on HER Show!!!!
    Wendy Williams~Girl Bye!!!!

    July 22 at 3:53pm  / 
  58. Sweetislegyal 

    Nene u no different to Wendy cause bad talk people all the time plus that’s Wendy job to talk about celebrity and speak her mind…. You now have a nasty attitude thinking u better than people and that’s y u getting all that negative feedback from people so check yourself before u check someone else

    July 22 at 4:03pm  / 
  59. FABulous50 

    Im so glad you getting her ugly ass Ne Ne, that’s what people need to do get back on her head. Like she said in her mind, in my mind when she were on crack her husband were her dealer, and he know she were going to become a come up, because really who want to fuck her ass, you may as well go get a gay man, nothing against gay men because they look better then her ass. She talking about everybody else lets talk about them 2000 pair of shoes ur husband bought his woman with ur money..WINK

    July 22 at 4:54pm  / 
  60. tihershey 

    NeNe I will definitely be buying a size 12 from your line! And please ignore Wendy Williams, for petes sake her name is Wendy……ugh. I don’t watch her show and she is the lowest of low!
    WE LOVE NENE!!!!!!!

    July 22 at 5:02pm  / 
  61. titilicious 317 

    Everybody on here is doing exactly what Wendy has done; y come and bad mouth someone on there page if u do not care for NeNe go on Wendy page and give her praises, but I guess this a free speech type of society … So here is my take, Wendy clearly is a gossip drama tv show but she does not do her job well, she does not find out the facts before running her mouth, a very poor attribute if you ask me, and Wendy has been jealous ever since NENE was on DWTS because many viewers like myself only tuned in to see her….I still don’t know who won the darn thing when NE NE left I left lol. Lastly how can people get mad at NeNe response when Wendy came for her first, so NE NE IS SUPPOSE TO SIT BACK AND TAKE WHAT WENDY SAID AND STAY HUMBLE….. Some if you truly do not know the NeNe I have been watching on tv, an if anyone is a bully it’s Wendy! I always bet my money on the underdog because they always have a way of out shining those who thought they were on top! Congratulations Ms. Leakes and all the success in the world:))

    July 22 at 5:04pm  / 
  62. suttonmildred 


    July 22 at 5:06pm  / 
  63. Sebestain Owens 

    #Donk lmao I’m over here dying with laughter she read Wendy for filth I loveeeee it NeNe get her together hunny. *two snaps and walks away* yes hunny get Wig together she’s beyond messy and loves to tell evil dirty lies.

    July 22 at 5:21pm  / 
  64. Deborah Canty 

    Hi Nene, you told her just a true Diva should. As we all know, when it comes to making negative comments Wendy has more flit coming out of her mouth than a hog has coming out it’s intestines. Keep on doing you girl and remember haters will always be negative.

    July 22 at 6:00pm  / 
  65. chinaeyes6200 

    Yeah I’m with you I used to like her but bitch start to get on my nerves she is a certified hater and she starting to look like she treating her nose again while she stay down talking people old negative bitch Wendy man looking ass williams

    July 22 at 6:23pm  / 
  66. youdontgogirl 

    You have ruined a gorgeous bag. You are “famous” for being on a trashy reality TV show. Who in their right mind would want to own this bag? It won’t get much money at a charity auction, unless the vulgarities can be removed….

    July 22 at 6:27pm  / 
  67. Quanah TJsmommie Jackson 

    And that is how you put a tired wig in it’s place!!! #Bloop

    July 22 at 6:38pm  / 
  68. aliciahowellstyle 

    NeNe needs to write a book on how to tell off someone mean ! Go NeNe! & can not wait to see your new collection on HSN~!~!

    July 22 at 6:44pm  / 
  69. cenzie0124 

    Wendy Williams made it by talking about others…She does it for the money!!! That her job!! NeNe on the other hand is just blatantly rude for no reason!! I don’t know either of them personally but they are two of the same! Both look like horses by the face! Although I think NeNe may have really been a boy!! (Did you see the pic with her, her mom and brother)! Oh and yes Wendy was on cocaine…I’m sure NeNe stripper pole ass was too!

    July 22 at 6:52pm  / 
  70. tankus02 

    Mmmmmmm!!!! NeNe, why NeNe….. SMH. SHADE IS ALWAYS BETTER ENJOYED IN SILENCE. And I love me some Wendy Williams and yes she can get besides herself sometimes, but she is paid very well to air out folks dirty laundry. I agree with almost everything she say about you. You use to be my fave person on Atlanta houswives, but now its hard to watch a woman that is suppose to be in a good space in her life still have to brag on her wealth and tear other women down the way you do on the slick. That Berken bag was not worth your response. You are above this NeNe!!!!÷

    July 22 at 6:57pm  / 
  71. renayestep 

    People put too much energy into the wrong things… Point blank period.

