Win a Trip to See Me in Vegas!!

NeNe Leakes - Zumanity Cirque Du Soleil Contest

Enter here for your chance to win a “Fly Away” trip for two to see me host Zumanity – The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil in Vegas! The grand prize also includes a two night stay at the New York New York Hotel & Casino!


  1. susanz 

    Uh. No, Neighne. We won’t be entering those sweepstakes.

    May 9 at 4:31pm  / 
    • Carolyn A Murray 

      Why not just not enter, instead of announcing it?

      May 28 at 6:41am  / 
  2. LaRicheLamar 

    Nene!! I think you’re an incredible inspiration. Not everyone cant take people who know themselves and speak their mind! I’ll be in Vegas for my wedding that week and I would love to come see you! Hopefully, we win tickets!

    May 11 at 10:43am  / 
  3. vbenjamin 

    Nene love the way you keep it real i hate fony bit….
    Keep being you. If ppl dont like it then they can keep steppin

    May 11 at 11:31am  / 
  4. mikiedo 

    Keep on keeping on Nene- love you. I am afraid you are damaging your brand by doing things like not apologizing for hurting feelings even if your intentions were misconstrued. Be mindful of those things because they can potentially hurt your pocketbook. Be SMART.

    May 11 at 11:51am  / 
  5. Eliza Trujillo Bustamante 

    Well Nene, it would be a miracle not to mention a blessing to win a trip to Cirque to see you. But perhaps you should send a ticket to Kenya Moorewhore so she can see how unfamous you are. Then you can ask her for that 20.000 check to match yours for charity LOL!!!

    May 11 at 9:24pm  / 
  6. viv1963 

    Will Nene i would love to win a trip to see you,i wouldnt watch the show with out and my granddaugther sevyn gets a kick out oof you.lov it,even though never been on a plane before or to las vagas. Lov to win it would make my world…

    May 12 at 4:37am  / 
  7. imanchanel 

    OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH NENE YOUR MY IDOL AND I Will Be Even Greatful just To See U Even If I Don’t Win The Trip I Would always Be Team NENE Nomatter What I Know One Day I Would Get To See U LOVE IMANCHANEL

    May 15 at 10:58am  / 
  8. pretty granny 

    I’d luv 2 met you n Vega’s!

    May 27 at 6:33pm  / 
  9. Catina jones 

    Hello, NeNe how are you doing? Hope you are having a wonderful time. I would love to see you in las Vegas. I have a birthday coming up in June. I would love to win this trip. Hope to see you soon. Love keep up the good work.

    May 27 at 6:40pm  / 
  10. EbPlz5 


    May 27 at 6:48pm  / 
  11. Cupcake232 

    I would LOVE to see you in this:)

    May 27 at 6:50pm  / 
  12. EbPlz5 

    Nene i am NOT going to sit here and say o nene this and that to kiss butt to try to win the ticket to see you because I ALREADY KNOW I WON what you said how BECAUSE MY KIDS SAID SO they said ma give nene our address so she can come get you out this house I WAS WEAK so here’s the info you need 1632 Melon St Norfolk va 23523 (EBONY)

    May 27 at 6:58pm  / 
    • Carolyn A Murray 

      Don’t you know better than to post your address on a public website? There are a lot of crazy people in the world and I’m sure there are some in Norfolk VA. In the future don’t ever post your address.

      May 28 at 6:34am  / 
  13. feliciamckinnon-blue 

    Hello and hope all is well ,I truly love watching your show and love your dance moves you are the best and you really make rhoa like your the one that I’m interested in , and most important your a good mother,glam mom and wife and you make sure your house hold is taken care of your always motivated you never stop and that’s what I love about you ,I would love for me and my kids to meet you and hang out ,my Cuzin LaVern gardner and her husband Paul Gardner are friend’s wit you and husband, LaVern mother and my mother are sisters I stay in will del I’m not that far from them there in Baltimore so please pick us lol well u have a bless day/note hope to heat from you soon

    May 27 at 7:55pm  / 
  14. mzdanielle1130 

    Hey nene!! I saw your post on fb and was looking for the contest rules but didn’t see any lol. But I would love to get the chance to meet you and watch you perform! I’ve been following you since the first season of rhoa onto glee and can relate to you in so many levels. First of all I’m a fellow Sagittarius so you already know we got it all going on lol, second I too was once a dancer and used that as a stepping stool to become a business owner and a well rounded but sassy individual. I live in Atlanta and always wondered and hoped to run into you somewhere around town but clearly we run different circles lol!!! I love your energy, your drive and the fact that your not afraid of being your self at ask times and telling it like it is. … I can go on and on about you but all in all I would really love to meet you in person. Vegas or no Vegas…

    May 27 at 8:25pm  / 
  15. jonesyolanda 

    Mrs.Leaks I love u you’re my best friend and u don’t know it I look up to u do u need a body guard I’ll work for u you keep it real and u tell them the real deal and they can take it how they won’t I am just like u I can’t wait until I can meet u we got a lot to talk about.

    May 27 at 9:21pm  / 
  16. alethia B. 

    Work hard and never have fun
    please help.

    May 28 at 1:13am  / 
  17. Rasir 

    Hi Mrs Leaks, ,, how are you? I hope everything is good to you and your family. .First I must say that you’re an inspiration to me , the way you have worked your life from the bottom to the top. I think to myself I deserve a giveaway vacation like this. ..Nene, my life have been through hell and back in the past five years. Taking care of a sick parent. I had lost my job and home. .had to move in with family who treated me like crap. My mom hates me because I’m talking care of my sick Dad…But, by the grace of God I’m surviving. …if wasn’t for my strong believes in God. .I might have committed suicide. ..I have learned to to trust him in every situation…I was able to find a job and in the process of putting my life back together. So I could continue of taking care of my Dad and my 16 years old son. …So this is why I think I need this vacation. I could put back some joy into my life. .

    May 28 at 3:43am  / 
  18. Carolyn A Murray 

    How do you apply to win the trip?

    May 28 at 6:27am  / 
  19. Zaki Nefertiti 

    Did I win Nene???!!!??? (Fingers Crossed)! Zaki Baker or Chris Baker????

    May 30 at 5:15am  /