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NeNe Leakes - You Can't Steal Second Base With Your Foot on First


  1. Katie 

    So true! Stay focused on first place. You are #1 no one can take that spot unless you give it to them. We support you NeNe!

    May 1 at 10:46am  / 
  2. ann 

    Your ready interview allowed me to understand your attitude at the reunion. I started watching the housewives to see you ladies shop, fellowship and get alone. Not all the cattiness like you mentioned. Since you are the “Leader” in the group- start getting that togetherness back for next season. Have a come to Jesus meeting with all the ladies and move forward. I have literally stop watching a ton of reality shows simply because of all the cat fights. I don’t want to see that. I want to see unity. I understand there will be disagreements-but move forward.
    Please also stop saying you are better than the others because Hollywood is calling you at this time. That statement is very arrogant and condescending to the others. Congratulations Nene for all the open doors! God resist the proud but gives grace to the Humble!

    May 1 at 11:33am  / 
    • ann 

      Radio interview- sorry about the error in the prior paragraph.

      May 1 at 11:34am  / 
    • GOREE 

      lol @ Come to Jesus Meeting.. I feel you though. Disagreements are going to happen. They are on a great forum to show how to handle disagreements in a mature way. Many people do not know how to communicate with one another. I believe that’s a big problem. I don’t like what you’re saying. You don’t like what I’m saying. But how do we communicate peacefully? That’s what is wrong with the world today. We just can’t communicate well in disagreement.

      May 1 at 11:56am  / 
      • Toni Jones 

        I agree also, That’s why I stopped watching Basketball wives ( a long time now) I don’t have time to waste. If I like a show I’m going to stick with it. If Bravo want to take this show into a fighting cursing match then Keep it, there are many other shows to watch. Team NeNe, Porsha, Phaedra, Kandi and Cynthia, Kenya is too negative for this show, If she’s back and not Porsha I will not be watching, I’ll follow you in your other endeavors NeNe. Love you and Gregg.

        May 1 at 12:44pm  / 
      • Katie 

        It’s reality tv where things are made up and drama is acted out for ratings. Jesus doesn’t have anything to do with that and communicating peacefully is good for a talk show but not reality tv shows like rhoa. It’s about drama and rating$$.

        May 1 at 1:41pm  / 
    • Natasha Wells 

      Ann, I agree totally. Ms. Leakes has gotten the big head. What she needs to do is look at some of those first season tapes when that skin and teeth were bad and that weave looked like it was done in somebody’s kitchen. Marlo hit it on the head, she likes “friends” she can control and she can’t control Kenya at all. Kenya can be extra but Ne Ne knows exactly how far to go with Kenya. She is threatened by her it’s so obvious. I knew she would get along with Porsha because she is weak and anyone that kisses her a$$ she likes until they stand up to her. She got so angry with Kenya for getting out of her seat at the pillow talk event, but isn’t that the same thing Porsha did?And she has done on many occasions. She can’t handle Kandi either, she always throwing Donald Trump name around, I’m sure the only hiring he’ll be doing of her again is to watch Little Barron. She looked ridiculous and simple on the reunion show with all that lip poking and eye rolling. She’s the biggest liar, first she didn’t know Phaedra now she does, she’s been caught in so many lies its crazy. She started the “pillow talk fiasco acting all crazy, walking back and forth like a lunatic and it wasn’t until Kenya explained it on the reunion show that it made sense. Anyway not tuning in next Season too tired of MS. Rich, “Donald Trump wrote me a check” The new Normal was canceled, “I only surround myself with weak people to make myself feel good” Leakes!

      May 5 at 9:51am  / 
  3. Vincy 

    I agree….

    May 1 at 12:01pm  / 
  4. ms. weah 

    Nene, please treat your friends the same way you will want them to treat you or anyone in your family. I hope next season you will show the sweet side of you, I know you have a sweet side in you.

    May 1 at 1:44pm  / 
  5. Tawanda Philpart 

    Team Nene all day everyday people its a show that’s suppose bring drama to get the ratings if it don’t have gossiping then who would want to watch it that’s why so many other reality shows are not showing anymore. RHOA is it right now.

    May 1 at 4:19pm  / 
  6. susanz 

    Hey Moose-face. I think a better fortune for you is: “You can’t wrap your hippo thighs around a pole and have someone stick a dollar bill down there at the same time”, don’t U think?


    May 1 at 10:30pm  / 
  7. gracej64 

    Nene keep moving forward and don’t let anyone hold you back. Sometimes you will have to cut some people out of your life when moving forward. Sometimes the people who you love and trust the most are the ones who try to hold you back. But remember it is because they are afraid that you are leaving them behind as you move forward. However, your true friends will be happy to see you moving forward and will support you all the way. They will know that although life is moving you forward, you will not forget them or your friendship. Keep up the Good Work

    May 4 at 9:41pm  /