    July 22 at 7:27pm  / 
  72. Monique Boea 

    Just let me know when the clothing line launches.

    July 22 at 8:02pm  / 
  73. tresdur 

    NeNe, You are so right, Wendy is totally rude and totally a hater but then again so are you – you don’t like her because you two are different sides of the same coin – you ain’t no saint WIG. (And YES that is a Wig on your head).

    July 22 at 9:51pm  / 
  74. licyourface 

    Nene I have never once sat through a wendy williams show…however ive seen every thing youve ever done on tv.
    she’s a sad joke. I feel sorry for her.
    that bag is everything…I’d carry that proudly all day long.
    to bad I’m a poor bitch lol

    July 22 at 10:22pm  / 
    • Candy123 

      Lol you feel bad for Wendy. You shouldn’t, she on fire.

      July 23 at 1:06pm  / 
  75. supathick32 

    I love you NeNe

    July 22 at 10:51pm  / 
  76. She-She 

    LOL….Too funny. “Tell that WIG”

    July 22 at 11:17pm  / 
  77. JessicaRochele 

    I LIVE NeNe!!! You give me LIFE! I think your quote is appropriate lol “I said, what I said”!!! Turn to ya neighbor and say BLOOP!!! YASSS! HUNNTI!!! #teamNENE #1FAN #SUCCUSE

    July 23 at 12:29am  / 
  78. JessicaRochele 

    I LIVE NeNe!!! You give me LIFE! I think your quote is appropriate lol “I said, what I said”!!! Turn to ya neighbor and say BLOOP!!! YASSS! HUNNTI!!! #teamNENE #1FAN #SUCCUSE

    July 23 at 12:33am  / 
  79. DSquared 

    Why does always have to be about your image issues? Relax and let it go. Every sensible person knows a comedian and talk show host must discuss topics that will appeal to their fan base (the same ones that tune into whatever you happen to be on at the time) and make them giggle in diva mamma drama. We all enjoy laughing at and sympathizing with the TV ladies we backstab and betray on reality shows. If you think you’ve got it figured out then go get your (upcoming?) show renewed for 3 straight seasons. BTW, I’m really happy that Ryan Murphy gave you a few great acting opportunities. I enjoyed your characters, especially on The New Normal. =)

    July 23 at 1:50am  / 
  80. mademan70 


    July 23 at 6:56am  / 
    • MattedFaceStylishBrand 

      I agree, Wendy is just doing her job. I liked the first Nene before she became haughty.

      July 23 at 1:27pm  / 


        July 23 at 6:43pm  / 


      July 23 at 6:40pm  / 
  81. lmmoore8 

    I Love You Nene!!!!! Keep doing you thing and forget about all the WIGS out there!!!!!

    July 23 at 7:12am  / 
  82. Carol Smith 

    Nene, I know Wendy may have gotten in a space of yours that is hard to let go but sweetheart you need to let it go. There will always be someone that has something to say about you, be it negative or positive, as long as you are in the public eye. Please learn how to turn the other cheek (I know it is hard when what they are saying is not true) b/c when you respond to the BS it somehow make what they are saying look true. I love the fact that you have made a life and name for you and your family don’t let negative responds to what anyone has to say take that away. You know that old saying here today gone tomorrow. Let tomorrow never come in you endeavors. Love you Bloop

    July 23 at 8:37am  / 
  83. Cutesjg4 

    Normally I don’t watch The Wendy Show’s style of “entertainment” if you will at all (my personal choice-not into drama/gossip), but was flipping through channels and caught this shocking comment. I initially thought, “Ratings scam!” but I will accurately summarize. Wendy was complaining about Nene being THE highest paid on the RHW of ATL and that she is not worth the money she is asking and then went on to say the network shouldn’t pay Nene a dime more than she is already getting plus fire her. With that being said I agree with Nene for taking well deserved shots at Wendy-”Don’t start none, won’t be none” or “Write checks your bottom can’t cash”. Initially I thought Nene was a horrible example, but I can tell Nene is changing and growing for the better. Coming from nothing to something is a struggle for anybody, but Nene surprised me and is working on making herself and family better one step at a time. Will she slide off course sometimes, well sure, because NO ONE is perfect but Nene is human and humans all make mistakes. Take a look in the mirror before saying something negative. With that being said, this goes to both adults, “STOP being silly-ratings have gone up on both shows and now both Wendy and Nene are getting paid!!” Isn’t the paycheck the bottom line anyway?? Wendy, its is time to apologize to Nene and you know that in your heart of hearts-besides it is the RIGHT thing to do. Good luck to both women in their career paths!!

    July 23 at 8:38am  / 
  84. Open Letter 

    Dear Nene

    There is NOTHING I love more in this world that supporting other women and watching then grow and prosper into even more fabulous humans, role models, entrepreneurs and successful people. I have watched you (RHOA) on Bravo TV from the very first episode through to the end of the first season when we could count of Nene- ‘The raucous but fun-loving housewife’ who loves a hearty laugh and was the life of the party to deliver the drama…hilarious candid drama. I can’t recall ever an instance in the first couple of seasons where you were the ‘Love to Hate’ character. People genuinely took to you because your personality was so infectiously charming. There is a funny thing that happens on our climb to the top to recognition and unexpected success. This thing can only be described by people who’ve experienced it. It’s a wave of emotions, excitement, fear, happiness, entitlement and empowerment all rolled into one. Depending on how you were grounded or how strong of a foundation you had before your’ rise, dealing with sudden fame can be detrimental or instrumental to your continued success.
    We’ve watched you shone brightly on the small screen and blossomed into that break-out star you’ve dreamed of becoming and most of us (certainly I was) were extremely ecstatic for ‘our girl’ Nene and we’ve watched you failed miserably at keeping your feet on the ground and walking side by side with the women who believe it or not inadvertently propelled your rise as you break them down piece by piece. Without them, you would have had no one to fight with, no one to compare with, and no one to build your story around. You owe them and you owe them big.
    In the case of Wendy Williams, I know why you penned an open letter to the Talk Show Diva. Let’s face it, your business like Wendy’s is built on publicity, but only Wendy has worked for over twenty plus years to solidify herself as a bonafide’ Talk and Gossip Queen’ who you’ve benefitted from time and time again. When you first heard of Wendy or walked into Wendy’s New York Studios to chat about your show and drum up your celebrity’…did you not think at the time that what she does every day and did on HER show while you were sitting on her sofa with a shoe cam’ at your feet was what she does for a living? When you partook of the juice’ and dogged’ your fellow cast-mates and ‘threw shade’ while your blooped’ and twirled’ and bopped your wig on said sofa, didn’t you think that, that was ‘the lowest of the low’. So, how dare you bite the hand that feeds you? Without forums such as Wendy Williams’, Nene Leakes would not be Nene Leakes. Let us discuss some facts for a second…can you manage that? Or are you so busy that someone will have to read it to you while you get ready for a top rated Live Talk Show? If the latter is the case, have your people read it to you, K? Here goes;

    1) You are not an award winning actress with an incredible range or repertoire that will ensure longevity in Hollywood. You will secure considerable gigs for your demographic like Zumanity (where you played a sexed’ up Drag Queen..whohoooo!!) Whilst that’s great, let us be frank. You earned it tearing down other women. The Real Housewives must come to an end one day and you might be sagging and grey then, but give us something to mark as your legacy and not that you were so over your head in fame, you forgot who you are to the people who got you where you are.
    2) If you’d checked your internet feed lately, you would have recognized that Wendy Williams was NOT the only person who mentioned your defaced’ Hermes Bag. Whether or not, it was defaced for charity or fashion no one really cares that you have …wait a minute, FIVE Birkins in total! Oh my! Nene is very Rich Bitch!Maybe I should just throw in that I have ONE…just ONE. Poor me!
    3) Wendy’s job as Gossip Talk Show host is to bring the Gossip, insight drama and present suitable content to her demographic of which you are a part. The same Talk Show that ‘gave you life’ while you starting your journey and wanted a platform to bash, except now you are the one getting bashed. Why are you mad? Isn’t this par for the course? Isn’t this what happens to famous rich people? Are anybody else writing letters?
    4) There is an interesting quote by Isaac Newton (You’ve heard of him right?) that says “What goes up must come down”. Funny thing is that I have never seen anyone recover gracefully from a fall while holding five Birkins. I have seen them get up and twirl and prance like ‘Gone with the wind Fabulous’, but not with Birkins bags. Don’t believe me? Ask Kenya.
    5) One last tidbit; This is called ‘The Rich Lesson’: J.K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Zhang Xin, Doris Fisher and Margaret Whitman are ALL Forbes Billionaires. Let’s say that again…’Billionaires’. What have they not done? Bragged that they are ‘very rich, ‘have five Birkins’, have red bottoms and have blah blah blah….you get it. Any lessons here Nene? Oh yes! Rich don’t snitch’…on their wealth that is. They live, give to charities unannounced and privately.

    So, my letter is really to enlighten you. I want to remind you that you are human above all and that humans can be vulnerable, but we don’t always have to air our vulnerable side. It opens us up to letters like mine and the comments you and I will see as a result of this. Whatever what you give is what you get in return. Slow down, count your blessings-because you earn and deserve them, be humble and thankful because life is short and we all need each other. Focus on the drive because you are winning on your terms in your way. Accept how you got where you are and don’t ever foa second chastise the very root from which you sprung.

    July 23 at 9:21am  / 
    • Nads 

      This manifesto is just -to put it delicately – too f-ing long. Nonetheless I understand your points. To put it more succinctly, Nene needs to be more humble yes we get it. We all have vices in life and perhaps hers is bragging too much. Nonetheless, that DOES NOT excuse that disgusting Wendy Williams from going on a virtual campaign to take down NeNe. Since the airing of the last episode of RHOA that loud mouth Wendell has gone after Nene with a vengeance. She even tried to orchestrate an effort to get her fired. Guess what? Everyone is entitled to defend themselves and that is exactly what Nene is doing here.

      And to be very clear, while Nene has had a lot to say about other women on RHOA she has also brought other women WITH her on her rise UP. But people forget that. She is the reason Kim Zolciak is a household name now. I bet you would not acknowledge that would you?

      She does have some things to work on but so does EVERYBODY. That does not give that loud-mouth jealous hog Wendy Williams the right to go on a defamation campaign.

      So speak up NeNe. She has remained silent on Wendell this whole time and allowed her to continue her continuous tirade. Well enough is enough. Nene finally spoke up and you’re mad why? She held her cool for far longer than many others would have.

      The end.

      July 23 at 10:33am  / 
    • Candy123 

      I agree with everything you wrote. It was a pleasure to read.

      July 23 at 4:09pm  / 
    • TruthHurts 

      You sound like a hater. Let that woman say what she wants. If she only has a Kate Spade and she is proud about it and wants to shout it on the mountaintop, let her. Who are you? You are not the life police. Some people choose to address others when they throw shade, others choose to ignore and remain silent. Either approach can be effective when done tastefully. Did she curse her, or tell a lie? I see nothing wrong with letting the world know about the good things you have done / are doing. That is all she is doing.

      July 28 at 12:18pm  / 
  85. jasminepow 

    Wendy has been really shady toward Nene and her comments about Nene were clearly out of spite. Nene your response is EVERYTHING! Keep doing you and keep checking those that need to be checked. That’s why your true fans love you. You don’t take no mess!

    July 23 at 10:39am  / 
  86. Isis 

    Say it like you mean it woo woo shout it out! How you doin’ Wendell…lmao! Bloop! Bloop!

    July 23 at 10:57am  / 
  87. cwordwoman 

    I stopped watching Wendy Williams a long time ago. Her negative comments about other black female celebrities were just too much to take. This icing on the cake was when she called Beyonce dumb. it’s okay not to like someone’s talent, but to call some a hundred times more successful than you dumb is just crazy jealous. She love Snookie and the real housewives of every city except Atlanta. Wendy needs to have a more positive, supportive attitude toward others Blacks. Back in the day, they had a special name for people like Wendy.

    July 23 at 11:43am  / 
  88. MrsMoore 

    Instead of taking your issues to a blog with Wendy why not tell her face to face like real women do? Dare to be different?

    July 23 at 12:31pm  / 
  89. MattedFaceStylishBrand 

    This is so high school and I really looked up to both ladies. This is what is wrong with black people today. We love to bash each other especially our women. I don’t think Wendy meant any harm. Ne Ne became arrogant a long dam time ago. She reminds me of us when we get our stamps, we start acting a fool then on the 5th of the month we looking crazy again. Where are our examples? Birkin bags? As many knock offs around here, who gives a dam about that. What about showing our black lady the classier black side of us. The Birkin was prolly a gift anyway. They do that all the time and let celebrities where things so that other blacks rush n go buy them. Ne Ne ain’t bout that life she’s not humble enough she going to fall quickly. And didn’t Wendy just ask a question?

    July 23 at 1:25pm  / 
    • Nads 

      Wendy has been going after NeNe for a LONG time. This was just the last straw. So Nene laid in. For months she’s been digging and digging. If it’s a fight Wendy wanted well she’s got it.

      July 23 at 3:24pm  / 
  90. Glotalk2 

    Puh-lease NeNe Leakes. Are you serious right now?? I saw that show and Wendy did not say anything that bad about you. But you still chose to spew a bunch of negative BS about her. YOU REPLACE WENDY WILLIAMS? Hell NO! Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. You are too class-less to do so. Get a grip. You are simply someone made “famous” through reality TV, by acting ignorant.

    July 23 at 3:12pm  / 


    July 23 at 3:24pm  / 
  92. Luv and no shade 

    I ‘m wishing with Nene that black women would stop throwing shade at each other.
    We can recognize a star ☆ our own Nene Leaks without hating on her. We can provide support to our own Nene Leaks without worrying if she is worth more than the you or me. I love watching her work her craft. So know Ms. “Luv And No Shade” is standing up for our new leading lady Mrs. NeNe Leaks. Keep up the good work, Nene and know you have encouraged me to succeed. Enjoy life to the fullest because you are blessed and forget about the shade throwing ■ blockers.

    July 23 at 6:26pm  / 
  93. Luv and no shade 

    Excuse all typos…

    July 23 at 6:30pm  / 
  94. Stacy Richards 

    The same way Wendy talks about it, Nene has the right to respond to it. Wendy is the lowest of the low with her opinions/gossip and some celebs ignore her others let her have it. Only certain celebs visit her show. Nene don’t take no sh*t, come for her she will read a m’fer and keep it moving. Real recongnize real.

    July 23 at 7:51pm  / 
  95. tashablue 

    At first I didn’t hear the full story of what that HATER WENDY WILLIAMS WAS HATING ON THIS TIME!!! So I thought that NeNe was starting her own collection of hand bags. I thought how cute it is, and where can I buy one!!! You go Leakes, now start a collection with your signature phrases. Bet they will sell out. Then you can BLOOP IN THAT HATERS FACE!! THE BIG OLE LOOKING MAN!! HOT MESS!!!!

    July 23 at 8:22pm  / 
  96. idontcare 

    Who cares? Nene must! If Nene doesn’t care, why is she defending herself so vehemently? She and Wendy are BOTH fake! Nene slammin Wendy for wearing a wig, I TRUELY don’t think that is natural white hair on Nene’s head> And then label dropping Birkin and clothing lines on HSN? Really? That is just advertising. And, if it’s not, FOR SHAME these two drama queens!

    July 23 at 9:04pm  / 
  97. icele53 

    Nene, you earned your money you work for yours. I don’t want to be negative about Wendy, so just please continue to be you, I love your honesty. And Greg cool too

    July 24 at 3:00am  / 
  98. moharris 

    Nene you have made you way in life being very successful and she is just jealous of you. I think you are doing a good thing here and if i could afford your bag i would buy it. I love watching you for your real and you don’t take any crap off anyone you tell it like it is. I would love to meet you and Greg one day i tell my husband that i love watching you and he knows it we live in Acworth Ga not far from Atlanta Ga lol and maybeone day i will meet you. Your the best and don’t never change girl love you. Mo

    July 24 at 4:33am  / 
  99. djware 

    Bye Felicia!

    July 29 at 7:11pm  / 
  100. TheyMadorNah 

    Hahaha… Nene, I think you’re just a little upset because you actually thought you and Wendy were “friends” and that the “you” were supposed to get only positive things reported about you… NOT!…. Wendy is doing what she normally does and does not discriminate. Don’t take it personal, it’s just business!

    July 29 at 11:38pm  / 
  101. CB 

    Love it! It says the new icons are here and you are one.
    We need to collaborate on a dress – series of dresses – made of chalkboard paint and as you walk your red carpets people can write on them.
    We can then make the writing permanent and auction them off.

    Lets talk girlfriend,

    July 31 at 6:37am  / 
  102. Michele Fourboys Strawder 

    The stars are such beautiful people I really wish they would stop acting like common folk. But I guess when regular people Hate on each other so does rich people. Nene and Wendy I like you both continue to be blessed and stop being so mean. Just as God gives he taketh away. Stay Beautiful and Blessed.

    October 23 at 10:26am  /